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uchidachi · 8 months
On one hand, I am loathe to spend money on something as fleeting and useless as a tumblr post. On the other hand, I want to make everyone look at this picture of my cat:
Tumblr media
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ll-again · 7 months
Finally saw my first blaze post and it's just
Tumblr media
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geffjoldblums · 4 months
u will never catch me using the blaze function I will churn out my no note flop posts w pride
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every-lemon · 8 months
Tumblr media
(from the FAQ)
CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW DIFFERENT THIS IS??? because as someone who works in digital marketing, my jaw literally dropped.
When I put out an ad for a client on Facebook, I can target like... new moms in their 30s who are looking for furniture within a 10-mile radius. Or people who have an anniversary coming up. People who have just moved. People who are in a new relationship. People who have elementary school kids and tend to vote Republican. People who have liked certain Pages. It's absolutely unnerving.
the utter chaos of this, though.
it's just... incredible.
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asimovsideburns · 8 months
I’m so excited for tumblr blaze actually, I can’t wait for someone to pay one hundred and fifty american dollars to boost their callout post over niche fandom drama to 50,000 people chosen completely at random
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dryersheetbear · 8 months
Tumblr media
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humofnight · 8 months
Tumblr media
no the only purpose of the ad feature is the bee script, my immortal, and hobbit love. dont proselytize. 🤨
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nicostiel · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fallintosanity · 7 months
psst, let me tell you a secret
are you listening? 
Tumblr Blaze is the biggest fuck-you to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and other advertising companies in basically ever
wanna know why? 
On Facebook, I could show this post only to white, politically undecided, lesbian college students aged 18-21 who live in zip codes 75023, 75024, and 75025 (yes, even after the changes Facebook recently announced). Anyone who interacts with the post, therefore, is extremely likely to be a white, politically undecided, lesbian college student aged 18-21 who lives in Plano, Texas. If this post was an ad, and you clicked the ad and bought the thing it was advertising, then I’d also know your name, physical address, telephone number, email address, and approximate financial status. 
You probably don’t want me to know all that about you, right? 
Do you want your health insurer to know? What about your employer? If you’re queer and not out to your family and friends, would you want them to know? What if you’re a domestic violence survivor, hiding from your ex-spouse?
All they need to do to get all that information is buy a Facebook ad for under $5.
And before you say that you don’t share all that on Facebook: too bad! Even if you don’t, Facebook (along with pretty much every ad company out there) buys, sells, and/or trades the data it collects about you with other companies. Facebook collects data about you even if you don’t have a Facebook account.
Wanna know what’s scarier? 
Bad guys can also buy targeted ads, and use them to convince you to do things like vote for a particular presidential candidate, or vote against unionizing Amazon workers. This is a very common tactic used by hostile foreign governments to foster extremism and isolate vulnerable minorities, and influence elections and other political and social events. Even the tech companies themselves can and do use this data to manipulate your emotions, making you happier or sadder according to their own whims.
(why do you know all this, Sanity? because I’ve worked in information security, fighting for data privacy and security, for over a decade)
Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and other advertisers claim that collecting all that data about you, and letting anyone target you with it, is absolutely, 100% necessary for the existence of the entire ad-funded Internet. They want you to believe that nothing bad could possibly come of it, despite proof to the contrary being in the news every other month. They want you to blindly continue letting them collect and use YOUR data to influence you to think, feel, and do what THEY want. 
Enter Tumblr Blaze. 
Tumblr media
(from the Blaze FAQ)
Tumblr looked at advertising and said, you know what? we don’t need to target anyone. Targeted ads don’t actually work anyway. All that hyper-specific targeting is just an excuse for ad companies to raise prices and collect more data to use for their own purposes. 
Tumblr said, we bet people will pay real-life dollars to share their posts with up to 50,000 people, whether or not those people will care. 
Tumblr said, we’re going to blow up the entire online advertising industry.
That is fucking amazing, y'all.
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yaboywillyshakes · 8 months
i think staff should let us boost other people's posts with that tumblr blaze thing. like if i see a mutuals post i really like i should be able to ensure that 2,500 other people get to see it too & also i could boost the viewership of Horrible Memes, allowing me to do the tumblr equivalent of dropping a cursed image in the groupchat without comment
this would absolutely make the site much worse overall but i think it would be worth it
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staff · 8 months
Thinking about Ad-Free, Tipping, or Blaze, but nervous about online payment security? Have no fear—your data is safe, secure, and private. So private, in fact, no one at Tumblr will ever see it.
Tumblr media
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adarkershadeofroyal · 7 months
Tumblr users this past few months have truly been through it all. Horse plinko, blorbo, live slug reaction, ps5, KPP return, tiktok refugees, tumblr blaze, horrific ads, shortened posts (rip colour of the sky), gay pirate show, superwholock 2.0, taika waititi, elon musk buying twitter, twitter refugees, bi misha, closeted straight misha, heartstopper, shortening notes, prev tags, its been wild
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megaceros · 8 months
Tumblr Blaze sounds amazing, but can we go a step further? Can i sponsor other people's posts? Can i go dig in someone 3am trash and put it on blast?
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