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Todoroki: Brace yourselves. If it shows Dabi, be sure not to look directly into his eyes.
Midoriya: Because we’ll turn to stone?
Todoroki: [confused] No. because his eyes are ugly.
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finished it :p
(click for better quality cuz tumblr messed it up)
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❤️DabiShoto - The ceremony~ (1/2): ~The Bride & The groom~ Patreon / Twitter
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i so viscerally desire platonic tdbk content you have NO fucking idea. they would be GREAT fucking friends if you just allowed it to marinate in your soup brain for one fucking second- OKAY?! they would be best friends even, if you just stopped- MAKING THEM HATE EACH OTHER!!!!!!! WHEN THATS FAR FROM THE TRUTH??? todoroki wants to be friends with bakugou sooooo bad ooo he wants to be friends SO bad. best fucking friends. the. BEST. todoroki purposeful (yet funny) ways of antagonizing bakugou. "we are great friends" "DO YOU NEED A NEW HEAD?!"
que "you march in there and tell your sister we arent friends!" "ka-cchan!!!"
que the time todoroki softly smiled at a joke told from bakugou, understanding (UNDERSTANDING) that was bakugous indirect way of making him feel better.
que litterally all the times theyve spent together.
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bakugou gave him a sweater :) (it is a cheap, neon green sweater with like. sharpie on it. it clashes with todoroki's….. everything actually)
(do not repost)
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Todoroki Shoto 💙
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After performance, seems like Izuku can't hold back anymore
Context: Part 1
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Can i get headcannons for Shoto having like a little sister who’s like 5 and she’s like a crybaby? Like always crying or like is always teary? Shes also like super scared of Endeavor and is always crying whenever he’s mentioned or whenever he’s shown on tv
Neverending Tears - Shoto Todoroki
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A/N: Hello! Thank you so much for requesting! Sorry it took so long, but I hope at least I met your expectations.
With his mother in the hospital and his dad being a pro hero, for a while Fuyumi and Natsuo had to raise the newest addition to the Todoroki family, Y/N Todoroki.
Shoto helped the best he could, but Endeavor never really gave him the opportunity to be around.
When you were older he was able to be around more.
Moreso, in fact, you stuck to him more than you did your other siblings. You’d sleep in his room, follow him around, and watch him train from time to time.
When your quirk developed and it was half-n-half like his and Endeavor wanted to train you as well, Shoto wouldn’t have any of it. 
Your father admitted that what he’d done in the past was wrong and he was going to train you properly, but Shoto wouldn’t let him go near you. He’d seen how Endeavor treated you and he knew how much you feared your father.
The final straw was when Endeavor lost his temper, injuring you greatly. Your tear ducts were damaged, leaving you permanently teary-eyed. 
This also led to your mistrust everyone around you, except Shoto. 
Anytime anyone tried to approach you, whether you knew them or not, you’d burst out crying.
When Shoto moved into UA’s dorms, you were devastated.
Luckily Nezu understood Shoto’s concern and allowed you to stay on campus with Mirio and Eri.
When 1A first met you, they had asked what it was like being the youngest daughter of the new number 1 hero. But when they said Endeavor’s name, you broke down in tears almost immediately. Shoto picked you up and set you on his hip as you cried into his shoulder.
Once, Aizawa was staying in 1-A’s dorms during his prep hour. He stayed in the common room with you, enjoying your company. He often did this to also keep an eye on you. Once you had gotten to know Aizawa and developed trust within him, you grew comfortable alone with him.
Only him and Shoto could give you eyedrops to help heal your eyes.
But you were sitting beside him on the sofa, coloring in your favorite coloring book while Aizawa graded papers. The news was on in the background.
The homeroom teacher was pulled from his work when he heard you let out a sob beside him, eyes screwed shut.
“Little Todoroki,” he said calmly. “What’s wrong?” When you pointed to the TV, he understood. Your father was on the screen, the reporters going on and on about how good of a pro he was.
This man has understood and caught on to your fear of your father at this point.
Needless to say, he had to call Todoroki out of class to come comfort you.
Although you were almost always crying or teary-eyed, and your fear of your father never went away, Shoto loved you with all of his heart. He worked his hardest to undo what his father had done to you.
You were the reason he wanted to become a great hero, after all.
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Copycat ch. 363
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he doesnt wanna talk
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toya and his siblings
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Todoroki: I'm improving my social skills!
Todoroki 2Hrs later: I broke them and myself too. 
Or: All of you (have trauma)
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Here's my piece for IceBreaker @tddkproherozine !!
A day in the life of LimelightHero!Shouto & UndergroundHero!Izuku~ It may be difficult to have conflicting schedules, but tddk do their best to make it work 😊
Do not edit or repost.
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