#twitblr divorce
meowthefluffy · 12 days
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Something something do you love the color of the sky
(based on this post) @zzoupz @writing-is-a-martial-art
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moonmoonthecrabking · 19 days
so shout out to @meowthefluffy for making tumblr itself a tumblr sexyman. like i think that’s what the world needs
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queercodedrogue · 13 days
Ok i love the IDEA of twitblr divorce, but I don't think they were ever actually together?????
Either way, you all are SLEEPING on the AO3 + Tumblr relationship
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breizhbaguette · 18 days
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I really wanted to participate
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pandorkful-art · 25 days
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running through my head running through my head
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im having too much fun.
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template/ref and no divorce papers version(u see twttrs whole face) under cut. twitter is flying because its not as funny if hes shorter but he must be shorter because twitter is an uwu twink bastard and tumblr is a tall sexyman. (i cant believe i just typed those words) also gave tumblr facial hair cause its hot.
tagging my twitblr inspirations again cause id like them to see this. plus its yalls fault im brainroting like this. @zzoupz @vincepti0n @deathbars also @drxxmingofblue i think youll like this & my other silly twtblr shitpost too
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morbid-mushr00m · 25 days
Tumblr and Twitter got divorced and now Tumblr and Firefox are dating
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oh-no-not-tiddies · 10 days
Just my contribution to the dumpster fire
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eraseorzero · 24 days
i like the twitblr kismesis joke but i think the mythology thing and the fanart arent understanding what kismesis is
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bluebandedagate · 22 days
Twitblr divorce scene. Twitter is sobbing in the rain. Tumblr is wearing a Mishapocalypse mask.
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meowthefluffy · 26 days
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Twitblr divorce real (based on this post)
@zzoupz thank you for your service 🫡
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so the twitblr lore is that they are either genderfluid or trans and they got divorced and twitter came back to tumblr in rags and tumblr is a disney supervillain
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zzoupz · 23 days
twitblr but twitter get's jealous of tumblr's two verification things that can stack and it leads to a divorce
divorced 156 times and counting 💞💞
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gen-is-gone · 14 days
actually somebody should let Dr. Chuckles Tingle, two time Hugo nominee, know about the twitblr divorce shipping. I think it pertains to his interests.
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aura-maybe · 24 days
sorry about reblogging twitblr divorce fanart on main folks but i will not be stopping
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