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factual-fantasy · 13 hours
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So what if I took King Boo and just, kind’a filled him with 50% horrifying monster of the night, and 50% adorable loving father. Would that be weird orrr...
Also the simplified story is that King Boo and his Boos live in this giant abandoned mansion out in the woods. And usually if someone stumbles into the mansion, the little boos will just mess with them and scare them away.
Well that is, as long as they don’t try to steal something from the mansion.. or say.. upset one of the Boos. If they do, King Boo will come out of the shadows and snatch their souls and trap them in a painting. Their petrified faces left to be plastered on the Mansions walls forever..
..There are a lot of paintings in this mansion.
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fireflysummers · 1 day
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-steals @bulkhummus‘s sasha design like the not!sasha-
This is actually sort of a homework assignment that I did in less than two hours because reasons. If I were not very tired and very short on time for this, I would’ve probably at least shaded the darn thing.
I will post the image ID later.
The scene is from my favorite TMA time travel fix-it fic, Try Again by Ashlooloo.
Standing just a few feet ahead of her is Jon, gazing out to the horizon beyond. Glowing, phantasmal eyes float around his head, looking in all different directions as they cast dots of teal light around the sand. He glances over his shoulder as she approaches, and she inhales involuntarily.
He's absolutely covered in scars. Little round things that mark the skin of his face, arms, and legs— anywhere there's exposed flesh that she can see, there's a cluster of faded spots. A white line stretches across his neck, and there are two more like it on both his right and left collarbone. His hand is disfigured by a shiny, pink mass— some sort of burn, by the looks of it.
He's wearing a loose poet shirt with a long V-neck that reveals one more scar— a fresh, angry looking line right at the center of his sternum.
She looks him over, brows furrowed in confusion. When she looks back up at his face, his eyes are different; on one side, the sclera is black, and his iris is the same teal as the eyes that crown his head in a cyclical halo. The other eye just— isn't there. It's a black void, any depth or lack thereof completely imperceptible to her.
"Hey, Sasha", he says breezily.
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when your gambling buddy is having an argument with their kid because said kid sacrificed their flesh for a cool poncho and it’s really really awkward
part one
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fluffyfurry6663 · 18 hours
Woahg, Mandelga Cabalogue
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helilart · 22 hours
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warming up with an old piece
she is serving indoctrination realness
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astralnexus · 2 days
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are you feeling watched? (how the tables turn!)
(weewoo the 3SG-esque body horror edits are back! featuring a gap in the face with eyes and hands that definitely belong there, don’t worry,everything’s fine <3)
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friendzoned61 · 2 days
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*Holds gently in my hands* lisperious :3
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Based off this thumbnail from YouTube Cut This Content
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raintailed · 2 days
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AUUUGH forgot to post this!!!
wickcats are awesome :]]] also for the soul, the only abnormal part is the flame being multicolored
notes transcript under the cut
Notes transcript:
Main reference
Foli; he/him
always wide-eyed
flame color and brightness vary
flower on back
before the flowers: different expression and behavior
soul has multicolored flame
Flame color guide
flame colors can mix!
neutral/happy: orange, angry: blue, sad: red, afraid: yellow
brightness matches energy level
subdued: low brightness, excited: high brightness
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Current ideas
1. Arg with body horror, non-con body augmentation, aliens, and uncanny valley, humans are space orcs
2. A comic in a manga style which goes from existential horror, Isekai with reverse harem, horror
3. Fluffy dragons, cute dragons, wiggly dragons
4. Mha animatic with the song "a sadness runs through him" by the hooters
5. Humans are space orcs brain rot
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galacii-gallery · 5 hours
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Cries in how long this took- angst braincell activated I had to draw. watches self get Ocean idiots brainrot help. Ocean idiots belongs to @shandzii , @melodyofthevoid and @the-trashiest-pada Consider supporting me on Ko-fi? OwO
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huitunkuutti · 1 day
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suzie-bee · 3 months
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a little thing i made based on this here post by @redstonedust about jimmy involuntarily and slowly turning into a toy because a god so willed it. quite a fun concept :)
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you know how sharks have rows of teeth stacked like that?
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well last night i dreamed i was growing extra toes in this fashion, 15 toes on each foot and counting. the upper toes were slightly swollen to act as a sort of cover, while the lower toes were smaller but well-formed (except that the nail beds refused to harden). the only issue was potential infection in the skin folds. It was grotesque, and yet i felt flush with power. i had just gone in search of biotin supplements and athlete's foot cream when to my dismay, i woke up...
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starfleetrambo · 2 months
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monster boyfriends hunger progression
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feriowind · 8 months
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just had an idea of anti form sora being a mishapen horror lmao
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