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citricacidprince · 1 year
"Post+ is going to kill Tumblr, it's best to leave now before it gets worse :////"
Veterans who have been on this site for years:
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Edit: Post+ is dead, why are y'all still liking this? Don't worry sweethearts it can't hurt you anymore-
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sweetums0kitty · 6 months
Status report: Currently crying, throwing up and screaming P1
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The grounding technique is something my therapist does with me, so wild to be represented. I wanna hug him
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lonelysheepling · 1 year
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This headline pretty much sums up my thoughts about tumblr monetization
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corvidinthewoods · 1 year
i KNOW tumblr is on the downhill and isnt financially viable. everyone does, we lost Verizon a billion dollars. this is not a profitable place.
but its got the best structure of any existing platform. no public follower count, easy repost feature, SEVERAL post formats, html editing, easily have multiple pages, customizable blog homes, and it continues to update. idk bout yall but i use the Quick Reblog and Quick Queue features on mobile CONSTANTLY
not to mention the fun little things it does on occasion! april fools games, “pride? in my tumblr?” banners, Answer Time, even a a freaking alternate reality game for Guy Fieri’s birthday just cause some of the staff wanted to!
i know it costs money to do this, and im not surprised that it needs some supplemental income to continue. But this PostPlus idea seems, to me at least, like a TERRIBLE way of going about it.
@staff @support is there any other way that we as users can support yall for a change? even like direct donation, in the style of wikipedia? i cant be alone in the feeling of “if this website needs some money to run, i’d be willing to give”
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hartsnkises · 19 days
I'm really self conscious about my avatar, but I guess if I put it behind Tumblr gold, it'll at least limit who sees it 🤷‍♀️
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invioletswithyou · 1 year
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As I near 200,000 followers here at fishingboatproceeds, I just wanted to to say…
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saikyo-rat · 23 days
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I worked hard on this
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whatsupspaceman · 1 year
idk why everyone is freaking out about tumblr trying to monetize as if we all wont collectively destroy the feature in some way so horrific they take it down in 2 days. like a pack of rabid dogs this userbase is
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Tumblr gold users get an extra hour in the ball pit 🖤
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bro i was so stressed out bc for a second i thought tumblr gold is real lmao
I remember exactly the post you’re talking about 😂 but no!
psa: tumblr gold is NOT real (and neither is Goncharov, it’s just a little imaginary movie tumblr created. as a treat)
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Honestly nothing quite beats the holey unique experience of logging in to Tumblr essentially this scene:
And just being like "what the hell did @staff do today"
i'm looking at you @postplus
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nuka-rockit · 1 year
I love that the whole post+ thing has evolved into the contemporary equivalent of gathering in the town square to throw old cabbage at the poor fool in stocks who suggested it
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sweetums0kitty · 6 months
Screaming, crying and throwing up: part 2 DC Comics could never
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He said he was wrong yall, holy shit they love eachother!!!! You can pry the idea that WFA Bruce is Battison all grown up from my cold,dead fingers.
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Also in the first panel Bruce and Jason are mirroring eachother with their poses and I like how their body language is open. It’s good, also the forehead kiss! I’m dead
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No thoughts, head empty Bruce loves his son and Jason loves his dad.
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evilcatgirlwizard · 15 days
Tumblr media
girlbloggers ive found it. tumblr blue.
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sandy-garnelle · 1 year
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aftonspogchamp · 1 year
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get prank’d
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