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zu-is-here · 1 day
Hey, Zu! Have you ever seen @itsxroxannex 's Staremare art?
I've been consuming Staremare art like crazy now, and I can only think of Post Dark Cream Nightmare being told Dream and Cross wanted a child and
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Noot will be Noot XD
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asteroiidx · 2 days
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y/n moment with Horror Snas
Gloom & Doom All Up in Your Room by TrashCollector on AO3!! (@kaygee-doodles)
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thymeskip · 2 days
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GUYS I’M BRINGING THE SERIES BACK!! i’m still getting notifications from the last two, so i figured why not?
incorrect quotes here we go-
underswap @.p0pcornpr1nce dreamtale @.jokublog inktale @.comyet
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darkxsoulzyx · 1 day
Could we see some Hrrordust?
Here u go! ^^
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Haha just kidding here you go lmao
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thank you doodle for hoard!
my ko-fi (i doodle things for widdol tips)
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arceal-doodles · 2 days
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moving all around—
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havockingboo · 23 hours
i wanna take ALL of your Papyruses and hug them tight one by one, then make them have a break from their worlds by cooking all together and making funny puzzles, just like real Pasta Lovers and Puzzle Enjoyers
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Oh now THAT would be a very interesting get together now would it hehehe
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necrolexic0n · 1 day
pov: you give them fan art
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sel-mesanity · 3 days
This week is Ink Sans, next week is another Au Sans, then so on and so on. And hopefully when I’m done I will be able to draw them better and more comfortably.
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zirkkun · 2 days
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Hey guys! I know this is pretty abrupt, but I’m currently very strapped for cash and don’t have a lot of alternatives right now to earn money. This is by no means required, but it would be really appreciated if you could shoot a couple dollars my way, and I’ll doodle you something you request!
Right now, I’ll just do requests of Undertale characters, my OC’s, or well-known UTMV OC’s that I’ll likely know. If I don’t know the character you request, I’ll do my best to look them up, or ask for if there’s another character you’d rather have me draw.
Donations $3+ will be lineart with minimal color for details. Donations $10+ will be flat colors.
 My Ko-Fi is here! || Reblogs appreciated!
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sagaverse · 1 day
SagaVerse Out!Code #4
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The information below is canon to SagaVerse only.
Name: Saga!Nightmare Alias: Gramps/Noot Age: 500+ Height: 150 CM Soul: Black Apple Origin: DreamTale Specialty: Negativity Original Author: Jokublog v v v General Description v v v
The Guardian of Negativity The King of Negativity. Nightmare had been the most powerful and menacing deity among the Out!Codes and the greatest threat to the multiverse for a very, very long time. Ever since the fall of DreamTale, he has been making quite the reputation for himself. Mischievous, slanderous, menacing, and sadistic. Nobody comes closer to a true evil than he does.
That is until the Halving happened. Half of the negativity disappears from the multiverse, leaving him with just half of his prime power. Enraged, Nightmare confronted Error who he thought was the perpetrator. He lost the battle for the first time in his life, and that shattered his view of the invincible King of Negativity that he was. He realized now that a new era has begun, and he is not the one pulling the strings this time...
He not only lost to Error, but he was also surprised and shocked to see how powerful his nemesis, Dream, had become. He almost lost to him if it weren't for Frisk's intervention. Ashamed by his failures back-to-back, Nightmare retreated into his domain in the meantime. If things are to change... then so must he.
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Nightmare: I'm so done. I'm selling my kids on eBay.
Killer: Don't be silly. You made them!
Killer: Sell them on Etsy
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sanssupremacy · 3 days
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I forgor his eye tears, anyways w!Choco lore ahaha.
No I won't elaborate what's going on cuz this song slaps.
Broomy belongs to: @chapschapsch
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feelisia · 2 days
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Touch aversion
Frisk has haphephobia, she doesn't tolerate any unnecessarily physical contact. Sans sometimes makes fun of it, but he usually respect her boundaries and often makes sure people don't get tactile with her.
Though, there was this one time, during a case, they, Sans' idea, pretend to be a couple. Both Frisk and Sans were very uncomfortable, mostly Frisk.
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Sans feelings were mixed up between the joy of being this close he ever been to her and the guilt seeing these fearful tears running down her face.
It wasn't an excuse, no it wasn't.
"We didn't have choice, ...did we?" She asked later, as she wipe the last trace of tears from her cheeks.
Not at all used it as an excuse, cuz I was pissed, when I saw you talk to a random guy so long and so fucking happy.
Guilt then, hit even harder on his spine.
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Lust: Remember if you don't sin Jesus died for nothing
Axe, breaking 13 different laws: Can't argue with that
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shenzcorner · 2 days
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Summer vibes!
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