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"Always Bella V"
Read here: Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV / Part V
Despite the anxious picking of my cuticles and the numbing feeling of my own heart beating within my chest, sitting next to Quil in the car brought me some sort of peace. The drive was only about 15 minutes, though it felt like a lifetime. A lifetime of blankly staring out the window, hoping to feel anything other than this deep sorrow.
I felt the heat radiate off of Quil's body from the driver's seat. Despite of how unsure I was of how it was possible for him to be so incredibly warm, I appreciated the warmth.
The screeching of my brakes let me know that we arrived to our little spot.
A spot we would hang out since we were kids. I looked out my window and gazed towards the shore, reminiscing of the times we had here together. The memories with Jacob, too.
The feeling of my soul ripped out was one that didn't leave for months. It was as if Jacob left with a piece of me that I couldn't get back.
...But then there was Quil.
It was as if Quil would never leave my side. And to be truthful, I never wanted him to. He was the only person who seemed to almost fill the void that ached throughout my chest every single day.
"Alright, let's go." He murmurs, snapping me out of my thoughts as he nods his head to the woods.
I swallow the breath stuck in the back of my throat and prepare myself for whatever this would be. Whatever this could be.
Quil walks over into the edge of the woods, nodding his head to encourage me out of the car to follow him.
The feeling of nausea came over me as it really hit me.
Why was everything so serious? So secretive? Nothing was ever this serious.
I sigh, unbuckle my seatbelt and make my way over to him. My legs shaking with every step I take.
He reached out his hand, motioning for me to take it.
I grab it, greedily embracing the heat his palm brings to my own.
The walk deeper into the woods was silent, aside from the crunching of leaves and small twigs on the ground.
His warmth radiated from his own hand onto my own, spreading up my wrist. His torso close to my left side as I walked only a mere inches from him, The absence of his warmth was violently apparent throughout the rest of my body.
Quil abruptly stopped and sat us down on a fallen tree, surrounded by countless others towering over us. Normally, I find our spot to be a place of solace, but today it was filled with an overwhelming sense of dread.
His brown soft brown eyes met mine as tears began to brim the surface. He quickly pursed his lips and looked down at his feet.
"You need to me tell you first, right?" He mutters.
"Yes." I choke out, voice barely above a whisper, slightly nodding my head.
"Alright." He breathes. "Well, Sam gave me the okay.
"So this is about Sam." I spit.
"No, it isn't. Please, (Y/N)... Just hear me out."
I look at him skeptically as I felt a slight sense of anger blossom within my chest. I became aware of my eyebrows slightly furrowing, displeased at the thought of Sam's name.
Quil began speaking. His words turned into this high pitched ringing. It was as if everything he said pierced my eardrums.
He finally stopped talking and
"So, basically-- the legends are real, right? That's what you're telling me?" I ask, raising my brow, with a snarky tone. "And so then not only do you guys turn into massive wolves that kill vampires? Because vampires are responsible for the missing people? They've been killing people? And the Cullens are vampires, but vegetarian?"
"When you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous." He chuckles.
"Because it is ridiculous! And you're telling me that there is this soul-bonding experience? Imprinting? Quil-- you absolutely need to tell me the truth!" I begin to angrily laugh.
"I am! (Y/N), I promise."
His eyes were pleading with mine, begging me to just believe him.
"Alright, so let's just say this is real. So, Jacob imprinted on me-- and rejected it? He doesn't want me?" My voice broke just saying it out loud.
He looked at my sympathetically, "It's a little more complicated than that, but yes. More or less." His lips pursed as he started at me with sad eyes.
"Is it... is it because of her?"
"Not necessarily. But, it she is definitely a reason." He sighs. "For one, yes he is in love with her. I know that he loves you, though. I know that..." He pauses, looking at the ground with disappointment.
My heart skipped a beat, hearing him tell me that Jake did love me. But then the realization hit me.
"But he loves her more." I croak.
His gaze meets back to mine before giving me a small nod.
And there it was, the knife right through my chest.
"But, truly don't think of it like that. He truly was devastated about the fact that his life has been paved for him-- he didn't want a life where he had no choice." His warm hand reached out to mine. "He can't stop feeling like some monster. He didn't choose to become a shifter and now his entire destiny has been chosen, he didn't want the same for you, either. He wanted you to have a say. He doesn't want you in this world of danger, nor did he want you to feel trapped with him."
"Oh my god, Quil!" I hiss. "Stop pretending the wolf thing is real! Stop messing with me."
"No, (Y/N). I promise. I can show you." He promises, looking me in the eye.
"So do it."
He stands up silently, letting go of my hand before removing his shirt. I notice how much buffer Quil had gotten in the last few months.
"My eyes are up here." He teases with a low laugh.
I blush as I realize I had been caught.
He double checks for something behind a bush about 15 feet from me before looking back into my eyes.
"Don't freak out." He looks at me. "Don't go anywhere, and remember I won't hurt you."
I nod, staring at him with doubt.
But Quil's body began to steam? I couldn't believe how it looked.
He began to almost convulse as he was seemingly ready to burst out of his own skin.
But then he did. He burst out of his own skin and turned into an enormous brown wolf.
"Qu-Quil?" I stutter, my eyes practically bulging out of my skull.
His enormous head nods, whimpering and looking directly into my eyes.
He slowly strode over to me, plopping his head down into my lap for me to feel his fur.
"What the fuck..." I mutter as he lets out a huff.
He pulls his head back, before turning and walking behind the bushes from earlier.
I heard shuffling and within a moment or two, shirtless Quil appears again and walks over to where he dropped his shirt before. He picks it up, putting it on before sitting right next to me.
"Alright." I breathe.
"Yeah. So, there's that." He sighs, looking at me.
"I see."
"Well, now you know it all."
"I guess I do."
I don't know how I was supposed to feel.
But I know I felt so confused. I felt some relief in knowing that Jacob did love me... that what I was feeling had a valid reason. It was abnormally painful because it wasn't normal-- it was supernatural.
But in the end, it didn't make me feel better. It didn't make anything hurt less.
I felt tears prick my eyes before I put my head into my hands. I don't think it was possible to cope with this any differently.
Quil quickly put his arm around me, pulling me into his side and kissing the top of my head.
A wave of comfort washed over to me.
"It's okay. I'm here for you, always." He whispers into my hair, lightly scratching my back. "Always."
Quil always knew how to make me feel better.
In-fact, he was the only person these days who could make me feel better.
"By the way, I don't want to read his letter."
"Thank you." I murmur as I bury my head further into his chest.
"Let's get you out of here. It's not safe." He urges, helping me up after a moment.
"Not safe?" I question.
"Well, the red-head has been coming around. We don't know what she wants but she's looking for something."
"Vampire. I gotta catch you up." He chuckles.
"Ah, got it." I say nervously, looking around.
"Don't worry. We chased her back to the Canadian boarder the other night. We probably won't see her for a few days. But the others are on patrol now."
I shake my head in disbelief as everything coming out of his mouth seems utterly ridiculous.
It felt unreal.
The car ride back to my house didn't take long, but even after our conversation I felt just as hollow as before.
He must've sensed my sadness, as he reached out a hand for me to grab.
I looked over, studying the way his knuckles lay on the center console.
I lightly grabbed his hand before leaning onto his arm, pulling it into my own and laying my head on his bicep as he drove.
His feverish skin felt heavenly on my seemingly ice-cold body, Quil was the only source of warmth for me anymore. I was suddenly realizing just how much I needed him.
"Thank you." I whisper, closing my eyes in comfort as I absorbed all of his warmth.
"Always." His hoarse voice barely audible.
The drive back to my house wasn't long, but with my eyes closed the entirety of it, it was as if I had lost all sense of time.
I was exhausted from everything I had learned today... from everything I saw.
We made our way over to the couch, yet again.
The letter fell out of my jacket pocket as I took it off, causing the pain in my chest to heighten. It felt as if the wind was knocked out of my as I saw a glimpse of the handwriting as it fell to the floor.
Quil's face turned into one of understanding as he realized where my focus had turned to.
I pick up the letter with tears in my eyes, clutching it to my chest and sitting on the couch.
Quil quickly followed, sitting next to me.
"Why am I not enough?" I sobbed.
"You are more than enough. You are everything, (Y/N)." He coos, taking the note from my hands and placing it on the coffee table in front of us. He pulled me into his chest before holding me close. One hand on my back and the other on the base of my neck, pulling my sobbing frame into his chest. "Don't you ever say that, you are enough."
"But why is it always Bella?" I choke.
"Believe me, it is not."
"But it is, it's always her! It's always Bella."
"(Y/N), you are everything. Jacob doesn't even understand what he's doing. Please, please do not let this destroy you." He pleads, his voice breaking as I feel tears of his own falling onto the top of my head. "I know it's hard with this bond, but you are so much stronger than you think. You are so much more than you think."
Quil leaned back and I followed suit, crying into his chest as he covered me with a blanket.
"Thank you." I sob, tears soaking his shirt.
"I will always be here for you. I will always be here to tell you how much you are loved, whenever you need it." He promises. "I'll always be here."
I nod, silently thanking him as I wrap my arms around him and accept the darkness of my closed eyes.
His fingers lightly ran up and down my back as he shushed my sobs, trying to soothe me further.
I felt myself drifting to sleep, accepting the comfort of Quil while mourning the loss of a life with Jacob in it.
Read here: Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part IV / Part V
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If I missed anyone, I am sorry! PM me and let me know!
Thank you for being patient and for reading! I will update as soon as I can! I anticipate a couple more chapters!
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It's Chronic, Babe
Paul Lahote x Reader
Warnings: Chronic illness, none
Paul Lahote had never been a calm human being. His life had been chaotic and it was the only way he knew how to function. That is, until he imprinted.
There was a beautiful girl named y/n whom he had happened across in a grocery aisle, having some breathing problems. All at once his world had meaning and focus as he stopped his cart to check on you. But the imprint had been so subtle, he had hardly noticed.
"Ma'am are you alright?" His tone laced with concern that he hardly recognized.
The girl looked up wearily, ashen-faced, slouching on her cart for support, breathing heavily.
"Oh, I'm alright," she smiled weakly. "I'm just a little tired. Thank you".
This threw Paul for a loop. You were not 'fine'. And you weren't 'just a little tired'. He'd heard about an increase in odd illnesses in recent decades but never seen it. Now he wondered if this was a manifestation. Without knowing why he cared, Paul put a gentle hand on yours.
"I think it's more than that. Why don't we get the rest of your groceries so you can get out of here. Don't want 'Girl collapses in the cereal aisle,' to be the headlines tomorrow. Goodness knows the local news is desperate enough as it is." He finished with a smile and caught a glint of mirth in your glazed eyes.
You sighed and he caught your reluctence.
"Please," he insisted. "Just sit and I'll finish your groceries for you".
You smiled, "Alright, Paul" you acceded, and he sped off.
Truthfully you'd been worse lately. Your lungs always seemed out of air but the doctors insisted you were fine. Letting a stranger help made you somewhat anxious but it was your best shot. Dimly you wondered if you'd be able to drive.
Your whole body seemed overwhelmed with exhaustion. Every cell was strained and begging for rest. All from a simple shopping trip. You hadn't left the house in days - heck, you'd hardly left your bed. Pain permeated your whole being as you blanked out of your surroundings. Fluorescent lights had never been your friend, and a dull throb began in your head.
Paul came back, putting the groceries in the cart. Crouching beside you he said, "Okay, everything's good to go, but you seem worse for wear. Is there someone I can call for you?"
You shook your head and shakily got to your feet. "No, thank you. I'll be fine". But even as the words exited your mouth you stumbled a little, causing Paul reach out and give you support.
"You need to get home at least. Let me run this through the checkout, then we'll figure out how to get you back."
Scooping a strong arm around you, he left his own cart behind, maneuvering yours with one hand. The support helped and you relaxed into his side.
Few would have guessed you weren't a couple - you looked so natural together.
Paul apparently payed for everything and wheeled outside.
"Which car is yours?"
You pointed and fished the keys out of your pocket. He loaded everything. "May I drive you to your apartment? You seem very unwell".
"Yes please. I'm sorry, I'm not usually this bad - just been a little worse lately."
He nodded sagely as you both ducked into the car.
"So what is your illness exactly?" he questioned to pass the time.
"No one knows. It's chronic. Pain and fatigue are constant. There's a lot of brain fog and some sensory issues. My personal flavor also has difficulty breathing. Thanks for getting me out of there, by the way. Those fluorescent lights give me a headache."
"And the doctors..." he trailed off hesitantly. Somehow he had a feeling of dread that he knew the answer.
"Don't believe me," you chuckled mirthlessly.
"That's awful," he said indignantly, temper rising.
You shrugged.
"What, so they just think you're making it up or something?"
Paul said nothing. He was fuming - seething with rage. He saw what you were suffering - yet only the cusp. How much must you suffer on a daily basis?
You turned in your seat, eyes tracking his body language. "Paul, slow down. Everything's okay. Don't get worked up for me. I'm alright," you comforted softly.
"You just shouldn't have to go through that," he muttered, slowing down.
"Don't worry," you smiled, "There are worse things."
Upon arriving, Paul zipped round to the trunk immediately unloading as you got yourself out. Reaching the steps, you heaved a deep breathe and began climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest. Paul put a supporting arm around you again, never rushing as you slowly managed the stairs.
He unlocked your apartment door and guided you to sit on the couch. Then he flipped on the TV, threw a blanket around you, adjusted the thermostat and found his own way to the kitchen, where he began meticulously putting the groceries away.
You were numbly amused at the situation but also touched. Today's problem was by no means unusual but most people never gave you a glance. Yet this one lone man had left his own shopping and car behind, going out of his way to help you. It was slightly disconcerting that you did not know him, but somehow you had a deep seated conviction that you could trust him.
Paul came back and handed you a banana and orange juice.
"Eat up, I'll be back in a jiffy," he encouraged with a smile.
Once again he disappeared into the kitchen. This time there was a small clattering of dishes and he reappeared with a sandwich and your pillbox.
"Sorry if this is overstepping, but I wasn't sure what you needed".
A smile lit your face and the kindness warmed you. "Thank you, Paul. This is perfect. Go get yourself some food and come back. Consider it payment for your chivalry."
He was about to protest but you fixed him with a death stare that he dared not oppose. Laughing, he did as told and you both settled in to watch "The Planet's Funniest Animals".
"Man, I miss this show. I used to watch it every Saturday morning as a kid," he enthused.
You nodded, "Same", and downed your meds with a swig of juice, taking another crunch at your sandwich.
"What other shows did you watch," you mumbled, mouth full of vittles.
You both bantered contentedly as a few hours ticked passed. Food, fluids, and meds began to do their magic and you revived somewhat. A spark returned to your eyes, and a pinkish glow to your cheeks.
"You're looking better," Paul remarked, smiling.
"I am, very much. Thank you for everything Mr. Lahote. I appreciate it."
He cringed at the surname. "Please, Mr. Lahote is my dad and a bad one at that. I'm just Paul."
"Alright, 'Just Paul'" you quipped.
"Arrrrgh!" he revolted and slouched in defeat, making you giggle.
"Well, I'll leave you now. Here's my number - I'm not flirting with you -" he assured abruptly, worried about how it might come across, "Just call if you need anything."
You laughed, "I know, Paul. Thank you for everything." He rose not expecting you to follow suit.
But you got up and gave him a hug which he freely reciprocated.
What you didn't know was that Paul hadn't felt this peaceful in years. Especially since shifting. Now he had a purpose - Protecting you.
"Anytime," he replied. With a smile and nod he left, locking the door behind him.
You both knew this was not the end.
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𝟏.𝟑𝐤 𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
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Tumblr media
harry potter recs
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Tumblr media
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Little Things: The Cullens x Reader.
Tumblr media
Alice already had a bedroom ready for you. She’s been waiting for you for years and years since the moment she first envisioned you (seriously, what took you so long?), searching the future for your arrival.
And then...there you were!
The sight had come first in another and vision and Alice knew then that it was finally time for you to come home. Alice spent all month smiling, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until you arrived in Forks...but she still had enough time to prepare! The walls are painted in a color she thinks you look so pretty in (the same shade of purple you’ll wear on your first date), empty picture frames waiting to be filled with your memories. The left side of the walk-in wardrobe in cleared just for you (though she’s already picked a few outfits for you) and the decorations add little hints of you.
You came on a rainy day, hood hiding your face as you walked through the rainy streets of Forks and tried to get used to this new place.
A sleek car catches your attention, Alice leaning against it and smiling at you.
By now, their strangeness and mystery lurking around the Cullens like shadows. And yet...you’re smiling at her and Alice’s unbeating heart is flipping in her chest, golden eyes bright and smile so sweet as she approaches you.
“Hi, I’m Alice.”
“...I’m Y/N.”
Mesmerized by her, Alice fits so perfectly into your life all while her own life has been prepared for you.
She’d been waiting for you all her life!
Tumblr media
Emmett loves to hold you. In his mind, there’s nothing on earth better then having his favorite person in the world on his arm! And he’s super affectionate, too, so be prepared to be absolutely smothered in his love and affection.
But, like, in a really sweet way!
You fit into his arms like you were made just for him, just so tiny compared to his massive, muscular body. Any chance he gets, Emmett will be touching you (playing with your hair, holding your hands, kissing your neck, always keeping an arm wrapped around your waist or shoulders) and holding you. He absolutely LOVES to bear hug you from behind and pull you onto his lap, lips all over your neck as you laugh.  
He refuses to let go.
And you’re not going anywhere, settling into his embrace as you lean against his heart and smile softly and just feeling so freaking happy.
It’s perfect. Emmett is prefect.
But if you tell him that, he’ll only insist that you are more perfect then he could ever be. He always does that with compliments, insisting that you are the prettiest/smartest/sweetest/coolest/most wonderful creature on the planet (but he will insist that he has the best ass and grins when you agree with him).
Tumblr media
Jasper thinks that you’re magic, because he only ever feels in control when he’s with you. The affect you have on him is like no other.
You are his salvation, his sweetest comfort, his best friend and lover...and he is so, so grateful for you.
Whenever he starts to struggle and feels his resolve slipping, you appear by his side, somehow sensing his hurt. The touch of your hand over his makes the weight on his back lessen a little, biting back the burning temptation as he looks at you.
It’s okay, your eyes seem to say.
And for a moment he believes it, leaning against your shoulder as he settles into your arms. You play with his golden hair and kiss his cold face and Jasper just melt for you. At once all around them are over taken by the most perfect bliss. Happiness bubbles in their minds, their best memories of love and pure joy slowly filling them.
The world was suddenly silent, mortals looking away and drifting off into dreams of love and happily ever after.
But Jasper was looking at you, happily ever after existing only in your eyes.
Tumblr media
Rosalie is a classical romantic. This wonderful woman is going to sweep you off of your feet in the best of ways!
Flowers, jewelry, romantic dates! She’s going all at for you.
She’ll drive up in her bright red car, dressed to the nines. Perfect red lips pull into the brightest of smiles as she takes your hand and begs you to “go away with her”. Where are you off to, you might ask? Who knows! All she needs is you by her side, music blasting as the two of you drive off into nowhere.
The trouble you get into is legendary.
Bar fights, getting banned from establishments and whole towns (which was a fun conversation with Carlisle), street racing, playing poker, ballroom dancing after an expensive dinner, all kinds of crazy, fun, wonderful things! It’s not uncommon to suddenly reappear at the Cullen house, disheveled and still laughing. When you are a human, Rosalie will remember not to get too wild, treating you like something delicate. But when you are turned, the to of you will be more wild then ever!
She loves it, all of these adventures together.
Once upon a time, eternity seemed like a prison sentence, too long and too miserable to bear by herself. But now she has you and forever doesn’t seem long enough!
So every so often, when she tires of playing human, Rosalie will pull up in her shiny red car and take you far, far away. And you hop in every time, her hand on your thigh and a smile on your face as the tow of you vanish again and again.
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Some real scenes from Twilight
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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velvetcloxds · 4 months
pairing: carlisle cullen x gn!reader
word count: 1k
warnings: ittie bittie bit of blood
summary: cooking with the cullens is a remarkably risky task, especially when you're too focused on your boyfriend to pay attention to what you're doing
Tumblr media
You had no idea what you were doing, long gone into a world of your own as Alice continued to melodically dish about instructions to cook the perfect lasagne in honour of Bella coming to dinner- though, with your cooking expertise lacking the perfection the Cullen sister demanded, she’d very quickly assigned you the task of preparing the salad which was the real beginning of your downfall. You’d been halfway through washing the tomatoes when you heard Carlisle and Edward coming down from his office, their voices filling the otherwise silent kitchen.
You’d already seen him today, of course, a quick greeting and a somewhat whispered speech of affection before you’d been whisked away to work and you’d attempted with all your might to remain focussed, to not let your thoughts slip away but that was all but impossible with him being sat so perfectly in your view. It was hardly an unfamiliar notion, you being mesmerised by him, being lost in him- in fact, Edward was the unlucky soul to experience most of your musings first hand, but it felt worse with him in the room, perfectly at your disposal yet completely out of reach.
Your lip was caught between your teeth, eyes almost dazed as you made vertical cuts into the cucumber, moving your fingers with the knife as you heard Carlisle laugh lowly at something Edward said, the kind of laugh he reserved purely to humour people, to make them feel noticed, the type of laugh that set a tumble free in your heart. Edward picked up on that first, picked up on the loving thoughts that coupled with it, another familiar notion- what happened next, however, was a first.
“Y/n,” Alice sounded alarmed, dropping the spoon from her hand as you hissed softly, barely registering the pain that spread through your nerves as you watched blood creeping from the cut on your hand, panic only settling when you remembered where you were. “What happened?” she demanded, moving away from you to make room for Carlisle to pass, his own features showing a mixture of concern and confusion.
“I’m not sure,” you sighed, eyes instantly meeting Carlisle’s as he wrapped a rag around your fingers to hide the almost addicting scent that scurried about the room, somewhat relieved that the others were out hunting. “I wasn’t paying attention,” you admitted and the little scoff that Edward offered in reply painted your cheeks with warmth, a reaction that didn’t for a second go unnoticed by your boyfriend.
“Let’s get you upstairs,” Carlisle suggested, deciding to give you some time to breathe before satisfying his curiosity. “Everyone out of the kitchen,” he commanded, though the pair of vampires were already preparing to do exactly that, knowing it would not be wise to stay there until Carlisle cleansed everything from your blood.
While Carlisle guided you upstairs you considered your fate, not entirely sure how you’d even begin to explain that daydreaming about him was the very reason you’d managed to hurt yourself- this man, the very vision of sophistication and stature- the same man to reduce you to a blushing, foolish mess simply by appearing in you mind. It was all very much unfair, torturously so, that you’d find yourself in love with someone who robbed you of all composure and control.
“I know you’re not all that fond of this part,” Carlisle noted and when you finally convinced yourself to pay attention to your surroundings you noticed the disinfectant in his hands. “But I promise, if you just keep your eyes on me, it’ll be over before you know it,” he suggested and you couldn’t help but smile up at him, curious eyes doing exactly what he told you to as he leaned in closer, prompting you to take a desperate quick breath. It was, in fact, over before you knew it, you'd been focussing on his every move until you found yourself melting into the way his fingers brushed over the now closed wound all the way to your elbow, gently tugging you closer.
“Carlisle,” you breathed, and he hummed, immediately interested in what you wanted to say to him, hoping it would give some insight into your uncharacteristic silence. “You are extremely distracting,” you explained simply, allowing your hands to spread out over his chest, fingers moulding the cold fabric between them. He raised a questioning brow, begging you to continue but you couldn’t bare saying more, groaning lightly at his soft smirk.
“Distracting?” he pushed, tilting his head when you tried to move out of sight, free hand now gripping your waist, keeping you in place while also gifting him with the perfect little scene. “Oh, love, don’t tell me…” he was amused, even more so when another groan left your lips, head falling forward against his bicep.
“Please don’t laugh at me, Carlisle, you don’t understand how difficult it is,” you twisted to look up at him, moving your hands to his lower arm as he half-smiled, eyes ablaze with adoration you were too distracted to notice, but he was ever enjoying his own torturous view.
“Laugh at you? Why ever would I laugh at you?”
“Because it sounds ridiculous, absolutely ludicrous that I should allow myself to be so consistently enthralled by you that I can’t seem to think of anything else or do anything else for that matter without it turning into a mess,” you’d not noticed you were pouting until he brought his thumb to your lip, gently smoothing it into placed as you felt a familiar sense of silly intoxication sneak into your mind.
“You think yourself the only one facing such a treacherous trepidation? Surely you don’t think I’m immune to the delusions of love?” he smiled at that, shrugging as if to silence your objections before his hand cupped your cheek. “You flatter me, love, but I promise you, that I’m as much of a ludicrous fool for you as you are for me.”
“So you say, but only one of us has the scars to prove it,” you retorted, melting into his hold as the very laugh that led to this whole ordeal sang around you, and you groaned, silencing him with a delicate kiss. “Careful,” you warned against his lips, kissing his cupid’s bow as he smiled. “That’s a dangerous little sound.”
“I’ve never been one to shy away from danger, Y/n, you know that.”
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twilightdelusions · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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long-lost-cullen · 7 months
Cullen Family Helping You Through a Depressive Episode [headcanons]
Carlisle 🧣
- The most logical one to be honest
- Being a doctor, he knows how important it is to keep you healthy
- He keeps you fed/watered/nourished, makes you whatever food you want and brings it to you in bed
- Carlisle always makes sure that you have a cool glass of water on your bedside table
- He also helps you stay clean; he will offer to hop in the tub or shower and bathe with you, or if you asked him to he would just wait in the bedroom getting some pajamas for you
- He’ll brush your hair for you, but he’s not a very good stylist so dont expect anything more than a simple braid (and even that would look a little wonky lol)
- Offers to lay with you, if you accept he will hold you so gently and lovingly
- Continuously praising you and telling you how strong you are and how good you have been doing
- Sometimes he will read to you while you cuddle, any book you want 
- He's always there for you, he never hesitates to help you whenever you need
- Sometimes he knows when you start spiraling before you do
- He knows just the right things to do and say to help you calm down
- He’s surprisingly scared that you’re going to do something stupid if things get too bad. He hides his fear well, he doesn't want you to worry about him on top of everything else
- Always tries his best to help you and stay by your side for as long as you need
Jasper 🐴
- He can feel that you’re feeling down, without you even telling him
- Never try to hide it from him, cause thats never going to work. He always knows what you’re feeling, and he is always on red alert whenever he feels literally any negative emotion from you
- Jasper is a quiet person, so he isn’t very forward or aggressive about his approach, his is more subtle but still very much effective
- He doesn’t really say a lot, it’s his actions that speak volumes.
- His love language is quality time and touch, so he is always by your side
- He is definitely the type to ask if he can touch you when you start to spiral. If you’re panicking, he asks to give you a hug; if you dont feel comfortable with that, he’ll just hold your hands
- Jasper has never been more grateful for his powers than those times when you feel so down and self hating
- It hurts him so much to feel all that pain and suffering you feel for yourself, and/or in general
- He enjoys quietly cuddling together, which always seems to improve your mood
- If things are really bad, he will hum some old country songs from his childhood, but thats very rare
- The biggest thing he does is to use his powers to help you, but he doesn’t do it to much because he doesn’t want to control your emotions, he just wants to help you know what i mean?
Emmett ⚾
- My favorite himbo <3
- His biggest thing is to distract you and get your mind off of whatever is hurting you
- He will be the one to offer cuddles before you even ask, he hugs you so tight and starts talking about everything and nothing
- Emmett would be the first to help get you out of bed
- He would make a huge effort to keep you fed, he just wants to keep you healthy
- If you’re feeling up for it, he likes to take you on hikes in the woods. It’s a simple thing but it helps you focus on something else
- If you don’t want to get out of bed, he is perfectly fine just cuddling and watching something on tv
- He will whisper sweet things into your ear
- Telling you how much he loves you
- He focuses a little less on the actual situation and more on hyping you up in general
- Like he will compliment your personality and appearance. He will go over everything he loves about you and every single part of your body and tells you why he loves all of it
- He loves to cover you in kisses and doesn’t stop showering you in praises until he knows for a fact that you’re feeling better
Edward 🎹
- Would either be the sweetest, most comforting man ever or a distant, super cold one
- There’s no in between, sorry about it :/
- Sometimes he would be almost suffocating with how worried and close he would be
- He wouldn’t leave your side for a second, always doing anything you need
- But sometimes it would start to make him start to spiral
- Like he would start to worry that he’s not good enough to take care of you and you dont deserve him
- After he sees how stupid that thought is, he sees how much you need him in this hard time so he steps up to the plate and starts doing much better
- He doesn’t know how to cook, but he’ll buy you any food you want
- He will gladly cuddle and praise you whenever you need
- Sometimes he will even play you some piano, to help you drift off to sleep
- He would surprise you with a song he wrote for you
- Even if he doesn’t want to force you to do anything he would persuade you to get out of bed
- Both of you sit at the piano and she will teach you a thing or two
- But usually he likes to take you on walks in the woods, his favorite thing to do is just lay in the field with you and feel the cool breeze and your warm hand in his
- It brings him peace. Being there with you and knowing that he’s helping you feel better
Rosalie 👑
- She is similar to Jasper with the more subtle approach
- Rosalie understands what it’s like to have those really bad days because she’s had them
- She will help you stay clean and eat something
- Rosalie would take baths with you and brush your hair, doing it up in a beautiful style
- Usually people see her as the cold, stubborn type of girl, but she’s much more than that
- She knows what it’s like to feel that broken
- That’s why she offers her help in any way she can, anything you want, it’s yours
- It’s the little things for her
- Like she’ll make you a simple sandwich or just be cuddling with you
- A bunch of those little things just keep adding up and she doesn’t stop there
- She would bring you gifts to try to raise your spirits
- She’s a little awkward in her approach to showing you this much affection, thats why she does a bunch of little things rather than huge declarations of her love
- It’s more of an unspoken understanding about how much she loves you. But when times like these hit, she realizes that you need her reassurance and love more than ever
- She puts in a huge amount of effort into those small gifts and actions, just to make sure you know she loves you and will always be there when you need
Alice 🌖
- I know that all of the Cullens know what it’s like to feel broken and hurt, its just that some know the feeling more than others
- Alice definitely knows that feeling
- Sometimes she sees that you’re going to have an episode before it even starts
- So she starts gathering all the supplies: your favorite snacks, blankets and anything else you need
- She is super worried for you but she hides it with her positivity
- She will give you makeovers and take care of you, without you even asking
- The makeovers are her favorite because not only is it a way to get your mind focused on other things but it’s an easy way to help keep up your hygiene with the showering and the self care she helps you with
- Sometimes, if things are looking really bad she will get really worried that something bad was going to happen
- Then she sees a vision of everything being okay in the future
- She very much enjoys wrapping you in tight hugs and whispering nice things to you
- Everything from “You’re so beautiful inside and out, i love you so much” to “everything is going to be okay, we’re going to get through this together. I’ve seen it”
Esme 🥀
- Dare i say: she would take a much more maternal and protective approach
-  I dont want to say she forces you to eat and drink but she definitely makes you stay nourished
- She is more than willing to make you anything you want, she just wants to help in any way she can to make you feel better
- She will help you bathe and cuddle all day if you need
- Cuddling is her specialty, she makes it even better because she likes to sing quietly
- She likes to hum and sing you cute little songs until you drift back to sleep
- As much as she doesn’t want to force you to do anything, she does make you take regular walks and get outside every day
- The movement and fresh air are very important
- She will make a picnic basket and take it on a small hike, just the two of you
- Esme would gladly make your favorite food (or try to) and have a cute little picnic to take your mind off of things :)
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vampvre · 8 months
smeyer: Jessica Stanley is EVIL, she is a two-faced bitch and a pervert!
Jessica, a literal normal average teenage girl:
Tumblr media
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edwardsapple · 10 months
Warmth; Smut
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Edward Cullen x Fem!Reader
CW: DARK THEMES PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION, somnophilia, dubcon, groping, unprotected sex, plotless smut, degrading
Summary: One night, Edward finally indulges in his fantasy of sleeping with Y/n
A/N: this is my first time writing smut with dark themes to please bare with me <3 also happy valentines day !! ^_^
Word count: 956
It was a cold Friday night, and Edward’s gaze couldn’t stop but to fixate on Y/n’s body.
The way the pale moonlight reflected on her skin, or the way her hand was gracefully placed on her chest, or maybe how her body curved whenever she held onto her pillow.
She never minded his presence, but he was always more comfortable keeping a distance between them.
Though it wasn’t as if he’d never fantasize of her. After watching Y/n for quite a while, Edward could sometimes feel his cock twitch through his pants over a small, yet sinful thought of her. But all he managed to ever do was shrug it off and wait til the feeling had gone away.
Though it was this night, specifically, which drove him closer to the edge. Edward had a clear view of Y/n’s hard nipples poking out of her tank top, and the glimpse of her shorts which revealed her inner thighs.
He couldn’t help but to imagine how it would feel to fuck her. Although he was a vampire, it were moments like these which made him feel more human.
At this moment, he had finally give in to what he held back for a long time. The overwhelming feeling of his erotic fantasies came to the tall vampire. As he began to strip of his pants, only leaving him with his black tight fitted shirt and his Calvin Klein boxers.
Edward approached Y/n. Glaring over her figure, then eventually crawled on top of her. His breath becoming shallow as he didn’t want to wake her up.
Slowly, he began to kiss her lips, then reached over to her cheek, and got lower from there. His cold lips touched the edges of her jaw. And he couldn’t let go of her neck, not to mention how his hand was placed to the side of it. Along with the feeling of her hard collarbones.
It was that moment in which the feeling of Y/n’s warmth drew him in.
Edwards hands then slipped from the inside of Y/n’s tank top to reach for her breasts, gently playing with them and tugging onto her nipples. Which caused her to moan a little as a reaction.
Biting his lip, Edward let his erect cock grind against her clothed pussy. Letting his perverted fantasies play out.
“Oh Y/n.. if only you knew how much I’ve wanted you…” He whispered into her ear
His hand had desperately held onto her breast, playing with it. As his other hand desperately grabbed onto Y/n’s hand.
“—and the amount of times I’ve thought about giving you a good fuck like the slut you are..” He managed to blurt out.
Edward stopped for a moment to slowly remove her shorts, revealing her cotton panties. He could sense her wetness without needing to see anything.
“You’re wet, aren’t you? I haven’t even gotten inside you and I still managed to turn you on” His lips slowly formed to a smirk.
His fingers rubbed her slit through her panties, a feeing of dampness going through. Edward slowly revealed your dripping pussy, tossing your panties aside.
As Edward tugged his boxers off, his fully erect cock slapped his lower abdomen. Positioning himself closer to Y/n, his length was rubbing against her wetness to tease her a little.
“Y/n, darling, I’m going to fuck you so good tonight and I’ll make sure of it.” He whispered into Y/n’s ear.
The tip met her entrance, and the size of him stretched inside of her as he let his length go in deeper.
Once he was fully inside, his arms held onto both of her hands. As Edwards cock slowly thrusted.
While this occurred, Y/n’s eyes began to flutter open. Eventually gaining conscious of what was occurring,
“Wakey wakey, Y/n. I do have to say how good you feel with my cock stuffed inside of you.” Edward smirked
And he was right, his girth was something Y/n has never felt before. But at the same time it felt so right, the feeling of his cock reaching a spot inside her that made Y/n feel a sort of high. So it felt natural for her to be vocal about the sensation.
“Shhhh now, you wouldn’t want your dad to be hearing how much of a slut you are now do you?” Edward said softly, covering her mouth as he spoke.
Though all she could respond with was a nod and an eye roll as he continued to hit her g spot continuously.
“Yes- please there-!” Y/n gasped, grasping onto Edwards biceps
“You think you are so innocent hm? Oh I know what you’ve been doing all along, darling. Dressing in clothes you knew would make me hard, being a little-fuck-whore just for me huh?” As Edward said that he let himself pound inside of her but this time, hard. Burying his face into your neck.
Y/n didn’t want to disobey Edward so she let her teeth bite into your lower him, letting herself take in the electric feeling tensing up inside of her.
“Edward, fuck-“ By the time Y/n said that she reached her orgasm, pulling him closer to her.
Even through she’d already came, Edward didn’t stop until he reached his climax as well.
“I’m going to fill you up so much darling you have no idea” He moaned before his tip met her cervix, letting his warmth release inside of her. Edward’s lips met hers and refused to let go of the kiss for the longest time. 
His fingers running through her hair, but in the end it was a night they would never forget.
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atlas-of-a-human-soul · 7 months
Wildest dreams
Tumblr media
Looking left, she let out a heavy sigh. Y/N could have sworn she saw someone from the corner of her eye as she walked the same hiking trail she always takes on the way to work. 
Biting her lower lip, she releases it a shade darker as cold sweat coats the back of her neck. She can feel something coming, lurking in the gloomy shadows of a rainy forest she never learned to fear. She grew up here, why would she be afraid?
Yet she felt fear creep up on her, slowly clawing its way to the surface as her hands began to shake. Swallowing thickly, she inhales sharply as she turns around swiftly.
Seeing nothing behind brought a chuckle out of her, releasing some of the panic she built up inside of her throat. It’s not a feeling she enjoys, as if she’s stalked - as if she’s the prey. 
Shaking her head, Y/N keeps walking. It’s probably nothing, just her mind playing tricks on her. After all, too often did she have company as she walked to and from work. Jacob Black never allowed her to be alone in the forest before - until he disappeared from her life. 
After all the years they spent being best friends, platonic soulmates as he once called it, Jacob Black had stopped answering her calls. He didn’t even look her way when she’d run after him, attempting to apologize for whatever she must have said or done for him to discard her like trash. 
Did she not deserve more?
At first he was just gone from her life, leaving an emptiness she couldn’t reconcile. It troubles her, day and night. Their start was perfect, the middle an epitome of what friendship is meant to be, but the end had turned bitter. 
Now, Jacob had gone with the weird Forks family that he slandered before her more than once. It seemed as if he was happy to join their weird clan, happier than he was when he joined Sam’s cult - yet another thing he claimed he’d never be dragged into but embraced it without a second thought once it was offered to him.
In that he traded her and she never forgave him for it. Her eyes are still damp when she thinks about it, feeling as if he had broken her chest, not just her heart.
Hearing a loud crack at her side, she gasps. Eyes wide, she searches the woods as she slowly backs away. It wouldn’t be wise to run from an animal, it would only entice it to chase after her with more fervor. 
She tries holding her breath to stifle another panicked laugh from escaping her. She feels like a lunatic, completely losing her mind as she look around wildly. Truth be told, she didn’t quite expect to live a long life - none of the women in her family were lucky to, but to die mauled by a cougar or a bear wasn’t quite the way she imagined leaving the world.
What would her father bury if she’s eaten by a hungry wolf? Would he have anything to put to rest? Would Jacob come and say his goodbye then? 
Inhaling sharply, she didn’t bother imagining he’d come for her. He moved on easily, it’s her who struggles to accept reality - friends can break your heart too and it hurt so much worse. The betrayal is incomparable. Sure, it hurt like hell when Embry told her he doesn’t like her the way she wished he did, but losing Jacob had permanently damaged her ability to trust anyone.
“Alright”, she huffs. “Whatever you are, come and get me if you’re so brave!”
She’s definitely insane now. Even if the animal would leave her be, she certainly didn’t help her case by drawing it in. 
“But it’s so much more fun this way”, a human like creature dropped on the ground barely six feet away from her. 
Licking her lips, Y/N’s bottom lip quivers. This woman, if she could call it human, caused the hairs at the back of her neck to stand. The porcelain skin served as stark contrast to the rich burgundy color of her eyes. The left corner of her lips had dried blood, perfectly matching the blood smeared across her chest. Her long black hair framed her face perfectly as she smirked, revealing unusually sharp fangs.
Unsettling beauty, that’s the best way Y/N could describe it. Dangerous undoubtedly. Anything beautiful in nature is cause for worry - that’s precisely what they use to draw prey in and the fact they use nothing to hide only means they are at the top of the food chain.
“What are you?” Y/N’s breathless, struggling to keep herself calm. She might die soon, but she will die with the same courage her ancestors are known for. The last thing she’d ever allow herself is to be a coward in her last moments.
Tilting its head, the creature’s eyes narrow. “What do you think I am?”
Swallowing thickly, Y/N lifts her chin as the creature steps closer. “A harbinger of death.”
Giggling, it claps and the sound it produces reminded her of two rocks clashing. The same way she and Jacob would throw them into the ocean, hoping they stop the other from making the best throw.
“You’re funny”, it states. “I’m almost sorry for what I’m about to do to you.”
“And what might that be?” Y/N bites the inside of her cheek as it raises it’s brow.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to explain each step as I take my time breaking you.” Smirking, it steps closer again. “Until you’re begging for the pain to end and I, the merciful one, will provide the relief.”
Standing still, Y/N watches as it approaches her slowly. She’s shaking, her back straight as she keeps her brave act in place. She doesn’t feel as brave anymore. Closer this thing - demon - approaches her, clearer she can see the evil in its eyes. 
Closing her eyes, she holds her breath once again. She will not bow, she will not break, but she doesn’t have to stare death in the eye to do so. 
Waiting for the pain to come, almost deaf as the sound of her beating heart echoes in her ears, Y/N had thought back to the day she watched her best friend walk by her as if she never existed. In that moment he was a stranger to her for Jacob Black would have never done that to her. Whoever he became with Sam’s leadership was no friend of hers.
It’s silly how she thinks of him as she meets inevitable death, saying goodbye to the boy she once loved. He was her platonic soulmate and he too has died. She witnessed his death - there was no body, there was no funeral, but she mourned him all the same. It was her time now. Time to let go and accept her fate. 
Strong, warm arms grip her forearms. Shaking her, Y/N’s eyes snap wide open and in an instant she found herself captivated by the most beautiful storm raging behind the darkest of eyes. Black ink spread from the pupil and infused the cornea, overwhelming the brown undertones that fought for dominance but inevitably lost. They held a look of amazement, of shock she was certain her own eyes painted quite well on their own. 
“Is she okay?” A familiar voice shouted, snapping Y/N out of the daze. She looked to the guy asking, seeing a shirtless Embry with a crease between his eyebrows. 
Licking her lips, she turns back to the man who still held onto her with such fervor she was certain he’d never allow anyone to take her from his arms. It would have been perfect had it not been the very man she once detested with every cell in her body. 
While it seems as if she had stopped hating him considering she ONCE used to detest him, the feeling only subsided as she stopped seeing him around as often. After the world gave her a chance to not cross paths with the most eligible womanizer La Push had in decades, Y/N embraced it fully. 
Staring back at him felt ridiculous now - what was she enthralled by? The wonders she imagined in his eyes or perhaps the adrenaline of nearly facing death?
When it came to Paul Lahote, Y/N chooses to believe the latter. There is nothing in this world that she’d allow herself to find him attractive or interesting. Ever.
“Hello? Are you deaf?!” Embry exclaims, looking to Y/N this time around as her eyes meet his. “Were you hurt?”
“N-no?” She mutters, unsure about what had happened. One moment she was certain she’d die and next she found herself lost in Paul Lahote’s eyes. Perhaps she did die and now she’s stuck in a hell dimension where she wants to lean into his bare chest instead of slapping his hands away.
“Paul?!” Embry tosses him a shirt. “Get your act together man.”
Swallowing thickly, she realized Paul had barely blinked.
“You’re starting to freak me out, too.” Y/N tries to take a step back, but his hands on her are relentless. “Hands off, Lahote!” Y/N smacks his forearms, finally breaking him out of whatever thought he was stuck on.
“Finally got that one braincell to cooperate, huh?” She chuckles, looking to Embry who began cackling.
Furrowing his brows, Paul turns to Embry who claps like a seal. “THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!”
Part 2
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defaulttwig · 8 months
Edward Cullen x fem!reader (18+)
Summary: Edward is just a beast when it comes to sex lol
WC: 1.6k
Warnings: jumps right into sex lol, no build up
A/N: Batman got me back on the Rob train, which led me back to Edward. I don’t write him often so he’s probably ooc here but it doesn’t matter, this is smut. (p.s. back muscles hhhhhgghg)
Tumblr media
His name stopped on the tip of your tongue. You called for him, instead, with little gasps and moans. He answered with a slow blink, his head dipping to capture your mouth with his.
 Two fingers rubbed your clit in circles at a less-than-forgiving pace. He’d started slow, but the lust in the air fogged his brain. It was all he could do to keep you trembling and thrusting your hips to deepen the pressure.
 Your lips parted in another moan, swallowed down by him as his tongue lapped at the roof of your mouth. You shivered and gripped his shirt tightly, nails raking through the material to scratch at his back.
 Edward broke the kiss, his breath fanning across your face. You locked eyes with him, your brows knitted and your mind all but begged him to kiss you again. And what could he do against your sweet, persuading look, than to give in without a fight.
 He trained his thumb on your clit, fingers soaked enough to slip into you. Your back arched as he curled his fingers, the pads of his fingers rubbing amazingly against your walls. You bucked your hips to meet the thrusts, moaning into his mouth.
 The speed he flexed his fingers into you left your mouth open completely, blissed out of your mind. He near vibrated thanks to the vampiric agility. It didn’t take too long for your walls to squeeze around his fingers after he added a third, and your lower half spasmed around him.
 His whole hand had soaked by the time you gently pushed him and asked for more. More of Edward, even after he swore to you to contain himself. He feared what he’d do to you on a normal day. Again, though, your sweet, soft, moans that begged for him, pulled at his heart. And the way you moaned his name, spread your legs a little wider, and tried to pull him closer? It pushed him over the edge.
 He made quick work of unbuckling his pants and pulling them down. Caution went out the window the moment you two decided chancing this was a good idea. He held his dick in his slicked hand, coating it in your juices as he pumped himself a few times.
 You raised your head off the pillows to look at it. You hadn’t given it too much attention, flopping back onto the pillow and wriggling your hips invitingly. Gold eyes locked onto yours and he inched himself toward your hole.
 The tip just kissed your entrance before he stilled. Edward’s brows drew together in worry. You cupped the back of his head, threading your fingers in his hair.
 “I trust you,” you muttered sweetly.
 It was enough to crumble his resolve. What little part of him thought this idea was bad, Edward pushed it aside to grab the back of your thigh and inch it further away. He nestled himself close and dropped his eyes to focus between you.
 He pushed into you slowly, allowing you time to adjust to his size while he fought to maintain his composure. All the way to the hilt, he swallowed hard. It was too good, too tight, and so much. Your walls flexed around him and he lurched over, bracing one hand by your head as he squeezed your thigh.
 “You’ll let me know if it’s too much.” He posed it as less of a question and more of a demand.
 You nodded, nonetheless, biting your lip. What little pain had drummed up from him pushing into you had eased away. Edward read your mind, focusing on the pain aspect of your thoughts. He let go of your thigh to toy with your clit once more, his thumb swiping up and down the sensitive bud.
 Your thighs threatened to close, stopped only from him sitting between them. Edward cracked a smile at the curses that flooded through your mind. You were at your wit's end and just wanted him to move. It melted the tension from his shoulders. He had still hesitated in fear of hurting you until now.
 His movements started slow, hips pulling away from yours. You felt every inch of him shift, stuck in a tremble as he continued to flick your clit. Until just the tip remained, he snapped his hips into you.
 You both sucked in harsh breaths. You, out of pleasure. Edward, out of shock and a dash of guilt. He meant to be slow, but couldn’t help himself. His stomach twisted in knots until your mind’s filthy thoughts stole his attention. Your hands rested on his shoulders and pulled him slightly. He obliged and brought his mouth to yours.
 You wrapped your legs around his hips and all but kicked your heel against his thigh like a horse.
 Edward couldn’t deny it any longer. From how you wrapped around him to the taste of your mouth, he fully relinquished himself to his urges.
 The inhuman pace he set nearly rammed you into the headboard if your legs weren’t wrapped around him. You pulled on his shirt, a moan lodged in your throat, caught in painful pleasure. Your mouth hung open, tossed your head back, and you arched yourself into him.
 Edward dropped his head to capture your lips with his again, relishing in the broken thoughts in your mind. He rendered you blank, thinking only of him, his cock, Edward, Edward…It stroked him the right way.
 He broke the kiss and your lips chased after his. As much as he wanted to give you what you wanted, he also wanted to watch your cute expressions. You dropped your head to the pillows and cried for him. He chuckled until in your fit you exposed your neck. You continued to tug him toward you, unaware of the way his throat bobbed as he swallowed thickly.
 He bucked into you faster to distract himself. Impossibly, you’d think, but Edward managed to. He’d have broken a sweat from how he concentrated solely where you joined together and not at your pretty neck, shiny with your sweat. Your head lulled further to the side and Edward took it upon himself to cup your head and set you right up.
 It didn’t help. You leaned into his touch, exposing the side of your neck again as you struggled to match his pace. Edward unconsciously leaned toward it. His lips parted, fangs dragging along his bottom lip. Your eyes locked onto the canines, but you didn’t care. As long as he never stopped.
 More. More. More.
 Your thoughts encouraged him. Messed with his own thinking. His gaze trained on your neck. The wild beating of your heart and choked moans called for him. You arched your back, exposing your breasts to him.
 He dipped his head to the exposed skin, hoping for a brief distraction. His tongue flattened and swiped along one perky bud. He met your gaze and you shivered. It did nothing to distract him. His teeth grazed against your breast, aching to sink into something.
 “Edward,” you moaned. 
 You swallowed dryly and the simple shift of your neck had him latch his mouth over your pulse point. His mind fell away, teeth closer and closer to piercing your skin.
 Your voice raised in pitch. “I’m close.”
 He was too. Closer to breaking skin, to tasting you. He didn’t know if he could stop once it happened.
 “Edward.” You cried.
 His attention broke away to the way your cunt spasmed around him. He groaned, coming to his senses, and pulled away from your neck to connect his mouth to yours. All your heavy panting and sweet moans were swallowed eagerly.
 The fangs sank into your bottom lip.
 Blood filled both your mouths, licked and sucked up by Edward. He grabbed your face, lost in the taste of you. Your walls spasmed around him. His shirt began to tear at the seams from how long you’d tugged at it.
 His pace became animalistic. You moaned deeply into his mouth and pulled him closer.
 All too soon, the bed broke under you. It gave you both a jump and you broke the kiss, a line of red saliva between you two. You shook your head, dizzy and dazed, and pulled him back in.
 Edward sucked on your lip, his thrusts bruising your pelvis. It hurt so good.
 A pressure stirred in Edward. It climbed higher and higher, and his thrusts grew more erratic. You completely tore his shirt as his orgasm hit. He broke your kiss to lay his forehead against yours, lost in the hot liquid pushing out of him, filling you completely.
 You moaned in his face, nails scratching at his bare skin and earning a grunt from him. The warmth pooling in your cunt from him sent heat all over you. Your walls fluttered around him and another orgasm took over you.
 Once the ride of the high was over, Edward stilled on top of you. He blinked owlishly before he saw blood dribbling out the corner of your mouth. In an instant, he made to pull away, but your legs’ grip served to keep him in place.
 “You’re bleeding,” he said.
 You shook your head and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. “Relax. I’m fine.”
 Whether you were or not, he wouldn’t know. Your mind had gone completely blank, blissed out from the sex. You tugged on him again and he allowed himself to fall into you, his head nestled between your breasts.
 You lazily played with his hair, licking the pinpricks on your lip. He focused on the rise and fall of your chest.
 Briefly, you both realized the bed frame needed to be replaced.
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mrs-sakamata · 4 months
Hiii can I get a Volturi Kings imagine (poly preferably but seperates good too) with a human mate and how they "woo" them?
I love this!
Tumblr media
The Volturi Kings x GN! Reader
Summary: Request up top!
Warning: Fluff, "Wooing" Reader
You rushed through a hallway trying to find one of your mates in the big castle you shared with many vampires, three of them being your mates. Even if you were only confined to a small part of the vast castle, it was so hard to try to even find one of them.
Finally, you open a door to find Caius sitting by a window getting his painting done. Even though the man never aged, he instead each month his painting must be done.
You sighed as you ran to him, hugging his cold, hard body. "Love not now, I have to get this done today," he says, rubbing your back, accepting your love only for a second as he gently pushes you away with a look of pure love before kissing your cheek.
"Go love, find Aro and Marcus. I'm sure they're dying to see you." You laugh at his words as you gaze into his eyes that never seem to give you control over your own actions. It was like falling in love with him all over again. You nod, feeling giddy as you leave the room to find your other mates.
Coming up upon the third hallway you'd turned into, you heard voices muffled behind a dark oak door. You slowly open up to find your two mates. Aro, who sat in a chair across from Marcus, stood up, turned to you, along with Marcus, looking up from his book. "Cara, please come in," he says, opening up his arms only for you to run into them. Even though the man was hard as a marble, you crashed into his arms with no hesitation and no harm.
"I hope Cauis didn't chase you off." He teased as he cupped your face. You melted into his cold hand as his other wrapped around your waist. While talking with Marcus, he begins to stroke your cheek with his thumb.
Looking over at Marcus, you see him smile at you before going back to talking to Aro. You wiggle out of Aro's arms only to collapse into Marcus' lap. He quickly moved his book from his lap into the air while his other hand wrapped around your waist to hold onto you. You slid off onto the open spot next to him, with your legs now lying in his lap.
After moving around, you find your arm wrapped around his with your head laying on his shoulder. You could hear Marcus's voice echoing through his body as he talked with Aro. They changed subjects too fast for you to catch on to what they were talking about. Not that you cared, though it was fun when you overheard the castle gossip.
"Cara, aren't you tired?" You hear Marcus whispering in your ear. You open your eyes, not realizing that you have fallen asleep. Looking around, you couldn't find Aro, though you still found yourself tangled with Marcus's body. "Where's Aro?" You asked, lifting your head up from his shoulder. "He left hours ago." You were still processing his words as you found his arm around your waist. Smiling, you sink back into his arms, snuggling up to his body the way he had you before.
"You must be exhausted." "Here, snuggle in, and I'll read to you," he whispers while gently pushing your head back down to his shoulder. You hum and do as he says as he starts to read from his book. You take a deep breath in as you close your eyes, feeling a little too giddy for being tired. As you feel your face warm up, you start to hear his deep voice read aloud as your eyes start to feel heavy.
Hello, I hope you enjoyed if there is and grammar mistakes or misspellings sorry about that feel free to let me know in the comments, have a great day/afternoon/night!
Caius: Eye contact
Aro: Physical touch
Marcus: Quality time & Acts of service
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the-volturi-diaries · 6 months
All that Glitters // Volturi x Reader.
Tumblr media
Aro gives you garnets.
Cold lips kiss your neck as your heart flutters, then sweet sound of it exciting the king in ways he cannot describe. You love him! You adore him!
And he can never thank you enough for such a glorious gift!
One day your heart will by silent and you will be as lovely as he is...but for now you are a mere mortal and he is content with spoiling you. Perhaps, he hopes, these gems might be pleasing and (they are certainly pretty). Gold and garnets glitter against your skin as Aro kisses you again and again. Sighing beneath his touch, you close your eyes and kiss him too, the sweet summer of your flesh meeting the winter of his own form...no, it can never be enough.
“Oh, it’s lovely, Aro!”
Your love is a far greater gift then glitter gold and pretty gems and he can never thank you enough for loving him as he does you. But he’ll spoil you still, dressing you like the queen you are, and loving you like lovers do:
Passionately, wildly, truly!
Tumblr media
Caius gives you diamonds.
If one believes that the brutal king does not have a softness to him, they would be terribly wrong. You alone are his softness and the love he feels for you is his sole redeeming quality.
There is nothing to compare to your beauty, your wit, your love!
But diamonds are quite pretty and they look even prettier on you.
Picking what you like from the seller's wares, Caius drenches you in silver and jewels and dresses you like a queen...his queen! No one else will know this, but the diamonds draped around your neck is proof of some softness of his. Kissing your hand sweetly, Caius walks with you through the castle, smiling at the sight of his dear queen.
Diamonds around your neck, roses in your hair, and his kiss upon your lips.
Upon his throne, he is a cruel creature, showing no mercy to the quivering monsters at his feet. But in the privacy of his quarters, Caius will pull you onto his lap and show the sweetness that no one else has ever (or will ever) see. You’re whispering sweet things in his ear, lips nipping at naked skin as Caius sighs beneath your touch. The light catches the diamonds wrapped around and the sight makes him grin as you glitter like a queen.
His queen.
Tumblr media
Marcus gives you pearls.
Years ago, in a moment of intense depression and loneliness, he had bought to rope of pearls...though he had not understood why.
Why did he want them?
He had no one to share this gift with, no one to love and dress in pearls and lace...he has nothing. Nothing. But still he kept the pearls, taking them out every so often to look at them and imagine...what would they look like wrapped around a pretty neck? How lovely would it be to place them around his lover?
Now he does not need to imagine.
“Catch me if you can, love!”
Marcus is smiling brightly at the sight of you, oh, how perfect you are! Dancing through the sunlit garden, your lover is chasing you between the roses and lilies, pale hands reaching out to grasp your waist and pull you into him. Laughter ripples through the air as Marcus kisses the sweetness of your neck, cold lips trialing along your skin until he meets the pearls.
Perfect and beautiful, just like you.
Pulling you away to a shady corner of the gardens, Marcus will worship you as the lovely goddess you are, glowing and glittering and drenched in pearls, as you though you had risen from the sea in splendor.
Tumblr media
Felix gives you rubies.
They’re bloody and pretty and, oh, how lovely they look upon your skin! Red is his preferred color and he loves to drench you in bloody, bloody red.
For years, he has worn a ruby ring on his left middle finger.
And once he finds you (his lover, his darling, his mate!), he has a matching set made: a necklace, a ring, and a set of earrings. The excitement he feels when he finally gives you the gifts is wonderful, the massive vampire handing you the set of velvet boxes.
“Oh, Felix~”
Cold hands caress your skin as he dresses you in jewels. The necklace rests upon your neck and fixes the ring on your finger, kissing your hand as he does. You sigh sweetly beneath his touch as icy kisses move up, up, up your arm and along your neck. Still so warm in his embrace, Felix kisses the pulsing beat beneath your skin.
The world is silent tonight, there is only you and your undead lover.
And it will remain that way until morning light, Felix adoring you all through the night. Everything else will come off expect for those rubies, blood red gems the only thing left on your beauteous form.
Tumblr media
Heidi gives you anything from her collection.
Over the centuries, Heidi has gathered a massive collection of earrings, necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, and more. There are diamonds and pearls and emeralds and sapphires, opals and rubies and topaz!
And you may have them all!
She loves to dress you up in glittering gold and silvers and a sparkling array of gems. They are lovely, yes, but she insists that nothing could be as lovely as you...especially like this.
“My love...”
Laying nude upon the silk sheets, your body is adorned by only her jewels, diamonds and pearls glittering all over your supple form. Bracelets and rings adorn your arms and hands, a shimmering rope wrapped around your neck and dripping down your chest. The sight of you is something godly, like a gift sent from the heavens above.
But even prettier are the kisses she gives you, lipstick staining your skin as Heidi makes her way to your lips and takes what is rightfully hers.
Tumblr media
Santiago gives you sapphires.
While black, gray, and red are popular colors in the Volturi, Santiago has always preferred shades of blue. He likes the summer sky and starry nights, oceans and forget-me-nots and blue moons.
And he likes it all the more on you.
When he first found you and realized who you were to him (his one and only, his dream come true), Santiago had a gift made for you in hopes that you would one day wear it for him. And when you agreed to come away with him and become his for all of eternity, he gave it to you. Wearing it at this very moment, Santiago cannot take his eyes off of you.
The sapphires cover your skin like deep blue tears, looking so lovely.
Taking your hand in his, he pulls you into his embrace and begins to kiss the cold skin of your neck. It was there, Santiago recalls, that he had bitten you, venom still scarring the crook of your neck. He kisses the wound and grins as you sigh, hands running along his back.
He could listen to you say that for all of eternity!
Tumblr media
Alec gives you his heart.
You convince him to attend a festival with you, the two of you sneaking out of the castle and into the city. In the darkness of the night, you dance and play, no different than any lovers dancing through Volterra...and then he sees it.
It’s a pretty thing, a red heart that glows when you touch it just so.
He wins it for your easily (though is sure to throw a loss or two in order to blend in a bit better, the both of you are already stealing too much attention) and clasps it around your neck as you smile.
“I love it!”
You kiss him sweetly and, since that night, you’ve worn it always. Sometimes Alec presses it just to see it light up because when it does, you light up too, giggling and kissing him all over again as he sighs in delight.
Eternity was never so sweet as it has been with you.
Over time, Alec will bring you many gifts (he likes to spoil you) but this will always remain his very favorite and one of his fondest memories.
Tumblr media
Jane gives you a locket.
There are two of them, identical necklaces that she has made for the both of you. Within her own is a photograph of you and a tiny little daisy (the one you gave to her when you first met, pressed long ago). Yours shares the same photograph and a little bit of lace, ripped from the dress she had worn when you ran away together.
It’s very sweet but then again, so is she.
Though very few people will ever truly come to know Jane for who she is, you will be one of the few that know just how gentle and wonderful she cane be.
The silver heart is proof of such.
Every morning they both of you get ready together, Jane’s nightdress tossed over a chair as you brush her hair, her laying out your clothes for the day. And everyday you each place the necklace around the other’s throat, Jane stealing a kiss from your neck as she does.
And you’re laughing, playing with her hair as you greet the sun together with kisses and dappled light and love.
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lis-likes-fics · 4 months
Pairings: Edward Cullen x Reader Warnings: None really A/N: I’ve had this posted on Wattpad for a while, and I decided to post it now just because. This was a request that I got that I had a lot of fun writing with. I hope you enjoy it, thank you!
Tumblr media
Edward's eyes once again wandered to the girl sitting alone in a cafeteria full of tables with open seats. Her body hunched over the surface of the table, her eyes downcast as she stared at a book she held in her lap. There was a frown on her face, though not as deep as the one she usually wore along the halls of the school.
He delved into her mind, which was a creation of the words she was reading, pictures and images of characters and their actions as she mentally played out the scene she read. His curiosity reached its peak when his own face popped into her mind, it seemed she had chosen him to take the face of a character decorated in a fond light. He assumed it to be for the same reason others usually found him and his family interesting, a pretty face for a pretty person.
As the scene of the fantasy story played out, he found himself-a character, the hero of the story-sitting alone under a tree to reflect on his thoughts. The thoughts were relatively tortured, but forced into a positive light illustrated by the story.
As she read, he found a hint of distaste in her face at the way the author had described the thoughts of the character, drenching them in optimism when the thoughts and actions they had come from clearly should have been solemn to hold a depth she knew the character held. A depth she unconsciously identified with. A quiet scoff passed through her lips, and Edward's own lips lifted in a slight smile, finding amusement in her thoughts and portrayed emotions.
Edward found his feet moving before his mind as he stood from his own table, earning the looks of his siblings, which he ignored. Even the inquiries found in their thoughts could not reach his mind as his eyes stayed focused on the girl. As he approached her table, he could hear his name reflecting off the thoughts of the students around him, curious to see what was going on with the Cullen and the loner; essentially the outcasts.
He came to stand by her table, her eyes eventually tearing from her book as she came to the realization of the presence. When her eyes found him, her mind was torn away from her book almost viciously. Edward could see the alarm bells going off in her head at the sight of him and almost snickered, ever-amused by her reaction to him.
"Hello," he said after her mind had enough calm to comprehend his words. Although it seemed she was still experiencing some shock as she took a moment to respond. Her mind, however, was not as still.
What's going on? Am I being pranked? she thought to herself. There's someone at my table- Wait, he spoke to you. Say something! She shook her head to free herself from her mind as she nodded, taking note of the person in front of her. "Edward Cullen." She berated herself for verbally identifying him. "Er- Hi..." She tried to find something else to say, her thoughts an disorganized mess as she tried to sort through the socially acceptable answer but only coming out drawing straws. "What are you doing at my table?"
As Edward listened to her mind, he could not help his curiosity at the fact that her first thought was not connected to who he was, but rather that he was someone standing in front of her. His name had only come after the fact that she was not alone anymore and that she needed to speak. He was about to leave too much silence between their responses before he finally spoke to her, "What are you doing sitting alone at your table?"
He could feel the eyes boring into his body from all angles as people all over the cafeteria stared at them. It was the polar opposite to subtle, and they all shamelessly knew it. He filtered all of their thoughts to focus on her own, her mind interesting him to no end.
Her cheeks suddenly flooded with blood, tinting a darker color as she looked around at all the attention they were receiving. He bit the inside of his cheek to focus on anything but the blood flowing through her veins that was suddenly brought to his attention. Her heart was pounding in her chest, more of what he assumed was just embarrassment flooding her. Although, upon further inspection, in her mind he could sense something else coming from the change.
"I..." she tried to come up with a response. "I always sit by myself."
Edward stifled a chuckle at her reply. The bluntness of the statement was humorous to him, although he did not know why. Her eyes continued to dart around them, complaints and anxiety screaming in her mind about all the eyes watching them. Edward turned to see some of the people watching, locking eyes with them to humiliate them into looking away. Eye contact made most people squeamish, so a simple look should suffice for most as they frantically looked away to try and find something else to console their embarrassed thoughts about being found out.
Edward's eyes returned to her, giving a gentle smile in an attempt to calm her nerves a little. "Would you like some company?" he asked, tilting his head slightly in an attempt at using his charm. It was just a test really, he wanted to see her reactions to him.
Her mind wandered back to her book, to the character with his face. She matched the smiles and there was another fond light over the thought. He looks so happy, she commented, a brief flicker of the character's tragic backstory making the simple act of the hero smiling just as beautiful.
She returned to the present when his question resurfaced and she nodded, letting out a bit of a sigh as a small grin spread over her own lips. "That would... actually be really great. Yes?"
Edward's amusement mixed into something else: genuine wonder and interest trumped his basic curiosity. He took a seat next to her, his movements slow and almost cautious as he kept some distance, but not enough to raise any flags. Her smile wavered for a moment, an unease in her thoughts again as her eyes moved back to the eyes on her. This could be a trick... What if it's a prank?
Her eyes scanned over him, returning to the cover of her book as she fingered the edges. Maybe I should've ignored him... No one ever wants to sit here... Her thoughts had a frown sinking into his lips, the turn from surprise to shock to pleasantry to anxiety almost unsettling.
He tried to shake her from those thoughts as he asked in a gentle voice, "So, again I ask, why are you sitting by yourself?"
She shrugged, thinking of an answer. "I don't have anywhere else to sit." She was quiet for a moment. "I'm a loner... always have been." There was a sadness to her tone, and in her mind she found herself once again reflecting on the character in her head. An outcast loner by his peers, a loner by force.
"Something tells me... not by choice?" he asked as he tried to make the connection.
She looked at him, her eyes almost looking as though she was trying to see into his own mind. She shook her head, "Uh... No. No, not by choice."
"So... why?" He could not find the answer in her mind, hard as he tried. She was very good at avoiding the conflict, pushing it from her thoughts to limit the amount of discomfort she felt over the past. She shrugged, "Fall out with a popular kid."
Finally, she gave away a face and an accompanying memory with said person, a relationship she held in her early years of high school. It was a wonder he had not gotten the story by now. He knew every story, except this one...
"I see..." he mumbled, although he did not see the details, just the bigger picture. He was trying so hard to understand, to piece everything together. He had missed the way she searched the room, her eyes darting around her audience as she slumped toward her book.
"What's wrong?" he asked, taking in her new thoughts. He saw it before she said it.
"People are staring," she mumbled.
Amusement returned at the prospect of the eyes of teenagers watching them. He did his best to conceal his smile, but it was all in vain as a small grin found his lips. "That bothers you?"
She shrugged, "It doesn't bother you?"
"No, not really." He shook his head, his eyes glancing at random people before settling back at her.
"Right..." she chuckled humorlessly. "You're a Cullen. You're probably used to people staring."
He chuckled as well. "Kind of, yeah." She nodded and stared down at her book.
Edward wanted to keep her talking. Her thoughts were not giving him enough information on what she was actually thinking. She was too focused on the eyes on them and her awareness of him sitting across from her. "You know," he said, "you can always just stare back. People don't like eye contact much."
She smiled, looking at him as she shook her head. "That won't work for me."
His smile grew, his teeth flashing slightly in a way that he thought would make her cringe away from him, but she did not. Her gaze only continued to sort of evaluate him. "Why not?" he asked.
She gave no verbal response, but her mind did. I'm not that bold. He chuckled and silence fell between them again. This silence was not uncomfortable as their eyes watched each other. She was unaware that she was staring, taking in his face in a different light than he expected to see on him. It was like she was looking at him through rose-colored glasses, reminding him of Carlisle and Esme's own humble views of him.
Company's better than I thought... Edward smiled at the thought, which prompted him to say his next words, surprising both her and himself.
"You know... my table is always open."
Her brows shot up at that, an offer to sit with him and his siblings, the other social outcasts of sorts. She blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of his kindness.
She clasped a hand over her book, unconsciously pulling it toward her chest. "You mean, like," she wondered, "with your family?"
He nodded, seeing the problem as his brows furrowed. "Yeah," he muttered. "Is that a problem?"
She shrugged, running a hand through her hair. Again, she glanced around her, "Wouldn't there be... more staring?"
"As I said, just stare back," he smiled widely, a laugh escaping him at the fact that she was still stuck on the eyes still watching them.
This time, she laughed too, a musical sound that gave him a very surprising feeling. In her mind, she imagined the two of them staring at the students watching them, scaring them away as pride swelled in her thoughts at the prospect.
"That would be cool..." she said after coming down from her laughter. Her eyes wandered to Edward's normal table where the Cullens sat. They were no different from the rest of the students as their curious eyes watched them closely. Their gaze, however, was a little more intense than the others. "Are you sure your siblings wouldn't mind?"
"Of course," he said, almost laughing again.
A chirping voice suddenly entered his mind, as if on cue. Yay! She's coming!
It seemed she would be accepting his proposal. "Alice would be happy to have a guest, anyway," Edward said, his words lingering in an open statement. She was silent for a moment, weighing the pros and cons of the decision.
More people will stare... well the school needs the drama anyway. She shook her head at herself. Edward watched with heavy interest, his lips curling and his brows furrowing. He watched her shoulders fall slightly as her eyes downcast to her book.
I won't be alone anymore...
She thought about how it might be to sit at the Cullens' table, to sit with people who did not hold a distaste for her. She smiled to herself and turned to Edward. She nodded shyly, "Then... yeah. I'll sit with you."
"Really?" he asked. He had confirmation from Alice, but part of him was still surprised by her acceptance.
"Sure," she confirmed for him. She suddenly winced as her eyes closed, a nervous chuckle leaving her as she tapped on the table. "I'm Y/N, by the way."
He smiled, the information already in his head, picked from the minds of the nosey students surrounding them. "It's wonderful to meet you, Y/N," he said.
In the back of his head, Alice was exclaiming something about being excited for what was coming. He glanced over his shoulder at her and rolled his eyes to shake his head, being sure that his new table buddy had not seen. He smiled back at her and nodded, "Sounds like a plan, then."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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