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TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET in Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All (2022) 
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TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET Bones and All (2022)
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Red carpet look done correctly
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TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET AS LEE Bones and All by Luca Guadagnino (2022)
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Timothée Chalamet in the Bones and All (2022) Trailer, dir. Luca Guadagnino
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“You want it darker, we kill the flame “ 🎶 🩸
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Timothée Chalamet as Lee in Bones and All Trailer
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silvyysthings · a day ago
Timmy talking about Armie:
“It was a genuine proximity our souls felt to one another in those early weeks.The friendship sprouted very easily, very naturally, very organically. It was really the random luck of the universe.”
When asked if he has ever experienced the sort of love chronicled in the movie. Chalamet assumes a wistful tone: “I have. actually. It was the summer I was working with this actor named Armie Hammer.”
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... and waiting for the trailer...
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Okay, bye.
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Whiny King
Anon request:
More Hal please
Wordcount: 2.4K+
Description: Reader is sick of not getting respected as Queen and Hal is just sick
A/N: More from Unaccompanied Trope. This is soon after their wedding, before UA. I saw some photos of Timmy as Hal and had to write this. 
Warning: Dagger, but that is a given with them. Fluff, mention of blood.
Tumblr media
Your Majesty, the Queen says you must eat this?” The young maid said shakily to your husband, who should be laying in bed, but instead sat at his desk in your outer room, going over reports with one of his advisors.
He completely ignore her and her hands began to shake as she moved closer to him, thinking he didn’t hear her. “Y-Your Majesty ?” She asked timidly.
With the quickness of a snail, Hal dragged his eyes from the papers to the shaking woman, holding a pot of soup. His dark eyes pierced through her and she wanted to cry the longer he stared at her.
“T-The Queen,” she started again, be he scoffed waving her away.
“Leave my room,” he said leaving no room for discussion.
With a clumsy bow and a nod, she flew from the room. The moment she was far away from the room she let out a sob. She had no idea what she was going to do. She was sent to make sure the king was resting and not to leave until he finished the bowl. 
He refused both of those things, he was holding meetings and sent her way. She was too afraid to go back in. Who was she to demand anything of the King of England, but she didn’t want to return to the Queen as a failure. 
While the King was terrifying, always rash, yelling, and murdering, there was something even more unsettling about the queen, she was sly, calm, and always calculating.  Taking a shaking breath, she wiped her face and made her way to the throne room where she knew the Queen waited for her.
The moment she walked into the room, you glared at her. The bowl was clearly still full. Between the members of the counsels not listening to you and now a maid that can’t do her job, you were at your end.
Hal was sick. Very sick, rather he liked to admit it or not, and needed rest. Of course, your husband was stubborn and has been refusing to stop working long enough to get better.
“Well don’t just stand there, come here,” you said to the maid. All the Counsel went quiet at your words and all watching as she slowly made her way to you.
“He refused to eat the soup, milady,” she said, bowing at your feet, holding the pot of soup out to you.
“Of course he did. Still, you have barely been gone, you didn’t try very hard,” you said with an edge to your voice, though you were more annoyed with Hal than her.
“I’m sorry, Milady I did not wish to fail you,” she said letting another sob ring out. It echoed off the quiet walls and a counsel member chuckled.
“Is something amusing, Jameson?” You asked turning your attention to him. His eyes widen for a moment, but he, like most of the men, refused to let you see that you frightened them, instead he grinned lazily. “Nothing is amusing, do you find something amusing?” He asked.
You dig your hands into the side of the throne before, tilting your head from side to side. You stared around the room before chuckling. “Yes, I do find something amusing,” you said as you laughed louder, though there was no humor in your voice.
The maid sobbed more and the members shuffled uncomfortably as you continued to laugh. One brave member cleared his throat, “Your Highness, may I ask with is so amusing?”
You instantly stopped laughing and looked at him. “I’m so glad one of you was brave enough to ask. I was just picturing Jameson going to serve the soup to My King,” you said, giggling as the words let.
Jameson's eyes widened and he stood. “I-I…” He stopped when you turned away from him. “Give him the soup, he will deliver it to the King.” You smiled softly to the maid, before glaring at him, daring him to defy you.
Getting off shaking knees, the maid took the soup over to him. For a moment he stared at the pot without taking it, but another glance in your direction, where you had causally taken out your dagger had him second guessing. 
His eyes then fell to your dress. Your dress was tight, tighter than he was seen outside of whorehouse. Your breast spilled out of the top and he stared for a moment, he couldn’t help himself, as afraid of you he was, he was more attracted to you.
You noticed where his stare was. You were taking notes of who stared at your chest and how many times. “Oh Jameson while you are there make sure to tell the King how much you enjoy my dress today, he would love to know that,” You said, getting off the throne and walking toward him.
“I doubt the King cares to know my opinion on f-fashion, Your Highness,” he said in a beg, but you didn’t care if he got on his knees and cried, you were sick of the disrespect you got when Hal was not around.
“I don’t believe I asked. That was an order.” You said. “Go with him and make sure that he does it,” you said, dismissing both him and the maid as you walked back to your throne.
When the door closed behind them, you grinned at the rest of the room. “Now I understand all of you are used to dealing with the King and his father and women were barely seen or heard, but things are different, and I will either get your respect or take it but know I might take something else too, just pray it isn’t your favorite appendage.”
There was a silence that followed your words. And you grinned wickedly at them. “Do we have an understanding?”
A chorus of agreement followed when a scream ranged out from somewhere in the palace. You chuckled, picking your nails with your dagger. “Huh. It seems like Jameson was right, the King did not enjoy his opinion on fashion.”
When you returned to your room half an hour later the pot of soup lay spilled on the floor. Jameson's eye was bandaged, but still heavily bleeding, as he and the maid worked to clean up the blood and soup from the floor.
“Oh dear, you don’t have to help him, Jameson is a big boy, you are dismissed,” you said smiling warmly at her.
Smiling nervously, she got to her feet, bowing before leaving. You watched her go. You will need to talk to Hal about giving her a raise, the poor thing was scared shitless of the two of you. 
Turning to Jameson you grinned. “What happened here?” You asked with fake sincerity.
He was smart enough to keep his head low and his eyes, well eye, on the mess he was cleaning. “His Majesty was practicing his skills with his dagger, it found its way into my eye,” he mumbled.
“Oh, dear. He must be terribly sick if his dagger found its way into just one of your eyes. When he is feeling better I’ll personally make sure he rectifies it,” you said, patting his head.
His hands balled into fists as he nodded, “That would be wonderful, Your highness.”
“It’s actually Your Majesty as well. We are both are rulers  of this country. You should pass that around to everyone else, I won’t waste my breath doing it, but please let them know I won’t put up with anything else.”
“Yes, Your Majesty,” he said, getting to his feet and leaving the room. Grinning happily, you asked the guard at the door to send for more soup before going into your bed chamber to find your husband.
You found Hal sitting in the bath, half awake. Gasping softly, you ran to his side. “My King?” You whispered, running your hands through his hair, which was wet, but from the water or the sweat, you were unsure about.
His eyes opened slightly at your touch. A soft, high-pitched whined answered your words.  You sighed, half relieved, half sad, and all annoyed. “You never listen to me, do you? Look at yourself. You could have slipped under the water and died. You stubborn, stubborn man,” you scowled, grabbing a cloth and washing his face.
Hal whined again, reaching up to cup your cheek. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. He was burning up and too weak for you to scowl anymore, but when he was better he was going to get a tongue lashing.
“It’s fine, well it’s not fine, but I’m here now, don’t worry. My King, nothing will happen to you. You should have eaten the soup and rested as I said, you wouldn’t be this sick, but I care more about getting you better,” You said, helping him out of the tub.
He leaned heavily on your shoulder, slipping on his pants before collapsing onto the bed. You sat on the edge of the bed, patting his cheek and running your fingers through his hair.
“Tell me what hurts?” You asked.
“I’m just a little weak, My Queen. I overdid it today, I should have rested. You always know best,” he said, grasping the hand that was touching his cheek. “What would I do without you?” He smiled.
“Die, that is exactly what you would do,” you grinned.
“I heard you speaking with Jameson, I’m sure he will be having some hellish dreams about you,” he said, glowing with pride.
“I am not the one that took his eye out with a dagger, Hal.”
“You will be the one to take the other eyes. After all, what better way to learn to respect women than having  punishment from a woman,” he said.
“Ah, and here I thought you were too tired to take out the other one,” you teased.
“That too, but mainly the first reason. He and every person in this palace need to know you are the Queen, mine and theirs and they will respect you, or die.”
“I love it when you say things like that. They will respect you as well, or I’ll be personally involved with correcting their foolishness.”
You both grinned widely at each other, holding eye contact until there was a knock on the door. You stood to go answer when Hal tightened his hold on your hand. “No don’t leave my side,” he pouted, whining softly.
“Oh, shush you whiny King, I’ll only be a moment,” You said, leaving the bed chambers only to return a few moments later with a fresh bowl of soup. Hal was laying on his side, his chest moving slowly. You barely were gone, but he was already asleep.
Putting the soup on the side table, you climbed into bed with your husband, wrapping your arms around his waist, hugging yourself to him. While your marriage was still young and your rule as King and Queen was new, you knew it would be okay as long as you had him by your side.
Loving Hal was not what you thought would happen when you married, you both hated each other, which turned into rage sex, and somewhere it wasn’t rage sex, but passionate sex, and not leaving the room when you finished, but holding each other, talking and now you never wanted to part from him.
“I love you,” you whispered into his shoulder. “So very much, my sun, my moon, my day and my night,”
Hal whined in his sleep, turning in your arms, burying his face into your chest. You held him closely for a few minutes, not wanting to wake him, but he needed to get something in his stomach.
“Hal, my darling, you have to wake up,” you said, kissing his forehead repeatedly.
“Allow me to rest. I thought I needed it,” he argued, pouting into your breasts.
“You also need to eat, to get your strength back.” You replied.
“Will you feed me?”
“Of course, My King.”
Hal was silent for a moment. You thought he maybe had fallen back asleep, but soon he pulled his face from his chest and sat up a bit. 
Grabbing the bowl, you moved to sit next to him.
“No,” he protested. “Sit on my lap.”
Fondly rolling your eyes you moved to sit on his lap, letting your dress pool around you both. “I hope you know you are like a pouting child right now, Hal.”
He didn’t reply just opened his mouth for a spoonful of soup. Chuckling you fed him, what better way to make sure he is eating besides feeding him yourself.  Hal looked so soft and cuddly, unlike the hard King most people saw, you were happy to see this side of your husband.
“I like this side of you, so whiny and soft,” you commented as you fed him.
“You take good care of me,” He smiled.
“It’s because it’s my job because I love you so much.”
Hal’s eyes closed for a moment, he took a shaky breath before opening his eyes, which were misty. “There is nothing in this world I need more than your love. You are a gift and I love you so much.”
Hal sits up more, taking the soup and putting it on the table, grabbing your hips, pulling you closer. “My Queen, you are the heart and soul of this kingdom and you are the key to my happiest,” mumbled, before kissing you. 
Kissing back, you bit his lower lip, causing him to groan and his mouth opened slightly letting you in to explore his mouth. Taking control of the kiss, you grabbed the back of his neck as you explored his mouth, nipping and biting on everything you could. Hal surrendered to your kiss, whining and moaning the whole time. He held your body close to his, hands desperate to touch your skin.
“Hal, you need rest,” you said breaking away for you both to breathe. 
“I need you, badly.., desperately,” he said, reconnecting your lips. You allowed him to kiss you for a bit more before pulling away and pushing his shoulders until he was laying down.
His eyes were dark and swimming with lust, but you could still see the fatigue in them. “You need rest, Hal. When you are better you can show me how desperately you need me,” you said moving from his lap, ignoring his protest and hands grabbing for you.
“Rest, My King,” you said, fixing your dress.”
“Rest with me,” he asked, with wide, needy eyes.
“Of course, I wouldn’t dream of leaving you,” You took off your dress, changing into one of his tunics before slipping back into bed with him, resting your head on his chest.
“When I’m better, I want to hear in detail all the threats you delivered today,” he mumbled, into your hair.
Laughing you pressed a kiss over his heart. “I will tell you in full, it does involve my dagger and cutting off a certain appendage,”
“That’s my Queen.”
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timotheechalmet · 2 days ago
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TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET as Lee in Bones and All (2022) 
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Tumblr media
Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides #Dune #Fanart.  
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jasonmomoaonline · 11 months ago
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“Dreams make good stories, but everything important happens when we’re awake.”
Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho DUNE (2021) dir. Denis Villeneuve
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jamesisasimp · a month ago
Not to be a whore but I just wanted to say...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Timothée Chalamet
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thestarsaregivenonceonly · a month ago
Do you think you could do one where y/n is feeling really insecure lately and thinking Timmy is bored of her because nothing is going farther then just a peck on the lips lately and so he shows her all the ways he thinks she’s sexy and beauty.
I was thinking fluffy/smutty but you can just take it where it leads you lol
sending love, hope you enjoy xo
tags: @if-n0t-l8ter-when @jessespencer @awww-sugar @beige-honey @visionsofsweettea @secretlyscottishkat @lucyshea @allskynostars @anais117 @staceystoleyourheart @maddyrosew @hexrtbrexk-hotel @myheartdesirepure @no1partyanthem505 @madeinthemidnightmemories @weakling-grace @chloefran @aomi-nabi @okaydraco @myownbravado @biggestmessonhere @osnapitsabbie @emilysprentisss @angxltimmychampagne @angelboyy @stuckysdaughter @thc-chalamet @dreamingformuses @lmfaosoph @imnotoverlyobsessive @everythingisspokenfortbh @sufferingstarlight @reddir14 @lovelyrocker @dayafied @louievr @misswestfall @softhecreator
(little angst, smut, fluff)
Your brain would not let you have peace no matter how hard you tried to push the thoughts away. It poked and prodded, questioned and worried, dissecting every word and movement that he made. You knew he was busy with multiple scripts, press, meetings, festivals, etc. His mind was occupied and constantly going over a hundred miles an hour, trying to focus on all of it at once, trying to put his entire heart into all of it. You didn’t want to be selfish, make it about you. But it was hard to ignore, growing heavier on your heart by the day as each morning he swiftly pecked you on the lips and went about his business, whether he was home or not. You felt yourself growing smaller and smaller, afraid that you were disappearing from his view, vanishing into the background and craziness of his lifestyle. Insecurity clung to you, and you desperately wanted to ask, to make sure, to know. Would it upset him? What if something really was wrong and you heard something you didn’t want to? 
Late into a Friday night, the sounds of the city echoing in your shared studio apartment. You sat on the couch with your legs curled beneath you, flipping through some movie options while he studied a script next to you. Talking quietly to himself, occasionally rubbing his temples, he was deep in his work, so invested that you wondered if he even knew you were there. Feeling quite like you may explode at any moment and wanting horribly to be wanted by him, you muted the television. 
“Timothée?” Your voice came out high-pitched and squeaky without intention, and you cursed yourself for sounding so pitiful. 
He looked up immediately, concern on his features. “What’s up, love?” 
“Can we talk about something?” 
A flash of fear in his eyes as they searched your face for answers, his hand absentmindedly reaching forward to set the script on the coffee table. “Are you alright?” 
“Did… did I do something wrong?” Suddenly on the verge of tears, you swallowed a lump in your throat and tried to keep calm. 
“What?” Genuine confusion, then, his brows furrowing. “What do you mean?” 
“You’ve been… distant.” You looked down, shame washing over you in a horrible wave. “It’s been… a while since we’ve…” 
The sentence hung in the air for a moment as he digested what you were saying, his lips parting as it settled in and registered. 
“Oh… oh, sweet girl,” he whispered, sending a shudder down your back with the tone of his voice. “Baby love, come here.” Sitting back against the couch cushions, he held his arms open with a small gesture for you to sit in his lap. 
Obliging immediately and without question like a lost puppy, you stood briefly before settling into him, sighing with contentment as his arms wrapped around you securely. One hand reached up to brush a strand of hair from your cheek, and he rested his forehead against yours. 
“I… am so, so sorry,” he breathed the words, and you could sense the pain and regret in his voice. Opening your mouth to protest, he gently placed his finger against your lips to shush you. “No, I need to apologize. You’re right. I’ve been drowning myself in my work completely, and I’ve been neglecting you. Fuck, I am so sorry.” 
Your heart ached, and you bit down hard on your bottom lip, fighting emotion again. “I just miss you, I want to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong…” 
“You are doing everything right, honey.” He looked ashamed. “I love you so much, and I never, ever want to make you feel this way. I can’t fucking believe I’ve been acting like this.” 
“Tim, please-” 
“No, you’re right.” A pained expression, Tim gently held your chin to keep eye contact. “Now that I sit here and think about it, I realize I’ve barely kissed you lately. I’ve been so… lost in what I’m doing, and I am so, so fucking sorry.” 
“Baby, stop apologizing, I love you so much,” you managed, his close proximity making it hard to concentrate. It really had been a while since you had been physical in any sense. 
“I need you to know that you’re my world. I know I haven’t been acting like it, but that’s going to change.” His tone was low and serious, a velvet voice sending tingles down your tummy and between your legs. 
“Do you still think I’m beautiful?” The question was beyond pathetic, but you really couldn’t help yourself. It just came out. 
His face fell, the impact of what you had said hitting him hard. “God, fuck, I can’t believe I’ve made you even… think to ask that. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known, inside and out. You captivate me like no one else ever has before, and I will never let you feel this way again.” 
Before you could open your mouth to respond he was kissing you, slow and deep, one hand pressing into your lower back to push you closer as the other made its way up into your hair. Sighing and melting into him instantly, you kissed him back with a hunger you didn’t realize was there, unaware of how much you had truly missed him. His tongue tentatively traced your bottom lip until you opened your mouth and he took control. A steamy, slow kiss was becoming a ravenous makeout session, noses and teeth bumping together, your chests heaving against one another. Losing yourself quickly, dizzy and infatuated, you couldn’t get enough, both of your hands tangling into his curls to hold him in place. He groaned loudly into your mouth, an eruption of feelings causing you to gasp in return. 
“Come to bed with me, my girl,” he managed to say, nearly begging, the feeling of his lust beneath you sending you spiraling. 
Pulling back, slight reluctance at the idea of parting from him for even a moment, you stood clumsily and giggled when he took your hands and tugged you down the hallway with impatience, enjoying the big grin you received in return. Shutting the door despite it being your apartment, shutting the world out completely, your lips collided again in a passionate, messy kiss, his hands moving down to grip your bum hard as he pushed you back toward the bed. Willing as ever, you fell back onto the mattress and pulled him down with you, your arms and legs wrapping around his body greedily. Timmy breathed your name over and over into the kiss, and you felt yourself falling, falling into him. 
“You’re… so fucking… gorgeous… I’m… fucking obsessed… with you,” he babbled praise as his lips began to devour your neck and the skin exposed along your shoulder, confident fingers slipping under your shirt to push it up and over your head. You weren’t wearing a bra, his eyes widening a little before he buried his face between your breasts, kissing and tasting every inch of skin he could find. 
“O-oh, God, Tim,” you breathed, arching your back and pressing your hand into the back of his head to encourage him. A low growl in return, he bit down on the inside of your breast, and you had to cover your mouth to keep from yelling. 
Sitting up, his face beautifully flushed and eyes sparkling, he tugged his shirt off and threw it onto the floor, messing up his hair even more than usual in the process. You swore you had never felt so in love with him. 
“Fuck, stop looking at me like that,” he whimpered, visibly shuddering. “You’re driving me insane.”
“Like what? Like I’m in love with you?” 
Exhaling harshly, he lowered to capture your mouth with his again, using both hands to push impatiently at your shorts and underwear until you were completely bare beneath him. It was a high you had only ever experienced with Timothée, and when he stripped himself down to nothing and you could feel all of him, it was all you could do not to eat him alive. 
“Please fucking tell me there are condoms in the drawer.” His voice was primal and full of promises.
“There are condoms in the drawer,” you responded as you reached over to grab one, your hand visibly shaking as you handed it to him. 
Taking your arm and tenderly kissing the inside of your wrist, Tim slid the condom into place as his lips then made their way along your throat, gliding over your skin. Lowering back over you a little, he propped himself up with one hand. “You ready for me, baby love?” 
Spreading your legs wide, lifting your knees toward your chest in response and very much enjoying the expression it brought to his face, you nodded for emphasis. “Yes, please, yes…”
Lifting his head, he pressed his mouth lightly against yours for a moment, the both of you breathing each other in, soaking in the moment. With a swift movement, he rolled his hips forward and buried himself inside of you, a sharp cry escaping your mouth and into his. The stretch was divine, his eagerness showing as he began to thrust into you in short, rapid bursts, clinging to you as if you might disappear at any moment. Lowering his head and nuzzling into your neck, his rapid breathing hot against you, he took you to a whole new level, the intensity of it only leaving you wanting more. More. More. 
A shock to your system when he pulled out without warning, leaving you no time to protest, he murmured something nearly incoherent about not wanting to come yet as he made his way down your body. Shoving your legs open wider and tugging you close to his face, his tongue began to dance against your core, the teasing only lasting a few seconds before he was roughly eating you out. Back arching, your eyes nearly rolling back, you felt his hand press into your stomach to push you back onto the bed, holding you down. 
“Fuck, fuck Tim!”
“That’s my girl, keep talkin’ to me…” 
Feeling completely owned by him and loving every second, you felt your legs begin to shake around his head. “Timothée, fuck baby, God you’re going to make me come…”
A low groan in response, he focused his attentions where he knew you needed it the most, his knowledge of your body evident with every move. Sweet heat building, the world consisted of him and him alone, the orgasm causing you to see stars. Pleasure erupted from between your legs and spread like wildfire through your body, and it was all you could do not to scream at the top of your lungs and wake the entire building. It lasted and lingered beautifully, the sensation still echoing as he sat back up and pushed deeply back inside of you again. Sensitive and reeling, you clung to him tightly and gasped each time as his hips snapped into yours with force. He wasn’t holding back anymore. 
“Merde, fuck, I’m close, baby,” he managed to cry out against the soft skin of your neck, giving you only a few seconds notice before he released a deep grunt and filled the condom with several hard, relentless thrusts. You whispered soft encouragement into his ear through it, your heart swelling with adoration when he squeezed you hard in response. 
“I love you,” you whispered after a small silence as you both tried to catch your breath and find rational thought again. 
He lifted his head and smiled broadly down at you, glowing like the sun. “I love you so fucking much.”
“More of this, please. More of this all the time.” 
He laughed softly, nodding with enthusiasm as he leaned down to kiss you once again. “Yes fucking please.”
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klennnik · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Timothee Chalamet - 94th Annual Academy Awards, March 27, 2022,  Hollywood, California
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chalamet-chalamet · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
maybe I just wanna be yours 🎶
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