#tired of this shit
braindamaged007 · 1 month
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hamburguesaxd · 1 month
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Over and over and over again
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chronicallyadhdexmo · 1 month
do you ever just
*is extremely touch starved*
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I'm just so tired. So very tired. Of every single thing.
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family-trauma · 5 months
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Have been feeling all of the above minus #7 (I don't have much of an appetite recently). #1 and #3 have been preventing me from progressing and doing alot of productive things in life, that I want to and need to do so. It's been a tough past few weeks for me.
Sending 💕 to anyone else going through the same hardships I've been going through recently.
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yanderesaremymedicine · 6 months
Can we please normalize Y/N being the Yandere in Yandere fics.
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downfalldestiny · 2 months
Me and my problems🍁!.
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I think all of the problems with the rop series can be summed up in these images
the hobbit:
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rings of power:
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do i even need to say anything else except express my eternal heartbreak about how they let the rocky bbys down.
actually no because
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THATS supposed to be gil-galad??? my golden sparkly boy? what the actual heck, i genuinely dont even know where to start
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thranduilofsmirkwood · 4 months
Oh, FFS.
This just keeps getting sillier. What dafuq is she talking about? Tolkien imbued the women with power, wisdom, beauty, kindness, fierceness. He didn't need the writers of this dim bulb show to make anyone an "activist".
Tell me you didn't read the books without saying you didn't read The books.
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stuckylokanefan · 2 months
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This person thinks that Padmé being 5 years older than Anakin is gross, but ships him with Obi-Wan who is 16 years older than him. Padmé may have been 14 while Anakin was 9 when they met, but Obi-Wan was 25 at the time and Obi-Wan went on to become Anakin’s mentor and guardian unlike Padmé who didn’t see Anakin again for ten years which is when their relationship became romantic. This is why I can’t stand Obikin and Obikin shippers.
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braindamaged007 · 12 days
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hamburguesaxd · 2 months
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Your pain doesn’t matter here
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drachenmagier · 11 months
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This shite is just going to get worse, isn't it?
Welcome to my inbox today. 
I guess I won't be drawing today either.
I sent 37 infringements to a friend for reporting yesterday. That alone took over an hour. I went to bed tired and with a massive headache.
And I get up to this. 
And just for a moment, I think that this is not worth it anymore. 
Merry fucking Christmas.
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roach-works · 1 year
"I've changed from 5 years ago" dude you literally call yourself an anti-anti, and post about being a proshipper. Like. Recently. I sent that ask a week ago when I saw your proshipping post. Like
Maybe you just aren't with the times but "proshiper" is a MAP/incest label if you weren't actually aware-
I'm trying to say that in the chillest way possible too like. It's general consensus now that the terms "proship" and "anti-anti" have surfaced to the public eye that they are division of the MAP umbrella.
I don't wanna burn a bridge cuz it seems like you might legitimately be unaware
the consensus position of antis is that anyone who disagrees with them is either obviously a pedophile or secretly a pedophile, and i'm very tired of it. i haven't changed in that i used to be a pedophile but aren't one any longer, i've simply never been one. but i am in favor of creative freedom and i think that trying to police what other people draw, write, consume, and create does way more harm than good--if it even does any good at all, which i seriously doubt.
maybe the term for that isn't 'proshipper' anymore, but it definitely was the last time i checked. i appreciate that you are trying to clarify things, but i am still, as ever, firmly disapproving of antishippers.
it's not because im super jazzed about child abuse: it's because you assholes have done basically nothing to actually improve anyone's health or well being, and instead run dozens, if not hundreds, of queer artists and CSA survivors off of tumblr, harassed and retraumatized them, made fandom vastly less safe and fun, and continue to rampage around unchecked in a hysterical delusion that anyone trying to get you to stop must be part of the vast network of pedophiles that are just waiting for their chance to start raping babies the minutes it's 'normalized' enough.
you guys aren't noble heroes who are really out to save the children from sexual predators. reporting people who draw cartoon kids kissing to the FBI? screaming at people who ship fictional superheros the wrong way? suicide baiting someone for some dumb shit they apologized for years ago? you're not the good guys, here. you're just a bunch of freaked-out kids taking your own issues out on everyone else around you.
i'm sick of it. i'm sick of you guys. you don't have to worry about burning any bridges because there are no bridges. stop being an anti or go away.
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anima-ee-cuore · 1 month
È dura sopravvivere alla vita di tutti i giorni aggrappandosi a scene immaginarie che sai che probabilmente non accadranno mai..
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la-lil-alien · 2 months
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