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(vex): alright, you’re clearly not listening to me. i can say whatever i want.
(percy): tell me about it.
(vex): i murdered someone this weekend.
(percy): i feel you.
(vex): now that i have a taste for blood, i can’t stop murdering.
(percy: been there.
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izzyboola3 · 2 days
I had a revelation
Tumblr media
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vexahlia-de-rolo · 2 days
In which Gwendolyn mimics her father, and Percy can't help but find it adorable.
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Words: 1225
Originally posted: 12/3/22
Ao3 link: archiveofourown.org/works/43388748
A heavy sigh slips through Percy’s lips as he opens the door to his office, not even looking up from the letter sent to him by some diplomat from Syngorn. It’s a dreadfully boring thing, detailing useless information about the newest trade route that, frankly, Percy is struggling to care about. Gods, he needs a vacation. Perhaps he and Vex can sneak a trip to Zephrah soon. It would be nice to spend some time away with Vax and Keyleth.
His already drifting attention is fully snatched away by the sound of a stifled giggled from within his office. Percy snaps his head up. The sight presented to him is almost as baffling as it is adorable.
At his desk, Gwendolyn sits, lips pressed together to stop her laughter. To reach the tall desk, she’s stacked several thick, expensive tombs on Percy’s chair and sat atop them. Her form is positively drowning in one of his cloaks that has been repurposed as a blanket draped over her shoulders. A pair of spectacles made of wire and without lenses are sat on her face. On the desk lies a book about the history of Whitestone, and Gwendolyn appears to be reading it.
At least, she’s pretending to read it. The four-year-old can’t possibly begin to parse through the posh vocabulary, but she dutifully trails her finger along the words nonetheless, mouthing random shapes as if she’s whispering the text to herself.
Percy blinks. He doesn’t have any clue how to react to this display.
Gwennie looks up at him, clears her throat, and asks, “Can I help you?” Her efforts to sound professional are undermined by the way she can’t properly pronounce all her letters yet.
“Gwennie, what in Pelor’s name—” Percy begins, amused more than angry.
She shakes her head, bringing attention to her hair, and Percy could swear she’s covered the silky black strands in white chalk dust. “Nu uh. I’m not Gwennie. I’m Lord Percy.” Her legs are kicking gleefully under the desk.
Percy glances at the clock. Her lessons ended an hour ago, so she’s not skipping those. His office isn’t exactly off-limits, either, even though the children have an extensive playroom. And, yes, it’s discouraged for her to steal his coat and put chalk in her hair, but really, those are such small acts of disobedience that he doesn’t have it in him to be mad, or to deny her her game.
Especially when her game involves her mimicking him in such an adorable way.
“My apologies, Lord Percy,” he hums, folding the letter and slipping it in his pocket. “Are you working on something important?”
Gwennie grins. “Mh hm. Very important.” She gestures to the thick book on the desk as proof.
“Ah, I see. What are you reading?” Percy asks, approaching the desk to stand beside his daughter.
She looks down at the text, considering. “It’s about… um… dip-o-mats.”
Percy can’t stop his laughter. “Diplomats, dear,” he corrects her pronunciation, wiping some of the chalk out of her hair, careful to avoid the tender skin around her horns, which are just beginning to come in.
“Yep!” she agrees, despite having no idea what that word truly means. All she knows is that it sounds fancy and formal. “Like Mama! She’s a dip-lo-mat.”
It’s a bit surprising she even knows that much. “Indeed. So, what does this book say about diplomats?” Percy continues, pulling up a chair so he can sit beside Gwennie. Immediately, she chooses to forgo her own chair to clamber onto his lap. He doesn’t even care that the chalk covering her begins to transfer to his clothes.
“It says they’re really pretty, ‘cause Mama’s really pretty. And they’re super smart and cool.”
“Do you want to be a diplomat, Lord Percy?” he asks, tapping her nose to make her giggle and squirm.
“Nu uh. I’m a clock maker. I made this!” Gwennie insists, pointing to the bejeweled wrist-watch that her father had made her for her fourth birthday. “See? I even signed it!”
The writing she points to is not a signature, but an engraving of the words, ‘For Gwendolyn, my beloved daughter.’ Percy doesn’t have the heart to tell her that, though. “An admirable profession.”
Gwennie grins. “Mm hm. ‘Cause I’m super smart. Like you! Mama’s pretty and you’re smart.”
“And you are both,” Percy hums, adjusting his cloak as it tries to slip off her tiny shoulders. “My beautiful, brilliant girl. Did you make these glasses, darling?” he taps the wire spectacles on her face.
“Uncle Tary helped a little… but it was my idea!” Her pride shines through as she adjusts the faux-glasses to sit higher on her nose.
“A maker of clocks and glasses? My, aren’t you talented. What was the inspiration behind these?”
Gwennie throws her arms around his shoulders. “I just wanted to be like you, daddy.”
Oh, and that just makes him melt into something disgusting and gooey. Percy will never understand how he got so lucky to be blessed with Gwendolyn, or any of his children, but it’s a miracle he’ll cling to and appreciate with a fierce vigor. “You know, I’ll never complain about you playing pretend, dear, but I do like Gwennie far more than Lord Percy. And, ah, perhaps we should clean this chalk out of your hair before your mother sees it.”
“Too late,” the woman in question calls out, announcing her presence to the pair.
“Mama! Mama!” Gwennie calls out, clambering out of Percy’s lap so she can run up and bury herself in Vex’s poofy skirts. Vex smiles and meets her halfway, reaching down to lift Gwennie into her arms. 
“Have you been playing dress-up, darling?”
“Mm hm! I wanted to be like Daddy!” she says, reaching out for Percy and making grabby hands.
Percy follows her unspoken instructions, joining his girls and wrapping Vex in a hug that sandwiches Gwennie between them, much to the little girl’s delight. She shrieks in laughter, and it’s a sound sweeter than the finest bard’s lute.
“Well, you certainly look the part. Though, that cloak is a bit large for you. I think we’ll have to make you one of your own.”
That’s an idea, Percy thinks. He makes a mental note to reach out to the castle tailor soon. Vex sends him a knowing look, but he can’t find it in himself to be embarrassed by appreciating his daughter’s adorable games.
Especially when Gwennie claps her hands together. “Can we? Please? Pleaseeeeee?”
“I’ll look into it,” Percy promises, finally parting himself from Vex’s embrace. “For now, I think it’s time to take a bath. Chalk isn’t typically supposed to go in hair.”
“Ten more minutes?” Gwennie asks, burrowing into her mother’s arms and batting her eyes at Percy.
With her, ‘ten more minutes’ really means at least an hour.
And yet, Percy is a weak, weak man, and really, what’s the harm in waiting a bit? “Alright. Ten more minutes.”
The speed at which he gave into her makes Vex roll her eyes, but she doesn’t overrule him. How can she, when Gwennie is already beaming with her success? “Thank you, Daddy! Mama, did you see my glasses? I made them!”
As his daughter dramatically explains her process of crafting the glasses and his wife listens along, smiling softly, Percy has never felt happier. 
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roses-cosplay · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vex: winterwitchcos (IG)
Vax: @lightbenderlin
Percy: @justshannanigans
Grog: non-taggable friend Adam
Pike: thenikkledragon (Twitter)
Scanlan: @thedarkfiddler
Photo by Vander the Generalist, taken at Katsucon 2020!
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arcticwaters · 2 days
Tumblr media
people seemed to like the first part, so here's "at the dog park" part 2, the rest of vm and m9
scanlan - schipperke, "handsome" percy - smooth collie, "fulbright" tary - golden retriever, "duke" caleb - german wirehaired pointer, "aldebrand" essek - border collie, "magik" jester - poodle, "sapphire" caduceus - irish wolfhound, "beetle"
pickle, big guy, blue, and buttons were in prt1
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essek-apologist · 6 hours
Tumblr media
got my (mostly straight guy) friends who've never watched critical role to rate all the cast's characters based on appearance alone. they created the categories i looked up reference photos
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romeoandjulietyouwish · 13 hours
I’m just imagining the bird babies in the happy ending au discovering the burn on Vax’s shoulder in the shape of Keyleth’s hand. And of course they have questions about it and Vax does his best to explain it in a kid friendly way that won’t scare them.
Afterwards, he notices that, like Keyleth, the kids put their hand in the scar. He’s not sure why, maybe it’s for a bit of comfort or because of the odd feeling of the raised scars. He finds it sweet and it helps to get rid of the awful memories a little bit.
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violetsyrenart · 2 months
Tumblr media
I miss Percy’s one liners. They hit different.
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emgardner · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the italicized “oh” strikes again
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slayerscake · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Truly a fate worse than death
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Tumblr media
I’ve connected some dots.
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duganator01 · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve been thinking about Actor AU
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r-h-e-t · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
How Taliesin’s Characters Tell Someone to Fuck Off
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puwumats · 2 months
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roses-cosplay · 1 day
Tumblr media
✨ you can’t sit with us ✨
Me & Shannan’s Percy and Keyleth duo is easily one of my favorite cosplays of all time… 🥹 I miss FriendCon it was the most fabulous time hanging out with everyone
Percy is @justshannanigans ! Photo is by the lovely thenikkledragon (Twitter)
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sixofclovers · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
heard my number one babygirl was back and bitchier than ever 
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