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kalimmunchies · 2 days ago
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these are for me specifically
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saayatsumu · 2 months ago
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in honor of my birthday please accept these, my dear twst fandom
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employeeofdamonth · 2 days ago
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twst texposts ;^)
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overly-niche-twst · a month ago
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patchyegg87 · 8 months ago
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Deuce: They should really specify in these doctor sheets that "previously broken bones" refer to your OWN bones and not other people's.
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Yuu: Wow, you really were a delinquent.
Ace: That's what you get from this? I'm just surprised he knows the word "specify".
More traditional doodlies. Made written transcripts underneath the images in case text is hard to read.
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flyfarai · a month ago
my brain completely blocked out "charitable" and I read that as "I am the most person alive"
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zvezdacito · 8 months ago
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Mf could've just ended the post with "I don't like transfem Vil HCs because I think it works better for the story if he remains an effeminate cis man. The end" but nooo we gotta add in shaming minorities for criticizing bigotry from the story's writing and other fans 🤩
"anyone who does not view twisted wonderland in the same progressiveness more commonly expected of western cartoons is shunned and their actions deemed discriminatory" and then the view in question is racism or fetishization😭 LIKE WHAT WAS YOUR INTENTION WITH SAYING IT LIKE THAT...
Like even if Yana is overworked and the JP animanga game industry is awful that doesn't suddenly give them a free pass to being bigots😭 and by your logic twst fans themselves have even less of an excuse to be insensitive because their not being exploited by the entertainment industry or smth😭
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minteaminor · 6 months ago
*white-knuckle gripping my knee* ruggie is such a funny guy . he is such a funny little character . he goes leonasann and grrr and shesheshe . he runs around like a little rat doing shady little rat things . he’s memorized leonas credit card number . and he’s a fucking communist
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akigummie · a year ago
as a leona wh0 re i fully agre e ( and yes he really is important, if those theories are true what then— leona on full power mode me thinks. clenches paws )
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coalyflower · a year ago
Do you guys think Idia’s flames will turn red when he overblots just like Hades’s flames when he’s angry 🤔🤔🤔
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ellovett · 8 months ago
i'm KC. they/she. I mostly make ocs for fandoms I really get into.
Tumblr media
this blog consists of the obvious oc content, textposts I wrote out of impulse, and rbs from other oc creators !
here's my carrd
main fandoms: sandman and twst !
Tumblr media
tags to filter:
kc hates everything - i talk abt mostly fandom discourse here
kc talks abt yttd - where i rb yttd stuff
kc talks abt undertale - where i post/rb undertale stuff
OC Masterlist With Links under the cut !
Count: [ 50 ]
If theres no link yet I'll it later or better yet just search them in my profile !
Tumblr media
Twisted Wonderland: Night Raven College
Staff ocs
Lillet Patin - Fairy godmother
Jesse Czerno-Noctis - Chernabog
Fleur Celeste - Lefou
Cyric Kronos - Tick tock croc
Akna Venenosa - Yzma
Krahn Huapaya - Kronk
Godfrey Alfhelm - Mother Gothel
Hedwig Libitina - Headmistress Bloodgood
4th years
Jacque - The jester card [Heartslabyul]
Heaven Olimbos - Mount Olympus [Ignihyde]
Alois Huaranga - Yzma's lab [Plumatrix @/soapallo]
Desiree Phinehas - Deuce Gorgon [Fangulous @/rookvonhunt]
Taika Elwood - Tigger [Savanaclaw]
Regis Schoenheit - Regina, RSSD [Pomefiore]
3rd years
Bedelia Lily Bligh - Billy Butcherson [Hexeons @/the27th]
Keaton Artemas - Two-fingers [Sombraj @/permanentlyexhaustedowl]
Katja Geiselman - Karl Heisenberg [Villamania @/rookvonhunt]
Dulce Cascade - The chocolate waterfall [Confactoria @/terrovaniadorm]
Huang Li Wei - Chi Fu [Shundain @/briarrosecurse]
Horus Vulcan - Heath Burns [Fangulous @/rookvonhunt]
Angus Maverick - Manny Bull [Fangulous @/rookvonhunt]
2nd years
Veleno Ostium - Poison used on apple [Pomefiore]
Carolina Amaretto - Crumbellina [Suikerash @/rookvonhunt]
Brielle Artemas - Reggie [Sombraj @/permanentlyexhaustedowl]
1st years
Bida Hipon - MC/shrimpy [Ramshackle]
Holton Artemas - Darnell [Sombraj @/permanentlyexhaustedowl]
Pascal Coello - The Easter Ripper [Terrovania @/terrovaniadorm]
Elnathan - Baby monster [Villamania @/rookvonhunt]
Linnea Alfhelm - Cassandra/The Healing Flower
Vermes - The Queen of Maggots [Terrovania @/terrovaniadorm]
Solange Éponine Leblanc - Snowball [Godspyre @/ocean-water-tea]
To be ALSO NAMED - Bonejangles [Amourn @/amourndorm]
TBN - Discord staff(?) [@/lanssorien]
TBN - Tirek [@/lanssorien]
Fandorm: Konghuang, founded on the ambitions and the imperviousness of the Peacock Prince.
4th years
Guanting Heng - Lord Shen
Yahzu Shi - Soothsayer
Twisted Wonderland: Royal Sword Academy
D'Angelis Castrense - Disney Castle
Anakin Alaire[Mastiff] - Anita
Rudolph Mastiff - Roger
4th years
Saffron Assenberg - Susan Ashworth [Finalium @/crestbaby]
1st years
Loránd Woodell - Loralai [Finalium @/crestbaby]
TBN - Joe Davis [Finalium]
TBN - The Archdeacon
TBN - Lumiere [Staff]
Twisted Wonderland: Witching Hour Academy [Fanschool by @/arcdiris]
5th year Upper Course
Ceridwen Ophidious - Cedric [Desicora @/the27th]
Cheli'iyan Cataway - Cheshire Cat, AMD [Umberdawn @/arcdiris]
Twisted Wonderland: Hourglass Station Academy [Fanschool by @/fumikomiyasaki]
Mamie Cicely - Cooking Mama
4th years
Egeslic Whisque - Eggnog Cookie [Pastrierie @/rookvonhunt]
3rd years
Aeraph Spirret - Angel Cookie [Pastrierie @/rookvonhunt]
2nd years
Béline Campania - Bellflower Cookie [Pastrierie @/rookvonhunt]
Twisted Wonderland: Death's Academy of Combat [Fanschool by @/rookvonhunt]
Staff ocs
Professor Hearse - Undertaker from Black Butler
Nuan - Lau from Black Butler
4th years
Quetzalli - Kars from JJBA Part 2 [Outlandical @/mmm creamée on Discord]
3rd years
Chiiro Kuragari - Chariot from Black Rock Shooter [Starnovelle @/fumikomiyasaki]
Yesenia Mosquez, the town's local librarian.
The Sandman [2022]
Gravity Falls:
Tumblr media
Bierce Corduroy
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kalimmunchies · 20 hours ago
What they would do if they had a 'hit tweet' [disomnia]
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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saayatsumu · 2 months ago
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i,, made more,,
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kasodaniis · a year ago
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twst + textposts
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m0stro-l0unge · 2 months ago
woah...genius idea. TWST Textpost memes. That’s it.
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otome-game-trash · 7 months ago
A blog from an otome obsessed person for otome obsessed persons. Mainly reblogs.
I’ve still got many games I’d like to play / watch playthroughs of.
Current Status:
Amnesia: Memories
In Progress:
Obey Me (Season 1)
Dandelion~ (3/5)
Twisted Wonderland (Chapter 3)
Untouched ATM:
Mystic Messenger
#obey me
#~general otome jazz~ << non specific to any game >>
#~CGs~ << full screen images from the games>>
#~textpost~ << screenshots or misquotes >>
#~scenarios~ << headcannons / small drabbles >>
#~memz~ << memes >>
#~images~ << wallpapers, icons, mood boards, etc >>
#~fanart~ << tag is self explanatory >>
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minteaminor · 8 months ago
The way leona was just like “fuck it ill kill ruggie” before he even overblotted 😭😭
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