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waluigis-837th-testicle · 2 months ago
drawing self-ship art or writing self-insert fic is fun and good actually. the only people who think it's cringe are people who are allergic to having fun.
stop the allergens. rise above. draw yourself holding hands with your blorbos.
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artsy-alice · 6 months ago
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yesterday i asked the good people of tweeter and instagram to give me six characters to draw badly and incorrectly and i have no regrets
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b0nesfordays · 23 days ago
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WIP for voltron fanart contest
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badsongpetey · 26 days ago
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Hello beautiful tumblr people! Finished page 6 of Danger Zone: Space Husbands edition!
I have this hc that Shiro is this hulking marshmallow and Adam is the sarcastic, and loving, voice of reason in both their personal and professional lives. I think my fav thing about Shiro is how he can see the best of someone even when they can't. He just looks at Keith and Lance, and sees how great they are together, even tho they don't. That's not to say that he goes about getting them to reach their potential in the optimal way lol.
Adam is Jester, and if you watched the movie, I think it's pretty clear that Viper and Jester are husbands. I'll fight you on that. Also, Jester is an amazing pilot, just like Adam.
For the bottom panel, I've been wanting to draw in that "angry" manga style ever since I saw it on the show, and I've just been waiting for the right moment. I really wanted to capture that s1 rivalry energy where they'd rather ram themselves bodily into a planet playing chicken than lose to the other lol. It took some trial and error to figure out how to get the style right. I drew them both with clean lines first, then went about dirtying it up. It's not perfect, but I really liked the effect and I'm def gonna do it again when the right scene presents itself :)
As always, all pages are collected on AO3 :)
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veracxa · 6 months ago
Keith: H-how do you ask someone out?
Shiro: Well, first-
Adam: Don't ask Shiro, he asked me out in a McDonalds parking lot.
Keith: ...And you said yes?
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tacofandomrandom · 4 months ago
I straight up S C R E A M E D
A w a k e n.
Voltron VAs are giving us a reunion and i will cry about what could have been
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ririchanva · 2 months ago
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   Based on the Tiktok video ft. The Boys~ ;)
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tea-rexxy · 6 months ago
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Did i do this right?
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thatonewackyartist · 4 months ago
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GUYS! GUYS!- I was scrolling through Pinterest and I found this- I can’t stop laughing! 😂 NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE THIS AT ALL! I can totally see this happening too.
POV: Shiro coming back to see his children have absolutely destroyed the house and everyone inside it.
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damnlance · 3 months ago
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Lance officially meeting Shiro. A moment for the history books.
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paladudesquotes · 9 months ago
Shiro: *Moving to give Keith a hug*
Keith: *flinches*
Shiro: Why’d you move?
Keith: I thought you were gonna hit me
Shiro: I was gonna hug you
Keith: Why would you hug me?
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mcr-is-my-seratonin · 6 months ago
Part. 3 of Keith, Shiro, and Adam's relationship
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If any more of these are yours lmk and I'll tag you :)
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sunnystormisuperlazy · 7 months ago
Re-imagined version of the Matt Reunion
*Matt and Shiro hugging cuz it’s been over a year and they like brothers and missed each other*
Pidge: *Runs up to her brother and hugs him from behind* MATT!
Matt: *Smiles a sickly sweet and evil, Umbridge-like smile at Shiro* If I turn around and find out that you dragged my sweet little sister away from our mother all the way to outer space so that she can go on dangerous missions with you guys...
Matt: *Turns around and sees Pidge smiling innocently up at him*
Matt: *Turns back to Shiro with the same creepy smile on his face*
Shiro: *kinda scared* Technically, she dragged me up here
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b0nesfordays · 22 days ago
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ehhh finished the line art with all of them, moving onto flats
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nothingstraighthere · 5 months ago
I truly feel like older Keith can't leave his boyfriend alone with his brother anymore.
Shiro has definitely encouraged Lance to pull the ‘I died card’ on Keith.
Keith: Sweetheart, I'm hungry. Are you gonna cook dinner?
Lance: And I died for the universe.
Keith, sighing: Take out it is.
And Shiro would only encourage it because he does it to Curtis too.
Curtis: Takashi, the trash. It's your turn. Don't forget again.
Shiro: Sorry, I can't help forgetting things once in a while, you know being in a clone's body and all.
Curtis: You know, I don't think the black lion would mind holding your soul again as I go looking for another clone's body for you.
Shiro: ...
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veracxa · 6 months ago
when keith was little, he would always tease shiro for being so in love with adam, since they were such a cheesy couple.
but, when they all get older, and keith gets together with lance, they are much worse, and often annoy their friends with it.
(shiro is definitely planning on giving keith a fair share of is own medicine, even though he loves his little brother, and his obviously happy for him)
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mionart · 9 months ago
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Little late but... Happy New Year everyone! ❄❤
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