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“Cannibalism for me was a metaphor for some combination of childhood trauma or addiction or the demons people carry in life that they can’t shake and they can’t forgive themselves for not shaking. Obviously if you’re confined to eating people that would be an extremely normal thing to feel guilty about all the time. I think it’s an effective story point in the movie but in life there are things that burden people that they shouldn’t be burdened with. And in love, and in the safe space of love, you can work through it.”
-Timothée Chalamet (YouTube credit to Cinemabang)
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"In a world that isn't ours
In a place we shouldn't be
For a minute
Just a minute
We made it feel like home
For a minute
Just for a minute
You made it feel like home"
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Heyy! Can I request something like celebrity reader with timmy? She is long time actress and her an timmy are dating for like 3-4 years. She wins an oscar and both of them are so emotional she thanks him for always being there for her but she can’t look at him because he is crying and she will cry too if she sees him. After that he takes her the place where he first asked her to be his girlfriend and he proposes. She said yes (obviously) and that night she posted a picture with him holding her oscar award and her kissing his cheek. Her fans realized there is a ring on her finger and they are so happy for them.
A/N - sorry I wrote he posted it by accident 😬
Yes Again
Tumblr media
Info - crying, mentions of love making, sex outside mentioned, subtle flex
“And the Oscar goes tooooo…. Y/n y/l/n!”
“Baby it’s you, you won!” Timothée said, urging me up. I was in utter shock. I couldn’t believe this was real life.
“Thank you so much, this is a dream come true! I want to thank my director, and of course my family. Most of all-“
Timothée was weeping, brushing tears away from his beaming face.
“Stop it baby, you know when you cry I cry,” I said emotionally. He just shook his head at me.
“I want to thank Timothée, fuck,” I said and waved a hand in front of my eyes, trying to stop the welling tears.
“You’ve been my rock, and my teddy bear, and my counselor, and my fucking best friend,” I said, choking on the words as he cried even harder. It was pointless to resist the urge anymore, and I let the tears flow.
“Never in all my life did I think I’d find someone like you. The only reason I’m holding this award is because of your constant love and care. These past years have been the best of my life. I love you more than anything,” I said and blew a kiss to him. He raised a hand to catch it as he always did.
I ran offstage with the Oscar and threw myself into his waiting arms. I kissed him deeply, fully aware of the cameras on us, but not caring.
“I love you my girl, you deserve a thousand of those,” he said.
“We can put it next to yours at home,” I said giddily, our foreheads still pressed together.
Later Timothée took a road in the car that led away from our shared house.
“Where are you going?” I asked.
“You’ll see,” he said and kissed my hand. I recognized it pretty fast. We got out of the car and he lead me over to the tree swing in the small secluded park.
“Sit princess,” he smiled.
“Timothée, what are you doing?”
“Do you remember what I asked you here?” He asked with a smirk.
“Of course, you asked me to be your girlfriend while you pushed me,” I smiled fondly at the memory.
“Yeah, and you said yes,” he added. “I’m really hoping you say yes again,” he said and got on one knee. I was in completely shock.
“Like you said on stage, these past couple years have been the best of my life too. Everything you listed about me, you do the same for me and more. I’ve never met someone I’m more sure of and in love with. The only reason I have any Oscar’s is because of you too, I didn’t have any before we met. Let’s keep winning awards and at life together forever. Marry me?”
“YES OH MY GOSH YES!” I screamed into the night and tackled him. He slipped the ring on my finger before letting me attack him with kisses. We made love right there in the grass.
Afterward he needed to take a picture. He held my Oscar and kissed my cheek. I let my hand rest on his face as I smiled, a subtly way of showing off my ring.
“So proud of my girl! 💖💖💖” he captioned it on Instagram. As we drove home I smiled at all the wildly happy comments, noting the sparkling ring.
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"Call me by your name" TimesTalks interview
November 17, 2017
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Timothée Chalamet with fans at the Paris premiere of Little Women, December 2019
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Fans need to not hug movie stars. It's sweet that you want them to know they are special to you but you are a stranger to them.
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hope ur doing well and feel up to posting again soon, fave Timmy author on here tbh also do u have any other blog recs or fic recs btw? lowkey going thru withdrawal from u taking a break, need my fixxxxxx ❤️
Hi! I’m okay! Thanks for reaching out ❤️
I’m so happy to be your favorite, literally makes my day to hear that!
I’ll be popping on soon with a fic 😏
As far as recs, here are my personal favs!
@skiller0dani - she doesn’t write fics much anymore, but her masterlist is fantastic
There’s more im sure, but these are my tops!
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At the BAFTA tea party, The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills in LA
Armie about CMBYN: “This is a film that has had a really impactful and long-lasting aftertaste. I carry it with me, and it feels like it’s a part of me.”
Timmy: “This is what you dream about when you’re a young actor. It’s the first dream to be economically sustainable. The second is to have a part in something that feels fresh — or is well-received — or important or moves the conversation forward.”
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Fic Update!
Tumblr media
love me 'til it's all over Chapter 8.
Chapter summary:
Timmy crossed his arms across his chest and chewed his lip. His silence was heavy and when he spoke, his voice was low and even.
“You don’t have to do that.”
Armie set the flashlight on the roof of the car, wiped his hands on his t-shirt.
“Do what?”
Timmy’s eyes were dark.
“Make it sound like we have some sort of a chance, make me think that I’m gonna live, to make me feel better. Not when you’re just going to turn around and put a bullet in my head while I’m sleeping.”
Thank you @coloradocharmiegirl for being the best beta ever.
Thank you @imsohammered for the gorgeous art.
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This was really cute
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breakfast champion
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rip anakin skywalker you would have hated dune
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For the holiday season 🎄I’d like to request: Sassy Timmy 😎. Reader wants to watch cheesy Hallmark-type movies with Timmy and he reluctantly agrees but he won’t stop making snarky comments
Tumblr media
Info - needy Timmy, sassy Timmy, bad movie, begging for sex
“Oh no, will the big city girl find out money isn’t everything?” Timmy snarked.
“You said you’d waaaatch,” I whined.
“I am watching, doesn’t mean I can’t make jokes,” he said. He pulled me closer and began to try to grope my breasts.
“Stop Mr. Handsy,” I said, moving his hands off me.
“I can’t believe we’re doing this instead of having sex,” he moaned. We were both off for the holidays and his birthday. We’d been having sex pretty much nonstop, until I’d made him watch some cheesy Christmas movies.
“You wouldn’t say that if I was a car mechanic in a small town that convinces you work isn’t that valuable,” he sassed.
“You’re sassy when you’re needy,” I chuckled.
“Can you at least sit on my cock while we watch?”
“Then you won’t watch,” I reminded him. The movie went on with many comments. I hated that he was actually funny.
“Why is literally everyone in this town white, not a single minority in sight,” he said in confusion.
“I’ll admit, you’ve got a point there,” I said.
“Oh, she has a dark past? Let me guess, both her parents worked too much so she never really had a Christmas,” Timothée drawled.
“Well, I guess, both my parents, they worked so much, I never really had a Christmas,” said the character.
“Ha! And he’s going to say ‘let me give you one’ and he’s going to take her to his moms house and she’ll make way too many jokes about him needing a wife and yada yada and we’ll find out she’s the only girl he’s ever brought home.”
He got more and more smug as those exact events played out.
“I hate you,” I said.
“See, wouldn’t taking my massive cock, as you called it on our sixth round of the day, be better than this?”
“I’m going to duct tape your mouth shut Chalamet,” I snapped and he laughed.
“Common I want round seven,” he begged.
“Be nice and watch a Christmas movie with me,” I said, making him cuddle me. “You’re supposed to be sweet.”
“Oh alright, but only for you.”
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