queer-coded-camaro-driver · 24 days ago
I desperately want to write a sitcom about the Cullens and the Pointe du Loc-de Lioncourts moving in next to each other.
The individual vampire lore for either group remains the same and the stark difference between their literary origins is never once directly addressed.
The Interview family only come out at night and the Cullens never sleep. Louis and Carlisle go hunting together for animal blood while Lestat and Claudia zip up to Canada for snacks. Esme offers to do their interior design and doesn't mention the coffins. Claudia is not registered at the Cullens' high school and nobody says shit. There's a blue tint over every interior shot of the Cullen residence that is conspicuously absent from the Interview household.
I shall call it "This Neighborhood Sucks".
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death-of-seasons · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
In honor of @flanaganfilm​ joining tumblr, my Midnight Mass piece from 2021
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preternaturally · 22 days ago
i adore Nandor and all but i do hope that Guillermo kills him. i think they are in love with each other and they deserve to be happy but also i wouldn't hold it against guillermo if he staked nandor directly in the heart
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theinkpit-z · 5 months ago
Can we call the talk about Dracula Daily "vamposting"?
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couldcarefewer · 5 months ago
“This morning, as I was sitting on the edge of my bed cudgelling my brains“ same
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whimsyprinx · a year ago
The majority of vampire media is problematic and bad in some way and I know like no media is without flaw but people who make vampire series really are playing a game of inserting the worst tropes and shit into their stories and literally for what????
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vamp-hollow · 3 months ago
Hey uh im still alive babes sorry for my abscence, a family member passed and ive just been taking a break, idk if anyone is into eddie fics anymore but i will continue to do them!!!
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towhead · a year ago
“This is where art plays a crucial role in both antiwar movements and movements for peace, which are not the same. Antiwar movements oppose and react. They can repeat the logic of the war machine, when, for example, antiwar activists treat victims of the war machine solely as victims, taking away the full complexity of their flawed (in)humanity in the name of saving them. When a particular war ends, so may the antiwar movement opposed to it. Understanding that war is not a singular event but a perpetual one mobilizes a peace movement. This movement looks beyond reacting to the war machine���s binary logic of us verse them, victim verses victimizer, good verses bad, and even winning versus losing. Perpetual war no longer requires victory in warfare, as what happened in Korea, Vietnam, and now the Middle East shows. Stalemates or outright losses - if not too damaging - can be overcome. The war machine can convert stalemates or losses into lessons for future wars and reasons for further paranoia by the citizenry, both of which justify continuing psychological, cultural, and economic investment in the war machine. While victories would certainly be wonderful, the war machine’s primary interest is to justify its existence and growth, which perpetual war serves nicely. An endless war built on a series of proxy wars, small wars, distant war, drone strikes, covert operations and the like, means that the war machine need never go out of business or reduce its budget, as even some conservatives admit.” 
Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War, Viet Thanh Nguyen 
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ajvampfyre · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Blood" drink of the night: adult lemon berry squeeze hawaiian punch (there's rum in it)
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sleepingatto · 5 months ago
hello !! i love your account SO SO much !! can you do vampiric usernames please ? tysm 🫶🫶
hostagevamp vampopera
vamparoma vampsdiary
sealedvamp vampost
vampdonor vampiricaffeine
( all users available as of 6/6 )
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insouciant-king · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iamthescalesofjustice · a month ago
actually, thinking about it, did i inadvertently start vamposting around the time my anemia really started sliding into ‘final descent’ levels? i mean, its not my fault that drac daily started becoming a thing, and any buffyposting was a consequence of spikeposting (btvs is not a show to me, its an enclosure where spike lives and where i also play out early beatrice scenarios) but giving revamped (heh) lyssa some thematically-juicy pseudovamp powers to go with her occult ascension happened also... hm. much to consider. 
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death-of-seasons · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Now that I’m a Rhode Island resident it was high time that I paid Mercy Brown, the “last New England vampire” a visit.
Mercy was the last known instance in Rhode Island of a corpse being exhumed to perform rituals to banish an undead manifestation, as she was believed to be a vampire. Mercy succumbed to tuberculosis in 1892, following her mother, Mary, and older sister, Mary Olive, who also suffered from the wasting disease. Friends and neighbors of the family believed that one of the deceased family members were a vampire, and had caused Edwin, Mercy’s younger brother, to fall ill with tuberculosis as well.
George Brown, Mercy’s father, was persuaded to exhume the bodies of his family members. Mary and Mary Olive exhibited rates of decomposition, however, Mercy, exhibited nearly none and blood was found still in her heart. These observations were taken as evidence that Mercy was undead and the agent of Edwin's illness. (Her lack of decomposition was more likely due to her body being stored in freezer-like conditions in an above ground crypt during the two months following her death in January).
As superstition for banishing the undead dictated, Mercy’s heart and liver were burned, and the ashes mixed with water to create a tonic—this was then given to Edwin to drink. Unsurprisingly, this did not cure his consumption and he passed two months later. What remains of Mercy’s body is buried here in Exeter RI, in between Mary Olive and Mary.
Mercy’s tragic story is what’s believed to be the end of the vampire panic in New England, of which Rhode Island was the epicenter, known as the “Vampire Capital of America”. Vampire rumors circulated the tiny state between 1870–1900, and suspected vampires Nelly L. Vaughn of West Greenwich and Sarah Tillinghast, also of Exeter, lie in repose nearby. When Bram Stoker died, newspaper accounts of vampire Mercy Brown were found in his files. As shown, many come to visit Mercy to pay their respects and leave offerings to this day.
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preternaturally · 22 days ago
if you're new to the iwtv fandom and you're planning on watching the movies, PLEASE prepare yourself before watching queen of the damned. i read the book three times and i was still grasping at straws to understand wtf was going on at any point in that movie, it's that bad.
the music fucks tho
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rubysnipa · 6 months ago
I for one welcome the vamposting to supplement the wizardposting & dungeonmastering posts in this post pornban, post cryptocrash, post Twitter exodus timeline.
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vamp-ferrawrri · 6 months ago
n e way! Back to our regularly scheduled vamp-posting (vamposting?)
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