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ayeforscotland · 2 days ago
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Fucking ghouls.
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keirstarmerhateblog · 2 days ago
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Please, effiedeans. Can i have some more?
I don't know about you guys, but I love eating two bowls of unflavoured tapwater-based porridge a day, three if I'm feeling a little flush and find a 20p on the street
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scavengedluxury · a day ago
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Britain, 2022, where two and a half million people rely on food banks, and the “levelling-up secretary” wants to cut public services even further to fund tax breaks for the rich. What’s even left to cut?
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supeskenobi · 2 days ago
Made in the late 80’s/early 90’s and horrifyingly relevant now.
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northern-punk-lad · 18 hours ago
There’s a difference between socialists who dislike keir but will still vote labour to stop thousands of people suffering
And “socialists” who dislike keir and will risk another term of tories damaging millions to poverty and in some cases death
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katiemcgrath · 2 days ago
You've got to admire Liz Truss' resolve. The worst budget announcement in recent history, millions to suffer, the pound and economy plummeting, but she will not make a U-turn. She sticks to her guns. She'll ruin the country with a smile on her face. So strong.
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There’s a bit of chat among teachers about unions “blocking” the government proposed pay rises- these would be about 5% for most teachers, 8% for newly qualified teachers on the lowest pay and but just 3% for classroom teachers at the top of the pay scale.
For context RPI inflation (which is the measure that doesn’t include house prices, and most people aren’t buying a house) is 12.3%. CPI inflation is 8.9%. So either way, these pay rises actually represent a real terms pay cut for all teachers, after years of below inflation pay rises and pay freezes. This is why unions don’t think pay rises that on the face of it are quite generous are enough.
But anyway, the unions aren’t stopping schools awarding the proposed pay rises. The pay rises haven’t actually yet been fully approved by the Education Skills Funding Agency- until this point, it’s unlikely any schools will award them. Once they are approved, only LA run schools have to award them.
For academies and free schools, the next step is that they go to the trustees for approval. If the trustees approve them, then the pay of teachers in their schools will go up- usually this will happen at the same time people get their pay progression if eligible (November, or December in most schools). This will be backdated to 1st September.
That’s how things normally work. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that schools are already facing massively increased costs this winter in terms of energy bills. Many schools are also subsidising meal prices, and potentially paying more for supplies such as stationery due to inflation. And a lot of schools burnt through their supply budgets last year and will be concerned about that this winter too. The new ECT program also brings additional costs.
So there will be some trusts, particularly those who’ve hired a lot of ECTs on the grounds they are cheap, where this doesn’t get approved. It is difficult for trusts/schools to post deficit budgets year after year, and I do have a *little* bit of sympathy for trustees if the money simply isn’t there- that’s not their fault, and it may be a choice between funding pay rises for some staff and redundancies for others, or not hiring new TAs etc.
But that’s not the unions fault, and blaming any delays on unions is ridiculous. If school leaders are in that position, they have a duty of honesty to their staff. The union dispute is a good excuse for them to kick the can down the road, but they still need to be fully honest and transparent.
However, it is worth bearing in mind that for some trusts (many trusts?) it may actually be easier to approve a larger fully funded pay rise rather than a smaller one with no funding.
Anyway, delays are not down to unions, but they might be blamed by trusts who don’t want to admit there’s no money in the pot and who want to discourage strikes.
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probablyasocialecologist · 2 days ago
The UK state today is better understood with respect to its role in mediating between rentiers and renters. Its primary objective, to paraphrase Marx, is to support the common affairs of the whole rentier establishment.
Failure to recognise the new nature of Britain’s economy was one reason why many people couldn’t understand why the Tory right desired a hard Brexit. If the UK’s productive capitalists, engaged in extensive trading relationships with the continent, were firmly opposed to Brexit, why, it was asked, were the Tories – the party of capital – in favour of leaving the EU? The answer is that the Tories were no longer the party of productive capital. They had become the party of the rentier.
This results in two strategic imperatives. The first is to enhance the climate for investment in rent-generating assets. It is necessary that assets such as land and infrastructure be presented as things that investors can and want to own. Vertically integrated electricity systems, for example, must be divided into separate generation, transmission and distribution assets, which can be invested in independently of one another. Public land must be sold free from requirements to develop affordable housing, or to do so within a specified timescale.
Second, governments must sustain renters’ ability to pay rents to rentiers. If users cannot pay their bills, assets such as water or gas networks will rapidly stop making money and become unattractive to investors. If the post-war Keynesian state supported workers’ ability to buy the products of their labour, the modern state is now helping renters to pay rents.
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female-to-wolfman · 21 hours ago
“Enough is Enough! This Government is making a criminal decision to gamble with our lives. We are done with asking politely. We are done with A to B Marches. We are done with this corrupt and lying system.
“From this moment, we declare Westminster a site of civil resistance. We call upon everyone to join us – to sit with us in the roads and disrupt the heart of power – and to stop this city from moving until this government takes immediate steps to meet our demands. To end the cost of living and climate crisis by stopping new oil and gas, to start a rapid transformation to a fairer society, decided by ordinary people and paid for by those who are profiting from humanity’s destruction.
This is not a one day event. This is not a symbolic day out, this is an act of resistance against this genocidal government. We will return tomorrow – and the next day – and the next day after that!“
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ayeforscotland · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
British transphobes are absolutely furious about this little alien mascot for a library because they use they/them pronouns.
Unquantifiable, cult-like rage at a wee mascot with a cute library card.
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cicaklah · 18 hours ago
Like not to be an economist on main but realising that the Tory party handed control of the economy to a bunch of Austrian school weirdos is so shocking I can't even understand how it happened???
Basically in mainstream economics we apply the scientific method, so you have a theory, you test it, gather data and learn from it. but Austrians are like vibes only. They have a theory but because all the evidence says that the theory is wrong...they throw out the scientific method. They're like...creationists. but for really nerdy, almost entirely government level money things.
I get very annoyed about how pop culture and especially Tumblr talks about economics because it's almost entirely wrong or misunderstands what economics is, or sort of assumes that economics flows from economists to the economy, rather than us being more like any other scientist who observe something broadly natural and tries to understand it, but like, the people who have done the mini budget and tanked the pound are not economists? They're politicians who believe that the economy is a plaything they can project their wills onto and they don't believe in evidence. They're idiots.
I feel like I'm going mad. Genuinely I read in the times that truss and kwarteg are Austrian school adherents and my blood ran cold.
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scavengedluxury · 2 days ago
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Taking from the poorest to fund uncosted tax breaks to the richest. It's almost like they're daring us to go full Wat Tyler!
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Saturday October 1st 2022 No.
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Not to be too political, but honestly, fuck the government
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northern-punk-lad · 2 days ago
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Normalise tories losing 306 seats
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shaxza · 2 days ago
someone making 100 grand in the same fucking tax bracket as someone making 55 grand you cannot make up the politics of this country
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Latest Covid surge a ‘heavy straw on camel’s back’ for every hospital in UK | Coronavirus | The Guardian
Just in case you'd forgotten that covid was a thing.
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