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dear osmanthus — zhongli .
synopsis !! after a traumatizing experience with treasure hoarders in your little rural teahouse, you find comfort in your regular customer and dear friend, Zhongli.
contains !! gn reader, preferably minors dni, tw // recovery from s.a., trauma response, intimacy, hurt/comfort!! some brief mature scenes but general sfw. father figure/familial zhongli! "darling" as pet name! protective zhongli out for vengeance. READ WITH CAUTION even if this is milder than other dark contents :>
note !! this is definitely one of the heavier works ill be posting here, but i did try to steer away from descriptive scenes. this has lotsa platonic intimacy tho! enough to make lovers jealous but you can take it as romantic too i guess?
Tossing, turning, the sheets tangled with your form. It's hot. It's cold—
It's closing time in the teahouse. The counters have been wiped and the floors have been swept, you only need to lock up. Perhaps if you had locked the doors first then you could have prevented everything.
You remember this scene. A crash, a bang, a group entering -rowdy and intimidating- pushing you back behind the counter. Then a rope, some laughter (not yours), mora being taken out of the register. It clinks and clanks into their pockets and pouches.
You're compliant— quiet and trying your best to be calm. You knew the odds of you, a rural teahouse owner, winning against a group of treasure hoarders and you didn't want to try your luck. Let them take the mora, the pretty wall decor, your best tea set— and tomorrow, you'll make a report to the Millelith. That was the plan you conjured as you tried not to shake in fear.
"Hey boss–" A skinny treasure hoarder tugs at the older, larger man. Leaning close to mutter something, "—The owner looks kinda cute."
The boss turns to you, eyes staring you down. Your stomach drops at the grin that spreads on his face.
"Aye, they do, don't they?"
You jolt up from bed, a scream at the tip of your tongue. Breath stuck. You choke from nothing. The dream felt so real. Their gazes, looking down on you.
Your blanket pooled around your waist from when you sat up. It felt heavy, like it was holding you down- holding you down- holding you down- You quickly shoved it away, kicking it off your legs and feet until it hanged on the edge of your bed.
The lost of a blanket made the room feel colder.
You stared at it, for archon's sake! it's just a blanket!
A sob echoed in the room. You realize it's your own noise. It's your despair that has repeatedly climbed up your throat over and over again, causing so much noise in the quiet of your room. Bringing your knees closer to your chest and hiding your eyes behind your palms, you give yourself a moment to cry.
A bird chirps by the window and little rays of morning sun peeks through the blinds. Time to start the day.
The teahouse was always busy during brunch. Today was no different— with groups of grandparents huddling in after their morning tai chi, merchants and their goods parked outside, little kids sent to buy some bread and maybe a sweet bao for themselves— the teahouse might as well be blessed by Rex Lapis himself.
It's comforting. You love mornings like these, accustomed to the early rush, but the talking grows noisier, their gazes are on you, you hear footsteps, you feel the crowd, calm down, calm down—
"Good morning, mister Zhongli. The usual?"
You greet the gentleman as he settles in his usual spot. A small table and tall chair by a corner, windows overlooking the mountains of Liyue.
"Good morning, darling. That would be most appreciated." He smiles back, a warm smile and you can't help but think how much it resembles the sweet grandparents on the next table. Honestly, Zhongli should value his youth more. What bachelor would spend his mornings in a rural teahouse with an old traditional book?
You come back with a pot of osmanthus tea and a plate of steamed buns. He's turning the pages of his book.
"Here you are."
"Hm? Is this the usual serving for baozi?"
"The extra baozi is a treat for being a regular customer, but don't tell the other customers that." You grin with a wink and he chuckles deeply.
"Of course, it's only because the tea here is exceptional that I keep coming back."
"Then I'll leave you to enjoy the meal. Ring the bell should you need anything."
"Uh three mantou, one congee–"
"Make that two congee."
"—Two congee, the pickled vegetable kind, not the meat, and umm shrimp dumplings—"
You're trying to be polite. You're nodding your head, listing down the orders. There's nothing wrong with the group, really, it's just that the group of men are taking too long. Their orders are repetitive and your list is full of erasures, they're a little robust, a little too loud, but it's nothing new in the service industry.
"How many pieces of mantou did I order again?" One of them stands up, slightly, from his seat. He's taller than the rest, he looms over you. You're sure he doesn't mean to, he looks kind, but his hand grabs at your upper arm, pulling you towards him, peeking at your list of their orders.
He grabbed you. He's grabbing you. His hand is on you and he pulled you and you went along with the force all too easily, so pliant to a show of strength, and all of a sudden—
"Hey, hey, hold 'em down,"
"Stop struggling–"
There's an arm around you. A hand on you. Another hand. Someone's knee presses on your thigh. You're struggling but you're not moving and it's surreal how futile your efforts are.
"Cutie's a little feisty." One says and it scares you how casually it's said; Like a passing comment on the road; Like a joke, but you're not laughing.
Before you knew it, you've shoved your customer away, his expression a mix of shock and confusion as you turn to the back door of the teahouse.
Some people turn their heads but most continued to eat, unfazed by the odd commotion, with the exception of a pair of amber eyes following your form out the door.
"Did I do something wrong?" The customer mumbles aloud, his friends shrug to themselves, "I think I should go after them-"
"Please allow me." Zhongli approaches the group, "I happen to be a friend of theirs. They haven't been feeling well lately, having a customer check up on them would only make them feel conflicted."
"I suppose you're right. . . I leave it to you, then."
You're heaving, hunched over the grass and trying to keep back what you had for breakfast down your throat. It's dizzying and you can't seem to stop the spontaneous shivers wracking through your body.
What have you done? To shove aside a customer over- over this? You have to turn back and apologize— did they notice? Did the whole restaurant have their eyes on you? You can't bare the thought of being so overly exposed.
You hear your name from a familiar voice behind you.
"There, there, it's alright, child."
The voice is grounding, gentle and calm. Not at all like the obnoxious laughter of those men, their disgusting suggestions and—
"You're alright now, there, there."
"Oh, mister Zhongli," You didn't mean to sob his name but it escapes you anyway, your arms reach out to wrap around his middle. His presence grounds you, like an unwavering rock when the water currents try to drown you. He reciprocates your hug, gently laying his arms around you, rubbing your back. "It's– it's not always like this," You stutter out, "Most days, I barely think of it. Most days, I don't mind this."
He nods along in understanding. Nevermind that you could be referring to anything else, he just understands.
"It's alright to feel this way," He holds you with a slight sway to his movements, comforting, calming, "You have every reason to break down, my dear. You didn't deserve what happened to you—"
He continues his soft reassurances, lulling you with his voice, wrapping you in arms that feel safe.
A soft bed, the quiet atmosphere of Bubu Pharmacy surrounds you.
"Are you alright?"
"Mister Zhongli. . .? What happened. . ."
He sits back, worried, "What was the last thing you remember, dear?"
"I was. . . closing the teahouse and then–" the men. You remember the men. You're breathing harder now, holding back the overwhelming feelings of disgust and helplessness and–
Zhongli is calm as he comforts you. He goes over the events carefully, how the Millelith came and apprehended the situation, how he just so happened to be there, lucky enough to accompany you to the Pharmacy Clinic. It's unfortunate but some of the men escaped. He holds your hand as he says this.
You don't remember the whirlwind of events (neither do you wish to remember). A fight happened, perhaps. You can imagine the Millelith storming in, the panic of your assailants, the dark of the night sky as you're whisked away for first aid, and Zhongli staying by your side the entire time.
"Thank you. . . for comforting me." You tell him, finally parting slowly from the embrace, "I think I'm feeling okay now. I have to apologize to the customer."
"I told them that you're feeling unwell today, they would understand if you take a leave for now and let your employees handle the rest."
"Should I?" You glance up worriedly, he nods in assurance.
"Yes, just take a rest for now." He smiles, it's warm and again, grounding.
"It seems you're always here when I need you to, mister Zhongli."
There's a flicker in his eyes. A sad look, almost regretful, "If I had arrived with the Millelith a little sooner. . . "
You sigh quietly, not out of disappointment towards him, but in the face of reality, "You did what you can and I'm more than grateful. After all, we are not gods. . . we are simply humans," Turning your head away from him, you stare up at the sky, "I can only hope that the gods would take care of the rest of them."
"I hope so as well. . ."
note !! *looks at upcoming works* yup, lots of platonic intimacy there. i joined the Zhongli fandom for hot daddy— ended up staying for wholesome grandpa <3
do tell me what you think of this fic! I tried a different writing process for it so :>
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bonus scene —
zhongli doesn't mean to worry you. he really didn't plan on it, but he can't exactly explain to the millelith what happened to the remaining treasure hoarders, right? the stone forests of liyue are the perfect hideout for wanted criminals, not even moonlight could filter through the thick trees. mortals would find it difficult to traverse the rocky and rich terrain, hence why the millelith would avoid the place.
It's the geo archon's territory after all.
"Ah, so here's the rest of you." Zhongli says, a calm smile on his face, "I must say, you're rather unlucky compared to your friends who were caught. They must be sitting peacefully in their cells right now."
The group turns to him in confusion, the dark of the night makes it difficult to see the gentleman dressed in brown, but his piercing amber eyes strikes them like a predator watching their prey.
"Hey! Who are you?" One of them calls out, annoyed.
"Unimportant. But I suggest you run."
Pupils turn to slits. Amber eyes glow brighter. And for a split second, if you focus really hard, the face of a dragon stares back.
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Nothing on you || Y.jw
Idol!Yang Jungwon x fem!reader
Synopsis: Jungwon tells you time and time again how beautiful he thinks you are, but you won’t listen to his words, so he finds another way to tell you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff, kissing, angst, insecurities, mentions of body image and ed recovery, Jungwon sings to you I wrote this for me tbh please don’t read this if you know it’ll trigger you. And I just want to say to anyone struggling with body image, you don’t have to look like anyone else. There’s only one you, and I think you’re doing a damn good job.
Tumblr media
You blinked through another round of tears as you stood in front of your full length mirror in nothing but your bra and underwear, criticizing every part of your body that you found unattractive, which meant pretty much everything.
The stretch marks all over your hips and butt. Your soft, undefined stomach with not an ab muscle in sight. Your thighs that jiggled when you ran…you hated all of it.
You had been going through a painful cycle for years, restricting your food intake drastically and calling it a “diet” when in reality you were struggling to get out of the sticky web you found yourself in. 
Failed attempt after failed attempt at recovering until you met him. Yang Jungwon, your boyfriend. You never believed anyone could understand what you were going through, let alone help you recover..but he did just that.
He never made you feel pressured or like you were a burden. He loved you the way you deserved to be loved…and you slowly but surely began extending more love and kindness to your body, instead of punishing it. But just because you had managed to finally recover didn’t mean all of your demons disappeared. You still heard the voices in the back of your mind telling you that you weren’t good enough for Jungwon, or anyone for that matter. 
He worked around beautiful women every single day. Perfect hourglass shapes, waists half the size of yours, and perfect slim legs… “what the hell does he see in me?” You whispered defeatedly. Not being able to look at yourself any longer, you hurriedly dressed yourself, drying your freshly washed hair before heading downstairs.
The smell of food hit your nose immediately when you reached the bottom of the stairs and your stomach twisted with nausea as you made your way into the kitchen, seeing your boyfriend at the stove. “Oh! You’re finally out of the shower. You took forever” he teased and you rolled your eyes playfully. “You’re one to talk Mr.Yang”
“You got me there. Anyways, I hope you’re hungry I made your favorite!” Your heart sped up as you thought up an excuse to get out of eating. “Oh um, I’m not hungry, I ate like two hours ago”
Jungwon stopped stirring the stew he was standing over and looked at you with his brows knitted together in confusion. “Two hours ago you were at the gym…how did you eat two hours ago?” you scratch your neck nervously without realizing “I ate before I went” Jungwon slowly sets the spoon down on the counter and turns the stove off before turning to you completely. “You never eat before the gym, it makes you sick”
Damn him for remembering every little detail about you.
“And you scratch your neck when you lie…are you telling the truth Y/n?” He asks hesitantly. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You say frustratedly “And why do you care so much?” Jungwon looks exasperated at that, “Why do I care— I care because I love you? You worked so hard to get better Y/n…I don’t wanna see you suffer again” you sigh, pinching your nose as you felt your eyes begin to sting with tears. “Just because I don’t wanna eat doesn’t mean I’m relapsing Jungwon”
Jungwon shakes his head “I know that Y/n. But when you start lying about whether you’ve eaten, I’m going to worry about you.”
You shake your head looking away from him “There’s nothing to worry about, It’s not like skipping dinner would hurt. I can’t even fit my favorite dress anymore” Jungwon scoffs in disbelief “You mean the dress you used to starve to fit in? Fuck the dress I’ll buy you new ones!”
You laugh dryly “Don’t bother, they won’t look nice on me” Jungwon grips his hair in his hands, closing his eyes as though that would block out what you were saying. “Why do you do that? I tell you time and time again how beautiful you are and it’s like it just goes in one ear and out the other!”
You whip around to face him, stepping closer to him as you snap “Then why don’t you just tell the fucking truth?!” Jungwon stares in shock at the tears streaming down your face, before whispering “What truth, baby?”
“You’re only with me because you feel bad for me Jungwon. I see the women you work with. They’re fucking perfect. They’re so much prettier than I am and you just expect me to believe that I was your first choice?”
“Yes! Y/n you’re not just my first choice, you’re my last choice as well. My only choice. I don’t want anyone else but you baby. Nobody else” he emphasizes, attempting to grab your wrist gently but you pull away from him, not wanting to be touched.
“I want to believe you Jungwon. I really do. But I just can’t…” you whisper, voice cracking before turning to run back upstairs with your boyfriend hot on your heels. “Y/n wait” he says desperately trying to get you to stop and listen to him.
But you didn’t want to listen to him. Because all you could hear was the little voice in your head telling you that he was lying.
“Beautiful girls, all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted, they got nothing on you, baby. Nothin on you, baby”
You stopped in your tracks. Was he seriously singing? You turn around, only to see him staring at you intently, slowly walking up the stairs as his melodic voice fills the stairwell. It was truly like something out of a movie.
“They might say Hi, and I might say Hey, but you shouldn’t worry about what they say, cuz they got nothin on you, baby…Nothin on you baby..yeah”
He grabs your hand again but this time you don’t pull away from him. He tilts your head up making you look him in the eye
“Are you listening now? I don’t know how else to prove it to you Y/n, I don’t want anyone else but you. There’s not a second of the day that you’re not on my mind. I spend all day waiting to come home to you, just to see the way your eyes light up when you smile. I couldn’t imagine waking up next to anyone else in the morning, even when your hair looks crazy.”
You laugh through your tears and Jungwon leans down and kisses you softly, not minding when your salty tears invade the kiss.
“It doesn’t matter what the girls at work look like. They don’t stand a chance when it comes to you”
You softly bury your face into his chest, taking a deep breath as you rest safely in his arms that are now wrapped around you tightly.
“I love you, Yang Jungwon”
“I love you too Y/n L/n”
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a display of Simon's reaction to consensual VS unwanted touch
[tw I know some may be uncomfortable when showing / discussing unwanted touch , if that is you please be aware while reading this analysis!]
To keep it more clear I chose moments that are very quick and similar. While Simon may have a love language primary of physical touch, it's important to know that he doesn't always allow others into that space. That's not always something he's comfortable with, and his character is VERY clear with it.
[he does not always allow Wille into that space either, but that's something for another post.]
Consensual physical touch [ Willie ]
Tumblr media
Yes, we know Simon loves Wille. But look at the way he RESPONDS physically to Wille in this moment. It's a brief kiss [before a huge moment but still it's brief here] but it's the way Simon furrows his brow, like he ACHES for it. The emotion alone in his face, his eyes aren't even open and he isn't saying anything, but it's the emotion he's showing. He leans to him, he responds.
Unwanted physical touch [ Marcus ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This also is a brief kiss, but already it's very clear that Simon is uncomfortable and he's really clear about it. He is almost stone, no response at all physically. In the context of the scene, Simon was almost caught off guard by it and very clearly was not a fan of it.
To add onto that, Wille saw them. So, that just made the whole thing worse.
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Trying to reason with her after she's had a rough day <<<<< choke her, rail her and cum inside her
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People talk about abusers who never say ‘i love you’ but i wish they talked more about the ones that do. The ones that hurt you over and over and leave you ruined and confused because afterwards they tell you how much they love you and how important you are to them. That way you’ll always doubt wether what they did was truly wrong. You’ll never understand what ‘i love you’ means, you’ll always associate it with something painful. ‘I love you’ will lose all meaning. It’s so fucking painful to hear it said by the person who caused you so much pain
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
every now and then i pick up an old fnaf drawing to redraw... toy bunney time 
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bericas · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
shall I stay? would it be a sin if I can't help falling in love with you?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
endless gifs from teen wolf - 14/∞
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Tumblr media
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Tavırlarıyla net bir duruş sergilemeyen insanlara bırakın inanmayı dinlemeyi bile bıraktım, hayat şunu gösterdi ki kendisini ifade edemeyen belirsizlerin peşinde harcanacak zaman ömüre yapılan ziyandır; insanı anlamamak çürütür ve ben anlayamadığım ile yola çıkmayı reddediyorum.
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dreams so engraved with the embroidery of embryonic silence: these masks; which no matter the angle of witnessed perception, shall always reflect the face of an angel woven by deathless aura.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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🤍!!!TW: THINSPO!!!🤍
Tumblr media
All I want is to be a dainty little angel... so thin and small
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Gentle forehead kisses when she's sobbing after you've ruined her
*chef's kiss*
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paperwick · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also! I drew some things! FINALLY, but tw for body horror, gore, and viscera. Scopophobia too I suppose.
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The next high school boy that asks me why I, "a little girl" is working at a vehicle parts store is getting thrown into my coworkers armpits.
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