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-TW!!! 4n4-
You must break the pattern today, Or the loop will repeat tomorrow.
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Slutty maid needs some attention 😩
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good things to pay attention to more often
the color of trees
clouds and how they look different throughout the day
the different colors the mornings can have. sometimes it's an orange hue and sometimes pink and sometimes it's too misty to tell
pretty color schemes in random places (the trees and your neighbors wooden patio and the color of their car)
the states of the vehicles passing you by, dents and scratches and the different trinkets suspended from their rearview mirrors
the sound of silence
the shadows the lights cast in your home, like how sunset looks different than sunrise, and the shadows the sun casts look different than those of your lamps and candles
pretty details in buildings and houses like certain types of windows or doorknobs or archways
the movement of things in the wind. flags, leaves, flowers, people's hair and coats
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hungercityhellhound · 5 months
Things People Don’t Mention About Top Surgery or Mastectomies
There is reluctance to do the surgery if you live alone, even if you have a good support system. One of the most stressful things was the hospital constantly asking about who would be looking after me, picking me up, etc. I really felt the bias towards people who are married and against people who are single. I don’t think it was intentional but it was definitely there. (Please read more about this situation here) That being said you will definitely need a robust support system of some kind to get through everything in the first 4 -8 weeks or more after surgery. 
All your pill bottles will have safety caps and you won't have the strength to open them on your own without a lot of struggling.
There are soooo many medications. Take them as prescribed and when they say take the level of pain meds you need to manage your pain, do it. I got opiods and ibuprofen. If the pain is bad 5-7+ on the 1-10 scale take the stronger meds. Pain can slow healing by causing stress on the body.
Drains are a pain in the ass. Every hour pushing the hoses so they don't clog. Major drag but they are very important and if they get clogged it can cause issues
Sleeping sitting up, prepare for this. Lots of pillows or recliner or something. Practice for a week or more before surgery to get used to it. 
Sleep as much as you need. Don't feel like you should stay awake or whatever because you are supposed to or it is day time or whatever. Listen to your body.
Drink lots and lots of fluids. You may think you are drinking enough but you probably aren't. The fluid in the drains and the medicines and peeing all the time and sweating from the tight wrap. You need to replace all of this fluid. I think I have been up around 80+ oz the past few days.
The month before and a month after surgery eat a high protein and higher calorie diet. It will help with surgery and recovery. You need the energy and the protein to recover. 
Cut out added salt, caffiene, alcohol, and nicotine before surgery and during recovery. All of these can increase fluid retention, slow healing, or be dangerous with the meds.
Your chest will feel very strange. At first you can't feel anything and then the skin feels tight everywhere and still strange. The recovery process feels real weird. Your whole torso feels kind of bizarre and new.
Ask all the questions. No question is stupid. It's trauma to your body ask all the questions. YES all of them.
The tube (intubation) from surgery irritates the throat. Coughing from this sucks so damned much because of the binder and the chest tightness and what not. Find lozenges (Both cough drops and just candy) that you like. I say candy because too many cough drops can upset the stomach and you don't need that after anesthesia and with all the meds. Also get popsicles.
Take everything out of packages you can before surgery. They are damned hard to open. Those paper cartons holding the apple sauce and snapping apart pudding cups and pulling apart pill blister packs.. ugh I should have taken them apart before the surgery.
Scissors are your friend and every package is an enemy. Seriously, get a good pair of scissors for packaging.
Also, skip 2 liters of pop, gallon of milk, etc. They will be too heavy to pick up after surgery. You can be more independent if  you get smaller size things.
Timers are your friend. All the phone timers forever. Also, handwritten or some other chart type to keep track of drain cleaning and taking meds. You will be sleepy and forgetful the first few days. Use other things to help you keep track.
Take stock of how your lights go on and off. Can you reach them while pretending you are a T-Rex. If not, especially ceiling fans and that, put long strings on the pulls so that you can operate them while you can't raise your arms.
Also check your doors to make sure they don't stick. You won't be able to tug hard on doors or drawers or whatever.
Get yourself some treats. Food related or clothing or whatever. Treats will help.
Before surgery plan out and prepare at least a week of meals. Be sure to include some that are easy on the stomach like crackers, rice and chicken, etc. Just in case you have stomach upset from the anesthesia or meds. Gentle foods include starches and chicken/tofu that is low fat and low spice so that it is gentle.
Soft fuzz free and easy to get on clothing is essential. I went out and got a couple of those shorts and button down shirt pajama sets. Life savers. Also, get a size or two bigger than usual to accommodate drains and padded bandages and things. 
Strange pains, you will probably have them. 
Be sure to do the arm exercises as directed by your surgeon and watch your shoulders hunching. The shoulder hunching is from the chest tightness but you don't want your back to start hurting. Try to sit up as straight as you can.
Pump action soap dispensers will be too hard to use the first few days.
Weeks before surgery, start teaching yourself how to do things without your arms; like standing up, getting into and out of bed, squatting, getting up from chairs, etc. Practice doing things with your elbows next to your chest like a t-rex; getting food and drinking, brushing teeth, taking meds, etc This will be very important
I am sure there are more but I thought some of you might benefit from the things I have learned so far from going through surgery.
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GS-001 Getting Started Tumblr Is What You Make Of It. Here’s What We Mean.
Shitposts, high art, shops, moodboards. Your blog can be whatever you want it to be. You can post content in any format on here: gifs, videos, audio, text posts. And if you’re feeling really crazy: square images.
Blogs are a blank slate. We know that sounds fun. But it might be overwhelming to turn your blank dashboard and empty blog into something you love coming back to everyday. Here are the most common blog types to get you inspired:
Reblog Blogs Blogs that mainly reblog content. Most blogs fall into this category. These blogs have specific themes and reblog posts related to that theme. Some common themes are memes, tv shows, aesthetic styles, and food.
Original Content (OC Blogs) Blogs that mainly upload original content. These blogs are run by content creators who share their original work. Common OC blogs are for art, character designs, poetry, and fashion.
Wildcards Not every blog fits into those two categories. This includes Post+ blogs, archive blogs, and even single post gag blogs.
Welcome to the real internet.
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At home spa day
Declutter your space
Light scented candles
Put on a playlist/podcast/audiobook
Pour yourself a drink
Make sure you have all materials within reach
Remove old nail polish
Soak feet in a foot bath prepared with salts
Exfoliate & remove death skin
Cut nails
File nails
Take out gunk between nail & skin
Cut cuticles if needed + push them back
Apply a new coat of nail polish
Apply cuticle oil and foot cream
Remove old nail polish
File nails in desired shape and length
Apply cutticle remover and push back/cut any cuticles
Buff nails
Apply a new coat of nail polish
Apply cuticle oil and hand cream
Latter your hair in a hair oil/mask
Double rinse with first a cleansing and then nourishing shampoo
Apply conditioner to only the ends and rinse
Dry as needed for your hair type
If you wax, dry exfoliate
Apply baby powder to desired areas
Wax desired areas
If you shave, exfoliate in shower
Shave desired areas
Use body scrub over entire body
Lather yourself in nice smelling soap
Apply anti hair growth serum
Remove makeup
Cleanse thoroughly
Steam your face
Pluck/wax eyebrows and any other facial hair
Apply face mask
Massage face
Add serum and any other product needed for your specific skin type/condition
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daily reminder that if you create it, it’s art. it doesn’t have to be perfect. it just has to have bits of you in it <3
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A Tumblr Quick Start Guide
A year ago, I realized that every time I logged onto Twitter, I felt my blood pressure rise. It's a platform that runs on anger and outrage, and I wanted someplace better to spend my screen time. In my almost-year on Tumblr, I now realize I log on here and get one or two good laughs every time I check my dashboard.
Tumblr has given me a lot lately, but it is a bit different than other platforms. I'd like to give back a little and provide a quick-start guide on how being new to Tumblr worked for me.
Finding Things to Follow
The biggest thing I had to get used to was realizing that on Tumblr, you don't necessarily follow people or celebrities or politicians. You follow your interests. In fact, it's pretty common to follow only strangers that post things you like. That can make your empty dash daunting to fill! Let's fill it with things you love and make you happy.
Make a list, mental or otherwise, of things you're interested in. Be both broad and specific! Board Games. Magic The Gathering. Supernatural. Marvel. Video Games. 8-Bit. Urban planning. Any and all things that you like!
Pick one of your interests and search for that tag. Flip between "Latest" and "Top" and browse around to see what kind of content is in that tag. You'll notice images, art, gif sets, TikToks, videos, essays - all sorts of things!
If you see a lot of things you like, cool! Click the button to Follow that tag if you want to keep up to date on it and find things later (we'll come back to this).
If you see a post you love, check out who posted or reblogged it. Scroll around on their blog. Do they post similar stuff? Are there other things you like here? Are they posting often? If you like what they post, follow the blog! Congrats, you've followed your first blog!
Take some time and check out some other tags and follow the same process - follow tags you like and blogs you might be interested in. It's not possible to over-follow! You can always curate your list later. This isn't Twitter - no one cares if you unfollow someone. Find what makes you happy.
Go back to your main dashboard - how are things looking? Filled with things you're interested in? Excellent. If things don't work for you, don't be afraid to unfollow blogs.
Want to follow more blogs? New episode of Andor drop? Go to the "Your Tags" header and scroll around to find some more juicy content. Check out blogs you like, follow 'em if you like em, rinse and repeat! That's curating your dash!
Your Blog is Your House
Okay, so you have a dashboard of content that you like - but what do you do with it all? Someone once described a Tumblr blog to me like your little house that you can fill with all the things you like. There is no rhyme or reason, and you don't need an excuse to reblog something other than the fact that you liked it!
If you see something you like, reblog it! To me, I reblog things when I say "I like this and I want it to live in my house so other people can see it when they come visit"
Reblogging is like passing a message along to other people. You can just reblog it on its own to amplify it, or you can add your own tags, or if you have a funny reaction gif/thought/video/thousand-word-essay, add to it when you reblog!
Use tags. People actually find posts through tags here. Use them to help people discover that really cool reblog you found! You can also search for tags on specific blogs. This makes them great for categorizing posts on your own blog. For example, I use #2022 Game Journal when I blog about whatever game I'm playing so I can do a year-end review later and find all the posts later.
Like things too. Likes don't amplify posts, but they're nice to let a poster know you appreciated it! I also use likes a bookmark. Sometimes I don't have time to watch that TikTok, so I'll like it as a reminder to come back to it later.
Be Weird. You can have sideblogs to hold more specific content, but don't be afraid to just scoop up anything you like and put it in your house! Reblogging is how content gets passed around.
Random Blog Tips
Wow nice job, your blog's looking great! Before you know it, someone will find it, check out your posts, and maybe give you a follow if they like what you've made or what your reblog! The last thing I'll touch on here are some nitty-gritty tips that can help you think about all the meta stuff about Tumblr:
Tumblr is the most anonymous social media platform. No one has to know who you are. Take advantage of all the privacy options.
You can also hide likes and who you follow from public view - that's no one else's business! Turn off asks too if you want.
Play around with your settings in general - there are lots of customization options and other dash tabs that you can use to find new content. You can also turn on timestamps so you know if a post you see is a "heritage post," as they say. Content is evergreen here and I personally like to see that in action.
You can filter and hide tags that you don't want to see.
Just block people liberally, it's cool.
You can pay to remove ads (nice), but you can also leave the option to see Blazed posts on. Blazed posts are ones that people pay for impressions for - and any post can be Blazed. The kicker is, there's no ad targeting. It can be quite funny or quite annoying depending on what you want.
When viewing the notes on a post, you'll see comments, reblogs, and likes. For the reblogs section, I like to filter by "Comments only" to find what people have added to the post.
Like all social media sites, there are dark corners here. I think Tumblr more than most puts you in control to curate your Dashboard to only see what you want. Block a user, hide a post, and move on.
That should be quite enough to get started! Tumblr can take a little more time to "get" compared to other social media platforms (and get in on the long-running jokes!), but trust me, after a week, you'll notice the difference between checking your Tumblr dashboard and checking your Twitter timeline.
Your blood pressure will thank you.
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theposhsworld · 6 months
6 Things to master in order to live Financially Free.
1. Live below your means:
I can’t preach this enough the goal is to have the least amount of money possible going out towards bills and expenses. Living below your means allows you to keep more money that you can grow and multiple. Practice delayed gratification. I rather have a million dollar portfolio that makes me 6+ figures than own a 6 figure car.
2. Acquire Assets before Liabilities:
$1 million in assets is greater than $1 million in cash. Cash will never exceed face value but your assets will continue to appreciate in value. Buy assets first and then buy liabilities. Learn to make money in your sleep
3. Say No with no explanation. Set boundaries and stick to the them.
4. Take Risk!
Step out there and take the shot. You have to be willing to take some Ls in order to reach success.
5. Stop trying to impress people and keep up with the Joneses. Stop making decisions based off how others will view you and look at how you view yourself. If you live by the applause you’ll die by it. You gotta be willing to be uncomfortable and look stupid.
6. Practice gratitude every single day:
No matter how small or insignificant be thankful.
Credit: Taneisha Fletcher
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frownyalfred · 1 month
my advice for writing dialogue:
be brave
if you can’t say it in one breath out loud, you should probably add some punctuation
for casual dialogue: can you imagine two people saying this at a local coffee shop?
people talk over each other and cut each other off in real life all the time. your characters should too
modern, conversational dialogue isn’t one person lobbing one fully formed, multiple-sentence thought at another person, and then waiting to receive one back
dialogue is filled with placeholder sounds — ehs, ums, uhs — and these differ by region, language, and culture
people ask for clarification and sometimes things are just, by nature, unclear. sometimes you have to let the characters figure out the disconnect even if you, the author, know what it is already
find clips and videos online of the people/region and listen to them! how do they talk? is it fast, or drawling? how can you convey this to a reader who may have never heard them?
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Subscribe to my FREE onlyfans!!!😉😈💦 enjoy my content and tell me what you want to see next baby😩💦
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Don't self-isolate because you feel too awkward, anxious or afraid that you will bother others. You deserve to have friends and to be loved. Don't give up on being social, no matter how nerve wrecking it might get, with practice it will get easier to socialize.
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