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✧Twelve Days of Toman✧
Tumblr media
Genres: Fluff, Angst, Suggestive (specified in each)
Summary: Spending the holidays with your favorite Toman members!
Warnings/Contains: Timeskip!Tokyo Revengers, Manga Spoilers (I have finished it and will be writing based off the ending), Fluff, Angst, Suggestive Scenes/Words, Cursing, Holiday Activities, (each fic is with a reader who uses she/her pronouns)
Disclaimer: As I know not everyone celebrates the same holidays or does the same “traditions”, I did my best to not stick to only Christmas. The only one that directly correlates to Christmas is Hakkai’s due to Taiju’s Christian beliefs being mentioned.
If you would like to be tagged in any of the fics pls comment or send me an ask! :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ Dear Santa - Unwrap on Dec. 5th ✧
♪ Song to Listen to : Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande ♪
Pairing: Manjiro “Mikey” Sano x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, a bit of crack
Summary: Even at his age, Mikey believes in Santa, as his brother never told him the fabled truth and kept up the tradition of leaving gifts from Santa when Emma and Draken had their first kid. Not wanting to break his heart, you go through every tradition that you can recall doing yourself since you were eight years old. Maybe indulging in your inner child isn’t as bad as the others make it out to be.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ What do You Want Most? - Unwrap on Dec. 7th ✧
♪ Song to Listen to : Snowman by Sia ♪
Pairing: Ken “Draken” Ryuguji x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, angst if you squint
Summary: For some reason, the holiday season wasn’t a favorite to you. The lights were pretty, some of the songs were catchy, but nothing got you excited for it like it did Emma and Hina. Wanting to give you a memorable holiday, Draken takes it upon himself to get you to have fun this year.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ Lavendar Lights - Unwrap on Dec. 9th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : 24 to 25 by Stray Kids ♪
Pairing: Takashi Mitsuya x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, a smidge of angst,
Summary: As your husband’s work gets more recognized and praised by numerous names in the fashion industry, the time he’s gotten to spend at home has diminished. The further it gets into the holiday season, you’re starting to worry that you won’t get to spend it with him no matter how much he promises you that he will.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ What You Desire Most - Unwrap on Dec. 12th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : Christmas Canon by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra ♪
Pairing: Hakkai Shiba x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: For as long as he can remember, Christmas has been one of the few quiet days he had every year growing up due to his brother’s faith. This year, you decide to make the holiday a positive event for him; something that he can now look forward to next year and the years to come.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ Shopping and Snickerdoodles - Unwrap on Dec. 14th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : What Christmas Means to Me by A.Gayle ♪
Pairing: Platonic Friendship with the girls
Genre: Fluff, a bit crack
Summary: It’s once again the holiday season, which can only mean one thing: the shopping of gifts for friends and loved ones. After one of you suggests going together, the next thing you know you’re facing the local mall with your friends. What could go wrong?
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ Sugar, Spice, and... a Black Cat - Unwrap on Dec. 16th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : Like It’s Christmas by The Jonas Brothers ♪
Pairing: Chifuyu Matsuno x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: After seeing an article online, you give Chifuyu the idea to make homemade pet treats to sell at the pet shop. With a cat in the way, and his feelings for you, will he be able to get through this holiday season?
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ A Christmas to Remember - Unwrap on Dec. 19th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : This is Christmas by The Goo Goo Dolls ♪
Pairing: Keisuke Baji x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: You’re a sucker for the holidays, but your boyfriend? Not so much. He lets you decorate, listen to the music as soon as November hits, and start baking your famous cookies when the first snow of the season falls; but year after year, Keisuke never seems to get into the holiday spirit. Little do you know he’s been paying close attention every year in preparation for this one.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ Baby’s First Holiday - Unwrap on Dec. 21st ✧
♪ Song to listen to : It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas by Michael Buble ♪
Pairing: Kazutora Hanemiya x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, angst if you squint
Summary: It’s the first holiday season Kazutora gets to spend with you; sadly, he isn’t aware of all the traditions and other things that are often associated with this time of year. Thankfully, you’re more than happy to show him.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ Mistletoe Mischief - Unwrap on Dec. 23rd ✧
♪ Song to listen to : You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch by Thurl Ravenscroft ♪
Pairing: Shuuji Hanma x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, suggestive
Summary: He’s cocky, rude, a smartass, there were so many words you could use to describe him. Yet why is it that you keep finding yourself with butterflies in your stomach every time he flirts with you?
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ Not Now, Not Then, Not Ever Again - Unwrap on Dec. 26th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt, Henri Rene and His Orchestra ♪
Pairing: Hajime Kokonoi x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst (I’m not sorry cause I so see this happening), fluff, suggestive
Summary: Year after year, Hajime never seemed to learn his lesson until deciding to cut love out of his life entirely. Every person he had interest in eventually left him once they got what they wanted out of him. When you come along however, all bundled up for the winter weather and stumbling into him on the street, he fights with himself on whether or not he should take one more chance.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ The Smallest Gifts Mean the Most - Unwrap on Dec. 28th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : Invisible by Zara Larsson ♪
Pairing: Inui Seishu x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: After the passing of his sister, Inui slowly lost interest in the holiday season and everything to do with it. Determined to bring the holiday spirit into his life, you do whatever you can to make him happy and enjoy what is known as the happiest time of the year even if his sister is not there.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
✧ “Yule” of All People - Unwrap on Dec. 30th ✧
♪ Song to listen to : You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra ♪
Pairing: Shinchiro Sano x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: It’s his first holiday season in a relationship, and with you no less. However, him no longer being single also gives his friends chances to butt in and mess up his plans as a “test” to see how loyal and patient you are with him.
Warnings/Contains: TBD
Tumblr media
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Random things they send you with your kid when you’re away
Mikey: Send you a video of your child eating foods that he’s not supposedly eat. (Mikey’s laughing)
Draken: Send videos of his child doing tricks on his bike.
Baji: Puts the kid on his bike and takes a pictures with the kid falling off of it.
Mituysa: He will send you thousands of videos of your guys child trying on the clothes he made for them. SO FREAKING CUTE.
Smiley: Send a video of you child taking out his anger on a teddy bear while laughing.
Angry: Takes a video of his child sleeping on him and telling you that you shouldn't be scared of anything.
Ran: Sends a video of his child holding a toy gun and putting a caption that says "Teaching him at a young age"
Sanzu: I feel like Sanzu would send pictures of his child holding his bag of drugs.
This is a little short but. Oh well :)
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Carry My Babies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You both are happy together, enjoying every second that you would spend in each other’s present. But Mitsuya cannot help but feel that he wants you to have his babies to complete your family.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Takashi Mitsuya x Fem!Reader
Genre: fluffy Smut, mdin 18+
Warnings: Breeding kink, unprotected sex, clothed sex, vaginal sex, creampie, praise, pet names, mention of cock warming, begging, use of 'daddy' in context of being a father, talk about pregnancy
Word Count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
Days like this one just lightened up your spirit and made you feel like your relationship was just pure and wonderful. Of course there were days that included fighting and screaming, but luckily those were rare.
You woke up from your nap, you did not even know that you fell asleep. Moments ago you were making the bed that you and your long-term boyfriend, and fiancé shared, and now you woke up and it was 5pm. First you were confused and disoriented but then you realised you probably fell asleep while you tried to put on fresh bed sheets.
Groggily you stood up and went to the living room. You tried to rub the blurriness out of your eyes.
"How was your nap, love?"
There he was. Your beloved fiancé.
"Why didn‘t you wake me up, Takashi?", you pouted.
"I just couldn’t, you looked too cute, laying there like a little kitten~", he smiled at you, throwing his arm over the backrest of the sofa.
"Hmmm", you mumbled sulkily and went over to him to make yourself comfortable on his lap, nuzzling into his neck.
He wrapped his arms around you to pull you even more into his chest, leaving lovingly kisses all over your head.
"Let‘s make a baby", oh yeah, sounds great- wait what? That came out of nowhere.
You pushed yourself out of his embrace to look him in the eye.
"W-What did you just say?", question marks were literally all over your face.
"Let’s make a baby", he repeated with a grin plastered over his face, "You‘d look soo pretty with my child, don‘t ya think?"
You just did not know what to respond, you were quite shocked about his frank behaviour.
"Everyone would know that you are mine", his hand started to slowly graze your thigh, leaving goosebumps all over your skin. Mitsuya leaned forward to leave kisses on your cheek. You felt his hand grip and squeeze your thigh, making you squirm on his lap.
"Wouldn’t you love that? Knowing that you‘ll carry my babies inside of you?", he whispered in your ear and started to kiss along your neck.
"T-Takashi-", you pressed your eyes shut, small whimpers leaving your mouth. "Wha-t has gotten i-into you..?"
"Mhmm nothin‘ just can‘t stop thinking about filling you up, making you have my kids", his breath tickled your skin. You felt the wetness that gathered between your legs, your panties getting stickier and stickier.
Minutes ago you were so tired and groggy from your unwanted nap, and now your body was just hot, needy for your lover’s touch. Why was the idea of being pregnant with his children turning you on so much?
"Carry my babies, love", he gripped onto your waist and slowly pulled you back and forth, making you feel his hardness underneath you.
God, what was he thinking? You both were not even married yet. But his 'excitement' infected you as well. So you just carefully nodded your head, showing him that you approved of his idea.
"Use your words, bunny", Mitsuya softly bit into your lower lip and pushed your hips harder against his groin.
"P-Please, please- wanna have your babies, wanna make you a daddy", you could not keep yourself from mewling and whining. This was just too much for you.
"Fuck, good girl", Mitsuya praised you and immediately pulled you in for a messy kiss, teeth clashing together, spit collecting at the corner of your mouth as he broke apart from you. One of his hands wandered up your body towards your chest, squeezing your tit through your clothes.
"They‘d look so pretty, all swollen and tender~", his words made your head spin and he knew that, he knew what he was doing.
"Mhmm, touch me h-here", you took his hand from your chest and led him towards your drenched, clothed pussy. "Shit- All that talkin' 'bout filling you up with my kids made you fucking wet, huh?", you nod your head for an answer to his 'question'. Why was he even asking? He knew that.
"Think you ready to take me? Or do you want me to make you cum on my fingers first?", he asked you and that was just so wholesome about him. He cared for you and did not take his pleasure before yours.
You shook your head hastily. "No, please- just- just fill me up already", you pouted, begging for him, begging to feel him inside of you.
Mitsuya did not even try to get rid of your clothes. You both were needy and that was just too time consuming and too bothersome right now. He just pulled your panties aside; luckily you were wearing a summer-dress due to the hot weather; pulled his zipper down and got himself out of that restraint.
His tip was in a pinkish tint and already leaking precum. You were not able to admire his pretty cock for too long because he positioned you right away over himself, aligning with your entrance and finally pushing into you slowly but surely.
It just felt wonderful. You sighed contentedly, happy to have him finally inside of your velvety walls.
You were able to feel every vein and every ridge of him, tightening around him and making him groan. He made you just feel so full.
And god did he fill you up.
Even after so many years of your relationship, you still had to adjust to him each time that he entered you.
He started kissing you again but this time it was not a sloppy kiss. No, this one was a tender and sweet kiss that made you calm down from your hectic neediness.
This time it was you who broke the kiss to nuzzle yourself into his neck, arms wrapped around him to have him as near as possible.
"Don‘t worry, I‘ll make you feel nice and full", Mitsuya told you as he grabbed ahold of your hips to continue the back and forth movement. You could not keep your moans in. He barely started and you were already in total bliss.
"Y/N, look at me while I‘m making you pregnant. Don‘t hide your face, wanna see your pretty face, bunny", and you did what he said.
Having his eyes peer deeply into yours made you clench around him violently, making him throw his head back. Your mouth was left agape as you fixated your pupils on his pretty lavender-coloured ones.
"If you keep on gripping onto my cock like that I‘ll might cum in a matter of seconds- fuck!", he exclaimed and started to move you up and down, his tip hitting your cervix over and over.
"T-Takashi- Hah! So deep-", your eyes were teary, threatening to spill over. Feeling him so deep inside of you made you lose your mind. You were moaning loudly, not caring if any neighbours might hear you.
"Yeah? You like that? Like how deep I’m inside of you? Wait until I‘ll fill you with my cum, fill you with my babies", as if his words were not enough, he moved one hand to where you both were connected, pushing his thumb against your clit to circle around it.
You felt a knot tightening in your abdomen, about to snap and make you come undone.
"You are getting tighter, you about to cum, huh?", he asked you as he looked up to you.
"Y-Yeah, gonna c- hah!", your moans kept you from finishing your sentence. It was useless. You were not able to talk, your head was preoccupied with your nearing orgasm.
"Cum for me, bunny", his circles on your clit were forming into erratic rubs that pushed you over the edge.
You squeezed your eyes shut as you came around him, walls contrasting and trying to pull him into your cavern. Your arms around him stiffened, just as the rest of your body as violent inhales made you dizzy.
Mitsuya had a hard time with riding your orgasm out as his own orgasm threatened his movements. Your clenching pussy made it difficult for him to control himself.
"Fuck, I‘ll fill you up, fill you to the brim, gonna breed you-", and with some last harsh snaps of his hips up against yours he came deep inside of you, his cock twitching and pulsating.
You felt it pushing against your cervix. It felt hot and thick, and your insides welcomed it greedily.
You slumped over and pressed your forehead against his as you both looked at each other breathlessly, unable to comprehend what just happened.
"I-I think it‘s going to drip out", you told him as you felt his seed sopping alongside his cock towards your entrance.
"Don‘t worry, I‘ll keep it in there even if I have to fuck it back inside of you", he grinned at you, his hot breath tickling your skin.
"Until you‘ll carry my babies~"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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TR Boys x Bullied! Reader
Genre: Hurt to comfort
Characters: Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and Baji
Warnings: cursing, bullying, insults, self-harm, mentions of blood
Reader is Gender Neutral
A/N: heyyy luv! I apologize for the long wait of getting to your request. I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
“Hey! There they are!” one of the bullies said. The leader of the group waltzes up to you with a devious smirk plastered on her face. “Well, well, well,” he says looking you up and down in disdain, “if it isn’t the school’s freak!” she giggles as the rest of the group follows suit. “They’re always all alone, it’s no wonder why they don’t go out,” one of them chimed. Tears began to well in your eyes as the bullies continued their onslaught of insults spewed towards you. You try to push past them in hopes of trying to get out of the situation, only to be yanked by your backpack and thrown to the floor. Gritting your teeth, you reach out to get your backpack, only to have a foot stomp on your hand. You yelp, quick to retract your hand and look up at the scornful face of the girl. “How pathetic,” she spits, eyeing your crouched form on the ground, “I can’t believe Mikey is actually dating a freak like you.” Her words pierced your heart at the mention of your beloved boyfriend. “I bet he’s just doing it out of pity,” she jeers. “That’s not true!” you shout, your voice trembling as you try to defend the little dignity you had left, “he wouldn’t do that!” “Is that so?” she sneers, “No one would date a weirdo like you unless they were crazy!” That was the last thing she said before walking away with the rest of the group, leaving you full of tears and a sore hand. As you gathered your belongings, doubts began to rush through your mind as the bully’s words replayed in your head. Did he really date me out of pity? Am I that dull for someone like Mikey? When it was the end of the day, you walked past the school gates and was greeted by a familiar warm smile and the sound of a revving CB250T bike. “Hey babe! How was-” Mikey was cut off when he saw your bandaged hand and your tear streaked face. You greet him with a small nod, eyes averting his questioning ones as you silently mount his bike while mumbling, “Can we just go please?” He doesn’t press you as to what happened, only obeying your request to leave, thinking it would be best to talk to you when the both of you were alone. When he feels your arms around his waist, he speeds off onto the streets of tokyo. When you reach Musashi shrine, Mikey parks his bike and is quick to get off so he could help you off as well. But instead of taking his hand, you get off yourself while walking past him to the steps of the shrine without a word. He froze for a moment at your sudden coldness toward him, but he was quick to grab  shoulder to stop you. “What the hell happened?” he asked, his seriousness was gentle as he spoke. You shook your head, “I don’t want to talk about it.” “You don’t have much of a choice y/n,” he turns you around, forcing you to meet his stern gaze. Finally, after holding back your tears and heartache, you broke down, gripping Mikey’s shirt as you gave in to him. Slowly, he wraps his arms around your waist while listening to your sobs. When you're done letting everything out, Mikey sits you down on the steps of the shrine with him and gently coaxes you into telling him what had happened. When you do tell him, he stays silent while giving you his full attention, not bothering to ask questions, but just to listen to what you had to say. When you're finished, there’s nothing but a heavy silence between you two until he finally says, “Is that all?” you nod timidly, looking down to the ground as you fidget with your hands. Mikey takes your hands in his own, “Do you wanna know the reason why I’m dating you?” You sniff, using your sleeve to wipe your eyes, “Why?” you croak. He gently cupped your cheek, “Because being around you gives me so much peace of mind. It’s like…the sun shines so much brighter when I’m with you,” he says, his soft voice matching with the strokes of his thumb against your tear-stained cheek. “y/n, don’t listen to what those people have to say because no matter what I’ll always love you.” “Introvert tendencies and all?” you whisper, hopeful eyes searching for his own. He chuckles, “Introvert tendencies and all,” he says, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
“Hey, y/n?” you stopped skipping and turned on your heel to face your boyfriend. “Yes, ken?” “Is-” he pauses, eyes softening at your questioning stare, “is there anything you need to tell me?” he breathes out, shoving his hands in his pockets. Your heart skips a beat, and your ears begin to ring. You were thankful to have such a caring, attentive boyfriend who could sense if something was wrong, but at the same time you cursed at how quick he could pick up on your mood, since you were never the type to take confrontation so easily. “Hmmm, no. Why do you ask?” He walks up to you, frowning slightly as he knits his brows together, studying your features before prying further. “Nothing happened at school?” he questions, watching as you chew on your lip, looking away from him, “Anyone bothering you?” His questions hang heavy on your shoulders as you try to think of a way to change the subject, but nothing comes to mind. At the moment, you basically chewed your lip off raw, tortuous images flashing across your mind as you remembered what your rude, rival classmate had said to you before leaving school with Draken. “C’mon, be for real y/n. A guy like him wouldn’t date someone who can barely handle being around people. You’d just be a burden around him!” fresh tears began to streak down your cheeks as the few sentences settled at the pit in your stomach. “y/n?” Draken takes hold of your face, eyes concerned as he watches you slowly breakdown. “Ken…,” you whimper, sniffling as you choke out words between sobs, “Do you really love me?” Draken’s frown deepens as he listens to your small whimpers. Seeing you in tears broke his heart, and the worst of it all, someone made his poor angel cry. “What kind of question is that?” he wipes your tears with the pads of his thumbs, sighing as he cradles your body into a warm embrace, “Of course I love you. More than you know,” he whispers, gently running a calloused hand through your hair.
It has been twenty minutes since Mitsuya has sat you down across from him, but to you it feels like a lifetime has passed by. He’s been eyeing you down, not in a bad way, but in the “you’re hiding something from me and I need to know '' kind of way. Meanwhile, you’ve been chewing on your lip and fidgeting with your fingers behind your back to the point where your hands began to cramp. It was as if you were a child about to get scolded by their mother for something they did. And knowing your motherly-natured boyfriend, the two of you would be sitting there for hours until you finally tell him what’s been bugging you. He knew your weakness and as much as you hated to admit it, you’d have to say something to him sooner, otherwise you’d surely die from the awkward tension. “Are you gonna tell me what’s wrong or do I have to force it out of you like this?” He asks. You grimaced at the thought, your fidgeting quickly escalating to itching your covered wrists as you slightly draw blood from your bruised lips. Tasting the bitter taste of chopper, you swallow thickly as you struggle to face Mitsuya’s prying gaze. “ Nothings wrong,” You mumbled, wincing slightly as you felt the sting from the scratch marks left on your hands. The last thing you wanted was to burden him with your problems at school and have him confront the people responsible for bothering you. You hated confrontation. Just like what he was doing right now. “Something is wrong,” he whispers to himself, taking your hidden hands into his own, glaring at the self-made marks on your delicate hands. “When you’re nervous or scared, you fidget with your hands, even if it hurts you,” he voices. “y/n, who’s picking on you?” he grunts, eyes focused on your scratch-covered hands and wrists as he gently runs his hands over them. Tears prick at the corner of your eyes, threatening to spill at any moment. Why was he so perfect? Why did he have to be such a caring person? How did you catch his eye? All questions were answered with a kiss on your hands and a kind smile being gifted to your teary-eyed gaze. “Don’t cry. I’ll make sure they don’t bother you anymore.” He leans over you, pressing feathery kisses to the salty drops that fall from your eyes. “You knew?” He hums, pulling away to caress your damp cheek. “I always knew. Draken told me. But, I knew you didn’t want me to get involved because you wanted to handle it on your own,” he says, “but when it was getting out of hand, I couldn’t help but ask you about it.” You could feel your heart clench at his truthful words and his concerns. “Mitsuya, I-” “Don’t apologize,” he grins, silencing you with a sweet kiss to your lips, “it's good that you want to handle confrontation on your own. But start out small, like asking your boyfriend for help,” he teases, earning a small smile from you. “Ok.” Smiling himself, he kisses you once more. 
“Baji-san!” Chifuyu calls from down the hallway. Baji sighs, turning around to face his concerned friend. “Chifuyu, what the fuck did you do now? It’s my lunch-” “I think something bad is happening to y/n-san,” he gasps, hunching over to catch his breath after running up god knows how many stairs. At the mention of his s/o, Baji is quick to question him, forgetting all about eating his yakisoba lunch. “What happened?” His voice is dark and cold, his whole aura changing in a split second as he imagines all the things he’d do to the people who’d dare even think about hurting his s/o. It’s one thing to mess with a member of his division, let alone a friend of his, but by god Baji would give someone a one way ticket to hell if he heard someone harmed his s/o. Noticing the change in Baji’s tone, the vice division captain straightens up, realizing Baji wasn’t taking any shit at the moment. “I heard a group of y/n-san’s classmates hurting her. I think…I think they’ve been bullying her.” “Where,” he growls, fists balling at his sides as he does his best not to lose his temper. When he finds out everything, all hell breaks loose. His ears were ringing, his blood boiling, his mind going blank with rage as he made his way to your classroom. When he gets inside, he sees you cornered at the back of the classroom with three guys surrounding you. “Are you seriously dating the Baji Keisuke? The first division captain of Toman? What a joke!” one sneers, towering over you with a menacing glare. “A guy like him doesn’t date weak nuisances like you,” another spat. You don’t say anything, too scared to fight back against their insults and dirty looks.“Hey…,” the one in the middle growls, taking a closer step toward you as he reaches out and grips the collar of your shirt, “we’re talking to you. You think you’re all tough, huh?!” he raises his hand, bringing down to your face. Preparing what’s to come you turn your head away, waiting for the pain to bear down on you once more, but instead, nothing comes. Screams and cries of pain filled your ears. The grip on your shirt was loosened. Peaking an eye out, you see all three bullies beaten and bloodied, while a familiar long-haired boy stands in front of you, eyes flashing red with cooling rage with bruised knuckles dabbled in blood. “B-baji?” you squeak, swallowing thickly as your long-haired lover turns to face your shaking form. He’s quick to tower over you, expressionless as he locks his jaw. Before you could blink, you end up in a bone-crushing hug as he mumbles a spew of apologies and scoldings your way. “Jesus, thank god you’re alright. I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me something? What would’ve happened if Chifuyu didn’t tell me you were getting bullied? Would you have let them try to hit you again?” While Baji was caught in his worries, you couldn’t help the smile curling on your lips as you listened to the fearsome member of Toman turn soft in your presence. However, you couldn’t fight the guilt punching you in your stomach. “Sorry Kei, I just…didn’t want you to think I was weak. I-I wanted to handle things sooner but-,” when you try to meet his gaze, he pushes your head into his chest, muffling your words. “Don’t say dumb shit like that, idiot,” he mutters, his grip on you growing tighter, “if you need help then ask. Don’t be a dumbass like Chifuyu. Besides, I’m your boyfriend. It’s my job to protect you. So let me do my damn job.” he sighs, nuzzling his cheek against your hair. “O-ok, but um…Baji?” “Hm?” “Could you, maybe loosen up a bit? I can’t breathe,” you groan, taking in a breath of air as Baji loosens his hold on you. “Ah~gomen babe,” he says sheepishly, a small blush tinting his cheeks. Giggling, you peck his cheek, “Of course, Keisuke.”
Tumblr media
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kawatasslave · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
༄ Good girl
Character: Mitsuya
Kink/Prompt: Praise kink | "You are doing so Well, such a good girl for me."
Reader: female
Wordcount: 0.6k
WARNINGS: sub!reader, praising, fingering, oral (f!receiving), unprotected sex, creampie
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mitsuya has never been anything but gentle to you since the moment you met him, taking his time to get to know you, to get to know every part of your body when you lay under him. He’s never been one to be rough or to take things too far, always dancing on the edge of teasing and overwhelming you with pleasure as his soft voice keeps you there with him.
Today was one of those days again, coming home to him exhausted from work. Of course he picked up on it right away, pulling you into a tight hug to provide some comfort „Customers again?“ He asked careful, feeling you nod against his shoulder as he hummed in response. It has always been like this on the days where you had to deal with the customers, getting insulted and screamed at for no reason at all or for reasons out of your hand. Just when you pulled away from the comfort of his arms he gave you a small smile, letting you know what exactly he was thinking. The heat was rising in your head as he tugged you towards the bedroom with him „Gonna make you forget everything they said, beautiful.“ he reassured you, soft lips pressed against your neck where they left kisses full of love.
He took his sweet time to undress you, caressing each part of your body „so beautiful, such a good girlfriend“ he whispered against the soft flesh of your boobs before sucking on one of your nipples, his fingers taking care of the other as gentle praises fell from his lips every once in a while.
By the time he finally reached your core you were already wet, moaning his name when he blew cold air against your folds „Such a good girl for me, so wet“ he hummed, finally licking a long stripe through your folds, focusing on your bundle of nerves after. He had you close within a few minutes, hands desperately gripping onto his hair when he added two of his slender fingers into your entrance to help you over the edge, curling them just the way you liked it. „Cum for me pretty, let go for me“ he whispered against your wetness before gently sucking on your clit.
You were seeing white when you tumbled over the edge, desperately pushing his head into your core but Mitsuya had no intention of moving away until you calmed down, littering kisses over your thighs when you released the grip on his hair. Smiling up at you he mumbled more praises, slowly moving the kisses up your body until his length was lined up, carefully entering your tight walls with a hiss. Still sensitive from your previous orgasm you held onto his biceps, walls fluttering around him once he started to move in a slow but steady pace. „You are doing so Well, such a good girl for me." He moaned out, needing to control himself to not snap his hips into you, wanting this to be about you.
With every drag of his cock against your plush walls you got closer, the knot in your abdomen tightening „Just let go my beautiful, you deserve this, so good for me“ he mumbled mindless, endless praises falling off his lips as he got lost chasing his own release, finally reaching it when you clenched around him, releasing together before he kissed you loving, hands caressing your skin ever so gentle „I love you my flower“ he hummed in your ear, hoping his sweet words helped to chase your demons away.
Tumblr media
Networks: @tokyometronetwork @tokyo-ballroom
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mikeysbabygirl · 2 months
Tumblr media
𝑾𝒐𝒍𝒇 𝒊𝒏 𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒆𝒑'𝒔 𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈
Warning : minors DNI, 18+. Pervy slightly obsessed Mitsuya, voyeurism, bondage kink, smut, hard Dom! Mitsuya, praise kink, nicknames ( pretty whore, love... Etc )
What is written in both bold and italics are flashbacks.
So guys, this won unanimously, most people wanted the pervy, mean!Dom Takashi and HERE HE IS. THIS doesn't mean I won't write the Rindou os, the Haitani brothers os and all the others, I will definitely write them, next time 🤫
Also, this is not a proper one shot, just a kind of porn without plot, therefore I didn't put so much details into it 😭
Since his earliest days, Mitsuya Takashi hardly had a minute for himself. Swimming in an ocean of blood and gangs, trying not to drown while carrying the weight of a family on sore shoulders.
Too much for his studies, there's priorities to life and his sisters were one. Well, that was until the day his mother saw his school grades dropping down, especially that he was only months away from graduation, and decided to hire a babysitter.
As much as the news should have made him a little bit relieved, he still could not drop the wheel completely. He needed to see that babysitter even once, what if they weren't good enough to keep his sisters?
Sometimes he comes to think it was a bad idea...
He never expected the babysitter to be his age, or this... pretty.
He opened the door already somehow frustrated, how can one be late to his first day to work ?
But the harsh words he's been chewing for fifteen minutes accidentally got swallowed, putting a lump in his throat the minute he saw you.
-" Oh finally !" The girl rolled her eyes, then flashed a big smile toward him. " I'm so sorry I'm late, I had trouble finding the house. I'm actually new to town and... "
And he was not listening. His eyes were literally absorbed in the shiny black hole you were, talking about how you moved in like you had knew him for years.
-" Anyway, I'm rambling. " He could tell your cheeks heated, and when you bit your lower lip shyly he could not tell anything else.
To meet you was an earthquake, and often in such cases the tsunami was soon to follow. He remembered perfectly how he could not keep his eyes for him as you introduced yourself to his sisters, how your eyes always shone bright when you talked, how you wore that light smile of yours just like it did not probably carry a hundred boy's hearts.
And all doubts which could have clouded his mind before he met you has been chased away by the sunshine you brought along, Mana and Luna looked absolutely delighted whenever you were around. And he was too, from the few times he talked to you without feeling like his heart was on a wild ride, he learned you too were soon to pass the graduation exam, which gave him a hand to you.
No really, the problem was not you.
There should be no problem.
It was just... That night where you fell asleep next to Luna on her bed, after reading a story to the girls.
You should have went home since almost an hour, he only came in to tell you he was home and you could go. But the sight to greet him knocked him off of his feet, frozen , he was, while the fire started gaining his guts.
He felt guilty, and so dirty, but he could not help staring at the curve of your hips while your short skirt rode them up, turning in your sleep. Goddamn... His sisters were there, sleeping next to you, he should just turn his back to you and walk out of there, as the angel on his right shoulder was saying.
But the voice on the left one began whispering loud tempting words to him, to take a picture that would last longer. He had to run away.
That night, Mitsuya locked himself in his room and tried releasing the throbbing pain between his legs. He touched himself thinking about your hips, about those pink panties you were wearing under your so short skirt. He gave it the tightest strokes, thinking about how your lips would close around him. And he threw his head back, coming in his hand, imagining how the white ropes would look like leaking from your bare legs that he saw for the first time that night.
It was a whole new feeling, sure he was not a virgin anymore and have had his fair amount of hook-ups, yet that felt different. That was not him, the guy who talked to you innocently in the morning, once the night comes chasing unholy thoughts that wore your name.
The game changer was when you offered to help him with some lessons he just couldn't seem to understand. Such a sin wrapped in a good deed.
Oh Mitsuya Takashi is so sweet, isn't he ? Eyes hunging on you with every little thing you explained, cheeks heating everytime you praised him for finding the right answer.
Maybe just a little bit clumsy, like that time he accidentally spilled water on your white shirt.
-" Shit, I'm so sorry... "
You smiled as sweetly as always, excusing him and guilt left a nasty scar on his mind because you put him on such a high pedestal that you didn't even thought...
That he could have made it in purpose. You didn't even thought that he was enjoying the sight of your breasts under the now transparent shirt a little too much. You never suspected anything when he said he needed to text a friend really quick, pulling out his phone and snapping some pictures of your perking up nipples.
He was clumsy, and you hoped he would soon feel comfortable around you. So you didn't said anything even if he dropped his pen a lot of times during the tutoring session, sneaking under the table to take it back.
He swore the first time was an accident, only a coincidence that when he was about to get up after taking back that pencil, his eyes spotted your panties under your dress.
The blood started running south, and all he could think about while you were busy explaining some math problem was how the fabric held your pussy perfectly, how tight pressed against your cunt it was, and how damp it would turn if you let him just rub his aching bulge between your legs.
- " Goddamn " he ran his hands through his hair after closing the door behind you that day, pressing his back against it and looking at the obvious bulge in his pants. " I'm so, so fucked up. "
Mitsuya Takashi respected women, he would never disrespect you or even think about touching you without your consent. He already was choking on the fact that he had fallen so low, chasing his high almost every night and thinking about your face, pumping his length and wishing he could spill on your pretty face, thick white drops of his love dripping from your mouth and cheeks, It was definitely a good thing that his sisters were already sleeping, because the pathetic grunts and moans of your name leaving his mouth only got higher until he finally reached cloud nine.
-" I won't take this. " You were hell bent on refusing the extra money he gave you with your usual babysitter salary. He bored his jaded gaze into you, although his weary face sent strange chills up your back, you stayed unmoved.
-"I would've never passed my exams without your help, you deserve it and more. " Your cheeks heated, not because of the words but the nonchalant way he'd said it, like it did not get you all flustered.
-" I did it for you, not for the money. Aren't we like... Friends ?"
So much for his unmoved expression, it all stumbled down the minute you said that, got him up all night thinking about how to return the favor, how he could possibly draw down his gratefulness to you.
In fact he figured out there was something he could do, the best thing he did actually. Therefore nights were spent, canvas were stained touching the curves of your body on paper sheets and creating the perfect clothes for you.
-" Damn... " Another crumbled up paper joined its siblings on the floor, he pulled his hair back and sighed loudly, cursing himself or your name or whatever was different about you that got him so... Obsessed. Why'd you have to seep opium in him ? So much that the only things crossing his mind were unholy, so much that it always had to be the tiniest clothes, the smaller fabrics, the most revealing pieces?
-" I'm fucking disgusting. " Yes, he hated himself, or the influence you had on him that turned him into such a pervert, this was not him.
His heart raced a beat faster while your hands shyly began opening the box, he pointed that he made it himself for you and you knew how everyone valued what he sewed, the act itself filled you with gratefulness.
Soon the gratefulness gave way to fluster, the ribbons fell down and you almost dropped the box seeing the white lace lingerie.
Your eyes drifted back toward him, and widened even more catching his impassive face. Were you panicking inside for nothing ?
-" That's... That's really pretty, wow, I mean... "
-" Won't ya try it ?"
No way he just said that, your heart missed a beat in the process of finding some convenient words. You were not going to show up in front of him... Like that? Were you ?
Doubts clouded your mind, were you uptight ? No because, he didn't flinched a second offering you his room to change in, was he used to it ? You might be overthinking... Takashi is a professional tailor, he has and will see many women in lesser fabric, for him that was just art and nothing else. It would probably be rude from you to decline, and well, you didn't wanted to look like a prude in front of such a cool guy.
Your anxiously ran your sweaty hands over the bare skin of your thighs, staring at the girl in the mirror. She looked... Different, it seemed like your body was not yours, but that of a more confident woman, for some reason it felt good, wearing something he had put so much time and work in.
An Aphrodite-like temptress, that was the first thing to come to his mind the minute you opened the door. You enamoring, and him levitating, gravitating toward you. Standing shyly and not daring to meet his eyes meanwhile him couldn't just keep his away from you.
He slowly began making his way toward you, drinking in the way you gulped down that delicate throat of yours. Up close, he could admire the contrast of the white fabric against your skin, upon seeing you wearing his art, he felt his chest blooming with adoration. As much as he imagined the piece on you, he never thought it would look so... Dazzling.
-" it's... It's perfect " you almost stuttered, finally catching the strength to meet his eyes. Stern purple hues looked through your eyes, his voice was dangerously low when he answered.
-" You make it look prettier. "
He didn't missed your breath hitching the minute his hand reached to caress the bra's white lace, his lips curved slightly into a sly smirk, sliding a finger up and down where he could feel your nipple hardening.
-" So soft... " He left his voice to trail, behind lingering touches on the longline bra. You shivered to the spine, ashamed to feel so eager for his touch but not daring once looking away.
-" Taka', what... " You swallowed a deep breath, his hand laid flat on your stomach, thumb randomly caressing the waistband of the white panties.
He wished to quit, but felt like a prisoner in his own body, a submissive to that sight of yours. Drinking on each part of your body and getting high on lust, the combo of your innocent doe eyes and sinful body digging his flesh's hunger deeper.
The whisper of his name leaving your mouth encouraged him to a bolder move, his hand closed around one of your breasts, a strangled grunt escaped his mouth the moment you threw your head on his shoulder. Internally he was glad you leaned in his touch, hearing you whispering his name again, he leaned toward your ear.
-" Yes ? Tell me what you need, love ".
You were almost by his fingertips, he could feel your walls breaking down, forehead on his shoulder while his other hand slided down your back, down...
-" I... I need... " He stole the words out from you again, squeezing your mound harder in his hand, enjoying your gasp. " There's... Here " you pulled back and grabbed his hand, his guts stirred up as you placed it on your clothed mons pubis. " Something in here... Please"
How could the devils of him not wake up, when you stood there so angelic and innocent, practically begging him to take you ?
-" Aw, don't worry baby. Gonna take real good care 'f ya, yeah ?"
-" But. " He stopped, holding a sharp glance at you. " We gonna do this my way. "
Tumblr media
Mitsuya Takashi is such a sweet guy, opening the door for you, offering to take you home after you kept his sisters, never raising his voice once no matter what.
Only behind closed doors, the wolf dropped the sheep's clothing, and with his fangs ripped off the soft fabric hiding your chest from his sight.
Mitsuya Takashi is a classy man, refined, therefore even the ropes tying you to his bed were of an expensive, bloody red fabric.
-" don't pull on the ropes. " He warned, sinking his knees deeper in the bed on top of you. " You're mine to hurt, no one else. "
His kisses were so loving, closing his eyes and rolling his tongue against yours like he always dreamed to do. You tasted as sweet as he imagined, and moaned the sweetest when his mouth closed around your nipple.
-" Ah, Taka' " you closed your eyes, feeling the ropes digging deeper in your wrists. And suddenly a gasp left your mouth, your cheeks getting harshly squeezed together by him.
-" Don't you dare looking away. Keep these pretty eyes o'mme. "
The purple in his eyes turned indigo under the desire, teeth pulling your panties down from the waistband, hands holding your hips steady. He spread your legs and his gaze was impossible to sustain, mesmerized by your dripping cunt, he felt his cock throbbing against his lower belly, already so hard by the meer sight.
-" Tsk, look what we've got here... " A frustrating heat spread between your legs when he collected your arousal upon your folds without ever really touching you. " act so shy out there for everyone else but in here, for me, you’re such a needy little slut... "
A whimper left your mouth, he guided his finger to your mouth.
-" Swallow it for me, love. " He forced it between your lips. " it wasn’t a suggestion, was an order. "
Such a giver, he was. Went down on you like you were his last meal, he had dreams of this, after all. Tasting you and humming from satisfaction, swirling his tongue around your swollen clit and fingering you until he got you screaming his name.
-" 's too much... Can't... Can't fucking take it !"
-" Shut up, I got you. "
Back to your level, face in front of yours,lips glistening from your previous high, a serious expression on his face, he squeezed together your cheeks with one hand.
-" Tell me, whose pussy is this ?"
He stared at your fucked up face, proud filled his chest seeing your eyes still rolling back from the overstimulation, but it was not what he needed right now. He watched your eyes widening as he slightly slapped your cheek.
It was intoxicating, how he always had to hold back, to hide the rude dark parts. But how you swallowed it and never even choked on his rougher edges got him hooked up to you, no need to hold back.
-" I asked you a question. "
You would've never, not in a million years thought he could act so rough toward you, or anyone else. But why did his stern face and deep voice make it only harder to look away from him ?
-" Yours... It's all yours, Taka " you smiled with lidded eyes, knocking him out of breath for few seconds until he buried his head in your neck, placing sweet kisses.
-" Mine. Only mine. "
His hands traveled down the new lands of your body, discovering and wishing he could mark you his dominion.
-" pussy's mine to ruin. " Seconds. Only seconds away from the hell threshold, lining his tip with your dripping entrance. " And 'm gonna do it so, so good baby. "
And that when he started sliding inside you, cock invading your walls that passion began, where your bodies united and your spirits joined together at the same time as your bodies became one.
The feeling of him inside you was better than all that you ever experienced, and soon, he started thrusting inside you at a crazy pace, as you opened your mouth and furrowed your eyebrows, drunk on the pleasure of his violent moves.
-" ugh, feels so... "
-" Right ?" He grunt, almost pounding inside you, eyes glued on your bouncing breasts. " See how good y'taking me ? you're so good to me, love. "
He could not take his eyes of your face, how it expressed full desire and lust, and he swore he never found someone as good looking as you while you were all tamed by him. His hand reached out to your neck, wrapping around it and stealing the slightest bit of breath from you.
-" Looks so fuckin' pretty, wearing... Uh god, wearing my touch like a fuckin' necklace. "
His grip on your throat tightened, and there, tied, you felt so free. Choked, yet he was fresh air to you . Bruised, yet you never felt as pretty as under his gaze. Lying, yet you stand so tall. You were devoted to him.
-" You have... No goddamn idea how much I've wanted this. " He breathed out, leaning to mark your neck. " Such a pretty whore for me. For me, yeah ?"
-" For... " You tried speaking, only to be cut off by a rather harsher thrust from him. You did not expected it to send you to overdrive, yet it had your eyes rolling and hole clenching around him.
-" Shit, princess " he scoffed in a breath, feeling the knot in his balls tightening. " Hugging my cock like a hungry slut, gonna... Gonna make me cum !"
His choice of words got your body shaking as you nodded in response, unable to form correct words to express how overstimulated you were.
He looked at you, the same incredible girl who got him crossing boundaries he never thought about, laying underneath him and coming undone because of him. It sounded ethereal, but looked heavenly, and felt intoxicatingly blissful.
-" Cum for me, Taka'. Want... Want to make you feel good " you whispered, still pulling at the ropes holding your wrists. He threw his head back and moaned your name out loud, only few thrusts before he quickly pulled out and white ropes covered your breasts.
He was a goner, high on some volatile narcotics. Your teary eyes, swollen lips, marked skin, all got him feeling so light. He could not believe, after months of flying around you like a moth to its flame, that now he got you drooling, breasts leaking his seeds, tied to his bed. His heart filled his entire chest, warmth spreading in all his body, was it love ?
His climax rarely hit him that hard, had him crashing against you, imprisoning you in his strong arms. His face nuzzled in the crook of your neck, then his biceps wrapped around your waist as he laid wet kisses on your bruised skin.
-" Fuck. That was... Fuck " he grunt, through your coming down, you laughed slightly at him, an angelic sound that had him looking at you with disbelief. You ignored him and tried freeing yourself once and for all from the restraints but soon his hand on yours stopped you, pushing you back against the mattress.
-" Uh uh, did I said you could move ?"
You froze hearing his stiff voice, his amethyst hues bored into yours, making you gulp down.
-" I thought we were done" you shrugged, letting him begining to undo your ties.
-" Hm, we are. For now. " he freed you and soon, you could not feel the sheets under your back anymore, finding yourself nuzzled in his strong arms, carrying you through the room.
-" What are you doing ?"
-" You did so well f'me, love... And I fucked you like I didn't care, now lemme show you I do care. "
You shifted your eyes at him and saw his weary impassive expression coming back, but when his eyes met yours, a soft smile grazed his pretty lips, that landed a kiss on your forehead as soon.
Mitsuya Takashi might be the wolf in sheep's clothing, but the afterglow was cotton-soft. Strong arms previously bruising your body were now holding your back against his torso in the bathtub, showering you with praises and sweet kisses, hands rubbing your stomach. Your perfume so engraved in him he knew he would live a hundred lifetimes before he could forget you.
-" I gotta admit... " You started, smiling over your shoulder, his heart missed a beat looking at your glowing face. " I thought you'd never make a move"
He was so cute, for a second dropping that dominant attitude. He was starstruck by your confession, left speechless that you all along knew he had a huge thing for you and didn't said anything.
-" I hate you... " He grunt, tightening his arms around your waist and burying his face in your neck.
-" do you ?" You teased, lifting his chin to stare at his eyes. They drifted toward your lips, still craving their taste and back to your hues, drowning in your eye color.
-" I wish I could. " He admitted, deep voice dropping lower from denial's cliff. " Wish I could rip ya off my fucking heart. "
But he could not, he just learned. And to fight against that wild thing you brought out of him was actually feeding that obsession.
But it was okay, right ? As long as you wore his bruises and marks like the prettiest clothes, as long as you took all of him, sugar coated and sword-sharp, it was tamed.
The wolf was tamed.
Network : @tokyo-ballroom @downtown-roponggi
I decided I don't like this, It's the first time I write a porn without plot and I know it's kinda too short, I jumped across a lot of moments and explanations because I simply had a looong week. But I really really wanted to write this, so here it is !
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Y/n:Sorry guys for not replying. I lost my aunt last night 🙁
Mikey:You lost your aunt??
Mikey:Did you find her
Draken:Mikey no.....
Mikey:I'm so sorry
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tiredlattes · 3 months
How They Lost Their Virginities
Warnings: NSFW
Reader: Female
Characters: Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Rindou
A quick apology, after the accidental deletion of this post I honestly fell into a very bad mindset since I had spent hours on it. I had no desire to work on it since I was so scared it would happen again, but now, with a good amount of free time and some inspiration I'm finally ready to complete the second half. Thank you for all the love and support <3
The long-awaited second half of How They (Almost) Lost Their Virginities -> Read The First Half Here
Tumblr media
After the whole car incident and the fact that you couldn't bring yourself to look your boyfriend's mother in the face after she found an open condom wrapper in the backseat of her car, both of you decided to just kind of cool it.
Your time began to fill up with college applications while Chifuyu worked on getting his license. The two of you would have study sessions together, flashcards scattered around you and breaks with a few kisses shared, though nothing really heated except for a make out session every now and again. Like I said, you both had goals on the mind.
It wasn't till the week of your winter break did it finally happen. Your parents were away visiting family, aiming to be back the day after you arrived home, and your boyfriend had managed to get time off work to drive to your university to pick you up.
Due to him having arrived late into the night you felt it would be best to just stay inside your dorm for the night and get a head start in the morning so you could be back home at a rather reasonable time.
With your roommate having already left the day before you felt no awkwardness with letting your boyfriend share your rather small bed with you. It felt nice, his arms wrapped around your waist as he peered over your shoulder at the small television you and your roommate had purchased. A rerun of a rather old anime that you and Chifuyu had seen before was currently on, though hardly held either of your attention.
Maybe that's how you found yourself in this current situation. His lips against the back of your neck as you grind back against him. When you reach back to try and cup him does he finally stop what he's doing. Gently grasping your wrist and kissing at your shoulder apologizing for his lack of control. However, said control goes out the window when you gently pull your hand away from his, grabbing at his wrist and leading his hand to your breast.
His eyes are wide as you lead it to your chest. The faint glow of the television allows him to see your nervous expression, biting at your lip as you seem to be thinking something over. Once your mind is settled you look at him with a small smile, and apply a bit of pressure against his hand, having him grope you. "Lets do it." You finally whisper.
Chifuyu has to blink a couple times, processing what exactly you had just asked him. You wanted to do it. You wanted to have sex with him. His breathing is shaky and his face is flushed at the very idea, quickly, he sits up, causing you to jump in a bit of surprise. "I'll be right back!" He says a bit to loudly, giving you a quick kiss before scampering out of your bed to try and rush out to his car.
You watch from your window, biting at your bottom lip to stifle your laughter as you watch Chifuyu try to run down the icy street. The parking lot is quite a distance away, but you see your boyfriend make his way back up about five minutes later, once again nearly slipping, and clearly hiding something in his pocket. He gives an embarrassed apology to an elderly couple he nearly ran into before finally darting back towards your dorm.
Once inside, everything happens so fast. Your clothes are on the floor and his lips are on yours. He kisses you for a while, laying on top of you as you both begin to grind against one another. The gasp you release once he latches onto your nipple makes him groan, his hips grinding against your bed at the sound. He wastes no time making his way down, his lips kissing your stomach, your thighs and your clit that's hidden by your drenched underwear that he quickly discards.
Your quick to weave your fingers through his hair an embarrassed moan clawing from your throat as he begins to hungrily lick at you. No Peke J to attack him, and no car door flying open, causing you to tumble out. No, he makes sure your legs are wrapped around his shoulders as he hungrily sucks on your clit. The noises you make honestly make him nearly come right then and there, but he holds back. Instead, slipping two fingers inside to hear more.
He already lost the opportunity twice to have you cum on his mouth, he's not letting it go again. Thus, he moans it your cunt when he feels you cum. He allows you to grind against his face, your head thrown back, back arched, and beautiful tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Once he pulls away, you both meet half way, lips colliding as he grabs you by the hips to bring you closer.
You try to reach down to which he again, grabs your wrist. "I won't last long if you touch me, when I come I want it to be inside you." He insists, reaching down to his discarded pants to try and search for one of the condoms he grabbed. His face goes red when you comment that he was responsible for carrying protection around. However, he would never admit to you the real reason.
The fact that when his mother excitedly opened his wallet to see his new license and found a condom inside one of the pockets, he ended up getting hit upside the head with said wallet. Being lectured by his mother that keeping a condom in a wallet is one of the worst things you could do, and if he ever wanted to keep protection on him to at least keep it somewhere hidden in the car.
After he slipped the condom on he honestly stilled, staring down at you. Hair messy, skin covered in sweat and thighs slick with your first orgasm. He wanted to remember this moment forever. Once more, he grabbed at your thighs, pulling you closer so his cock laid flushed against your clit, earning a moan from the both of you. Due to lacking lubrication, Chifuyu decided to just grind his cock against your drenched pussy, earning him a few beautiful moans whenever the head would brush against your clit.
He didn't finally stop until you started to announce that you were once again coming. Chifuyu reached down, his thumb pressing against your aching clit, helping you reach your second release before finally grabbing his cocking and redirecting it to your twitching hole.
The sound of both of you gasping as he finally slips inside is the only noise that bounces off the walls of your room (well, except for the tv you never turned off in the background to help try and drown out the noises you two were making). Chifuyu rests his body against yours as he steadily eases in, his fist grasping at the pillow beside your head while your legs wrap around his waist to pull him closes, your nails scratching at his back causing him to twitch inside you.
You're heaven. He's going to come right then and there with how tight you are. But he tries his best to remain calm, to not finish early. But honestly, its hard with how you whimper that he fills you up so nice into his ear, that you want him to move and fuck your pussy. Thus, he does as you request. Sitting up slightly to capture your lips before thrusting his hips. With how much he's already worked up and with how sensitive you are with your past two orgasms it doesn't take long for the two of you to both finish.
Chifuyu is honestly a bit embarrassed but you tell him not to worry, especially when he pulls out to get rid of the used condom, just to turn around to see you on your hands and knees, presenting yourself to him for another round. He nearly fell off the bed trying to quickly get another condom.
After the incident at the school both of you become a bit paranoid. Whenever the two of you try spending time alone every little noise causes you both to jump apart. His mother could be away and his sisters at school with you both on his couch, his lips against your neck. However, you're quick to jump away from each other when you even hear his next door neighbor open and close their door with a rather loud slam.
He'll still leave lingering touches, passing by you in the kitchen and placing a hand upon your waist before kissing your cheek and walking away to help his mother set the table. No more risky hip grabs and neck kisses though.
As the two of you got older, it was obvious to Mitsuya's mother that the two of you obviously wanted some alone time together, thus, whenever she'd get off work she made it a goal to take her younger daughters out so her son could spend time with you.
She'd even go as far as announcing that they wouldn't be back till late, really late sometimes, depending on what they decided to do. Though, she'd only come home confused with her tired daughters wobbling past her to get to their room, as she stared at her son on one end of the couch and you on the other.
At first she thought the two of you had an argument due to the separation, however, she didn't know that you two had set an alarm for the possible time she could be returning with her daughters, giving you enough time to calm your flushed faces and correct yourselves.
It wasn't till Mitsuya finally found a studio to work in that it happened between you both.
Mitsuya had announced earlier to his mother that week that he had wanted to do something special for you, seeing as you'd been busy with school and him his fashion career. He'd signed off on the space last week and was wanting to surprise you with it, though his mother had other thoughts. Her heart swelled at the thought that after her son would return home the following night he'd be an engaged man.
Oh, how off she was.
Marriage was the last thing either of you could afford at the moment honestly and Mitsuya really didn't care to explain to his mother that he and you were planning to lose your virginities to each other that night. Thus, he let her believe whatever she wanted.
He had prepared you both a bento picnic to enjoy with each other and left a few blankets and pillows throughout the week at his studio. Luckily nobody questioned him as he brought them in, instead just deciding that he was keeping them there for late nights when he decided to work late at the office. Once again, what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.
You both ended up meeting outside the building of his new studio location, your eyes wide and excited as he led you inside. Once inside you both take a seat on the makeshift palette Mitsuya had put together, spreading out the different bentos, and his cheeks becoming red as you proudly show off the cheap bottle of wine you managed to snag from your parents liquor cabinet. It had been a gift from a relative, and you had heard the comment from both of them that they didn't really care for cheap wine, later that evening, so hopefully they wouldn't mind that it was missing.
The night was quick to fall into a fit of laughter as you exchanged stories. Yours revolving around school and Mitsuya's around the people he'd currently met on the floor his studio's located on. Happy laughter quickly shifted into drunken as you both finished the bottle of wine, your stomach full and both of you in rather good spirits. It wasn't till you both cleaned up (rather clumsily) and laid down, allowing the alcohol to steadily leave your system did things start turning.
At some point Mitsuya's lips had found yours, a soft and gentle kiss steadily becoming heated, especially when you climbed on top of him. Both your shirts were first to go along with your bra. Once your breasts bounced free, Mitsuya was quick to latch on, sucking and biting at your nipple, while groping and massaging the breast he couldn't get to. He couldn't help but groan when you started grinding against his growing erection, which you were quick to reach down and quickly free from the confines of his pants.
Mitsuya released a shacky breath once you stood up to finish stripping, watching as you slipped your skirt off along with your underwear and kicked them to the side. Once you sat back down on his hips, he made quick work of slipping two fingers inside you. He chuckled lowly and your pleasured expression, however his teasing was short lived once you reached down yourself to grasp his growing cock in your hand.
He couldn't help but throw his head back at the feeling of you spitting on his cock while quickly thrusting your hand up and down as you began to ride his fingers. It didn't take long for him to know when he was about to come, the knot in his stomach becoming tighter with each thrust of your hand. Thus, he quickly grabbed at your wrist, begging you to stop before he came, to which you did.
While you gave him time to calm down, he watched you climbed off his lap, crawling over to the back he had brought in search of the condoms he'd mentioned in his text earlier that week. Once his breathing began to even out, he smirked, crawling up behind you and placing a hand on the center of your back to push you down. You watched as he opened up another compartment, pulling out a condom and handing it to you.
He watched with amusement as you excitedly opened the package before handing it back to him. Mitsuya was quick to slip on the rubber, moaning lowly at the snugness, before aligning at your drooling entrance. You had grabbed a pillow as he slipped on the condom, moaning into it as he now slowly entered you.
You both remained still, adjusting to each other and whimpering as Mitsuya kissed along your neck and shoulders. You both released a shaky moan as he slowly began to thrust, moving his hips at a steady pace as to allow you to adjust to his size. However, it didn't take long for you to start begging him to go faster, for him to roughly grab you by the hips and pull you back against his thrusts.
The room that was once filled with laughter was now filling with heat and sweat as your boyfriend rutted into you like an animal in heat, not that you were complaining. In fact you were reaching behind you, grabbing at his thigh and begging for him to go harder.
Such request is why you were now on your back, staring up at the love of your life as he shifted you into a mating press before roughly thrusting back in. You were quick to wrap your arms around his neck, moaning lovingly as you clawed at his back, his cock now reaching deeper inside you. It wasn't long after switching positions, your pussy grasping him tightly and twitching that he realized you were close to coming.
Thus, Mitsuya was quick to reach down, his thumb rubbing circles against your clit, to help you reach your climax. He wasn't expecting, however, the liquid the threatened to push him out of your pussy as your squirted due to overstimulation. Such an action had him coming with just a few more thrusts.
He was quick to catch himself from falling on top of you, instead slipping out and lying by your side. Both of you had a hard time catching your breaths as your lips quickly met, Mitsuya bringing you closer to his body as you draped a leg around his hip. Once the adrenaline died down, and the room began to cool off did he help you clean up, pulling one of the blankets over you and pressing a soft kiss against your forehead before dozing off.
Honestly, you two don't let the love hotel incident phase either of you. However, you also didn't try again right after. When Rin came home that night his older brother didn't even try and hide his laughter, however, he doesn't know what exactly happened either, so he just kinda assumes.
For the next few weeks Rindou gets spammed with links from his older brother of porn videos such as "Fucking my girlfriend and it slips out because I have a small dick" "Fucked my girlfriend off the bed and she got a concussion it was so good" "Accidentally came after entering my neighbor for the first time"
Rindou tries his best to ignore the texts and tells his older sibling he hopes his phone gets virus. Personally he's more embarrassed than angry, especially because in the end he had to figure out an excuse to give to his older sibling as to why your nose was bleeding when you two arrived back at his place.
You do make sure to tease him with the lingerie though. Sending him photos of you wearing it, of your cleavage, of your ass with the skirt barely covering it. And all when you know he's having meetings with Kanto Manji Gang.
It's even worse when Ran see's your name pop up, leading to him trying to glance over his younger brothers shoulder at your scantily clad form. A form that is meant for his eyes only.
However, sending an image of the lingerie top hugging your breasts tighter than usual with your nipples clearly showing through the thin fabric is what finally led Rindou to making a move. Having shown up at your door step in the middle of the night after a meeting and said spicy image from earlier sent just about two hours prior. When you open the door you're out of the lingerie, now replaced with an oversized t-shirt, shorts and a tired expression, almost as if he had woken you up.
Oh, well.
Maybe he should feel bad. It is nearly midnight after all, however, he also currently has an erection and expects you to take responsibility. Thus, he wastes no time entering your home, dragging you with him and finally releasing you once inside your bedroom. Luckily your parents are gone for the weekend, something you had mentioned earlier, so he doesn't even try to close your bedroom door. He can see your messed up bed, a clear sign that he did obviously wake you up.
However, he doesn't mind, it'll be messed up further in a few minutes anyway. He takes a seat, and eyes you up and down, watching as you try to wake yourself up further. "Change." Is all he says, leaning back on one of his hands as he begins unbuttoning his gang jacket. It doesn't take you long to understand what he wants, a tired frown being replaced with a tired yet amused smile.
You make quick work, rushing over to your dresser and grabbing the lingerie before rushing into your private bathroom. Sure, maybe you'd probably liked a little heads up as to do your make up and maybe work on your hair a bit, but at the same time now you don't have to worry about runny mascara, and wasted hair products.
By the time you step out Rindou is already undressed, left in his boxers and- did he push your dressers away from your bed a bit? You shake off the idea, climbing onto the bed and allowing him to guide you onto his lap. He lets you reach up and gently take his glasses off, leaning over a bit farther than usual to try and place his glasses on the nightstand.
You can't help but yelp as you feel a harsh smack against your ass, eyes going wide. Quickly, you turn your head to glare at your boyfriend who pretends he didn't just leave a handprint on your ass. With a huff, you finally set his glasses down returning to the spot on his lap soon after.
Once comfortable, you can't help but feel a little shy as your boyfriend takes in your appearance. The light of your bedside lamp provides more of a clear view of how you look, better than whatever trash lighting the love hotel had tried to use. Rindou can't help but bring his hands to your sides, feeling the expensive fabric under his finger tips before slipping his hands underneath to grasp at your hips.
Slowly, he leads you into a slow pace of you grinding against his clothed erection. However, the pace doesn't last long nor does your underwear. Both are discarded, leaving you in just the sheer slip, your wet pussy grinding against your boyfriends exposed cock. You release a shacky breath whenever his tip rubs against your clit, and any time you start to slow down due to this, Rin is grasping your ass and moving you to keep going.
Even after you announce that you're about to cum he shows no mercy. Instead, he bucks his hips upward, causing more friction. The smile that pulls at the corner of his lips is subtle but it's there, watching as you fall apart on his lap, your come slipping onto his cock, mixing with his precum. He expects you to stop, to request a moment of rest before continuing, however, it seems you had other plans.
Climbing off his lap and resting between his knee's, taking his thick cock into your mouth with a delighted hum. Rin is quick to reach down and grasp at your hair, throwing his head back as he feels you deep throat him. He wastes no time, abusing your mouth to try and reach his climax, watching as tears stream from your eyes. The sounds you make are lewd and honestly, he's living for it.
He allows you to pull away, grasping at his cock and stroking it quick with your tongue hanging out. Such a sight doesn't take long for him to reach his peek, his come landing on your cheek and tongue. Honestly, he came a lot more than he'd expected, though he'd not complaining because you're happily licking up what he has to offer.
Once you've cleaned up, you're right back on him, hips raised and hands lifting the lingerie a bit so he can try and find your entrance. Once he does, his hands find your hips guiding you down his length. Honestly, Rin wants nothing more than to start thrusting up into you, to have you cream again but this time with his cock inside you, however, he's patient. He lets you get used to his size and waits till you start moving yourself.
Only then does he start thrusting upwards, watching as your breasts bounce with each thrust, as you cry out his name as you quickly reach another climax, nearly squeezing the life out of him. He happily helps you pull the top part of your lingerie down, pulling you towards him so your chests are pressed against one another. His lips find yours, and he chuckles against them whenever you whimper, moaning that he's stretching you so wide, whenever he hits deep enough to find your special spot.
He also enjoys the little yelps you make when he slaps at your ass, a silent demand to not slow down, to go faster, which you try your best to do. It isn't till your next orgasm is he finally coming inside you, holding you close with your lips against his. Once you both pull away to catch your breaths does he finally hear you whimpering that he came inside, that he didn't bring condoms. That's okay though, because if anything happens, he'll take responsibility, he'll support you, stay by your side if you grow pregnant with his child.
Not like he's all worried, because Kanto Manji Gang is taking a turn soon, and he wants you there by his side the whole way through.
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yuumayn7 · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers
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pfpanimes · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌕ tokyo revengers - mitsuya takashi.
like or reblog if you save/use.
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simpforchuchu · 5 months
What would they if they find out someone is harassing/therating you ?
A/n: Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: gang stuffs, violence
Tumblr media
• He's always been a caring and understanding boyfriend
• So he started to notice the change in your demeanor but hasn't asked anything yet.
• After a while your introversion started to bother him.
• When he came to your school one day,one of your close friends told him that you had threatened you to break up with him and that they would hurt Draken if you dont.
• He found that boy without being seen by you and no one knows what he did
• But that boy could never even look at you again
Tumblr media
• He's a pretty loving boyfriend
• But as the day went on, he started to worry when he saw that you were startled by even the slightest sound.
• One day, while yoy were sitting together, he asked you to pop some popcorn and he saw the message on your phone.
• Someone was threatening and harassing you
•  He got angry but didn't show it to you
• He never forgot the boy's number and found out who he is
• He beat the boy to death in a public place and shouted
• "I will kill anyone who reaches out to what is mine!"
Tumblr media
• He's a pretty caring boyfriend
• So he'll understand when you start acting weird
• But he won't get an answer when he asks you
•  One day, while he was waiting for you on the street, he was scared when you suddenly walked towards him nervously.
• "Babe, what's wrong?"
• He said he'd handle it when you told him someone was following you and he moved on to the guy
• He will gently warn the man
• If the man doesn't listen, he will definitely beat him there.
Tumblr media
• he won't understand
• He will understand something when Chifuyu tells him that there is something strange in your behavior
• One day, when he wants to pick you up from school unannounced, he will start following you when he realizes that someone is following you.
• He'll catch and beat up the man who's stalking you while you change your path
• No one can scare his lover
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arminaneka · 3 months
Things they do when there child is born
Mikey: He honestly doesn't want to let his child go if you want to hold your child he will tell you to get some rest.
Draken: Draken is a cutie he will buy cute clothes and shoes for his child. He also does all the house work.
Kazutora: Kazu is also clingy to his child he won't want to give him to anyone to hold.
Baji: He is honestly rough with the child! Sometimes you have to remind him that he has to be gentle.
Chifyu: He honestly does the things that are expected, he feeds the baby changes their diaper and ofc he would tell you to get loads of rest!
Mitsuya: He will make cute clothes for his child and he will make something for you to thank you for carrying his child into this world.
Sanzu: He will try to stop do drugs(Still does it) and he would spend loads of time with his child tho.
Ran: Oh boy..... Ran would be a good dad when his child is born. He would try to leave work early just so that he can go home and see them!
Rindo: Rindo sadists behavior makes you wonder how he would act around his kid. you thought he would be sluggish and unhappy but he was the complete opposite! He is such dear he is happy and always has energy for your child.
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itsstrawberrymochi · 6 months
hey how is ur day going? I just want to ask if you could write ,,Tr boys reacting to someone saying something suggestive about your body'' part 2 with haitani brothers(seperated) and sanzu?
Tumblr media
Hello! My day was fine thank you for asking <3 thank you so much for the request! I was actually planning on doing a part two so I just added some other characters since I already wrote it from before hope you enjoy :p
Warnings: violence, slightly suggestive, m*rder at Sanzu’s part, kinda sorta graphic descriptions of the person who was beat up, mention of blo*d, swearing mention of a g*n, weapon use
A/n: There’s a part in Chifuyu’s hcs that you may have heard before can you guess what it is 😩
Tumblr media
- To you and his close friends Chifuyu comes off as a sweet, dorky, idiotic person with a kind soul
- Not only is he sweet but he can also get extremely protective over the people he respects and cares deeply about
- So it’s no surprise that Chifuyu felt a pit of rage fuel inside of him when over heard some guy he didn’t even know and pretty sure you didn’t either say a nasty inappropriate comment about you
- With his fist clinched and his teeth gritted he turns to the guy who made the disgusting comment and asked them to repeat what they said
- It’s not like Chifuyu didn’t hear what they said oh no no he’s giving them a second chance to change it or take it back
- But dumbass didn’t seem to catch what was going on and said it again
- Without missing a beat Chifuyu grabbed them by the collar of their shirt aggressively pushing them onto the ground he sat on top of them and began to mercilessly punch their face over and over again
- At this point Chifuyu’s knuckles hurt and was stained red with the man’s blood but he kept going
- After a few more punches Chifuyu finally got off of him, he picked up the now bloody face man by the collar once more looking him dead in in the eyes anger written all over Chifuyu’s
“ Keep my s/o’s name out of your fucking mouth”
- Honestly Takashi isn’t a violent person
- Yes he use to be affiliated with a gang and all but yet he doesn’t use violence to solve every problem welllll excluding this one
- Mitsuya really wanted to ignore the bastard that said something about you and move on with his day it’ll be the more logical choice
- But the man kept talking on and on about you as if he was your s/o which was certainly not true and the things he said was extremely inappropriate and made Mitsuya anger grow by the second
- In the end Mitsuya decide to throw all logic out the window and opted to use violence after all you’re his s/o and it’s his job as your boyfriend to protect you
- Mitsuya grabbed the man by the shirt and smashed his head into their nose, the man’s nose broke upon impact
- A large amount of blood ran down the man’s face from his broken nose, Mitsuya still held a tight grip on the his shirt
- Staring him dead in the eyes Mitsuya told him to never speak of you again or he’ll break another body part of his
- As everyone knows Shin can’t fight to save his life
- The eldest Sano gets his shit rocked every fight the black dragons have and is always the one to be in the worst condition out of literally every other gang member
- But that didn’t stop him from hitting the man who said you would look a lot more hot if you exposed more skin square in the jaw
- Shinichiro didn’t even think twice about it, his hands moved faster than his brain
- The hit was a lot stronger than the usual punches the raven haired boy threw but this was still Shin so it was no surprise the man was still able to get up after it
- He was a lot more bigger than Shinichiro and yet Shin wasn’t afraid and got into position to continue the fight lucky enough Wakasa was there so he was able to step in and defend his leader and your image
- Yes Shinichiro’s hand is probably broken now but he he’s fine with that he’ll break his bones 1000 times if it means defending you
- Sanzu is one crazy ass mf who would most definitely commit murder if it means keeping you safe
- Sanzu also has a bit of a possessive side so to hear your name in another man’s mouth set something off inside him and to make matters even worst they said a suggestive remark about your body
- Sanzu believes the only person who can talk about you in that way his him and him alone
- Whoever else dare says something about you is pretty much asking for Sanzu to kill them
- Sanzu knows he wasn’t going to let that vile man live to see another day after what he said about you, Sanzu could simply whip out his gun and put a bullet in his head, the job would be done in 1 2 3 but no Sanzu thinks that’s letting him off easy, his death would be too quick
- He wants them to suffer first make them regret thinking about you in such a perverted way, make their last emotions fear and regret
- He decided to beat the man with a pipe until his entire body turned black and blue
- Every inch of his body was swelled and bloody the man’s face looked nothing like how it did before Sanzu beat him finally Sanzu drove his katana right into his chest leaving him to bleed out and die
- He would kind of have the same reaction as Hanma he wouldn’t react to the comment immediately with violence like the other guys instead choosing to hear what else they think of you
- He would walk over to them swinging a hand around their shoulder it seems like a friendly gesture it may seem like Ran and this random person had been friends forever by how comfortable Ran is acting around him
- He then asks the man to rate your body from 1-100
- The man still blind to what the Haitani is getting at does what he asks
- It was clear the pervert was interested in you so he give you a pretty high number
- He rated you a nice 88
- A sadistic smirk comes across Ran’s face feeling more that satisfied at his answer but at the same time burning with jealousy since it seemed the man probably had a crush on you
- Taken out the baton he still carries around from when he was younger
- He took a powerful swing at the man’s head the smirk never leaving his face despite the cruel action he just did
- He beat on the person 88 whole times the number he so graciously rated you
- It was most likely more than 88 because ran kept “ losing count”
- By the time Ran was done beating on him the man was out cold
- Before Ran went about business he wrote something on a piece of paper sticking it to the person’s chest to read when he wakes up
- It read;
Next time you want to talk about someone’s body make sure it’s not my s/o Kay?
- Rindou scoffs, he feels repulsed by the fact someone as disgusting and unworthy as them had your angelic name in their filthy mouth moreover they had the audacity to spurt a suggestive comment about a body that does not belong to them
- Ridnou let’s out a tired sigh taking his glasses off and putting it inside his uniform’s pocket doing a quick stretch before proceeding his attack
- He didn’t feel like getting violent it was supposed to he his “off day” he’d like to call it
- Rindou didn’t give the person a second to think because in a blink of an eye the man was on the ground in a headlock by Rindou
- The person could feel this immense pressure and excruciating pain on their arm they wanted to move oh so badly but they knew if they moved even in the slightest their arm would break
- They began to yell in pain and begged for anyone to help but the people passing by pretend not to hear or see, that’s Haitani Rindou one of the the rulers of Roppongi it was a no brainer not to mess with him so not wanting to end up the same way as the unfortunate man they passed not giving a second glance
- Rindou began to grow annoyed by all the yelling in his ear, he made a firm pull on their arm and a loud snap sound ripples through the air
- If the man’s yelling wasn’t loud enough already… it somehow got louder he began to cry in agony begging for him to stop
- But did he stop there? Nope! Rindou doesn’t think that was enough
- So he goes on to break his two legs because he thinks a peasant like them should crawl
- After snapping the two legs like toothpicks Rindou gets off the ground dusting himself off placing his glasses back on his face walking away like he didn’t nearly murder someone
- With the youngest finally off the man uses this chance to try and quickly crawl away desperately wanting to escapes his torture
- Ran suddenly pops up infront of him carelessly swinging his baton
“ Man your luck is shit huh? out of all the people in Japan you just had to say something about y/n” the eldest snickers
- Ran is the one who gives the final blow with his baton
- And even though you were his lttile brother’s s/o he still felt like he had to do that after all you are family and if you’re important to Rindou then you’re important to him
- With his most trusted men at his side Izana was walked around the Tenjiku base enjoying the calm afternoon while on this walk he heard one of of the lower ranking members mention your name and something not very appropriate after in a conversation he was having with another member
- The man turned pale once he had seen the leader of Tenjiku aka the boyfriend of the person he just spoke so inappropriately about
- Izana blankly stared at the man his expression revealed nothing about the way he felt at the moment which just placed the man in more fear
- He give his men a nod towards the man and it didn’t take them much to know what the leader wanted
- They all went over the man and started to beat the living shit out of him while Izana stared and watched still with a blank face
- Izana finally called them off
- The man began to become hopeful thinking he was free from his torture but he wasn’t free just get
- Izana walked over to him with his hands in his pocket and give him a hard kick to the face
- The hit by the strongest member easily took him out
- the scene took place in front of almost all members in the a gang every since that day everyone’s been avoiding saying your name like the plague
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rindoushousewife69 · 3 months
Tumblr media
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souyasbabyy · 4 months
your instagram while dating mitsuya
mitsuya was the most requested so i'm doing him before rindou, just pls, if i don't post right away don't spam my askbox, it doesn't make me want to do it faster anyway, take care of yourself, all of you, love uu <3
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y/n: today was fun <3
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sano_em: my favorite couple
hakkai094: IT WAS
└ matsunooo: were you third wheeling again?
└ hakkai094: i don't mind!
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y/n: thanks hakkai for the prettiest picture of my instagram
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hakkai094: you're welcome
sano_em: so pretty <333
└ y/n: riiiiight
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y/n: just the two of us
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tak4mitsuy4: <3
luunaaaa: i luve you y/n
└ y/n: i love you too luna
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y/n: it's us kissing in the moonlight
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MIKEYYYYY: make it more cheesy
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y/n: tell me something i have to draw on his face
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nah00ya: a dick
hakkai094: a heart
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