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New shots of Avatar the Way of Water from a Japanese Promotion/Ad 馃挋
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sylwanin-was-right 3 days
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Looking at the weaving work of this hammock (likely in a new hometree!!) makes me hope we get to see more weaving and textile work the Omatikaya are known for! Maybe we get to see their giant loom as well since they would have had to make another one.
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saba-noodles 1 day
Me to tuktirey: i love her already ^O^O^O^
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Even though the official trailer was hella STUNNING to watch, nothing got me excited more than seeing those shots of Jake with his kids.
That scene where he was talking with Kiri:
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Teaching Neteyam how to shoot an arrow when he was a kid:
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Even that 'blink and you'll miss it' shot of him holding Tuktirey in his arms and she has her head on his shoulder ;-;
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nattikay 9 days
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based on @movietimegirl鈥檚 post
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thesiren-ssong 20 days
Can y鈥檃ll start writing some avatar fanfics? Like I know the movies not out yet but there really ain鈥檛 nothing for us to preoccupy ourselves with while we wait馃槦 I would but the comic isn鈥檛 out in my town so I gotta wait until December 6th but please y鈥檃ll I鈥檓 starving rn
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pandoraheadcanons 12 days
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Family group shot! I like the look on Kiri鈥檚 face here
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hufflepotato-18 11 days
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Jake & Neytiri鈥檚 family
Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), Dir. James Cameron
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na'vi avatar oc
(turn up ur brightness it looks better that way)
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movietimegirl 25 days
Kiri, setting down a card: Ace of spades
Spider, pulling out an Uno card: +4
Lo'ak, pulling out a Pok茅mon card: Jolteon, I choose you
Tuktirey: Go fish!
Neteyam, trembling: What are we playing?
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josru 29 days
Not to be stupid but how old are Jake and Neytiri's kids supposed to be?
I know Kiri is 14 since Sigourney said so in an interview, and Tuk is clearly the baby. It just confuses me a little that according to the wiki Neteyam is supposed to be younger than Kiri- he does not look 13 or 12 to me.
I know that Na'vi anatomy is different and all that as well, but Kiri looks the Na'vi equivalent of 14, while Neteyam and Lo'ak look like 16, 17?
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Is it just me who feels like they look too old to be like 12? Or maybe the wiki is wrong and there's a bigger time gap between the first movie and this one.
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saba-noodles 1 day
Iloo and feesh
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earthravenclaw 2 months
Sully-Tskaha family timeline guess
Neteyam is born
Spider is born
Lo鈥檃k is born
Kiri is... born??
Spider joins the family
Kiri joins the family
Tuktirey is born
This is taking into account differences in Na鈥檝i vs Human growth rates, plus the fact that the mixed kids (and Kiri???) are probably somewhere in between those rates. Which, side note, would make growing up very weird. Literally all five of the kids probably don鈥檛 match their peers development.
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nattikay 15 days
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thesiren-ssong 11 days
My personal avatar headcanons
鈥eteyam used to make fun of the rest of his siblings for being ticklish but he is secretly the most ticklish one out of them all
鈥sireya is the oldest child
鈥pider smells the worst out of all the sully kids. No one knows why considering he has soap and showers at hell鈥檚 gate and they鈥檙e to weirded out to ask
鈥(it鈥檚 because he showers 1 a week)
鈥hen lo鈥檃k was little he used to pretend to fall asleep on jakes ikran so he would carry him off of it
鈥eytiri will just randomly stare directly into peoples souls. It鈥檚 just her way of getting used to their face
鈥ometimes when Kiri watches Grace鈥檚 video logs, she pretends they鈥檙e having a conversation.
鈥nce after Spider overheard Neytiri complaining about him he got into one of the avatar machines and one of the humans caught him he said he just wanted to know what the inside of it felt like
鈥uktirey steals everyone鈥檚 food and everyone knows it鈥檚 her but they pretend to be confused
鈥pider used to have a crush on a really pretty na鈥檝i girl but he was to scared to tell and never said anything to anyone until his feelings stopped and to this day will deny even knowing who she was
鈥o鈥檃k once made a really bad drawing of the family and Neteyam laughed so hard that he never drew anything after that
鈥 Neteyam felt bad so he purposely slipped off of a tree and hit the ground and when Jake+Neytiri asked what happened he said something hit him in the face and caused him to fall. Kiri laughed so loudly that everyone forgot lo鈥檃k鈥檚 drawing which made him feel better but sad that they forgot abt it
鈥otxo is the responsible mom friend who needs a break
鈥 the metkayina are appalled at how bad the ometkayina smell and came up with the idea to make them swim to get rid of the stench
鈥eytiri hates sand and hates the fact that tuk loves to fully submerge herself in wet sand
鈥f anyone ever made a sand castle in front of the metkayina, they would become the greatest architects of the na鈥檝i
鈥onung ate a handful of sand as a kid and had excruciating diarrhea and blamed it on an ilu when somebody found it
鈥otxo鈥檚 mom would yell at someone and immediately hug them afterward
鈥ometimes Jake worries that when the rda come they鈥檒l make him go back to being human instead of killing him
I have more but I鈥檓 to lazy to type rn
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