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estcaligo · 6 hours ago
WHO APPEARS WHERE or in which vignettes/personal stories characters appear *NRC boys only, no Grim or staff
Did this for references Sharing, in case someone may find it useful! I checked every card, but there might be something I missed. Please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll fix it!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Schl - School Uniform
Hllwn - Halloween cards
FG - Fairy Gala
Silk - Jasmine Silk
Boa - Apple Boa
GM - Ghost Marriage
UB - Union Birthday
Port - Port Fest
Bean - Beans Camo
Camp - Outdoor Wear
Strgzr - Stargazer Wear
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idiaia · an hour ago
I've mentioned this b4 but here's the new art-request kinda thing
How to join:
You literally just ask Ortho a question.....that's it
For example :
"Ortho, what are (some characters you wanna see idk) doing?"
"Ortho, Can you visit the gaming club?"
"Ortho, force Idia to reveal his fav anime"
Such an such
I'll draw your asks as if it's actually Ortho answering them and I will draw these in my chibi style
Tumblr media
There are no time limitations you can join anytime you want
Tags : @amorisqasayid
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luxthestrange · 12 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#162 Otakus
Idia: I hate when girls/boys/NonB ESPECIALLY my partner think that we're gonna leave them all the time-"Oh your gonna leave me because I'm not good enough!~"
Idia*Starring into the camera with a blank face*PREFECT IM LUCKY I EVEN GOT YOU!-What do you mean? I AM BUILT LIKE A TWIG!! I LOOK LIKE EVERY BASIC WHITE BOY WITH BLUE HAIR!! you are probably gonna be the first and last lover I have!
Idia: I'm hideous, I appreciate that you have enough confidence in me that you think I can pull another girl/boy/NB but I really cant*Drinks energy drink like it 'alcohol'*You are stuck with me cause there no way
Idia: nobody's gonna be lined up at my door like "I wanna date him" I don't even know how you put up with me half the time, I'm lucky you even looked in my direction-WHAT YOU MEAN IM ABOUT TO LEAVE YOU? WHERE AM I ABOUT TO GO?WALMART?
Tumblr media
In the Devildom, House of lamentation
Levi*In the other end of the camera*I KNOW RIGHT!?!
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salixsblog · a month ago
Y/n - Hey, do you have a bag I can borrow?
Idia - The only bags I have are the ones under my eyes and they’re specifically designed to carry the burden of my existence
Y/n - Literally all you had to do was say no
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Can I request the reader going up to malleus and says "carry me on your shoulders" and now they're going around the campus, the reader gripping malleus horns in order to not fall of 😭 how would everyone's reaction be to see the magic less human literally riding THE MALLEUS DRACONIA?
side note your work is amazing <3 ! Make sure to take breaks !
Reactions to Reader Being On malleus's Shoulders
Almost everybody:
Jaw hanging open.
And you're touching his horns. HOWWWWWW?
If it were anyone else, they'd go bye bye.
Is very confused and doesn't bug the two of you in fear.
Ruggie, Azul, Leona, Jade, Ace, Vil, Rook:
Could not care unless you're bugging them.
Thinks that you could be a beneficial connection since THE MALLEUS doesn't mind you being on his shoulders.
Does not piss you off. Ever.
Wants to carry you next.
Is screeching.
Is telling you to get down.
Stops working and has a breakdown.
Thinks it's adorable.
Hi anon! Thank you for the side note!
Also, about the 'make sure to take breaks',,,,,,,,,,
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forgwater · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is what you see when you enter Ignihyde
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comingyourlugubriousness · a month ago
Tumblr media
Well, does he?
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 months ago
Ghost marriage in twisted except what if Eliza tossed the bouquet and MC caught it…while standing next to the guy they are mutually pining with(I honestly want to see all the guys reactions, but do what you can👍)
Hello! Sorry this is being answered super late, I was super busy (I still am, but I am trying to squeeze in some time for writing nonetheless). I only do a maximum of five characters, but I will just do three for this one.
Idia, Azul, Riddle x gn!reader who catches Eliza's bouquet
The poor guy went through hell and back in one night and now he's going to go through heaven haha
At first, he just stands next to you because he's the most comfortable with you other than Ortho. You welcome him over and tell him that you're glad he's safe. Idia slightly blushes at your remark and shyly looks away from you. You look great tonight, he only hopes he looks presentable to you.
Then Eliza throws the bouquet. All the students that are there to "celebrate" (forced celebration?) watch as the flowers soar through the air and into your hands. You were just standing there and it happened to land on you. You!
Idia freezes. He feels his hair burn red for a moment and he looks at you with stunned eyes. You do the same, watching him with a shocked expression and then blushing at the flowers. You felt your heartbeat quicken, not sure if you should tell him your feelings here.
"Aw, I think they like each other!" Eliza remarks, and that was when the two of you spun around to the ghost bride before looking at each other. "Well, I did want to ask you out-" you were about to tell him but Idia basically flared up and buried his face in his hands. Eliza gives you a thumbs up while you try to calm the Ignihyde dorm leader down.
After the event, you give the flowers to him and tell him that you were so happy you were still here. He thanks you too, a warm smile spreading on his face. "So, wanna go watch some anime with me?" he asked. "Sure, let's go!" you take his hand and the two of you go back. It's like heaven for this guy haha.
He was so happy that he wasn't frozen anymore. He still felt bad that he couldn't pull it off as well as he had planned, but at least he was alright! But most importantly, you were there too. He wanted to look sharp and smooth in front of you, but he just awkwardly stood next to you as the ghost couple celebrated.
Before the two of you could talk, everyone was hollering about the bouquet being thrown. Eliza asked if everyone was ready before throwing it high into the air. You saw some students try to catch for fun but it kept flying...
Azul watched as the flowers landed in your arms. He felt himself blush, but he tried to mask it by covering his face as he pushed up his glasses. There's no way you should know he has a crush on you, you were too perfect for him! How much would you tease him, make fun of him for even trying to ask you out-
"U-uh, hm, I guess I should ask you out now then since I got this bouquet haha?" you look over at the Octavinelle dorm leader. He looks stunned, you've never seen him this surprised before, neither had the Leech twins.
He tries to smoothly talk it out with you, but he ends up fumbling with his words, he asks you if you really mean it a few times before he fully lets it sink in that you're asking him...HIM out. Like, were you okay with this? He's not just a clumsy octopus to you? "I love spending time with you and you're the coolest guy I know, why wouldn't I want to date you?" you laugh, and he just melts there.
The two of you stand awkwardly for a few seconds before some people start clapping, and Eliza does the same. The ghosts soon congratulate the two of you as Azul agrees to date you and takes your hand in his. You just hug him though and he feels like he's going to explode haha.
After the event, the two of you go to Octavinelle's Mostro Lounge to chill out for a bit since the ghost marriage took so much energy out of the two of you. The Leech twins tease Azul for being so red during your confession on the way to the dorms too.
Riddle is happy that you, Rook, Ace, and Epel were able to pull it off and save Idia from being killed. He gives you a pat on the back as he stands next to you to watch Eliza with her husband. The other students seemed to be relaxing a bit now and Idia went back early to go play some video games haha.
But then Eliza turns around, a smile on her face as she gathers everyone around and soon she is throwing a bouquet. Students jump to grab it but Riddle just reminds everyone that they shouldn't be acting rowdy.
Then you suddenly get hit by the bouquet on the head and the flowers plop into your hands. "Y/N! are you alright?!" Riddle asks as he brushes your forehead, but then he realizes what's in your hands. Great Seven, the person he had a crush on was holding the bouquet.
"Um..." you blush for a bit as students begin to clap and tell you to confess your love to someone. You look around, giving Riddle a few glances. Riddle is about to tell you to take your time and that he's going to go back to Heartslabyul early because Cater needs to serve him tea until you stop him.
"I actually wanted to confess my feelings to you for a while. I've wanted to spend more time with you, and I think that you're one of the greatest people I know. So, I wanted to ask if you wanted to go out sometime together?" you ask shyly, finding it hard to look at the scary dorm leader in the eyes. But Riddle's the same, he's feeling his face go red and he's finding it hard to stay calm.
"I-I...um...I wanted to d-date you as well! I accept y-your offer and...and I think that you look really good in that s-suit as well," he responds, blushing hard and keeping his eyes on the ground. Everyone starts to whoop and cheer as you give Riddle a hug. He thinks he's going to burn on the spot haha. He's so happy right now, is he dreaming?
"Wait! We need to do that thing with Cater right now!" you remind him and he snaps out of his lovey mind. "I almost forgot! Cater, let's go," suddenly he's back to normal and trying to lead Cater out. He takes your hand however and brings you with him. "You need something nice right now too, you've overworked yourself today," he says smiling at you.
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clappincobracheeks · a month ago
Random Twst Headcanons
First post ayyy
Feel free to use these whenever. Also the spelling may be bad? English is my first language I'm just stupid.
CW: I mention drugs in Deuce's headcanon.
Grim literally never walks anywhere, it's always piggyback rides.
Ace is a really obnoxious gum chewer. Mostly just in Trein's class. And no, he won't share any.
Deuce has smoked before. Once. It was the same day he heard his Mom cry, he felt REALLY bad about it. And now gets angry when his friends joke about drugs.
Cater frequently vents to people online via alt accounts. He doesn't feel like he can really talk about most things to people he knows personally.
Trey likes those really cheesy romance movies. On stressful days, he'll shut himself in his room with a tub of ice cream and binge watch movies until at least 4:00 am.
Riddle stares at couples when they go on dates at cafes. If he were to get in a relationship, Riddle would take them to a cafe for tea and cake.
Jack knits socks and other articles of clothing for people in homeless shelters.
Ruggie is friends with Sam. He gets free food every so often in exchange for running errands. They tell no one about this.
Leona can't stand cold things, they make his teeth hurt.
Jade like watching small animals die in nature documentaries.
Floyd has never gotten a grade below a 85. No one knows how he does it.
Azul has been caught crying in a bathroom stall before. It's likely how he'll meet his S/o.
Jamil cannot stand horror movies. He'll always cower in the kitchen with the excuse of 'making more popcorn' until the movie is over.
Kalim can watch a horror movie start to finish without flinching once. He wonders why no one else wants to watch with him.
Epel is the worst ragequitter. He doesn't play video games very often but when he does, you can say bye-bye to that keyboard.
Rook will send people pictures of themselves with little to no context. And then play dumb when asked about it.
Vil died all his hair purple when he was younger. But then came to the conclusion that he looked stupid. So he only did the tips afterwards.
Ortho is always asking his friends if they've drank water recently, or gone outside. It something he's used to doing thanks to Idia.
Idia has the most concerning kin list you could possibly imagine.
Sebek has been hospitalized due to Lilia's cooking. He ate it ONCE out of respect for Lilia, but after that, never again.
Silver's voice is really deep and raspy when he wakes up from a nap.
Lilia LOVES vocaloid music.
Malleus would lowkey be an Ipad kid. I can see him liking those 'talking tom' games. He would be upset if he were to hit one by mistake.
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ferny-bread · 2 months ago
Found my pens 😋
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[click for quality]
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blueberry-pride · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Valentine Special Phone Screen! Dorm Leader edition! Will be adding more for the Vices, 1st years and 2nd years with songs we think suits them! -Berry
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charm-reaper · 2 months ago
Housewardens and vice housewardens:
The first years : we are the greatest troublemaker and we fuck shits up !!!
The ramshackle prefect: I somehow gets to see the shit up and be with the troublemaker......
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idiaia · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Idia my beloved (I drew this whilst sitting on the carpet my ass hurts)
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luxthestrange · 12 days ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#160 Otakus
Idia: Why do you let me win when we race up the stairs? You’re the faster one. Mc/Yuu: Erm... it’s nice to see your smile when you win! *later* Idia: They're probably just staring at my ass, aren't they Levi: Yeah, probably*Has had that happen to him many times by you*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When they both shy otaku shut-in men with blue/purple color association!~
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lemonandlime22 · 2 months ago
Part 8 Randomly Generated incorrect Quotes ( Twisted Wonderland Ignihyde ) (none were changed)
Idia: Do you take constructive criticism? Ortho: No, only cash or credit.
Ortho: I WOULD DESTROY THE WORLD FOR YOU! Idia: Okay, can you do the dishes? Ortho: No!
Ortho: Hey Idia? Idia: Yeah? Ortho: What's your favorite color of the alphabet? True or false? Idia: Idia: ...What.
Ortho: I'm a nice person, but I'm about to start throwing rocks at people.
Ortho: You have an impressive pain tolerance. Idia: Thanks, it's the trauma.
Idia: I’ve only had Ortho for a day and a half but if anything happened to them I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
(it works with ortho say it too)
Ortho: *writing a letter* Ortho: Dear Santa, I'm writing to let you know I've been naughty... And it was worth it you fat, judgemental bastard.
Bonus! (i couldn't decide between this one or that last)
Ortho: I can’t tell if you’re a genius or just incredibly arrogant. Idia: Well, on a good day, I’m both.
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lilmademmayhem · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
How how how???
How TF did I not notice the fact that Idia looks like a Tim burton character???
In fact, how did Disney get away with the fact this entire event IS JUST THE FRACKING CORPSE BRIDE MOVIE?????
Not that I’m mad about it tho😏….
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forgwater · 15 days ago
twst dorm's choices for Halloween out of context
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I really need to watch this movie
Tumblr media
the Trick 'r Treat vibes were too strong
Tumblr media
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