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Danny and the Hospital Ghost
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Outfits + catboy Danny
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Smell like Ded Teen Bromance.
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Animal_I_Have_Become_(nightcore).mp3 More catboy Vlad content, lets go.... Did a screenshot edit of the last image in this set of screenshots because he looks so much like a hissing cat there.
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Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss, Godhood (DC x DP)
What’s the best way to cover up a secret when Danny can’t lie very well? Make an even more elaborate lie – but one that tugs on the heartstrings! My DC x DP Previous Works: Space Lover Danny, Kingmaker Danny, Service Animal Cujo, Danny yoinks Connor, Ghost Bruce HC + Ghost Jason HC
So, Danny's government just made his existence illegal. Which is rude and very othering and mean. In canon, Danny sort of slides around this but hey, this should be a pretty upsetting incident.
So, Vlad immediately switches his attitude (because your girl loves redeemed Vladdie!), and the two work together for weeks to try and minimise any chances of either of them getting caught. Danny is really feeling the whole “Only two of their kind” when his president declared open season on Danny (I don’t care if this isn’t how laws work in America. I’m not American I don’t care for foreign legal accuracy).
And so, weeks later, they’re actually together in ghost form with Extended Team Phantom (Tucker, Sam, Jazz and Valerie) trying to figure out their best way forward because if Vlad openly opposes these laws as Mayor too publicly the GIW might start looking at him way too closely and everything would unravel. They really can’t pretend that revealing the possibility of a human/ghost hybrid wouldn’t put events around whichever of them hadn’t been caught under a brand-new light.
Valerie is there pretending not to be emotionally invested in her boss’ and Danny’s welfare while reading a book and occasionally leaping in with “Devil’s Advocate” comments of how the Fenton parents and GIW might respond to some of their ideas.
Then the Justice League show up. Now there’s a whole law (please see Navigate any storm for my HC about the JLA’s relationship with the anti-ecto acts). Now, I’ve been pretty uniform with who I’m including in these notfics so here we get Wonder Woman, Barry Allen’s Flash, Supergirl and I think Jason Todd but dressed up as Batman (Bruce got a booboo on his ickle frontal lobe and is out for the count, Flash and Supergirl are here because I loved their dynamic in all crossovers in the DCTV universe PRE-crisis).
Here we have the perfect storm of well read (Diana and Jason) but kind of gullible and not-as-paranoid as Batman (Flash and Supergirl, Jason is definitely suspicious but would defer to an expert like Wonder Woman in the right scenario).
Diana has shown up ready to fight, Hestia’s lasso glowing in her hands, and Team Phantom is sharp – they’re well trained and smart, but they can’t really compete against superhumans like the JLA. Diana demands that they all surrender and relinquish control over their human sycophants before being taken into custody for violation of the anti-ecto acts and performing actions of war on civilians or whatever other legal stuff she knows about.
The two halfas are floating and green so denying any knowledge would be bad. Vlad steps forward to try and babble on to buy Danny time and he scrambles for an escape. He doesn’t see a way out, but what he does see is the book that Valerie was reading. Percy Jackson. He looks back at Wonder Woman. Back at the book. Back at the Daughter of Zeus.
“Cousin! It’s so great you came to visit us at last!”
That at least gets Wonder Woman to pause. She asks what he’s talking about. Then “Batman” says not to let the ghost confuse them. He’s glaring at the vampiric ghost who seems to be trying to protect the smaller one. Vlad has legs, Danny has his little tail form.
Danny lets out the fakest laugh you’ve ever heard. He explains that ‘of course’ they weren’t ghosts. They were superpowered beings. Superpowered beings are protected by metahuman law.
“Batman” points out that they both look a lot like ghosts. Danny’s mind is scrambling for the right names. He finds them.
“Oh, I am actually the son of Melinoe, goddess of ghosts.” Daughter of Persephone, would make him Diana’s first cousin, once removed. Totally fit in with his power set plus she was a really obscure goddess who wasn’t very well known or documented, and therefore he could make up stuff about his ‘mother’ if he so chose.
“And who’s the vampire?” Barry asks, though Jazz, at least can tell that everyone is way less on-guard.
“I am…” There’s a very long pause. “His Father. Deimos. God of Dread. Son of Aphrodite and Ares!” Danny wants to smack him.
Okay, great, Vlad just ‘yes, and’ed Danny from being a demigod to the both of them being full-blown gods in their own right. Sure.
“Yes! I am Phantom…”
Jazz cuts him off to say that his name was Phántasma [φάντασμα] and of course the locals just anglicized it to Phantom from the original Ancient Greek. Danny agrees and goes onto explain how he was a pretty new god – y’know, comparatively – and these were some nice humans who were all considering becoming his priestesses and priest. Sam ducks in to explain how Phantom – sorry, Phantasma, was the god of ghosts finally relinquishing hold on their forms and surrendering to the afterlife. Something chill and small, nothing that would necessitate him getting involved with human affairs and no abilities that would mean any extra attention from the Justice League.
Diana starts to cry, she thought she was all alone in the world and right here was her cousin. All along she had family in the realm of men, family who had been so excited to meet her yet who had not reached out. Unfortunately, Danny made a mistake. Melinoe isn’t Hades and Persephone’s daughter. She’s Zeus and Persephone’s daughter. Diana connects the dots and in a single instant stops crying.
“A baby brother!” She reaches forward to squish Danny’s face.
Jazz takes great offense at that. Danny is her brother (though she can’t admit that). Danny’s at closest, Diana’s half nephew – but since he’s her half nephew on BOTH sides she’s willing to concede him as her full nephew.  Diana argues that since her Dad is Danny’s grandfather and great-grandfather plus great uncle, their ichor is close enough that he’s basically her full brother. Ironic as Deimos would actually be closer to being her half-brother. Vlad is a creepy old vampire though, not an adorable teen superhero.
Tucker makes up a very elaborate story about being too insecure to reach out before now. He requests Phantasm’s blessing to convey this story to Wonder Woman so that Danny doesn’t have to say anything.
Valerie gets out a notebook to try and map out this fictional family tree while googling all the deities’ names she doesn’t already recognise. It makes her thankful it is only fictional. Phantasma’s family tree looks more like a Christmas wreath. “Batman” is also trying to figure out the most appropriate relationship between Phantasma and Diana in his HUD.
This is when everyone has made their biggest mistake, not paying attention to Vlad for more than a minute. This is a problem he is thrilled to remedy. His chest swells and he starts to prattle on about how hard it’s been for him as a single father since his beloved Melinoe died in the God War (Wonder Woman’s cinematic canon prequel). Of course, Supergirl asks how they survived, and they say some very broad things about sheltering in the afterlife where Ares could not reach them, as gods are most powerful in their own domain.
Disregarding the fact that if this all were true, Danny would be about 100 years older than her, Diana acknowledges that a child without a mother must struggle and offers to help Danny whenever necessary. If he wanted to, he could come live with her in DC and meet all her superhero friends to help guide him.
They’re scrambling for a reason as to why Danny would turn down this offer. Vlad speaks first. He explains that since his mother’s death, Danny has overtaken her domain as the god of all ghosts and, while Phantom is very clearly not a ghost, he couldn’t possibly leave all his subjects. Especially since the stupid GIW keep attacking father and son. Vlad says that honestly, the US government should be glad that they haven’t smote them, the GIW and everyone else who would challenge them.
Diana is horrified. Ghosts are revolting scum, and her two new family members are full-blooded gods who shine with otherworldly power and definitely not the glow of ectoplasm.
Whenever any of the other superheroes (who are more clear-headed at this time) try and ask any probing questions either:
Danny insists that a mere mortal wouldn’t understand the scope of his abilities
Tucker yells at them for daring to question “Phantasma’s” great authority
Sam insists that she would hate to be told the answer, that everything her god does is for her to decode. She asks what they think the symbolism of Danny robbing a bank could be.
She offers to get them in touch with the president and he could make them both special advisors to the GIW – the JLA had only been called in due to how much trouble the agency were having and bringing two gods in would be a quick way to get the entire situation ship shape.
The flash gets in touch with Phantasma’s high priestess next week, he reassures everyone that the ‘misunderstanding’ is all cleared up. Danny’s officially the CEO of the guys in white.
Hope everyone enjoyed. Masterpost coming soon.
((Dan as Hades???))
Here's "Phantasma's" family tree - simplified
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I feel the need for cheese
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Love the trope of “Danny running to Vlad when something bad happens” because it implies that a.) Danny believes/trusts that Vlad’s power is enough to protect him and b.) Danny believes/trusts Vlad’s supposed fondness for him will override any resentment their conflicts cause, and, in the case of all the fanfics, he’s right
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in honor of my grandiose (no) return, here is Vladimir
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aw he's so cute *drops a piano on his head like in those old cartoons*
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Phantom Punk AU II
Danny’s interactions with both Walker and Vlad are way funnier if he’s a punk.
Walker: I’m arresting you punk.
Danny “ACAB” Phantom: *spits in his face*
And Vlad trying to get Danny in his side and Danny is fight on sight before he even knows about Plasmius, because “eat the rich”
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the-fenton-anticreep-stick · 12 hours ago
The existence of Jack Plasmius implies that the ghost form of the halfa depends not on the person becoming the halfa, but rather is dependent on the portal that created the halfa, in this essay I will
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jnstudios2 · 2 days ago
Plasmius: for the last time jordan, I’m not a cat!
Jordan shows a photo of jack Fenton
Plasmius hisses likes a cat at it
Someone needs to draw this out cause I think it would be hilarious to see this in picture
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diversity win! your friend survived the lab accident and is now something distinctly nonhuman
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if the series were back in animation production. -𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘮𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘧𝘶𝘯 𝘥𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘤𝘰𝘭𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘥 𝘨𝘶𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴-
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DPxDC prompt
Team Phantom all have an inside joke where they refer to Dani as Danny’s daughter, while also calling Vlad an absentee mother who doesn’t pay child support.
Eventually Danny’s at the Justice league space station and hears some of the senior members talking about how the current Robin has attempted to stab a multiple people.
Danny curiously asks them about Robin and eventually they tell him he’s 11 and he just accidentally blurts out that his daughter’s around robins age.
The league members, stare at “eternally a teenager” Danny and go through mini existential crisis about the member that looks like a child having a child of their own. One of them asks if his daughter’s adopted and Danny says that she’s biologically his.
They ask about her mother or other parent and he says that if his daughters “mother” paid child support then he could have a say in things.
Eventually the conversation gets to Batman’s ears and he corners Phantom, not for learning sensitive information about Robin, but for parenting tips.
Now Danny’s giving Batman advice on how to treat/care for a surprise ex-assassin child with an absentee criminal “mother” who obsesses over their child’s father.
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Screencap redraw from the Bitter Reunions episode
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