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kasienda · a day ago
My three year old daughter came home with a Minnie Mouse figurine, distraught. The plastic toy was missing an arm, and my daughter insisted she couldn’t play with it because it was broken.
I told her that she could still play with it! That some people were born without an arm or that they might get hurt and lose an arm, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t still play or have fun. I explained that some people might get a prosthetic or just have a stub. And she asked what a prosthetic was. I showed her a picture and she was like, “oh! A robot arm!”
When my husband came home, she thrust the toy at him and told him, “Minnie needs a robot arm.”
He was very confused, but he prints and paints miniatures from various table top games. My daughter refers to them as “daddy’s statues.” She knew he could help Minnie. So he dutifully printed her out a robot arm from a warhammer 40k model on our 3d printer, and then they painted it pink and purple together.
All of this to say, look at Minnie Mouse and her new prosthetic!!
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[Image description: three photos of the abovementioned Minnie Mouse figurine. One hand is the classic giant gloved  Minnie Mouse hand: the other is a robot arm, palm upraised toward the viewer, clumsily painted the same bubblegum pink as the rest of the figurine. /end ID]
Image ID courtesy of @wanderingthunderstorm
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ruoyuart · 10 hours ago
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This week's comic: Exhibit.
Back from my bit of hiatus, I've settled in a bit from my move to the UK!
Please, if you want to support me to keep making content like this, consider supporting my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/ruoyuart, or donate to my Ko-fi at https://ko-fi.com/ruoyuart or Paypal Me at paypal.me/ruoyuart!
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wh40kartwork · a day ago
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Sister Of The Orders Famulous
by G. Redon
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transmechanicus · 23 hours ago
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Haldron 44-Stroika, by twitter user Celestial_Fang
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Ultramarine and Night Lords, a mysterious incident
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cronnissar · a day ago
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kgustin87 · 20 hours ago
Some chaotic bois
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cursedbeasts · 2 days ago
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Kenaz the data-hoarder
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praetorianxxiv · a day ago
Happy October everyone. Feel free to re-blog with your Happy painted Orks 🎨 😁
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Are you ready to take up the challenge?
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korrilyutakolomyjka · 2 days ago
everything in life happens for the first time...
for example, I have markers for the first time.
I bought markers and am learning to hold them in my claws. As a result, Eidolon. Why when I pick up an unfamiliar material, I always get the image of Eidolon?
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In the grim darkness of the future....
The Holiday season is still a thing!!
Do you celebrate Sanguinala? Are you a fan of Slaaneshmass? Praying fervently for the Great Horned Rat Day? Do you want to share the holiday fervor with other fanatics/heretics? Do you like giving and receiving? Then this exchange was made for you!
This holiday event is a fun, secret santa, mystery gift exchange, where you will be asked to create one piece of fanwork based on the prompt of someone else, and where you will receive one fanwork based on your own prompt!
While the theme of the exchange is centered around the holidays, the fanwork themself do not have to follow it! We request that all fanwork be centered around Warhammer 40k and/or the Horus Heresy, but you can certainly have the theme of them be as Grim and Dark as you wish!
The nominations are here and open!! You can enter any character or ship that you wish to see fanwork off. Be creative!
Sign up will be here, and will open on the 16!
Oct 1 to Oct 15: nomination!
Oct 16 to oct 31: sign up and prompt creations
Nov 1: matchmaking and assignment out!
Dec 18: Assignment due, pinch hit go out
Dec 24: final pinch hit, panic
Dec 25: grand reveal, the gifts are distributed!
Dec 31: Creator are revealed
Feb 1st: Archive close, no more gifts can be added.
What we expect of you:
To create one (1) piece of fanwork. We demand a minimum of 500 words, or one clean fanart on unlined paper, both with visible effort and respect for the asker request.
To have an Ao3 account. If you do not have one but want to sign up, please contact the mods.
To request things that you will like. Don't go "awww I would have liked XYZ better!"
To respect other people, and have fun!! Any kink shaming, morality policing or general asshole behavior will see you banned from participating.
Type of content we allow, for requests and gifts:
We allow any canon characters, from the Warhammer 40k franchise + the Horus Heresy + TTS. We do not allow character outside that fandom (for example, no MLP character in the grimdark future)
We allow requests with OC, IF you leave the creative liberty to the person making the gift. For example, "An OC sororitas killing orks with a folding chair" is acceptable, while "please write about my OC, who is named XYZ and has [insert 5 lines description]" is not.
We allow every type of content and request, shippy or not, as long as they are properly tagged.
You can have Do Not Want (like say, genderbend or character death) to your request. In fact, we encourage you too! The gifter will be expected to follow those requests.
How does a fanwork exchange work, exactly?! Help!!
We will have a series of posts explaining everything, don't worry! For now, any question can be sent to the ask box of this blog, or in direct message! We hope to see you participate, and have a wonderful time doing so!
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wh40kartwork · 2 days ago
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The Reaper Of Men
by Helge C Balzer
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eyeofthestorm888 · 2 days ago
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Iron Lord. Iron Warriors wip
Found this dude trolling through Etsy, I absolutely love this Perturabo feel. I did a black basecoat then a light grey basecoat finally white sprayed from the top and upward front and upward back.
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cronnissar · 2 days ago
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It's official; welcome to the family fellow Xenos.
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transmechanicus · 2 days ago
Have you played the Mechanicus game on PC? If so, did you enjoy it?
Yeah i loved it! Didn’t get to play the Heretic expansion but everything else i can confirm was amazing! 10/10 on music, gameplay, and atmosphere!!
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cursedbeasts · 5 hours ago
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