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Tom Holland gets stuffed 馃い
Tom is feeling a bit hungry after a hard days work at the film studio - so you offer to cook him dinner...
**buuuuurpp**聽"Damn, bro.聽 That was some delicious dinner"聽groans Tom between belches.聽聽"I'm absolutely stuffed.聽 What did you put in that pie?聽 I feel massive"聽**buuurpp**
"Don't worry Tom, you'll be even bigger in the morning"聽you reply with a grin聽"got room for dessert? I made cookies, gelato and a cake."
"Definitely, man.聽 If I keep on eating like this you'll have to roll me out of your flat" ...
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Peter: Mr Stark I promise we have now stopped smoking weed for good
Harley: Yeah we now smoke it for evil [peace sign]
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Prettiest One In The Room || Part 1/2
Pairing: Mob! (any) Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 4,678
Overview: Given your family's history, you should've expected judgment from those of higher wealth in whom you've unfortunately been more exposed to given your new 'position'. Luckily, while you may be hurt by the cruel remarks and snide laughter of others, Peter Parker will never stand for anyone insulting his new wife.
Warning: Bullying and suggestive content, but nothing too serious nor detailed (yet)
Is this one of my longest one-shots? Am I writing a smutty part 2? Yes, yes to both 馃槒
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Tumblr media
You hate the color red.
You hate how much attention it draws to your eyes, acting as a glittery highlight that outshines the sharp black point painted over your eyelids. You hate the way it contrasts against your bare skin, parting mere inches down your thigh in a way that would expose your whole leg if you stand too widely. Most importantly of all, you hate its chill against your chest, sinking through what was once a bearable shade to create a darker stain dipping down from your breasts to nearly your stomach in a splotch that's impossible to hide nor fade no matter how much you scrub at it.
At this point, you've managed to ruin two innocent white towels whose only crimes were being folded into a pleasant stack in between each ceramic sink. The second proved just as useless as the first, somehow absorbing the stain without doing anything to actually rid of it from your dress. The soft fabric which is only comparable to the fur of a rabbit offers little comfort to your swirling nerves nor does it pacify your distressed sobs as you clench this towel in hand and bow your head in shame in front of the mocking mirror before you.
The once perfect makeup that Mary Jane had spent well over an hour applying to your face has long been smeared, the black eyeliner and mascara inseparable as it traces your tears down your cheeks which further creates damage to whatever blush and foundation your maid had picked out. The only makeup that has somehow remained intact throughout the night is your far too bright lipstick, although that's only because you've gone through extreme lengths to preserve it, refusing drinks or snacks for that purpose alone; not that it matters anymore...
Why is it that life loves to throw you off your feet the second everything's finally going well? You don't even use that word lightly or to any extreme. 'Well' as in you weren't dreading every second or breath. 'Well' since you genuinely smiled at some jokes thrown into the conversation. 'Well' because for once, you didn't feel any need to shy away from your husband's touch, instead letting his hand rest comfortably on your hip as he tugged your body against his.
Happy moments are a rare find; they always have been. Born into a poor family knee deep in debt thanks to your parents' gambling addictions, you've grown up fully aware that you could never ask for much. While other little girls dreamed of finding their prince or princess in shining armor, you had never been so foolish. Perhaps you always knew deep down where your life could possibly lead, however that didn't waiver the absolute shock you felt once those fears had actually been confirmed.
While your parents have always been cruel and selfish, you never imagined it going as far as to quite literally sell you off. Even that doesn't feel like a proper description for what exactly happened. Really, they could've sold you off to plenty of other men, ones with petty criminal records, sure, but nothing to the extent of what your husband holds in his own hands.
A mob boss. You almost laughed at the thought that that's actually a real job, although the sound quickly became bitter by the stone expressions your parents stared at you with. Your hand in marriage in exchange for paying off every loan shark with your parents on speed dial; a fair trade in their eyes, but not yours.
The only comfort you鈥檝e felt after your parents' betrayal isn't one they can claim. Instead, that prize belongs solely to your husband because despite his cruel reputation and ever crueler line of work, he is, very shockingly, a respectable gentleman at least towards you.
Peter Parker had only barely turned sixteen when he took over the family business from his late uncle. Wanting to respect a memory, he's worked hard to teach a lesson to anyone who laughed at the scrawny teenager living within a shadow and in no time at all, he rose out of that shadow, becoming arguably the most feared man in New York by utilizing the same strategies taught to him by his beloved uncle. Of course, how to run a successful mob wasn't the only lesson Benjamin Parker passed down to his nephew. Apparently, he had taught a great deal about how to respect women, too.
While sour about the marriage yourself, you must admit Peter has been nothing but sweet and understanding towards your discomfort (again, shocking given his job). By the time you first moved into his luxurious mansion, he already had a room set up specifically for you. Painted in your favorite color with the softest of bed covers, the room was more than anything you've ever owned with tons of books, art supplies, make-up, and about anything else a young woman might enjoy, but just in case he had guessed wrong or forgotten something, Peter made sure to provide an unlimited credit card for you to use at your disposal.
If the room hadn't been enough, Mary Jane had been hired since your husband figured you'd have better luck being comfortable around a woman your own age and from a similar background. Every morning, she greets you with a smile while bringing you breakfast accompanied by a freshly picked rose and handwritten letter she assures are gifts from Peter's hand alone.
Then for the rest of the day, you're allowed to go and do as you please in the mansion, Peter鈥檚 only request being that you don't leave without proper security and that you always share dinner with him at six thirty sharp every night. Sometimes you sit in silence, sometimes you tell him about your day, sometimes he tells you about his (outside of work matters, of course); never does he push you out of your comfort zone.
You respect Peter for all of that. He could easily do as he pleases with you at any point and, as arguably the most powerful man in New York City, who would ever stop him? Instead, he is, daresay, a model husband who dotes on his wife so much that despite all prior judgment, she actually started falling in love with him.
Peter has upheld his role flawlessly throughout the last seven months, thus you've felt bold in wanting to raise up to yours at last. Slowly yet surely, you've managed to open up to him: visiting him in his office when home, joking at the dinner table, and even requesting date nights (you swear he looked like a child on Christmas when you first shyly asked).
Tonight was meant to be the cherry on top. Peter had mentioned a dinner party off hand earlier in the week, not truly expecting you to willingly volunteer to go with him. Honestly, you actually surprised yourself with the request, too, not usually being one for fancy get-togethers especially those attended by hordes of rich socialites, politicians, and who knows what other criminals, but it鈥檚 worth a good date, isn鈥檛 it?
In preparation for said date, you had gone out with Mary Jane (and your ten security guards) to pick out the perfect outfit which ended up being a red slip dress that hugs your body flawlessly, stretching down to nearly the floor with a gap in fabric over your thigh. Although not a dress you'd normally be comfortable wearing, you felt excitement choosing it solely because of your desire to capture Peter's eye while wearing something sexy tailored to his favorite color. This paid off, too. All night, you've felt his eyes linger on you, often dropping a bit lower than appropriate, but you are his wife and his gaze is only fair. If only he knew what you're wearing underneath.
Tonight you didn't just want to tease your husband. No, your plan went deeper than that. You聽want聽him; dearly so. You wanted him to be enhanced by your beauty, barely able to keep his hands off of you on the car ride home where he would finally have freedom to ravish you for the first time. That's why you agreed to this date and went on that shopping trip with Mary Janes. It's why you've been so nervous yet giddy, replaying her advice in your head in hopes of finally utilizing it鈥nfortunately, there's always a miscalculation to every plan.
Everything was going well at first. Despite your initial discomfort regarding your revealing outfit, you soon began to feel just as sexy as you looked thanks to Peter's praises which seemed constant throughout the night. Every time a businessman or friend turned their attention away, your husband's mouth was against your ear, whispering another compliment which, unknowingly to him, sent heat to more places than just your cheeks. He was perfectly within your grasp, hooked to your string and all you had to do was reel him in the second this stupid party finishes鈥hen trouble found its way to you.
Much to your dismay, your husband isn't the only one here who knows your story. When the Big Bad Peter Parker got married, news spread fast within his social circle. Even if someone managed to miss it then, they would鈥檝e learned it by now since it's rather difficult to miss the way he hugs a random girl to his side all night, not to mention his hand is absent of all his normal, extravagant rings because ever since the wedding, only the single golden band around his finger has truly mattered.
Now, it would be one thing for Peter Parker to get married, however the reaction changes depending on the bride. No one could comprehend how someone like him would 'settle' for a poor girl with a last name known by practically every loan shark in New York, therefore your existence at this party has made quite a strong appearance in party gossip.
Originally, you didn't hear any of it, only feeling the burning stares behind your head yet choosing to dismiss them as your imagination, after all, Peter hadn鈥檛 shown any sign of hearing or seeing anything, thus it must not have actually occurred, right? You鈥檙e just a little uneasy given the crowd is all.
Then Peter left. It wasn鈥檛 meant to be long, only a quick chat with a man who begged for his time to finish an urgent business deal. Although Peter refused at first, you stupidly convinced him to reconsider.
鈥淚t seems important, so you should go.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about me, I can manage on my own just fine鈥.
You assured him that you鈥檇 wait patiently in place for his return, a promise sealed by the quick peck he gave to your cheek before going off. It should鈥檝e been an easy wait from there. As the party鈥檚 natural outcast, you didn鈥檛 think anyone would care to approach you then, but it proved to be quite the contrary, unfortunately.
Four women took the golden opportunity to stroll over, presenting themselves as friendly while asking about your dress and wondering about your husband. You answered each as if being quizzed, doing your best to awkwardly laugh at their 鈥榡okes鈥 which held poorly hidden jabs towards you. Needless to say, it didn鈥檛 take you long to realize this group鈥檚 true intentions, but too cowardly to disappear into the sea of people to escape them, you remained as their punching bag, fruitlessly ignoring the pain of their insults which only grew more direct.
鈥淎 poor, ugly slut who managed to blackmail Parker into marrying her so that he could be her sugar daddy! How pathetic!鈥
That's one of things they said about you anyways. How they managed to make such a mean spirited sentence roll of their tongues like it鈥檚 just friendly banter is beyond you, however it still brought a sting to your eyes.
鈥淲hat do you have on him, huh? Did you dig up dirt on him and threaten to hand it over to the police?鈥
鈥淒id your family trick him? Make you wear a veil until the vows were done? Oh, I bet he was pissed!鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 probably one of his hookers who decided to fake a pregnancy or something!鈥
Each woman listed the many rumors they've heard throughout the night, making sure you understand the bottomline of what everyone else has been thinking: you don't belong with Peter. Whatever reason he had for marrying you, it wasn't for you because who in their right mind would do that?
"How foolish are you to think Parker would actually be attracted to an ugly slut like you?" That was the last of it which came as a literal splash when the woman threw her red wine over the front of your dress followed by a chorus of her peers鈥 wicked laughter.
You were understandably horrified and embarrassed by the situation. It felt like every soul in the room was staring and laughing with them, mocking you for having such a childish dream of actually believing your husband might love you. Now how will he be enhanced by your beauty or even think of touching you on the car ride home? Why would he feel an ounce of desire in ravishing you ever let alone tonight? He can barely stand looking at you as it is!
Your violent sobbing halts quickly when you hear the door of the bathroom open. A chilled panic runs down your spine, worrying that the women have returned to bully you further. The difference would be the lack of witnesses. In theory, they could do whatever they wish while you have zero protection.
Instead of hearing their snickering, you hear your name whispered breathlessly yet somehow, that's worse to hear, causing your grip to tighten over the towel as you fight unsuccessfully to stop your tears.
"Princess, what happened? Who did this to you?" Peter shows no regard towards this being the women's bathroom, his only concern being to rush to your side and immediately begin examining the damage. A red wine stain drenching the front of your body, your make-up having encountered a tsunami of tears, your breathing uneven...This was not how he left you fifteen minutes ago.
"Who did this?" He repeats his question when you don't answer the first time, cupping your cheeks in his large hands and forcing you gently to look into his eyes. There's a hateful glimmer in them, one that promises trouble the second you mumble a name, but you refuse to.
"I-It's nothing-"
"-I return to the party to find my wife gone, hidden in the bathroom clearly distraught with wine spilled all over her-"
"-I spilled it myself-"
"-Bullshit," Peter curses with narrowed eyes which silences you instantly," you haven't had a single drink all night. I refuse to believe you conveniently retrieved one聽and聽spilled it over yourself within the short time that I was away. I'm smarter than to believe that. Damn it, I only left your side for聽ten minutes."
Peter's furious, but not towards you. He鈥檚 furious with himself if anything. Given his line of work, the number one rule he lives by is to never trust even those working alongside you. Anyone can hold a knife behind their back, preparing for the opportunity to strike the second it鈥檚 presented, thus Peter's always sure to never provide that change be it regarding his business or his personal affairs. It's what Ben always warned him about. Ben never left May out of his sight when attending social gatherings or going out in public because it would be too easy for someone to target her to get to him.
Peter should've been like Ben. He shouldn't have left your side especially when you're so new to all of this. You aren't May. You haven't spent decades by Peter's side yet, learning the ins and outs of his work along the way to form your own thick skin and survival instincts. You've only been married for聽seven聽months. Hell, you hadn鈥檛 even begun seeing Peter as a husband until last month and he's already fucked it up!
"...It doesn't matter what happened, Peter, so...let's not start a fuss," your words are sweet, attempting to makehim feel better in this situation instead of yourself. Your thoughtfulness would make him smile if not for how much his blood boils right now.
With a sigh, Peter runs his thumb against your mascara stained cheek softly," a fuss? I don't cause 'fusses', sweetheart, although that's what whoever did this to you can hope for once I find them out...and I聽will聽find them out whether you're the one to tell me or not, so out with it. I'll ask this one last time before I run my own investigation:聽Who. Did. This. To. You?"
Biting your lip, you want to deny it further, however you give into Peter's intense stare by directing your own to the tile floor," just a group of women...I don't know their names鈥︹
"What were they wearing?"
"Describe them to me," he lifts your chin with his ring finger, staring into your eyes with a whisper," I won't hurt them. I'll even forgive them for you if you ask nicely, but they still need to understand what they did wrong. 'just a friendly little warning for what happens when they upset my beloved."
Briefly, you wonder what 鈥榝riendly鈥 might mean to Peter. His knuckles are rough, scarred from all the beatings he鈥檚 delivered over the years. While you鈥檇 like to think he鈥檇 show a bit more restraint than to physically harm anyone over something so silly as hurt feelings and a wine stain, even a 鈥榝riendly鈥 car ride to the docks doesn鈥檛 seem outside the realm of possibilities for your husband.
Nevertheless, you have observed his habits well enough to understand one thing for certain: Peter鈥檚 too persistent and stubborn for his own good. Since he鈥檚 clearly already set his mind to it, you aren鈥檛 going to win this argument, therefore you must give in, telling him the descriptions of the four women from earlier.
Once you begin talking, Peter steps away from you and pulls out his phone, promptly texting someone who you assume to be one of his security guards scouting the ballroom outside. All the while you wait patiently, hugging your bare arms which are beginning to feel cold. Actually, they鈥檝e been cold for a while, however you had elected to ignore it until now for the sake of making this dress work.
Peter speaks your name again, letting it roll off his tongue like sugar. This beckons you to lift your gaze, meeting his eyes when he looks away from his phone," is that all they did to you?"
"Um..." You toy with the idea of nodding and allowing this situation to end on an early note, but seeing as you鈥檝e already hesitated aloud, Peter will no doubt notice the lie," they...said some cruel things, too.鈥
"Like what?" He steps closer to you, but stops immediately when you step back into the counter as a response,"...like what, sweetheart?"
"They, um..." you swallow, cursing yourself for that returned feeling of needles pricking your eyes. You can鈥檛 cry again, not in front of Peter. What would he possibly think of a wife who can鈥檛 handle simple words? You must be stronger than this!
"They just couldn't believe that you married me. They thought my family might've blackmailed you or something because...because I'm not fit for you."
"Not fit for me?" Peter echoes only the last part, moving his shoe against the ground yet suppressing his desire to step towards you again. It wouldn鈥檛 be a wise move given how uncomfortable you already are," why wouldn't you be fit for me? I mean - I suppose if anything - a devil shouldn't be married to an angel...but that isn't what they meant, was it?"
Your lip tugs slightly, wanting so desperately to believe he sees you as an angel. Alas, you shake your head,"...Peter, just look at me."
"I聽am聽looking at you. I've been looking at you all night, my princess - if you haven't noticed."
"I'm not pretty or anything-鈥
"-Now that's bullshit," Peter tilts his head with a crooked smile, attempting to gain a better view of your face despite how much you avoid him at every angle," because the way I see it, you've been the prettiest one in that room all night. As I said, I've barely been able to take my eyes off of you鈥hat dress; it鈥檚聽gorgeous聽on you. 鈥榝its like a glove, not to mention red is my favorite color; even more so when it鈥檚 on you."
"...So, you like it?" You dare to ask, looking up at him fully with a hint of a hopeful smile. You're pleased to see him nod eagerly.
"Of course! In fact, I鈥檓 buying you a new one first thing tomorrow; one that isn鈥檛 stained in wine so that you may wear it more often. Hell! I wouldn鈥檛 be against the idea of you casually wearing something like that just around the house," Peter smirks when adding," you look sexy, if I may say."
"That was the goal."
"Was it now?"
You nod shyly,"...I knew you like red and I wanted to look good for you tonight."
"Then count me as the luckiest man alive," at last, Peter steps forward, watching your reaction to ensure you鈥檙e comfortable with the movement. It only takes him two steps to be directly in front of you, his hand brushing your arm as he takes this quiet moment to think,"...I did marry you as a business deal."
You frown at his sudden confession, your heart skipping a beat, however before you can let it crack, Peter continues.
"But it was a deal set up on my own accord with my own terms. No, you weren't given to me nor was I backed into a corner by your family and forced to marry you. I聽chose聽you. I saw your picture by chance yet it was love at first sight; I wanted you to be mine. My only problem was your parents.
鈥淵ou know, believe it or not but despite all their dull-witted habits, your folks can apparently grow brain cells once they realize they actually have the one up on someone for once and that鈥檚 exactly what they had on me. I wanted you, their daughter, thus they suggested a deal: I could be with you so long as I settle all their debts while I am. As long as they controlled you, they could keep us both under their thumb. 鈥榞uess they thought they were pretty clever with that logic. 鈥榙idn鈥檛 notice the small writing at the end of their own pen till it was too late to revise.鈥
鈥淎nd what was that?鈥 You gulp, feeling small under Peter鈥檚 stare. Have you ever gotten this close to him before; close enough to see every change in shade to his eyes where his irises get lighter closer to his pupils? They鈥檙e beautiful鈥
鈥淭he deal only worked in their favor as long as you were theirs to control - their property. Now, I simply refuse to sit around as anyone鈥檚 puppet let alone theirs which is why I jumped right to the vows instead of a more formal relationship to start. Once you became my wife, you became mine, not theirs; according to the contract at least.
鈥溾 know it鈥檚 fucked up. I was selfish and I apologize for that. I also apologize for your treatment as an object in this case. I promise, I intended no harm to you, my love; not an ounce. I had only hoped that we could let our relationship grow while never feeling the stress of them holding the strings鈥 want us to be happy, owing them absolutely nothing; not money, not obedience, not even communication if we desire it.鈥
"Is that why they looked so upset at the wedding?" You remember the bitterness your family clearly held that day, not that you cared to ask them about it then. Instead, you felt satisfied seeing it, figuring it was very much deserved. Even now, you feel the same; let them be bitter for treating you as a bargaining tool.
Peter trails his touch up your arm, fixing the strap of your dress onto your shoulder with a chuckle,"...none were pleased, but I鈥檒l have it be known that I did at least settle the debts that they had at the time, thus I wasn鈥檛 as much of an asshole as I could鈥檝e been.鈥
鈥淎 part of me wishes you had been.鈥
Peter鈥檚 eyes glimmer at your harsh remark, although he decides to move along with his point rather than gush over your attractive feistiness,鈥 you鈥檙e my wife based on choice, regardless of what others have tried to tell you. I聽love聽you, princess.
鈥淚 love how beautiful you look without even trying- even after just rolling out of bed with your hair a mess. I love how you keep standing, never letting the world beat you too low because deep down, I think you know your own worth. That's why you kept me fighting for you in the first place, right? You kept your distance until I gained your respect. A lot of girls try falling into my arms, you know? They don't get it, but you do: love is something to be earned and shared.鈥
Pausing momentarily, Peter's hand brushes against yours blindly until it runs against your diamond ring- one worth a dizzying amount to you yet to him, it's only a small fraction of what he believes you're truly deserving of. If he could have it his way, he'd have a literal star built into that gem on your finger.
"This聽is a commitment," his breath is gentle, blowing against the crook of your neck as he hovers there. Ever so softly, his hands grasp both of yours," you are my wife; my greatest treasure not for just your body or looks, but for you as a person. 'doesn't matter how anyone else sees it鈥nd I'm willing to prove that to you in聽any聽way, too.鈥
Honestly, Peter only says this as a means to tease you. His laughter is held right on the tip of his tongue, prepared to announce he's only joking around to lighten the mood, however he's ill-prepared for the shock that is you giving a nervous smile. It's small, barely noticeable to the eye, especially given the way you stare at the floor in embarrassment while providing your own reply.
"I would like you to," you curse yourself for such a pathetic response. Based on your husband's wide eyes as he stares at you in amazement, he clearly meant the question as rhetorical and not at all in the way you decided to imply, but unfortunately, the words have already left your mouth along with the damage.
"...I'm sorry. I-"
"-Do you really want me to?" Peter sounds so childish, looking the part, too. He practically glows, so eager to hear your answer yet watching you carefully to study your reaction more closely this time because apparently, as it's just now come to his attention, he doesn't know his wife as well as he had previously thought.
"I mean...I, um..." You, as a great contrast, stumble over your words, needing time to create this answer he so desperately waits for.
While shy to admit such an embarrassing thing, you鈥檝e worked so hard preparing for this moment. Okay, admittedly this isn鈥檛 entirely loyal to the perfect image you鈥檝e been holding mentally. You had expected to be sinking into the fluffy covers of either Peter鈥檚 or your bed, pushed down by the man in question as he showers in love while blanked in the darkness of a room deprived from any possible distractions.
A bright, public women鈥檚 bathroom where anyone could walk in at any given moment to destroy your private and intimate deeds wasn鈥檛 originally within your realm of possibilities nor is it ideal鈥ut wouldn鈥檛 it be a shame to deny Peter when he鈥檚 quite literally inches away from you, happy to accept that precious thing you鈥檝e been saving just for him? If anything, you鈥檝e earned it after all you鈥檝e been put through tonight!
Taking in a breath, you look at your husband confidently with a quick nod despite the unwanted quiver in your voice," w-well, if you're offering, I would like that very much..."
PART 2 {coming next week 馃槈}
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喑冣亐鉃 kinkmas request #2
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 intro 藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 roulette 藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 masterlist
喑冣亐鉃 P:#21 (impact) with C:#9 ( spiderman)
喑冣亐鉃 sub! peter parker x dom! fem! reader blurb
喑冣亐鉃 dom! peter parker x sub! fem! reader headcanons
喑冣亐鉃 word count: 330
喑冣亐鉃 warnings: explicit smut, spanking/impact (duh!). aftercare
喑冣亐鉃 a/n PETER PARKER !!!!! love you nonnie!!! (also did not know wether you wanted peter to be dom or sub! so i did both situations!!!!) (this was a so short im sorry i had half an hour of free time to write it!)(not my best work yet)
喑冣亐鉃 聽linktree聽鈺扳灓聽pinterest鈺扳灓聽work in a03 鈺扳灓 requests are open聽check rules
Tumblr media
sub peter blurb!
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 鉁 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹
鈥測ou鈥檙e late.鈥 your voice was stern, cool. you stood in the kitchen of your shared apartment
peter knew better, knew to fear that unattached voice.
he should be afraid. he really should. but he wasn鈥檛. instead he felt fire course through his veins.
he muttered a half assed 鈥渟orry.鈥
peter was a smart boy. he knew it would rile you up.
but it didn鈥檛 you just hummed.
鈥測ou know what i think? i think you鈥檝e been acting out on purpose. like a little kid begging for attention. but you don鈥檛 fool me.鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛?鈥
鈥減eter, i know you better.鈥
peter鈥檚 jaw tightened.
鈥渘ow be a doll and bend over.鈥
his breath hitches as he obeyed, leaning against the kitchen counter.
you cupped his ass softly.
鈥測ou鈥檝e been a bad boy peter. why鈥檚 that?鈥
鈥測ou haven鈥檛 been paying attention to me.鈥
鈥渨ell,we鈥檒l just have to remedy that. but i still have to punish you. there has to be consequences.鈥
鈥渙ne for acting out these week.鈥
鈥渢wo for being late鈥
鈥渁nd three for lying by omission.鈥
he moaned as you lifted your hands off him.
鈥渘ow peter say you鈥檙e sorry.鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 sorry.鈥 he mumbled.
鈥済ood, now come here. i鈥檒l give you all the attention you want.鈥
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 鉁 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹
dom peter hc
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 鉁 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹
喑冣亐鉃 you loved getting peter all riled up while you were in public, just so he could punish you in private
喑冣亐鉃 his jaw would clench and he would would count up, his lips pronouncing the numbers silently so you understood you were in trouble
喑冣亐鉃 he would bend you over his knee. he did not like when you put him in that position. but he enjoyed your moans of pain and pleasure
喑冣亐鉃 his hand was harsh. just how you liked it.
喑冣亐鉃 he was great at aftercare, rubbing aloe cream on you
喑冣亐鉃 you would stare at his hand print on your ass and smile, taking polaroids that he carried in his wallet
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usertragedys 1 day
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TOM HOLLAND AS PETER PARKER 鈫 spider-man: no way home | 2021
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tomdayaland 16 hours
Tumblr media
Tom with fans a year ago in front of Buckingham Palace.
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t-lostinworlds 11 hours
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Otorhinolaryngology聽is a medical specialty which is focused on the ears, nose, and throat.
#Strictly For Science
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destinyc1020 2 days
They're so adorable together 鉂 馃ズ
Just the very fact that they were able to let their hair down and FREELY touch each other during the NWH press tour just makes my heart swell with pride and happiness 馃槉 馃挀
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tomhollandnet 11 hours
Tumblr media
sellluu: One year ago, this happened!馃搷London, 2021 P.S- It鈥檚 not a wax statue. Got to meet the spiderman infront of the Buckingham palace馃コ
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Handsome Superheroes
Aaron Taylor Johnson: Kickass and Quicksilver
Colton Haynes: Arsenal聽
Kit Harrington: Black Knight
Noah Centineo: Atom Smasher
Tenoch Huerta: Namor
Tom Hardy: Bane and Venom
Tom Holland: Spiderman
Tom Hopper: Umbrella Academy聽
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iwasbored777 2 days
The most unrealistic part of Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies is that everyone thinks he's not handsome
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Peter: I鈥檝e been doing it for 12 months
Harley: Over a year
Peter: Eh no just a year
Harley: Your year only has 11 months
Peter: What? Why?
Harley: Cause you lost May
Peter: Harsh
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itsagentromanoff 1 day
[Quill holds Peter Parker at gun point while Tony has Drax at repulsor beam point]
Drax: Spider-Man, is this your first time as a human shield?
Peter: Yeah.
Drax: It's my third time. You're doing great.
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Gemini venus:
-Johnny Depp
Tumblr media
-Meghan Fox
Tumblr media
-Marlon Brando aka The G.O.A.T.
Tumblr media
-Marilyn Monroe
Tumblr media
-Eva Green
Tumblr media
-Tom Holland
Tumblr media
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and i didn鈥檛 like the ending.
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