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elizabeth mcgovern as carolyn in “unexpected” (2015) | 🎥: dir. kris rey
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Annie are you ok
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It is a gift in this life that we do not know what awaits us.
Elizabeth Strout, Lucy By the Sea: A Novel (Random House (September 20, 2022)
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A classic Mercedes-Benz with a surprise under the hood | ATOC
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Tumblr media
Natasha has moved from the large dining table to occupy the space beside you at the kitchen island. She had spent the last 30 minutes sorting through some emails on her phone.
It was one of those rare occasions when you both had some free time. Unfortunately you were busy completing some forms that Maria Hill had passed to you. She apologetically mouthed sorry this morning as she dumped the stack of files on your desk. 
About three quarters of the way through the mountain of files, Natasha had decided to keep you company. It was in fact a ploy to get you to work faster. Or at least a way for her to make sure you didn’t get sidetracked with other distractions. 
Once in a while you would turn your face slightly, eyes never leaving your pile of work, to speak to Natasha in hushed tones not wanting to disturb Yelena who had passed out on the sofa a few feet in front of you. 
“Maria said leave this one blank right?” you query softly.
“Mmhmm” she replies taking a quick peek at what you were moving your pen over. “Are you almost done?” she adds trying to be subtle but the way her knee bounces is a clear sign she’s bored.
Pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose you bump her with your shoulder, “…almost babe” you sigh.
You had fleshed out a whole day of activities with her that would culminate in dinner and maybe a little something something after but the seemingly endless stack of files put a wrench in your plans.
She lets out a soft chuckle before gently elbowing you to get your attention. When you tear your eyes away from your work she points with her chin towards her sister who is now gentle snoring with a thin slick of drool on her chin. 
“Should we move her to her room?” you ask smiling to yourself at the sight before you.
“No…let her sleep” she answers after a beat. 
“Should we take a picture?” you tease and Nat smacks you playfully on the arm. 
“That’s my job” she smirks as she climbs off the stool grabbing her phone and opening the camera app on it. 
You watch her nimbly creep towards her sister and snap several pictures from different angles. She comes back to you and climbs back onto her stool smiling and laughing to herself at the images in her camera roll. 
You release a sigh watching her in her element. At this very moment she is at peace with herself and everything seems as perfect as it can be. 
Placing one hand on the arm closest to you, you tug a little and just as Nat turns her head to look at you, you lean forward to steal a quick kiss. It catches her unawares as she starts blushing immediately. Her eyebrows arch up as high as they can go and as her brain processes what just happened you lean back into your seat and give her a triumphant smile. It’s not all too often that you’re been able to catch her off guard. 
“Babe!” she scolds with a smile on her face, “what if Yelena saw that?”
The two of you weren’t officially dating yet even though everyone knew you were an item. For the time being any displays of affection were saved for the bedroom or when you were 200% certain you were alone.
You just shrug and give her one of your signature loopy grins. She rolls her eyes at you before pulling you in for a proper kiss. 
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In the end, all lies within the flow of causality
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Unexpected #197 by Luis Dominguez
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ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ
Your roommate kicks you out of your apartment, leaving you no choice but to move in with your brother who you haven't seen in years only to discover that he has joined a motorcycle club. Their leader is an incredibly tall man with piercing eyes and killer smile that would make you melt if it wasn't for his personality that turn you off. He's tough and ruthless but it seems like he has just found his only weakness: you.
STATUTS: On going.
GENRE: Biker!Au. Angst and fluff.
WARNINGS: Any and all warnings that apply to dramatized bikers/MCs.
» PART ONE 8.2k
After being kicked out by your roommate you have no choice but to move in with your brother who you haven’t seen in years. He told you once that he had a new lifestyle but you never expected to find him in a biker bar, even less for him to be part of a motorcycle club. Bucky, their president, is ruthless but handsome as hell.
» PART TWO 6.7k
Your friendship with Bucky grows into something that will change your life forever.
You keep a secret from your best friend and your brother but the truth always comes out.
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Knit me something! (via)
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Beach day
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This ballsy ass squirrel is lucky that Spencer specializes in chasing birds, not rodents 🤣
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Nothing wrong with Unexpected
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