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louis at the fitf signing (x)(x)(x)
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Honey bunch sugar plum (x)
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*heart eyes*
(cr. lukesIaymmings twt)
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24 days of Louis 2022 ✧day 4: Favorite hair era✧
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Harry can’t look away from the ribbon. He can’t process it, can’t hear his own thoughts over the roaring rush of blood in his ears. 
 “Don’t you look pretty?” Harry hears Louis’ voice as if from far away. 
Or: Harry and Louis go to a party. 
no one’s gonna know by jishler 💫
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faith in the future + vision // louis tomlinson
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A fic rec of One Direction fics with an asexual character in the fic as requested in this ask. For more fics with an asexual character, you can find my asexual Louis fic rec here and asexual Harry fic rec here. You can find all my other fic recs here. If you enjoy the fic, please leave the writer kudos and a comment! Happy reading!
promise your whispers are mine by lightswoodmagic / @lightwoodsmagic
(E, 94k, catering au) Harry’s the head chef at Azoff’s Catering, and he loves his job; the opportunity has always been more than he could dream of and he’s proud of the food he creates. Until he meets Louis, an event coordinator rising through the ranks with his own company, and who reminds him of the dreams he once had for his own career.
What I Have With You (I don't want with anyone else) by @lululawrence
(NR, 73k, fake relationship) Louis is an asexual alpha, Harry is his aromantic alpha friend and possible roommate, and faking a relationship might be exactly what they need to get their families and friends off their backs.
now you're in my life (I can't get you off my mind)  by we_are_the_same / @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed
(M, 34k, a/b/o) as much as Harry loves the concept of dating, the reality sucks.
Something Deep Inside by lightswoodmagic / @lightwoodsmagic
(M, 17k, canon) the five times Louis had to hold back his feelings, and the one time he didn't.
Ace Drag Queen Louis by @musketrois
(NR, 16k, series) Louis is a drag queen and Harry is the photographer that wants to be more than friends.
balance between you and me by beckywritesthings / @beckydoesthings
(T, 15k, a/b/o) As a successful businessman, Louis is used to the long hours, never-ending work, and constant exhaustion. What hits the hardest, even though he'd never admit it, is the empty apartment he comes home to every day. 
All The Shades In Between by LaDiDah 
(G, 10k, Potter Direction) Harry is hit with a rogue truth spell and can't control what comes out of his mouth; a bit awkward when his adoration for Louis has only grown over the years.
Somebody Get Me Through This Nightmare by @lululawrence
(NR, 11k, neighbors) “You are always welcome to sleep on my couch if you need,” Harry offered immediately. “I still don’t think it’s quite as bad as you seem to believe it is, but I’d much rather you be next door than fifteen or twenty minutes away at someone else’s house.”
serve me up a little hope on the rocks by we_are_the_same / @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed
(M, 10k, bar au) Louis is a bartender who doesn't take drink orders, but just makes drinks based on what he thinks his customers will like. Harry is just another customer. Or is he?
in comes the rain by BeforeEternity / @starlitlou
(M, 7k, established relationship) Being ace and an omega had never been Louis' favourite combination. Even less so when his heat is involved. 
when we get intimate by rainblou / @loubbies
(E, 6k, a/b/o) Harry is asexual. It becomes a problem when his heat arrives and Louis, his alpha, doesn't know.
Peach Blossom Has Just Begun To Bloom by flamboyo / @riverswater
(G, 4k, pride parade) Losing sight of their friends, Louis and Harry decide to spend the march together talking about their identity and their pride, and eventually concluding to never let each other go.
Talk with me, Walk with me by @loulovehome
(G, 3k, self discovery) AU where Louis and Harry’s relationship develops at the same time that Louis starts figuring out his asexuality.
let's run all the red lights by wordsnnotes / @quelsentiment
(T, 3k, childhood friends) Harry has always been in love with Louis, and he doesn’t know what to do about it.
Baby, Don’t Apologize by @neondiamond
(T, 1k, a/b/o) Harry being an asexual Omega means his Alpha Louis has had to spend his ruts alone for the past decade despite being mated.
An ace week by Onlythebrave_6
(NR, 1k, established relationship) The one where Louis is not that confident with his identity but Harry decides that the asexual awareness week is the best time to make him feel even more loved and supported than he usually is.
-Rare Pairs-
Situations Like These by wordsnnotes / @quelsentiment
(T, 30k, Louis/Zayn) It’s not that often that Louis feels this way about people. His lack of sexual attraction doesn’t prevent him from experiencing these fleeting moments of aesthetic admiration, but it’s rare for him to get almost obsessed with someone’s beauty the way he is with Zayn’s. 
we're still the kings of the Friday nights by we_are_the_same / @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed
(T, 22k, Zayn/Louis) Zayn’s been everything, for so long now. His moral compass, his partner in crime, his ride or die. And as of tonight, the first boy Louis has ever kissed.
Like it was at the start by wordsnnotes / @quelsentiment
(T, 14k, Louis & Liam) A platonic soulmates AU set in Lake Louise, Canada.
a little tenderness by @disgruntledkittenface
(NR, 10k, Niall/Harry) Touch deprivation makes a lot of sense now that Harry thinks about it. Niall seems generally unwell; he appears to be weak, his skin is pallid and his lips look chapped, and his breathing is ragged. 
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WIP rough trade
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Santa Baby (just slip into me) by Kikiberoski16
or @larrysballetslippers
Harry/Louis | 1.1k | Explicit | Christmas | Daddy kink
When Harry finally recognized the cute boy in the Santa suit, he had to make his Christmas Eve a little more exciting.
Holiday gift for @thechavier from Miss Agatha <3
Dear Shari, I hope you enjoy your little fic, happy holidays. Thank you @thedevilinmybrain for being my beta. If you want to send your friend a fic, check out my Gift A Holiday Drabble event!
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↳ Lima
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Harry's right tit jiggling at the Wembley Stadium but they're 7 years apart...
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louis on facetime with a fan, featuring dimple (x)
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Don't be suspicious 👀 (x)
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can we talk about how he grabbed the rainbow boa mid-air
Tumblr media
and the way it wrapped itself around his neck like it was gay possessed or in a weird gay magnet way x
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He said happy 1d anniversary you all [x]
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