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redfoxtail26 · a day ago
DP AU where ghosts are invisible to non-ghosts by default:
Ghosts still can be visible, but it's an active power like how invisibility is in canon, and other ghosts can still see them when invisible, so most don't really see a point to it.
Halfas are always at least slightly visible, even in ghost form. When switching forms, they retain the same level of visibility.
All ghosts, halfa or otherwise, are entirely intangible, except to other ghosts. Most can switch to full tangibility at will.
This has certain consequences:
Since Danny can be seen by ghosts, and partially seen by humans, there's little to no tactical advantage to being "invisible".
In most cases, Phantom is the only ghost seen fighting, and is therefore blamed for almost all of the property damage by ghosts (even if he wasn't present).
Most people aren't entirely sure Phantom is a ghost, despite the name. After all, he claims to be fighting ghosts, but can't or won't explain why people can see him and not the rest. Since he's the only "ghost" most people have seen, there's no concrete evidence that ghosts exist.
Phantom having a secret identity is public knowledge. There's not really a strong investigation (just the local police), since he's mostly regarded as a non-violent vandal.
It's way harder for him to get to the scene of a fight. What with the lack of ghost awareness, his only alert systems are his ghost sense and word of mouth that "something weird is going on" or "that Phantom guy is up to something again".
As an added bonus, Danny gets in a lot more trouble for skipping class (not that he didn’t get in a lot before), because there's no panic over ghost attacks until Phantom shows up, and it's minimal even then.
The Fentons still believe in ghosts, but they're not considered to be reputable. They think Phantom is a special kind of ghost, and that he's some sort of leader to them. (They're not entirely wrong on the first, and the second is somewhat true later on if Danny becomes the Ghost King.)
The GIW have no reason to exist, at least not as a "government organization". If they do exist, it's as a large-scale group of "paranormal investigators".
Valerie blaming Phantom for her father's demotion makes way more sense, since Cujo was invisible the whole time. There's more of a backlash against the Huntress, because she's more of a standard vigilante. Her weapons are mostly designed to work on humans, but some of them work on halfas, too. (Vlad couldn't give her weapons that only worked on full ghosts, because she was bound to use them on "criminals" besides Phantom.) She still calls Phantom "ghost", but it's less of a dehumanizing identifier, and more of an effort to intentionally get his name wrong. Danny may or may not think this means she believes in ghosts.
The Phanclub is much smaller, and mostly consists of "Phantom believers" who trust that Phantom is telling the truth about ghosts, and that he really is protecting Amity Park. A minority of Phans think he really is responsible for at least some of the property damage, but forgive/respect him for one reason or another. Sam and Tuck pretend to be part of this group, Sam because "he's calling attention to the poor construction and maintenance of public and commercial infrastructure", and Tuck because "you've gotta respect a guy who occasionally gets school canceled and blames it on ghosts. absolute legend." Wes is perma-banned from the club for repeated attempts to convince its members that Phantom is really Danny Fenton, the kid who skips half his classes to go to the bathroom and couldn't knock down a wall if he had a wrecking ball, let alone finger lasers. Danny himself could only be caught dead at a Phanclub meeting, because his parents would kill him if he were found supporting a ghost.
Feel free to ask me more if I missed something, but as of right now, I think this post is long enough already. XD
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thesoulspulse · 2 days ago
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Right now I’m just in the mood to work on a few smaller projects so I made a few renders for you guys. The first two thermos’s are from the show and I removed Valerie’s hand from hers so you can see it better, after that is the classic Fenton Thermos, and lastly is a quick outline I made myself of the rough idea of these ghost-catching devices at a slight angle since it was originally for an emoji for you to either color or use as a reference to design your own.
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ave-aria · a day ago
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Day 1: Tension.
Kicking off the first day of DP Shiptember Week, a little Gray Ghost. ...Danny, I know you’re super into this and all, but please maybe display a little self preservation before you get shot, ok? ...No? Alright then
Last year I did a different ship for almost every day of the week, but this year I’m in a bit of a Gray Ghost mood, so expect something a little fluffier tomorrow ;)
Valerie locked eyes with Phantom across the battlefield.
She was always making the same mistake. She would have him cornered, right where she wanted him, straight down the sights of her gun. But just as her finger tightened on the trigger, something would stop her. She’d catch sight of his stunning eyes, his playful smirk, and suddenly, she’d falter.
Too many team-ups, she told herself. Too many temporary truces messing with her head. He was reliable in a fight, and strong at her back, and now her body couldn’t tell the difference between friend and foe.
The worst part was, it felt right. They made a good team; his attacks moved seamlessly in tandem with hers, like they’d always been a team. Like they were supposed to be.
And she couldn’t shake the feeling that somewhere in the past, she’d gotten her wires crossed - how else had they ended up as enemies, rather than side by side?
Then, “This was fun,” Phantom quipped, playfully grinning ear to ear. “Same time next week?”
Was that a fucking pick up line? She fumed.
“Why you--!” Valerie found her determination, squeezing the trigger, just a fraction after he disappeared.
Fuck him. Valerie threw her gun to the ground, shattering it on the pavement below. This had gone on long enough. No more team ups! No more....
The thought tugged at her chest, strangely disappointed. She tried her best to ignore it. They were enemies. He’d ruined her life, hadn’t he? What business did she have, acting otherwise?
Still... When she thought about those eyes, that smirk, his hair...
Yes, he was still her enemy, that much was true.
But she couldn’t deny, deep in her heart, that there was definitely some tension, there.
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starry-river-serval · 17 hours ago
people are always like "oh duh Danny is trans" and never "so is Valerie"
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dotsz · 5 months ago
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happy late dannyversary here is some dp stuff I’ve done over the past couple months ^_^
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asyl-ym · 12 days ago
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shhh-secret-art · a month ago
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these were fun hehe. I tried to mostly stay influenced by their actual outfits - just spice them up a little.
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manapeer · 20 days ago
Tucker : So Valerie is the muscles, I'm the IT guy, and Sam is Batman.
The batfam : ?
Tucker : she brings the money, most of the plans and the gothic esthetic.
The batfam : ...
Sam :
I'm Batman.
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the-stove-is-on-fire · a year ago
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Glow Tutorial!
If you would like to watch and follow along check out the YouTube link! (Sorry it has no audio) >>> https://youtu.be/VRTuhcABd1g
The art program I use is Krita but these steps should translate to most other drawing programs, one way or another.
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new-revenant · 2 months ago
dp x dc au in which the Justice League finds out about the Red Huntress and not Danny Phantom first. Like, let’s say some cultists are trying to summon the Ghost King if you like that. The League-or perhaps another superhero group like the Teen Titans or Young Justice or just one superhero like Shazam-and when the cultists are about to succeed, Val shows up guns blazing, screaming, “I will not let summon that rat bastard!” or something. And she quickly gets knocked off her hoverboard by one of them, but she and the other superhero(s) there manage to stop them.
The heroes are like, “Who are you? Why did you come here? What are your connections to the Ghost King? Are you a ghost?” Yadayada, stuff like that. Val, who I like to hc that she knows next to nothing about superheroes, is just like, “Oh, I’m the Red Huntress and I’m just a ghost hunter. The Ghost King ruined my life and I plan to ruin his afterlife. That’s all!” The heroes try to ask more questions, but then Val says, “Oh no! It’s almost my curfew! Gotta go, I’ll see you later!”
Then they find Val somehow and want to recruit her, just in case more people want to summon the Ghost King or for help with any other ghost related things. Val accepts as long as she gets paid enough money to not have to work as the Nasty Burger mascot.
And when they find out about Phantom, they all assume he and Val have this rivalry at first-if Val doesn’t say he’s supposed to be the ghost king. If she does, they then meet Phantom and he’s just like, “hello friends :D” and is just in awe over the superheroes, who are just super confused.
If the heroes try to look into Val and the people closest to her, Danny(just Danny not Phantom) will walk up to them and straight up threaten them. And scar them for life with his ‘uncanniness.’ “Red your boyfriend is an eldritch monster,” they say to Val, “Oh yeah, it’s just the ecto-contamination, he won’t actually do anything :D,” she reassures them.
None of the heroes can get a goodnight’s sleep for a week after first meeting Danny. They are all worried for Val’s wellbeing.
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impyssadobsessions · 7 months ago
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Started out with me trying to draw Val for the hundredth time. It worked. =w=' um.. and then she looked annoyed.. so I drew Wes.. and then it became this ... murder my hand XD Dialogue: Wes: Danny is Phantom! I have absolute proof- he was missing his legs in class! Val: Mmhm. -- Val: I know you ain't calling that sweet cinnamon roll something as vile as Phantom! Wes: cinnamon roll? -- ... -- Wes: You're being deceived. Val: Grrrr.. -- Val: Try again! Wes: Waaah! Y-yes M'am! I-I mean no.. about the Fenton thing... (chooses life) -- Val: Good! Now out of my way, I'm going to be late for Chem. -- Danny: See Wes, I'm a sweet cinnamon roll! -- Wes: Maybe drenched in poison! You're a menace to my psyche!
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blinkpen · 7 months ago
i might have to rewatch Fanning the Flames to make sure, but i dont think they ever establish exactly why its so critical to sabotage ember's global debut performance. i mean she is brainwashing people into loving her, sure, but she’s not really doing anything with that influence and has no stated goals beyond that, she just wants the fame and attention. so what’s the big threat if she had succeeded, outside of "then even more people won't shut up about how much they love her, and having a bratty meltdown if they don’t get to go to her concerts, and it's like, super annoying"
okay so. like every music artist with an obsessive fandom then.
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aanau · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“ill kill you/you’re beautiful” blah blah something something although it’d probably be more like “ill kill you”/”take a number”
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cookietastic · 4 months ago
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I was gonna make a joke that she’s literally covered in ectoplasm with no mask and this is Danny’s perspective of her
Wanted to draw best girl
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frozenpinetree · 4 months ago
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the-b1ah · 7 months ago
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The origins | crack batfam meeting
This part two for my dpxdc au were Jason adopts Danny after Jack and Maddie are killed by GIW.
The phantomily looking at Jason’s black/white hair, blue/green eye, and “ghostliness” :ah yup definitely a clone. Welcome to the family, you funky older danny clone. We have only known you for one whole second but we would die for you ”.
Jason * not use to acceptance and love when people see him*: wtf
Jason: wait hold on. You can’t adopt me!! Im adopting him!
Danny: *is dying again*
Im going to do the batfam meeting danny next! But let me know how you think Jason meeting other DP characters would go, if you can make me laugh(or its really good angst) I’ll draw it!!
Also bonus Ellie because i love her:
Tumblr media
Ellie: don’t worry new evil clone, i’ll show you the ropes!!
Jason: wait why do you think Bruce cloned Danny?
Ellie: fruitloop already did that, Luther cloned Superman, and i’m not convinced that ALL of Bruce Wayne’s kids aren’t just clones of himself.
Ellie: like look at them they all look just like him! Coincidence I think not!!
Danny: *is deceased*
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asyl-ym · a month ago
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a tiny little thing because i had a vision ✨
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