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royaltysimblr · 2 days
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Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Orleans
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Frances turned eighteen! She was optimistic about finally entering adulthood and felt more than ready. It was time for her to find her own way, away from her parents.
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“You may recall, Offa,” said Kennedi calmly, “That the last time our kingdoms fought, my husband left you on your knees.”
Offa bristled with rage and lingering shame.
“Now, I am very proud of him as a fighter and all,” Kennedi continued, “but I was also quite jealous that he got to shut that obnoxious trap of yours and not me. Well, this time it is my turn and I intend to kick your arse so thoroughly that, by the end, you will be on your knees and using that obnoxious trap to beg for your death.”
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Offa screamed with rage and lunged at Kennedi.
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heartblobs · 2 days
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Littlewood Manor ― Later That Evening
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Charlotte: This day is just full of 'firsts!' My first ball as a debutante! Micheala, can you believe it? Servant: It's so exciting, Miss!
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C: Do you think I could meet my future husband tonight? Oh, it's all happening so fast! Servant: You never know. I know of some girls who met their husband the first hour!
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C: Goodness. How do you know so fast? Servant: Sometimes you just know, from the moment you meet him.
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lilis-palace · 8 months
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FOLKLORE SET | Off the Grid Living (No.1)
50+ Buy & Build mode items
With this pack you can nearly fully furnish a regular Central/Eastern European peasant house or a farmhouse. You can choose between 35 deco items, 19 functional items and a build item. Find them in your game by typing in the search-box either “lilis palace” or “FOLKLORE”.
Pack compatibility
Almost all the items are Base Game Compatible. Bellow you can see which packs are required for the full gameplay experience my set provides: Vampires: [lilis-palace]_FOLKLORE-Deco_DustyMirror, [lilis-palace]_FOLKLORE-Deco_SmallAndDustyMirror Dine Out: [lilis-palace]_FOLKLORE-Comfort_TraditionalBench Laundry Day: [lilis-palace]_FOLKLORE-Activity_RusticHamper, [lilis-palace]_FOLKLORE_Activity-RuralClothesLine
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Your everyday items got a nice rustic look! Wash your hands in a lovely bowl on a chair, or cook a nice meal in an iron stove at the cozy light of a kerosene lamp.
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As the title suggests, this set was inspired by Eastern/Central European traditions, especially Hungarian culture. Cover your walls with inscribed wall protectors, colorful hanging jugs and pitchers, or lay an embroidered tablecloth on your table. You can learn more about folk objects in this post.
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Update 2022/05/02: [lilis-palace]_FOLKLORE-Plumbing_WashingBowlOnChair is now Base Game compatible
~ Download bellow the cut ~
PATREON - Early Acces until 2th of May
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felixandresims · 3 months
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The Florence Collection :)
The Florence Collection is out for free. The set consists of 128 Italian-inspired items and covers living spaces, the bedroom, the bathroom, the Kitchen, and exteriors. The Collection is a mix of traditional and contemporary - my favorite aesthetic :)
You can find the Sets on HouseOfHarlix or find them on my Patreon with #Public Content where you can see all published links:)
Happy Building!
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llazyneiph · 6 months
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🌿 Adeline Dress 🌿
More historical ‘basics’, a simple cotton dress with leather corset. Comes with a version that has ivy tucked into the side of the corset, for those plant witch vibes. Corset overlay in the piercings section has several options to recolour the corset, to mix and match with the dress.
☼ New frankenmesh (with some new handpainted textures) ☼ 5.7k poly with the ivy ☼ 5.6k poly without ivy ☼ 12 swatches for the dresses ☼ 8 swatches for the corset recolours ☼ Disabled for random (enabled for random witches though) ☼ Corset recolours under piercings
Just a cute and simple little dress for both historical and fantasy gameplay ✨I hope you like it and enjoy using it! :)
DOWNLOAD (Patreon - Free)
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lady-moriel · 4 months
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Stable set
~ Request ~
8 objects: stable, firewood, one cage, three cages with broken one, one hay,  three hays, hay on floor (rug), fence. They are deco items. 
All lods; normal maps; decor.
Horses (deco) by Severinka.
Download: Patreon | Boosty | SFS - free! @emilyccfinds @sssvitlanz @simbfinds
Thank you for reblogs 💙💛 More pics under cut.
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New meshes
Base game compatible
18 items
Polycount: from ~1600 to ~3800. All LODs, normal and specular maps, custom icons. Partly converted from various games and hugely edited, partly created from scratch. 
This set includes 5 different bookshelves - each in 3 versions for tall, medium and short walls [ I know these are bookcases actually but I already used that inaccurate word the the previews and the files themselves, so I don't think it's such a principal matter to spent lots of time to fix it everywhere ], an ottoman, a big floor globe and a secretaire [ which functions as a console table ]. There are slots for decor items inside bigger bookcases for tall and medium walls and lots of decor slots for the secretaire. Books comes in similar yet different color schemes so you will be able to use several bookcases in one room and it won't look like a glitch in the Matrix.  Note that the bookcases are not supposed to be modular, so just several of them can be seamlessly placed next to each other.
All the bookcases have linked textures, so there MUST be the package with word “main” in your Mods folder for other cabinets to work.
Preview pics are, as usual, pure screenshots 100% from the game - no color edit, no ReShade. Hope you’ll find this useful - tag me if you do, I’d love to see your screenshots. Happy simming, have fun and don’t forget to read my TOU.
DOWNLOAD - Patreon Early Access or Boosty Early Access Public access - 28/09
Credits go to all the creators of original games and of cc used on the preview pictures.
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dumbabieee · 4 months
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✞ ♫  Juliette Corset ✧
◦  ♡ 6 Swatches 10 Graphics
◦  ♡ You need the original MESH ! !
◦  ♡ Download HERE ! ! 🥛
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elfdor · 3 months
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Victorian Clothes Set - Dress 1
Thank you for your love & support !!!
Enjoy and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Boosty
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buzzardly28 · 1 month
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1870s Hairs
This was my second week Simblreen treat and we’ve gone back in time from last years Simblreen’s 1880s hairstyles.  
TOU: Feel free to recolour or edit to your hearts content, just don’t make people pay for it. (full tou here)
Download (sfs)
@mmoutfitters @mmfinds @simblreenofficial @simshistoricalfinds
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surely-sims · 9 months
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9021 Hoes Hotline - Deco Telephone Light
Hello!! 💅🤗 Last Year OakSimStudios asked if I could make him two things! One of those things was this fantastic telephone he had repainted IRL. He kindly allowed me to share this with everyone! The graphic design is by Oak, and I translated it into Simlish!
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As night turned to morning and morning to afternoon, Adrianus, Kennedi and Brandon waited in tense silence. Occasionally, Adrianus would spring up, determined to go out and find out what had happened, but Kennedi would talk him back into sitting down.
Eventually, Blaed burst through the doors of the great hall, dragging Edward behind her.
“I did it! I did it!” Blaed exclaimed.
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Kennedi walked up to her daughter and slapped her squarely across the face.
“You foolish, foolish girl!” Kennedi screamed.
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Kennedi grabbed her daughter by the arms,
“Where is Graham?” she shouted.
“He’s dead...” Blaed sobbed.
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Adrianus took his daughter in his arms and pushed Kennedi back.
“Ken! Calm down! We need to figure out what we are going to do!”
“We only have one choice,” Kennedi sobbed. “We are going to have to convince Offa that this was all part of our plan. We must leave right now and try to take Northern Willow Creek.”
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Start (Iron Age) | Start (Roman Britain) | Start (Anglo Saxon)  | Previous | Next  
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aheathen-conceivably · 3 months
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Lady Georgiana Harrington’s style is on the cusp of high fashion in the late Edwardian period. Her dresses and suits are all representative of the type of forward-facing, luxurious clothing that young wealthy women wore at this time.
Despite the luxurious and trendy nature of her wardrobe, it is still not ostentatious. Rather, it has a sort of old-world, refined wealth that harkens to her aloof but elegant demeanor. Similarly, it leans heavily into rich, but still cold, jewel tones that are not excessively ornamented or frilly. Rather, she prefers her ornamentation in the form of a wide variety of custom jewelry, set with precious stones and multi layers of pearls.
Her lookbook is also governed by a different set of outfit categories than we see in the majority of Darlington lookbooks. Rather than having outfits designed around practical use or weather, Lady Georgiana’s looks are determined by time of day and specific outings. Like most women of her status in this period, this dictated up to eight outfit changes a day, with a minimum of a different outfit worn for each meal and frequent changes in between.
While indicative of her class and wealth, this is also representative of the sort of life that Lady Harrington leads. Her very dress is governed by strict rules of propriety and decorum. Her choice to wear her evening gowns during the day or her morning gown as a house dress is thus not only a personal eccentricity, but an attempt to make herself comfortable and in control of her surroundings.
CC details included under the cut.
Day Dress 1: hat / hair / earrings / necklace / dress (Morning Glories Set) / gloves / shoes (Cottage Living)
Day Dress 2: hat / hair / earrings / dress (Morning Glories Set) / gloves / shoes
Dinner Dress: hair / earrings / necklace / ring / dress (The Astor Dress) / gloves
Walking Suit: hat / hair (Ethel) / earrings / suit
Travel Suit: earrings / suit & hat / gloves (My Wedding Stories)
Evening Dress: hair / earrings / necklace / dress (Tragically Titanic Gown)
Underwear: hair / corset / pants
Dressing Gown: hair / gown
Riding Suit: hat / hair / earrings / top / gloves (Base Game) / skirt / boots
Morning Gown: earrings / necklace (Base Game) / dress / shoes
Warm Weather: hat / earrings / pearls / dress & gloves / shoes
Cold Weather: earrings / scarf / suit
A huge shoutout to the creators for all their lovely CC used here! @happylifesims @treefish @simstomaggie @zurkdesign @historicalsimslife @lilis-palace @gilded-ghosts @femmeonamissionsims @joliebean @dzifasims @luutzi @batsfromwesteros @standardheld @dancemachinetrait @sunivaa @buzzardly28 @ms-marysims @yakfarm @coloresurbanos @simverses @nell-le @glitterberrysims @waxesnostalgic @nataliaauditore-blog
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lilis-palace · 1 month
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BUDAPEST - Timeless Windows & Doors
⚪ 24 carefully designed build items
This type of window is so common in Central/Eastern Europe that I needed to remake them. Now thankfully you can have them in your game too.
⚪ Set compatibility
All items are base game compatible. Find them in your game by typing in the search-box either “lilis palace”, “BUDAPEST” or “Timeless”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Early Access until 2022. 11. 26.
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