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best friends fr
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Rapid fire thoughts from this evening (some are n-sfw, but not explicit)
Todoroki can’t bare to fight his intended mate during the third year sports festival. As soon as he injuries them once, he turns around and steps outside the ring. He just can’t bring himself to hurt them. 
Bakugou is the opposite. He would take great offence if you went easy on him or tried to forfeit, so he doesn’t disrespect you by doing that either. 
 Asmo cannot function while his alpha is mad at him. Or even if he thinks his alpha might be mad at him. He’ll only last a maximum of an hour after a fight before he cries and begs for forgiveness. 
L is so incredibly touch starved. Like, to an unbelievable degree. It shocks him so much how often he craves physical attention after surviving so long without it. A little scratch to the scalp and he melts into a puddle. 
Drunk Neji and sober Neji are worst enemies. Drunk Neji is always one encouraging statement away from giving his alpha a blowjob under the table in a bar and sober Neji wishes he could kill that part of himself dead. 
Aizawa and Zen tie for the strongest hair pulling kink. 
Kakashi is secretly a massive gossip, but he only shares the things he knows with his mate. 
Shikamaru finds it impossible to masturbate to anything other than his obsession. He feels repulsed if he tries to use porn or random imaginations. 
Light has a secret con noncon kink that he will not reveal even under torture. 
Kusuo thrives as a stay-at-home parent.
That’s all for this evening <3 People are welcome to share their rapid hcs though, I’d love to read them :D
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when describing my favorite characters and why I love them, I can go about it in one of two ways
option 1: extremely detailed paragraphs with lots of reasoning, details directly from the media, quotes from them, whole ass citations
option 2: “they’re just the greatest I mean LOOK AT THEM they’re so??? I LOVE THEM jdjsjsjsksjdbwj *high pitched screaming* im absolutely feral about them theyre fantastic I swear they have me in a chokehold”
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🍩Doughnuts/Headcanons🍩 - ❄️Todoroki🔥
He’s vaguely familiar with tickling, and recalls having seen some parents with their children playing together at a park, so he has some idea of what it is. Once he gets close to his friends, he finds himself trying to seek out physical affection in the most subtle ways possible. And he doesn’t need a lot of it either, oh no. A squeeze of his hand, a pat on the back, etc. and the shy boy is on cloud nine.
The first time he sees a tickle fight break out among his classmates, it’s Kaminari and Sero. He frowns and leans over to a very amused Izuku and asks, “Isn’t tickling only for children?” “Huh? Oh, no! Heh, tickling is for everyone. It’s a lot of fun!” Izuku explained, grinning brightly. Todoroki winced slightly at seeing Kaminari’s teary eyes and heavy panting. “He’s smiling…but…it looks like Sero went too far,” he said. Kaminari overheard that and gave him a thumbs up. “Nah, I’m all good man! I can handle it pretty well, and so can he, but we’ve got safewords if we really need to tap out,” he said. Once they explained what safewords were and assuring him that Kaminari was fine, Todoroki relaxed.
After that incident, Todoroki found himself wanting to be tickled. Just to try it out and see what it’s like. Fast forward to him and Kaminari playing video games, and him trying to do whatever the blonde had done previously to earn him a tickle attack. Kaminari, bless him, doesn’t catch on, and the poor shy boy has to stutter it out.
Kaminari is very understanding and cool about it and makes sure to be very gentle and slow with his movements considering how much tickling worried him at first. Todoroki is surprised by the sensations and even more surprised to hear himself laugh, something he rarely does. Keeping things gentle, Kaminari continues and enjoys every second of seeing the fire and ice boy smile and laugh.
Eventually, Todoroki becomes completely comfortable with tickling, whether its him getting tickled, or him doing the tickling. He trusts his friends, and they trust him.
His worst spots are: His palms, his feet, and his neck. Those are the top three worst tickle spots, but he’s basically ticklish everywhere. (Being touch starved will do that to you. Poor bean.)
His laughter ranges from low, breathy chuckles to high pitched giggling, and hearty, rich laughter that will bring a smile to anyone who hears it. (And it feels so nice to be able to laugh, he thinks)
He enjoys the attention and affection, so he’ll basically lay there and take it. He’ll squirm, but he won’t really fight back unless it’s getting too intense for him, or unless he’s been tickled in one of his bad spots too long.
Since he’s still a bit shy about it, he prefers to just get water and immediately change the subject or activity afterwards.
As a ler, he’s very observant and remembers your worst spots. He’ll attack you differently depending on why he’s tickling you. Gentle tickles for cheering up on your not-as-ticklish spots, rough tickles on your worst spots when you playfully annoyed him or are just down to goof around, etc.
His teases are very accusatory, “You asked for this. Maybe not verbally, but you did. Oh, is this spot bad for you? You’re not lying are you? Because you know what I’ll do if you are! And you said you weren’t that ticklish! I disagree. You keep telling me to stop, but you know word to say to actually get me to stop. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
One of his favorite things to do that flusters the heck out of whoever he’s tickling is to have a casual conversation about homework or something mundane with someone who walks in, meanwhile during their small talk the lee is just dying of laughter, still being tickled. “Hey Todoroki! What are you doing?” “Just tickling Midoriya.” “Cool. So what did you get on the pop-quiz yesterday?”
After he stops tickling the lee, he always asks if they’re alright and offers them some water. And then he’ll change the subject and ask if they want to continue hanging out and do something else, or have some time to themselves.
He’s used to tickling and enjoys it, but the boy do be shy tho.
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Imagine with Todoroki
ice cream
warnings: fluff
A/N: short, i wrote this like 2 years ago and never posted it 🫢
You sat on the couch where Shouto was already waiting. You were holding a pint of icecream, something you bought earlier that day.
Snuggling up to Shouto, who’s arm automatically wrapped around you. Opening the lid and tossing it on the coffee table, you stabbed the soft ice cream with your spoon. “What flavor is that?” he asked, the movie on the scene currently loading. “(fav flavor),” you replied. “Did you want some?” He nodded. “let me just eat the melted part first.” You said, after shoving the melted ice cream off, you took a spoonful, holding it infront of Shouto.
You laughed after he took a bite. “What?” he asked confused. “You remind me of a puppy sometimes,” you said, smiling. He tilted his head, causing you to laugh again.
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Baseball trio⚾
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I'll be honest, I always found Dabi pretty interesting, but like a lot of other BNHA characters. However there was one scene in the last chapter that made me go 
Oh. OH. 
So enjoy this pretty basic drawing - it's is my first try at drawing him! - and cry with me.
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Baby todoroki thinking about his big brother
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Dabi: “I’m gonna burn myself up and take you with me.”
Shouto, spraying him with a fire extinguisher: “MOM SAID NO.”
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You know what has been making me laugh recently? Pro-hero boyfriends spending the night at YOUR apartment…
Just have been imagining the shock on your roommate’s face when they leave their room and find Red Riot (with sex hair) digging through the fridge looking for a Gatorade. Peeking into your room to ask you a question but instead finding Dynamight taking a nap on your bed by your side.
Answering the door to Deku holding takeout, or even Shoto answering the door to them the one time they forget their keys and you were in the middle of cooking dinner.
LIKE LMAOOOOO I just… love this imagery so.
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can y'all tell i gotta preference for color schemes? lmao
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Pretty Boy Battle
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I just wanted to draw him in peace with himself on a flower field, nothing more than that.
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Everyone shhhhh. He’s thinking…
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red & black
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I wanted to wrap him in a blanket and make him a hot chocolate and I drew exactly that
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