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shriek-a-boo 12 days ago
Tumblr media
馃ェ Cozy Names - Aesthetic name ideas for trans & nonbinary people! 馃Ц
Bea - "blessed; voyager, traveller"
Bo - "to live; wave"
Bonnie / Bonbon - "pretty; good"
Cerise - "cherry, red"
Claret - "cherry, red"
Dotty - "gift; from god"
Fawn / Faun
Juni / Junie
Kit / Kitty
Nell / Nelly / Nellie
Pax - "peace"
Sade - "honour confers a crown; rule with nobility"
Descriptors (Adjectives & Adverbs)
Cinna / Cinnamon
Crim / Crimson
Dulce - /藢d蓹ls膩/ "sweet, mild"
Fox / Foxtrot
Jelly Bean
Pooka - 聽/p煤ca/ "goblin, fairy creature"
Curl / Curly
Lock / Locke
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thecrazyworldbuilder 2 months ago
A little bit of leet.
1 = i
2 = z
3 = e
4 = a
5 = s
6 = g
7 = t
8 = b
9 = d
0 = o
Thus making it:
V = a e i o
C = b d g s t z
Thus giving us something to work with.
I made another onomasticon :D
A'ab A'ad A'ag A'as A'at A'az A'eb A'ed A'eg A'es A'et A'ez A'ib A'id A'ig A'is A'it A'iz A'ob A'od A'og A'os A'ot A'oz Ab Abab Abad Abag Abas Abat Abaz Abeb Abed Abeg Abes Abet Abez Abib Abid Abig Abis Abit Abiz Abob Abod Abog Abos Abot Aboz Ad Adab Adad Adag Adas Adat Adaz Adeb Aded Adeg Ades Adet Adez Adib Adid Adig Adis Adit Adiz Adob Adod Adog Ados Adot Adoz Ag Agab Agad Agag Agas Agat Agaz Ageb Aged Ageg Ages Aget Agez Agib Agid Agig Agis Agit Agiz Agob Agod Agog Agos Agot Agoz As Asab Asad Asag Asas Asat Asaz Aseb Ased Aseg Ases Aset Asez Asib Asid Asig Asis Asit Asiz Asob Asod Asog Asos Asot Asoz At Atab Atad Atag Atas Atat Ataz Ateb Ated Ateg Ates Atet Atez Atib Atid Atig Atis Atit Atiz Atob Atod Atog Atos Atot Atoz Az Azab Azad Azag Azas Azat Azaz Azeb Azed Azeg Azes Azet Azez Azib Azid Azig Azis Azit Aziz Azob Azod Azog Azos Azot Azoz Ba Ba'a Ba'e Ba'i Ba'o Bab Baba Babe Babi Babo Bad Bada Bade Badi Bado Bag Baga Bage Bagi Bago Bas Basa Base Basi Baso Bat Bata Bate Bati Bato Baz Baza Baze Bazi Bazo Be Be'a Be'e Be'i Be'o Beb Beba Bebe Bebi Bebo Bed Beda Bede Bedi Bedo Beg Bega Bege Begi Bego Bes Besa Bese Besi Beso Bet Beta Bete Beti Beto Bez Beza Beze Bezi Bezo Bi Bi'a Bi'e Bi'i Bi'o Bib Biba Bibe Bibi Bibo Bid Bida Bide Bidi Bido Big Biga Bige Bigi Bigo Bis Bisa Bise Bisi Biso Bit Bita Bite Biti Bito Biz Biza Bize Bizi Bizo Bo Bo'a Bo'e Bo'i Bo'o Bob Boba Bobe Bobi Bobo Bod Boda Bode Bodi Bodo Bog Boga Boge Bogi Bogo Bos Bosa Bose Bosi Boso Bot Bota Bote Boti Boto Boz Boza Boze Bozi Bozo Da Da'a Da'e Da'i Da'o Dab Daba Dabe Dabi Dabo Dad Dada Dade Dadi Dado Dag Daga Dage Dagi Dago Das Dasa Dase Dasi Daso Dat Data Date Dati Dato Daz Daza Daze Dazi Dazo De De'a De'e De'i De'o Deb Deba Debe Debi Debo Ded Deda Dede Dedi Dedo Deg Dega Dege Degi Dego Des Desa Dese Desi Deso Det Deta Dete Deti Deto Dez Deza Deze Dezi Dezo Di Di'a Di'e Di'i Di'o Dib Diba Dibe Dibi Dibo Did Dida Dide Didi Dido Dig Diga Dige Digi Digo Dis Disa Dise Disi Diso Dit Dita Dite Diti Dito Diz Diza Dize Dizi Dizo Do Do'a Do'e Do'i Do'o Dob Doba Dobe Dobi Dobo Dod Doda Dode Dodi Dodo Dog Doga Doge Dogi Dogo Dos Dosa Dose Dosi Doso Dot Dota Dote Doti Doto Doz Doza Doze Dozi Dozo E'ab E'ad E'ag E'as E'at E'az E'eb E'ed E'eg E'es E'et E'ez E'ib E'id E'ig E'is E'it E'iz E'ob E'od E'og E'os E'ot E'oz Eb Ebab Ebad Ebag Ebas Ebat Ebaz Ebeb Ebed Ebeg Ebes Ebet Ebez Ebib Ebid Ebig Ebis Ebit Ebiz Ebob Ebod Ebog Ebos Ebot Eboz Ed Edab Edad Edag Edas Edat Edaz Edeb Eded Edeg Edes Edet Edez Edib Edid Edig Edis Edit Ediz Edob Edod Edog Edos Edot Edoz Eg Egab Egad Egag Egas Egat Egaz Egeb Eged Egeg Eges Eget Egez Egib Egid Egig Egis Egit Egiz Egob Egod Egog Egos Egot Egoz Es Esab Esad Esag Esas Esat Esaz Eseb Esed Eseg Eses Eset Esez Esib Esid Esig Esis Esit Esiz Esob Esod Esog Esos Esot Esoz Et Etab Etad Etag Etas Etat Etaz Eteb Eted Eteg Etes Etet Etez Etib Etid Etig Etis Etit Etiz Etob Etod Etog Etos Etot Etoz Ez Ezab Ezad Ezag Ezas Ezat Ezaz Ezeb Ezed Ezeg Ezes Ezet Ezez Ezib Ezid Ezig Ezis Ezit Eziz Ezob Ezod Ezog Ezos Ezot EzozGa Ga'a Ga'e Ga'i Ga'o Gab Gaba Gabe Gabi Gabo Gad Gada Gade Gadi Gado Gag Gaga Gage Gagi Gago Gas Gasa Gase Gasi Gaso Gat Gata Gate Gati Gato Gaz Gaza Gaze Gazi Gazo Ge Ge'a Ge'e Ge'i Ge'o Geb Geba Gebe Gebi Gebo Ged Geda Gede Gedi Gedo Geg Gega Gege Gegi Gego Ges Gesa Gese Gesi Geso Get Geta Gete Geti Geto Gez Geza Geze Gezi Gezo Gi Gi'a Gi'e Gi'i Gi'o Gib Giba Gibe Gibi Gibo Gid Gida Gide Gidi Gido Gig Giga Gige Gigi Gigo Gis Gisa Gise Gisi Giso Git Gita Gite Giti Gito Giz Giza Gize Gizi Gizo Go Go'a Go'e Go'i Go'o Gob Goba Gobe Gobi Gobo God Goda Gode Godi Godo Gog Goga Goge Gogi Gogo Gos Gosa Gose Gosi Goso Got Gota Gote Goti Goto Goz Goza Goze Gozi Gozo
I'ab I'ad I'ag I'as I'at I'az I'eb I'ed I'eg I'es I'et I'ez I'ib I'id I'ig I'is I'it I'iz I'ob I'od I'og I'os I'ot I'oz Ib Ibab Ibad Ibag Ibas Ibat Ibaz Ibeb Ibed Ibeg Ibes Ibet Ibez Ibib Ibid Ibig Ibis Ibit Ibiz Ibob Ibod Ibog Ibos Ibot Iboz Id Idab Idad Idag Idas Idat Idaz Ideb Ided Ideg Ides Idet Idez Idib Idid Idig Idis Idit Idiz Idob Idod Idog Idos Idot Idoz Ig Igab Igad Igag Igas Igat Igaz Igeb Iged Igeg Iges Iget Igez Igib Igid Igig Igis Igit Igiz Igob Igod Igog Igos Igot Igoz Is Isab Isad Isag Isas Isat Isaz Iseb Ised Iseg Ises Iset Isez Isib Isid Isig Isis Isit Isiz Isob Isod Isog Isos Isot Isoz It Itab Itad Itag Itas Itat Itaz Iteb Ited Iteg Ites Itet Itez Itib Itid Itig Itis Itit Itiz Itob Itod Itog Itos Itot Itoz Iz Izab Izad Izag Izas Izat Izaz Izeb Ized Izeg Izes Izet Izez Izib Izid Izig Izis Izit Iziz Izob Izod Izog Izos Izot Izoz O'ab O'ad O'ag O'as O'at O'az O'eb O'ed O'eg O'es O'et O'ez O'ib O'id O'ig O'is O'it O'iz O'ob O'od O'og O'os O'ot O'oz Ob Obab Obad Obag Obas Obat Obaz Obeb Obed Obeg Obes Obet Obez Obib Obid Obig Obis Obit Obiz Obob Obod Obog Obos Obot Oboz Od Odab Odad Odag Odas Odat Odaz Odeb Oded Odeg Odes Odet Odez Odib Odid Odig Odis Odit Odiz Odob Odod Odog Odos Odot Odoz Og Ogab Ogad Ogag Ogas Ogat Ogaz Ogeb Oged Ogeg Oges Oget Ogez Ogib Ogid Ogig Ogis Ogit Ogiz Ogob Ogod Ogog Ogos Ogot Ogoz Os Osab Osad Osag Osas Osat Osaz Oseb Osed Oseg Oses Oset Osez Osib Osid Osig Osis Osit Osiz Osob Osod Osog Osos Osot Osoz Ot Otab Otad Otag Otas Otat Otaz Oteb Oted Oteg Otes Otet Otez Otib Otid Otig Otis Otit Otiz Otob Otod Otog Otos Otot Otoz Oz Ozab Ozad Ozag Ozas Ozat Ozaz Ozeb Ozed Ozeg Ozes Ozet Ozez Ozib Ozid Ozig Ozis Ozit Oziz Ozob Ozod Ozog Ozos Ozot Ozoz Sa Sa'a Sa'e Sa'i Sa'o Sab Saba Sabe Sabi Sabo Sad Sada Sade Sadi Sado Sag Saga Sage Sagi Sago Sas Sasa Sase Sasi Saso Sat Sata Sate Sati Sato Saz Saza Saze Sazi Sazo Se Se'a Se'e Se'i Se'o Seb Seba Sebe Sebi Sebo Sed Seda Sede Sedi Sedo Seg Sega Sege Segi Sego Ses Sesa Sese Sesi Seso Set Seta Sete Seti Seto Sez Seza Seze Sezi Sezo Si Si'a Si'e Si'i Si'o Sib Siba Sibe Sibi Sibo Sid Sida Side Sidi Sido Sig Siga Sige Sigi Sigo Sis Sisa Sise Sisi Siso Sit Sita Site Siti Sito Siz Siza Size Sizi Sizo So So'a So'e So'i So'o Sob Soba Sobe Sobi Sobo Sod Soda Sode Sodi Sodo Sog Soga Soge Sogi Sogo Sos Sosa Sose Sosi Soso Sot Sota Sote Soti Soto Soz Soza Soze Sozi Sozo Ta Ta'a Ta'e Ta'i Ta'o Tab Taba Tabe Tabi Tabo Tad Tada Tade Tadi Tado Tag Taga Tage Tagi Tago Tas Tasa Tase Tasi Taso Tat Tata Tate Tati Tato Taz Taza Taze Tazi Tazo Te Te'a Te'e Te'i Te'o Teb Teba Tebe Tebi Tebo Ted Teda Tede Tedi Tedo Teg Tega Tege Tegi Tego Tes Tesa Tese Tesi Teso Tet Teta Tete Teti Teto Tez Teza Teze Tezi Tezo Ti Ti'a Ti'e Ti'i Ti'o Tib Tiba Tibe Tibi Tibo Tid Tida Tide Tidi Tido Tig Tiga Tige Tigi Tigo Tis Tisa Tise Tisi Tiso Tit Tita Tite Titi Tito Tiz Tiza Tize Tizi Tizo To To'a To'e To'i To'o Tob Toba Tobe Tobi Tobo Tod Toda Tode Todi Todo Tog Toga Toge Togi Togo Tos Tosa Tose Tosi Toso Tot Tota Tote Toti Toto Toz Toza Toze Tozi Tozo Za Za'a Za'e Za'i Za'o Zab Zaba Zabe Zabi Zabo Zad Zada Zade Zadi Zado Zag Zaga Zage Zagi Zago Zas Zasa Zase Zasi Zaso Zat Zata Zate Zati Zato Zaz Zaza Zaze Zazi Zazo Ze Ze'a Ze'e Ze'i Ze'o Zeb Zeba Zebe Zebi Zebo Zed Zeda Zede Zedi Zedo Zeg Zega Zege Zegi Zego Zes Zesa Zese Zesi Zeso Zet Zeta Zete Zeti Zeto Zez Zeza Zeze Zezi Zezo Zi Zi'a Zi'e Zi'i Zi'o Zib Ziba Zibe Zibi Zibo Zid Zida Zide Zidi Zido Zig Ziga Zige Zigi Zigo Zis Zisa Zise Zisi Ziso Zit Zita Zite Ziti Zito Ziz Ziza Zize Zizi Zizo Zo Zo'a Zo'e Zo'i Zo'o Zob Zoba Zobe Zobi Zobo Zod Zoda Zode Zodi Zodo Zog Zoga Zoge Zogi Zogo Zos Zosa Zose Zosi Zoso Zot Zota Zote Zoti Zoto Zoz Zoza Zoze Zozi Zozo
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fantasynamesbymeforyou 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Covet - m/f (English) to desire strongly, especially something forbidden. To want something even if you should not.
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eldritchcuddlemonster 11 months ago
Unusual nonbinary names
Hi! My name is Soren, and I go by they/them pronouns. When I first picked my name, I made a list of gender-neutral names to choose from. Some names might lean more masc or fem, but it's all up to you what feels comfortable.
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all-spirits-of-the-night a year ago
character names
Due to my lack of identity I鈥檝e been collecting names for a while. Thought I might share some of them:聽 Aurelian聽 Octavius聽 Sky聽 Noel聽 Oliver聽 Theo聽 Castel聽 Caleb聽 Tugdual聽
Ruth聽 Artemis聽 Lyra聽 Pepper聽 Sorrel聽 Wren聽 Bastet聽 Ivory聽 Daphne聽 Gaia聽 Erika聽 Siren聽 Iris
Rowan Theron Era聽 Styx聽 Charlie聽 Eden Carter聽 Morgan聽 Hunter聽 Logan聽 Harper聽 Emery Lex
I鈥檓 thinking about creating characters for all of these. Maybe for a story or for a pen and paper game.聽
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new-names a year ago
I'm looking for something strange genderless name (like an object, noun, or unusual name) that starts with S. I like the idea of having a simple 3 letter name but also like semi-short ones too. My current name is Squishy- I've considered stuff like Sage, and Sin before. I've also looked at Scout and really didn't like that one.
here ya go!
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deathbutwithfuzzyanimals a year ago
Just saw a post about seeing your name in a math problem and thought I might as well start a list of things I never got to experience because I have an unusual name:
No customizable keychains
No actors with the same name as me
No characters with the same name as me
Never meeting someone with the same name as me
No authors with the same name as me
Googling my name and only seeing one person with it as a last name
Looking my name up on Facebook and only finding like 4 people
Having my name either misspelled or mispronounced constantly
Feel free to add on!
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100yearoldcomics a month ago
Tumblr media
July 1, 1922 Harold Teen by Carl Ed: "Unusual, But Appropriate"
[ID: Harold and Lillums are both out walking her dog Pretty through the park. Lillums turns, delighted to see something off-panel to the left. Harold looks on, dumbfounded. /end] Lillums: Just a moment, Harold! I want to talk to that cute little boy over there!
[ID: Lillums kneels down to coo at a young blond boy carrying a balloon. His father, a man with a mustache, boater hat and cigar, stands next to him. /end] Lillums: Isn't he a spiffy little set up? What do you call him? Father: I've named him, Weather Strip!
[ID: Harold and Lillums look on, confused. Little Weather Strip hides behind his father's legs. /end] Harold: What a dizzy monicker. Lillums: What a silly name. Father: Oh-no!
Father: ...not when one considers that he kept me out of the draft! [ID: The father takes little Weather Strip by the hand and walks off as Harold jumps up and faints over backwards. /end] Harold: That's the pig's knuckles! Lillums: ? ? ? ? ?
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appellationsandepithets 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Virgie - (English) diminutive of Virginia; maiden - /vihr-jee/
Bee - (English) diminutive of Beatrix; voyager; also a word name for a bee - /bee/
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rantingcrocodile 10 months ago
There鈥檚 this聽鈥済otcha!鈥 about radical feminists being聽鈥渙bsessed鈥 with female genitals, and there鈥檚 an automatic pushback against that, but it isn鈥檛 a negative in the first place. I think too many women miss that the sneer itself is misogynistic in the first place.
Our genitals are the reason that we鈥檙e oppressed. Ancient men didn鈥檛 understand the inner workings of the female body. Ancient Greek philosophers were convinced that women could suffer from a聽鈥渨andering womb,鈥 where the best treatment was marriage, sex and pregnancy - lucky for men, who were invested in owning, using and breeding us like cattle.
Today, many women still can鈥檛 point to their vulva. Too many grow up and are horrified when their black underwear turns a rusty red, unaware of their own body chemistry. Unsure how to safely clean themselves. Ashamed when on their periods, silent when in excessive pain during menstruation because they鈥檙e sure that they鈥檙e just complaining and too afraid to take up a doctor鈥檚 valuable time.聽
How is it not a strive towards liberation, when the mysterious, feared and disgusting vagina is brought into the light? How is it not a positive to share images of them and normalise them the way that we鈥檙e normalised to see cartoon penises etched across buildings, scrawled in notebooks, paraded in open sight, no age restriction needed?
Why should we answer the accusation of an obsession over genitals with anything other than a proud yes?聽
The language of the oppressor is constantly reclaimed, a way to normalise it, take the power away from it - or so it鈥檚 said. Words constructed by abusers to cut down who they see as their lessers, only for the oppressed to take it for themselves.
Our genitals have always been a part of us. There鈥檚 nothing to reclaim. We could never escape them. We could never change them. There was never any filth in us but the lies told about our nature.
Why shouldn鈥檛 we be pleased to celebrate what was once - and still is - shrouded in darkness and shame? Why should we shy away from reclaiming ourselves, when so many others rejoice in reclaiming a word?
Women stand together because of our oppression. We are still treated as lesser because of biology. Social misogyny is only an evolution from the abuse of our genitals, built from the ground up on the backs of men disgusted by periods, but who wanted to use our bodies and own every inch of us. Who saw those things in our biology and then wrapped themselves in聽鈥渓ogic鈥 to make us the weaker, fairer sex.
When we鈥檙e accused of being obsessed with our genitals, too many women rush to explain themselves. It鈥檚 internalised misogyny that has us rushing to distance ourselves from those accusations.聽
They might type聽鈥淵ou reduce women to their genitals!鈥 but what they mean is聽鈥淗ide your genitals away, they鈥檙e not natural, they鈥檙e wrong, they make us uncomfortable, nobody should see them, women shouldn鈥檛 know their bodies, women shouldn鈥檛 speak about what binds them, they鈥檙e a humiliation!鈥
Think about why it鈥檚 easier to pretend that what we鈥檙e doing isn鈥檛 based on our genitals. Think about why it feels right to deny it.
Take a little time and wonder exactly why.
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brookheimer a month ago
Tumblr media
started playing 999 so here are some doodles and first(ish) impressions
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demonboyhalo a year ago
Tumblr media
this is a self call out, i'm such a slut for found family tropes
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sal-absinthii a month ago
Someone brought their grandkid to the lab today and I was like OH OH HERE LOOK AT MY BOOK...then after they left, one of the other employees was talking about doing the Mentos demonstration and the other guy said he'd never done it, and so they were starting to explain about how soda is acidic and Mentos are basic and I leapt up and was literally jumping up and down going NO IT'S A PHYSICAL REACTION NOT A CHEMICAL ONE THE MENTOS ARE COVERED WITH MILLIONS OF NON-WETTING PITS THAT EACH PROVIDE A NUCLEATION SITE FOR THE SUPERSATURATED DISSOLVED CARBON DIOXIDE- NO WAIT WAIT WAIT HANG ON I MADE A VIDEO WITH AN ANIMATION AND EVERYTHING HERE YOU CAN JUST WATCH IT
Made my entire day, honestly. I still have zero idea how to interact with children and I didn't even talk to the kid at all but I'm always very thrilled about inflicting introducing STEM education to kids, and I am delighted whenever I have an excuse to do it...
Anyway I think I scared my coworkers and they are also now aware of my obsession with referring to everything as 'potions'
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dkpsyhog 2 months ago
I feel like a lot of people who don鈥檛 know anything about Kirby assume the whole 鈥淜irby is the most powerful being in the universe and fights elder gods regularly鈥 thing is just like. A meme. But no, that鈥檚 just the entire series. Kirby villains are always either elder gods or normal people possessed by elder gods. Kirby is also heavily implied to be a literal god, just one who couldn鈥檛 care less about his cosmic power. That鈥檚 just the way the series is.
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businessbois a year ago
people allowed to call him聽鈥渢om鈥: eryn cyberonix, freddie badlinu, dream (via tweet), wilbur (via tweet and video description)
people not allowed to call him聽鈥渢om鈥: sam, vikkstar, corpse husband
timestamps and transcript:
1:08:36 TommyInnit & Sapnap accidentally betray Ponk
Sam:聽鈥淭here鈥檚 boats in there for you, Tom(my), there鈥檒l be a boat there. There are, like, three or four boats there.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淲hy鈥檇 you just鈥 Did you just call me 鈥楾om?鈥欌 Sam:聽鈥淚 said聽鈥楾ommy.鈥欌 Tommy:聽鈥淥h, okay, good, good, good.鈥
25:48 Live! Among Us With Friends, Valkyrae Stream October 2nd, 2020
Tommy: 鈥淵ou gonna be quiet? I鈥檒l be quiet if you鈥檒l...鈥 Vikk:聽鈥淵eah, I鈥檒l鈥 You have to be quiet too, Tom.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淧lease don鈥檛 call me聽鈥楾om.鈥欌
1:06:59 amongus with gogy, TommyInnitAlt Stream April 16th, 2021
Corpse:聽鈥淭om, I don鈥檛 know about this one.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淪top calling me聽鈥楾om!鈥欌 Corpse: 鈥淲oah.鈥 [laughter] Tommy: 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not my name.鈥
2:16:34 Surgeon Simulator, Wilbur鈥檚 Stream August 27th, 2020
Wilbur:聽鈥淚 wrote聽鈥楬e is my friend as well, Tom.鈥欌 Tommy: (typing reply) 鈥淎lright.鈥
26:50 first pubg stream in 3 years, TommyInnitAlt Stream March 15th, 2021
Tommy: (reading out Dream鈥檚 tweet)聽鈥溾楢re you lying, Tom?鈥 (typing out reply)聽鈥楽treamers can鈥檛 lie.鈥欌 Eryn: (laughing)聽鈥淚t鈥檚 not possible. It鈥檚 not possible. If they do, their careers are over.鈥 Freddie:聽鈥淚t鈥檚 not. It鈥檚 not. I鈥檝e never lied.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淥hh, and he called me by my real name!鈥 [squeals] Eryn:聽鈥淥hhh no, that鈥檚鈥 No! Only I鈥檓 allowed to do that. Only me and Freddie are allowed to do that. No, no, no.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淭om.鈥
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nim-lock 4 months ago
I watch Taskmaster to study Greg & Alex's onscreen BDSM relationship like a bug. 聽
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hoezier 5 days ago
Not to be dramatic but Tamino's new album "Sahar" is fucking brilliant
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