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the crowd was quiet while swk carried macaque to the medical tent afterwards, this was supposed to be a no-kill match, but it ended up as the first glimpse of a god that most people got. it was the first time swk let everyone know that he was following the rules becasue he chose to, and was more than capable of cracking the magic contract that bound him here in order to break the rules of the game
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glitchysquidd · 3 days
You guys requested more inverted William Afton.
So enjoy <3
(cw; blood, violent imagery, via springlocks)
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iybms · 3 days
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in the space between words, @wittyy-name
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animepopheart · 14 hours
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★ 【Ryuune】 「 POWER 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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bebemoon · 3 days
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i’m obsessed with these photos from jenna ortega’s ig- i want gwendoline christie to hold me like that
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moderndayportia · 1 day
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암부 by 살굼 on Pixiv | Posted with permission |
All credit goes to the artist. Visit their Pixiv to like, follow and support. DO NOT repost, crop or edit this art or remove this description.
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Eclipse sketches because yes uwu
#Fnaf Vampire Au Miwachan2  #Eclipse  #Fnaf Eclipse  #Eclipse Fnaf  #Vampire Eclipse  #fnaf  #fnaf sb  #Fnaf Security Breach #Vampiric Equinox #blood #tw: blood #sadistic
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"Death is Only The Beginning"
Pages 6-12
<== ==>
Support me!! ☕💜
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itsmeatballworld · 3 days
| stitches |
Tumblr media
summary | matt cleans you up after you’re injured trying to help someone.
pairing | matt murdock x fem!reader (female body parts mentioned)
wc | ~1800
warnings | established relationship, boyfriend Matt™️, concerned Matt, cursing, hurt reader, comfort, reader is not a ‘vigilante’, nudity but not sexual, mentions of bruising, fighting (barely there), weapon (knife), injuries, and blood.
a/n | hi all! I love the ‘stitching up the one you love’ trope. Matt obviously fits that bill - but uno reverse baby. It’s reader who needs the fixing. Also this is my 1st time writing for Matt so I hope it’s alright lol
dividers by @/firefly-graphics​ <3
Tumblr media
Your body gave out the moment his apartment door swung open.
Your knees buckled, hands bracing your fall as you splayed out on the hardwood floors. Coughs riddled your body as the tight, squeezing pressure in your chest made it hard to breathe.
Ribs were broken, you could feel it. Blood soaked through your plain clothes from the gash on your side. Hopefully, this was nothing more than just a busted rib, a cut, and some bruising.
You could handle that. It’s what you’d mend for your boyfriend when he’d come home injured from fighting.
Anything else and you’d need help. 
“M-Matt?” your voice merely whispers in the dark.
The place was silent. Not an echo of life beyond that door. No bare feet shuffling on floorboards or a hum of the shower running.
Right, he wasn't home.
With a deflated groan, you managed to get back onto your feet.
He was at the bar with Foggy and Karen where you should’ve been too. But like your boyfriend Matt Murdock, you were a bit stubborn. 
It was dumb that you went out tonight when you felt like shit. It was even dumber that you went out after saying you’d stay home and rest. Your loving boyfriend left his place with every intention you’d still be in one piece when he returned.
“I’ll pick up some soup from that diner on 9th and west 46th street. What’s it called again?” 
“No, no.” You hushed him with a soft touch against his thigh. He was nearly crushing you from how close he sat down on the bed. It made you feel loved and wanted with him so close. And you loved it. 
He hovered over you, brown eyes focused on your groggy expression. “Are you sure?” 
“I’m sure. I’ll shower and get some sleep. Go meet Foggy and Karen,” you ran your fingers up to the callous hand now resting against your cheek. 
He smiled. “I can stay. I’ll take care of you. I want to.” 
“I’ll be fine. Go have fun, baby.” 
Fuck. You were really regretting going out. 
It was pitch black in his apartment, with only the neon glow of billboards outside to illuminate the space. You limped out of the entry hallway and to the bathroom.
The moment you shuffled inside, everything happened fast. You were in the shower. Water ran over your sensitive skin, soaking through your ruined clothes. A mewling groan escaped your lips.
You sat hopelessly under the constant water pressure. Streaks of crimson bled out from worn out clothes. 
In the end, you knew that you needed to rest more than anything and this shower wouldn’t do much else but wash away the evidence. 
“Shit,” you cursed as the gash on your side stung. Yet the idea of moving from this shower seemed like an impossible task.
You winced as you tried to tug your pants down. But like honey on skin, the fabric clung to your body, soaked from the shower. It was like cement. You whined like a helpless child.
The pain was excruciating but it was worth it. When you snuck out of the apartment, keys dangling from your loose fingertips with the intention of grabbing that quart of soup Matt mentioned, you never thought Matt’s martial arts sessions would be used. 
In the dark alley you saw a young mother yanking her purse away from a lanky man, screaming for help. Never mind the throbbing migraine or the fear crawling up your spine. What if he has a gun? You acted and went straight for his knee. He buckled.
Then he hit you. You struck back. He kicked and his heel slammed into your chest. Then a flash of silver. A knife. 
You felt the searing pain but kept moving. He kicked but so did you. Overpowering him with a move Matt showed you, the guy was on the ground, hands raised in surrender. 
“A’right! Christ, you crazy bitch! T-take the bag!” 
It didn't take much to knock him out after he let go of the bag. You groaned, grasping the purse and your side. His wide blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair were burned into your mind now. 
Possibly forever. 
The owner of a nearby bodega rushed into the alleyway with his cell, shouting he already called the cops. The mother was grateful and tried to get you to the nearest ER but you dropped your head to the little boy cowering behind the half-full dumpsters. 
“It’s okay now. Are you both okay?” 
“Thank you!” The little boy cried before racing to his mother’s side. 
It was worth it. Helping the mother tonight would be something you will never regret. Even if it hurt like a – you hissed when the water pressure hit your gash. You needed to move faster. Strip these clothes off and throw them out before Matt gets home. He’ll be worried sick about you.
You tugged on the fabric again, biting your split lip as the soggy pants finally slid down your waist and stopped at your knees.
Slowly, piece by piece, you moved the wet clothes down until you were naked on the shower tiles. 
“You’re bleeding?” 
The sight of your boyfriend was something you’d never forget. He was stiff, his hand gripping the doorframe until his knuckles were white. His chest heaved in and out rapidly.
When did he come in? Hell, it didn’t matter. You couldn’t move even if you wanted to. Plus, he could smell the bitter iron scent of blood better than a hound. There wasn't a chance of getting out of this without him knowing.
“You’re bleeding. Fuck. What happened?”
Usually it’s the other way around with Matt broken and bleeding. But not tonight. And he was petrified.
You tried to sit up, but he was already at the shower door. Matt’s hands were at your hips then up to the gash across your side. You winced. 
“Fuck, baby. You’re hurt. I can feel it.” His fingers danced back to the gash, moving softly against the bare skin. Matt was already judging how many stitches he’d have to place. 
He was still in his casual work clothes. Sleeves rolled up past his elbows. His glasses were off, revealing those eyes you fell in love with. 
“What happened?” He ignored the running water and dove inside the shower. You watched him swivel around your lax frame and plant himself in the reddish stained tile. “Can you stand?”
“I’m sorry.”
Matt frowned. “Don’t be sorry.” He knelt down at your feet, “Can you stand?”
“Um,” you winced, “I’ll try.”
Matt reached up, feeling for the valve, and shut the shower off. Silence settled over the room, coaxing you both into the familiarity of your bodies near one another. He touched your cheek, softly fixing his gaze around your face. You knew he could sense you—feel you. 
You lifted up to a seated position. Matt scooped underneath your armpits and helped you to the bedroom.
Immediately, Matt went to work. He knew your body like the back of his hands and he wasted no time in stitching and wrapping your injuries. When he was satisfied with his work, he slid one of his old t-shirts over your body. 
“Twelve stitches,” he muttered. “So that means bed rest.”
“Didn’t have to ask me twice—ow.” A light laugh nearly tore open Matt’s handiwork.
Like before he left, he plopped down onto the mattress and hovered above you. 
“Your wrist is sprained. Shoulder was badly dislocated, but it should heal in a few weeks. Two…” his fingers and palm ran down to your left side, just under your breast. “Three ribs are fractured.” 
“Mmhm. Anything else, doc?” 
Those hands that worked miracles seconds earlier clenched into tight fists. “I could have lost you,” he whispered your name. “Please. Please, don’t ever do that again.”
You pulled closer to his warmth. Fingers trailing up and down his dry sweatpants he changed into. “It was stupid, I know.” 
“It wasn’t stupid.” He sighed. “I’m glad. I was teaching you how to defend yourself.” He ran those callous fingers up your waist, to the stitched patch of skin. “I just never thought you’d use those lessons to save someone else.”
“I’m sorry.”
“You never have to apologize. I’m not mad, baby.” He brushed your cheek, “I was terrified. I could hear you wheezing and groaning. And the blood? I never wanted you to get hurt.”
He held your face in both hands, skimming his thumbs across your split bottom lip. He recoiled as if he could feel the surging pain coursing through your body.
Matt dipped his head until his forehead rested against yours. “But it could’ve been worse than this.”
“I know.”
He was silent for a moment. As if he was absorbing the situation, Matt kept his calm in the chaos. As always. 
“Tell me.” You moved enough back until your body was inches from Matt. 
“Tell you what?” 
“Tell me what’s going on inside that brain, Matt.” 
He exhaled. “You shouldn’t be out there trying to save people.”
It was the silence in the room that felt the heaviest. He was right to be scared and worried. But you weren’t trying to play hero. This was something you had to do. “It was one night,” you murmured. “I got hurt but I’ll be fine.”
“You weren’t fine when I found you.”
“No,” he crumpled to the bed, his hands flying into his hair. “I can’t lose you. I can’t.”
“I’m not going anywhere. But you have to trust me when I say I’ll be okay. She needed my help and I know you would have done the same. You taught me that.”
He didn’t want to agree. You could see the anguish across his stricken features. The fact was - neither of you should be hurting yourselves to save complete strangers but you do. It might have been your first - and only - night fighting crime, but when someone needs help, the right thing to do is act.
Matt knew that.
“I don’t want you to stop helping people. I just want you to be safe.”
You moved closer as he folded into the mattress, sweeping you into his embrace. He smelled clean, like cinnamon and fresh linen. The smell of beer still lingers on his breath. But you were safe at home in your loving boyfriend’s arms. And that’s all that mattered.
“Promise me you’ll rest if nothing else. You’re in bad shape and I don’t need you walking around trying to fix things—“
“I promise.” You choked on the tears suddenly spilling down your cheeks, “I promise, Matty.” 
He lifted his head from your shoulder. Without a word, he kissed your temple and you were nothing but a puddle in his arms.
a/n: yikes i hope someone enjoyed this lil mess lol :0
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chen yu 😭😭😭😭 | being a hero ep 31
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Healing wounds she inflicted hidden in a photo booth counts as a date? I think yes. > Revenge of Others (2022)
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hang in there.
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made this like a year ago but i still love how it came out
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