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seniouesbabes · a year ago
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Lily Maymac 🌸🍒💋🌸 Doesn’t matter if it’s black or white @sheisi @inkawilliams @inka-williams
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rileyclaw · 6 months ago
an animatic I made this weekend about who Hunter was sending flapjack pics to in “Reaching Out” ! it was really fun to try to keep to the TOH board style!
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sgt-farron · 4 months ago
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"I'm so glad I found you."
"Me too. I don't know what I would do without you."
"I don't know what I'd do without you."
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morallygay · 2 months ago
I’m sorry I know it’s been said countless times but. After a winning streak in the twink and dilf twitter competitions, reigen faces off against sans undertale in the finals of the tumblr sexyman competition. They’re both asexual. Reigen loses by 0.1%. It’s so close that mobile users see 50% & 50%. This is happening on the anniversary of Mob accidentally becoming an anti-conservative america symbol. Queen elizabeth died later on the same day. It’s a thursday. The nature of humanity is that every so often someone invents november 5th 2020 again
Hi if you read this you should check my milf addition btw, you may want to reblog that one
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whelmedsworld · a year ago
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And the other batfam members appear too
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Dami is so cute 😘😘
Aaaaaaaaa I'm screaming 🥺🤧🥳
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salamispots · 5 days ago
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actually remembered from last year how I'd inform yall once a year about big redbubble sales hahaha so if you wanted to grab something from my shop that's going on right now :0
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castrovulcant · 7 months ago
Happy Out of Touch Thursday, Whovians
More here
[video description: a series of shots from various Sixth Doctor episodes compiled with the song “out of touch” playing over them. /end video description]
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thepurplebones · 2 months ago
Destiel goes canon Thursday, November 5 2020. The Queen dies on THURSDAY, September 8 2022.
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nickgirl · 6 months ago
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cypherdecypher · 6 months ago
Animal of the Day!
Halitrephes Jelly (Halitrephes maasi)
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(Photo from National Geographic)
Conservation Status- Unlisted
Habitat- Pacific Ocean
Size (Weight/Length)- Unknown
Diet- Plankton
Cool Facts- Despite not having an official common name, the Halitrephes Jelly is lovingly called the firework jelly by the internet. Very little is known about this deep sea jelly. Found up to 1500 meters below, these jellies gather in small groups to feed on plankton blooms but are generally solitary. Specific sensors along their bodies reflect light to create a brilliant array of colors, ranging from purple to orange. 
Rating- 11/10 (Fourth of July in the bathypelagic zone.)
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strawberryfields4now · 2 months ago
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happy Peter Tork Thursday to all the pictures of Peter in the ‘89/‘90 tour book
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seniouesbabes · 4 months ago
Lily Maymac 🌸💋🍒🌸 🤩😍 @tanyabeautycare
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toxooz · 7 months ago
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he is playing wobbledogs 
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i-prefer-west-side · a month ago
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“We shouldn’t be doing this.”
She grips the lapels of his jacket and shoves him against the back of the door, surges up to take his mouth in a hard kiss. “Shut up,” she murmurs, sinking her teeth in his bottom lip and tugging.
He grunts and shoves her backwards, and she gasps when her ass hits the counter and he lifts her onto the hard surface. Her legs come up to wrap around his waist, her skirt up around her hips, and she moans into his mouth, rolls her hips into his.
He tears his mouth from hers and trails his lips down her neck, his hips grinding, hands frantic as they slide under her skirt. “Lanie will kill us,” he rasps in her ear.
She gasps when his short beard scrapes against her jaw, sending sparks of desire through her. She doesn’t answer, not when his fingers are doing something very creative between her legs even as she shoves his pants down.
By the time they return to the party, she’s managed to tame her hair enough so it shouldn’t be blatantly obvious that they just had a quickie in her best friend’s bathroom. Judging by the exaggerated wink that Lanie gives her, she fails in a spectacular fashion.
Considering how thoroughly her boyfriend ravages her when he takes her home, though, she really doesn’t care.
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saw-2004-is-gay · 7 months ago
i love saw (2004) fan fiction because adam is always like “fuck cops” and amanda nods and is like “fuck cops” and lawrence confused but enthusiastic nonetheless is like “fuck cops”
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virtualangelstatue · 6 months ago
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ap portfolio
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