haikkun · 2 days ago
I am the only woman in the church not wearing jewelry
We flash conspiratorial peace signs at each other across the pews with mischievous grins
Like it’s our most incriminating sin
A little bit of the mystery deflates
As you see the bag of wafers
In a sleeve like ritz crackers
The priest signs like a baby who’s hungry
They’ve changed the script and I
Trip on words I never thought I’d have to say again
Jesus said
“Paint me onto plyboard
Post me on the highway”
I get sea sickness in a cottage that has burnt down twice
Spirits so strong strong here, they keep away the mice
My grandpa would have shot them anyways
And we wonder
Why there are holes in all the wiring
Maureen Armstrong @haikkun
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dolores-hazy · 2 days ago
Upside Down
Let all the blood flow
And drain to my head
Clearly I'm not thinking clearly again
Not sure it would help but
It won't hurt; diverting the flow
Sure couldn't make things worse
If I fall to the floor I'll just get a lump
One to go with the one in my throat
A matching set, would you look at that
Nevermind you only look my way
When I have something you want
My wet eyes shine like searchlights
Leading you through the dark
Only there's more darkness behind them
That's no fun, I know...don't blame you
For booking the next flight out
I could cut off circulation, give in to ex-
Sanguination but I don't have
Your steely determination 
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purgatorypoetry · a day ago
the taste of the lightning, crash -
the taste of every wine echoing on my tongue,
ash -
a thousand-thousand times and now even the fairest of finest of age tastes only of ash
more gray with every year past, love
and you are beautiful, still -
still as pre-storm-sea,
crystalline in surface and depth beyond that which light has the constitution to bear
the taste of the stars through the parted clouds,
and god promised he would never again flood the earth -
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followcb · 9 hours ago
It's Not a Dream
inside, love
simply flowing
love is my river
come from high above
snowcapped mountain streams
come from clouds from heaven
from the sky to the peaks
running down,
running river through me
love is my serenity,
my constancy
great flowing magic
around me
on its way, on its way
to the sea,
to the beautiful bounty
running down from me
to the sea
and the crystalline water
surrounding, love
surrounds me
it's all I,
all I'll ever be
love, surrounding
now I know
it's not a dream
©️ @followcb ☆ September 29, 2022
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fs-lewisartistry · a day ago
Stockholm’s Sonata
Far too easily I sit beside
and watch as you commit your crime.
Each calculated slice,
each cut precise.
Inquiry led to injury;
Shall we share a common vice?
Unlock my cuffs,
I’ll show you how
I would kill for you tonight.
-FS Lewis 9/28/22
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calvinpoet · a day ago
Tumblr media
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aaronawbra · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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giraffevader · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is why you don’t read old poems. This is why you don’t pick at old wounds
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rachtiouspalmer · 2 days ago
brief, as you are I swallow in the snow chickpeas and a fire blazed your eyes built roads home charged up with oak and with sage the nettles in my palm bound forgiving feet were all the rage and war machines and dinner and calm
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delightsofmysoul · 7 hours ago
For you
I almost believed that I could fly Just take off from that place from which I had lain stagnant for a lifetime I believed I could soar across the stars That golden moonlight would always guide my path That warm sea breezes would embrace me in a cocoon of surety You showed me that I was worthy That it was possible to break free of the smallness that contained me You taught me to look for the beauty in my world Indeed I first saw my own beauty through your eyes You showed me things I thought impossible Taught me to question boundaries To embrace my mad parts To lift my face toward the sun You taught me to love without the need to possess You freed emotions within me that were trapped from my birth You taught me to listen To watch To learn To understand For all these I sincerely thank you.
Delightsofmysoul 29 September 2022
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rhymingtherapy · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Submerged in reflections of a harvest moon, words surge & release to the rhythm of life’s invisible undertow; as the ocean whispers her mantra to the ebbing tide “just breathe”. RhymingTherapy—September 2022 (my photo Gold Coast Australia) @writerscreed challenge “reflections on a harvest moon”
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tellherium · 3 months ago
I didn't deserve it. I know that now. I knew it then. I guess it's partly my fault, too. Neither of us treated me like someone we loved.
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teaspirationss · a month ago
maybe the rain is there to teach us that falling is beautiful. some people are a map when you didn’t realize you were lost. you’re the ache that never left, the first line of an unfinished song. it doesn’t have to be a poem to be poetry.. have you seen how carefully the light can touch your face? and even though I’m an abandoned house in search of a ghost, I don’t need anything from you. I want everything with you.
you're not hard to love. you were only made to feel that way by someone who didn't know how.
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iamtenshidoom · 23 days ago
Let’s make love
That pulls as passionately
As a riptide
When the moon
Makes love to the sea
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followcb · a day ago
Hopeful Dirt
Between covers, everyday
A page turner, a barn burner,
Excitement - tightrope walking;
Writing on the razor's edge.
Chapters - life's yet to etch
Unwritten verbs, unsaid words,
Bullshit people allege; human
Drama - nothing hurts worse.
But on the edge of day,
The cusp of dawn;
Where yesterday
Is all but gone;
Washed away
By midnight rain;
Every nightmare,
Every stain.
The HOPEFUL glow
Of new begins;
The missing colors
Filling in;
Yes day is breaking
Like a church,
Where every soul
Can leave its DIRT.
Today, tomorrow, we
Refresh, renew, release;
A lifetime of pent up sorrow
That we may return to dreams.
Restore the luster, that . . .
That makes us, us;
Who we are before we crash
Fall down on our knees - at last.
©️ @followcb & @aaronawbra ☆ Sept. 27, 2022
This is our 6th collaboration - stemming back since Blood Love in early September. Sometimes serendipity yields the most unexpected blossoms of raw creativity. Thank you, Aaron, for your intuitive skills and willingness to create beside me.
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alejandropoeta · 28 days ago
My attempt at living feels clumsy, at best, so I try forgiving what I am, in jest.
There’s a hidden tension between life and death and it drives the motion of my every breath.
So many tomorrows... but I loose today, and behind me sorrows that my soul do fray.
Words, just magic spells to hold back the fright. But the illusions fell: entropy is all in sight.
OK, let’s play along, with Sisyphus up this way and still sing a song or what will children say?
So, clumsy steps again willingly, with you, I’ll take: I’ll curse and wield the pen for mankind, and for love’s sake. 
Alejandro Fabián
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panic-in-the-attic · 26 days ago
I crave comforting.
For each time you held my tender heart and whispered lovely things,
I wrap my arms across my chest and suffer silently.
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