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aro-mace · 16 hours
I love that Camila is legitimately such a good mother. It would've been so easy to write her off as some neglectful and abusive mother who is ableist and wants to erase all of Luz's neurodivergent traits and quirks by sending her to an evil camp (takes I've actually read). But no. Camilla loves her daughter so, so much.
She accepts Luz's quirks, understands what she's going through, supports her and is clearly fond of Luz's overactive imagination and interests, like her saving the foil cranes Luz made her even after Luz (or at least Vee disguised as Luz) threw them away.
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Another sweet thing is how fast she accepts Vee. Even after Vee impersonated her daughter for months, Camilla still sympathised with her and welcomed her with open arms, even trusting her with everything after she has to leave for the Demon Realm.
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Even when the world is trying to inhibit Luz's neurodivergence, Camila still defends her daughter. She is completely ready to fight people who make fun of her daughter and clearly tries to support her through everything.
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Literally the only reason that Camila was even going to send Luz to camp was because she legitimately thought it would help her daughter make friends and fit in. She obviously got bullied and felt isolated as a kid and doesn't want her daughter to go through what she did.
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She IMMEDIATELY bought books on parenting LGBTQ to understand her daughter better and most likely read books on Luz's ADHD as well after she got diagnosed.
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She is fully ready to go to the DEMON REALM, which she's probably been told all the horrifying details about and just seen their creepy, cryptid looking emperor go to, just to protect her children and keep them safe.
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In conclusion, Camilla is best mom.
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mysteriousowlspy · 17 hours
Can we please discuss the fact that in Labyrinth Runners Gus off-handily told a scout (dressed as a friend), that the head of the Emperor's coven is a smelly homeless boy who hasn't showered in a week and to "be nice" about it.
Scout: *manifesting their high school drama improv days*
Gus: smelly, stinky boy
Scout: Uhhh... that line doesn't give me a lot to work with here
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enigmajaytime · 2 days
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They truly are the most siblings ever
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meltingchaos · 1 day
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Emperor Phillip doodles!
More stuff for this au thingy I've had in my brain, no concrete story yet I just love drawing little Phillip acting like his nasty older self. what a creepy kid.
initial doodle that sparked this
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szeligena · 3 days
«what will happen to us then¿»
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eryan-lainfa · 2 days
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Welp it has been 30 days since I drew anything and I will have to draw for my projects very soon eventually. So have a Huntlow warm up doodle !
They all deserve happiness and hugs and kisses obviously.
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By the time E&E comes along, FP is fully aware of CP's murderous habits and, as self-appointed moral compass, he has to pull the petty card a LOT in order to trip up his villainous plans.
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So I was rewatching TOH, when I came across this
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Gus's desk. And I saw
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gus kept mattholomule's things.
Gustholomule crumbs.
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haystarlight · 17 hours
*Huntlow kissing*
Luz: Now that we’re doing it, it feels a little weird to be staring at your friends while they kiss
Hooty: Are you kidding?! It’s beautiful!
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novelist-becca · 9 hours
Why did it take me this long to realize that Ghost being a white cat is basically the inverse of most witches’ familiars.
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owlhouseismyhome · 2 days
Lumity pins are here!!
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Check it out here
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isaidbread · 18 hours
Thinking deeper into Luz’s depression.
After the events of Hollow Mind, Luz and Hunter know what became of the former Golden Guards. Luz knows how Belos learned the Light Glyph. And she’s seen what he’s done with it. I wonder if Luz blames herself, not only for the Day of Unity, but for all the other witches that Belos has killed as a result of his experiments. She knows what what he did with the Glyphs and what he did with the Sigils. And she knows how long he’s been doing it; several centuries.
Luz already blames herself for helping Phillip meet the Collector, and teaching him the final Glyph. And given how dark her mental spiral has been going, I wonder if in some setting she realises how much suffering and death has been caused by her acts of naive kindness.
Does Luz blame herself for helping Phillip enact generations of genocide?
JFC Dana, she’s 14! Give her a break! D: Her and Hunter are hanging by a thread as-is!
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gideonthe9 · 2 months
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dana akdjfjckfjfm
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sabertoothwalrus · 1 month
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girl (?) talk
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rileyclaw · 29 days
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 i had a dream about this scenario last night.
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