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Sign the petition to stop octopus farming
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A huge octopus farm is unfortunately set to open in the Canary Islands, murdering a million innocent kind smart creatures each year. There鈥檚 more info about the farm in the link above, but please take a minute to sign and share the petition! Demonstrations are also being organized for world octopus day (October 8th) all over, so reach out to contacts in the link to get involved!!
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tu-autoestima a day ago
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nohugsgiven 2 days ago
let's say i was a non-vegan, and i claimed to truly love and care for animals' well-being, wouldn't i try my absolute damnest to NOT justify killing and eating them? wouldn't my utmost priority and incentive be to find ways around exploiting them, to spare them of any form of harm, to do anything in my power to prevent an obviously harmful, cruel, non-compassionate behavior?
where does the adamancy come from then? why do you want veganism to fail? why do you want mass scale commercial animal cruelty to continue? does it really make your life better to see people that actually make an effort to live as free from harm as possible get ownd by tumblr terfs and tiktok mysogynists so long as they say what you like to hear?
there's already no question about whether or not to kill a baby chick is cruel or not, given the option. if you really care, don't be a rock in the path, and make an effort to make it work and accessible
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b7mbi 2 days ago
鈥淏-but agricultural slave labour鈥 yes, that鈥檚 100% an issue that needs to be addressed but using that as some sort of 鈥榞otcha鈥 towards vegans is pathetic when fishermen died or got abused and enslaved for the tuna on your plate or the slaughter workers that have to relive horrible trauma everyday at their job. Besides, do you advocate for these people harvesting your carrots and cucumbers and soy and what else? Do you donate to them, educate yourself about them, spread information about them? Do you vouch for them outside of making anti vegan arguments? Do you purposefully choose agricultural brands that do not use slave labour? No. Of course you don鈥檛.
Veganism was never about doing 0 harm whatsoever, it鈥檚 about doing as little harm as possible. You want to preach about how there鈥檚 no ethical consumption under capitalism but for some reason that doesn鈥檛 apply to vegans?
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vegance 2 days ago
at this point I鈥檓 not even asking people to go vegan or whatever, I just want people to please think critically for one second before blindly accepting what like the head of 鈥瀖eat lobby USA鈥 says about animal ag
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isitveganhun 2 days ago
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28 feelin great xo
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morethansalad 2 days ago
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Filled with beet noodles, red cabbage salad, sliced beet, figs and pomegranate seeds by @breakfastwithflowers-blog
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jillydillypickles a day ago
Homemade vegetable bouillon cubes. Can later be used in various recipes, to make vegetable broth, or vegetable beverages.
Cook, mash, smooth, freeze, slice, wrap, bag, and freeze for future use.
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funnytwittertweets a year ago
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nohugsgiven 2 days ago
it literally shouldn't matter if you going vegan as an individual will change the system radically, or save the animals you would've eaten yourself otherwise. the fact that you continue to do so is exclusively problematic within itself. i want YOU not to kill them, full stop
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veganrus 7 months ago
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Fruit appreciation post 馃槏
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aglionbyacademia a year ago
I don鈥檛 want a job I want a cottage in the woods and paint, read and eat berries
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flourspilt 2 months ago
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an afghan feast 禄 what i ate growing up 馃嚘馃嚝聽鈥 BOLANI + CHUTNEY
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