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horny-freya16 · a day ago
Wasn't my decision (Vi x Fem!reader)
Summary: You decides to tell your girlfriend what really happened in your past relationship.
Warnings: sexual assault (nightmare about it), angst, a lot of crying, fluff, vi comforting reader of course.
A/N: english is not my first language so maybe there are some mistakes. And yes, I just did it for vent.
After a terribly long day of work, you're finally home. You head to your room going straight to bed lying down and relaxing your muscles on the mattress.
It doesn't take too long till you fall asleep.
A few seconds later you open your eyes look around and realize that you're in a middle dark place you can't identify. "Come here, you slut" it's the last thing you hear before you felling someone grabbing you from behind and throwing you in a mattress pinning you down there, now you see the person who's doing it is your ex boyfriend. He starts to take off your underwear looking at you with a smirk in his face. "Please, I can do anything you want, but don't do it... not again please." You cried trying to get away from him.
"y/n, wake up" 'wait, this voice is not his' you think "Y/n!'' The voice call you louder now and you finally wake up, seeing Vi in front of you "Hey, Cupcake. I've got in and seen you twitching on the bed, are you alright?'' you were going to answer but started crying instead "Y/n tell me what happened, you're really freaking me out." Vi said holding your hand and kissing your knuckles.
''I- I had a nightmare with my ex." You whispers to her "It was about one of the countless times he... forced me to have sex with him." tears started to fall down your face as you spoke.
''I don't even know what to say about it" Vi's expression was chocked like you never seen "So that's why you flinch when our friends or Vander touches you sometimes?''
''Yes. I'm not afraid of them specifically, but the having a man touching me can be terribly uncomfortable.'' Vi don't say anything while you explain it. Everything runs through her head is 'how can anyone think of hurting you like that monster did?' For her, you're the sweetest person she ever met in her life. Why it has to happen with you?
"I need you to promise me a thing.'' You wake her up from her thoughts "Just tell me and I do it.''
''Promise you'll never do what he did?'' You never thought you'd say it to her, but it's ok.
"I promise, my love. I'll never do it anyway or let someone to do it." When Vi finished the sentence, sneaked by her side and hugged her sighing with relief.
''Thank you for being here for me. I love you."
''I love you too, Cupcake.''
I really hope it's not too bad.
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shortestcake · a month ago
Pairing: Modern!Vi x reader
Pronouns used: none (afab genitalia)
Gendered terms: good/pretty girl
Genre: fluff+smut (mdni)
Summary: A guy won't stop bothering you at a bar, although you're rejecting his advances, you're far too kind to shut him down properly. Thankfully, your girlfriend helps you deal with him, and after, you'll help her deal with her pent-up anger.
based on this drabble
// slight mention of s-xual harassment/homophobia
strapless strap-on, overstimulation, praise
Tumblr media
"C'mon sweetheart, how about we get out of here?" An insistent and very drunk man loomed over your shoulder, close enough for you to smell the intense scent of beer radiating off of him
All you could do was awkwardly smile at him while looking around for your girlfriend, who'd left just under two minutes ago to use the restroom.
Although you shut down his advances several times, he wouldn't budge, getting closer every time you pushed away, effectively cagging you between his arms and the bar.
"I'm sure you're lovely, but I'm waiting for someone." You were trying to be polite, partially because it was in your nature, partially out of fear. "I can show you a better time than him." He hiccuped and slurred his words, yet somehow looked confident in the fact that he was winning you over.
You tried looking at the bartender for help, but he was busy preparing shots for a group of people at the other end of the counter.
"She's actually supposed to be coming back soon, I'm sorry but-" you tried, but were rudely interrupted, "She? Baby, let me show you what a man can do." Your irritation only grew, did he truly think that he'd seduce you by speaking over you?
His hand snaked up your hips, he planned on continuing his 'grand speech', thankfully, he didn't get to. A loud thud and he was off of you, you snapped your head to the side, only to see him stumbling backwards, Vi soon also came into your line of vision.
You barely had time to process the fact that he tried touching you, let alone the fact that your girlfriend was now in the middle of beating him up.
As soon as realization hit, you stood from your chair hurrying to Vi's side, attempting to pry her off the man before someone called the police.
Suprisingly, it's wasn't too hard to get her to stop. Of course, that didn't mean she wouldn't shout insults the entire way out of the bar.
Once you left, Vi's demeanor changed completely, her scowl replaced with a gentle look as she analyzed you. Her arm was now snug around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer every few seconds.
She'd somewhat calmed down, now more focused on your well-being rather than the pure rage she felt moments prior.
"Are you hurt, sweets?" Her voice flooded with concern, using her free hand to search for any injury you might've gotten.
"I'm alright, thank you." A sweet smile spread across your face when her hand rested against your cheek.
The steadiness in your voice seemed to have relaxed her a bit, but you could still see the nervousness in her eyes. "Are you sure?"
You nodded, leaning in to give her a small peck before turning your head to pay attention to the sidewalk in front of you.
Once you made it back to your shared apartment, Vi was somehow touchier, insisting you sit in bed with her before beginning your night-time routine.
Tumblr media
"We should change, you know." You suggested, but there was no real eagerness in your voice, too comfortable leaning your back against Vi's chest.
She hummed in acknowledgement while kissing lightly down your neck and back. "We will," her hands traced where the man from earlier held you, "I can't believe he touched you." You could tell she was getting angry again through her tone, but not at you, never at you.
Violet slid her hands from your hips to your front, resting on your belly for just a few seconds before moving downwards. Your breath hitched at the realization of what she wanted to do, her fingers kneaded your inner thigh for a few moments.
She took her time smoothing your skin over, itching painfully slow towards your core. When she finally brushed against your panties you whimpered in anticipation.
"Are you already wet, baby?" Her long fingers slid up an down your slit, chuckling as she answered her own question.
Vi would either be an excruciating tease, or even more impatient than you were, there was never an in-between. So, when she quickly sunk two fingers inside you, you knew what kind of night you were up for.
Her thumb rubbed fast circles on your clit as she fingered you, muttering soft words in your ear. Her spare hand roaming along your torso, eventually setting on squeezing one of your tits.
Your head dropped against her shoulder as you instinctively spread your legs wider, which only seemed to rile her up further.
"Are ya' close baby? Gonna be a good girl and cum for me? That's it." She whispered, her soft kisses soon became hickeys for her to place wherever she could reach.
You answered in incoherant moans, bucking your hips into her hand. Soon you reached your high, legs shaking as Vi did little to slow down her pace.
When your breath started to even out, Violet gently shoved you forward by your shoulders. You let out a startled yelp at the sudden action, now you laid with your head turned sideways on the mattress, knees reaching each side of your chest, and ass raised slightly in the air.
Your body heated up at the lewd position she placed you in. "You look so pretty like this, my pretty girl." Suddenly, her weight left the mattress and you heard her rummaging through your draws along with the noise of her taking off her clothes.
It wasn't long before Violet settled back behind you, your silent questions of why she left was soon answered when silicone grazed against your rear.
Her rough hands hiked up your dress, giving her a perfect view of you. Too impatient to undress you properly, Vi moved the fabric of your panties aside once again, only this time, something much larger than her fingers slid inside you.
Your moans were muffled into the sheets as she slowly thrusted into you, but her pace didn’t remain gentle for long, as she quickly sped up her thrusts, using your hips to balance herself.
Nothing but sweet words left her mouth as she brutally fucked in and out of you. 
“Ah, good” thrust “fucking” thrust “girl.”
“Just like that, my sweet baby.”
Among all the mindless praise, you started hearing unexpected apologies. Now she’s bent down to whisper and moan in your ear, still dropping “I’m sorry”s every now and then. Although it confused you, your head was far too empty and all you could push past your lips were whimpers.
She moved behind you again, straightening her back to admire you beneath her, Vi got high off the way you writhed and begged for her, only her.
Orgasm after orgasm, Violet continued to fuck in and out of your cunt. Her hold on your hips tightened enough to bruise while she used you to get off.
Eventually her movements stutter then stop completely, she lets out a string of curses, carefully pulling out and moving to kiss your neck.
You barely got to catch your breath when you heard was a soft "'M sorry baby." Before she plunged her strap back into your wet pussy. You couldn't do anything but whimper as she fucked you all over again.
(Kind of like this, kind of don't, I'm a tad rusty😓)
Tumblr media
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pixievi · a month ago
Tumblr media
characters | vi, caitlyn, ellie williams, kassandra of sparta, eivor varinsdottir
fandoms | arcane, the last of us ii, assassins creed valhalla & odyssey
warnings | none, you can show this to your nan (except there is a smidge of suggestiveness in kassandra’s but it’s still senior citizens safe)
In denial
The way she sees it, it’s just another person she cares about that could get hurt or worse
Which she doesn’t want to go through again
So she keeps it locked away, opting to just be there for you whenever you need her
Despite this mental agreement she has with herself, she still finds moments where all she can think about is you. Your smile, your laugh, your kindness, your soft gaze..
She is constantly around you, following you like a lost puppy. Not that you mind, Vi on the other hand realises she does it embarrassingly often and the part of her that’s in denial low-key hopes her constant presence annoys you, so you’ll avoid her
So she can get rid of that constant ache in her chest whenever she looks at you
It was like that for months, Vi trying to shove down those feelings while simultaneously being comforted by the daydreams of you and her while you both got closer
Her plans to keep it to herself became more painful as time went on because thoughts of you being with someone else or just losing you in general, plagued her
After a particularly bad nightmare that had elements of those worries, she found herself in your bed wrapped in your arms. You didn’t ask when she came through your window, just understood that she needed comfort. Which is another thing she loved about you
That arrangement wasn’t new, her sharing your bed. Especially after bad dreams. So you thought nothing of it and tried your best to make her feel better in whatever way she needed
Her head was buried in your chest, listening to your heartbeat. The steady rhythm knocking on her little ‘in denial’ door. She realised she couldn’t take it anymore, so fuck it
She mumbled her confession into your skin, her words freezing the hand that traced patterns on her back. Everything made sense
You kissed her forehead and she relaxed, somehow melting even more into you
Hopeless romantic
Met you at your job in a local cafe, which has become her most frequented spot as of late. For no apparent reason
Since that day, she has anonymously sent numerous bouquets of flowers to your workplace, addressed to you which were all accompanied by sweet little notes
While she had a raging crush, she was still shy and wasn’t sure
She would always make sure to chat with you, delighting in the smiles and laughs you gave her
She looked forward to her lunch breaks, because she got to spend them with you. And on those days where your breaks matched with each other, she’d spend that time with you while trying to contain her giddiness
You know that investigation journal she has? Don’t tell me she doesn’t have a personal one where she blushes about her crush on you
After fiercely debating with herself, she mustered the confidence to ask you out on a date. When you said yes, her eyes lit up and she had to stop herself from jumping up in excitement. Instead covering it with a warm smile and pressing a soft kiss to your hand like the gentlewoman she is
She treated you like a princess on the date
But, one thing she was doing was keeping the conversation on you. Especially when it came to topics you were interested in. She did that on purpose, as she thought she would bore you if she started talking about the things she likes to study herself and her interests
However, that was quickly shutdown when you caught on to it and informed her that in fact, you were very interested in her various knowledge. Finding it endearing how she’d talk with her hands when she got passionate about a topic or just something she was interested in
It warmed her to the core. As if she couldn’t adore you any more
The night couldn’t have gone any better
Very shy
Sketches you all the time in her journal
I feel like she’s much more of ‘I show my interest/love for you in my actions’ type person, at least in this case
A common thing she’s found herself saying to you since her feelings developed is ‘I saw this and thought you might like it’
Another one would be ‘wanna watch a movie?’
She finds herself more quiet around you, settling for soft smiles rather than words. Something Jesse has definitely noticed and definitely teases her endlessly about
Has to look away from your gaze because if she locks eyes with you for more than 5 seconds she’ll start flushing and stumbling over her words
Fiddles with her sleeves or the hem of jumper/top whenever she speaks to you
Once she gets more comfortable in realising that you do like her, as a friend at least, she’ll start getting more bold
Teasing you, annoying the shit out of you..just plain messing with you.
But also hugs you tight, rests her head in your lap, letting you borrow her books and clothes etc
Speaking of you borrowing her clothes, the first time she saw you wear one of jumpers was the day she thought she was gonna combust
It was another night of hanging out at her place, playing video games while Ellie tried her absolute best to not blush while you rested your head on her shoulder
You noticed she was stiff and asked her if she was alright, to which she adamantly assured you she was fine
So you snuggled into her more, head now resting on her chest
There was no way you didn’t feel her heart hammering against your ear. Butterflies did the same in her stomach
You suspected the exact reason why, and dropped the bomb on her
“Jesse told me y’know, about your crush on me”
Her previous blush drained from her face as she froze
You sat up and kissed her cheek, and waited for her brain to start working again
When it did, she cupped your chin gently and slowly brought your lips to hers. Giving you time to pull away
But you didn’t
Immediately starts flirting with you
At any given moment - oh, you’re cooking? She asks what else those fingers can do, oh she’s bleeding out and almost dying? Declares how pretty you look under the moonlight
Aside from her flirting and teasing, she believes you’re a literal goddess and cannot stop the golden light that erupts within her every time you look at her
Always keeps an eye on you, even when she’s not there. Whether it be through close contacts of hers or through Ikaros. She’d be heartbroken if something happened to you, especially if it’s someone wanting to get back at her
Another huge romantic, does everything she can to make you smile and feel special
Wants to be around you all the time, no matter what you’re doing. Whether it be a quick trip to a market or you’re just tending plants at home, you’ll be guaranteed to have a tall misthios shadow beside you
Needs to touch you or she’ll die
If you allow her, she’ll have you in her arms whenever - in hugs, around your waist, on your shoulders or simply just holding your hand. She’s addicted
Plays with your hair a lot, doesn’t even realise she’s doing it half the time
Finds herself smiling just at the mere thought of you
After a awhile of all this, she confesses (if you hadn’t figured it out already, she was being as cloudy as glass)
It was a scorching day when she brought you on her ship. Sea spray tickled your cheeks as you gazed at the ever rocking horizon. Kassandra kept a tight hold of your waist as you leaned over the side to watch the waves cascade against the gliding ship.
She was excited, to put it lightly. To have you on her ship, enjoying yourself as much as you seemed to be
Her chin was rested on your scalp, before her lips brushed the shell of your ear
She whispered everything - the way you made her feel, how beautiful you were, how much she desired you…
Her heart soared when you stood on the tips of your toes to kiss her
Keeps it a secret for the longest time. Like I’m talking, over a year
She felt comfortable around you, found herself to feel lighter in your presence
She realised just how far deep in she was when she got jealous of Sigurd just talking with you - a ridiculous thought, but a thought that confirmed her passion
The poetry that wrote itself in her mind from your gaze was another tell tale
Now when she’s on raids, she always has to bring something back for you and pass it off as something like - ‘you mentioned you needed something to match your hair’ or ‘thought this might be of use to you’
Is very careful to not be drunk around you after numerous times she flirted with you in that state of mind (foreshadowing) To which she hoped you passed it off as her being a drunken fool
She still apologised each time though
Another gentlewoman - pulls chairs out for you, lends you her cloak, opens doors for you etc
Treats you more like a queen than anything else - you need something done? She’s the first to offer, some fools disrespect you? She tears them down in your name
Speaking of that, she’s very protective. Keeping close to you just at the slightest whiff of danger
She trains you, wanting to provide a way to protect you even when she’s not around
Brings you food all the time
Much like Vi, she finds herself in your bed after a bad dream or vision
Talking to you about it really helps her, she doesn’t feel judged
She feels equal, safe enough to be vulnerable with you
It was a night much like that, except for the bad dreams. No, she was just too drunk to make it back to her own place
She can be a very sensitive drunk, emotions always right there on the surface
So as soon as her head lays down on your stomach, she’s off describing her adoration for you, how warm you make her feel, how she wishes for a future with you…
You didn’t get to hear more because she drifted off to sleep, but you’d heard enough
In the morning, she tried to sneak out without waking you. Embarrassed beyond belief
But your hand gripping her wrist stopped her and you tugged her back
She hesitated but gave in to your embrace, waiting
You kissed her temple with a smile and giggled
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its-just-one-big-fuckup · 8 months ago
ekko x mischievous reader is my lifeline
Tumblr media
what made them fall for you
characters -> vi, jinx, ekko, viktor, sevika
genre -> fluff, maybe a tad suggestive
Tumblr media
- your gentleness ::: everyone in her life is just so brash and fucking wild and just pure chaos, so when she sees you giving people small smiles and waving at the kids skipping past as you stroll through zaun, her heart thumps and she knows she has to make you blush at least once.
“hey, i noticed you and, uh, wanted to introduce myself.”
you look up from the market stall you stood up, coming face to face with a pink-haired girl, around your age, but slightly taller.
“hi, i’m y/n- you are?” you stuck our hand in greeting, a soft smile adorning your features.
her heart thumped - you wanted to shake her hand? that was… unheard of in the undercity if you were talking to a stranger - i mean, they could have a weapon, right? but you trusted her right off the bat. vi rushed to slide her hands out of her pockets and grasp your open palm eagerly.
“vi- vi. yeah, vi. it’s really nice to meet you.”
- your voice ::: she spends most of her time talking, and it takes a firm voice to actually cut through the sound of her rambling to make her stop. she hears you once, when she’s out with silco, and you’re talking to someone- a kid- you’re… scolding them? and then you hug them? but just the sound of you sharply stopping your sibling from doing something dangerous makes jinx stop in her tracks. silco gave her an odd look, but thought nothing of it and she traipsed off to watch you shift your sibling on your hip and sway away, lightly scolding them as you went.
“and then i was tinkering with this new metal cylinder i found in sevika’s room, and i attached it to the outside of-”
“what were you thinking!”
jinx blinked. that tone made her heart stop - it sounded so much like… no, she refused to think about her sister. but she did stop talking, and she ignored silco’s quick glance of confusion.
“you could have got yourself hurt, you idiot! what even are you doing around here?!” you dropped to your knees, grasping your sibling by their shoulders and looking at their wide eyes. with a sigh, you let go and massaged your temple as they stuttered out excuses.
a certain blue haired girl rounded the corner, and leant against the alley’s wall, watching the exchange quietly.
“i’m… i’m serious… tell me next time? i need to know where you are in case something goes wrong,” you spoke shakily. you weren’t really mad… just worried.
“now come on,” you hoisted your sibling up with a huff, and rested then on your hip, turning and jumping at the sight of jinx.
“oh- sorry- i wasn’t like watching you guys, i just heard you and wanted to see if you were okay and-”
“it’s okay- i’m y/n.”
“nice… name.”
- your cheeky smile ::: ekko has responsibilities, he’s serious and ‘uptight’, so there is nothing he loves more than going to the firelight’s workshop and seeing your cheeky smile greet him with a bump to his hip as you pass. just something about the mischief in your eyes as you go to annoy your fellow cohorts - the pure joy you emit it gorgeous to him.
“hey you!”
“-and that would be them right now- vi, meet y/n.”
with a smile, you rushed up to ekko, bumping hips as you pass him and leap over your ‘desk’. a couple seconds of you ducking and diving around piles of papers and metal, and you manage to find the screwdriver you needed.
“lovely- by the way, i love you hair! and ekko? you smell,” you chimed, walking back to the massive idea you’d been formulating all day. ekko rolled his eyes at the grin you flashed him, and ‘vi’ thanked you.
they moved to leave, ekko grumbling at you while he went. without turning around, you giggled and yelled after him,
“you know you love me!”
his face grew hot, and he turned to glare at you, face falling when he noticed your wiggling eyebrows and smothered giggles.
“…sure, whatever.”
- your curiosity ::: no one has taken much interest in viktor’s work the way you do, which is the least he expects for a council member such as yourself: most of them just nod along as jaycee outlined the basis of hextech- but you? you sit happily with your hands in your lap, legs swinging on viktor’s desk and actively urging him to carry on explaining.
“go on,” you urged, fingers gripping the edge of viktor’s desk in anticipation. everything the scientist said had you hung on his every word like it was your life line- and you didn’t mind. you thought viktor’s voice was lovely to listen to, and hextech was brilliant in your eyes.
viktor sucked in a breath and snuck a glance at you, a blush settling on his cheeks as he searched your wide, pretty eyes.
“uh… are you sure you’re interested by this?”
your smile dropped, and a serious expression crossed your face, and suddenly you were holding up… three fingers, like scout’s honour?
“i swear, viktor, there is nothing i want more right now than for you to explain every single thing in this lab to me.”
“well then… that, i will do.”
- your attitude ::: literally no one has the balls to stand up to sevika, and for a good fucking reason she is terrifying (but like hot) and had a robotic arm that could literally throw you across the street. so no one says anything when she shoves past you in the last drop. except you. and all sevika can remember from you spinning her around with surprising strength and yanking her down by her collar is that she needs to kiss you.
a hard shoulder made contact with your body and shoved you back, a thick wall of muscle moving through the sea of people like an unstoppable force.
an unstoppable force that had clearly never met the fiery attitude of yourself, however.
your friend nervously stepped back, watching your snarl and charge after the tall woman with fury in each stomp you took.
eventually, onlookers became silent and watched in awe as you took the metal shoulder in your hand and pulled.
without a thought for your safety, your other hand reached up to yank down the collar of sevika’s shirt so her nose almost bumped against yours.
“you know, it’s not very fucking polite to shove past people without apologising,” you spat, brows furrowing.
sevika stopped for a second- her initial reaction was to literally just kill you, but when she got a look at you, and that fire in your eyes, and the upturned snarl of your lips, and the way the lady drop’s light danced across your skin… she smirked.
jesus that made you even more mad, and you went on. and on. just screaming in sevika’s face. and she stood there for a few seconds, before straightening up and gripping your wrist, making you fall silent- if only she could smash her lips against yours in that moment…
“do you know i am?”
her heart thumped and a wolfish grin grew on her face.
“how about you let me buy you a pint?”
Tumblr media
taglist -> @darthkenobii @mitypie
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luvmei · 4 months ago
easily flustered
vi x f!reader hcs゛ ⿻
Tumblr media
pair → vi x femme reader, friendly & bashful
cw → fluff, nsfw, not proofread, rushed
✦、i needed to get something out, man i really need more determination to finish stuff. i'll try have trembling out asap * ₊ ・
vi takes pride in the fact her bare voice can make you shy away, but she'd never take advantage of you with that
you're referred to as things like vi's lamb because of your sheepish persona
she finds you adorable and melts at the way you're so friendly, in zaun kindness is extremely rare — not to mention stillwater. you're like a diamond from the bottom of the sea to the pinkette
people may find the pair strange, a headstrong woman with a sensitive and polite lady. some bystanders may insult you two but vi always just covers your ears, "don't listen to them. i love you no matter what, we're okay."
she makes sure not to be too gruesome or violent when beating their faces in as to not scare you. they couldn't just walk around freely and go unpunished now, could they?
has a tendency to zone out on your face (especially your cheeks) and watch it deepen into a rosary pigment, nearly matching her hair
you find vi so beautiful that keeping eye contact is extremely difficult. her flirtatiousness doesn't help at all — constantly burying your face into books or palms in attempts to hide. that pretty little head of yours always ends up in her hands though, "oh, no no please don't hide. let me see that pretty smile.."
when vi had introduced you to caitlyn anxiety began to bubble up within you. cait was neat, proper, and very composed — polar opposites.
the thoughts kept flooding in and your smile had faded moments ago, vi noticed the shift of atmosphere. she never failed to reassure and comfort you, "you are everything to me y/n, that bashfulness is a part of you; it's special and charming. even if that changed i would still love you continuously."
strange as it may sound, because of excessive blushing you resemble a hand body? warmer. vi runs very warm and finds the fact you're warmer extremely comforting. some days she just needs a break and takes deep naps with you in her arms or vice versa
this girl is so head over heels for you. all she's known is to toughen up and be on guard, yet your carefree and welcoming personality is so refreshing. you're her reminder that it's okay to not be so strong. any second spent with you is euphoric to her. the rabbit hole of love has her so deep that she see's you as an angel in disguise
"so perfect.." yes, most of the time she's a sap but the sly part of her tends to outshine that display of adoration. straight knees were placed beside yours, toned arms laid against your head, pinning you to the seat. in this position vi could see every feature of yours, "you're so cute like this. i wonder though, what kind of expressions would you make in bed?"
that happens quite often..
sometimes people just hand things to you since you're too afraid to ask, but vi wants to hear your voice no matter what. she constantly teases and encourages you to speak more, "come on angel. don't be afraid, what do you want?
being shy can be stressful. vi did research with caitlyn about people who are often anxious and learned it causes tension in the body. expect some nightly massages
orders food for you and never leaves your side when trading with merchants. okay okay w
god, why is she so hot
if you ever decide to try and mute yourself with a pillow just know it'll be tossed to the side eventually. don't even try use your hands to hide yourself because they'll soon be pinned above your head
she takes great care of you, in many ways. peppers kisses from your jawline down to the neck and shoulders as a distraction for the hands between your legs
vi wants to see, feel, and taste all of you. she simply doesn't let you try and 'hover' over her. no way. her face will be your throne whether you like it or not
you try and repay her, yet most of the she just denies it and says, "don't worry about it cupcake. your pleasure is mine." she actually gets off to you feeling good, but there's no way you're just gonna sit around being a pillow princess 24/7
when she does let you repay her though you're showered with praises, she tears up slightly the first time. nobody had treated her so gently, "god you're doing so well.. ah! fuck. i love you i love you i love you."
bought a clear strap with sparkles to not "scare you" the first time (?) it was awfully cute
many people were intrigued by your friendliness and kindness, they tried to flirt or take advantage of you but luckily there were always priorities to save you. now that vi is here, she helped you realize what everybody had been doing; by taking you home herself though.
you told vi you were anxious at first about how she'd react to your body, that very same day she cherished you, slowly removing every piece of clothing with an affirmation. litters kisses on every part of your skin and kisses your tears of happiness away.
the pinkette slowly lowered the straps of your dress, "you're so beautiful. did you know that?" "you tell me everyday.." hands trailed up from the small of your back up to your temples softly, "and i mean it every single time." her lips met your collarbone and slipped off the rest of your garments lovingly yet oh so slowly; watery eyes began to form from the amount of love you were receiving. vi kissed away the tears that were trailing down your cheek. "if i had met you sooner my love, i would spend every single second i had giving you the good things you were deprived of. " the moon shone so perfectly on your skin. "i wouldn't mind dying to the sight of this." vi shamelessly thought. she took care of you in that same pace, lovingly, painfully slow. you're her angel — you deserve it all.
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tlouwhore · a month ago
vi headcanons
- when you’re alone and away from everyone she is so soft
- if you even call her pretty she’ll bury her head into your neck to hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks
- and she’s so needy
- she would superglue herself to you if she could
- follows you all around the house
- you couldn’t get her away if you wanted to
- she loves mario kart but fucking sucks
- i mean absolutely horrible
- drives right off the track and gets so pissed at the cloud guy who drags her back on track
- always loses and then says she wasn’t even trying
- she watches break dancing tutorials on youtube and then tries to show you what she learned
- it is never good
- she is a dork
- she loves when you sit on her lap
- she wraps her arms around you and holds you like its the last time she’ll ever see you
- she trails kisses on your neck and shoulders 
- she’s 100% a biter
- she’ll nip at your ear lobe and neck all the time
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heartfairy · 8 months ago
Soft Mornings
Tumblr media
❥ 𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: vi (arcane) x fem!reader
❥ 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦: “Your girlfriend/fiancé pulls you closer on a soft but not so innocent morning.”
❥ 𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒: fluff + smut
❥ 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡: 3,5k
⟶ 𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: established relationship. playful banter and teasing, oral, fingering, tribbing, lots of kisses and cuddles.
⟶ A/N: finally 😭 thank you for those of you that waited dbjdjd patiently for me to post, it’s finally here! here have a soft morning with Vi! my next fic is probably gonna be a bit more insane/spicy. hehe anyways! I’m tagging @piltoversapphics @saenaoin @syddsatyrn @ma3mae, @abadbitvh, @eclipsed-in-writing, @terrapia and @m3dardas <3 if any of you guys want to be added to my tag list for future works hit me up in my inbox and I’d love to add you.
⟶ I don’t want minors nor cishet men to interact with any of my mature posts! thank you very much!
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Morning light slips through the partially open blinds and warms the room. The sun is bright and warm, summer is around the corner, so the last spring days are a lot hotter than usual. The blanket that’s covering you is becoming way too hot. It also doesn’t help that Vi is holding you close to her. You feel her nuzzle against you, you melt against her, still feeling too hot though. Barely awake, you whine as you try to kick the thick cover off of your bare body and you sigh into your pillow. After a few more minutes of unsuccessfully trying to get back to sleep, your eyes slid open only to end up squinting at the offending sunlight.
You close your eyes again and yawn, stretching your limbs and a smile plays on your face once you’re done. At your movements, your girlfriend turns over in the bed, groaning and wraps her arm around you, tugging you closer to her until your back is pressed up against her warm chest. You could feel her breath on your neck, soft and slow. Rolling over, you’re met with Vi’s sleepy face. You smile once again as you take in her soft and peaceful face, you bring one of your hands to trace her lips with your fingertips. Your fingers travel to her messy hair, running your fingers through her hair gently.
Vi sighs softly before tugging your body closer to hers once again. Your eyes start to drift shut again, sleep dragging you under. You feel so content, being able to hold and just enjoy the morning with the love of your life. But before you can fall asleep once again, you feel Violet’s lips on your neck.
“Hmmm,” you mumble, still very sleepy. “What are you doing baby?” You giggle and try to wiggle away from her. Her grip tightens around your waist, tugging you closer to her body once again.
Nuzzling her face against your neck, she responds, “You’re so warm and so beautiful… so soft too.” She says as her fingers trace your back so gently and her fingertips feel so soft against your skin.
You chuckle before she continues to kiss your neck, before you know it she reaches back to take the covers and pull them over your bodies. Cuddling you once again while holding your naked body against hers.
“Vi… it’s so hot.” Your whines slowly turn into soft moans as she continues to kiss your neck. She’s switching between soft small chaste kisses to wet and deep kisses that you know will leave marks on your skin.
“Hmmm… I can make it so much hotter, baby.” She whispers against your neck before her kisses travel to your jaw, nipping at it gently making you a whimpering mess. She is so warm against you, cocooning you in her arms and making you melt against her touch. You feel more wetness pool down low between your thighs the more she touches and kisses you. Rubbing your legs against each other, to get some friction, you hear Vi chuckle before one of her legs comes closer to yours, pushing your legs apart for her. She slips her thigh against you, rubbing it slowly against your slit.
“Vi…” you gasp softly, your limbs still feel so groggy and slow from your sleep and you try to move your hips back and forth. Whimpering as you rub your slit against her thigh, her mouth moves slowly towards your lips, engulfing your mouth in a deep and slow kiss. Violet always kisses you like she has all the time in the world. Her fingers move from your waist to your upper back, and her skin is so hot and wet against yours and to make things even worse her hands move once again to cup your face gently in her hands, deepening the kiss once again.
You can’t seem to quite catch your breath while she kisses you so deeply. You try to, and when your lips part and you inhale and taste her and only her and nothing but her, you finally inhale, the oxygen refilling your lungs. Everything about it makes you more sleepy, her tongue sweeps across your bottom lip and your breath turns into a whine. Her wet muscle wraps itself against yours, hot and slick as she tastes you deeply and you moan against her mouth as one of her hands moves down to your back towards your ass, giving it a soft but firm push.
You get the hint, you wrap your arms around her as you pick up the pace of your hips, moving yourself faster against her strong thigh. The kiss is still so deep, tongues lazily slipping around each other in a slow dance. You feel so overwhelmed easily, your heart hammering against your chest as you roll your hips down on her. Grinding your sensitive clit against her muscular thigh. You feel so hot, everything feels so warm and sticky, your body feels on fire.
“Vi, I’m so close…” you whimper loudly, the amazing friction against your throbbing heat causing you to squeeze your eyes shut as her other hand moves down the small of your back, moving you back and forth against her thigh. You’re moaning softly against her lips as you feel Vi flex her thigh against your pussy.
You whine when she applies pressure against your pussy, making your body tremble in her hold. You drag your hips back and forth, occasionally moving in slow but firm circles. You feel so close, the coil tightening down low.
“Come for me kitten, let go for me.” She whispers against your lips, before slipping her tongue back inside your mouth. Your body trembles more and more against her, you keep dragging your pussy against her, feeling so close to your release, you try to move your sleepy hips faster. Violet’s thigh flexes once again, pressing against your clit hard making you cry out as you come undone against her.
You gasp for breath as you slow down your movements against her. Her arms wrap around you, pulling you so close against her while pulling her thigh away from between your heat. Your face nuzzles in the crook of her neck, cuddling her body closer to yours as your breathing turns back to normal. Vi’s hands trace soft circles down your back while your arms tighten around her.
“Good morning baby,” she whispers against the crown of your head before kissing you there.
“Morning my love,” you whisper against her neck, nuzzling against her even more. After a while of just content and peaceful silence, you pull your head back to look deep into her eyes. One of your hands reaches for her cheek, cupping it in your hand as your thumb traces her VI tattoo. Her eyes flutter shut, enjoying your touch. “You’re so beautiful.” You say before leaning down, pressing a soft kiss against her lips.
The atmosphere in the room changes within a couple of moments, the more you feel and lick her lips. You kiss her until you’re both on the edge of madness. Vi wraps her whole body around you completely, kissing you more and more. The temperature is rising impossibly high, making you feel even more hot.
She pulls away with a moan, her eyes half lidded. “Please baby, I wanna taste your sweet pussy…” Vi moans desperately, wanting to please and touch you more. Violet licks her lips so seductively in a way that has you shaking, your cheeks heating up, whining, begging with eagerness for her to eat you out just like she always does.
Her face leans down towards your jaw, kissing and nipping at the skin, Vi’s lips feel like honey as they skim past your jaw and down to your neck; they were so sweet and filled with desire leaving you writhing underneath her strong arms. She rolls your body on to your back, as her lips keep exploring every inch of your skin. Your head falls deeper into your pillow, eyes screwing close to savor every touch. Her fingers tracing your curves as her lips move down your neck, you writhe beneath her longing for more.
“You’re ethereal…” she mumbles before her lips suck against your collarbones. Her knees push your legs further apart for her and you whine once again, begging for her to continue wordlessly.
“Vi please… I need you.” You whimper, eyes fluttering open when a large hand stops your hips from pushing your throbbing clit up against her heat. Her lips litter your body full with kisses giving your body all the attention you need, moving her mouth slowly towards your chest. Your fingers tangle into her pink locks and you gently pull, detaching her lips away from the tops of your breasts. “Please,” you whisper, too thick with desire to speak normally. “I want you.” You managed to whine.
“Hmmm soon baby,” she says sweetly, her voice laced with sleep still, her attention quickly returns in between the valley of your bare chest. Her hands trace their way slowly to your breasts, kneading them and your mind fogs up with want as her thumbs skim over your nipples.
“Please—” you whine impatiently, frustrated and so turned on.
“You’re truly breathtaking princess,” her soft words heavily contradicted her movements, a forefinger and thumb delicately rolling your nipple between them before pinching down. A gasp falls from your mouth as you feel the tip of her wet tongue circle around your right nipple, before wrapping her lips over it. You moan loudly at the contact, your body trembling with want, you bring both of your hands to tangle your fingers through her hair, playing with it as she teases you. “I love the way your body reacts to my touch, begging for more.” Vi whispers against your skin. Your mind was all over the place, slowly growing more insane the more her mouth moves against your breasts.
“Please Viiiiii, please, pleeeaaaseee,” you beg helplessly, asking for more. Your core is beyond soaked, dripping underneath you onto the sheets. You were truly desperate and full of want, you needed some more relief.
She moves away from your breasts, and her lips travel to your face once again choosing to steal a sweet kiss from you. Lips swallow each other softly, it was light yet laced with so much hunger for each other and you are starting to feel greedy once again as her hand runs down your body, to the side of your leg. As if finally understanding how much you need some kind of touch, she leisurely uses her fingers to slip across your thigh towards your hot center. You moan as she lightly brushes the pads of her fingertips over your exposed heat.
“You’re so fucking wet angel,” Vi groans as she feels you dripping onto her fingers, tracing your slit slowly as you try to buck your pussy against her hand for more. “So needy for me,” she whispers with a teasing smile as she sees your eyes flutter.
Vi’s lips press back onto yours and you can’t help but let out a sigh of relief against her mouth as her calloused fingertips run up and down between your slick, hot and soaked folds. You squeak against her as Violet slowly dips her two digits inside, your walls instantly squeezing her fingers in response. She moans against your lips as she moves her fingers inside you. She begins moving in and out with a tantalizingly moderate speed while simultaneously curling her knuckles to hit just the right spot. Your lips part against hers, moaning beneath her.
“Fuuuuuck,” you gasp against her lips, breaking away from the kiss for a moment as she slips a third finger inside you. For a while she’s just thrusting her fingers slowly in and out of you, until her lips leave yours, making you whimper. Vi’s body slides gradually down your body while her mouth litters your body full with kisses, licking and kissing every inch of your body her lips can meet, while still trying to keep her fingers inside you. Once her face meets your wet core you see her lick her lips once again. Your eyes slide shut and you whine, as she leans down to wrap her lips around your button.
This feels like pure heaven.
Her tongue, moving slowly against your clit, as her fingers continue to fuck inside you. The wet squelching sounds makes her moan into your clit, causing vibrations that make your body tremble and shake once again. She curls her fingers against your most sensitive spot, making your back arch off the bed. When she starts sucking your clit, your hands move to her head once again, tugging at her pink strands as you gasp and moan, rutting your hips against her face.
Your walls hug every surface and ridge of her fingers, the sensation making your toes curl. Her mouth lavishes your pussy with her tongue while she moans every now and then against you. Your head reels with pleasure once her tongue presses down on your needy aching clit.
“Vi, please p-pleeaasee I’m so close.” You whimper, begging for more. “F-fuck, I love you so much.”
You are so so close. Suddenly you feel her fingers retreat from your core and you whine at the loss of her fingers. This makes Vi shake her head with amusement, a small smile playing on her lips. Your hands, move to the sheets. She leans down once again, slipping her tongue into your entrance, she curls the muscle upward to brush your walls, the sight of your fingers bunching the fabric of the sheets in a tight grip encouraging her to do it again.
You’re a mess of her name, you chant her name over and over again. Your hips move against her face as you continue to whimper and moan breathlessly underneath her. Writhing below her, you feel her lick up and press against a sensitive spot that has you seeing stars, while your hips buck against her face uncontrollably. Defiance and greed riddle your consuming thoughts, your fingers once again gripping into her pink hair rather harshly and hips pushing against her face to shove her tongue deeper into your hole.
“Ahhh Viiiiii—” you drag out. You’re truly so close, you just need one more little push.
“Come for me kitten,” she whispers against you, before plunging her tongue back inside you as her thumb comes up to press against your little bundle of nerves. That does it, your dam breaks as you come against her mouth, your whole body trembling. You come with a loud whine, your hips stuttering as your vision turns white. You cry out her name, your voice unable to remain steady. Your fingers are tightly woven through Violet’s hair and your hips push so far against her face, you almost think you are suffocating her.
“You’re always doing so good for me baby, I love you so much my sweet princess.” She whispers against you. As you slowly start to come down to reality again and you try to catch your breath, you hear her praising you softly while she continues to lap at your wetness gently, until you whine because the overstimulation is getting too much for you. Nudging your leg against her face as you try to squirm away from her, Violet's mouth finally detaches from your heat.
She quickly removes the wetness of her lips and chin and licks her fingers before she crawls up to you with a smile, to kiss you deeply, cupping your face in her hands. You moan at the taste of yourself against her tongue, your eyes fluttering against her skin while you kiss, your arms wrapping around her to pull her closer against you. Sighing, against her mouth, you feel yourself melt in her embrace already. You can feel her soft mouth smiling against yours, as the kiss gets more heated.
You’re not totally satisfied yet, you want to feel her against you, let her feel some pleasure too. You won’t be satisfied until you’re able to make her feel like you do now. Lightweight, pleased and so in love.
Your hands wander down her lower back, to press her body closer to yours while moving your legs, spreading them once again for her. You whine against her lips before grinding your still soaked slit against hers, making her moan against you. Whimpering against her lips as she repositions her pussy against yours, you feel her clit right where you like it. Her arms wrap around you, underneath you, holding you impossibly close to her as she rubs her wet core against yours.
“F-fuck baby… you feel so good,” Vi moans against your lips. She gives you a particular hard grind against your clit making you gasp in her mouth, Violet takes the opportunity to slip her wet muscle in your mouth, your tongues dancing slowly around each other instantly. Your body continues to tremble once again underneath her while you grind against each other. Your hips move with hers slowly for a while, still sleepy but full of desire. Fingers move to her upper back, digging into her tattoos as she picks up the pace.
You moan and whimper against her lips, occasionally gasping at the feeling of her heat against yours. It feels so overwhelming and so good. You truly feel like you’re floating. Her breasts pressing against yours feeling her nipples rubbing against yours occasionally making you mewl at the feeling. You’re so close.
You're almost there, making inaudible noises against her lips. Vi applies more pressure with her clit against your own making you see stars. You eventually feel her still as you both fall apart. She moans against your lips, while you’re making inaudible sounds as you try to come down from your high. Exhausted, you drop your head slowly back into your pillow.
You feel her body slump against yours, as her face nuzzles in the crook of your neck. You wrap your arms around her once again, holding her close, pressing a soft kiss on the top of her head.
“That was truly amazing, baby.” You whisper against her hair before you hear her chuckle, her body shaking as she laughs softly.
“Always.” She says before bringing her head towards yours, leaning down once again to capture your lips in a soft kiss.
“I’ll never get tired of waking up to you and your beautiful sleepy face.” You whisper as you pull away to look at her tenderly while your fingers trace her cheeks and push her hair slowly out of her eyes. She smiles lovingly before she rolls you both over onto your sides, holding you close to her, tangling your legs once again together. You lean your forehead against hers before you rub your nose against her nose before kissing her lips again. “I love you.”
“I love you too princess,” Vi whispers as she closes her eyes for a while, relaxing into your embrace.
She melts as you nuzzle into her neck once again. “Kinda wanna stay here forever,” you whisper.
“We could… I mean I did all the chores yesterday, we literally could just lay here all day.” She says, your face pulls away from her neck to look at her as her eyes glint with mischief. “I could wear you out even more than I did last night.” She says cheekily as a smirk plays on her lips.
“Vi!” You give her a playful push as your cheeks heat up at her words. She laughs before wrapping her arms around you, puckering her lips while making kissy noises and littering your face with kisses which makes you giggle and squirm against her. Vi’s grip tightens around you as she continues to kiss you all over your face playfully.
“I know you love it, don’t deny it.” She whispers before leaning her head down to kiss your neck, you squeak and continue to squirm against her.
“Ah, and what if I say I don’t?” You taunt teasingly, cocking your head to the side.
“Then you’re a horrible liar.” She says with a smile before her lips nip at your jawline.
Your giggles turn to breathy whimpers the more she kisses and licks your neck. You feel yourself lose easily in her kisses and touches, your body turning to mush instantly. Your hands wander down to her body, your fingers travelling down to her core, waiting just above her clit once you reach it. Fingertips trace and move to touch her teasingly which makes her gasp.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She asks, her voice wavering as she feels your fingers slip against her slit finally.
“What does it look like I’m doing? Or better yet what does it feel like?” You say as you bite your lip, as you play coy.
She groans when your fingers part her folds for you, dipping some fingers inside her, before swallowing her noises as you kiss her again. You continue to kiss each other, getting lost in each other’s touch and love.
The morning continues like this, your fingers wandering all over each other as the pleasure between you two doesn’t stop. The day is filled with love and desire for one another, you will never get tired of loving each other.
This is heaven.
Tumblr media
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viktorstittytank · 9 months ago
I wondered if you could write some headcanons for (poly) Vi and Sevika with a quiet/shy s/o? For example they have habit of hiding behind Vi/Sevika or pulls their hands or clothes when they want to get out, n general they aren't vocal about their needs. They're the embodiment of "oh no, people"
Poly Vi and Sevika with shy/quiet reader
*sighs in fellow quiet person*
Tumblr media
.If anyone makes you uncomfortable they’re getting their ass kicked there’s no doubt about that
.Youre different from most people they’ve met. People in Zaun have to be bold to survive so it sort of surprises them that you’ve lived as long as you have (sorry not sorry)
.That is until they notice you have a tendency to hide and then it sorta clicks that you probably lived as long as you did by avoiding situations
.If you’re in public and step behind Sevika she’s immediately searching for whoever or whatever made you feel the need to get away
.If you step behind Vi she’s gonna question you about what's going on before searching for a threat. Sevika will definitely approach the person while you stay with Vi
.Both will leave immediately if you voice your desire to but if you try to hide behind them they’re probably going to opt for being confrontational.
.Step behind the two of them at the same time though and they’ll rush you home in an instant.
.Neither of them really need you to vocalize your needs they're pretty good with body language and can figure out when you’re uncomfortable immediately
.Having two girlfriends that can fight means wearing whatever you want whenever you want and if a creep bothers you they’re by your side in record time
.Vi is much more likely to try to get you to talk to her about why you’re ready to go. She wants to understand so she can help
.Sevika can be pretty nonverbal herself so as soon as you tug on her cape or pull on her hand she’s outta there
. “ Let’s go princess.”
.Vi thinks you two are weird cus sometimes you and Sevika just communicate with your eyebrows. She genuinely believes the two of you are telepathic
.Sevika loves that you’re shy/quiet. She’ll keep you around as company when she’s completing the simplest tasks.
.When she goes to gamble and you’re seated beside her the two of you together tends to creep everyone else out.
.Shes significantly quieter around you just cus you bring out her peace
.Vi is a socially awkward extrovert
.Shes been by herself for far too long so sometimes when you’re quiet around her she’ll think she’s doing something wrong
.As long as you show her you’re comfortable around her in some way or another she’ll be okay
.but she really does love your quiet nature. Being around you makes her feel safe. In your silence you hold a comfort that can’t be replaced.
.She steals you from Sevika for cuddles and naps all the time. (Sevika doesn’t mind even though she’s not the best at sharing)
.They think you’re SO cute when you’re shy. Sevika might break character to smother you with kisses.
.If you get shy and try to cover your face Vi is definitely going to try and pry your hands away to peek at you
.Sevika will only make it worse by saying things that make you feel even more shy
.Sometimes she’ll do things just to provoke this reaction from you and Vi will be off to the side smirking at the scene unfolding.
.You poor soul
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xophitto · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
note — angst time! semi dramatic by i don’t mind, disregard any mistakes.
character - vi x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“you’re so damn stubborn vi”
“and you’re getting on my last nerve!”
ahh…arguments. they either end good or bad. it can turn out to you both cuddling or someone sleeping on the couch. the first option is always a get to when it happens but this argument is the one where you don’t know what it could lead up to. that’s the scary thing about it.
“i’m so damn sorry that i’m looking out for my fucking girlfriend who seems to get annoyed at everything i do,” she opens her mouth to say something else but you continue speaking, pointing a stern finger at her “when the only thing i try to do is love you and make sure you’re okay and safe! you make it into a big ass issue for no fucking reason!”
she rolls her eyes as if she was saying ‘here we go again’. “yes yes, i appreciate you for that but that’s literally all you do! you act like you’re a damn robot doing that same shit over and over again! cleaning here, cleaning there, cooking, laundry— do you know how it feels to come home everyday to the same fucking shit?!”
well damn that kinda hurt. between you and her, you were the calmest one and she hates that. she hates how you respond to her in the calmest way only raising you voice up one tiny bit. She wants you to be blazing out like she is but she doesn’t at the same time. two big energies going back and forth can led to someone that one or the other might very much regret saying or doing.
“i’m not a fucking robot vi i have damn emotion—“
she snorts interrupting you. you look at her incredulously wondering as to why she’s acting like this. when you both have arguments, which is once in a blue moon, vi always listens what you have to say. the only time she interrupts is when she’s starting to get more angry that she initially is.
“by the way you’ve been, acting i certainly think so. ‘vi are you okay?’ ‘oh! oh my god vi do you need anything’” she mocks you coming much closer you.
“vi this, vi that like it’s gets irritating!”
“always wants to come up to me the second i get home like can never breathe for one millisecond,”
you should’ve stopped her when you seen that she was getting more upset. you really don’t know what to say as you just watch her come closer and closer every time she speaks.
“i thought you were supposed to be by damn girlfriend not an annoying pest always buzzing in my fuckin’ ear 24/7 on a never ending loop.”
that’s definitely a lie. you know when to give her space. she doesn’t even ask for it because you always know and that’s what she loves about you.
“that’s not what a lover is supposed to do. they are not supposed to be such annoying ass FLYS! a lover needs to have emotion….why don’t you have such a thing, huh?”
she just keeps lying and lying.
“vi you know damn well i don’t—“ she cuts you off again. she can’t stop herself not matter how much she is actually trying not to let out anymore insults at you they just keep pouring out for no reason like she can’t control them. “oh baby, i’m speaking the truth and you know it.”
“vi that doesn’t mean shit and you know that!” you were not getting upset. your heart beating faster and faster, your stomach filling with ache as yours hands start to shake. you didn’t want this argument to escalate to something bad you really don’t but by the way it’s going to you don’t know what to even do, say or think, your mind is completely blank. “what the fuck you want me to do, huh? not speak to you all day? just sit down on the couch not doing anything like i’m an obedient little bitch? huh?! want me to do that and you can just call me for what you need at anytime?” you raised your voice, coming closer to her.
“there she goes..finally showing emotion.” she smiles sarcastically at you making your chest heave up and down. you feel your eyes stinging and you now move away from the woman trying to get away from this whole issue.
“no no no, why are you waking away? don’t tell me you do this every time when someone tells you about your true self..all of your flaws?” she has that red menacing look in her eyes every time she continues to step forward to you. you step back every time she keeps getting closer. you open your mouth trying to find the words you needed to stop all of this.
“what? cant say anything? yeah…because you know i’m right. don’t try to turn it around now,” you feet stay rooted in place, as she comes closer to stare intensely at your eyes like you were the enemy of her and you hate it so much. you want her to look at you with love, the same way you look at her.
“are you even the person i loved in the first place? the person i asked to be my girlfriend? ” she sneers, her face directly in front of yours. this is not the woman you fell in love with..this is someone else. you don’t know what to do as your eyes ring more and more. you don’t want to cry but the way the tension and the anger that surrounds this room and her is making you be filled with so much anxiety.
“why am i even dating you in the first place.”
you gasp softly as you did distantly knew this was going to happen. she was gonna say something she regretted. you look down at your feet, waiting for her to say or do something but what you do know is that you can’t stay in this room with her anymore.
you feel a panic attack coming in after that sentence rings in your ears. repeatedly, over and over again, just constantly getting louder and louder. you whimper silently trying not to have that attack right now. your hands move behind you as you okay with the promise ring she gave to you, the ring that’s she gave one night after you both said you’ve lived each-other after years of being just friends. it’s been at least 3 years later from that day and you’ve never taken it off.
you don’t think of taking it off now but you play with it as it gives you slight reassurance that she still loves you and that this is not her speaking right now. you always had a habit of playing with it whenever you feel anxious.
Vi continues to stare at you and if it was like she was hypnotized, she blinks a couple a times before her face changes from anger to fear as she hears you whimper softly. she also sees clearly that your chest is heaving way to fast, just out of it being normal breathing, she seeing yourself hands behind you and she instantly knows you’re playing with the ring.
“baby?” she whispers, her hands reaching out to hold your wrists. you tense your not wanting her to touch you at all either, you move backwards more before staring directly at her. she looks different now. her face looks scared and conflicted but apologetic. you know she feels remorseful for what she had said wanting to hold you and apologize at every chance she gets.
“I’m..i’m gonna just..’m gonna go upstairs to rest, okay? i’m..I’m just a bit tired,” you start moving away from her. she shakes her head looking at you with fear. she knows if she lets you out of her sight now you might take that chance to disappear and never come back.
“um..there’s food in the fridge. you can eat and take a shower then you can head to bed as well—“
you sigh slumping against the wall that you’ve been backed up to previously, feeling a wave a fatigue after the argument you just had with her, her words and harsh jabs. everything just took you right out and you just want to be alone.
“i wasn’t asking vi, i was telling you. i just need to be alone right now and i can’t be in this same room with you.” you were so tired so now you don’t know what the hell you’re saying yourself. she knows she deserves it. so she’s going to stay quiet, for now.
“all you’ve done this entire night was just to fucking yell at me about everything i did wrong. about how i’m an annoying fucking bee in your ear, buzzing constantly 24/7– those were you words right?” you look at her waiting for her to answer. “answer me! am i correct or am i wrong.”
vi lets out a shaky exhale, “no..n-no you’re wrong” you stand up straight glaring at your girlfriend who is now cowering like you did when she did the same.
“okay then. after i take a nap i will—“
“no the hell you will not.” she stern says to you, words shaky towards the ending as she steps to you trying to catch a hold of your hands but you move away even further, moving to the stairwell.
“i will pack my shit and leave so you can have your space—“
“i don’t need my space, y/n!” she looks desperate trying it to make this go where this is obviously going. she regretted everything but these are the consequences of those actions. “you will not go anywhere, you’re staying here with me okay?”
“i don’t want to. i don’t even wanna be in the same room as you, don’t you understand?” you look at her with a black face, trying to move away from her and this conversation that just goes no where.
“baby, please come here” she begs, her eyes getting misty when you look at her outstretched hand, you just ignored it and made your way upstairs. she breathes heavily now staring at your back, watching you trudge up the stairs. she hear the door to the bedroom open, she starts feeling dizzy. She doesn’t hear anymore noise then that so she tries to calm herself thinking that you actually went to rest yourself.
Just before she could let out a sigh of relief she just managed to hear the faintest zipper opening and her eyes crack wide open. her chest heaves harshly again, muttering ‘no’ repeatedly, quickly running up the staircase, skipping a few steps at the time just to reach to you in time.
she finally makes it up the stairs and dashes into your room just to find you with your back towards her, putting clothing you have in the duffel bag. she moves again, towards you this time coming in front of you to push your duffel bag away and to hug you tightly.
“vi get off of me please.” your girlfriend whimpers hearing your cold tone towards her. she makes her head comfortable by shoving it into your neck, breathing in your scent like this will be the very last time doing so. you squirm and struggle in her hold trying to escapes but she uses her strength to her advantage, making sure you stay where you are need and that’s in her arms.
“i’m sorry. ‘m sorry, baby, i really am.” she shakily whispers against your still squirming self, sending small kisses and pecks to your neck. she feels her eyes sting harshly, tears wanting to pour over already. you said you couldn’t stand to be same room as her and now you don’t even want to touch her like you’re disgusted of her. she would be disgusted too.
“let me go vi! you said you wanted space so let me fucking go.” you’re stubborn as you don’t stop still continuing to try and escape her strong arms.
“i’m so sorry.”
“let me go,” your voice is not laced with love but with coldness. you continue to move away, pushing at her chest but she hold you right and still. she shakes her head, stuffing herself further into you. she’s never been so same scared in her life.
“please baby,” she begs, feels a tear finally cross down her cheeks. “i was being mean and a liar, i’m sorry, i promise you princess i really am sorry,” vi shakes against you her eyes closed as she just wants you to stop moving. she needs you to stop escaping from her.
you give her one final weak push before slumping against it her, feeling another wave a fatigue come over you. you start feeling pain in your head making you clench your eyes closed.
“i’ll listen to you more, yeah?” she brings her face out from your neck to cradle your head with both of her shaky hands. she knocks her forehead with yours, closing her eyes, letting out more tears. “i love you..okay? i love you so much, princess so much,” she whispers as her lips trembles trying to refrain herself from crying.
you slump more against her feeling your tears come waving in again. “why would you say all that..i just want to love you but won’t let me..” you let out a shaky exhale, “what do you want from me?” vi hearts breaks at the way you sound so tired, tired of her.
“i just want you okay? all i want is your love and you,” she gives your forehead a kiss before connecting it back with hers. she gives you a kiss on your nose before shoving her face back down to your neck. your hands stay limp at your sides not wanting to lift it at all.
vi shakes her head, not wanting to let go of you. “vi, i don’t want to fucking deal with you right now. let me go.” she whimpers again.
“let go vi, i’m not playing around with you.” vi squeezes her eyes closed and just hesitantly, let’s her arms loose around you to which you quickly moved away from her.
“you wanted space so i am gladly giving it to you. as much as i give you all of me you won’t take me..so you won’t get it. that’s what you want right?” you look at her like she’s just a stranger. she shakes her head not wanting for this to actually become a real.
if this is a dream please wake her up.
“i will be with ekko. come by when you’ve come to your senses about what you really want.”
but it’s not a dream. and by empty closet, and the front door slamming shut, it’s come to her clearest attention that this is really real.
that this is really her worst nightmare. her worst reality.
Tumblr media
pinkyswifey © 2021 all right reserved.
PART 2?!? that’s if you guys want…or i idk might let you guys suffer👹
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fulltimeanimesimp · 8 months ago
Ways they show you that they love you (Arcane x reader)
Featuring Vi and Vikror (might add Jinx and Cait)
. Sfw, gender-neutral reader, fluff
Tumblr media
i think we can all agree that under that bravado and tough attitude Vi really is a softie
She’s always very vocal about expressing her feelings towards you, always complimenting you and showing off, trying to impress you
But, showing her softer side takes some time
When Vi is comfortable with the person she’s with she’ll definitely be more vulnerable
Letting you take care of her!!!
One night she came home pretty roughed up but this time she didn't push you away when you tried to clean her up
She sat down and just let you work while you lightly scolded her for being so careless
Once you were done you placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head and she pulled you into a big hug
After that she lets herself be more vulnerable around you
Even small things like letting you hold her when you sleep together
Vi feels the safest around the people she loves
On a lighter note!!
Vi will also try to cook for you as a romantic gesture and fails miserably
Violet has lost so many of the people she loves, she isn't about to let that happen with you. She constantly is looking out for you
Protective arms are always wrapped around you or holding you close
Teaches you some self-defense moves, just in case she's not there to protect you
Tumblr media
Viktor is quite the private and somewhat professional man, he liked to keep his personal life and work life separate
He never talked to you into depth about Hextech or any of his other projects, partially because he fears it may bore you, and the other is because he finds no reason to, you're not a colleague right
As things start to get more serious in between the two of you, Viktor finds it hard to not mix those two lives together
He's constantly blabbering to Jayce about you
For once he talks about work and even brings you to the lab (on days where he isn't busy ofc, you can be quite the distraction)
Loves to talk to you about his passions now, and loves hearing about yours
Eventually, you get a spare key to the lab, now that Viktor doesn't mind having you come to distract him
You honestly do it on purpose to give the man a much-deserved break
Finds having you around comforting, no matter the situation
You even now have a little couch in his office for longer visits
Just having you sitting there, either working on your own stuff, silently reading brings Viktor peace
Will let you drag him away when he tries to pull all-nighters so he can finally get some rest
Viktor can be a cheeky bastard sometimes
Teases you a lot and loves to get on your nerves
All in good fun!! Adores if you join him
Dont make fun of his sweater vests tho.
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sramwrap · 7 months ago
i have covid
Tumblr media
literally freaks out?!
she is so sweet
probably tries to make soup and fails,
you still eat it though.
probably combs through your hair and helps you dress yourself,
i can totally imagine her being like
“comeon baby, you gotta stay warm; but after you get better i’m taking my hoodie back”
(you don’t give the hoodie back)
is super on top of your medication, constantly setting alarms and making sure you’re taking the right stuff.
is definitely the bitch to get frustrated when you are out of bed.
will physically lay on top of you to keep you in bed.
helps you calm down if you have fever dreams, let’s you talk it out, and stays with you.
Helps you bathe and grooms you :)
will even paint your nails if you ask
(will get it everywhere, but it’s so cute to see her try)
will sing you to sleep,
she usually sleeps on your chest, but when you’re sick she cradles you up against her body, your head on her chest.
she’s just so amazed that someone as strong and beautiful as you could look so peaceful and delicate in her arms.
please get better soon, you’re stressing her out /lh
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welkinsky · 9 months ago
Ooh arcane requests u say 👀
How about some of the characters reacting to an introverted s/o :))
Arcane Characters X Introverted S/O (Part 1)
Characters: Vi, Viktor, Jinx
Part 2 : Caitlyn, Jayce & Ekko
Tumblr media
Okay she is not one to talk a lot too so you both will go along just fine in any sort of gathering.
If you both are around people and you are not okay to talk in front of them then she'll take care of that and be the one that gets things done or socializes on both of your behaves.
She'll be very mindful of when your social battery is about to drain out and then you both are out. If any day you'll feel like talking she'll ask questions to encourage you to talk because it is rare anyways and she loves to see you mingling with others too.
Before making any sort of plans she'll ask you if you're okay with going or not and if you're not and it is important for at least of of you to be there then she'll go by her own and bring something as a souvenir so that you don't feel left out or to just show you that she was thinking about you while she was there too.
If you both are alone then you probably talk a lot and she love to listen to what you have to say, if is really calming for her to hear your piece of mind because she knows you're smart, you just chose to be silent or introverted that's all.
And if you both are out on a mission and she wants your opinion on something then she'll just talk with eye contact only and at times take breaks so that you have enough "You" time.
She's big on giving you space too because she expects the same in return too.
You both just hang out and not talk for hours while cuddling and doing your own stuff with an occasional head pats from her or a forehead kisses from you.
Tumblr media
It is a heaven for both of you when you found out that he is same as you.
When you both were introduced you noticed how Jayce was the one talking most of the time and Viktor was just adding to his points but was completely invested to the conversation.
As soon as the conversation went off topic he lost interest. Heh it was so funny to see him roll his eyes silently and then was so flustered when noticed you noticing him.
You both met in many other meetings and you just can't help but focus on him. Each time he caught you staring quite some time now, it wasn't like you to do this. Heh this was you making the "move"
Well, it worked! He finally contacted you after a meeting to "discuss a few things" obviously he didn't tell Jayce anything so it was a secrete meeting in the library.
You loved how he was so passionate about his work and he had the same feeling of love and respect for you!
As you both started dating you both kept it to yourselves as there were a lot of times where he'll need your approval to get things done and you both don't want others to think that you were being biased at any cost.
It was a "secrete" but private. You both didn't hide it but didn't brought it up if you can help it.
Jayce once caught both of you reading in the library and already knew what was off hahah it was so funny because you two tried to brush it off but he made a fair point that - Viktor was reading something that had nothing to do with his work. Yea that was pretty good point lol.
Tumblr media
If you are with Jinx then forget space. But but but, expect a lot of help when it comes to avoiding certain social situations.
She shoos people away who are disturbing you or talking to you when you are not in a mood.
She won't really say anything until she sees it on your face or you give her the "help me" look.
When it comes to her she is pretty clingy. Physically and emotionally too. In the starting, her overthinking got in the way and she thought that you were just wasting her time but then you explained to her that you are not someone who is talks a lot most of the time and it took sooo much convincing but when she finally understood, she was your biggest savior in social settings.
She'll drag you out of them and straight up threaten anyone who tries to stop you both.
When she is experimenting she loves to have you by her side. You can be doing anything at all while she's working. She'll keep looking over at you to see you're fine, even though you are right there. But still she'll do it every 10 mins... just to be sure. Or when she's having a block, she'll drag you to bed and cuddle without any explanation while thinking of solution and then suddenly get up and get back to work. Or she'll just lay in your lap and think. She says that she can think better this way.
Thanks For Reading and for the ask! You can send new ones too if you liked this.
If you liked it you can check out the masterlist too!
A-Z Headcanon
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shortestcake · 4 months ago
Pairings: Vi x reader, Sevika x reader, Caitlyn x Reader (separate)
Pronouns used: none
Gendered terms: pretty girl
Genre: fluff
reader is described to be short, femmine, cutsie and bubbly
Tumblr media
🍓 Vi, although I feel like doesn't have an exact type, definitely enjoys your dynamic.
🍓 Cute little you, walking around the streets of Zaun with a 5'9 brute like her
🍓 She doesn't care too much about her appearance, often completely prepared to go out in under 20 minutes
🍓 You, on the other hand, need to be told a few hours before leaving, so, she ends up watching you with lovey-dovey eyes while you get ready
🍓 Anyone who dares make a snarky remark on how you dress will certainly get their face bashed in
🍓 She often steals clothes from Piltover for you, since she knows how much you struggle to find outfits you like in the Undercity
🍓 Most people view your relationship as an opposites attract situations due not only to your appearance, but personalities
🍓 Little do they know how soft Vi is behind closed doors
🍓 How tightly she holds you each night, how sweetly she looks at you while you ramble about your day, how her mood visibly brightens when she sees you
🍓 As much as she loves holding your waist or slinging an arm around your sholder while you walk, she can't seem to get over the feeling of your delicate hands holding her rough ones
🍓 Vi isn't oblivious to the fact that most people will see you and assume you're weak
🍓 Your cheery attitude and frilly outfits create a ridiculously high contrast to the dark world surrounding you
🍓 Naturally, Vi becomes protective of you
🍓 She glares at anyone who looks at you for over two seconds, prideful when they immediately move their gaze to something else
🍓 Violet melts the first time you stand on your tippy-toes to kiss her
🍓 Ever since, she often refuses to bend down to kiss you, preening in how cute you look when you get needy
🍓 Either that or she'll pick you up, since she likes kissing you far more than teasing you
🍓 Her favourite thing to do after a long day is come home to you, if you're cooking or washing the dishes, she'll walk up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist
🍓 Eventually managing to coax you out of doing any more work, in favor of cuddling her
"C'mon, I know you'd rather snuggle up with me than this. I swear I'll wash them later, 'kay? Good, let's get to bed now sweet-thing."
🍓 Similar to Vi, Sevika enjoys your dynamic.
Tumblr media
🍓 The scary lady of Zawn together with such a cute thing as yourself
🍓 She likes how small you are compared to her
🍓 How she could just pick you up and not struggle in the slightest
🍓 Speaking of, she adores, picking you up, your little suprised yelps never fail to make her grin
🍓 Sevika isn't one to fret over her appearance, doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the effort you put into yours
🍓 Probably complains about the ridiculous amount of time it takes for you to pick an outfit, but she's only half serious
🍓 Your style isn't very common in the undercity, and it's one of the main things that attracted her to you
🍓 From the second she saw you walking around The Last Drop, she knew she had to know you
🍓 And so, now you spend your time at the infamous bar on Sevika's lap rather than snooping around for god knows what reason
🍓 Soon after you started dating, if she's gambling, you on her lap is a must
🍓 Your personality is something quite refreshing for Sevika
🍓 How excited you get over small things is a nice contrast to the gloomieness she's used to
🍓 She often jokes about how bizarre it seems that you've made it so far in the undercity without in protection
🍓 As light-hearted as these jokes are, Sevika isn't stupid
🍓 She knows that a lot of people consider you an easy target
🍓 So, regardless if you can defend yourself or not, she becomes extremely protective of you
🍓 If you're out together, her touch is a permanent factor
"What? Am I not allowed to hold my pretty girl? No there's no reason behind it, just want to touch you."
🍓 Caitlyn loves spoiling you
Tumblr media
🍓 She takes any chance she gets to buy you anything and everything you like
🍓 The two of you will often probably help doll each other up for events
🍓 Caitlyn is tall
🍓 She's never really thought much about her height until she met you
🍓 When you started holding onto her arm, your much smaller frame leaning into hers while you walk around, is when she really started appreciating your height difference
🍓 Tends to carry things for you, not because she thinks you couldn't by yourself, she just like doing things for you
🍓 Loves it when you cling onto her, you could be cuddling, walking, anything really
🍓 Forehead kisses are her go-to when it comes to showing you affection
🍓 She secretly puts things higher than you can reach on purpose, just so she can have the satisfaction of giving it to you
🍓 Caitlyn is a pretty calm person, so your energy fits hers perfectly
🍓 A large amount of your conversations includes you rambling excitedly while she simply listens
🍓 You're usually on her lap while she's completing paper work, talking about your day
"Mhm, of course I'm still listening love. Just a few more papers and then we can cuddle, how's that sound?"
Tumblr media
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pixievi · 2 months ago
Could I request Vi finding out that fem!Reader loves ear whispers and milking it for all it's worth?
Oh my god Vi would be a fucking menace-
Hope this is okay! x
warnings : suggestive, established relationship
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It started out innocently. Vi had to lean close to your ear just so you could hear her in the crowded room
The brush of her lips against the shell of your ear and the warmth that landed on your neck from her words sent shivers down your spine
You immediately shyed away from the feeling, Vi being confused at you turning away from her until she spotted how red your face had gotten. Your features being graced with a bashful smile
You prayed she didn’t notice, but she absolutely did. You’ve just given her endless ammo to torment you with. If you have a voice kink, good fucking luck
She leaned toward your ear again, whispering
“Aww, does my sweetheart like it when I whisper in their ear?”, she cooes
From that day forward, she’s made it her personal mission to fluster you as it seems that her favourite hobby is messing with you
You’d be in the house, cooking, cleaning or doing your favourite past time and Vi would come up behind you and just whisper the petnames she calls you, your name or just strike up a random conversation while sending tingles dancing down your neck
Sometimes, if she’s feeling especially like a little shit, she’d throw in a whine or a moan and then just walk off happily while your brain short circuits
Another thing that she’s started doing, is to end whatever she was whispering with a kiss, bite or even lick to your ear
Praying for you in public
She really amps it up
It doesn’t matter where you guys are, whether it be just strolling through the market or some work party, she will constantly speak into your ear in the hopes of seeing you in your cutely embarrassed state
She knows you love it just as much as she loves doing it to you
If she gets bored, which happens often during one of those professional parties that she didn’t want to be at in the first place, she’ll whisper all the things she’d rather be doing with you, of how good you looked, how much she wants to take you home….just pure dirty talk
Most of the time, she can get away with pulling those acts. Because you really did love it
But if you were especially annoyed with her, she’s fucked when you guys go home. Literally
It’s always worth it though
Tumblr media
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its-just-one-big-fuckup · 8 months ago
imagine you beat them at something they’re REALLY good at like,,
not fighting necessarily,
but like beating sevika at cards, or winning in sparring with Vi, outracing Ekko on a board that HE DESIGNED!!!
i feel like they would just see you standing there, smiling and gleeful and not even mad bc you’re so beautiful to them
Tumblr media
- ekko literally nearly falls off his board when you come speeding past him with that smirk or yours, especially when you turn, with a face full of smugness and stick your tongue out at him. gosh you’re so beautiful, and he almost flies straight into a shop sign if it hasn’t been for his reflexes - the green lights of zaun on your face we’re just too enchanting to look away from!
- vi’s heart swells with pride the first time you manage to pin her down on the thin mat you two were sparring on: she’s proud of you! she jumps up with a grin, and winks at you… until you do it again, and again, and again- and she’s no longer winking and grinning, vi is staring up at you slack-faced with a blush on her pale cheeks because damn.
- sevika prides herself on her card skills, her poker face, the mountain of chips she ends up with in front of her at the end of a night. she lets you win, she’s thinking to herself- just to be nice, of course! sevika is in love with the bright grin on your face, anyways- but then you win the next round and she’s lost… and you’re smirking up at her, leaning on your chin and waving smugly. and she is reminded why she fell for you and your attitude.
- jinx lovessss shooting things with her fancy little guns that she makes, and because she loves you just as much (more, but she doesn’t really realise that), she frequently loves having you practice shooting with her! it turns into a competition, and she’s not really focusing on anything, just shooting wildly at the targets- only to see you’ve done better than her! and of course jinx is the one jumping up and down in excitement, slinging an arm around your shoulder and pressing a fat kiss to your cheek!
- viktor loves hearing you speak, and he loves the curiousity you have for the topics he’s interested in. and he starts piping up one day, you curled up in his side, and he starts going on about this subject. but then you pipe in, all excited and nodding, adding in more and more input, suddenly just going on your rant and telling viktor things he didn’t even know - and he’s stunned. he’s watching you like you’re the most radiant thing he’s ever seen- and in the moment? you were.
Tumblr media
taglist -> @darthkenobii @mitypie
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slimearchon · 9 months ago
Vi x Gn Reader (Modern AU) Office Parties and Christmas Lights
🍮- is my signature @slimearchon
Pairing: Vi x Gn Reader
Word Count: 1812
Warning: Alcohol consumption. Cursing. 
Summary: You run into your ex at a Christmas party and Vi is there to help pretend to be your wife. 
(Gif not mine credit to owner)
Tumblr media
🍮-You were dreading your annual work Christmas party, nothing said fun more than spending the holiday season forced to interact with people who also didn’t want to be here but were forced to come to kiss asses with the big bosses.
🍮-Fake smiles and gilded anecdotes about their lives away from the job. One of your cubical mates, Katy, was showing her dashing husband around, boasting about him and their happy marriage.
🍮-She could fake in front of the big bosses all she wanted but you heard her on her lunch break talking with her divorce lawyer.
🍮-You were constantly checking your phone, eyeing the time, Vi said she would show up after she finished her shift at the bar. You were standing by the catering table, the only thing good about these parties was the food.
🍮-And the only reason that Vi agreed to come and keep you company. She was a sucker for free food. You liked to convince yourself she was coming to help a friend in need but you remembered how she hastily replied yes once you mentioned free food and alcohol.
🍮-Your bosses weren’t shy to throw down some money for the catering services and the alcohol. The open bar is only a few feet away from you, you held some champagne in your hands, the glass was already half empty.
🍮-You hoped the alcohol would put you into a happier mood but it didn’t seem to soak into your bloodstream fast enough. The Christmas lights were starting to look a little fuzzier so maybe it was working.
🍮-Your phone buzzed to life in your hands, you looked down at the message from Vi. She said she was here and to come out front to meet her. You left the food table and dashed out the exit. She was leaning against the brick wall of the building.
🍮-You nearly swallowed your tongue.
🍮-She had changed after her shift at the bar, she now wore black slacks with a cream silk button-up shirt, she left three of the top buttons undone. Showing off some of her ink and her toned chest.
🍮-A black suit jacket hanging off her shoulder, her hands sparking in silver, she liked to wear a lot of chunky rings on her fingers when she dressed up, her hair slicked back. She was perfection. You tried to shake yourself back into the present.
🍮-“Finally! The guy in the front was on my ass about not being allowed in without an invitation. I told him you were in there but he didn’t believe me. It’s not like people are banging at the door to get in.” She scoffed, looking at the dead sidewalk in front of the building.
🍮-You smiled at her, just her presence alone was enough to lift your mood. You went over and snatched up her hand, “Come on! You might not like the people but the food is to die for.” You pulled her into the building, dragging her past the guy that was stalling her entry.
🍮-She made sure your gaze was elsewhere before she looked the guy in the eye and gave him the finger. He just scoffed and rolled his eyes at her vulgar action.
🍮-Soon the both of you were skirting past the other party-goers and making your way to the food table once again. You pointed out the dishes you already tried, handing her a plate. Vi never had to be told twice to dig in.
🍮-Her plate was only half full since most of the food her hand touched ended up in her mouth a few seconds later. “Mm, this shrimp is to die for! Want some more?” She stopped her chewing, her cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk.
🍮-She lifted a shrimp to your lips and you opened wide, used to her feeding you. She sure loved to eat but she was always kind enough to make sure you had your fill.
🍮-You don’t think you remember her hand-feeding anyone else in front of you, your mind now trying to come up with an image that wouldn’t appear. Did she only feed you? Your eyes darting to the side in thought, your gaze suddenly catching a familiar figure.
🍮-You choked on the shrimp, Vi stopping her eating and setting down her plate. Her hands go to your back instantly. A few harsh thumps on your back and the shrimp continued its trip to your stomach.
🍮-“Are you okay, Muffin?” She rushed, her eyes swirling in worry. She snatched up a flute of champagne from a nearby tray and leaned it up to your mouth. Her other hand gripping your arm firmly. “Here, take a sip. It should help.”
🍮-You swallowed down the bubbly liquid, downing it down in seconds. “My ex is here.” You shuddered, your frame now trying to hide behind Vi. You were too busy fretting over your ex to notice Vi’s eyes narrow at your sentence.
🍮-Vi wasn’t too happy at the mention of an ex. You two were friends for now but she had every intention to make you more than just friends. She was sweet on you and everyone knew it. All of your mutual friends were able to tell that she was staking her claim on you to everyone around.
🍮-It was no wonder you barely got hit on when you two were together. She scared people off with her hard glare and fierce scowl. Not that you would see anything but a smile on her face when you gazed at her.
🍮-“I think they’re here with someone.” You panted, your breath picking up. “What am I going to do? I’m gonna look like a single idiot in front of them.” You whined, picking up some food off the table and nervously eating it.
🍮-Vi hated seeing you so upset she grabbed your hands to stop you from stress eating. She clasped them in her own, her warm touch bringing you out of your self-loathing thoughts. “Hey, don’t worry. We can leave before they see us.” She reassured, squeezing your hand.
🍮-“You’re right! I think there is another exit near the Christmas tree.” Your eyes shining once again.
🍮-Your hopes and dreams were dashed once you heard your ex’s voice call out your name. You turned your head to see them and their partner walking in your direction. You felt Vi doing something with your intermingled hands but you were too stunned to look down and find out what.
🍮-“Hey! It’s been forever. How have you been?” You responded, your throat suddenly dry and palms suddenly itchy.
🍮-You had learned too late not to mix business with pleasure. You and you ex had met at work and had a decently long relationship. You hadn’t met Vi at that point in time. You both broke it off when you started to realize the both of you had too many differences.
🍮-That didn’t stop old scars from aching once you saw them again. The company you worked for was huge. Usually, they were in a different department on the other side of the building so you never really ran into each other after the break up.
🍮-“I’m doing good! Just here with my partner.” They crooned, their arms wrapped around their date for the night. “We met a few months ago and are attached at the hip.” They said, a dazzling smile on their face.
🍮-They pointed a look at Vi. “And who is this?”
🍮-Vi was all too pleased to snake an arm around your waist and paste her body to yours. “Hi, I’m Muffin’s wife.” She grinned, her hand squeezing your waist lovingly.
🍮-Your ex looked just as shocked as you were, their gaze dropping down to your hand, looking for the ring. Your own eyes followed hers and widened at the sliver ruby ring resting on your finger. So this is what she was doing with your hands earlier.
🍮-“You’re married?” This time it was your ex’s turn to choke, their eyes practically bulging out from their head.
🍮-“Yes, they are.” Vi hummed, lifting her inked hand to your face and caressing your cheek. “All mine.”
🍮-Your eyes spotted a flash of something in Vi’s eye but you couldn’t make it out, the alcohol fudging up your mind now. If you were clear-minded you might have recognized the possessive glint in her silver eyes.
🍮-You played along with her little act, leaning over to drop a kiss on her cheek. “Yes, this is my wife. We got married a little over a month ago, still in the honeymoon phase.” You crooned, leaning your head on her shoulder adoringly.
🍮-You missed the pink tint on Vi’s cheeks.
🍮-“Muffin, I think it’s time we got home.” Vi smiled, tugging away from the couple. You barely had the chance to wave goodbye to your ex before Vi pulled you out of the party and out of the building.
🍮-You both got settled into your car, you in the driver's seat and Vi in the passenger's seat. The night air chilled you both, you turned on the car and turned up the heat. Once you finally caught your breath you laughed till your heart was content.
🍮-“I can’t believe we did that.” You gasped, the smile on your face nearly falling off your face it was so big. Your hands clasping the wheel, the ring on your finger glinting in your direction. Your heart jumping in your chest.
🍮-You knew it wasn’t real but your mind was already conjuring up pictures of what a wedding day with Vi would be like. You cut your thoughts off before they could fully unravel. You reach to take it off. “I should probably give this back.”
🍮-Her hand reached over to stop your movement. “Don’t. Keep it.” She uttered, her eyes meeting yours with a determined look.
🍮-“I can’t keep something like this. You love your rings.” You admonish, trying to pull it off again. Vi gasped your hand and slid the ring down your knuckle.
🍮-“Think of it as a promise ring.” She said, “I do plan to replace it with a real wedding ring one day.” She promised, leaning forward she paused just before her lips could touch yours, waiting for you to refuse if you wanted.
🍮-Her confession lit your body from head to toe. You couldn't believe Vi actually returned your feelings. You weren’t going to let this opportunity pass you by, wrapping your hands around her head you pulled her to you.
🍮-A tingle went up to your spine as your connect your lips. Everything faded as you kissed Vi.  Outside the car, snowflakes seemed to dance in happiness at the scene. The Christmas lights decorating the nearby building twinkling brightly.
🍮-Maybe Christmas office parties aren’t so bad.
So cute! I had fun writing this! Tell me what you think. Be sure to reblog and leave a note, each really motivate me to write more.💕
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zujime · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
vi x reader → [w.c – 0.6k ]
CW → fluff„ comfort„ established relationship„ no y/n usage
unedited and possible grammar errors
A/N → saw a post on here that vi would completely crumble if you kiss her knuckles and i thought it was cute, so i made a little drabble.
Tumblr media
The room you both shared was doused in a amiable stillness as you laid your head on the brawler’s firm yet soft abdomen. A gruff hand of hers grazing the skin of your cheek as you gaze up at her, endearingly. Neither of you felt like doing much, other than basking in the comforting presence of one another. Small talk of how your days had gone and what was on your minds was all, but not much else.
It’d been a long day for the both of you and all you wanted was a good night’s sleep, but here you are: lying down on your girlfriend’s stomach, leaning into her benevolent touch, all on the sheets your shared mattress. It’s rare either of you get an opportunity like this, especially with how late she comes home. You try to wait for her most days, but end up dozing off on the couch. So to get a moment like this is so refreshing.
The silver of her eyes, tenderly meeting yours and admiring every inch of you. A small smile plasters onto the lips you yearned to feel on your own as her thumb slows its movements, ceasing at the apple of your cheek as her eyes are filled with nothing but the rapture of love. A faint chuckle leaving her as she continues to gleam at you.
The absence of words are made up for through the actions of you both. Your hand gliding from underneath her to delicately grasp onto the palm she had cupped to your face—the hands that were once encased in gauze merely hours ago—and interlace your hand with her own.
The pinkette had been observing your every move as you ran a thumb over the intricate skin before leisurely bringing her fingers up to your lips, being sure that each one was given the same treatment as the last. Then you kissed the joints of her fingers, every time your lips connected with her skin had felt like feathers on her coarse skin.
“Hey,” she mumbled in hopes of getting your attention, but you didn’t seem to catch that. It wasn’t long before you’d began kissing at the slightly reddened skin of her knuckles. “Babe, that’s- hey, th-that’s enough.” She snickered nervously with a faux smile to cover up the tears that threatened to spill as she sought to shimmy her hand out of your grip, though it didn’t seem to work.
All you did was gaze up into her glassy grey orbs, murmuring a “why” as you move to meet her face to face, the other arm that’d been stashed under her brawny form had fled to uphold your own weight as you climb up to rest beside her, hand still intertwined. “How could you… love these hands?” Vi quizzed as she furrowed her brow, cutely scrunching her nose, her cry nothing more than a breath but nonetheless was picked up by your ears. Her eyes shying away from your own as she plops her head on your shoulder, hiding in your hair.
Your hand separates from her own in order to pull her into a warm and gentle embrace, she couldn’t help but melt into your touch. “How could I not?” The pinkette holds you tighter at the calming melody of your voice, as if she’d lose you if she didn’t.
Most evenings, she would typically play the role of the big spoon, but tonight was different. Tonight she was the one that subsequently mellowed out in your arms like you would her muscular ones, trying her best to still seem tough, for you, but the sheer moment you plant a peck on her temple and ghost your hands along her pronounced vertebrae, she can't help but implode; give in.
it's not long before you both succumb to your lethargy and fall into a fruitful repose, your bodies molding together—her body begging to be closer as yours is already as close as can be. Her taller frame curling into your touch, your face occasionally tickled by the soft strands of her strawberry hair and the delayed breaths on your neck that were accompanied by moderately quiet snores.
Tumblr media
i'm literally coping right now, she's so precious :'(
i'm so tempted to start writing for her, jinx, and ekko cause they're all so cute and i love them and they make me so soft and i'm tearing up just thinking about them and... :((
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