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the-rosebud-boys · 2 days ago
dear tumblr i want to meet the person who had a sophie bikes phonecase and asked me to take a video for their tiktok at a faire one time. if youre out there sophie bikes ohine case person, i miss you....
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cossiemoss · 9 months ago
Dear Tumblr,
Today, I sent out a little red Pikmin who was born in Hawaii whilst I was on vacation.
I got home a few days ago and today this red Pikmin wanted to return home to retrieve a souvenir.
Without thinking, I accidentally sent this Pikmin on the expedition of it's life.
A journey no pikmin has made before..
Tumblr media
This pikmin will cross 3,290 miles ( 5,295,926 meters ) of land and sea without stopping.
I do not know what souvenir type it is or what it will bring back. This will remain a mystery for 76 days.
I hope to rename the Pikmin when it returns so I'll need your help.
I will continue to update you on this Pikmin's progress every other day until it finally returns.
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firethekitty · 6 months ago
tumblr guide for new users!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rpinkling · 6 months ago
resources for choosing text and bg colors that are accessible on your carrd, google doc, or tumblr theme
This list is non-exhaustive!! Adding onto this list in the reblogs is highly-encouraged!
Carneigie Museum’s page on Color Accessibility Guidelines: as it says on the tin. Has lots of practical examples of color combinations with light and dark backgrounds.
Tanaguru Contrast-Finder: put the text color (”foreground color”) and background color, and it will suggest alternative choices that are easier to read. It even gives a useful preview.
USWDS page on Using Color: defines colors in terms of accessibility and readability, and gives examples of accessible color combinations
Quick Guide to Making Your Content Accessible for users with Dyslexia: not exclusively about color, but contains a handy section on it
What is Color Contrast: defines Color Contrast and what it means in terms of making your site or page accessible
Colorado State University’s intro to Color Contrast Accessibility page: as it says on the tin. Good intro and examples.
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startrekgifs · 14 days ago
Hey @staff can you please do something about this intrusive ad?
It plays after you scroll past. You just hear those sounds and aren't sure what's happening. Then it pops up and tries to get you to download some garbage. And that is very problematic.
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rea-can-yeet · 7 months ago
If darling creator has a certain kink towards one of their acolytes tho
Here's an art of Diluc tho I apologize for the quality, it was a bit rushed because my mom wanted me to take a break by coming here in the beach and saw me still on my drawing tablet when she specifically told us to not bring our work here.
Tumblr media
"Your grace..."
Tumblr media
And also my cousin saw how my tumblr is growing and told me to properly organize my stuff here and I will, I just need to figure out how. And she said I should make a coffee for tumblr? What's a coffee?
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ekipa · 3 months ago
Wszystko w porządku?
Jeśli przechodzisz kryzys lub znasz kogoś, kto boryka się z poważnymi problemami lub po prostu potrzebujesz usłyszeć kilka ciepłych słów, sugerujemy anonimowe skontaktowanie się z wyszkolonym słuchaczem z organizacji 7 Cups of Tea.
W Polsce możesz otrzymać wsparcie pod tymi numerami:
Kryzysowy Telefon Zaufania 116 123 Telefon Zaufania dla dzieci i młodzieży 116 111 Anonimowy Przyjaciel (Anonymous friend) +4889 / 19288 Stowarzyszenie Animo - Odważ się żyć! 22 270 11 65 Telefon dla rodziców i nauczycieli 800 100 100
Aby uzyskać dostęp do innych materiałów, odwiedź naszą stronę Telefony zaufania i materiały prewencyjne zawierającą listę miejsc, w których możesz otrzymać pomoc.
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ameryth74 · a month ago
Hey @staff
Since postlimit.com doesn't seem to be functioning anymore, I think it's well past time for you to offer that information to all your users right on our very own account page. Nearly positive I'm going to hit your arbitrary 250 post limit today, but there's no way for me to check or monitor that myself.
Seems like if you're going to limit our post count, you should provide our running post count to us at all times.
Thanks in advance.
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victoiredu-peuple · 5 months ago
Hello, nycole here!
So, I thought I was done with being in situations like this, but apparently the universe has other plans for me. I’m coming to you all in desperate need of help. A company I had a trial (and canceled) subscription with (we’ll call it Company C) has decided to charge me for my subscription anyway and now I am not only in the negative on my account but it has effected my school refund, my access to my paycheck my ability to pay my bills on time (like the two that are due today). Even if you are unable to donate to me, pls consider sharing this post for me. My goal is to reach 200$ by the end of the week (or as close to it as possible). Donations can be made through my ko-fi, which is linked in my bio, or any of the three listed apps. Thank you, in advance, to everyone who shares this post and/or helps me out in any way they can. 😌🤍
p.ypal: @shorthairzuko | c-shapp/v-nmo: nycoleatnight
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poohsources · 3 months ago
hi pooh! how do you change words in posts to a custom color? i've noticed you use it as a part of your formatting and it's very cute ^^
hi there ! you need to change the text editor to html and use <span style="color: #e17e66">text you want colored</span> and it’ll do the thing. just change the hexcode to whatever you like so for example you can use the orange i use or or a pastel-y pink or a dark turquoise  or whatever other color you want. you could even get funky and make a color gradient by similar means. either pick whatever colors you need and add in the codes manually or if you're lazy, you can use a generator that basically does it for you, so you'll just have to copy & paste the text into the html post editor.
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rangarlamamicado · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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medewerkers · 3 months ago
Is alles oké met je?
Als jij of iemand die je kent worstelt met een eetstoornis, zelfmoordgedachten, depressie of zelfverwonding, praat dan met iemand die begrijpt wat je doormaakt en die je kan steunen.
Als je in Nederland woont, staan de volgende diensten voor je klaar:
113 Zelfmoordpreventie: 0800-0113 (24/7)
De Kindertelefoon:  0800-0432 (iedere dag tussen 11.00 - 21.00 uur)
MIND Korrelatie: (Iedere werkdag van 09.00 tot 21.00 uur)
Alles oké? Supportlijn: 0800-0450 (iedere dag tussen 14.00 en 22.00 uur)
De luisterlijn: 088 0767 000 (24/7)
Woon je in België? Bel dan:
Zelfmoordlijn: 1813 (24/7)
Tele-Onthaal: 106 (24/7)
Awel: 102 (dagelijks behalve zon-/feestdagen tussen 16.00 en 22.00 uur)
Woon je buiten Nederland of België, bezoek dan de IASP-website om hulp dichter bij huis te vinden.
Ga voor meer hulpinstanties naar onze overzichtspagina met instanties voor hulpverlening en preventie. Deze instanties zijn er voor je en willen je graag helpen.
Je bent niet alleen. Zorg goed voor jezelf. 💖
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sightoru · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Scout’s Fav References
Tumblr media
Writing Sketchy Topics
Pianist AU help
AU ideas
Soulmate AU master post 
Romance Masterpost 
Words to use instead of said
Facial Expressions
Meet Cute Ideas
Good words
Personality Traits
Body Language One and Two 
Reverse Dictionary 
Tumblr media
Tumblr Specific 
Tumblr media
The Holy Grail Of Tumblr Trigger Tags
Changing tags system - lets you select tags and change them all at once 
Installing Desktop Themes
Adding Links To Bio
How to do gradient text
Fast Queue Button on mobile
How to do a readmore
This chrome extension for browsing tumblr changed me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notion changed my fuckin life
Not a link but I’ve also just used a discord server I made for myself an organized it with things i needed to do, fic ideas, titles, good sentences, references and inspo.
 This divider maker
Tumblr media
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churchofrain · 5 months ago
hi, for some people who don't know how to do the blue 'read more' tag thingy; here's how! (for the app)
press enter get a clear line, then type;
and press enter immediately, (no spaces!) and then you should get the 'read more' tag! :)
please reblog to share with people who don't know how to do it/didn't think it was possible on mobile!
(cause in all honesty; having to scroll through long long long fics just to continue scrolling on your feed (or search page) gets a little (very) annoying! plus, it looks much cleaner than long long fics!)
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aboutafox · 23 days ago
Why is there no Rings Of Power content on my dash? I don’t know how to feel about this show, or who to ship, without meticulously curated gifsets.
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firethekitty · 5 months ago
tumblr guide for new users!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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deepermadness · 6 months ago
A lot of people are saying that they're seeing ads for an alleged Tumblr Store. Please enjoy this guide (using Android in this example, but Apple versions are available) to get the most of it:-
Go to the App Store or Play Store and search "Firefox"
Tumblr media
Select Firefox Fast & Private Browser from this list
Tumblr media
Install Firefox and when it's done, click "Open"
Tumblr media
In the newly opened browser, search for "Mozilla Extensions", then select the link that appears.
Tumblr media
On this page, search for "adblock" (the results are shown underneath). You may find that you get a prompt for your device of choice. If this happens, click it to be redirected to the extensions built for your phone.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Choose any of the extensions that you like by clicking on them, then on the following page, click "Add to Firefox".
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You should now have successfully installed an adblock to your mobile browser! You will no longer see ads on any of the websites you use, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any of anime/cartoon/movie sites we've all turned to since streaming turned out to be a crock of shit. This will also give you an enhanced Tumblr experience too, meaning you will not need to purchase their ad-free experience (Tumblr get paid by advertisers regardless, so this website isn't going anywhere).
So what next? Well, if you make a Firefox account (it's free), you can migrate all of your bookmarks and history from another browser, then uninstall that browser. Plus you get synchronisation between platforms, meaning links and websites seen or open on your phone can be viewed simultaneously on your laptop! This applies to your shiny new extensions too!
Speaking of extensions, why not download some more? There's the YouTube enhancer with better playback controls. Or that Facebook blocker, that stops Facebook tracking you through other websites. Or there are even tab controls! Consolidate all of your current tabs into one, label it, then compress them. Then come back later and open them back into their former versions. An excellent way to keep all your studying materials in one place! Or maybe add some themes. There are several thousand to choose from. And you can also make them yourself using Firefox's own desktop browser!
Ultimately the choice is yours. I hope this guide has been useful for you. And if not, reblog it anyway because it might be useful for somebodye else.
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