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hanafubukki · 4 months ago
Life Changing Field Trip
~*After Book 6*~
Malleus: Child of Man?
YN/MC/Yuu: Yes, Tsunotarou?
Malleus: *Pouts* When is our life changing field trip? Everyone else went on one with you.
YN/MC/Yuu: *Feels tired to the bone* Give me a week to sleep everything off and then we can go on one Tsunotarou. 
Malleus: *Happy dragon fae noises*
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lk2222 · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
I can't hide from you anywhere, not even on the roof of a high-rise building.
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emyluwinter · 5 months ago
Yuu and cooking.
I am very interested in how, with a meager budget and a very hungry Grimm, does Yuu eat?
And also all these beautiful Korean food blogs are to blame. Please stop, I want to try it all now..
So my little story / fiction.
Sorry for the mistakes
A few weeks after arriving at TWST, Yuu realizes a very important thing.
She needs to learn how to cook something more diverse than scrambled eggs, toast and pancakes. And learn to calculate your budget more economically so that it is enough for the repair of the Onboro and for the terrifying appetite of the Grimm.
At first, Yuu tried to teach him that stealing food is bad. But it was a stupid idea considering how boring they had to eat and they had to listen to "rumbling concerts" because of Grimm's empty stomach.
She even had to work out a strategy not to go to lunch and dinner with the duo of Adeuce and Grimm. To attend and sit in the library all the time.
Yes, she had to cut her own food down to one meal. And stay on free fruits that can often be found in the cups of canteens.
(Toboso mentioned that such fruit cups are found in many private schools, plus the boys are growing up and always want something to eat.)
Because of this whole scheme, Yuu lost 8 kg in two months.
Crewel was the very first to notice that one of his puppies looks more pale and unhealthy. Of course, this could be attributed to adaptation and stress from the place and people.
But Trein also noticed that the student looks not very cheerful, but terrifying...exhausted when no one notices her. But he doesn't dare show it to anyone.
In addition, the old worn-out uniform that she got from Crowley definitely became a size bigger for her.
Crowley received a very clear "double warning" from both of them, and thus Yuu got a small scholarship.
The scholarship for Yuu was mandatory, as a child with no legal or legally registered relatives, and since she was in the care of the college, NRC received a small addition to the budget for her maintenance at the college.
Crowley didn't lose much money and was finally left alone by the angry stares of the teachers.
When Crewel volunteered to be the one handing over her weekly scholarship payment. Yuu thought at first that she had hit her head or a mistake had occurred. She didn't even have a birth certificate, let alone a simple mention of schooling.
You can argue with me, but the teachers are the secret parents-guardians of Yuu.
Crowley - plays the role of a distant relative who is always causing chaos. And thus Yuu was able to get a little more chances for her culinary skills. As well as funds for three meals a day. Let it not be high-class, but it was enough for her to quickly recover from her very harsh idea.
Yuu decided to get a job in the kitchen. At least a part-time job in the evenings.
MasterChef was closed to her due to the fact that Grimm also needed to be trained. But Grimm would rather eat everything himself.
Which made the task very difficult. The time has come for lengthy persuasion.
But the ghosts were quite surprised by her request.
A student who asks to learn to cook himself?Even so politely without ulterior intent?
They were definitely glad to have a new freelance employee in the kitchen. Of course they gave her small containers of food. Firstly, so that Yuu does not fall into a hungry swoon. And secondly, some dishes were coming up to the expiration date, but they could still be eaten. But this scheme was strictly forbidden for others, otherwise one hyena would have cleaned the whole kitchen and their supplies clean.
Thirdly, they wanted to repay her for her very hard work, despite the lack of magic, Yuu tried to the last.
There was also a condition that Yuu does not tell everyone about her "side job" because they made an exception for her. At least in the first months.Some of the students could react very negatively to this information.
But the Prefect did not forget because of whom she was able to rectify her situation.
Yuu spent a week to make a first-class cheesecake with raisins and small "spots" of chocolate resembling the fur of a Dolmatian, as a thank you for Crewel
Crewel was very impressed by her eagerness to please his refined taste. And he admitted that the cheesecake looked charming. He really liked the idea of the specks.
Yes. He took some photos of this cheesecake and keeps it in a secret folder.
He really liked the dessert. He felt very proud that his "puppy" was using the funds properly.
Also in the cafeteria, at least once a month, this cheesecake is prepared just for him.
A cheesecake with berries was made for Trein. And decorated with "traces of cat paws". He also appreciated the idea and enjoyed tasting dessert with tea.
During another evening video chat between first-year students.
Ace and Deuce, often called Yuu and Grimm in the evenings to talk about their club successes.
And also ask if they have done their homework and compare their answers.
Ace was the sly ass who asked Yuu for answers on magic analysis in every possible way. Because she had to make decisions very quickly during fights and overblots.
In addition, her "Prefect" statute gave her access even to a closed section of the library, and Yuu of course often searched there for information on how to return home. And also learned various techniques and spells.
Although she couldn't use them, it was an excellent material for solving simple school problems.
Deuce was the one who needed help with "visualizing magic"
Over time, Jack and Epel joined the video chats.
During the conversation, Yuu looked at her watch, obviously expecting something and closed the notebook with a light movement, hurriedly put the pen on the table.
- I think it should be ready by now..Grimm, do you still have a lot left?
Grimm hated to write, because of which his paws did not have a thumb and it was very difficult to deduce each letter.
- It remains to paint the last four paragraphs...Yuu I'm hungry...
Starting to complain and whine, Grimm lowered the pen and looked at Yuu with the most pitiful look. Having learned this technique, oddly enough, from... Epel.
He's really the devil in the skin of an innocent lamb.
- You're always hungry - Ace snorted, finishing his homework.
- Grimm, you ate three sandwiches during lunch. Deuce complained, looking very intently at his textbook and notebook.
- I'm hungry anyway!!
- In the name of the seven, don't talk about food, I'm ready to eat a bull.. - Epel cursed irritably, correcting his eye patches, which were a mandatory evening task from Vil.
Gathering her notebooks and textbooks, Yuu awkwardly grinned while listening to their exchange.
- Okay, okay. Let's do this, Grimm, finish the paragraphs, while I finish cooking dinner. Ok?
- What's for dinner? - Grimm has already missed everything by his fiery ears with regard to studies and has focused on the main thing.
The others also pricked up their ears. And Ace did it most of all?
- I asked the ghosts to put the ribs in the marinade in the oven when we go from class. So that while we are dealing with homework writing...and some more spaghetti and salad.
- Ribs?! And straight out of the oven?!- Grimm almost choked with saliva.
- First, Grimm, homework. Patience. - Yuu punished and took the phone so that Grimm would be more focused on homework and went to the kitchen.
Inspired by such a delicious dinner, Grimm tried with great enthusiasm to finish as soon as possible.
Putting her slippers on her feet, Yuu hurried to the kitchen while holding the phone to continue the conversation. Leaving the phone on the kitchen table and propping it up with a sugar bowl, the Prefect got to work. The first is to put on a cute old apron found among the things in the attic of the building. It's amazing how some things have remained quite usable until now.
Then put on the handles so as not to get burned when taking the mold out of the oven.
Surprisingly, an old wood-burning stove was installed in the kitchen of the Onboro. The old iron lid creaked ominously with every movement, but it reliably hid the fire and heat inside the furnace.
There have always been problems with the gas stove. So Yuu adapted to cook something more time-consuming in the oven. To Grimm's delight, this meant that there would be more food and enough for several days ahead.
- Be careful Yuu. - The boys added quietly, watching the Prefect with great interest.
Standing on the kitchen countertop, literally climbing on it and sitting down. Yuu armed herself with a poker and adjusted her mittens.
Removing the small hook and opening the heavy door, Yuu tilted close enough to squeeze the poker as far as possible and hook the shape onto the handle.
After a little tinkering, Yuu still took out the form and stirred the hot coals in the oven a little.
The heat from the stove quickly caused sweat to appear on her skin, staining her cheeks with a soft blush.
Opening the lid from the mold, Yuu blissfully sighed the smell of ready-made ruddy ribs with sauce.
- How delicious it smells. ~.... I think it's done? - Taking out a small knife, Yuu cut off a piece of meat and strung it on the tip of the knife, examined whether it was cooked well enough from the inside. and then I tried it myself. A small plus of cooking, you can try everything yourself.
- Yuu, you look like a cute newlywed who's busy in the kitchen right now~. - Ace teased softly.
- Keep your sharp-tongued Trappola to yourself....and envy in silence~. - Yuu immediately returned his words with the most cheerful and harmful smile. Closing the oven door properly. Yuu lowered the poker first of all and put the dish on a pre-prepared wooden plate. So that the hot dish does not crack from the temperature drop and does not leave a mark on the countertop.
- Hey!! - Ace immediately snorted with displeasure, carefully watching what will be for dinner in Onboro. The first-year students laughed among themselves on the other side of the screen.
- Did you pickle the ribs so little? - Jack asked with interest, watching Yuu set the table and take out plates and cutlery. And also putting books and boxes on a chair for Grimm.
- No, I left them from last night and we still have some spaghetti with cheese and small tomatoes....Epel what exactly are they called?
Sometimes Yuu asked for the names of the ingredients because she wasn't sure what the name was. Still, some of the names were very different from the ones she was used to in her world.
- Cherrply. - Epel literally felt how delicious everything that Yuu lists should smell right now.
- Exactly!Thanks! So, I made a marinade from the book that I found. With spices and sweet and sour sauce, so that the ribs remain as juicy as possible..I left them overnight and, as I said, asked the ghosts to put them in the oven so that they could get ready.
- Where did you get the money for such a great meat? Ace suddenly asked. Yuu suddenly had an inheritance or money that he could also get?
- Did you rob someone?! - Deuce suddenly added his question, remembering something.
- Deuce, you're a fool! don't shout, we live in the same room!And stop reducing everything to fights!
- I just asked, are you yelling at me Ace! BHUH!!
There was silence in the chat for a second when a pillow flew into Deuce from Ace's side of the bed.
- Did you throw a pillow at me?!
- No, she magnetized herself and decided to fly into your head mister!
Yuu laughed awkwardly watching their exchange. regular. Meanwhile, Epel and Jack were playing rock paper scissors, counting on whether Riddle would come to their swearing or not.
- Well... it's a long story.. - Yuu replied confusedly to a question already forgotten by everyone. ***
After the table was set, Yuu noticed a thin and tall ghost hovering next to the teapot on the table. Ace and Deuce were trying to catch their breath from a little pillow fight in their room.
- Oh, Mr. Albus! Thank you for helping!
- Oh, no problem,little one, your cooking has improved a lot. So what?Will you show me?
Ghosts appeared from time to time and helped their "living" wards with small tasks.
Yu shyly opened the lid and showed the main dish of the evening. The meat was still steaming thickly.
- The ribs are perfectly cooked, the meat is very tender...
Thinking for a second, Yuu looked at the ghost with a question. Still, the taste could have been badly screwed up because of the gramming and ingredients.
- Really, maybe it was worth a little more salt and a mixture of herbs?
- Oh, don't worry ~ it will be better to be a little short and you can add to your taste, rather than there will be so much taste that he will start interrupting others.
- Oh..Okay, I get it.
Arranging the cutlery and napkins, Yuu discussed what should be cooked next time for dessert. Pie or cinnamon rolls with chocolate?Their cute household cooking conversation was very abruptly interrupted.
- THAT'S ENOUGH. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TOLERATE!! - Ace suddenly cursed, going somewhere very quickly. Very quickly.
- Ace?Ace where are you going already curfew! - worried, Deuce decided to stop Ace from another crazy idea.
- I'm hungry! And the ribs look so delicious that it's just a mockery!! -Ace swore, throwing a jacket over his shoulders and putting on his sneakers literally on the move.
- Riddle will take your head off if he sees you!
- I'll get through the window!
Yes, when Ace really wanted something, he became as damn stubborn as Grimm.
There was a commotion in the chat.
- If Ace goes, I'll join too!! I want to try it too!! - Epel decided to break a few rules too and started packing too. True, it was the most difficult for him to pass through the "security system" in the form of a Rook.But he had already figured out how to tie his sheets to escape through the garden.
When Ace and Deuce suddenly blacked out and Epel followed them. Yuu looked at Jack very gently.
Howl was probably the only one who managed to ask this question. Well, almost.
- A....I... ahem...not really... his big ears drooped down mercilessly showing his awkwardness.
Jack really tried to be less straightforward and more polite. And not to be an uninvited guest. Still, he is well-mannered, and he definitely wouldn't ask if it was possible to come so late and without warning.
- Yes, Jack, you can join. Oh, I really didn't plan that there would be "guests"...But I'm sure there's enough for everyone. Can you please intercept them at the porch? so that I can prepare more cutlery and plates...oh and make tea.
Looking at the table, Yuu laughed softly, it looks like the evening promised to be very fun. ***
- In the name of the seven, Yuu...What do I need to do to be in your dorm? - Ace asked, happily eating the meat from the ribs and enthusiastically enjoying every bite.
- She's my minion. And you'll be like a freeloader here again. - Grimm snorted.
- Hey!!!
- The spaghetti is just great! Deuce added the compliment, leisurely tasting each small piece of rib meat.
- It's like I'm back home for the holidays...Will will kill me, but it's worth it. - grinned Epel taking another portion of ribs.
- Can you please give me the recipe after?I'll try to do the same at home...I'm sure Ruggie and Leona would really appreciate it. - slowly gnawing the bone from the ribs, Jack noticed with interest that even they were soaked in marinade and tasted good.
Putting down the phone, Yuu looked tenderly at the satisfied first-year students who were happily eating her cooking.
- I warned your dorm leaders that you decided to spend the night with me to prepare for the test next week.
It was a simple phrase, but it silenced everyone present.
Because no one warned about his departure. Even Jack, because he didn't want to wake up Leona or Ruggie. But in any case, he left a note.
- Ah... ahaha... Yuu....you're not going to blackmail us with this, are you? - Ace asked awkwardly, feeling that Yuu was definitely up to something.
- For you, I am a "Prefect", don't forget Trappola~ - smiling very contentedly and leaning his head on his hands.
- Relax, just help clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes.
- Bwhe...cleaning..work again. Ace complained, already realizing that this should be done for the sake of decency. But he still intended to help, because Yuu had prepared some more side dishes for them and made delicious tea.
- Well, if you don't want your portion, I'll eat it! - while everyone was distracted, Grimm intended to steal food from Ace's plate.
- Oh, you thief!!
Leona abruptly buries her nose in Yuu's hair and inhales deeply.
- Eh?Leona?What's gotten into you?
- It smells like fried meat....are you washing your hair with sauce?Why do you smell like that? - Leona chuckled, lightly rubbing his cheek against the Prefect's head.
- Well, maybe because I cook unlike you?Get off me, mister, please. - Yuu tried to wriggle out so that she wouldn't be used as a stand. Leona was still heavy.
- Jack said you know how to cook very tasty juicy ribs that even the bones are soft...do it for me.
- Huh?! I don't have such a rich budget, you know.
- Tsch. Don't whine, I'll buy all the ingredients if that's the problem.
- You can eat in the cafeteria or ask Ruggie to make them for you. Leona, please..you're heavy..
Leon deliberately began to "fall" on poor Yuu in order to inadvertently dump her.
- No, I want to try your cooking. Jack then ran around like a restless puppy all morning after spending the night at your place.
- A favor for a favor, Mr. King!
Leona's ears twitched at the nickname and he grinned smugly.
- Dare you ask me for a favor herbivore?Boldly for you. Aren't you afraid that I'll get tired of it and I'll just eat you?
- My bones will stand across your throat, you will suffocate and get indigestion. Just help me cook and wash the dishes afterwards. Nothing complicated.
- I'll you what....a maid?
- Oh, my apoloooogies, Mr. King who doesn't take his beautiful ass off from sleep. You could just say that you don't know how and don't like to mess around in the water with your gentle cat paws. ~
No one said that the herbivore would be obedient and docile. Leona froze and burst out laughing. He definitely liked it.
- As I see you have no fear at all, herbivore.
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lethargic-cremture · a month ago
POV: your magicless henchman/ favourite human MC threatens to not buy you anymore tuna cans
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i got inspired by his uh oh expression (right image) so uh *throws this low quality art
*do not repost anywhere and without my permission; reblog instead
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iamyoursimper · 29 days ago
*After several Overblots*
Yuu : I think my guardian angel drinks.
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aquz · 2 months ago
REVERSED! ☆ pt. 1
what if the roles were reversed? what if you were one of the housewardens from a popular anime game?
warnings: n/a!!
Tumblr media
"twisted wonderland, huh?" the boy muttered to himself, watching the app download on his device. "wonder what it's about..."
Tumblr media
everyone in this au lives in a magicless world, and attends a college. though their ages differ canonically, everyone is aged up to be 18+ if not already. this information is probably going to be useless or just... not very relevant, but i'll still give it to you.
to make this au work, some people might be ooc, much like almost everything else i write. my bad about that, just imagine that it's not too bad, okay?
i do plan to write more about this au, if i get the inspiration to, and i'm allowing anyone else who might want to write for this to…do so, as long as credit is given!! i'm not too sure if I'm the first to do this (surely not?? idk, i have yet to see it though!!) but if i'm not, Imk so i can give credit where it's due!!
Tumblr media
riddle is a busy man, studying medicine in college as well as handling everything else life throws at him. he's never been one to rely on others, especially not since he moved out of his mothers house and into a college dorm. he had been lucky enough to share a room with his childhood best friend and his friend, so he didn't have much to worry about. it was one day when riddle woke up to see his phone-addict of a roommate up playing some mobile game.
riddle, with his hazy morning vision, couldn't make out the game very well so the only thing he could do was ask. "cater, really? staying up until dawn, playing your games again?" he asked sternly, receiving a laugh from said boy. "yeah, sorry. it's such a good game though! i actually think you would really like it." after cater said that, riddle shook his head. "i'm gaining absolutely nothing from playing some mobile game. i think i'll pass."
cater sat up in his bed, showing riddle his phone screen. "actually, i think you would. it's a story-based game with other elements, but story and character development are most important. i think it could help you destress a little.... or maybe even help you. i don't know, bro, but you should try it. it's called twisted wonderland." riddle just shook his head and got out of bed, starting to get ready for the day.
though, riddle had been thinking of caters words. a part of him thought about how his mother banned video games and told him they would get him nowhere in life. but, the other part thought about how his mother wasn't controlling him anymore. he was free. maybe he could... try it?
after classes had ended, riddle sat alone in his dorm. it was just him, cater off at another party and trey was out helping at the college cafe. riddle's hand lingered on his phone before picking it up and tapping the screen awake. he navigated to the app store, typed in the games name, and pressed download.
playing the first few chapters had him a little... lost. he didn't really know how to feel about it. he had promised himself to at least complete the prologue before giving up on it. so, a while later, he completed the prologue and decided he was interested enough in the lore of twisted wonderland. getting transported to another world and magically obtaining a magical, talking cat as a companion was enough to draw him in. so when chapter one rolls around, he hears about the crimson tyrant with the totally upside-down ways of the heartslabyul dorm.
he plays through and decides he liked your character. (name), the dorm leader of heartslabyul. you were absolutely harsh, but he felt that maybe he sympathized with you. the need to be in absolute control was so real. he kept playing after meeting your character. dont tell him, but cater caught him playing twisted wonderland at least 5 minutes after his bedtime.
leona doesn't care for video games. he's always asleep anyways. you would think that someone attending a prestigious, rich-kid college would motivate them to live up to their expectations, but you would be so wrong. leona only attends because his parents want to look good, leona really doesn't care about studying whatever major he was thrown into. he doesn't remember, doesn't care. his brother is always nagging him about it, telling him to study and not disappoint their parents, but leona thinks, 'i've been a disappointment since i was born'.
twisted wonderland does not catch his interest. it's a stupid anime game for stupid anime fans. he knows about it because cheka. yes, his little nephew plays it. the little boy says he likes the funny characters and he fun music, but leona couldn't care less. as he's babysitting, cheka talks his ear off about the game while he tries to sleep.
"then there's this super cool lion person in chapter two! they remind me of you, uncle leona!" cheka smiled brightly, looking at his uncle who's unmoving. he goes on and on about chapter two, leona restraining himself from yelling at the poor kid. he doesn't ignore how cheka just shuts up randomly.
opening one eye, he looks to see that cheka had up and left. leona rolls his eye before looking down to the ipad beside him where cheka once sat. it was... the lion he was talking about. now, leona would never be caught dead simping for a drawing but... you were kinda fine?!
a few days after that, he finds himself going through your fanart. he contemplates downloading the game just for you, but decides against it. for a while. he is already embarrassed that he's literally in love with a fictional person from a game his NEPHEW plays. he cringes as he finds himself going further down the page.
he downloaded the game eventually and skipped the story. the fights and twistunes were whatever, but once he saw you at the end of chapter one, he was so ready. it takes him a while to complete the chapter because he falls asleep randomly (and cheka walks in. he would never want cheka seeing him play that stupid game.), but once he sees you..oh boy. he will do anything to just, keep the game focused on you. nobody else interests him.
leona, the man who would never dedicate his time to anything but sleeping, now stays awake for longer because of some stupid anime lion person. he promised himself he would never become one of those people who literally drool over drawings.. but here he is. he really relates to you sometimes as well.... but not the point. he blames cheka and is absolutely ashamed of himself. it's a guilty pleasure to play this game.
azul doesn't see the appeal in mobile games, unless it's candy crush or something. yes, you can laugh it up now and make fun of him for being an old man in the body of a young adult but it's perfect for him. he has no time to play games, after all. he attends college to study business and finance, and runs a business on the side.
azul only ever hears about this game when he's meeting up with one of his buddies, idia, for their weekly board game night. it's so weird that he still plays games with his middle school friend but in his defense, at least he's not out partying. idia brings up his newest obsession, twisted wonderland, and how he's been playing it nonstop. as he takes his turn, he tells azul about the story in detail. azul only listens, finding little interest in this little anime fantasy.
"but then there is the third dorm leader, (name). they really remind me of you, yknow? you both have a thing for business... and scamming people." idia says, moving his piece. azul looked up from the board to his friends face and cocked an eyebrow. "scamming people? that one time i got four boys to all pay me a hundred dollars if i did their homework? their fault that they didn't think about me doing it correctly.."
but as idia leaves later in the night, azul does think about it. a character like him, huh? he has yet to see that portrayed correctly... but idia did say the game had an intriguing story. azul downloaded it before going to bed with the intention of trying it out the next day, after classes.
when he starts up the game, he immediately sighs upon seeing the tutorial fight. he is not one for fighting games... but planning out attacks based on what he's given keeps his attention long enough. he has absolutely no interest in twistunes though.
he's upset he can't meet you until chapter 3, but he seen you in the middle of chapter 2 and he's kinda feeling it!? after paying somewhat attention to chapters 1 and 2, trying to at least read the story despite his disinterest of the other characters, he finally meets you. it takes a while, with the story being locked behind certain levels and him having classes, but he is happy to finally meet you.
after really analyzing you and your character, he falls in love. you are so absolutely him. he really gets you. that's all i can say. he (or i) can't describe it. when idia notices azul talking a lot more with him about the game, specifically you, idia knows damn well he got his friend hooked.
Tumblr media
bruh my past few posts have FLOPPED. aquz's flop era frl ^^;; anyways part two will include the other dorm leaders hehe should i do the other characters as well?! this is kinda fun!!!
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glacialltz · a year ago
Howdy do~! Can I request a scenario where the female reader attempts to steal a kiss of love from Leona Kingscholar? See if you can make it super fluffy! Please and thank you!
summary: the reader can't catch a break when trying to get a kiss from Leona! it seems she'll have to do it herself....
warnings: gendered reader
word count: 468
author's note: the Baker burned himself on his tea-and-spaghettios combo when originally drafting this :[. anyways, he hopes you enjoy this sweet treat!
❥•°❀ good luck to everyone still pulling for ssr event jamil + ssr birthday leona!
𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕤 𝕞𝕖 𝕒𝕝𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕪!
Tumblr media
Leona's ears twitched and his eyes narrowed as he glared at you over his shoulder. "What do you want, herbivore?"
You'd been doing this all day. Shuffling around after him like a lost kitten, you had to know he knew you were there. This incessant trailing had begun at breakfast and lasted throughout every moment you seemed to not be in class. Leona was beginning to get annoyed; he just wanted to go and nap. But you obviously wanted something.
"I just wanted to see you," you batted your eyelashes cheekily at him.
"Mm, yeah. You always want something," he scowled without a drop of real malice. "Make it fast, I want to go take a nap."
"Well," your smile widened, cheeky and bright, "if you give me a kiss I'll leave you alone."
Leona hummed dismissively, turning his back and continuing on his way to the Botanical Garden. You followed him with a mischievous grin adorning your features. You weren't about to let him get away without that kiss.
He settled himself comfortably upon arrival, prepared to fall asleep, but his constant squirming gave away his inability to get really comfortable. His eye cracked upon and he peeked at you as you leaned down over him. He sighed, rolling onto his back to look fully up at you with half-lidded eyes.
"How long are you going to hover for?"
"'Till I get that kiss."
Leona sighed, pressing his forearm against his forehead. He wasn't that annoyed, really, he just wanted to go to sleep. "Come here," he grumbled, motioning for you to lay down next to him and rest for a moment. His arms wrapped around you and he held you against him in silence, his steady breathing the only sign of time passing at all.
"Why do you want a kiss so badly?" came from nowhere, startling you out of the peaceful state you had succumbed to in your boyfriend's arms.
"Because a princess always gets her kiss of true love from her prince!" you laughed, teasing him. You couldn't see the quick pace with which his tail began to repeatedly beat lightly against the ground and the way his ears flattened slightly against his head.
"Is that so?" he growled out lowly, fangs on display as he smiled a small, wicked little grin. A quick kiss was bestowed upon your forehead, barely long enough for you to actually register it.
"Hey! That doesn't count!"
"You said you wanted a kiss?"
"You know what I meant!"
Leona's chuckle was loud and gleeful as he laughed at your exasperation. He knew exactly what he was doing. It seems if you wanted the kiss you had to steal it yourself. And so, you did.
The look of shock mixed with entertainment on Leona's face was so worth it.
Tumblr media
𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪𝕖𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤
Tumblr media
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koshmarikkk · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Возможно слишком поздно выкладывать это...(ㆀ˘・з・˘) Но я давно рисовала этот наряд для Святого Валентина.
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honey-milk-depresso · a year ago
Can I get a TWST matchup for an OC if they're still open? My OC is INFP-T, but is more of an ambivert, 8w9 on the Enneagram and a Slytherin. Personality wise, she's clever, ambitious, tenacious, analytical, quick thinking, secretive, guarded, stubborn, prideful, and takes on some tasks on her own without help. She's also a huge nerd, enjoying anime, video games and western media. She can be athletic as well. If it helps, some of my friends say that she's like Princess Jasmine personality wise.
From the mirror, I’ve read your soul, the reflection of the one you’re destined to be is…
Jade Leech!
His admiration towards her analytical and quick witted thinking is truly respected. Her cunningness, ambitious spirit and creative mind is what thrills the man.
Though, all that thought seems to be hidden, shrouded. He feels as if it is his job to unravel your muse, slowly but surely.
Jade is a man who loves the unpredictable and the secretive, of course the enigmatic presence she gives is something he'll be drawn to.
He's pleased to find out she has such an extraordinary way of thinking, of her keen observance.
And he finds it quite adorable she's a geek of some culture. It brings him back to the reality she's like any typical teenager, so once he's caught back to that reality, he hums. How amused he is for not having that mindset~
I hope she doesn't mind Jade's antics of fungi and plants. As he starts growing closer to her, he's going to be more open in sharing his interest with her!
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ventique18 · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
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adrianasunderworld · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Leona x Miss Yuu be like. No I will not take criticism.
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hanafubukki · 6 months ago
Happy Bean’s Day
*Sounds of bean shooters could be heard*
YN/MC/Yuu: *Shooting at Pomefiore and Savanaclaw students* Why are you running now?! Is it because we are on an even ground now? Come back here you limp noodle!
Cater: *Recording for Magicam*
*Meanwhile on the sidelines*
Trey: You should discipline your students better if the Prefect, of all people, are going after them like this.
Vil and Leona: ...  
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lk2222 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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emyluwinter · 8 months ago
Developers and owners of the game. - Twisted Wonderland is not an otome-game.
Toboso Yana. - This is not otome-game.
Fans. -Yes. We understand that this is definitely not an otome game.
Malleus ABSOLUTELY ignores all this and subtly flirts with Yuu 24/7/365 (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Yuu is very embarrassed with and charming blush -.....and no one told him about it????( 〃▽〃)
"Won't you check if there's any cream left on me? It would be quite tasteless to use magic to wipe off the "lucky gift" after all."
"Something I want? I can't think of any at once... But if you insist, maybe someone who will come with me to explore ruins together?"
"Oh, did you bring me a drink? Very well, then come sit next to me and be my conversation partner as well. Surely you won't refuse the main character for the day's request, won't you?"
"If you like the patch emblem for the Gargoyle Research Society, then you should join as well. So that you can wear the same thing."
Correct me if I'm wrong, last year on his birthday Malleus talked about 10 walks to see the ruins.
*cough*Private Audience of the Prince of Thorn Valley *cough*
I have two fears.
- Valentine's Day event
- Chapter 7. (Given the timing and how the other plot parts came out, we should find out the beginning at the end of this year. But these are just my assumptions.)
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lethargic-cremture · a month ago
Tumblr media
pov: you're on a daily night stroll with your fav dark dragon fae
(pls don't repost w/o permission; rb instead!!)
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iamyoursimper · 29 days ago
Idia : If a stranger came up to you and said "I'm your dad's friend, He told me to pick you up" what would you say?
Idia's kid : I'd say "You're lying my dad doesn't have any friends!"
Idia : Not where i was going, but ok.
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glacialltz · a year ago
You like Jamil? Me too! May I request a scenario with him and his crush cooking together? (btw I love your blog's theme. so cute!)
summary: an afternoon spent cooking with jamil
warnings: none
word count: 1k
author's note: i'm so sorry you had to wait so long for this, dear anon. i thank you for the compliment, and i hope this lives up to everything you hoped for! i pray the cooking is not too cliche or anything and... please forgive me for my lack of creativity concerning the title.... jamil likers unite!
❥•°❀ additional note: this was written before jamil's new ssr was announced and your dear Baker has been screaming about him since june. the timing of this fic is to celebrate the release of the card and event. good luck to everyone pulling for him!
𝕒 𝕜𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕕 𝕒𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕠𝕠𝕟 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕗𝕠𝕠𝕝𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕗 𝕣𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕩𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟
Tumblr media
Jamil was nothing if not surprised when you approached him with the proposal of cooking together. Cooking was not his favorite activity, no, not by far, but he was happy to indulge you.
To be frank, Jamil wasn't fond of his soft spot for you. No matter how one looked at it, his crush on you was a weakness. But, despite his displeasure with the feelings that took hold in his chest, he remains seemingly unable to shake them.
"You want to cook together?" he coughed. "I... suppose I have some time."
Sunlight was streaming through the small windows in the kitchen when the two of you arrived. Luckily, the two of you had arrived while it was still empty, and it seemed you would have the afternoon to yourselves inside. There was an airy feel around you as Jamil, bathed in the beautiful sunlight, turned to look at you while you both washed your hands.
"What did you want to make?" he asked, flicking his fingers slightly over the sink before drying his hands with a towel. You didn't even have to think about it.
"Curry! It's your favorite food right!!?"
Jamil could feel himself smiling a little and, with a soft shake of his head, reached up to retrieve a large saucepan and skillet from the shelves. With a more gentle tone than usual, he directed you to go grab some onions and potatoes from the crates beside the counters. Used to Kalim's random party-initiating tendencies, he had some meat already seasoned and waiting within the fridge, which he now fetched while you filled a measuring cup with water.
He set the meat into a saucepan and poured in the water you handed him. He turned on the stovetop while you retrieved half a cup of vegetable oil and poured it inside a skillet. Watching you work, Jamil couldn't help but smile a bit.
"For someone who's always praising my cooking, you seem to be doing well yourself," he murmured. You couldn't help yourself from smiling slightly as well, brushing him off slightly by remarking you had the best teacher beside you.
Jeez, you were really trying to kill him, huh?
As he rolled his sleeves up, large kitchen knife in hand, preparing to chop the onions and garlic, he watched the way you moved as you fetched the curry powder, black pepper, and salt. There was something experienced about your movements as if this wasn't the first time you made this dish. As if you had done it millions of times. As if you practiced.
His fingers moved deftly as he chopped the vegetables. He did it quickly and with little fuss and, within seconds, before your very eyes, there were two neatly piled stacks of cut-up onion and garlic. He lifted the cutting board and dumped the piles into the skillet, using the knife to brush the last loitering bits in. He began to stir them around with a wooden spoon as you put down the potatoes you were peeling and moved to add the spices. He smiled slightly to himself as you insisted on doing it while he kept stirring. You really meant it when you said cook "together", didn't you?
After enough time had passed, which the two of you had spent talking quietly together beside the stove and cutting the potatoes, he took the lid off the saucepan and poured the liquid into the skillet. He took the spoon you handed him and stirred the mixture together.
You fetched two deep plates as well as two forks. When the potatoes were soft enough to be ready, Jamil served the mixture into the plates. As he set aside the little remaining bit, you slid him over the plate so the two of you could try it together.
He didn't know how you did it, but you made Jamil smile again as you tapped your fork lightly against his as if you were making a toast to the meal you made together. Your smile was contagious as it spread across your face, growing wider after tasting your creation.
"I think we did really well!" you declared in victory.
Jamil could feel the heat pooling slightly in his cheeks from just the sight of your smile as he nodded softly. "I agree."
A small silence hung over the air for a beat as the two of you ate a little more. Jamil eyed you quietly. You looked pleased.
"You seemed to know what you were doing," he brought up again. You froze slightly. "Why are you always asking for some of my cooking if you can already make something yourself?"
Now the heat had risen up to your cheeks too. You scraped your fork against your plate quietly as you avoided eye contact. Sighing slightly, you resigned yourself to your fate.
"I... well, I, uh, wanted to cook with you but didn't want to be totally unhelpful so I... spent a lot of time practicing making curry and reading recipes online. I just thought... it'd be a fun time and, um, well, I thought it could maybe be a good break for you, you know? Like... I thought if we maybe spent some time in the kitchen together, and I helped you out instead of just standing there, you could relax a little.
Jamil coughed slightly against the side of his fist. Ahh did he ever want to draw up his hoodie and hide. You pulled at his heartstrings just a bit too much. You were really going to be the death of him.
"I-I see... Well, you... you could have just said that you know...." He wasn't mad, not by a long shot, but oh boy was he embarrassed.
You knew him well enough to know that, too. You smiled in triumph as you relished in the embarrassed state you worked him into. You couldn't hold back a slight laugh as you gathered another forkful of food.
It seems like your scheme had been successful. Jamil had found it to be a rather relaxing afternoon, after all. And it continued to be one as the two of you remained together in the kitchen, eating the curry you worked so hard to make, accompanied only by the afternoon sunlight streaming through the thin windows and over the two of you.
Tumblr media
𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪𝕖𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤
Tumblr media
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