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(221129) "goodbye romeo" yeonbin dance break ✙ mnet asian music awards
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‘2023 Season’s Greetings Concept Teaser’ - Beomgyu
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SOOBIN / Opening Sequence, MAMA 2022 extremely lq gifs of a moment that changed us
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season's greetings 2023 ✦ beomgyu 🧸
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HUENING KAI @ MAMA Red Carpet (221129)
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every moa’s weakness: puma soobin 
for @97chwe
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walk by venice beach
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[ 7:58pm ]
pairing: yeonjun x gn!reader, genre: fluff, warnings: swearing, wc: 173
“yn?” yeonjun whispered softly in your ear. knowing you, you slept like a rock. very hard to wake up honestly. “yn?” yeonjun called out louder in a panic. but still, you didn’t answer. he quickly went to get a glass and filled it with water. he walked into the room and threw the water on you.
“yeonjun what the fuck?!” you shouted as you got up from the bed. you had been sleeping peacefully until your so called boyfriend decided to throw a glass of water on your face to wake you up.
“you weren’t waking up! and i was panicking like i thought you died…” yeonjun said as he trailed off while looking away. you sighed and rubbed your eyes.
“you better fucking change my bedsheets” you said as you stood up and walked towards him. “mhm” he hummed. “and you better come back to bed afterwards with me.” you continue as you pulled him in for a hug. he laughed slightly. “of course” he replied while placing a sweet kiss on your forehead.
TXT permanent taglist! @ox1-lovesick @hoonfever
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[ 👻 ] F%CKING W UR MiND & UR H3ArT ?¿
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(221130) yawnzzn instagram: after mama
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kang taehyun sfw alphabet
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genre: fluff
word count: 2.1k
warnings: none
song rec: nostalgia by crush
pls like and reblog if you enjoyed! feel free to request anything <3
a - affection (how affectionate are they? how do they show affection)
taehyun is a very interesting person in terms of how he expresses his emotions
he's definitely an acts of service type of guy. he will make sure no one uses your special coffee mug, and he will do the chores you usually do if you have a particularly stressful week. stuff like that
he's also quite big on words of affirmation. what i notice about taehyun is that he seems to be a good communicator, regularly voicing his thoughts and opinions. sure, he's not the most emotional person on the planet, but when he does have something to say, he will say it
so when he feels the urge to say how absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous you are, he's gonna say it without even thinking twice
b - best friend (what would they be like as a best friend?)
the type of friend to ghost you for a week and then complain that you never hang out with them
like yall never hang out it's actually hilarious
he's not one to reach out and usually waits for the other person to initiate both conversations and arrangements
might even ignore your text message but send you some memes in the same chat
we love that, i'm sure
c - cuddles (would they like to cuddle? how do they cuddle?)
cuddling is a very neutral activity for him
so long as he's comfortable, he doesn't mind cuddling at all
but he doesn't crave it, if you know what i mean
like i know some people will literally die without cuddles totally not me ahahahha shut up but with him, he doesn't mind if he goes with or without
d = domestic (do they want to settle down? how are they at cooking and cleaning?)
idk he's very focused on his career at this present time. so he would love to settle down when he feels like he is mature and ready as well as financially stable
he's so sensible fr
he's so clean and keeps everything tidy and squeaky clean.
and he doesn't nitpick. he's generally very easy to live with because he won't make a fuss if you're messy despite him being so tidy
e = ending (if they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
it will be messyyyy
which is so ironic considering taehyun is definitely not that type of person. he's very in control of his emotions and everything
i just think in order for him to get to that point when he needs to break up with someone, something would've happened to just push him beyond his breaking point
hence the mess
and many tears
f = fiance(e) (how do they feel about commitment? how quickly would they want to get married?)
bro loves commitment tbh
and would probably be the first to get married, among all the members
he's very decisive and in tune with both his brain and his heart, so deciding when he wants to marry someone comes with ease for him
g = gentle (how gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
he's very gentle, both physically and emotionally
in terms of physically, he wouldn't feel the need to be anything but gentle. he's very sensitive to other people's needs and expectations of him, so he keeps his behaviour in check because that's just second nature to him
when it comes to emotions, it can be said from a very shallow perspective of taehyun that he isn't that emotional compared to the other members. however, this isn't true. in fact, i would go as far as to say that taehyun is probably the most empathetic member, purely because of how observant he is of how people are feeling. he knows what to say and what not to say, and he knows when he's gone too far
h = hugs (do they like hugs? how often do they do it? what are their hugs like?)
he's not opposed to hugs but he never thinks 'hey, i wanna hug you' yk??
i know that probably sounds harsh cos i'm not explaining it the best. what i mean to say is, it doesn't come as second nature to him. he doesn't feel the overwhelming compulsion to go up and hug someone. this may be because his main love language isn't physical affection (which does not by any means mean that he doesn't like it)
i've made this overly complicated but i hope you get it?
tbh i think he would kind of appreciate having someone who likes being physical with him. it will trigger a certain part of his brain to want to hug and touch you more often
so he appreciates it when you hug him in any sort of way. he can't deny the warm feeling in his heart
i = i love you (how fast do they say the L-word?)
taehyun isn't a very impulsive person so it's unlikely that he will say it fast and in the spur of the moment
but he will probably feel in love with you quicker than he lets on
still, he will plan the whole thing out with regard to actually confessing his love to you. he wants to make sure that
j = jealousy (how jealous do they get? what do they do when they're jealous?)
he doesn't get jealous unless you seriously warrant his jealousy
like he's not going to get jealous of you having male friends or talking to someone else for most of the night
but if you are full-on flirting with someone else or being too playful or physical with someone, then it's a problem and he will step in
k = kisses (what are their kisses like? where do they like to kiss you? where do they like to be kissed?)
his signature move is the back-of-hand kiss
that's how he wooed you. that's how he won you over
because acting like a real-life disney prince is his speciality
and he is going to treat you like royalty because you deserve it
he literally doesn't mind where you kiss him, he's just thankful he is getting any kisses at all
l = little ones (how are they around children?)
all i know for certain is that he uses his baby voice the whole time for sure
like regardless of how old a child is, he will most likely treat them like a baby
in the sense that he has no idea what to do with them so will just respond in half panic and half urgency to their beck and call
m = morning (how are mornings spent with them?)
he's up bright and early
will probably go for a morning jog, and ask you to join him if you're into that
but i will warn you, he is lowkey competitive and will run faster if you go faster than him
n = night (how are nights spent with them?)
he lives for the midnight feast life
he will purposefully stay up with you just to raid the fridge and the cupboards for food to share
will try and persuade you to watch horror movies just for the sake of watching them. he just thinks they're hella fun
o = open (when would they start revealing things about themselves? do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
well taehyun's judgement is very good. he's able to suss people out very soon after interacting with them. if he trusts you enough to date you, then there's not much else he needs in order to know if you are trustworthy or not
so opening up to you is actually quite an easy process for him
p = patience (how easily angered are they?)
he has his moments for sure, but i don't think he gets very angry very quickly
to be honest, he is such a good communicator that even when he feels frustration bubbling up inside of him, he never acts on impulse. he wants to talk whatever he is feeling out and reason with how to make things better
he definitely gets good bf points for this one.
q = quizzes (how much would they remember about you? do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
taehyun remembers everything
he probably remembers more than you do about him ngl. he just has that type of brain. he's very observant and is able to remember even the most minute details
r = remember (what is their favourite moment in your relationship?)
a very special memory of his was when he saw you in the crowd at one of his concerts
he has worked so hard to get to the place he is today. and you have been through it with him every step of the way, always supporting him no matter what happens
and seeing you in the crowd made him really emotional. he finally knew what it felt like to be understood and so loved by someone to the point where anything felt possible
s = security (how protective are they? how would they protect you? how would they like to be protected?)
as protective as he needs to be
he's not too much of a cautious person. however, acts of service come naturally to him and he will most likely go out of his way to make sure you are safe and healthy
even if this is merely making sure you go out with a coat and scarf when it's freezing cold outside
t = try (how much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
ngl he doesn't put a lot of effort into this sort of stuff
except for anniversaries and birthdays and other special occasions
otherwise he likes keeping it simple and basic
of course, if you were to ask him to perhaps put more effort in, he is more than happy to oblige
sometimes it's worth telling him these things
u = ugly (what would be some bad habits of theirs?)
he thinks he's always right, lol
so in an argument, it's really hard to convince him otherwise
he's a good communicator and will voice his opinions, but sometimes he needs help to realise that his opinions aren't necessarily factual
v = vanity (how concerned are they with their looks?)
taehyun takes pride in his appearance
but he thinks obsessing over his looks is kinda trivial
because at the end of the day, no matter what he looks like, if he is still true to himself then he is fine with anything
w = whole (would they feel incomplete without you?)
without you, he is fine. but with you, he is better
for him, the whole point of having a partner is so that you can complement each other well and be satisfied and reassured in each other's love. he views the sole reliance on another person to be kind of unhealthy, but just because he doesn't do this does not mean that he loves you any less
x = xtra (a random headcanon for them.)
he's always persuading you to do stuff for him
and it literally always works
he will use his sparkly eyes and clever charms to do literally anything for him
he wants you to make him some brownies? oh he finds a way
he wants to go on a date with you to the zoo even though you are scared of half the animals there? he will talk you out of being afraid of them
dating taehyun comes with a lot of crazy experiences despite him liking to plan everything
y = yuck (what are some things they wouldn't like, either in general or in a partner?)
he doesn't like it when people make quick, harsh judgement on someone without knowing the full story
it's easy to just believe everything you hear, and it's also easy to be quick to judge someone based on someone else's opinion
taehyun likes knowing the full story of things. he knows not everything is what it seems at first glance
for instance, if someone who is usually very kind and happy is in a bad mood and is rude to him, he's not going to think they are a horrible person. rather, he's going to assume that something happened to them that day to cause that response
and he appreciates when other people do this too
but making such rash opinions about someone so quickly is something he has never liked
z = zzz (what is a sleep habit of theirs?)
he will remain still for the whole night
like imagine this emoji 🧍 but laying down. yeah, that's taehyun
so he doesn't mind you cuddling him because it doesn't affect him anyway. he's comfortable with any position and will just not move which actually makes him very easy to sleep with.
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SOOBIN  Season’s Greetings 2023
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Taehyun for Star ELLE Korea, December 2022.
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