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highladyraven · 11 months
I feel so empty. All the time. I just want it to stop.
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myshipspace · 7 months
Too Tired
Pairing: Dabi x Hawks x FTM! Reader
Content: smut, threesome, somnophilia, slight overstimulation, penetration, oral, masculine pet names.
Dabi was quiet when he stepped into their shared apartment. It was so late even the city lay silent, glowing with tired streetlights and the moonlight struggling through the clouds. One of his boyfriends’ was home based on the keys on the hook and hero boots discarded by the door as though someone stumbled out of them. His skin stretched with the small smirk as he let the door shut quietly behind him, letting the lock click.
Some would call him brave for dating two heroes. Others would call him a fool. But who could resist it? Them? Hawks was incredible in his own right as a hero, as a threat. That’s how it started really; hate fucking. But then he got used to the annoying man, slowly starting to see the complexities behind his light hearted façade. His other boyfriend, while a less well known hero, was just as impressive. A search a rescue hero who had come to his rescue in more ways than Dabi liked to admit.
With socked feet, freed of his coat, he shuffled towards the bedroom, leaning against the door frame. His blue eyes almost glowed in the dark as they roamed over your sleeping form. Arms around a pillow, you sprawled out with the blanket tangled around one leg. Even though you were fairly small compared to the two of them, you always managed to take up the most space. A pang of guilt shot through him. You’d been running yourself ragged, rivaling Hawks’ crazy hours. Dabi’s shenanigans hadn’t exactly helped.
But there you lay in bed, finally crashing from fatigue, bruises and scrapes covering you, the occasional bandage covering the deeper ones. He had no doubt you were sore and exhausted and in definite need of a little relief.
The three of you had talked about it before. He and Hawks had been a little wary at first, neither liking the implications. But boundaries were established, safe words shared, and it made Dabi and Hawks feel hell of a lot better. Dabi was a monster, sure, but even some monsters have morals.
The sight of you was also making any doubts wane. One leg was bent, hiked up, and you were in those damn shorts that showed off your strong legs. And in certain positions, it showed just enough to tempt him. Dabi felt himself start to throb to life, mouth watering in anticipation as he stepped closer. The bed dipped under his knee and he leaned forward, his shadow cast over you. Slowly, he trailed a hand up the inside of your thigh, feather light, testing the waters. He watched as your skin rose in goosebumps and slowly increased his touch. Before long, his entire hand was sliding up the inside of your thigh.
“Hm,” you grunted and he froze, staring at you, daring you to open your eyes. But you did nothing. He smirked to himself and continued, letting his hand slip under your shorts. He damn near groaned at feeling how wet you already were. Definitely in need of relief.
Slowly, a finger slipped into you, pumping and curling. You let out another grunt and shifted ever so slightly. Dabi watched with amusement as you rolled more towards the pillow, leg hiking even higher, giving him more room to work.
“Needy little thing, aren’t ya?” he asked the silence, slowly sliding in another finger, adoring the way you tightened around his fingers. He sat there and slowly stroked his fingers in and out, working you up in your sleep. He could hear your breaths quicken and leaned over you, leaned closer, knowing any second you would wake. You were close and he could feel it and he wondered what would come first, the orgasm or you waking up. Dabi curled his fingers against that special spot, watching as your eyes snapped open, mouth stretched in a startled moan as you came. You panted as you came down from it, startled and confused. You turned your wide eyes to him.
“Dabi?” you panted as he leaned in and kissed you softly. “What… wha-“ you panted around the kiss.
“Finally got your ass home,” he said, his voice a low rumble, “figured you could use a little relief. Hope you don’t mind.” It was his own way of asking if this was ok, and you couldn’t help but smile. He kissed along your jaw bone and your eyes fluttered a bit, threatening to start falling asleep again. The fatigue seemed to ache from your bones but you didn’t want it to stop. Thankfully, Dabi was more than happy to move you how he wanted you, rolling you onto your stomach and lifting your hips. He shoved his hand down your pants again and pulled a small whine from you that was muffled by the pillow. You could feel his breath against your ear. “Go back to sleep, silly boy.” You felt him rub his clothed erection against your ass and you pushed back at bit, wanting to grind against it. He nipped at your ear, the humor rumbling through his chest. You hummed contentedly, feeling your body relax as he slid his fingers into you again.
“Dabi,” you breathed out quietly. “Hn!” He curled his fingers just right and it had you trying to grind into his hand, panting. He continued like that, curling and pumping his fingers, leaving you panting. Fingers tangled in your short hair, tugging your face out of the pillow so you couldn’t quiet yourself. He watched you as your mouth opened in that tensed look you got when you came. You pulsed around his fingers, tightening and throbbing. He couldn’t hide his grin.
“Go to sleep, silly boy,” he taunted, moving his fingers again, loving the moan you choked out. “What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?” You could still feel him rubbing himself against your ass. He teased you, played with you, got you soaking wet, and you lay there just taking it, blissfully numb and too weak to move.
The sound of wings beating at the air alerted him to the arrival of his other boyfriend and his grin only widened.
“Whatcha doing there, Dabi?” Hawks asked from the doorway, shrugging off his coat, his boots already discarded. Then he caught sight of you under Dabi, dazed. “Ah, he’s finally home.”
“And soaking,” Dabi said, pulsing his fingers again. You tried to burry your face in the pillow again, but his hand tugged your hair, making you look at Hawks again. “Knock that off,” he warned with no real bite.
“Mind if I get in on this?” Hawks asked, smirking.
“Want that, silly boy?” Dabi asked you. The idea of Hawks joining sent you over the edge, making you come again, but this time Hawks got to watch.
“That looked like a good one,” he said, hand on his hip.
“One of many,” Dabi said before sitting up, letting you whine as he removed his hand. “So,” he prompted, starting to undo his belt. “Ass or pussy?” You lay there, listening to your boyfriends decide who was getting what hole. You watched them undress, shirts over heads, belts clanging and dropping to the floor. Dabi kissed Hawks and tugged on his dick, helping him to become fully erect. Hawks crawled onto the bed, laying on his back, wings spread out so as to not get crushed. The two of them pulled you over him, positioning you how they wanted.
“Come here, sweet boy,” Hawks cooed as he slid into you, pulling you down against his chest. He kissed you slowly, lazily as the lube bottle cracked open. You gasped into Hawks’ mouth as a cold digit pressed against you, teasing the entrance. Hawks watched you with hunger as you moaned quietly, feeling Dabi’s finger sink deeper. Your face flushed and you buried your face in Hawks’ neck. As much as he loved the feel of your breath against his skin, his eyes met Dabi’s and he nodded with a smirk. Once more, Dabi’s fingers curled in your short hair, tugging you out of hiding, making you face Hawks. “What is it with you tryna hide from us tonight?”
“Never known our boy to be a shy one,” Dabi said. Hawks chuckled and bucked his hips, making you grunt, jaw clenching to quiet yourself. “I know you can do better.” It was unclear as to who he was talking to and Hawks bucked his hips again, and again, making you moan louder and louder. “That’s better.” He released your hair and went back to stretching out your hole. You hummed against Hawks’ lips as you kissed him. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, tasting you, swallowing your pants. You could feel him throbbing inside of you and Dabi slid in a second finger, stretching you out slowly. Hawks had stilled his hips to allow Dabi a chance to work. You didn’t seem to mind, relaxed and pliant, giving in to whatever they wanted. You could feel Hawks’ hands trailing over your body slowly while Dabi’s free hand seemed intent on bruising your hip. A third finger slipped in and you moaned embarrassingly loud.
“You almost ready?” Hawks asked Dabi as he lined up, pressing himself against your hole.
“Shut up,” he grunted, “taking everything I got not ta just slam into him.” Hawks chuckled as he felt you tense around him.
“Hm,” he hummed, fingers tangling in your short hair, making you look at him. “I think he’d like that.”
“Not gonna risk it,” Dabi said. “I can be patient.” You dropped your head and bit at Hawks’ neck at an attempt to silence a groan. Dabi began sliding into you, filling you up with his cock and you were almost delirious on how good it felt to be this stuffed. You shifted back, silently begging for him to go deeper. And he did, your ass meeting his hip, making him exhale sharply. “Shit,” he hissed. “Feel good?” he asked you, sliding his hand up your spine. At your nod, they started. The force of Dabi’s movements had you slightly bouncing on Hawks’ cock. You moaned into his mouth as Dabi’s hips slapped against you. Hawks would start to thrust up just slightly, making you take him deeper. Dabi would grab your hips and slam you back against him, pulling you deeper onto both of them. Your body was full of them and your head was filled with the sounds of their moans, heaving breathing, pleasured swears whispered under their breaths.
Another orgasm was building in you, pooling low in your gut. They could hear your breathing pick up, feel you tightening. Someone’s fingers gently wrapped around your neck, forcing your head up as you came, eyes practically crossed as you shook, body numb. They picked up the pace, fucking you harder, pushing you back to that edge. They fucked you like that for a while, both trying to stave off their own releases, too caught up in you and your pleasure.
“Lift him up,” Hawks said, gently pushing your shoulders. Dabi looped his arms under yours, helping to lift you until you were sitting upright.
“Come here, sweet boy,” he grunted in your ear.
“Shit,” Hawks breathed, staring right at where he was entering you. He bucked up, hands on your thighs, keeping you from bouncing too high.
“That good, hu?” Dabi grinned, his hand resting around your neck as your head lolled back onto his shoulder. “Almost jealous,” he said as he slid two fingers into your mouth lazily, letting you suck and moan around them. “Fuck, you feel good,” he grunted in your ear, continuing to fuck you from behind, aided by Hawks keeping you steady, pulling you down onto their cocks. Your heart raced, breath matching pace as yet another orgasm started to build. But this one was different, you could feel it. The angle was new and hitting different spots, creating a new sensation that was somehow even better than before. You moaned and panted around Dabi’s fingers as they fucked you. You could feel Dabi thrusting faster, almost desperately.
“You good there, Dabi?” Hawks asked in jest as the other man buried his face in your neck, groaning.
“Shut it,” he snapped, “oh fuck, I’m gunna come.” Hawks gently took Dabi’s wrist, sliding the hand that pressed against your stomach down, sinking lower. He stopped when Dabi’s hand was over your cunt and Dabi got the picture. You shook and wined as he toyed with you, rubbing the swollen nub. His fingers in your mouth slid deeper as you panted, chest heaving as you wriggled. It was too much, too sensitive. You were going to come and you were going to come hard. You didn’t know if you could take it but it didn’t matter.
Dabi came inside you as your body tensed and shook almost violently. You panted and moaned loudly, bucking as though trying to escape but it only made them go deeper, press harder. You could feel something wet rushing from you, coating your thighs and the man under you.
“Fuck,” he hissed, staring again, “fuck, Dabi, this boy came.”
“No shit,” he grunted, panting into your shoulder.
“No,” Hawks said, almost fascinated as he reached out to feel the wetness that coated you two. He pushed Dabi’s hand out of the way, pressing and making you cry out. “I mean he CAME.”
“Oh shit,” Dabi chuckled before kissing your temple, still out of breath. “Having that much fun, eh?”
“You gotta have a taste,” Hawks hissed as he pulled his fingers from his mouth. The two lifted you, manhandling you until you were on your back. You were too gone to care until a tongue licked you slowly, a moan vibrating against you. Strong arms slipped under your thighs and pulled you tighter against his face. As you cried out, eyes open, you noticed your head was hanging off the bed, giving you a prefect view of Hawks jerking himself off. Your body arched as you came again. That damn tongue was killing you, licking deep and greedily. Noisy. You reached a hand out to Hawks, startling him a bit. “Hm?” he asked, stepping close and looking over you. “You ok?” His question made Dabi pause and look up, but he grinned when he saw it.
“I think he wants something from you,” Dabi drawled as you tugged on Hawks’ leg. His brows rose as you tugged him close, mouth open, eyes pinned on his dick. He gave in to your pleading, giving a shaky moan as he slid to the back of your throat. You swallowed, tongue rubbing against his shaft, making him choke. Dabi went back to his meal, licking and tasting, tongue fucking into you. Your thighs tightened around his head and you came again, moaning around Hawks’ dick.
“Oh, fuck,” Hawks moaned, falling forward onto his hand, leaning over you, trying not to fuck your face. “Shit, shit, ah.” Dabi’s tongue swirled around your nub and a finger slid into you again, curling and making your legs shake. It only made him work faster. Hawks had given in to his baser desires and was fucking your throat almost ruthlessly. You just sucked and stroked with your tongue until you came again, body arched off the bed, scream muffled by the thick cock in your throat. A palm on your chest pushed you back down to the bed as something warm and wet shot down your throat. You swallowed out of habit, drinking it down as Dabi added another finger. You continued to suck. “Shit,” Hawks hissed, “ah, shit, wait-hngh!” You continued to suck, to blissed out to realize what had happened.
“What’s wrong?” Dabi asked lazily as he continued to work his fingers inside of you. He smirked at Hawks’ distress. The man seemed to struggle. He was too sensitive now, but it felt too good to pull away. Your hands on his thighs prevented him from pulling away weren’t making it any easier. “Ease up,” he said, patting your thigh, “turn loose.” Slowly you let the man go and he stepped back, dropping to his knees. As Dabi buried his face between your legs once more, Hawks kissed you deeply, swallowing the moans and cries.
That’s how you spent your time awake that night, being fucked out by your boyfriends until once more that darkness of sleep took over.
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gloomiee · 2 months
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angelic-baphomet · 2 years
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cy-tick7 · 30 days
What if...
Tumblr media
Jk jk.... Unless?? 😳
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whimsicalitywheee · 6 months
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Any excuse to draw derpy cats is good for me, so here I made these! All will probably be destroyed by my cats, but this is the cycle of life.
Buy here for your cats to destroy too if you like!
No Thoughts  -  Too tired  -  Cannot brain  -  Because people are assholes
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awacatin · 8 months
Tumblr media
Happy MAG200 anniversary!
This was my piece for a little event we had on the TMA Latino server!
We had to choose a moment we liked in the podcast n Damaris was kind enough to suggest doing Jon's sisles guacheando so here it is!! Took me ages but it's finally done ;v;👍
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troubleinapinksuit · 2 months
Tumblr media
Austin Butler [10.12.22]
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popfizzles · 11 months
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s’been a while, for sure!!
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highladyraven · 7 months
I don’t want to care anymore.
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peargreen-jellybean · 3 months
i forgot about it! and was lazy! but!! i finished it, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Rudely in place of the eggs, the slugs decided to take a comfy nap in the carton and disrupt a certain mole’s breakfast
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....I'm just gonna leave these here....
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aureentuluva70 · 8 months
I never really liked the fanon portrayal of Fingon as the "cute baby uwu prince" that is so rampant in this fandom, and it's very similar to my issues with fanon Maglor, however instead of being constantly treated as melancholic and sweet, Fingon is treated as all smiles and rainbows with nothing in between.
It just feels like treating Fingon as this little baby is a disservice to and seriously undervalues what he did, what he went through, and his relationships with other characters, especially Maedhros.
Like, you can't tell me that Fingon didn't have at least some PTSD from crossing the Helcaraxe, losing many of his people, including his sister in law and even his youngest brother Argon. You can't tell me that Argon's death had zero affect in his decision to rescue Maedhros.
I want to see him grieving the loss of his sister Aredhel, and of his father Fingolfin, and if you go with the Gil galad son of Fingon take, being forced to send away his own son, and knowing in his heart he will never be able to watch his little Gil galad grow up; that he will never see his son again in middleearth.
Fingon actually went through some legit traumatizing stuff, and I want to see him seen as an actual adult, and his trials and struggles acknowledged and explored for once.
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tequileah · 4 months
Tumblr media
Ems birthday drinks.
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