peasunflower · 9 months ago
I'm in love with involuntary validation of a relationship. My best friend saying "our spot", my brother saying "our cookie recipe" or my mum saying "our song". Like YES I LOVE YOU TOO. I'm so soft for it.
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bluest-fluff · 2 months ago
You deserve to let go of trauma, but in the ways that work for you. If that means that you need the time and space to feel what happened to you, to voice it, to take action, then you deserve all of that. Being told to "just let it go" on someone else's timetable is invalidating. You never deserve toxic positivity - you deserve healing on the terms and timeline you need.
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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akindplace · 3 months ago
You are not "wasting your potential" because you took a break, or because you're exhausted, or sick or you are struggling to find purpose. Please, take some time off, take care of yourself, listen to the needs of your body and your mind. Do the things you want to do to make you happy and fulfilled, not what others think you should, not what's more successful in their minds. You aren't wasting your life, nor wasting your potential. You are still deciding how to live it, what is the purpose of it, and you will find motivation to fight for what you want when you figure yourself out, but please take your time and don't listen to the pressure of people around you to comfort to their expectations of success.
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poetryofmuses · 7 months ago
The feminine urge to say 'make me' every time a guy tells me to shutup
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aestheticemi01 · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Give yourself time to heal. 🌺
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american-boyboss · a year ago
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quing-of-nerd · a month ago
To all my Indian friends who feel detached from their own culture for whatever reason and feel isolated and unacknowledged as Indian:
I don't care that you haven't watched as many Bollywood movies as your peers.
I don't care that you never learned to speak or very poorly speak the language your parents spoke.
I don't care that you never crushed on Indian performers, actors, or singers no matter how amazing their content may be.
I don't care that you've never been able to relate to the Indian memes your Indian peers repost and bond over.
I don't care that you've never had any solid Indian friends because you just never had that much in common with each other.
I could go on and on but the point is...
I don't care how Indian you perceive yourself to be.
You have the choice to reconnect with your culture obviously. But that choice is solely up to you.
And regardless of whether you make that choice... remember that you are Desi enough.
Because no one can take away your culture, your identity, and the experiences that make you who you are.
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obi-wkenobi · 4 months ago
“You got it, boss. Cream and sugar in yours, hon?”
“Oh, no,” Obi-Wan said. “I prefer my caf straight black.”
who here thought that Obi-Wan liked tea?! well say good fricken bye to fanon because it has now been canonised that Obi-Wan is a caf, straight black, drinker.
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selfcare-journey · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Posted with permission from @iamhayleykaye on Instagram
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aroaceconfessions · 11 days ago
I was hanging out with some of my mom’s friends (that by proxy became my own) and marriage came up. This one guy said, roughly translated, “I hope I live to see you married” I said “nope. No one’s ever gonna see me married” It was in a joking tone, but I don’t plan on getting married. And he apologized.
The conversation went on and a few minutes later he said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you”. I guess I looked upset because I have a blank resting face, but I wasn’t. The whole conversation was casual
I just wanted to talk about it. This ~60+yo man who probably barely knows what a homosexual is, he believed me. He didn’t ask why, he didn’t tell me I’ll change my mind, he just believed me. It felt really nice
(Off topic but He’s a pigeon enthusiast, owns and takes care of several pigeons, and invited me to his house to see them)
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thistherapylife · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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traumasurvivors · a year ago
It’s really easy for people to say to “leave the past behind you” but it’s not that easy to apply.
It’s okay if your past still affects you. It’s okay if it doesn’t affect you for awhile and then does again.
Healing is not linear.
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akindplace · 4 months ago
On days you feel exhausted but frustrated because you feel like you haven’t done anything to be this tired, think about these things:
How longe since you’ve had a good night’s sleep? No nightmares, no waking up multiple times, actually going to bed early, not having insomnia, actually waking up feeling rested and ready to face the day?
How long has it been since you ate a properly nutritious and wholesome meal?
How long since you’ve taken a break from work without thinking about all the work you will have to do later?
Are you currently fighting any illness? Remember your body takes energy to recover.
Are you really “doing nothing” if you are constantly overthinking the fact you feel unproductive, if you are constantly stressed with the things you do and don’t do?
Have you had bad/no social interaction lately?
Are you in any physical or mental pain?
Are you taking care of everyone but yourself?
Does trying to live during a pandemic and world crisis brings you worry and stress?
Are you feeling anguish over all the burdens you have to carry but don’t seem to be able to do everything you feel like you should be doing?
Are you constantly worried? Anxious?
It doesn’t feel like you have been doing nothing now, does it? It feels like you have a lot going on that you have to deal with daily, even when you don’t consciously notice it. There is a lot of stress inducing factors around you and struggling is okay.
It is not easy to be human sometimes, so please, don’t pressure yourself so much when you are already trying to cope. If it feels like everything is too heavy, please ask for help.
Please take care of yourself. 🌱
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juune-moon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aestheticemi01 · 19 days ago
In case nobody has told you this, yet;
You did a great job today🌱
You tried your best and that is more than enough🍃
Even if you feel like you did not achieve everything you wanted today, you still showed up and tried your best. That is all that matters right now🌿
Showing up and trying is a huge achievement! You really don’t have to give it 100% all of the time, if you feel too exhausted to do so. It is totally okay to “only” do 20%, 10%, 5% or even 1%… Progress is progress and what matters is that you are trying🌸
You are very brave. Thank you so much for still being here🌏
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transidalliance · 3 months ago
Daily Reminder!
• If you are transplural
• If you are transabled
• If you are transspecies
• If you are transrace
• If you are transgender
• If you are transage
• If you are transheight
• If you are transweight
• If you are transtrauma
• If you are trans questioning
You are valid no matter what!
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birbsandbreads · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Carol Lee, To die for
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