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It’s (a) November Baby! | Tom Holland
Tumblr media
》 PAIRING: tom holland x female!reader
》 TROPE/GENRE: established relationship; fluff; crack-ish
》 SUMMARY: Tom partakes in a bet with the boys in No Nut November. But what happens if you're a November baby?
》 WARNINGS: whoriness/horniness, language, suggestive themes (mentions of sex, make out sesh, teasing, peeks at lingerie), pet names (love, baby, my love, darling, sweetheart, pretty boy, and uhm, sir), betting/wager, british banter? (lads being lads innit LMAO), innuendoes galore, bad jokes, dad jokes, dirty jokes, jesus jokes?? (...yep you read that right. it’s more religious/catholic jokes but nothing too bad i promise 😭), reader goes to the gym with tom (like one scene), nakedness (non-sexual...kinda? it’s super quick lol), implied smut at the end (nothing detailed, honestly this is pretty tame)
》 WORD COUNT: 7.1k+
Tumblr media
A/N: there’s this thing called No Nut November & it always made me wonder what do ppl born this month do on their birthdays like, do u not get to treat yourself? LMAO so this is for my fellow november babies out there <3 well.....we are a week into december but that’s beside the point LMAO. i’m so consistent at being late with these things honestly. i mean, this was meant for last year and finally just finished it lol. but hey, it got finished <3 ksksks hope you guys enjoy! (just realised how suggestive that gif actually is lol if u know u know)
Tumblr media
⊱ ─────.⋅♚ *。・゚.★. *。・゚✫*.
Tom was competitive.
If there was a word best to describe him, that surely would be one of them.
It wasn't necessarily a bad thing per se, it was just that sometimes, he wouldn't think things through before agreeing to a challenge.
So when the boys raised the idea of participating in No Nut November, there was no doubt that the eldest Holland would take it on headstrong without initially considering what else was in store for the month.
And then they started teasing Tom about how he could never control his constant horniness whenever he was around you, and it only fuelled his need to prove them oh so wrong.
"Tom wouldn't last a day," Tuwaine said. "Not when Y/N lives with us."
"Fuck off. I have great self-control, thank you very much," Tom scoffed, putting the last remaining red cups in the trash bag, ones that were used in the Halloween party they threw last night.
Harry rolled his eyes, obviously not believing his brother's statement. "Mate, she does absolutely nothing and you're jumping her bones in seconds!"
"Well, maybe if you've got a smoking hot—no, even just a girlfriend then you'll understand," Tom countered, smirk in full play.
"Fuck you." Harry glared at him, throwing a plastic skull in his direction to which Tom dodged with a laugh.
"They're worse than rabbits I tell you," Tuwaine grumbled, reaching up to remove the pumpkin lanterns that were hung on the wall behind the couch.
"We're not!" Tom protested.
"Nah, Tom's the only one who's always horny between the two of them," Harrison laughed as he emerged in the living room with the vacuum in hand. The blond lad's face fell into a grimace as he added, "He's always whining every night like some dog wanting to mate. I'm really regretting choosing the room next to yours."
"Oh fuck off, as if you're any better when Grace stays over," Tom retorted, Harrison's face instantly turning a deep shade of red. Tom grinned as he mimicked, "I'm really regretting choosing the room next to yours."
"Shut up, you div."
Tom laughed at that, tying up the trash bag before standing up confidently, hands on his hips as he looked over at his companions. "But no matter what you say, there's no doubt I'd cruise through November with the nut staying in the shells."
"The nut staying in the shells," Tuwaine repeated, rolling his eyes. "Why'd you have to say it like that, man?"
"Wanna bet then?" Harry challenged, an all-too-knowing smirk gracing his lips as soon as the words left it.
"Sure," Tom said calmly with a shrug, not thinking much about the mischief in Harry's eyes like the younger lad knew something, especially when he and Tuwaine shared a look.
"Go on, play your cards," Harrison chuckled. "And don't be so fucking lame and just bet fifty quid."
"Yeah, we do things differently in this house," Tuwaine agreed.
"Go big or go home," Harry said with a smirk.
"Alright, fine." Tom crossed his arms over his chest as he pursed his lips, eyes staring at the ceiling as he tried to come up with a high stake bet that would keep everyone motivated to actually pull through with this. Catching the sight of the beach painting on the wall, he smiled as it came to him.
"Whoever lasts the whole of November will win a week's holiday in Mykonos. All expenses will be paid by the others who lost," Tom offered, all the boys nodding in agreement, eyes now glossed with excitement. "If two of us win, the other two will pay. If only one person will win, the other three will pay and you get to bring a plus one," he continued.
"I have a feeling I'm going to get Gracie and me a free couple's holiday," Harrison said, clasping his hands together, beaming.
"What if we all win and you're the only one who'll lose?" Harry asked.
"Then you three will have a week-long holiday in Mykonos with all expenses paid by me." Tom shrugged nonchalantly, opening his arms to showcase himself with a calm smile. He truly did believe he wouldn't be touching his pocket anytime soon. He was confident enough in his ability to win the bet which was why he wasn't afraid to raise the stake.
"Oh, now we're talking!" Tuwaine cheered, patting Harry on the back excitedly.
"You seem so confident in this," Harrison chuckled.
"Because I know I'm not losing. I can easily go through November without a single bust," Tom stated. "So, deal?"
"Deal," the three boys chorused, proceeding to shake hands among themselves with grins on their faces, ready to take on the challenge.
"Deal on what?"
All four heads turned to look at you as you entered the living room.
A bright smile immediately erupted on Tom's face then, heart melting at the way you gently rubbed the sleep off your eyes with your knuckles, your figure clad in some sleep shorts and his purple sweatshirt.
"No Nut November. Whoever wins will go to an all-expense paid by the losers, to be extra clear, a week holiday in Mykonos," Harry explained amusedly, smirk widening when you nodded slowly.
"So..." you trailed off, turning to look at Tom with a pout as you said,
"No birthday sex for me then?"
Tom's smile got slapped off his face as his eyes widened, horror and realisation quickly dawning on his features before he dropped his head, pinching the bridge of his nose with a sharp curse,
All the boys burst out in rambunctious laughs, Harry and Tuwaine high-fiving which proved that they already knew about your birthday and how it could be the one thing that would secure their win on this.
"You dickheads set me up!" Tom exclaimed, shooting each lad a glare, throwing another one at Harry for good measure since he was the one who planted the idea of a bet in the first place.
"Nobody set you up," the younger Holland laughed. "You just didn't think things through, as per usual."
Tom looked at you with an apologetic pout. You flashed him a smile in return, giggling softly as you shrugged. He sighed before turning back to the boys. "Come on, surely her birthday is an exception?"
"Nope, a deal is a deal," Tuwaine laughed.
"You nut, you lose," Harry added.
Tom turned to Harrison for help. The blonde lad merely shook his head with a smirk. "You dug yourself into this hole, mate. The deal has been made," he chuckled. "Or you can just accept defeat and pay for our holiday."
"No way in hell I'm losing to you lot," Tom said through gritted teeth, too much pride and ego to easily surrender when the game barely even started yet.
"Right then." Harry clasped his hands together. "Who wants to join me on shopping?" he said, shit-eating grin never wavering as he added salt to the wound. "I feel like I need new swimming trunks and a whole lot of sunscreen for our week holiday, paid by Tom, in Mykonos."
"Oh, hell yeah!" Tuwaine grinned.
Harrison laughed, "Count me in!"
All three boys exited the room after that with as much giddiness in their step as possible, leaving you with a rather defeated Tom. You walked over to him with a tender smile, your hands smoothing over his shoulders as his fingers automatically curled around your waist once you were close enough.
"Did you forget?" you asked teasingly, brushing away the curl that fell on his forehead.
This was going to be the third birthday that you were going to be celebrating with him. The past two, nobody in the group really thought much about No Nut November, given that they were all busy career wise on top of being in different places due to conflicting schedules.
Only now did they get the chance to actually spend some much needed time together, all free for the whole month as their breaks finally coincided. And, by the looks of it, the lads seemed to have grown bored out of their minds that the idea of participating suddenly came around.
"No, of course I didn't. I would never forget about your birthday," Tom said, wrapping his arms fully around you to pull you even closer, brushing the tip of his nose against yours softly. "I just didn't make the correlation until you pointed it out."
"The bet does sound too good to pass," you hummed, amused. "I mean, free holiday? Who wouldn't want that?"
Tom pouted. "I'm so sorry, my love—"
"Hey no, it's okay, It's not a big deal," you said reassuringly, with no hint of anger or disappointment in your voice whatsoever. "You'll just have to make it up to me in December." You flashed him a lovely smile, one that was quick to turn into a smirk, though. "I also want to see how long you'll last."
"I feel like you don't have faith in me," he grumbled, narrowing his eyes at you.
"I'm your girlfriend," you giggled. "I think out of all people, I'm the most aware of how horny you get and how quickly it happens."
"Well, can't argue with that," Tom chuckled. Yet despite how true your words were, his confidence and pride still boiled in him strongly as he said, "I still believe that this is going to be easy breezy for me."
But was No Nut November really going to be easy breezy for Tom? Absolutely—
Even more so when you weren't doing anything in making it as such.
The first time Tom felt his self-control waver was when you walked out of the closet in a matching sports bra and leggings, and some white tennis shoes on to complete the look.
It was a plain, grey set, but the fabric was clinging onto your figure that Tom couldn't stop himself from gawking. It left so little to the imagination that's for sure. The lump was quick to form in his throat, lips parted as he froze, hands hovering over his last untied shoelace while his eyes raked from the top of your head, down, and then back up again.
He shook his head and blinked, clearing out his throat and standing up from his place on the bed after he tied the knot securely. He narrowed his eyes as he walked over to you, hands resting on your waist once he was close.
Tom instantly regretted the action.
Your skin was bare underneath his palms, and it was warm to the touch, soft, and oh did his hands desperately want to go further up and to the front, or down and behind.
"What're you up to?" he asked, voice dropping an octave as he hooked his thumbs on the elastic of your leggings.
You furrowed your brows, small smile on your lips as you stared at him quizzically. "I'm coming with you to the gym starting today, remember?"
No, he did not remember.
Tom stared at you suspiciously at first, trying to gauge if there was some sort of hidden plan you were cooking. But you merely raised a brow as you tilted your head, smile widening with amusement.
Then it hit him.
"For fuck's sake."
You had set a goal for yourself that you were going to start exercising as much and as often as you could. And being the ever supportive boyfriend that he is, Tom, of course, offered to help out by saying you could come to the gym with him.
You'd set up a friendly competition between the two of you—well, it was mostly a pack you made for yourself that the number of days you'd gone to the gym should be equal if not more than Tom's. You said it was to help keep you motivated to not miss a session, especially when you were going against him who works out religiously.
It wasn't to change your appearance in any sort of way. Tom even sat you down to talk, just to make sure you weren't doing it for the wrong reasons, that you were doing it because you wanted to, not because you were pressured to. And most importantly, that you were doing this for yourself, not to impress anyone else, including him.
But you'd reassured him it was simply to be more active, build a bit of strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance where you wouldn't be out of breath after doing some simple task.
Tom was all up for it, always willing to give his full support when it came to your wonderful, productive, goal driven and other times, spontaneous ventures. As long as it wasn't illegal, of course—well, even that's debatable.
It just so happens that you both agreed, merely a couple of days ago, that November was the most reasonable time for you to start.
Why oh why did it seem like all the odds were somewhat against him this month? Or did he simply not think things through before agreeing to this bet?
Tom's pride picked the former.
"Hmm, I didn't know that not busting a nut makes you forgetful," you said, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, pulling him close.
"Shut up. I've been distracted," he grumbled defensively, nudging the tip of his nose with yours with a pout.
"Obviously," you laughed. "I mean, you have been thinking with the wrong head lately."
Tom nodded slowly, running his tongue over his teeth with a dark chuckle, "You and your quick wit." With an eyebrow raised in warning, he squeezed your waist. "It's gonna get you in trouble."
"Oh, you like it," you murmured, smirking as you tilted your head up, brushing your lips over his but never closing the distance, just like the little tease that you are.
"Not in the bedroom I don't," Tom warned, voice dropping an octave.
His fingers dug into your hips, head pulling back when you tried to go in for a kiss. He knew what you were trying to do, and he wasn't going to let you get the upper hand.
But then you whined.
And how was he meant to resist that?
Though the second he let lips touch yours, it set him on fire.
Tom's self control cracked as he pulled you flushed against his chest. Tilting his head, he groaned when you teased your tongue against his lip, him obliging your request not even a split second later.
Big mistake.
The kiss immediately grew heavy and hot, his hands wandering, squeezing, gripping, your fingers tangling in his hair, tugging gently as you let a moan slip out.
Tom quickly pulled away, lips detaching from yours with a soft pop.
"Fuck," he gasped, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he tried his best to settle down his raging bo—heart. "This is going to be harder than I thought."
"Oh it's definitely harder."
Tom pulled away, shooting you a glare. "Ha, ha, you're so funny."
"I know, the one thing I didn't learn from you," you quipped with a smirk.
"Ouch." Tom pouted at you. "Wait, I am funny."
"I mean my dad's a comedian."
"Well, even more debatable."
Tom gaped at you. "Harsh."
"The fact that I'm still with you even after your bad jokes—" You shook your head, cupping his cheek tenderly as you sighed, "True love does exist."
"You're wounding me, darling," Tom said, turning his head to kiss your palm before he looked back at you with a pout. You giggled, leaning closer to kiss it away. Successfully so as he was unable to stop himself from breaking out into a grin.
"Love you," you hummed against his lips.
"Love you most," he sighed, squeezing you one more time before pulling away.
"Now, let's get to the gym shall we?" you said.
Tom nodded, moving over to his bedside table to get his wallet, phone and keys.
"I'm staying as far away from you the whole time, by the way," he said, pointing an accusing finger at you, glaring playfully as he followed you out the bedroom and down the hall.
You laughed, "As if that'll help."
And oh you were so right. It did not fucking help, at all.
It was torture watching you go from stretching to then running on the treadmill where your lovely thighs and ass were just there for him to watch as they jiggled with your movements. And then you went from curl-ups, to push-ups, planks and then squats. The fucking squats was when he started to feel really, really hot. His suffering didn't even end there. You working out in itself was already a lot. But then all of it just seemed to be happening in slow motion.
Everything you were doing was happening in slow motion as if you were in some TV commercial, and Tom was simply there to watch on the screen, unable to do anything about it—well, unless he wanted to lose the bet.
No matter how many times Tom tried to convince himself that it was simply his mind playing tricks on him, it didn't make a fucking difference.
He couldn't even look at you when you drank from your water bottle—head thrown back with your neck stretched out—it was just too much for him to handle.
Tom was drenched in sweat by the time you both were done for the day, and he knew it wasn't only from his workout. The tent on his basketball shorts proved that. Hell, he didn't even get to fully complete his sets given that you were being a huge distraction—a very attractive, gorgeously sexy and hot distraction.
And you weren't even doing it on purpose!
You merely laughed at his demise when you both got in the car, Tom keeping both hands on the steering wheel which he didn't normally do when it's you in the passenger's seat. Your laugh only grew louder when you saw how tight his grip was, simply to keep them there in fear that the second he'd even just feel the warmth of your thigh, he'd absolutely lose it.
"Why won't you look at me?"
There was no doubt you knew exactly why he couldn't sneak a glance, you simply wanted to poke him about it. He could do it in the gym because there was distance, admire you from afar as you could say. But now? He didn't trust himself. Not with you being so close where he'd probably be able to notice the sweat that littered your warm skin, trailing down the valley of your—that thought itself just about tempt him to pull over once he finds an empty parking space.
"'Cause I'm driving," he lied through gritted teeth.
That made you laugh even more.
He couldn't be mad at you, though. Because one, he absolutely loves your laugh, it's the most beautiful sound in the world. And two, well, it genuinely was quite laughable, how it's only been day one and he was already grasping at straws.
It wasn't because he was always that horny around you exactly, it was because he couldn't do anything about it which was frustrating. And the more frustrated he got, the tougher it was to put himself in check. Basically, he got even hornier, and it just went round and round and kept building and building.
It's definitely going to be a white Christmas once he explodes.
Hell, white Christmas might even come early if Tom did so, too.
He didn't even care how bad those jokes were.
But what Tom dreaded the most was that he knew it'd only get har—more difficult to control himself from here on out.
And as the days dragged on—and oh how much longer did it fucking drag where it seemed that a minute was over an hour—Tom found himself taking cold showers frequently. He did it much more often in a way that it for sure helped with lessening the bills in this house. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he took a proper hot shower. But there was nothing else he could think of that would help calm down his...needs.
Said needs that only grew stronger whenever you were in the vicinity.
It was amusing borderline ridiculous how hyperaware he'd gotten about your presence. Tom's not a scientist so he had no idea how to explain the hows, all he knew was that everything about you suddenly became more.
Scent sweeter, more intoxicating, touch warmer, more electrifying, skin softer, more tempting.
And when pre-No-Nut-November him already felt so strongly for you, how his emotions were always at a high level when it comes to you, imagine how much more intense everything got? It was like going from dialling it to eleven to suddenly making it a hundred.
If Tom had to guess what having spider-senses actually felt like, this was definitely it.
What made him realise that he was absolutely done for was the fact that even the faint smell of your shampoo was starting to get him worked up.
Better yet, that the sight of you in his hoodie was already giving him a semi.
"God-fucking-dammit," Tom grumbled, rubbing his face with his palm frustratedly as he tore his gaze away from you, shifting in his seat as he placed a pillow on his lap.
All three lads looked at him, comedically in sync as they looked at you in the kitchen, and then back at Tom.
"Fucking hell, she's just cooking!" Harry laughed.
"Yeah, in my clothes," Tom reasoned.
"I feel like this is actually a life lesson for you," Tuwaine chuckled. "You're actually just a walking horn dog."
"I see his point, though. When you see your girlfriend in your clothes, it's just different," Harrison said. "Brings back some memories too as to why she ended up wearing your clothes in the first place, if you get what I mean."
"Thank you!" Tom exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air before he gestured towards Tuwaine and Harry with a glare. "The difference between who's single and who's not."
"You mean the difference between the winners and losers?" Harry grinned.
"As if I didn't see you skip a kissing scene—not even a sex scene—so fucking quick in that movie you and Harrison watched last night. The one with Channing Tatum," Tom countered.
Harry turned bright red as he threw a pillow at his brother, "Fuck off. Rachel McAdams is my weakness."
"Or Channing Tatum," Tuwaine interjected, the boys nodding in agreement.
"He actually didn't watch the movie, he was just drooling the whole time," Harrison snitched, earning a smack from Harry.
"That's poor from you, Baz," Tuwaine snorted.
"At least I'm not having a fucking boner just seeing my girlfriend cooking in my hoodie," Harry argued, immediately receiving back the pillow he threw at Tom earlier.
"Domesticity is sexy, fuck you." Tom flipped the boys off as he got up from the couch and made his way over to you in the kitchen.
He'd already established that staying away from you didn't make that much of a difference. It was either suffer while being far away from you, or suffer while getting to hold you close. 
Tom will always pick the latter.
"Hi, my love," he hummed, arms wrapping around you from behind as he nuzzled his face into your neck.
"Hey, handsome," you giggled, squeezing his forearm before continuing to chop up the broccoli. "I can change if you want."
Tom scrunched up his face. "You heard?"
"You guys aren't exactly the quietest bunch."
"We could say the exact same to the both of you!"
"Touché!" you called out with a laugh. "Although, we have been pretty quiet lately."
"Oh it's so peaceful," Harry let out a fake sob. "I'm going to miss the peace and quiet once November is over."
"Well, quiet for you lot downstairs," Harrison complained. "I hear Tom cry every night because his dick is too hard and he can't do anything about it."
"Stop fucking lying, Harrison!"
"Is he though?" you asked, nose scrunching.
Tom rolled his eyes as he grumbled, "I don't cry, I complain."
"Right, because there's a difference."
Tom shook his head, but didn't bother arguing as he nuzzled his face into your neck, fingers playing with the hem of the hoodie. "You know, it should be a crime how you always look so good in my clothes. Like, fuck me, please."
"Shut up," you laughed.
"But no, there's no need to change," he hummed, planting a few kisses on your warm skin and then your cheek. "It's my job to get my mind out of the gutter, my job to control the urges, my job not to give into the temptation. Never yours."
"Preach it, Pastor Tom."
The way his whole body immediately ran cold at that, it was award-winning. It was quick, how turned off he immediately got.
"Please," Tom started with a sharp intake of breath. "Do not call me that, ever again, I am begging you."
"What? With how you're acting lately," you trailed off, grin turning wider. "You need Jesus!"
"Darling!" Tom groaned.
You laughed, "Did it work?"
"Yup," he sighed, eyes dropping to his crotch. "It's fully deflated now. I think it even shrunk in."
You laughed at that, patting him right on top of the head. "You last another day, Holland."
"Thank you, baby," he cooed sarcastically.
"Oh no, don't thank me," you hummed, pointing at the ceiling, eyes following suit. "Thank the Lord."
"I hate you so much," he grumbled, pulling away completely and making his way out the kitchen.
"What? You'd prefer me to douse you in holy water instead?" you called out, your laugh still bouncing off the walls.
"The number you have dialled has already disconnected!"
"But Tom, I wanted a kiss!"
That stopped him in his tracks, a smile tugging at his lips which he quickly wiped off as he turned and walked back to you.
"Not until you promise me no more Jesus jokes," he said, pointing an accusing finger.
"Amen," you said, trying your hardest to keep a straight face but laughing only a second later when he grabbed a chopped carrot and threw it at you. "Wasting food is a sin, Tom!"
He grabbed the ladle from the pot, aiming a full scoop of mashed potatoes right at you. "I swear if you don't cut that out—"
"Okay! Okay," you snorted, hands up as you slowly walked towards him, putting the ladle back before wrapping your arms around his neck. "No more, I promise."
With a sigh, Tom circled his arms around you and gave you the kiss you asked for.
"You are so lucky I love you."
"Hmm, I love you, too."
Tom's heart stopped, beating again but at twice its normal pace. But all it did was pump the blood straight down as he walked into your shared bedroom.
At first glance, the sight was innocent, you laying on your stomach, feet in the air as you flicked through the pages of your book.
But not only were you wearing his hoodie again, it was hiked up just enough for Tom to get a clear view of your red, lacy underwear.
"Darling, I don't normally ask you this," he started, voice low and rough as he stayed frozen on his spot by the door. "But I really need you to put some pants on."
"Oh, sorry," you said, not sounding apologetic at all as you scrambled off the bed. With your back turned to him, your book suddenly 'fell' off your hands. "Oops," you gasped, making a show of bending over to pick it up.
One glance was all it took.
Tom was behind you in seconds, abruptly pulling you upright. He turned you around to face him, his grip tightening on your waist as he pressed you against the nearest wall.
And if the devilish smile you wore was anything to go by, you knew exactly what you were doing.
"Who's putting you up to this?" he grumbled, trying his best to keep his hands still and not let them wander, especially under the hoodie you were wearing. He'd be gone if he did as much as feel a sliver of your skin.
"No one," you hummed, a grin appearing on your lips as you shrugged. "Well, me."
His brow quirked up. "Why?"
"Because I'm really, really horny," you admitted unashamedly. "But I guess I'll have to take care of that myself, alone, in the shower."
Tom let out a harsh breath through his nose as he screwed his eyes shut. "You're having your fun with this, too, huh?"
"I am," you giggled, fingers taking home in the mesh of his curls. "Mainly because I love seeing you all riled up. I mean, you're so hot when you're angry. But then angry you leads to sex that is just whew."
His glare was sharp with warning as he met your eyes again. "Sweetheart—"
"Don't lose, though," you hummed, nails lightly scratching at his scalp, making a shiver run down his whole body. "I mean imagine the fun we'll have if you get to win this. Just the two of us in Mykonos, me in your favourite bikinis, salt water on my skin, under the sun, rubbing sunscreen—"
"You are not helping," he groaned, head dropping to place a kiss on the juncture where your neck and jaw meet. "But thanks for the motivation, love."
"Anytime, pretty boy."
You escaped his hold before he could even say a word, a skip in your step as you made your way to the en suite bathroom. 
"Fucking hell," he grumbled, rubbing a frustrated hand over his face with a deep sigh, "Might as well start praying to contain myself."
You laughed heartily at that, shooting him a wink over your shoulder, a blow of a kiss before you disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the door open.
Absolute fucking tease.
Tom knew he needed to get out before he could even hear you start to get...busy.
So he grabbed a spare towel in the closet and made his way downstairs, thankful that there was more than one bathroom in this place. He really needed a cold shower to calm himself down a bit.
But when he got there, Harrison was waiting by the door, the water already running inside.
"Harry in there?" Tom asked the blonde lad, turning back to the white-painted wood when he got the confirmation. "Mate, what are you doing?"
"I'm showering, piss off!"
Tom grinned. "Are you sure you're not losing?"
"I swear on my dick I'm not! I'll cut it off myself if I'm lying!"
"Damn," Tom blew out his cheeks, eyes wide with amusement before he turned to the blonde lad. "What happened?"
"The Notebook," Harrison said, chuckling.
"Ah." Tom nodded, remembering certain scenes that the movie had. "So it's a cold shower then."
Harrison laughed, nodding. It was only then did Tom notice he had a towel in hand, face unusually flushed.
"What's up with you?" he asked.
"She posted a picture, pool party with some friends," Harrison grumbled, as if it pained him to say it out loud.
Tom rolled his eyes. "You guys have it so fucking easy yet here you are."
"It's my favourite bikini on her, leave me alone," he argued, before his eyes narrowed. "Wait, don't you have your own shower?"
Tom shrugged. "She's busy."
"Oh," Harrison said, a few seconds passing before his eyes widened as he looked at Tom. "Oh."
"Yup," he sighed, doing his best not to close his eyes to the picture of you in the shower doing things he should be doing to you. He wouldn't dare bless his imagination. Not unless he wanted to get pushed past his sanity.
"You're right, we do have it easy," Harrison chuckled, patting his shoulder sympathetically.
"You guys are such horny losers," Tuwaine's laugh boomed across the hall as he walked by them.
He was about to retort when he suddenly heard your voice.
"Tom? Your turn," you said as you appeared down the stairs, wearing the same hoodie but sporting some sweatpants this time. Smirking, you added, "I put it on extra cold."
"How considerate. Even if you caused the problem in the first place." he scoffed, rolling his eyes, planting a soft kiss on your lips before he made his way back to your shared bedroom.
Tom should've known.
Especially when he knew just how much of an absolute devil you got once you start your little game. You never shied away from pushing him to the brink when you so obviously wanted something specific from him.
He should've seen it coming from miles away.
The deep hiss he let out echoed in the bathroom when he stepped under the cold water, yet the relief he felt only lasted for a second.
Because when he looked up, he was eye to eye with your stark red bra and matching lace underwear, hanging prettily on the showerhead.
The cold water didn't work so well anymore.
"What?" You appeared in the bathroom a few moments later, smiling innocently.
Tom glared, lifting his fingers to show you the lingerie you not-so-accidentally hung just above his head. It was as close as dangling warm, red meat in front of a starving beast.
"You little minx."
"Oh hello, haven't seen him in a while," you giggled as you so blatantly stared between his legs, licking your lips slowly as your eyes trailed over the rest of his naked body.
"You're fucking me with your eyes," Tom stated, yet by no means did anything to cover up. It's not like you haven't seen it countless times before. Besides, he loved the attention, he always did when it came to you. Whether he'd admit that now, though, was the question.
"Oh you bet I am. I mean, can you blame me?" you admitted unashamedly, sauntering over to him. He sucked in a sharp breath when your hands landed on his biceps, squeezing and then moving up his shoulder. He held it in, his lungs be damned as your fingers started to trail down his abs. "I've got such a gorgeous boyfriend."
Before you could move past below his V-line, Tom immediately caught your wrist, grip firm as a warning, but not enough for it to hurt. His free hand came up, pinching your chin between his fingers as held you in place. He ran his thumb across your bottom lip, stance commanding, dominating, as he spoke in a tone that he only ever used whenever you were being a brat.
"Out, sweetheart."
You grinned that devilish smile of yours, kissed his thumb, and purred, 
"Yes, sir."
You were out of the bathroom before Tom could even do as much as take a breath.
He looked up at the ceiling, a sound mixed between a sob and a laugh escaping him as he said,
"Lord Jesus Christ, help me."
You stirred awake at the faint sound of an alarm going off.
It was quickly stopped, though, silence ringing in the air but for only a moment before the soft rustling of the sheets bounced off the bedroom walls.
Yet what made your eyes flutter open was the feeling of that familiar mess of curls tickling the flesh on your inner thighs, followed by those warm lips you adore brushing against your skin, leaving soft yet praising kisses on its wake.
You giggled, blinking away the remnants of sleep before your gaze settled on the man below you. His handsome face sported that charming smile, illuminated by a soft orange glow coming from his bedside lamp.
It was like clockwork, Tom waking you up at midnight during your birthday to give you your first gift in a form of praise, love and affection, giving and showing them to you in more ways than not.
"There's the birthday girl," he hummed lowly, hands running along your thighs, his lips following its path.
"Come here," you whispered, threading your fingers through his hair lovingly.
Tom smiled, slowly kissing up your leg, placing one on your hip before moving towards your clothed stomach, blowing a raspberry to earn a laugh. He continued his way up to the valley between your breast, up and up, until he gently nipped at your collarbone, humming to himself once he reached the warmth of your neck.
He stayed there for a moment, your head tilting instinctively so he could litter your skin with open mouth kisses with ease. 
Once Tom was satisfied, his lips found your jaw then, kisses given to your left cheek, moving across your face to stop at the tip of your nose, kissing it twice before he trailed over to the other cheek. Heaps of giggles rumbled out of you as he kissed your eyelids, then your forehead before moving across your crown.
Your gazes locked once he pulled away slightly, forearms resting on either side of your head, his smile brighter than the moonlight that seeped through the bedroom window.
"Happy Birthday, my darling love," he whispered.
"Thank you," you hummed, pulling him in for a sweet kiss.
It escalated quicker than you'd anticipated it to.
Then again, it's been a common thing to happen nowadays.
Next thing you knew, Tom was groaning against you, tongue prying your lips open before licking into your mouth as his body nudged your legs apart, settling in between them. His hands were deliberate yet loving as they grabbed at every part of you—hips, thighs, waist, chest, earning whispered moans with each tender squeeze.
Then, his hips moved on their own accord, a deep growl pulling him off your lips. He nuzzled his face into your neck, kissing fervently before slowly starting to nip at the skin.
"Tom, wait," you gasped, cupping his face and gently prying him off of you. Both chests heaving, you looked into his darkened eyes, smiling at him sympathetically. "We can't remember?"
"Fuck," he groaned, reluctantly pulling away and plopping back on his side of the bed, forearm draped over his eyes. With a pout, he turned to you. "You're not part of it though so you can still get off."
"I wouldn't want you to do that," you said in pure honesty. It just seemed far too mean to be taking the pleasure he'd give you when he'd be suffering while doing so. You shifted in bed, kissing his bare shoulder before you rested your head on his chest. "Wouldn't want to torture you on my birthday."
"You let me have the best birthday sex ever this year and I can't even return the favour," he sighed, the frustration and disappointment prominent in his voice.
You had surprised him with a new pair of much more risqué lingerie and a little private show. It was safe to say it was one of the best nights of his life, because it sure was one of the best sex you'd ever had. You absolutely had no clue how you'd be able to top it next year.
"It's okay," you hummed sincerely, kissing up his jaw before meeting his gaze. "December has plenty of free days."
Tom looked at you for a moment, and you could practically see it in his eyes, the way the gears in his head were turning. It was almost as if he was weighing all the pros and cons of his upcoming decision, whatever that may be.
You weren't given a chance to ask about it when he spoke.
"You know what, fuck it," he scoffed, lips finding yours again with a soft groan, pushing you back into the mattress as he returned to settling between your legs. Trailing down your jaw then to your neck, he murmured, "You and your pleasure are far more important to me than some stupid bet."
"But I really would love to go to Mykonos," you teased with a giggle, a sound replaced by a whimper when Tom started sucking on your sweet spots, surely leaving a mark.
"Then I'll easily take you there on my own, sweetheart," he cockily said, sitting back on his knees. "Part two of your gift. But for now..." he trailed off, smirking, hands finding their way under your shirt, fingers hooking on your underwear. 
"My girl deserves to get dicked down on her birthday."
"Tom!" you laughed.
You both jumped at the sudden ruckus outside your door.
"Woohoo!" Tuwaine hollered.
"Mykonos, here we come!" Harry cheered, followed by Harrison's boisterous laugh.
Tom's whole body slumped right on top of you with an annoyed groan.
"Happy birthday, Y/N!" all of them chorused.
You laughed, "Thank you!"
"Nah," Tuwaine chuckled. "Thank you for the free holiday!"
"You're welcome?" you snorted, shaking your head. "I guess?"
Lifting his head up, Tom shouted back, "I suggest you three leave the house while we haven't started yet!"
"It's fucking midnight!"
"Deez nuts busting, they're not caring!"
A chorus of groans echoed behind the door, followed by an onset of boos that had you plopping back in bed with a hearty laugh.
"That alone is enough to make me leave," Tuwaine grumbled.
"Come on, T, let's crash at mum and dad's," Harry said, words quickly followed by their footsteps growing further.
"Right," Harrison sighed, and you could almost see his grimace through the door at the realisation that his room was right next to yours. "Definitely staying with Grace tonight."
Tom chuckled, "You'll be the next to lose then Harrison!"
He didn't get a response, only an echo of silence as the boys went to wherever it was they planned to escape for the night to avoid trauma.
"That was so bad," you snorted. "See what I mean about true love?"
"Sorry, sorry," he hummed, warm hands kneading your bare thighs as he pecked your lips, eyes meeting yours, he wiggled his brows. "Now, where were we?"
You tilted your head at him innocently. "Me getting dicked down?"
"You better be ready," Tom chuckled darkly, smirk widening as he gently pushed your legs apart a little wider.
You bit your lip. "Yeah?"
"Mm-hmm, because for the whole day, a 24-hour time limit?" Tom licked his lips as he eyes trailed hungrily over you, the heat in your belly bursting into a flame as he said, "Let's try and see if you can come as many times as the years you've been on this earth."
Oh you were in for a long birthday ahead.
✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚♛ *.
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toms-gf · 17 hours
Frat!tom makes sure you get home safe after a girls night out, and thinks you look adorably dorky when you're drunk
you're right, anon. say it louder!! frat!tom truly is superior. idc what anyone else says. i also got carried away again and i did something a little different idk how to describe this other than straight up fluff.
Tumblr media
talk frat!tom to me ;)
it was a saturday night, your friends had convinced you to take a girls night out to the sorority beings they knew girls who could get your group in, and now you were 12 shots of fireball deep and you could tell you were going to feel it tomorrow.
when you told tom your plans for the night, he wasn't mad at all. he knew the girls at kappa and knew you were in good hands, but he still vouched to come get you when it was time to call it a night. and he did, you called and said that you missed him and you wanted to cuddle, his queue that you were done for.
he walked into the party, smiling at the girls as they welcomed him inside. he was friends with a few of the girls beings they were girlfriends of his fellow frat brothers. it didn't take long for him to find you with your group, a red solo cup in your hand as you smiled and danced with them.
you made eye contact with him as he got closer, throwing your arms around him and hugging him tight,"tommy!"
god, he loved that nickname.
"hey, angel." he chuckled, hugging you back as you rocked the both of you back and forth. the smell of your shampoo and your perfume hit him in the face and it was comforting to him. it made him feel at home.
after saying hello to the group, he made small talk with your friends who weren't as wasted as you were. after a while, he leaned down to your ear.
"wanna go grab some pizza?" he asked, knowing food would convince you to walk out the door.
you scrunched your nose up,"had it last night."
"what about chinese? ice cream?" he asked, saying the first things to come to his mind.
your eyes lit up, looking up at him,"ice cream."
he chuckled,"then come on, gotta get there before it's all gone!"
you held up your pointer finger to him, letting him know to give you one more minute. he sighed and rolled his eyes.
"fine, this is how we'll do it."
he pushed in front of you, bidding an 'excuse me' to your friends as he leaned down and picked you up, putting you over his shoulder. you let out a squeal, dropping your cup on the wooden floor.
"tom! put me down!" you giggled.
he turned around to your friends, sending a small smile to them,"have a good night, ladies."
"goodnight." they both managed to laugh out as tom made his way through the party. everyone smiled and chuckled, knowing that you were the only girl tom showed this much care to. they were happy to finally see him in love with someone.
"thomas! put me down!" you yelled, not very sternly, as tom approached the car and placed you back down on your feet. you sat up straight and fixed your hair, smiling because you couldn't ever be mad at him.
"ice cream?" he asked, opening the passenger side door for you to get inside.
you closed the car door, walking over to him and smiling before wrapping your arms around his neck, his finding home on your waist. he looked down at you as you smirked up at him, nose bumping his.
"no ice cream, just you." you smiled. you didn't give him a chance to reply before you kissed him softly. he kissed you back, one of his hands coming up to cup your cheek before slowly pulling away.
"i can do that," he moved away from you to open the door again, moving an arm towards the car to signal for you to get in,"your chariot awaits, princess."
"why thank you, my prince." you laughed, kissing him one last time before getting in the car as he closed the door behind you.
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annab-nana · 3 days
“Stop being grumpy, it’s lame.” w tommy 🫶🏻
dude, he so would be dramatically grumpy
warnings: not proofread, pouty tom
❀ masterlist ❀
Tumblr media
every year, the hollands threw a christmas party. they invited family, friends, a whole slew of people. conversations flowed, games were played, food was shared, fun was had all throughout. earlier, you and tuwaine were teamed up against tom and harrison in some relay race paddy had created and tom thought he and harrison had it in the bag. he was so confident until he saw tuwaine cross the finish line before he did, tuwaine's hands clapping against your own as you both wore wide cheerful smiles.
tuwaine kept you by his side and made sure it was known that you two were the relay race champions, both of you sporting around the crowns that paddy had also made for the winning pair. little did you know, tom was sulking over the loss.
you didn't realize it until later that night when you were helping sam put out the desserts everyone brought and cutting the ones that weren't already sliced. tom came over when he found you and leaned against the counter beside you, watching as you perfectly portioned the pie into equal slices.
"you've been awful quiet tonight," you spoke gently while maintaining your focus on the task at hand. "is everything alright?"
"mhmm," tom hummed instead of providing you with a convincing response of actual words. you stopped and met his eye before nudging him with your shoulder.
"you sure about that?" you inquired as you pushed the pie toward him and pulled a tray of uncut brownies toward you. you glanced back at him to see his eyes on the paper crown on your head. "still upset t and i creamed your ass?" you teased. if it came from anyone else, he'd be a little mad, but from you, it was cute so he smiled.
"no," he answered too quickly, resulting in you shooting him a look. he gave in a little. "well, maybe. it's stupid, i know, but you know how competitive i get."
"i do," you agreed. your hands moved up to grab the crown from your head and held it for a second. "but, you did win one thing."
"what?" he asked as you set the handmade crown on his head.
"my heart." yeah, it was corny as hell to say, but the smile that broke out on his face was completely worth it.
"you are such a sap," tom mentioned and circled his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
"you love it," you returned, leaning in to kiss his lips. “now, stop being grumpy. it’s lame.”
tom playfully scoffed as if he didn’t want to stop. “fine.”
Tumblr media
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userholland · 3 days
happy hollandays 2022 ༄ ݃ *
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
rated: (some) mature 18+ [minors dni!]
pairings: tom holland, college!peter parker, nathan drake (?)
summary: various cute & fluffy scenarios for the most wonderful time of the year.
word count: tba.
a/n: so because i havent been writing much but i figured that a few prompts for christmas / new years time would be a little fun. i didnt get to do kinktober so i think of this as making up for that. hope y'all enjoy :D
Tumblr media
december 9 ✧ you're in love (tom holland x fem!reader + friends to lovers / wedding date)
december 11 ✧ baby's first christmas (dad!tom x mom!reader)
december 16 ✧ snowed in hell (ceo!tom x assistant!reader + smut / enemies to lovers)
december 23 ✧ tba.
december 30 ✧ tba.
december 31 ✧ tba.
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Wow, What A Coincidence - Tom Holland X GN Reader
Tumblr media
Title: Wow, What A Coincidence
Tom Holland X GN Reader
Additional Characters: Reader's friend Y/F/N (Mentioned)
WC: 1,585
Warnings: None really, pure funny fluff, oh and Tom's not an actor
Standing at your bathroom mirror, you tug at your shirt one more time before looking over at yourself in your mirror smoothing out your hair. You take a step back, look at yourself again, and nod in satisfaction. Checking your phone, your Lyft driver was ten minutes away, so you grabbed your bag and made sure you had everything you needed before leaving your room and heading to the door. Slipping on your shoes, you waited by the door for your Lyft. 
Your best friend had set you up on a blind date. You weren't that excited for it, considering that all the other blind dates she sent you on ended terribly. The first guy, Walter, was terrible. He was controlling, you could tell by how he picked your food for you. Then there was Jack. He was okay at the start but couldn't, or wouldn't, pay any attention to you and flirted with the waitress. And then after that was Josh. He seemed attentive, caring, but then he wouldn't stop talking and talking about this new app he was making called Healthavetica. You were beginning to regret even agreeing to go to this one. But, your friend said that this guy was super sweet. And one of her co-workers, so she knew you would like him.
Yeah right.
Hearing a car horn, you grabbed your keys and opened your front door, locking it behind you. You checked your watch as you walked down your gravel driveway and up to the car, you were an hour early. You mentally shrugged before leaning down at the passenger window. 
"You Y/N?" He asked and you nodded, hopping into the back seat and shutting the door. Getting comfortable and buckled, you looked over at your driver, shocked at how surprisingly handsome he was. Short brown hair that was styled back, sharp jawline. His brown eyes seemed kind and warm as they met yours through the rearview mirror. A smile pulled at his lips as he glanced over at you.
"I'm Tom, I'll be your driver for this evening." He introduced himself as he pulled out and back onto the road.
"I'm Y/N, but you already knew that..." You laughed lightly, fidgeting with your fingers.
After a moment of driving, Tom spoke, "So... Do you wanna chat? Or are you a 'quiet for the entire ride' sort of person?" He had a nice accent, which surprised you. British, you would guess. "I just know that some people like to lend an ear or vice versa." He added quickly as you just nodded with an understanding smile.
"Oh, no. I get it. I'm totally down to talk if you are." You watched as Tom smiled, before turning down another street.
"Awesome, wanna play twenty questions? That's always fun." He asked, making you laugh.
"Do you play that with all your passengers?" You asked, a small smirk on your face, only for Tom to chuckle.
"Only the cute ones." He answered back, surprising you a little before you spoke up again.
"Well," You began, trying to tame the blush on your face from his abrupt compliment, "What's your favorite color?”
"Mine's blue." He chuckled again and gave you a look briefly through the mirror. "I'm surprised you didn't go for a different type of question."
You tilted your head to the side, "What do you mean?"
Tom shrugged as he stopped at a red light, "I mean, like what I think about climate change or something." He laughed awkwardly, driving again as the light turned green.
“Oh,” You began, running a hand through your hair, “Well, I like asking people easy questions. Especially personality questions. It helps me better know people. I can know what type of person someone is by their view on social matters, yes, but I feel like I can understand someone better by knowing what their favorite cereal is, for example. If ya get what I mean.” You sort of ranted, as Tom nodded in his seat.
"I get that." Tom answered. "Nowadays, people ask the weirdest and most confusing questions. It’s hard to answer them sometimes."
You both fell silent, watching the cars pass by as Tom drove down the long stretch of road. 
"So, what's your favorite animal?" Tom asked you, glancing at you in the mirror.
"Y/F/A." You quickly answered with a smile. 
"Gosh, those things are adorable." Tom gushed, as he turned into the parking lot. "I want one, but I already have my dog, Tessa. She’s already a lot to handle"
You unbuckled, "She sounds adorable." You commented, grabbing your bag.
"She is." Tom answered, "Well, this is your stop, have a nice night, Y/N." He spoke as you opened the door.
"Thank you, you have a nice night too, Tom." You answered before you shut the car door, adjusting your bag as you headed into the restaurant. 
Tom sat in the car for a moment before pulling out of the parking lot. He had to get home quickly so he could get ready. He didn't want to be late.
Sitting at a back table, you scrolled through social media on your phone as you waited out the clock. Your mind was racing as was your heart. You hoped that this guy your friend was setting you up with wasn't like the others. Checking your clock on your phone, it read 5:56, with only a couple of minutes left. Hearing the restaurant door's bell jingle, you didn't bother to look up. You then heard someone clear their throat. Looking up, your eyes widened.
"Tom?" You asked, as Tom looked down at you confused.
You laughed awkwardly, "Funny coincidence. Didn't know this was where everyone went to get dinner. Popular place."
Tom smiled bashfully, rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, actually, I am here to meet someone."
"Oh," Your eyes widened in surprise. Of course, this handsome bachelor was meeting someone, just your luck. "Do you want to sit down and wait? It can be quite lonely to wait alone." You offered and Tom smiled, taking a seat in the booth seat across from you. 
Checking his watch, Tom bit his lip. "I guess they ran into some traffic." He mumbled as you frowned softly.
"Don't worry, my date is running a bit late too."
You spent the next few minutes playing with the bent edge of your menu, Tom checking his watch every now and then, a worried, yet sad expression on his face.
Tom then looked up at you, hiding his fidgeting hands under the table, "Who are you supposed to be meeting?"
You shrugged, playing with the wrapper of your straw, "I don't know. My friend set me up on this blind date, and I hope to god that this guy isn't another jerk."
"Huh," Tom exclaimed, "I don't know mine either. Also a blind date."
You made a small sound of shock before speaking, "Wow, a lot of people are going on blind dates nowadays." Before you laughed softly, "I don't know why people don't just use Tinder."
Tom smirked slightly, "Not everyone likes to be catfished." 
A huge smile rose on your face, "Dude! Same, half the reason why I asked my friend to sort of help me out with this dating stuff. I'm not that great at it." You remark, taking a sip of your water.
Tom bit his lip momentarily, “Do most of your dates end up being jerks?” He asked and you nodded solemnly.
“Unfortunately, it’s a curse really. I really hope this guy is good. If not, I might stop this dating stuff for a while.”
Tom nodded in understanding as silence fell over you two again, Tom checking his watch again. "Really late now," He muttered sadly. "Looks like I've been stood up." 
You frowned, "I'm sorry, Tom. Who even set this blind date up for you? They seem just as bad as mine." You tried to joke but Tom shrugged, eyes downcast to the table before him.
"My coworker. Works in Technetics a floor below me. She said she found the most perfect match for me and that I had to trust her." Tom rolled his eyes, "I guess I shouldn't do that anymore."
You froze in shock, "Uh, Tom... Is your co-worker's name Y/F/N? By any coinichance?" You swallowed thickly.
Tom looked up at you with a very shocked expression, "Yeah, how did you know-”
You both stared at each other before you both broke out into laughter.
"I can't believe this! You are my blind date!" You exclaimed as Tom nodded in agreement.
"Wow, this is… This is so weird.” Tom mumbled, running a hand through his hair.
You placed your hand on your cheek, resting your elbow on the table as you gazed at him. "Well, I am glad it's you." You admitted before you sighed. “From the drive over, I could tell you were not a jerk.”
"Me too." Tom answered softly, you watched as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink before his eyes widened, “I mean, I didn’t think you were a jerk. I mean that I also am glad that my date is you.” He rambled nervously, making you laugh lightly.
"Sooo," You began, smirking lightly, "Do you wanna play twenty questions?" You asked only for Tom to laugh lightly before answering.
"Do you play this with all your blind dates?" He asked, as you gently shook your head.
"Only the cute ones."
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slayedx · 5 months
summary: peter comes across sex pollen on one of his missions
cw: choking, fem! reader, squirting, choking, a little degradation, daddy kink, dom! peter
Tumblr media
you were a nervous wreck
peter had gone on a mission and you had yet to hear from him since he told you that they arrived at the warehouse where the mission took place. he was usually very quick to let you know when he was on his way back and give you updates, but you haven’t heard a word.
it was a fairly simple mission with low level villains. it was a classic hideout bust which tony usually took you guys on to practice real combat. it’s been about four hours and you had yet to hear from him. usually the most difficult of missions would take two and a half hours.
you were pacing around the compound as you awaited their arrival; the other avengers attempted to comfort you but you were just worried sick.
it wasn’t until much later that you heard them arrive, and you ran quickly to the entrance ready to scold peter for not texting or calling however you were met with a frantic tony.
“get banner we have a situation” he pants out and you’re quick to do as he says; getting the scientist and bringing him to the ship.
however, as you attempt to hop on after bruce you are stopped by tony.
“sorry kid but i don’t think you should see him right now” he says as he blocks the door way.
“what the hell happened tony?” you wonder with a little anger at being stopped. you make out peters voice as you hear him whine.
“she’s here, i can smell her, fuck princess need you so bad, so hot fuck- baby need you” he groans and your eyes go wide at his tone of voice.
“so i guess i have to explain now huh?” tony groans as he steers you back into the compound.
tony then tell you the tale of him and peter’s encounters in the warehouse where in a last attempt to get away someone threw a bomb that was composed of a high end “sex pollen” which increases libido to the point of pain, and unfortunately your boyfriend was subjected to it while tony’s suit was able to filter it out.
“sooo, he just needs sex?” you piece together as you and tony sit across from each other.
“well, i would say yes but i’m not sure what the pollen combined with his genetic composition would entail, he might be in a frantic state of mind that would cause him to injure someone” he explains.
“and hopefully banner will find a cure” he sighs out as he moves to presumably find bruce and help with a cure.
“and where is peter now!” you yell after him.
“like hell im telling you!” he yells back causing you to groan.
and that’s how, with a few bribery’s on your part, you ended up pittering down the hall at the dead of night in nothing but shorts and a tank top on your way to fuck pollen out of your boyfriend’s system.
you can hear his panting through the door. soft whines and moans are all that can be heard through the door as you walk towards the room.
he was going insane, his hand pumping his cock at any thought of you he could conjure up: you on your knees pretty mouth wrapped around his cock, you on your back; legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into you, you on your hands and knees as he fucked into you from behind.
what noises would you make? how would your cute little face look? could he get you to squirt on him? how-
his thoughts are interrupted when he hears a door open; and immediately as the door peers open his senses go into overdrive. his body heats up and his cock stands at attention.
he was consumed with the thought of you
“peter” you gasp out as you look at him. he looked desperate, sweat covering his body and his face. he had a red flush that trailed down to his heaving chest and it was hard to ignore his flushed cock that looked painfully hard; as it bobbed against his abs.
“baby” he whines out panting softly; he was so damn needy and he knew that if you stood in the room for too long he wouldn’t be able to control himself.
“princess fuck- you gotta leave or else im not gonna be able to control myself” he pants out as he closes his eyes throwing his head back. he releases small whines as he waits for your response; selfishly hoping you would stay and help with his issue.
“no baby im gonna help you; gonna make it better okay?” you respond as you inch closer to him. he groans at your words skin heating up further at your promises.
“o-okay baby, but i don’t know if i’ll be able to hold back” he mewls out breath picking up in pace; as his anticipation increases.
“it’s okay peter; just do whatever you need” you say as you approach him hands moving to him cheeks, and he moans at the small touch. he looks up to see a soft smile gracing your beautiful face;
he almost felt bad for what he was about to do.
he quickly moves his lips to yours before moving his hands to your ass, as he grabs handfuls of it pulling at the fat before slamming his hand down. you yelp at the contact and he groans into this kiss. your tongues are sloppily battling as need drives your actions.
he pulls away and leans over as he whispers a small “jump” and you comply. he catches your legs as they wrap around his waist and he moves you to the bed with ease before laying you down.
he leans to hover over you as he moves his lips back to yours again; his hands planted by the sides of your head. you two continue the intense exchange before he pulls away making you whine.
he moves to stand before pulling your shorts down; moaning at the sight of your bare cunt that was already drooling on the sheets.
“aww this poor pussy; look at her crying all over my sheets, she’s been missing daddy huh?” he smirks as he strokes his cock moving to position himself in front of your slit. you whimper at the filth that comes from his mouth; causing more arousal to soak his sheets.
“been missin’ your cock daddy need you in me” you moan out moving your hips as you attempt to catch the tight ring of your cunt on his cock.
“fuck- naughty thing, you know i’d eat that cunt but i need to be in you right now, okay baby?” he pants out as he explains his reason for skipping his usual extensive foreplay; even though you were practically begging for his dick he still assured you of his actions making your heart swell.
he waits for your agreement and when he catches you nod your head he moves his hands to capture your legs folding them back into your chest as he situates himself between your thighs.
he moves one hand from your leg to alight himself with your little cunt; he taps the fat head of his cock against your clit before moving to your hole and pushing in.
he moans as his tip sinks into you; you felt like heaven. he felt like he was gonna fucking bust, but fuck he needed more.
he continues to bully his fat cock into your soaked pussy as he inches into you. you moan at the stretch; your cunt struggling to accommodate him despite taking him many times in the past.
“shit baby- fuck so good, need you to relax so i can fuck this pussy right, need you to be good and take this dick, shiiiit” he moans out as he moves one of his hands down to rub at your little clit so you can take more of his dick. he feels you flutter around him and it allows him to slide into you with more ease, and with one surge of his hips he bottoms out causing you to squeal.
“ah- feel you here daddy” you babble out as you grab the hand that was on your clit, and moves it to your throat. he groans at your actions before tightening his grip on your neck causing you to moan.
“fuck- you’re such a little slut, just waiting for someone to pound this pussy; need someone to make you go fucking dumb” he groans out as he pulls his hips back leaving only the tip of his cock in your pussy before slamming his hips back into you; bottoming out again. he continues to repeat the process at faster intervals, as he moans at the clutch of your cunt. you almost scream at the rough treatment; drooling and babbling as he fucks you dumb.
“fuck yeah baby girl needed this fucking cunt” he moans out as he pounds into you. the quiet of the compound in drowned out by the squelch of your tight cunt as he fucks into it, your slick leaking from your cunt making his dick shine in the light as he pulls out of your heat.
“hear how fucking soaked you are baby? this pussy is so excited to see me” he mocks as you hear the obscene sound of your moans and the wet pats of his hips slamming into yours.
your body reflexively inches back from his brutal thrusts as your legs shake in his hold; your hips leaning away from his cock causing him to growl.
“nuh uh baby girl, be good and take this dick” he sneers as he grabs your leg pulling you back towards him as he continues to wreck your poor cunt. at the feeling of being manhandled your cunt flutters around his dick causing him to chuckle.
he moves his hand from your throat to your clit before pressing down and rubbing tight circles. your pussy squeezes down on him at the action and he knows you’re close.
“fuck! m’ gonna cum please daddy fuck, s’too good” you babble out as tears soak your vision. he laughs at your admission before leaning down over you.
“you better hold it baby” he smirks as he removes his hand from your clit. this causes a sob to leave your throat as he continues his brutal thrusts; the stimulation of his cock fucking into your pussy still leaving you on the edge of an orgasm.
“you’re gonna cum when i cum baby; this is about daddy after all” he sings as his hips still momentarily grinding into your g-spot causing your eyes to roll into the back of your head as you tremble in his hold.
though it doesn’t last for long and he resumes his brutal pace. he fucks into you with long hard thrusts as the tip of his heavy cock abuses your g-spot. he groans as he looks down at your cunt struggling to accommodate him; your cute little cunt twitching as you strive to be good and hold in your orgasm for him. you were his good girl and his good girl deserved his cum.
his moans become more frequent as his abs tense and he knows he’s close.
“fuck- baby be good and cum on this dick” he moans, and as soon as he finishes his sentence you cum with a squeal. your pussy gushes as you squirt on him in streams; soaking him and his dick.
at the sight he moans out before burying himself into your pussy and pumping you full of his cum, and for the first time in hours he feels relieved.
that is for a few seconds as you two come down from your highs before the tingling feeling returns and he stiffens inside you.
“sorry princess but it looks like we have more to do” he smirks as he softly rocks his hips.
the next morning
“y’know we worked really hard on that cure just for you horny kids to fuck all night and keep the compound up” tony remarks as he walks into the kitchen with you and peter in it.
“im so sorry mr. stark” peter stutters out; his face a bright red.
a complete contrast to how he was fucking you last night
“it’s fine kid as long as you’re alright” he says as he grabs a water and walks back to where he came
“and i hope you used a condom kid! i don’t want little spider-man’s running around” he yells on his way out causing both of you to groan.
taglist: @enthusiastic-french-toast @spideyslemons @ally0405 @scvrltparker @enaraism @guitarromantic @anonymously-nerdy @sunnyteume @hvnnibvni @hollandsgoodgirl @crazy4books1 @annesunlight @s-enku
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ptergwen · 4 months
Can we have some of peter loving reader boobs? Doesn't have to be smut if you don't want, i love your blurbr😔💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
w/c: 426
warnings: 18+, a little smutty (nipple play)
a/n: i’ve always wanted to write this concept so thank you for sending :,) also another reminder to join my new taglist because it’s still pretty empty but anyways pls enjoy
Tumblr media
peter is napping while you scroll on your phone. he’s asleep on your chest of all places, face nestled right in between your boobs. he often uses them as a pillow. the boy is obsessed. only the hoodie you wear separates peter from your bare chest, but hardly. the hot breaths that leave his nose seep through the material, and the entire weight of his head rests on you.
it’s not the most comfortable position. not for you, at least.
you put down your phone and gently take peter by his shoulders, trying to ease him off your chest. peter wakes up in the process, peeking an eye open and pouting.
“sorry, sorry. i didn’t mean to wake you.”
he grabs your sides to steady himself when he realizes you’re moving him.
“what’re you doing? i was comfy there.”
“you’ve gotta lay somewhere else, babes. you’re kinda crushing my boobs.”
“oh, sorry. are they alright? i didn’t know i was hurting you.”
“yeah, just a little sore. it’s okay.”
peter runs his thumb over one of your nipples, hooded eyes gazing up into yours. he feels your nipple harden under your hoodie.
“anything i could do to help? how about i massage them?”
“you just want me to take my top off.”
“shush. i wanna make you feel better.”
you give peter a look.
“fine. that, too.”
you chuckle and pull up your hoodie to expose your breasts. you leave the hood over your head, hands making sweater paws with your sleeves. peter smiles and pecks your cheek.
“you’re adorable. now could i give you a massage?”
“be my guest.”
peter’s hands cup each of your boobs, his body between your parted legs. he uses his fingers to tenderly knead the skin. he presses loving kisses to both your nipples. you let out a noise between a moan and a sigh. there’s nothing inherently sexual about this, but the feeling is heading straight to your core.
“mm, that feels nice, peter.”
“bet it does, baby.”
peter kisses down the valley of your breasts.
“i love the way your boobs fit in my hands. they’re literally perfect.”
“shut up.”
“what? it’s true. they’re warm, soft, pretty. i can’t think of anything better.”
“they’re pretty?”
“you’re so weird.”
“i know.”
peter’s fingers continue massaging your breasts. they’re already feeling better, but you don’t want him to stop. he holds them in his palms for a moment.
“i love you.”
“are you talking to me, or my boobs?”
peter grins.
“your boobs. but i love you, too.”
Tumblr media
tags: @mystic-writings @just-lost-inbetween-worlds @lnmp89 @jenoslov @crvshnburnn @yourlocalomlette @starlight-starks @belovasheart @liltimmyst @eviewriites @hollandsangel @parkerctrl @inthegetawaycarwithtaylah @varshhyy
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angelltheninth · 2 months
Endurance Test
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, blowjob, edging, cock riding, begging, cock tease, licking, dirty talk, cum shot, sub!Peter Parker, dom!Reader
Word count: 0.7k
Kinktober Day 6: Orgasm Denial
A/N: I've really been looking forward to this kinktober fic. Peter is always so cute I just want to tease him and make him squirm.
Tumblr media
Peter struggled to keep his hips from jerking upwards, his hands fisting the sheets so tight he almost teared them apart. But what could he do? You didn't restrain him but you still told him not to touch you. Which made it even more difficult for him.
"Easy. Don't twitch too much sweetheart." You mumble against the leaking tip of his cock, your hands fondling his full balls, massaging and squeezing, "You don't want me to choke do you?" You wink just before you take his cock in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks to make the sucking easier.
"God. No, no but I- Please." He whines, low and almost teary eyed from frustration, "I don't think I can hold it for much longer."
You release his cock with a wet pop, moving your hand up and down, slowly from the bottom and then rolling your palm over the tip, making sure to spread his cum nicely. "Not yet. Just a little longer. Then you can give me every last drop." You make sure to look at him in the eye as your tongue darts out to lick the dripping bead cum flowing down Peter's hard length.
He bites his bottom lip, making it tremble upon release as another needy whimper escapes him.
"Poor thing. You're so hard. It must hurt a lot huh. How about I kiss it better for you." You trail hot, slow, deliberate kisses up and down his dick, making it throb even more when you give him a long lick from his balls all the way to the tip.
"I need to be inside you. I'm feel like I'm gonna explode." Peter pulls at the sheets, his hands needing something to tug, something to hold onto.
"I fully expect you to. And you've been a very good boy for me Peter. I should reward you now shouldn't I?" You run your fingers between your legs, briefly inserting one finger in, letting out a long moan. "Hear that? That's how wet I am for you. Let me show you."
You move and straddle his hips, spreading your lips with your fingers and rubbing his hard, aching cock between your wet pussy lips.
"Think you're ready for me? Hm?" You roll your hips against his cock, making another drop of cum drip onto his abs. He can't even form words anymore, he just nods his head quickly and whimpers out your name.
With a brief kiss on his lips you position yourself on top of him, nudging your opening with the tip once, twice, before you fully sink down on him without warming.
"Oh fuck!" Peter throws his head back, his hands leaving the sheets for your thighs, keeping your pinned against him, your hips fully against him. "You're so warm inside. Feels like my cock's gonna melt. God. Move. Move. Please. I need to come. I need-"
"Soon love, soon." You squeeze your cunt around him, focusing on his tip as you begin to move your hips ups and down, sinking all the way down each time. "Come when I tell you to. All of it. Make sure you give me all of it. Ready darling? Are you ready to give me all you've got?"
"Yes, yes. Anything. Everything. Please met me come. Please!" He starts to babble, his whole body shaking then snapping like a web thread once you nod his way. His hips start driving into you at full force, his cock shooting warm jets of cum deep inside your pussyhole, painting your insides white with his seed.
You're not far behind, especially when he looks so adorable and sexy underneath you. You start milking him with your cunt, intent on getting all of his cum.
"Holy shit." Peter throws his arm over his eyes, his chest rising and falling quickly along with yours. You need to brace yourself on his shoulder to stop yourself from falling over him. "That was intense."
"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." You lean down to give him another kiss, longer than the last one, brushing your tongue against his. "It feels nice to let go of responsibility and control once in a while huh?"
Peter licks his lips and takes a deep breath, "I wouldn't mind doing it more often."
"I was really hoping you'd say that. Try to last even longer next time hm?" You clench around him again, getting another spurt of cum from him in return.
"No promises." He smiles up at you as he pulls you down and moves his head so you can rest on his shoulder comfortably, "But I'll try anything for you baby."
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peterbenjiparker · 5 months
can you also repost the blurb where peter doesn't let short!reader kiss him?
“baby,” you plead for the hundredth time in the past hour. you curl your fingers in the material of his thin shirt by the collar, while struggling to maintain your balance as you stand on your tip toes. but your efforts don't stop your from faltering. “c'mon.”
he arches a brow at you, he brings his hands up to cradle your face, and he brushes the tip of his thumb over your lips, brows furrow as he coos down at you with fake sympathy. “yeah, y/n? something the matter?”
“oh my god, pete! c'mon...you can't just...”
“mhmm? i'm listening.”
“i didn't say it was a bad thing.”
“i don't know what you're talking about, sweetheart.”
ah, shit. if it isn't the consequences of your own actions.
peter parker refuses to kiss you.
for the first time in seven months of dating, he refuses to kiss you.
and you're the only one to blame.
it was a peaceful sunday afternoon at peter's apartment before you went ahead and ruined it. with may gone for work, he offered to cook you pancakes, and you happily trailed after him like a puppy to the kitchen where he got started with the preparations.
and while chatting away about anything and everything, you happen to make a..... comment about his height. and regretted it immediately. he is a little tini-tiny bit sensitive about his height. and much to your surprise (gasp) he didn't appreciate your humour (or your apology kisses).
the comment backfired to say the least.
because yes, peter is short. but you? you are way shorter than peter. when you reached up to kiss the frown away, he shrugged you off. standing tall over you while you try to reach his lips. you were growing frustrated by the second, and he has the audacity to laugh at you.
“let me give you a kiss.” you try again, “baby. my super tall baby. c'mere.”
“why don't you come to me?”
bastard. you hate the way his eyes twinkled. you can't go to him, you're short.
“kissy.” you say. “let me give you a nice kissy on the lips.”
“i'll let you once you reach my lips.” he licks his lips, a playful smile on his face.
son of a bitch. he was having too much fun with this. with you.
“fuck you,” you hiss, retracting your hands away from him, you're pissed. but he just chuckles, wiping his hands on the apron he is wearing, looking down at you, grinning wide.
“what's wrong, short stuff?” he winks at you, “are you that desperate for a kiss?”
you glare at him, “no, i don't want to kiss you anymore.”
“aw,” he breathes out a laugh, trying to grab your hands but you pull away, “gave up so soon?” he pouts, “you didn't try hard enough y/n...maybe I would've let you.”
“fuck you, parker.”
“c'mon,” peter raises his hands up in mock defence, “i was only teasing, baby.”
“shut up,” you grumble. “i'm not letting you kiss me for a week if you keep that up--STOP IT! stop smirking at me, don't--do not look at me like that. you think i can't go a week without your kisses? just you wait--”
“okay, okay,” he reaches for your shoulders, “i'm sorry. I'll give you a kiss now, okay?”
you huff but let him cradle your face in his hands anyways.
he puckers his lips as he leans in. you angle your neck up, and close your eyes, waiting for his lips to brush over your own. you wait and wait, but...
he doesn't kiss you!
you open your eyes, only to find peter away from you, biting back his giggles.
“you're so.” you scoff, “you're so mean! don't expect me to kiss you again, you--you absolute fucking idiot. no--i'm leaving. and i am mad at you if you didn't already know, don't try to call me--or text me. i don't want to talk to you--or see you--or kiss your stupid face--”
you squeal--peter's large hands circle around your hips, holding the back of your thighs. he pulls up up to his level and your hands fly to his chest, clutching the material of the apron in between your fingers. “peter! what are you--”
you cling to him until he roughly sits you on the counter.
looking up at him, wide-eyed, you watch him lick his lips, twitching into a smile when he catches your eye. he leans in, hand grabbing your thigh and pulling you closer until he's standing in between your parted legs, with a hand up your skirt and his swet lips ghosting over yours.
he caressing the skin of your neck with the back of his hand, the blunt nails scraping against the bare flesh of your skin. he sniffs, pressing his forehead against yours, the pieces of curls ticking the crown of your head. your gaze flickers down to his lips and he lets a breathy laugh slip. “isn't this what you wanted?”
biting back a snarky comment, you nod, you really do want this. you want to kiss him. peter's pupils dilate, and the roseate hues on the apples of his cheeks matches with indelible heat bubbling up under your skin.
peter grins.
he cups the back of your neck, leans in and finally (fucking finally) kissed you. your breath hitches, gasping into his mouth and he hums, kissing you, breathing you in, consuming all of you with just his lips until you're a mess of skin and bones with coherent thought long gone, melting away with the anger you had for him.
he pulls away, panting into your mouth but he manages a smile, “that good enough for you?”
you roughly grab him by the collar, “more,” and pull him in for another kiss.
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waitimcomingtoo · 5 months
Beneath the Surface
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: during a pool day with the team, your bathing suit makes it difficult for Peter to focus
Tumblr media
“Suit up, Parker. I need you outside.” Tony said as he knocked on Peters doorframe.
“Suit up? Is there a mission?”
“Even better. There’s a mandatory pool day.” Tony replied with an excited wiggle of his eyebrows.
“Can a pool day be mandatory?” Peter wondered.
“Can a boy be strangled?” Tony asked in the same tone. They both fell silent as they stared at each other and Peter gulped a little.
“Pool day. Ten minutes.” Tony said with a big smile after a beat of silence.
“I’ll be there.” Peter nodded quickly.
“Glad to have you. See you out there.” Tony patted Peters doorframe before walking away. Not wanting to upset Tony, Peter quickly changed into bathing suit shorts and a t shirt. He slipped into his flip flops before heading down to the pool. He found Steve, Tony, and Thor sitting around a table under a big umbrella while Shang Chi, Sam, and Scott were in the pool. They all already had their shirts off, making Peter feel a little self conscious in the presence of all their super sized muscles.
“Look who’s arrived.” Steve smiled up at Peter as he shielded his eyes from the sun.
“Yep.” Peter smiled weakly. “It’s me.”
“Look who it is!” Thor cheered before leaning over to the other guys.
“Who is that?” He whispered loud enough for Peter to hear.
“Um…Peter.” Peter answered in confusion.
“It’s nice to meet you, Umpeter. I’m Thor.” Thor smiled brightly and held out his hand. Peter frowned and shook Thors hand as he looked at the others for an explanation.
“You Midgardians and your silly names.” Thor chuckled as he looked at the other guys again.
“Thor, it’s me. Peter.” Peter said again.
“Yes. I know that now. Pleasure to meet you.”
“We…we have met.” Peter said slowly.
“Have we?” Thor frowned.
“That’s Spiderman. You probably haven’t seen him without his mask on.” Steve said in Peters defense.
“I don’t remember ever meeting a Spiderman.” Thor shook his head.
“Well you have.” Peter told him. “Many times. And it’s me.”
“No. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen this man in my life.” Thor shrugged.
“Yes you have. He was with us when we fought Thanos.” Steve reminded him.
“And when we went on that mission to Scotland. He was the one in the skintight red and blue suit.”
“I sat next to you at dinner last night.” Peter reminded him.
“I thought you were the waiter.” Thor tilted his head to the side.
“There was no waiter. We were here in the tower. It was a home cooked meal.” Tony cut in.
“Hm. Then why did you bring me my beer?” Thor asked Peter.
“Because you asked me to. All eleven times.”
“I know. And that’s why I left you a nice tip. You’re make an excellent waiter, Umpeter.” Thor smiled and gave Peter a pat on the shoulder.
“Oh my God.” Peter sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“Rogers, can you pass the baby oil?” Thor requested.
“Please don’t.” Steve sighed as he pushed the bottle of baby oil on the table towards Thor.
“What? They don’t have sun like this back on Asgard. And I want a nice even tan to impress Jane. Her muscles are almost as big as mine now and I’m starting to feel…oh, what’s that word?” Thor asked as he rubbed baby oil all over his skin.
“Small?” Peter shrugged.
“No. No one would ever use that word to describe me.” Thor chuckled. “I’m thinking of another word. What’s that thing you humans feel all the time when in the presence of someone greater than you?”
“Inferior?” Tony asked.
“Ah, yes. That’s the one.” Thor smiled and rubbed more baby oil onto his body. “Mm. I smell delicious. Like a baby’s bottom.”
“Okay. On that note, I’m gonna go say hi to the girls.” Peter smiled weakly before turning away. He walked over to Natasha and Wanda, who were sitting on the edge of the deep end with their feet dangling into the water.
“Look who it is!” Natasha smiled when Peter approached.
“Please say you guys know who I am.” Peter sighed.
“Of course we do. Sit down.” Natasha said and patted the space between her and Wanda.
“Have you applied your sunscreen yet?” Wanda asked and picked up the bottle beside her. Ever since she learned that Peter didn’t have a mother, she took it upon herself to look after him.
“No. Not yet.” Peter told her. Wanda was already squirting some sunscreen into her hand and rubbing it together to warm it up.
“Come here. I don’t want you to burn.” Wanda said as she applied sunscreen to Peters face.
“Did you bring a towel?” Natasha asked him.
“No. I forgot one.” Peter replied.
“It’s okay. I brought extra.” Natasha told him and handed him an extra towel.
“Oh. Thank you.” Peter smiled and put the towel on his lap. “It’s a lot nicer over here than by the guys.”
“We think so too.” Wanda chuckled.
“And look who else decided to join us.” Natasha smiled as she looked up at something above Peter. Peter turned his head and made eye contact with you, making him choke on his saliva. You were wearing a baggy T shirt that covered you like a dress.
“Hey guys. This is so fun. I’m glad we’re doing this.” You smiled as you approached the group.
“H-h-hi.” Peter stammered. “I didn’t know you were home from college yet.”
“I got home late last night. Tony texted me about the pool party and I came right down.”
“Oh. Well I’m glad you’re here. I’ve…I’ve missed you.” Peter said with a shy smile. He had formed a somewhat enormous crush on you when he met you last summer at the tower. You came home from college for Christmas and Spring break, only making peters crush grow the more he saw you. He didn’t expect to see you today and his heart had yet to stop pounding.
“Aw. I’ve missed you too, Peter.” You smiled at him.
“What about me? Did you miss me?” Natasha teased as she and Wanda stood up. Peter stood up as well and waiting behind Natasha and Wanda as you greeted them.
“Of course I did. Both of you.”
You hugged them both and kissed their cheeks in that way that girls did where lips never actually touch the persons cheek but you both make the kissing sound. When you got to Peter, you gave him a quick hug but no kiss. He didn’t expect a kiss since you weren’t exactly friends, but he was still disappointed.
“I’m gonna go say hi to the boys. Then I’ll be back.” You told them.
“Good. We need all the college details.” Wanda said and gave you a look.
“You’ll get them soon enough.” You assured her before walking away. Peter watched longingly as you walked over to the other Avengers. He felt a twinge of jealousy as you greeted them all with a big smile. The amount of shiny muscles that surrounded you was making Peter worry that he had competition. He was fit, but he wasn’t Thor. And he was strongly reminded of that as he watched Thor lift you off the ground and spin you around.
“Don’t worry. You’ll graduated from hugs to cheek kisses soon enough.” Natasha said from behind Peter.
“W-what?” Peter stammered.
“Don’t play dumb. The jealousy was radiating off of you when she kissed us and not you.” Wanda chuckled as she watched the way Peter stared at you.
“I saw it too.” Natasha chimed in.
“I don’t know what you guys are talking about.” Peter lied without ever taking his eyes off of you.
“It’s okay if you like her.” Wanda insisted. “We won’t tell.”
“I don’t like her. I mean, I do. Just not in the way you guys are thinking. That would be….that would be silly.” Peter scoffed, all three of them knowing he was lying through his teeth.
“Uh huh. Whatever you say.” Wanda said and playfully rolled her eyes. Peter looked over at you again and let out a little sigh. He felt a physical pain in his chest from how much he liked you, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit that.
“I just like her as a friend. That’s all.” Peter lied as he stared at you longingly. Just then, you pulled your baggy shirt off and put it on a chair, revealing the skimpy little black bikini you had on underneath. Peter felt all the blood rush to his face as he whole body heated up. Your entire body was exposed for Peter to see and he found himself unable to breathe.
“Holy shit. Why is her bathing suit so tiny?” He whispered under his breath as he stared at you with wide eyes.
“What was that?” Natasha wondered.
“N-nothing. I was just talking to myself.” Peter said as he continued to stare at you. You were tying your hair out of your face, arching your back a little and tilting your head back to make it easier to gather your hair. Peter was staring right at your boobs, which he felt like you were practically putting on display for him with your actions.
“Peter.” Natasha chuckled and playfully smacked his arm.
“What?” Peter wondered.
“Stop staring at her boobs.” Wanda snorted.
“What? I’m not.” Peter insisted as he finally tore his eyes away.
“You totally are. You’re not even being subtle about it. You gotta stop.” Natasha chuckled again.
“I’m not staring at her. You’re all staring at her.” Peter mumbled.
“Peter, you’re gonna freak her out. You’re freaking me out and I’m not the one who’s boobs you’re staring at.” Wanda shrugged.
“I’m freaking her out? You guys are freaking me out. You’re all crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. I don’t even - what? What are you even talking about. I have no idea. I’m not- I’m not even….I’m gonna get a drink.” Peter grumbled and walked away from the girls. He went over to the cooler and bent down to grab a water bottle from inside. When he stood up, you were standing right in front of him.
“Hey.” You smiled brightly at him. Peter was mid sip and started choking on his drink when he got another glimpse of your boobs in your tiny bikini.
“Boobsboobsboobsboobs.” His mind said as he tried his absolute hardest to maintain eye contact with you.
“Hey. How’s it going?” He laughed weakly and took an uncomfortably long sip of his drink.
“Pretty good. I’m honestly so happy to be home. It’s cold up there in Boston. There’s never days as sunny as this.” You said as you looked up at the sun. Peter was half listening, half fighting the demons in his head that were urging him to look down at your boobs. He wanted to answer you in a cool way that impressed you, but all he could think was,
“Boobies. Boobies in bikini. Boobies in black bikini right before my very eyes.”
“Yeah. It’s sunny.” He said, immediately regretting how lame he sounded. He was better than a two word answer but he could not bring himself to focus.
“Yeah.” You laughed awkwardly. “So how was your semester? You’re at NYU right?”
“Yeah. It was good.” Peter have another short answer as his mind scrolled through every possible name for boobs that he could think of.
“Watermelons. Coconuts. Papayas. Other tropical fruits.”
“Well I’m happy to hear that. Mine was good too.” You replied, making Peter internally cringe when he realized he should’ve asked you how your semester was. He wanted so badly to have a normal conversation with you that propelled you towards a romantic relationship but all he could think was,
“Goo goo. Goo gaga.”
“That’s nice.” He blurted. “Did you make any friends?”
“A few. I’m not really good at making friends.” You shrugged, making Peter relax a little when he realized you weren’t so different.
“Me either. I’m kinda shy.” He admitted.
“That’s okay.” You smiled. “I’m kinda shy too.”
Peter smiled softly at you and you smiled back. Before he got ahead of himself, he needed to know if you were even available. He knew there was no was to subtly ask if you had a boyfriend, so he decided to beat around the bush.
“So did you meet anyone who lives around here? Anyone you might want to bring around?” Peter asked, trying to sound casual.
“Not really. There was this one guy though who lives on Long Island. We hung out a couple times.”
“Uh huh.” Peter nodded and tried to remain calm.
“But I think he said he was visiting his boyfriend in California for the summer.” You continued, making Peter relax.
“That’s great. California is great. Lotta gay people.” Peter said, immediately regretting it.
“Yeah.” You laughed awkwardly as your eyes darted to the side. “I’m, uh, I’m gonna go catch up with the girls. I’ll catch up with you later.”
“Bye.” Peter weakly waved to you as you walked away.
“It’s all right. Don’t worry too much about it, kiddo.” Tony called from the table.
“Worry about what?” Peter wondered.
“That completely cringe inducing interaction you just had.” Tony said sweetly.
“It wasn’t that bad. There are a lot of gay people in California.” Shang Chi came to Peters defense as he sat down.
“It was pretty bad.” Thor snorted.
“Oh no. Do you think she thought it was bad?” Peter worried as he took a seat.
“Oh absolutely.” Thor nodded, making Peter sink in his chair in disappointment.
“Yeah. She’s definitely reenacting it for the girls right now. And she’s probably imitating you using a deep voice to demonstrate how dumb you are.” Shang Chi said as he pointed to you and the other girls. Peter looked over at you and saw you laughing as you told the girls a story.
“Oh no. You’re probably right.” Peter groaned.
“It’s okay. We’ve all struck out with the ladies.” Steve assured him.
“Not me. I have to fight women off with a stick. But I would never actually hit a woman with a stick, so it’s more of a gentle shooing away.” Thor said as he made shooing motions with his hand.
“Thanks Thor.” Peter smiled tightly.
“It was one lame conversation. Don’t let it deter you. She’ll only be home until August. If you like her, you should go for it.” Tony encouraged.
“I know.” Peter sighed. “I just couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying when she looks that pretty. And I’ve never seen her with that little clothing on before. I can’t even think right now.”
“Then suck it up and imagine she’s wearing a scuba suit or something. If you want to have a summer romance, you have to lock it down today.”
“Maybe you’re right.” Peter said as he looked over at you again.
“Don’t look now, but you have a superhero stalker.” Wanda said when she noticed Peter staring at you.
“What? Who?” You smiled excitedly and looked over your shoulder.
“Spiderman is totally checking you out.” Natasha chuckled.
“What? No he’s not.” You laughed it off but noticed it too.
“He is. He’s been staring at you even since you showed up.” Wanda insisted.
“Really? He has?” You asked hopefully.
“Yeah. Look at him.” Wanda nodded towards Peter and you looked over at him again. You made eye contact with Peter and waved to him, to which he shyly waved back.
“You two would make a pretty cute couple.” Natasha shrugged, making you playfully roll your eyes.
“I don’t know. I do think he’s cute.” You admitted.
“You do?” Wanda scrunched her nose.
“Don’t make that face. He’s really sweet and kinda awkward but he’s also really funny when he doesn’t mean to be. And look at that face.” You sighed and looked over at Peter again.
“Oh God. They all keep looking over here. They’re probably talking about how much of a loser I am.” Peter said once he saw you all looking at him.
“Yeah. Probably.” Thor nodded.
“Don’t listen to him. They’re probably not saying that.” Steve assured him.
“No. They’re definitely making fun of me.” Peter groaned.
“If you’re so concerned, why not use your super hearing and listen in?” Tony suggested.
“I can’t do that. She deserves to mock me mercilessly in privacy.” Peter sighed.
“Wow. And they say chivalry is dead.” Tony chuckled.
“Aw. I remember Chivalry. He was the one that could shrink and grow right?” Thor asked the group.
“Oh my God.” Peter groaned again. “I’m gonna go for a swim.”
“Yeah. For a pool day, not a single one of us is in the pool.” Tony noticed. Peter got out of his chair and went over to the edge of the pool.
“Don’t forget your floaties Parker!” Tony called. You looked up when you heard this just as Peter was tugging off his shirt.
“Oh my God.” Your jaw dropped when you saw Peters body. His swim suit trunks were hanging low on his hips, leaving very little to the imagination. He jumped into the pool and you felt a little disappointment now that the ab show was over.
“Did you guys see that? Did you see his body?” You whispered to the girls.
“No. I don’t really make it a point to look at men.” Wanda replied.
“Fair enough. But I was totally not expecting Peter to have a body like that. He looked like he was sculpted by a God.”
“Ask Thor. Maybe he was.” Natasha shrugged.
“I gotta get in there. Wish me luck.” You said as you stood up. You walked over to the shallow end of the pool where the stairs were and started to form a plan. You grabbed a pair of goggles that were lying on the ground and put them on before going into the water. Peter was swimming towards the middle of the pool when you emerged through the surface. Your goggles were squishing your nose and your hair was plastered against your forehead, but he thought you looked beautiful.
“Do you want to play mermaids with me?“ You asked, your voice sounding nasally from the goggles. Peter burst out laughing and nodded his head.
“Yeah. I do.”
“Okay. My tail is pink and purple and sparkly and it’s really pretty and it glows in the dark. What does your tail look like?”
“Blue and green and my shell bra is purple and my hair is really long and gold and also glows in the dark.” He played along, making you crack a smile.
“Okay. My hair is pink and sparkly and really long too. And I have a crown that’s gold and my bra is gold too. And I have water powers.”
“My power is that I can talk to fish and I can sing really well.” Peter replied, making you laugh.
“You’re pretty good at this.” You told him. “Have you actually played mermaids before?”
“No but I’m not missing my chance now. What other childhood pool memories do you want to relive?”
“I don’t know. Wanna see me do a handstand?” You smirked as you pulled off your goggles and threw them to the side.
“Oh absolutely.” Peter said. You smiled before going under the water and doing a handstand. Your legs were completely bent and you were leaning to the right, but in your mind you thought your form looked flawless. When you came back up, you had a proud smile on.
“That was so good.” Peter said sarcastically. “Wanna see mine?”
You nodded your head and Peter went under the water. He did a perfect handstand that made your jaw drop.
“Fuck you. That was perfect.” You playfully scoffed when he came back up.
“Thanks.” He chuckled. “What else can we do?”
“Do you want to have a holding breath contest?”
“Obviously. Let’s do it.” Peter grinned before going under the water. You both opened your eyes under the water and looked at each other while your cheeks puffed out with the air you were holding in. You stayed under for around 30 seconds before Peter went up for air with you going shortly after.
“Ha! I won!” You grinned once you came up.
“Congratulations. You should feel really proud.” Peter said with a falsely huge smile, making you laugh again.
“Wait a minute. Did you let me win?”
“Maybe.” Peter smiled shyly.
“What? You can’t just let me win.” You said as you playfully splashed him.
“I had to. I can hold my breathe for five straight minutes. And I’m not even kidding.”
“Okay Percy Jackson.” You mumbled under your breath, making Peter laugh.
“Your tone implies that was an insult but Percy Jackson is the most iconic man alive today.”
“Right. Living icon. Totally real person. Not a fictional sixth grader.” You smiled sarcastically.
“You know after I read that book, I made my aunt and uncle dye all my food blue so I could be like Percy.” Peter told you, bringing a smile to your face.
“That’s so cute. I used to stay in the shower for hours and pretend I could control the water.”
“I did the same.” Peter smiled, and you smiled back at him. You were both paddling in the water to stay afloat as you looked at each other. Peter looked at the water drops hanging off your eyelashes and your slicked back hair and smiled fondly at you. You were busy admiring the way a he looked with the summer sun shinning in his eyes, making them appear golden.
“Can I ask you something?” You asked quietly as you swam a little closer to him.
“Sure. Anything.”
“How come you can talk to me all of the sudden? Not that I didn’t enjoy our little conversation over by the cooler, but somethings different this time. How come you’re so relaxed all the sudden?”
“Because your boobs are under the water and I can actaully focus on the words you’re saying.” Peter thought to himself.
“I don’t know. The water makes it easier for some reason. I feel like I can be myself.” Peter said instead.
“Good. I’m glad you feel like that. Because I like talking to you when you actually talk.” You said with a teasing smile.
“I like talking to you too.” Peter smiled shyly. You stared at each other for a moment and felt like you were the only two people in the world.
“We should hang out more. I’ll be home all summer. I think you and I could be really good friends.” You said, bringing a blush to Peters face.
“Yeah. I would love that. I would love to be friends.” Peter said as he nodded too many times.
“Cool.” You said as you stopped paddling and stood up. You ran your fingers through your hair to get it out of your face as Peter watched it in what felt like slow motion. The top half of your body was out of the water, once again giving Peter a full view of your boobs. This time, you were soaking wet from the pool water and your bikini was sticking to you like a second skin.
“Dan nicki your bobbies.” Peter mumbled under his breath as he stared directly at your boobs.
“What was that?” You wondered as you sunk back beneath the water.
“Nothing.” Peter said quickly and threw on a smile. You smiled back and padded closer to him again as your eyes drifted over his shoulder.
“They’re all looking at us.” You whispered and nodded behind him. Peter looked over his shoulder and saw all the Avengers looking at the two of you as the whispered things to each other.
“Yeah. They are.” Peter gulped and looked back at you. You had been staring at Peter and he caught you now that he was looking back. You quickly looked away so he wouldn’t notice that you had been staring. Peter still noticed, and now he was intrigued.
“Do you like them?” Peter asked you. It wasn’t lost on him that the two of you were surrounded by earths mightiest hero’s and they all had their bulging muscles out. The chances of you liking him out of all the options you had were pretty low.
“Some of them.” You shrugged. “Tony bring some weirdos around here sometimes though. I was talking to that Dr. Morbius guy once and he totally morbed all over my salad.”
“That sounds like a nightmare.” Peter chuckled.
“It was.” You agreed with a huff. The both of you laughed, leaning into each other as you did. When the laughter died down, you were left staring at each other.
“You have really nice eyes.” You smiled softly.
“You have really nice boobs.” Peter said in the same tone. Your eyebrows went up in surprise as Peter slapped a hand over his mouth.
“What?” You laughed in shock.
“Oh my God!” Peter said through his hand. “I meant boobs. You have really nice boobs.”
“Peter.” You laughed nervously as your eyes darted to the side to see if anyone else was hearing this conversation.
“I’m sorry! Oh my God. I’m so sorry. I’m trying to say boobs. You have really nice boobs. Shit. Oh my God. It just keeps happening. Eyes. Your eyes are really nice. That’s what I tried to say the first time. I swear.” Peter stumbled over his words as his entire face burned red.
“But what about my boobs?”
“Pardon?” Peter gulped.
“Are they nice or not? Like, what was the final verdict?” You asked, sounding completely genuine.
“Oh, uh. They’re nice. They’re very nice. They seem like two great girls.” Peter nodded too many times as he struggled to maintain eye contact with you.
“Thanks. They are.” You said with a straight face. You cracked a smile and started to laugh, making Peter realize you were just teasing him. He relaxed a little and laughed as well. He thought he had completely blown it with you, but if you were teasing him, maybe he still had a chance.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m not a creep, I promise. It’s just a little hard for me to think straight right now when you’re practically naked.”
“Excuse me.” You playfully shoved him. “I have a swimsuit on.”
“Barely.” Peter said under his breath, making you laugh again.
“I didn’t want any tan lines.” You said as you looked down at your bathing suit, realizing he had a point about how little you were wearing.
“Well you won’t get any in that thing.” Peter said as his eyes briefly dropped to your bikini top.
“For your information, you’re way more naked then I am. One of us is topless right now. One.” You pointed out as you admired his perfectly sculpted body for a second. Peter blushed a little and felt his confidence grow.
“Fair enough. I’m still sorry for what I said, though. I swear, I’m usually a gentleman.”
“It’s okay.” You assured him. “If I’m being honest, I haven’t been thinking the purest thoughts either ever since you took your shirt off.”
“Wait, really?” Peter asked skeptically.
“Really.” You nodded as you swam even closer to him. Your chests were almost touching now as you kicked your legs beneath the water to stay afloat. You looked at each other for a minute before your eyes dropped to his lips.
“Do you want to have another breath holding contest?” You asked when your eyes met his again.
“Okay. Sure.” Peter chuckled, thinking that the timing was weird but going along with it anyway.
“Keep your eyes open this time.” You told him before going under the water. Peter smacked himself in the face to hype himself up before going under as well. He forced his eyes open once he was under the water and made eye contact with you. Your cheeks were full of air but he could still tell that you were smiling. Peter watched as you swam towards him and put your hands on his face. You pulled him into a kiss and all the air left his mouth, sending bubbles up to the surface. He shut his eyes and kissed you back as he put his hands on either side of your face. It excited him that you were kissing in front of everyone, yet no one could see it. It was your little secret between the two of you as you kissed beneath the surface. You pulled away when you ran out of air and swam up. Peter went up first, then you. When you met him up on the surface, you saw the huge smile on his face as he pushed the wet hair off his forehead. You stared at each breathlessly for a while as water dripped down your faces. You were both smiling as you panted and gasped for air.
“You won this time. For real.” He told you to break the silence.
“I know.” You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck. Peter was about to lean in to kiss you again when he heard Tony’s voice.
“Get a room you two.” Tony called from the table. Peter turned bright red as you pulled away from him, both of you now aware that you had the entire team of Avengers staring at you. Wanda and Natasha gave you a thumbs up while the boys smiled proudly at Peter.
“Yeah. You pervs better not be doing anything nasty under the water.” Steve called out from behind the barbecue with a cheeky smile.
“We are!” You called back and wrapped your arms around Peter again. Peter laughed shyly and buried his face in your neck, wishing more than anything that he could be alone with you.
“Ignore him. He’s an idiot.” You said into Peters ear.
“I’ve noticed.” Peter smiled as he picked his head up off his neck.
“Foods ready!” Steve announced. You and Peter looked at each other and felt a shared disappointment now that the moment was over. You both let out little sighs and got out of the pool. Peter grabbed the towel he got from Natasha and wrapped it around your shoulders.
“Here.” Peter said as he rubbed his hands up and down your arms to warm you up now that you were out of the pool.
“Oh. Thanks.” You smiled at him as you walked together over to the table.
The avengers lined up near the food table and started to fill up their plates. You stood behind Peter in line and rested your chin on his shoulder.
“Are you gonna get all quiet on me now that we’re out of the water?” You whispered in his ear.
“I might.” Peter whispered back with a coy smile. You smiled back and gave his arm a gentle squeeze.
“I’ll take my chances.” You told him as you grabbed plates for the two of you. You got your food and walked over to the ring of chairs with the rest of the Avengers. There was a fire going on the center of the chairs, making a cozy atmosphere as the sun began to set. Peter sat down in one of the big chairs and you sat down in the same chair. You were squished together and barely had enough room for both your butts to fit, but neither of you cared. Peter blushed a deep pink and smiled at you before resting his head on your shoulder. He could feel the material of your towel against his face and sighed in content. You sat quietly and ate your food while the rest of the team snuck looks at you.
“You two look awfully cozy.” Natasha commented, pulling you and Peter out of your little bubble.
“Yeah. What exactly happened in that pool?” Tony asked, making you and Peter look at each other and laugh.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?“ You shrugged and took a bite of your pasta salad.
“I for one actually would like to know.” Steve said and the group nodded in agreement.
“Too bad.” You stated and leaned back in the chair. Peter smiled and slipped an arm around you as he watched the sun sink into the airy skyline. You stayed out by the pool until it was nighttime, just talking and catching up with everyone. You could hear the bugs and and crickets chirping, the sounds of summer that reminding you of when you were young. You eventually moved into Peters lap and sat with his arms securely around your waist as you participated in the conversation. Eventually, your tiredness overcame you and you let out a yawn.
“Well I personally have a lot of unpacking to do. But this was really fun. Thanks for doing this, Mr. Stark. I had a good time.” You said as you got out of your seat.
“So did I, kiddo.” Tony smiled at you as he gave your hand a squeeze.
“I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Night everyone.” You said to the team.
“Goodnight.” Everyone said to you in a sleepy chorus of partings. You looked down at Peter, who was still in his seat, and nodded towards the door.
“You coming?” You asked him.
“Yeah.” He smiled shyly and got out of his seat. You slipped your hand into Peters and silently walked together until you reached your bedroom in the tower. Peter leaned against your doorway and watched as you took some pajamas out of a packed suitcase.
“Here’s my plan. I don’t actually think I’m gonna unpack. I think I’m just gonna take things out of my suitcase as I need them and one day, the suitcase will be empty.” You explained to Peter as you took some socks out the suitcase.
“That’s a good plan. Or, I could help you unpack. It’ll go quicker if there’s two of us.” Peter suggested, trying to subtly bring the conversation back to the idea of an “us.” Peter watched you smile a little and knew you must’ve caught on to his plan.
“Can we talk about what happened in the pool?” Peter asked quietly as he picked at the paint of your door frame. You stopped riffling around in your suitcase and turned to look at him. You walked over to where he was and rested your hands on his chest. Peters face heated up and you sleepily smiled at him before leaning in to kiss him. He kissed you back, deciding that he liked kissing better when it wasn’t under the water. When you pulled away, you looked into his eyes and patted his chest.
“See you tomorrow, seaweed brain.” You whispered against his lips before pushing him out of you room and shutting the door.
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unsubtle ✩ peter parker
Tumblr media
word count ✎ 5.4k
tropes ✎ avenger!reader / enemies to lovers / smut
warnings ✎ masturbation, dom/sub, nipple play, overstimulation, squirting, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex, peter parker doesn’t just have bde he has a big dick, handjob, voice kink, grinding, cowgirl, multiple orgasms
summary ✎ on a mission with the avengers, the team unexpectedly crashes at a motel and you get stuck sharing a bed with peter, who you can’t stand. to make matters worse, you’re ovulating and can’t sleep without touching yourself.
a/n ✎ hey besties, i’m reposting because it didn’t show up in the tags yesterday :(( like i said yesterday, i’ve been dying to write and post fics for a long time but i was too insecure and scared to try. part of the reason why i was inspired to make a new blog and give it a try is because of the great writers i followed so i want to thank @duskholland @worldoftom @venomsilk @vendettaparker @userholland @t-lostinworlds for their beautiful writings that motivated me so much when i need it. you’re all icons ♡
Tumblr media
You were in hell.
No, really. You weren’t much of a religious woman but right now, you felt like there was some deity out there who had decided to curse you with the worst luck possible. Here you were, doing a good deed by helping free people being held hostage by a Hydra subdivision, and you were rewarded by Tong making you share a room in a dusty, cramped motel with another Avenger you couldn’t stand. Just your luck, there was only one bed and, after almost killing each other to see who would take the floor, you both gave in.
And now you were lying next to the guy, sharing his body heat, whilst your own body was thrumming with arousal, at the height of ovulation. And Peter, deep asleep as he was, smelt fucking heavenly, like your very own personal temptation.
There was no chance of you sleeping. None. Not with your thighs rubbing together as you lay on your side. Not with the way Peter was shifting behind you. You closed your eyes and prayed. Whatever you had done, you would undo it. You didn’t care. You would do whatever it took. Just take away the need, and you would serve soup at a homeless shelter for a month if it meant being able to get some rest.
You squeezed your eyes shut, taking deep breaths. A minute passed. Then another. Another. You listened to your heartbeat and Peter’s even breathing.
Cursing silently, you shuffled away from him. “Peter,” you whispered.
No response.
Spider boy was dead to the world.
You carefully slipped one hand down to unbutton your jeans, and made as little movement as possible to work your fingers beneath the waistband of your panties. Pausing, waiting. No response from your companion, so you pushed a little further, stretching your underwear. The noise of the slick between your thighs was audible and you winced, waiting for something, anything. Peter was still asleep, so you swiped your fingers up your slit. Shaking at the abrupt touch, you forced down a gasp, and drew your hand up just a little to stroke in minute circles against your clit.
Trying to keep yourself still was difficult. You needed more friction, more speed, but your arm shook and so did your hip, tugging at the blanket thrown over the both of you. Your other hand slipped over your mouth, pressing down hard to muffle the soft whining that tried to escape you. And when Peter shifted behind you with a soft noise, you ripped your hand out of your pants, swallowing.
You paused, listening, waiting, wondering if he was going to stir and catch you in the act. The sound of his breathing as it evened out seemed so loud in the otherwise silent room. It must have been several minutes before you dared to slip your fingers back to where they were. You bit down on your lip, rubbing gently again, keeping your arm so tight to your body that your muscles started to ache. But it was worth it – the pleasure was slowly growing between your thighs, and the fabric of your panties muffled what must have been an impressive wet noise.
Peter arched, groaning, and rolled onto his back. Freezing, you yanked your hand out again, placing it on your stomach. Other than a long, deep exhale, he didn’t move, but now his arm was braced against your back, the warmth of his skin bleeding through your thin t-shirt. You pressed your lips together, and then you shuffled a little further away. The blanket slid up, just about covering part of you, and cool air wafted against you. Gritting your teeth against the sudden cold, you took a deep breath, then slid your hand back down once more. Just one orgasm. Just one. Then you could sleep.
You wriggled your panties down into your pants, fingers going straight to your clit. You needed to make this quick and quiet. So you moved in fast little circles, your hand over your mouth again as you tried to stop your hips riding your hand they way they seemed to be trying to. The wet noise was almost audible now, and your cheeks burnt with embarrassment. If Peter woke up right now—
Oh god, he was a fucking coworker you didn’t like, and here you were touching yourself whilst he slept beside you. And yet you didn’t stop, pressing your head into one of the pillows beneath you that Peter had brought along for the mission. Bad idea. He had apparently used it before, and it smelt of him, masculine and arousing. The scent seemed to drop straight to where your fingers were stroking, and you whimpered.
Peter stirred.
You froze. Fuck, fuck—
You almost growled. It was like he was unwittingly edging you like this, interrupting you before you could reach that edge. God. What you wouldn’t give for him to just fucking slide into you, right now. His fingers, his dick, whatever he was willing to spare for you. You needed it.
Wetting your fingers with your slick again, you returned to touching yourself, panting softly into your hand. You couldn’t keep doing this. You were going to go insane. The need throbbed beneath your fingers, like an ache that wouldn’t go away, and you moved your hand to bury your face in the pillow, sneaking your fingers up to play with your nipple. Anything for more stimulation, for more touch, for more.
Your thighs trembled, and you fought to keep them from moving too much, to give yourself just enough space to touch without broadcasting to your sleeping companion that you were trying to cum with him lying next to you like this. Your breathing came sharply into the pillow as the heat coiled beneath your fingers and began to grow.
Peter rolled onto his side once more, chest towards your back, and you bit down a whimpered curse as you stilled. A shiver rushed through you, and you wanted to scream.
A low chuckle filled the air, curving down your spine like a warm touch. Your eyes shot wide open.
“You’re the least subtle person I know, Y/N,” Peter murmured, his voice still thick with sleep.
That heat between your thighs throbbed again. “You were awake,” you panted.
“Yeah sweetheart, I was awake the moment you said my name,” he told you. “But you didn’t say it again, so I thought I’d wait and see what you wanted. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest to find out.”
You stilled. “I—I’m sorry,” you stammered. “I shouldn’t have—I didn’t mean to—“
“I’m not mad, Y/N,” he said softly. “Hell, I was waiting for you to ask me for a hand.”
Your mouth went dry and you immediately found yourself wondering what Peter’s big fingers would feel like between your thighs, working your through that urge. “You,” you swallowed, “you’re…ok with…me…”
“Y/N,” his voice was breathy, “Just tell me what you need and I’ll give it to you.”
You felt hot. “I just…I need…something.”
“How about we get your clothes off and I start you off with my fingers?” Peter suggested gently. “Then maybe after that you might be able to think clearer.”
Warm fingers wrapped around your wrist, and you watched as Peter eased your fingers out of your pants. Warm golden light filled the space when he switched on his lamp, and he let go of your wrist to hook his fingers into one of the belt loops on your jeans, tugging you back under the blanket so that your back was pressed against the firm slope of his chest. Your ass met his hips, and oh, ok, ok.
Peter tugged at your pants, working them down to your knees. Your thighs were wet, and you bit your lip as he pulled them up to slide your jeans over your feet. There was a soft sound as they were tossed with their bags, and then Peter’s hands were at the hem of your shirt, stripping that off. You were quickly left in just your bra.
“I’m going to pull the blanket down, ok?” Peter asked.
You nodded. “Sure.”
Peter folded the blanket over, baring your torso, and you arched to let him unhook your bra and slide it off you. Your nipples were immediately obvious, but you didn’t have time to cover yourself before one hand was cupping a breast, the other tossing your bra to join the growing pile of clothes. The big, warm hands groped at you gently, thumbs pebbling the stiff nipples, and your hips bucked. Your ass rocked against his erection.
Peter rolled you onto your back, and knelt up over you. His head immediately dipped to your breast, and his now free hand slipped between your thighs. You almost choked on your moan. His fingers were big, and rough, and they rubbed gently against your clit with just enough friction to have you almost sobbing at the touch.
“Holy shit,” he murmured, and ran his tongue over your nipple.
You squeaked, grabbing hold of the blanket, and Peter reached down to guide your hand to his shoulders gently as he stroked a little faster.
“You’re so fucking wet, sweetheart,” he added. “Must hurt where my fingers are, huh?”
“God,” you gasped, “yeah, it hurts…”
Peter gently probed at your slit with a finger. “I can fix that.”
“Please,” was the only thing you said.
If this were any other time, you would be more coherent, more sexy, more verbal, but Peter slipped a finger into you and you threw your head back and moaned. His thumb came to rest on your clit and began to rub, hard and fast. Tremors rocked your body at the sudden onslaught of pleasure, and Peter leaned over you, his mouth on your nipple, one hand resting on your head as his finger fucked you. The wet noise of that combined with the wet noise of his tongue, and you gripped his t-shirt tight, your hips bucking desperately into his hand.
Peter brushed another finger along your slit, and slowed his hand down, gently working it into you. You whined, another tremor rocking you, and you tried to relax. Peter’s thumb kept rubbing at your nub. Your nails dug into him. Peter grunted softly, and when he had gently spread you open for him, he sped his hand up once more, angling his fingers to—
You came with a cry, clamping down on his fingers and wriggling your hips desperately as the sudden orgasm washed over you. Holy shit. Holy shit. You weren’t the most experienced woman in the Avengers, sure, but coming that quick, that hard—? You could hear yourself whining as Peter worked you through it, all the while his lips sucked at your nipple and his thumb rubbed at your clit until your muscles felt like water.
Your hips quivered as he kept stroking, the sudden electric overstimulation pulling a groan from you. Peter nodded wordlessly and slipped his fingers out of you. Laying back, you watched as he raised his hand to his mouth and began to lick his fingers clean. Oh fuck. Oh, fuck. He kept those big brown eyes on yours as he did so.
“Is,” you swallowed, your lips trembling, “this your wicked plan to have your way with me?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Peter teased, leaning over you. “I’m just doing you a favour while you’re suffering.”
You rolled your eyes. “Sure, sure, you’re totally,” your words caught in your throat as his hips slotted between your thighs, “free of ulterior motives.”
Two strong arms came down either side of your head as Peter leaned closer, the warmth of his defined abs separated from your own by the old white t shirt he wore. Fuck, he was broad. You had always wondered what the hell that spider bite did to him to make him that big. And yet he didn’t scare you. Sure, you’d seen superheroes and mutants and super soldiers before, but a boy like Peter who’s your age, a boy as powerful and relentless as him, there should’ve been something stressing you about him. Especially since neither of you like the other and are always fighting even during missions, driving Tony and Steve crazy. Though you had to admit, you probably would have been just as turned on by him if he was scary.
So you had a thing for putting yourself in danger…
“Well, that depends,” he murmured. “Are you feeling better?”
“…what happens if I say no?” You asked.
Peter grinned. “I have a couple ways of dealing with that.”
You blinked. “…yeah? Does one of them involve needing protection?”
“Probably.” Peter looked at his bag, then at you. “But if it helps, I’m clean, and since my spider-bite, I don’t even know if I have a chance of knocking anyone up.”
Still, you watched him reach over into his bag, and he pulled a little foil packet out of one of the pockets, handing it to you. His hips pressed against yours as he did so, and if he was trying to hint at something or if it was a genuine mistake, well – you neither knew nor cared, because you could feel his cock pulsing through his jeans. You couldn’t believe Peter Parker had a big dick.
“Your call,” he said gently.
You blinked. “…what’s the thing that doesn’t involve needing protection? Just…so I know.” Jesus, there was no way that thing was gonna fit in you.
“I mean you might have noticed I’m a pretty talkative guy and I like to run my mouth,” Peter said.
Your brow arched. “Are you being delicate with me? Right now?”
Peter gazed at you. “Not a fan of delicate? How about I just offer to eat you out then.”
You swallowed, nodding as your breathing wavered a little. “That…that works,” you agreed.
“Glad to hear it.”
Peter’s head immediately ducked, and you watched, squirming a little, as his lips pressed to your ribcage. The slide of his skin tickled yours as he slowly kissed your stomach, then your hipbones, and then two fingers were spreading your thighs wider, and his tongue licked a long, broad stripe up from the base of your slit to your nub.
“Ohmyfuckinggod,” You gasped out as his nose was pressed directly against your clit. His lips surrounded it, sucking.
“Hard and fast or do you want a bit more to build you up?” Peter asked, his voice muffled.
“Whatever means you don’t fucking stoP!” You yelped. “Oh fuck, don’t—don’t be a dick about this!”
“Yes ma’am,” Peter chuckled.
One hand slung over your belly, holding you against his mouth, as the other cupped your breast, gently squeezing, playing with the nipple. Your hands clung to Peter’s head, your nails digging into the scalp. Peter purred pleasantly, the vibrations hitting your clit and jolting your hips into his mouth.
You abandoned holding his hair, rocking desperately against his mouth as the man between your thighs—oh god what was he doing with his tongue, fuck yes—ate you out like you were his last meal. You slung your thighs over his shoulders, your heels digging into his muscular back as you thumped your fists against the lumpy mattress beneath you, sucking in heavy breaths.
Your back arched as he abandoned pinning you down to grab both breasts, his thumbs teasing and tugging at your nipples. You watched him play whenever your eyes could meet his, looking at the mouth and the pink flash of tongue and always those big brown irises, looking at you like he could give you head blindfolded.
Oh my god maybe he could.
Nails dragged over your ribs, down your belly, before fingertips ran over the scratches and back up to play with your breasts again.
“Peter,” you felt your stomach swoop, “Peter, fuck, oh my god, fuckfuckfuckfuck—”
Both your hands clapped over your mouth as he pinched gently at the stiff peaks of your breasts, and you came with a muffled scream, your hips riding his mouth frantically. He just pulled you closer, let his lips rub against the sensitive nub of your clit, of your folds, and shook his head to work that friction until you were sobbing beneath his tongue.
You twitched beneath him, your skin oversensitive to even the gentlest brush, and Peter let your whimper under him like that for a good few seconds as his tongue lapped gently to bring you down from your orgasm. Slumping limp against the bedding, you panted sharply, whining when the bastard kissed at your thigh, scratching you. A thumb teased your nipple. You slapped his hand away, and all he did was chuckle.
“God you’re cute when you’re coming,” Peter murmured, and damn him if that didn’t make you throb. You’d barely recovered from your last orgasm, you didn’t need to want another one.
“Shut up,” you panted.
He was watching you the whole time as he wiped your slick off his chin, somehow managing to look innocent like he hadn’t just had you screaming into your own hand, and slid down onto the mattress to lie next to you. He didn’t speak, just waited.
That throbbing didn’t go away.
You looked at the little foil packet. Then you looked over at Peter, and one hand reached for the button on his jeans. He didn’t help or hinder you, just let you unzip him, tug down the hem of his jeans and push your fingers past his black boxers.
Yeah, he was about as big as you thought he was.
You felt yourself throb again. Well, if all else failed…
“Is that gonna fit?” you heard yourself ask.
Peter threw back his head and laughed. “Fuck, that’s a question I like hearing,” he admitted. “It should do, never had a problem with it before.”
You swallowed, and Peter arched up to let you pull his jeans down until his boxers were visible. Reaching in, you freed his cock from his boxers, and ran your fingers over it. Peter moaned softly.
“You often get asked if it’ll fit?” You asked.
Peter reached over, his fingers slipping beneath your chin. “Y/N. You don’t have to.”
Your brow furrowed. “I never back down from a challenge. You know this.”
“I don’t want you hurting yourself because you’ve got something to prove,” Peter said softly.
You shot him a grin. “Worried you won’t last, Spider-Man?”
You barely saw his hand grab your waist before you were being tugged into his lap and Peter was sitting up, shucking his shirt off. “My dick is a one and done offer, but remember what I just did to you with my mouth and hands,” he purred. “You’re practically in heat so I need to make sure you’re completely satisfied. And I’ll take as long as I need.”
You exhaled heavily. “You always this talkative?” you croaked.
Peter kicked off his jeans and moved you to straddle his waist as he tugged his boxers down. You felt his cock just about pressing against your clit, still erect enough to be able to do so.
“So,” Peter’s voice cut through your thoughts, “you want the condom?”
You shook your head. “Nah.”
He nodded. “Ok. So, what’s your favourite position?”
“Uh,” you paused, “I—I don’t know, I haven’t exactly done all that much.”
Peter nodded. “Stay in my lap then, it’ll make it easier for you to control things like that.”
How could he say this in such a blasé way? It was like he was discussing the weather. You just nodded, watching as he sat back, and then you clambered onto him. Your eyes found his cock, and then your hands, wrapping around him and rubbing gently. The man beneath you moaned, brown eyes disappearing briefly as they shut.
“Move at your own pace,” he said softly, and lay down, his hands running up your belly to cup your breasts.
Your lashes fluttered as your wrist jerked, moving slowly up and down his cock. Shuffling forward a little, you braced the tip of him against your folds, wetting him. His tongue flicked out to lick his lip, and his thumbs gently circled your nipples as you lowered yourself. The slightly burn of the stretch was more from your lack of action than lack of preparation, and you kept it slow, letting yourself adjust as the first inch filled you. A soft moan filled the room, and you shut your eyes.
“You ok?”
He was watching you when you opened your eyes, hips dropping a little further. “Yeah,” you breathed, grasping his forearms as the next inch slipped in. Another moan, louder this time, escaped you. His eyes were fixed on you, gauging your every reaction, checking for pain, for nervousness. You let a little more of him fill you. “You gone all shy, Parker?” you added.
His brow rose. “You’ve got half of my dick in you and you think I’m shy all of a sudden?”
You spluttered, pausing. “You’re not talking,” you pointed out.
Peter grinned at that. “You want me to talk?”
Fuck. You’d been caught. “It’s just weird you’re not running your mouth, that’s all.”
Peter’s eyes were fixed on where you were slowly slipping more of him into you. “That’s what you’re telling yourself, huh? Whilst you’re naked and sinking down into my lap? After I just made you cum twice?”
You stuck your tongue out at him, and Peter reached up to drag your head forward so that his mouth pressed against yours. Heat surged through your body, and you returned the kiss eagerly as your ass met his lap, legs draped either side of him. Both hands came back to your breasts, palms rubbing against your nipples, and you braced your hands on his chest as your back arched. Your hips rolled a little, working gently back and forth on him. A low groan buzzed against your lips.
“All yours, Y/N,” Peter murmured softly, and nipped at your lower lip.
“You’re not gonna help?” you teased.
His eyes glinted. “Later. When you ask me to.”
As you used his chest to lean up and start to rock, you had to wonder what he meant by that. But it didn’t take you long to stop caring about that once you began moving your hips.
Your eyes closed, and you began to roll, back and forth, the pressure of him filling you sating some of that irritating need that had been plaguing you all damn day. And for all the thickness of him, you were wet, and there was no trouble letting him work in and out of you. The rough pads of his thumbs on your nipples sent little flecks of heat to your core as you rode him, and he seemed content to let you do what you liked without much other than a few soft groans.
“S-so.” You opened your eyes and your mouth went dry at the sight of the pale grey eyes gazing up at you in curiosity. “W-what? What’s the look for?”
“You’re cute,” Peter told you casually, and his thumb slid down between your thighs.
You bowed as he began to rub at your clit, and now his hips started to oh so slowly thrust up into you. A sharp gasp escaped your lips as he kept it languid and casual, like it was no big deal that there was a woman on top of him with his dick in her.
Fuck. Maybe this was no big deal.
“Penny for your thoughts, Y/N,” Peter drawled. “You ok?”
You nodded. “Been a while.”
His thumb pressed a little harder and you whined. Licking your lips, you arched and started to move a little faster in his lap, breath catching.
“You’re quiet,” you muttered.
“Y/N,” Peter grinned, sounding genuinely amused, “are you saying you like the sound of my voice?”
Your cheeks burnt. “I’ve heard worse,” you muttered.
Peter snorted, and bucked his hips a little harder, his large hand palming your breast. “So you want me to talk to you while you ride me, is that it?”
“Mmm, maybe,” you whispered.
He smirked. “Sure. I can do that.”
Bracing yourself on his chest again, you sat up and began to bounce on him, a soft gasp escaping you. Peter’s breath came gentle but sharper, and the smirk wavered just a little.
“How long have you wanted to fuck me, Y/N?” he asked.
You rolled your eyes even as a soft wave of heat rolled over you. “Not answering that!”
“That,” he exhaled, “is code for ‘since I met you’ isn’t it?”
Groaning, you nevertheless sped up as the touch of his thumb started to work you slowly up, pleasure building gently. “Shhh and let me, mm, do this,” you complained.
Peter just laughed, the sound breathless and punctuated by sharp pants. “Hey, you asked me to talk,” he reminded you.
“Regretting it,” you panted.
There was a wet noise coming from between your thighs, and Peter’s hips rocked a little as your nails dug into his skin, the wiry hairs that covered his chest brushing against your fingers. Your eyes met his for a moment, and when he ran his tongue over his teeth, all you could think of was how he had reduced you to a mess with just his tongue. Shivering, your eyes closed, a bolt of heat pulsing around where he filled your.
“So should I shut up?” he breathed.
You groaned as you sped up, chasing that coiling heat. “F-fuck, just d-don’t stop!”
His thumb slowed down just a little, enough to be noticeable, and you keened, your body moving frantically against his to make up for the loss of sensation.
“Fuck you,” you groaned. It wouldn’t be long. Your body was tensing, expectant of the relief.
“That what you’re into?” Peter’s thumb pressed harder all of a sudden, moving faster. “You like thinking, fuck, thinking ahh- about me taking- taking it away, Y/N? Leaving you hanging?”
A frustrated noise ripped out of your throat. “Don’t you dare!”
There was a soft chuckle below you as you closed your eyes. “C’mon, Y/N.” His thumb—
You let out a sharp cry as you came around him, nails raking down his chest and pulling a sharp gasp from his lips before his moans curled along your skin with each clench of your walls around his cock. Your lips parted, heat flushing your body, and you shook in his lap. His name escaped you, filling the room, and finally you sagged against him, breathless and hot.
“Better?” Peter asked cheerfully.
“Yeah,” you gasped, slumping down onto his chest. “Yeah, I’m, I’m good.”
“Glad to be of service.” His hands gently grasped your shoulders, gently stroking, and you felt him twitching inside you.
“You—right, you didn’t,” you managed.
“Nope,” he agreed. “I can take care of it, though.”
You sat up, shaking your head. “No, it’s fine. You can—I’m good. Just give me a second and you can—yeah, go ahead.”
You were on your back before you even realised it, the man kneeling above you, arms caging you in. You gasped as he gripped your wrists, pinning them above your head.
“This ok?” he asked casually.
“Yeah.” You wriggled your hips. “Should’ve known you mutant types were into this.”
Peter just chuckled. “You think a radioctive spider made me kinkier?”
Your thighs slid around his hips. “I’m just saying. You all get worked up so easily and that radioactivity combined with your skintight suit can’t be helping your temper.”
“My deepest,” his hips slid forward to meet yours with a gentle slap, “apologies, Ms. Y/N. Here was me thinking you enjoyed the skintight flight suit and mask.”
You moaned gently. “…all right, maybe it’s not the worst.”
“I knew you secretly liked it.”
And then he was fucking you, driving down into you fast and hard. Your head fell back as you arched up into the movements, heels digging into his back. The sound of them was noisier now after you’d gotten what you needed from him, and you felt less desperate now. You damn well hoped so, after three orgasms.
Possibly four, if he was determined.
His breathing was heavy, and when you looked up, gazing into the brown eyes, you found them lidded and hazy. It was a good look on him. You’d seen the full spectrum of his emotions, and here and now, with him leaned over you, it was the first time there hadn’t been a hint of sadness in there. You bit your lip, wanting to kiss him all of a sudden.
“Feel better?” Peter panted, his large hand spanning your hip, thumb rolling over your clit again.
“Oh fuck,” you whined, eyes fluttering shut, toes curling. “A-again?!”
“Can’t, god, can’t have you waking up in the—the night just to—mmm—get yourself off,” Peter teased with a wavering smirk that was undermined by his breathlessness.
“Much—much appreciated!” You managed to shoot back, but the way he was drilling you like this was rubbing up against your sweet spot, and you were starting to feel that heat coil between your thighs again even though you weren’t certain you’d get there before he did. Still, you cracked your eyes open to look at him, green meeting silver.
“Glad to be of service.”
His eyes shut tightly, and he trembled, his nails digging into your hip as his lips curled back over his teeth. A growl rumbled in his chest and his muscles tensed. It was—god, it was something to watch. You had never had sex with a guy who was as ripped as him before. In the dim light, the cuts and ripples of his muscular chest shone even before. Not to mention the freckles on his nose and that tongue.
“This—fuck—it’s ridiculous,” you complained, the frustration in your words as tattered by the moans that escaped you as his smirk had been. “H-how are you, fuck, this attractive?”
The brown eyes opened, meeting yours. “Keep talking.”
“Nnfuck.” You strained against his hands as took him in. “A-aren’t you d-done yet?”
“No.” It was firm. His thumb moved faster. “Talk.”
“Too good for the d­-damn Avengers,” you gasped out, as your toes curled. “Way too good!”
“Yeah?” His voice was ragged all of a sudden.
“Seriously,” you moaned, “you’re all like this- and- god- th-they’ve got sticks- up their-!”
Peter’s thrusting was growing uneven, and you weren’t going to last much longer either. His fingers flexed around your wrists, reminding you of all that power coiled under his touch, capable of pinning you down, of hurting you, but you knew he never would.
His teeth flashed in a grin. “C’mon. Cum.”
You obeyed, tipping over that edge and clamping down on him for the second time this evening as he fucked you through your fourth orgasm. Thumbing at your clit, he was shaking, but he didn’t stop, not until you were groaning from the sudden sensation of too much. Then his hips were sliding away from yours, and the hand on your wrists gripped his cock and stroked rapidly. Twitching, he spilled onto your stomach.
“Fuck,” he breathed, slumping onto his knees.
You were still panting from your own orgasm, the strings of his cum hot and wet on your belly as you lay back. Arms still above your head, your eyes closed, and you let your legs relax, swinging wide open against the floor below you. After a moment, Peter fell to his side next to you, raking his nails through his chestnut curls. Slowly, the sweat began to cool on your skin, and you shivered.
“Let me.”
Peter moved around to your right, and a few moments later, you felt a cloth wiping the mess from your skin. You rubbed your eyes, exhaling heavily.
“That was good,” you murmured.
“Good?” he repeated. “Fuck, I’m losing my edge.”
The cloth left your belly. you rolled over, looking at him. “Fine, fine. I’ll stroke your ego. That was perfect. I needed that.” Your brow arched. “Better?”
Peter grinned. “Absolutely. I enjoyed myself too, in case you were wondering.”
You rolled your eyes, smiling. “Your ego.”
“Almost as big as my dick.” Peter reached for his clothes. “You wanna dress, or sleep naked?”
“Naked,” You replied, pushing yours above your head. “We can just snuggle up.”
“Sounds good to me.”
Peter pulled the blankets back, and shuffled closer to you, rolling you into his arms and tucking you beneath the covers. You curled into the warmth, relaxing.
“Next time you feel the urge, you’re welcome to ask for it whenever,” Peter murmured in your ear.
Your cheeks flushed.
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aleynaandrews · 1 year
“I just need to catch my breath.”
The rest of us:
Tumblr media
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notpikaman · 17 hours
Tumblr media
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modernstoner · 3 months
on his desk | p.parker
teacher!peter fucks you on his classroom desk.
pairing: peter parker x fem!reader
warning: smut. not proofread!
w/c: 0.7k
a/n: ye, what the synopsis says.
Tumblr media
peter was having a stressful day.
not only, did most of his students fail his test, but he has an overload of tests he needs to grade. he sighed, pushing the front of his hair with his fingers, he leaned against his uncomfortable chair.
he looked at the papers he needed to grade and mentally screamed inside. he felt a buzzing sensation coming from his pocket, knowing it was a message from you.
you always text him during his lunchtime.
peter got his phone out of his pants; "hey, i'm coming over." it said, shrugging, he thought nothing of it.
after few minutes, he heard a polite knock coming from his classroom door. "come in." he says, grading another failed test which earned an annoyed groan from him.
"whoa, there." you enter, holding a disposable container stuffed with sushi.
peter turned to you and gave you a weak smile. you walked over, kissing his cheek. "you okay?" you ask, placing the food on his desk.
he said nothing, grabbing your wrist, pulling you down, towards his lap. his lips immediately started to attack yours. you smiled against his desperate lips as your lips moves in sync with his.
a low groan came out of your mouth when peter started to kiss down your neck. "someone's eager today." you tease, pulling his brown curls as you threw your head back in utter bliss.
peter sucked harshly on your collarbone, making sure to leave a small dark bruise later. "gosh, (y/n), you looked so fucking hot this morning." he smiles at you.
"could say the same thing about you." you reply, leaning down to kiss his soft but chapped lips.
"hmm— i missed you— so— so— much." he says between kisses making you giggle. you slowly started to grind on his very obvious boner.
he lets out a low groan, pulling away from the kiss. you grind a bit faster, "no teasing." he warns before getting up, which made you warp your legs around his waist.
he gently puts you on his desk, shoving the paperwork away, some falling to the ground, but he didn't care.
peter wasted to time, swept your sundress up while you desperately unbuckle his belt. he pushed your panties aside, pulling down his boxers to reveal his hardened cock.
the red tip was already leaking precum.
he lines his cock with your aroused cunt before slamming into you, earning a loud moan from your mouth. your hands fly to his brown curls, pulling them a little.
peter lets out a low groan, and starts his fast and harsh thrust. he had no mercy, hiding his face in the crook of your neck as you shut your mouth in order to stay quiet.
peter kept moaning and whimpering in your ear, his each thrust hitting your sweet spot making you squirm beneath him, knowing that you can't make a loud noise.
even though, his thrusts were getting sloppy, peter didn't stop. pumping in and out of you like a crazy maniac, the desk moving with him.
the sound of skin slapping filled the room. you felt a familiar knot forming in your stomach, realizing that you are close, you clench around peter which made his hip stutter.
"oh— fuck, (y/n), just like that." he grunts in your ears. you do as he pleases, clenching around him. peter throws his head back, closing his eyes before looking at you.
your face scrunched up in pleasure, mouth agape as you felt peter hand cup your cheeks. he leaned in you, capturing you into a kiss while his thrusts never stopping.
"p-peter, i'm so close." you whispered against his lips, a small string of saliva connected between you and peter's lips.
"cum, fuck, please cum with me." he practically begged and you nod, releasing it all along side with him. his warm liquid shooting inside you as peter slows his pace.
both of you out of breath, covered in sweat. taking a moment to breathe. "best sex ever!" he says in joy, extending his hand for you to high-five him.
you laugh, slapping his palm with yours, obviously out of breath. "we should do it in your class more often."
Tumblr media
© modernstoner
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alltoowelltom · 7 months
Who'd You Rather
Tumblr media
tom holland x reader
summary: if there's one thing Ellen is known for, it's exposing secret relationships
a/n: this was written so quickly and not proof-read. also, i picked Ellen because if anyone would do this, it would be her lol
✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:
July 2019
"So Y/N, are you currently dating anyone?" asks Ellen, taking a sip from her mug.
You shake your head.
"Not currently, no."
Ellen nods.
"Well, please don't worry anymore. We're going to help you find someone in a little game we like to call Who'd You Rather?"
"Oh God," you laugh, twisting slightly in your seat to glare at your manager for agreeing to this who laughed and poked her tongue out at you.
"So all you need to do is look at the photos I show you and pick between these two options, alright?"
"Okay, if you insist." you roll your eyes, facing the large screen.
"I do. So to start off, Timothee Chalamet or Dylan O'Brien?"
"Oh, wow," you laugh. "Starting off strong. Well, I was an absolute hoe for Maze Runner when it came out so I have to pick Dylan. Plus, I know Timothee better so it would be kinda awkward if I chose him."
The picture of Timothee fades away and is replaced by a new photo.
"Dylan O'Brien or Harry Styles?"
"Harry fucking Styles." you say without hesitation and the audience cheers. Ellen nods.
"Harry Styles or Florence Pugh?"
You bury your head in your hands.
"How could you ask me that, Ellen? That's like asking someone to pick between cookie dough and mint chip ice cream! Impossible."
Ellen mimes tapping at her watch and tuts at you.
"Time's ticking, Y/N. Make your choice."
You sigh.
"It's absolutely Florence then. Sorry, Harry."
"Florence pugh or Chris Evans?" Ellen asks.
Ellen's eyes gleam as she quickly reads the next pair of names, rubbing her hands together in a comically evil fashion.
"Florence Pugh or Tom Holland?"
You slide down on your chair, laughing and covering your face with your hands.
"Ellen!" you shriek. "I've just come off my second movie co-starring with Tom and he's literally my best friend. You can't ask me this!"
Ellen grins.
"Florence Pugh or Tom Holland?" she repeats.
You pout at the camera.
"Flo, I am so sorry. Please still be my friend. I pick Tom."
The crowd roars in approval and you wave a hand at them, laughing.
"Shhhh, guys."
"Tom Holland or Jake Gyllenhaal?" asks Ellen.
"Tom Holland."
"Tom Holland or Hailee Steinfeld?"
"Tom Holland."
"Tom Holland or Niall Horan?"
You hesitate, biting your lip as Tom's frozen grin stares down at you from the photo.
"I…fuck. Tom?" you say, almost as a question.
"So it's Tom?" Ellen grins. "Speak now or forever hold your peace."
You nod, sitting up straight and crossing your legs.
"It's Tom."
Ellen stares straight into the camera as an assistant signals an upcoming ad break. She rests one hand on your shoulder as she addresses the audience.
"Tom Holland, you'd better act quickly. Y/N is currently sitting by her phone, waiting for your call. Don't mess this up."
✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧���゚:
April 2021
You relax into the plush cushion of the chair on Ellen's set once again. You are paying attention, sort of. You nod and laugh in all the right places, offering stories and jokes when needed but your mind is miles away. Ellen can pick up on this and she shifts in her seat.
"Y/N." she says, holding eye contact. "Can I have your phone please?"
Your eyes widen as you reach into the pocket of your oversized blazer, following her request and placing the unlocked device in Ellen's waiting hand.
"I wonder," she says out loud, "who we can get to answer your call?"
"Oh God," you laugh, covering your face. "If no one picks up I'll be so embarrassed."
"The Watermelon Man?" Ellen questions, reading off of the screen. "Shall we call the Watermelon Man, whoever that is?"
You cover your face, laughing.
"Jesus. If Harry Styles doesn't pick up I think I'll throw myself off a cliff."
The phone rings three times before a voice rings out from a noisy background.
"Y/N! How are you?" laughs Harry. "This is a surprise, I have to admit."
"Harry!" you call out, before he can say anything else. "Ellen's hijacked my phone and started ringing people, I'm so sorry."
"Oh, she has?" Harry asks mischievously. "I'll make sure not to mention anything about our upcoming collaboration then…" he trails off and you can practically hear him winking through the phone as he hangs up.
"That absolute fucker," you laugh, rolling your eyes at his spoiler as Ellen is already scrolling through your contacts list again.
"Oh!" she exclaims, eyes bright. "Y/N, I thought you told us you weren't dating anyone? May I ask who 'My Darling 💖' is?"
You freeze on the spot, mouth drying out as you blink at Ellen, desperately trying to jump start your brain into snatching the phone back. You glance over at your manager who is sat stock still, just as shocked as you are.
The phone rings five times and you breathe a sigh of relief. It's 3AM in London right now, he's not going to pick up.
Just as you've collected your heart off of the floor and smoothed your hair down, ready to make a self deprecating joke about this mystery person not picking up, there's a pause and the a collective gasp from the audience as the phone connects.
"Hello my love, is everything alright?" asks Tom in his groggy, raspy morning voice.
Ellen's jaw hits the floor so quickly you're shocked it doesn't fall off entirely.
tysm for reading! reblogs and comments are always appreciated <3
✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:
part 2
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fooshigoomies · 1 month
y/n: i woke up and took a shower. i never wear make up, i just pull my hair in a messy bun and i put on some comfy clothes. i don't wear any revealing clothing like ever. i wear combat boots and i'm one of the boys, basically the most pick me bitch you'll ever see
me reading the fic with full make up on, hair done, nails done, lashes done and brows on point in the sluttiest clothing known to man:
Tumblr media
fyi: this is coming from a person who's been an author for 5+ years ...
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noobsquasher · 3 months
Love your writing omg, can you pls pls write one where y/n has never had an orgasm before and is really innocent so her best friend Peter (who’s kinda dominant) helps her by going down and fingering her??
Is This What Heaven Feels Like?
Tumblr media
Word count: 3.1k
Warnings: unprotected sex, praising, degrading, fingering, oral sex (reading receiving), swearing, etc
Summary: Your best friend, Peter is shocked to hear that you've never had an orgasm before. So in return, he offers to give you your first.
Notes: Peter Parker x Female Reader
All characters in this story are 18+
I know. 6 months since I've uploaded something, but here's another toe-curling smut for you <3 also thanks for all love I've been receiving even though I've been gone. Enjoy.
“Which one is this for?” You asked, holding the foreign Lego piece, not knowing where to place it. 
“Oh! That’s the last piece I was looking for. Put that on the top, right here.” He pointed to the arch of the plastic building, indicating where to put it. 
You leaned over, carefully moving forward to gently connect the Lego pieces. 
“There! Voila!” You cheered, impressed that you finished about a quarter of your Hogwarts Lego project with Peter. 
“Great, Y/N! Now we have about… 1,500 more pieces to go!” 
You took a deep breath, already tired of how long you guys have been building this. You took a look outside, the sky was painted with deep rose and tangerine, slight hints of indigo parading the ends of the horizon. 
“Pete, let’s take a break. I’m hungry.” You stood up, making your way towards his kitchen. 
“Uh, sure. What do you wanna eat? I have…” he followed you before opening his fridge, checking to see what he had in store, “Well, I um… I don’t really have much. May hasn’t gone shopping yet.” 
“What about pizza?” You proposed. 
“I have pizza dough. You wanna make it ourselves?” 
“Make pizza with you? The last time you were in charge of cooking, the fire department showed up not even an hour later.” 
“Hey! That was one time like forever ago!” 
“That happened last week, Peter.” 
He narrowed his eyes at you, huffing. You giggled. 
“Look, it’ll be fun! Us two, cooking, creating something homemade. Come on.” Those big brown eyes of his practically begged you with just the bat of an eyelash. 
You gazed at him, a smile creeping up your face. 
“Fine. But I’m in charge of oven duty, not you.”
Afterward, you two started your cooking adventure. Having Peter even be in the kitchen was already a fire hazard, so you took on most of the work, letting him do the easy parts. 
You watched intently as he rolled out the pizza dough, a pretty smile on his face as he enjoyed the activity. 
You couldn’t help but get lost in the minuscule act, something so small doing so much to your heart. You felt pure infatuation run through your veins, your eyes practically twinkling as you watched the person you loved most. 
You knew crushing on your best friend would have you end up in a ditch, a hole deep and wide enough to keep you from crawling out, a dark abyss that held all your pent-up feelings. Emotions that pricked you each time you saw Peter’s heart-wrenching smile. 
You didn’t know if he liked you back, you wondered if it was even a possibility, hoped there was a small part of him that felt the same way you did. 
You’ve known him forever, he’s been your sidekick since you could remember. Even when you found out that he was Spiderman, you still stuck with him through thick and thin, never leaving his side. 
You never thought your relationship would turn up the way it has, but now you are stuck. Adhered to this impending adoration you hold for Peter fucking Parker. 
Lost in your thoughts, you didn’t even realize when Peter tried to catch your attention.
“Earth to Y/N? You alright?” He looked concerned, slight fear on his face. 
“Why do you have that look on your face?” 
“Huh? What look?” 
He gazed at you, studying your features, eyes marked to your chest, 
“Nothing. Um, I’m done with the dough. I already put the sauce on it.” 
You took a deep breath, reaching over the kitchen island to grab the sliced cheese. 
“Here, put the mozzarella on it.” 
When the pizza was prepared, you took the pan and placed it inside the oven, setting it. 
“Okay, we just gotta wait a little while, and then it’s done.” You announced. 
“Alright. So… what do you wanna do?” Peter leaned against the counter, looking down at you. His stance sent strange chills down your spine, you gulped, trying to get your conscience together. 
“I- I dunno. What do you wanna do?” 
“Wanna watch a movie?” 
“If you say Star-“ 
“Star Wars. There are new episodes of the man-“ 
“No, Peter. I’m not watching that shit again.” 
“Why not?! You made me sit through five Twilight movies!” 
“Don’t act like you're not on team Edward!” 
“I’m team, Alice!” 
You gazed at him, a grin staining your lips before you rolled your eyes, letting out a laugh. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself, the two of you cackling together. 
“Okay, alright, we don’t need to watch Star Wars again. For your sake.” He put his hand on your arm, squeezing it. 
You gazed up at him, your cheeks suddenly heating up. 
“Uh… let’s just talk, until the pizza is done.” 
He nodded his head, walking back to the living room to grab a seat on the couch. 
You sat next to him, keeping a safe enough distance from him, for your sake, and your panties, of course. 
“So, Y/N. Tell me something about yourself.” 
You grinned, 
“You know everything about me, Pete. You’ve known me forever.” 
“Yeah, but people still hold secrets. Tell me one of yours.” 
You kept your eyes on him, crossing your arms. 
I’m in love with you. 
“You first, Parker.” 
“Hm… well, this secret is one of my worst. Truly horrific.” You tilted your head at him, “I’m… I’m a Leo man.” He confessed, putting his head into his hands as if he was terrified at what he just shared. 
You gasped in mock offense, 
“Leo?! Oh god, no!” You wailed, covering your eyes. 
He laughed, shaking his head, 
“I know… I know, It’s my biggest character flaw.” 
You giggled,
“My biggest character flaw is not being able to have an orgasm.” You admitted, sharing a personal confession with Peter. 
His brows knit together, his gaze shifting. 
“What do you mean?” 
“Well… I’ve only had sex once, and the guy didn’t make me finish. And I’ve you know… experimented with myself before, but I’ve never really had that big O every woman talks about. I’m kinda… embarrassed. I feel like there’s something wrong with me, you know? Guys can get off so easily, but then when it comes to women who are inexperienced and who don’t know much about their bodies, it’s a whole other situation.” 
Peter listened intently, showing care in what you had to say. 
“So, you’ve never had a real orgasm?” He gently asked. 
“Not really. I mean, not the kind of penetration.” 
He kept his eyes on you, analyzing your body language. 
You felt the invisible tension between you two wrap around your neck, practically suffocating you with your vulnerability. You felt your heart race, wanting to change the subject. 
“Anyway, uh… I um, I think the pizza is ready.” You hastily stood up, making your way towards the kitchen. 
“It's not ready yet, but it smells good.” You say, inhaling the mouth-watering scent that’s filled the room. 
You felt Peter creep behind you, placing a careful hand on your waist. You didn’t jump at his touch, instead, you melted, leaning towards him. 
“Y/N… you haven’t had an orgasm yet?” His tone held genuine concern as if he really cared about your situation. 
“It’s- it’s nothing, Peter. You shouldn’t-“ 
“Can I… can I show you how it feels?” 
You were nearly thrown back, almost dumbfounded at his words. 
“I’m a firm believer that every woman should be able to have a good orgasm every once in a while. You are such a hard worker, Y/N. You put in so much care and effort into your everyday life and into the people you love and… and I just can’t see how you haven’t blown up with all that stress you must have.” You were completely starstruck by Peter at the moment, you thought your feet had molded into the floor, “Let me… let me take care of you. Show you how good it feels to finally let go, and have that earth-shattering orgasm you’ve been waiting for.” 
You stood staring at him, unable to open your mouth. Had he just said what you thought he did? Propose an offer that would completely change your life. 
“Peter, you- you don’t need to do that for me. I know you care about me and all, but it’s not your responsibility.” 
“I know, but this feels like it is. I want you to have this experience, to step into a new path in your life.” 
You gazed into his honeyed orbs, contemplating the idea. 
This would be a whole new venture for you, a life-altering experience that you’ve been dying for. Denying the offer seemed like a foolish choice. 
“…It’s okay if you don’t-“ 
“I want to. I want to experience it.” 
He blinked, 
“Are you sure? Like one hundred percent positive?” 
“You're right, Peter. I need to experience this, I need to let go for once.” 
His eyes never left yours as a smile stained his lips. 
“So, we’re doing this? We’re really doing it?” He questioned, leaning closer to you. His chestnut orbs sparkled with underlying excitement, as did yours. 
“We’re really doing it.” 
As soon as Peter peeled off your sticky panties, your mind started to ramble. 
Has Peter done this before? If so, how come he hasn’t told me? Does he like me too? He wouldn’t do this just as a friendly gesture, would he? How does this affect our relationship from now on? Is he—
“Hey… hey, you're alright. I’m here, Angel.” The nickname slipped out his lips so smoothly, so perfectly, it nearly stopped your heart. 
He was so gentle with you, rubbing your thighs carefully, whispering soft affirmations to soothe you, treating you like something so fragile, a thin layer of glass. 
“Are you sure you wanna keep going?” You felt your heart thump throughout your body as you looked down at him, his face inches away from your velvety folds. 
“I mean- my pussy is already in your face so…” he chuckled, his warm laugh calming you. 
“Alright… if I’m hurting you or anything, please speak up. Don’t be afraid to talk to me.” 
“I will don’t worry.” 
He took one more look at you before his thumb trailed to your throbbing clit, drawing slight circles around it. The instant shock had your head thrown back, soft moans escaping your lips. 
“Shit… you're already soaked. Did I do this to you?” He continued his movements, playing with you like a guitar, pulling each string with pure delicacy, with one prominent goal in mind. You whimpered, breath heavy. 
“Tell me, Angel. Who did this to you?” 
Suddenly, his finger sunk inside you, almost too easy. You let out a roar, chest rising and falling as your gaze narrowed to the curly-haired boy between your legs. 
“You! You did, Peter! All you!” The pleasure was overwhelming, you felt your entire body heat up, your mind spinning. 
His fingers curled inside you, hitting that sweet spot of yours. You gasped, gripping onto his bed sheets as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. 
“Good girl… such a sweet girl. You like that?” He praises, fingers digging deeper. You can’t help but continue to moan, eyes closed as you take in how fucking amazing this feels. Suddenly, you feel Peter’s hand slap your throbbing clit. You yelp, looking back at him. 
“Eyes down here, baby. Look at me while I make you come.” His sugared demands came as a surprise to you. 
Never have you seen Peter in this light before. It makes you feel a type of way, an instant feeling of desire. All you wanted was him. All of him. Every single inch of his cock just buried inside you. 
“Peter! Oh- oh fucking god!” You felt something burn within you, complete ecstasy running through your veins as Peter’s thick fingers continued to destroy you. 
“Talk to me, princess. Tell me what you want.” Your eyes practically burned into one another, Peter’s chestnut orbs were filled with lust. You wished he could always look at you like this. 
“I want- shit, I want to come. Please, please let me come. I’m begging you!” He smiles, diving into you as his hot tongue starts to draw circles around your little bundle of nerves. Harsh moans escape your lips, your legs starting to shake. 
It was as if his lips were a work of magic, moving them in such an inconceivable rhythm that you thought your mind was going to explode. With how he was devouring your soaked pussy and playing with that honeyed spot within you, it felt like you finally reached nirvana. 
Is this what heaven feels like? 
“Such a sweet pussy,” he groans, fingers hooked inside you, 
“God, you taste so fucking good. I could eat this pussy all night. Shit. Why didn’t you let me fuck you sooner?” He dives back into his succulent meal. 
You couldn’t answer him as crying out your moans was the only thing you could do. You started to wonder if this was really happening. Was Peter about to give you your first orgasm? 
You even realize that he’s been humping the mattress this whole time, fucking out his throbbing boner. 
“God! Peter! I’m gonna- I’m gonna come!” Your chest thumps rigorously, all your nerves start to light a fuse inside you. You start to feel lightheaded, bliss starting to kick in as Peter continues to play with your body like his own goddamn toy. “I’m- I’m gonna-“ 
Suddenly, he stops. You quickly look at him, all your limbs trembling as you whine. 
“Why- why did you-“ 
“All this time I’ve been waiting, just fucking dreaming about this Y/N. 
Now that I’ve got you, I’ll never let you go. I want- no, I need to feel you wrapped around my cock. I gotta make a mess inside you if you’ll let me. I’ll promise to make you cum on my cock for all eternity if you do.” 
You stared at him, completely dumbfounded. You needed at least three to five business days to process what he just said. 
“Please, Y/N. I’m begging you.” 
You laid still, those glossy orbs of yours stuck to the man before you. 
“If you don’t want that it’s alright, I’ll just—“ his ramblings were cut short as your lips connected to his, kissing him with such passion that tiny whimpers escaped Peter. You gripped onto his curls, pulling him into you. 
“Shut up and fuck the living shit outta me.” 
To say that Peter’s cock was big was an understatement. You’ve never seen something so beautiful. It was thick, long, veiny, and absolutely angelic. 
“Holy shit.” You blurt, eyes locked onto his leaking tip. 
“What? Is it too big? Or too—“
“No- Peter. Your dick is so… wow.” 
“Really? Do you think so? I always thought it was—“ You shut him up again with your puffy lips, you couldn’t wait any longer to have him deep inside you. 
“I don’t want you to go easy on me. Just fuck me like there’s no tomorrow, baby. I need you.” You plead before ripping off your top, your breasts falling in front of him. His chocolate orbs immediately stared at them. 
“Can I suck on them?” He asks softly, his hand grasping onto your pebbled nipple. You nod your head, biting your lip in anticipation. 
He lays you back down onto his sheets, his pink lips immediately attaching to your chest. You whine with pleasure, his hand reaching down to your abused clit to play with it again. 
His candied kisses mark your body with much love as if he’s branding you.
Never have you felt this euphoric.
You feel his cock brush over your cunt, as if he was asking permission to completely indulge inside you. 
“You have my word, Petey. Please let me feel you.” 
His pupils widen before he catches a kiss on your lips. As your tongues dance together, his large length slips inside you, stretching you out with blazing felicity. You both moan in desire, wanting more. 
His thrusts increase as he brings your knees up to his chest, completely fucking you insane like how you begged him to. 
The bed bangs against the wall as he pounds his cock within you, your cries filling the room. 
“Oh! Just like that! Fuck, Peter!” 
“You feel so fucking good. My god… such a tight pussy. Jesus Christ— I could cum already.” He groans, kissing you. You whine against his lips, arms wrapping around his back to pull him deeper. 
“You fucking slut. You love my cock, don’t you? Can’t get enough?” 
“Never! Oh, my fucking—“ you didn’t think he could sink any further, but when his cock hit your cervix, you completely lost your mind. 
You could feel him throb within you, your walls gripping onto him for dear life, never wanting to let him go. 
Harsh claps ran around his bedroom, you were definitely gonna feel the aches in the morning. 
Peter was right, why didn’t you let him fuck you sooner? His cock was addictive, this was a feeling you could never get over. 
You started to go numb as he pounded you senseless, utter babbles were all you could make out. 
“Already cock-drunk, baby? That dumb brain of yours can’t handle my pretty cock? Huh?” He teased. 
You honestly didn’t even know what he said. All you could feel was that huge cock inside you just absolutely tearing you up from the inside, and out. 
You felt that burning feeling again, soon realizing that you were gonna make a mess on him. 
“Gonna let me feel you? Come on, Angel. Let me feel you.” 
Suddenly, it happened. 
Your back brutally arched as all your muscles tightened, your intense orgasm raging throughout your body. You screamed Peter’s name like a damn prayer, trembling harshly as your cunt gripped Peter’s cock with all its glory. It was unlike anything else you’ve ever endured. Staining his thick length with your saccharine cum is what enlightenment must feel like. 
Peter soon cried with triumph as he finished inside you, painting your walls with his delicate seed. 
As the high died down, you couldn’t help but feel fulfilled. A smile pricked your lips as you started to laugh, euphoria clouding your head. Peter looked over as you were giggling like a maniac. He too busted out chuckling as it was contagious. 
“Why- why are you laughing?” 
“Because… because that was the best sex I’ve ever had! I feel so… so fucking happy.” You confessed, a huge grin attached to your lips. 
Peter blushes, softly laughing before catching a much-needed kiss on your lips. His kiss was filled with tenderness, sweet love fusing between you. 
Suddenly, a burning smell pricks your nose. 
“Peter,” you try to break the kiss but he doesn’t stop, wanting to caress you forever, “…Peter— what’s that smell?” 
“Huh? What… oh shit. The pizza!” He jumps out of bed, running butt-naked towards his kitchen. 
You sigh as you shake your head.
“Call the fucking fire department again!” 
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