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ownsdoggies · a year ago
also friendly reminder that makima does not have one, nor two but eight large dogs living with her and she loves every single one.
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marzipanandminutiae · 11 days ago
“you don’t like the proliferation of terms like Unalive outside of TikTok because you realize that you’re aging out of youth culture and it makes you uncomfortable!”
no I don’t like it because there’s something INCREDIBLY dystopian about being forced to soften terms for basic parts of the human experience like death and sex (and even more so terms for oppressed minorities- call me a “le-dollar sign-bian” and I will bite you) purely because advertisers and corporations demand it
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lamina-tsrif · 4 months ago
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real event that occured that i cant stop thinking about
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spunchthegoblin · a month ago
Some "helpful" reviews, in case anyone is on the fence about watching The Sandman:
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tornadocountrymp3 · 3 months ago
castiel loves you guys. thanks cas
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uwuplasmiusuwu · 2 months ago
I just remembered my second Pride, where I made different flag themed daisy chain bracelets/necklaces to hand out. I need folks to understand something:
They were free.
They were fucking free.
They were maybe ¢60 of acrylic yarn each at the most, and the whole ziploc bag of them took 2 hours max.
Three people gave me sad eyes until I took their money.
Someone who was clearly the mom friend of their group made me take a $5 and gave a 10 minute pep talk.
At least four more people insisted on getting change to pay for the, once again, free bracelets.
In spite of all these shenanigans, the absolute best was this one person who I can only describe as, “queer surfer dude who looks like a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend.” I can remember nothing of the outfit, only the impeccable vibes. I did the same thing I did with everyone else, explaining the bracelets were free, and they nodded along as they took the last 6 strand rainbow bracelet. As soon as they had it on their wrist, they pointed at something over my shoulder and, like a fool, I looked.
Next thing I know, they’re running off cackling, yelling, “YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME!” and I’m holding a fucking $20. I had to stop at least two people from chasing them, cause they thought the person stole something, and then they tried to give me money cause they thought it was funny seeing me flail over people being Too Nice.
That was the year I got reverse-robbed at Pride. I hope everyone out there is having a good time and, in particular, that queer surfer dude is out there still causing benevolent chaos.
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voidandradiance · 9 days ago
ANDOR: Ahem. I have heard that the greatest persuasion is nothing more than telling the truth, so I speak in the voice given me by my mother, Freya. I make no grand overtones or guttural whispers for dramatic effect. 
(MARKET VENDOR: More flavours! Come and drink away your sorrows!)
ANDOR: I am only Andor. My voice trembles.
(MARKET VENDOR: More flavours! Come and drink away your sorrows!)
ANDOR: I have come to ask my father a question. Will you listen? Father, I know you're listening too.
LIEUTENANT AL: Prince Andor!
ANDOR: Haven't you noticed? Do these wings look like the product of some frivolous magic? Whom do you suppose the statue at the bridge represents? Not Mianite. I am an acolyte of the wounded goddess; I always have been. We worship Ianite.
LIEUTENANT AL: I have found evidence of a rebellion against Mianite! And I will have to arrest you, Prince, for leading this rebellion!
[With each syllable from Andor's lips grows a surrounding gust of wind, which halts the Lieutenant's advance, despite his best efforts to subdue the awakening acolyte.]
ANDOR: While you have governed this port city and allocated its resources to the glorification of your "one true god," I-
APOSTLE HELGRIND, interrupting: You no longer have a place in this town! During my time away, the truth of the one true god has only become clearer.
ANDOR, speaking louder: I have been chiseling Ianite's likeness into your stones and penning her mantras into your paper. Her teachings have been with me all these years, guiding me towards a day of peace and unity-
LIEUTENANT AL: You will never…!
ANDOR, now shouting: -while you have winced at the thought of our hope and stooped over the corpses of the lost.
APOSTLE HELGRIND: Lieutenant, seize Andor and take him to our Lord.
ANDOR: If you had but journeyed with me! I am at the threshold. Soon, Ianite will rise! And my mother and sister's spirits will rise with her.
ANDOR: I hear your voice, father. I hear your anger. 
ANDOR: Do what you will with me. But first, know this. If your god is just and blameless, with flawless integrity, then fear not. Your battle is already won. But if there is the smallest fracture in Mianite's armor… then the crevice will widen. The shell will corrode. And Mianite's sins and yours will seep through. All the false glory you have built will be wiped in preparation for this world's restoration and rebirth. I do not know why you begrudge Ianite, for our family's death, nor why you hide your wounds, father. But I do know that healing is available to you. It is the greatest gift anyone can receive, greater than a shield, greater than a sword. 
ANDOR: Greater than your perfect, made-up world. If it is your wish, see this to its end. Do everything in your power to create the world you so crave. I cannot stay your hand. I raise no sword. I wear no armor. I have only this boomerang, given by a true friend. You could stop this. We could go to the docks, and throw it, just like old times with Mom. We could. I invite you.
[ANDOR collapses from exhaustion. The protecting wind subsides, and he is immediately seized by LIEUTENANT AL.]
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innithotel · 6 months ago
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[image description: various tiktok comments.
.tatecakes: customer asked for brown bread and i didn't hear them so i said 'you're having sourdough' but forgot to ask it like a question and she just said 'ok.'
brooklynbradshaw21: one time i answered the phone by saying "january, february, march... i'm so sorry, i don't know why i did that, how can i help you" and they hung up.
cailynvol6: one time the phone was ringing but for some reason i hit the intercom button and said "hello?" across the entire store.
eatasslol0: one time i greeted a customer by saying "hello google." it was a bad day.
shaynahicks21: one time a lady told me her last name was "romaine" like the lettuce, so i typed in "lettuce" as her last name... she came back in and laughed at me.
icewater_stan: it's ok i charged someone $100 for a scoop of ice cream once and all he said was "that's a bit expensive."
end description]
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krownest · 23 days ago
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i personally think there is a huge moral problem in the government/country when millions of pounds are going to be spent on the funeral and the subsequent coronation when people cannot afford to heat their homes and feed their children
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riosnecktattoo · 25 days ago
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somebody get Chris Pine outta there lmao
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digitalisnarcissus · 3 months ago
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It's Internet Explorer's last day, so it's mandatory to post this relic.
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irlwakko · 16 days ago
not to be all “think of the children” but the fact that companies can openly admit to using methods to intentionally form addictions in children and we’re not killing their ceos in the streets yet is astounding
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space-mouse · a month ago
i love unhinged women but i also love women who try so fucking hard to be hinged. clinging to those hinges by her fingernails.
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In much better and happier news Bison after decades of hard work and conservation efforts from indigenous organizations have finally been released back on our lands after 150 years.
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I saw this video live and cried my eyes out. This is so important. Despite it all we survived. We're still here and the possibility to heal the land and ourselves is always there even if it will take time.
Edit: I'm very happy that people love this post but my other less happy educational posts are also just as important
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male2pupy · 7 months ago
your honor, in my defense: who cares like omfggggggggg who cares???????????? like. come On
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marlynnofmany · 5 months ago
*giant wind gust outside*
Me: “Don’t say it.”
My Brain:
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patientno7 · 2 months ago
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