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seniouesbabes 9 months ago
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Lily Maymac 馃尭馃崚馃拫馃尭 Golden hour @alo
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seffien 2 months ago
so let me get this straight
queen dies
sans is crowned ultimate tumblr sexyman
1 day before splatoon 3
out of touch thursday
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doodlerh 3 months ago
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t4tlambert 9 months ago
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buglaur a month ago
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floating head in cas mod!
i made a piece of cc that hides the body in cas for ease of making transparent head icons and other such edits. it doesn鈥檛 delete the body permanently, it just acts as an invisible bodysuit that can be removed when you鈥檙e done
found in the outfits category
teen to elder / both frames
doesn鈥檛 remove the feet so you can still access the body menu
鈿狅笍 when you鈥檙e finished with it, click on the sims shoes/feet, you can then access the outfit category from there to remove it!
gif preview under cut
download at simfileshare聽(free no ads)
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GOD i hope it works, i didn鈥檛 ask for any testers. it should though!! just please lmk if you find issues 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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andromedaisfree 7 months ago
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welcome to watchmojo today we are counting down our top 10 pictures taken moments before a disaster
(sorry for the low quality guys 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩 i included some close up shots so you could see the details better)
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amberlilac13 2 months ago
The complete list of everything to happen in and around the 8th of September 2022:
Reigen became ultimate twink and dilf and milf and babygirl and hottest anime girl and
Sans vs Reigen for ultimate tumblr sexyman on twitter (Sans won by 420 votes)
Toby Fox wrote a fanfic about Sans vs Reigen (it's on twitter, it comes up if you google it)
Lea Michele can't read conspiracy
Also she debuts in Funny Girl
Splatoon 3 dropped
Enstars cover of Tell Your World dropped
2 year anniversary of Eric Trump calling Mob Psycho 100 leftist propaganda
Star Trek day
The Queen of England died
Trisha Paytas went into labour, but it was a false alarm
Kiwi Farms shut down
Don't Worry Darling drama
Dan and Phil made a video saying people gave them cocaine and celebrities wanted to have threesomes with them
Thurston Waffles died (rip)
Finding out they censored destiel many times
Bastille performed in Argentina
Mercury Retrograde (not sure what that is, but it's today apparently)
Out of touch Thursday and Felix Huaves (again, not sure what that means but someone reblogged with those tags so)
Bernie Sanders, P!NK, Ruby Bridges, Gaten Matarazzo and Martin Freeman's birthdays
Danny Phantom graphic novel cover reveal (first dp content since 2008)
24th anniversary of the Pokemon anime broadcasting in the US
Warnuts first birthday/anniversary
Critical role massacred one of their player characters in the episode last night
Anniversary of sega dreamcast debut
Song for the new sonic game got released
New Pinocchio movie. And many other films and shows dropped on Disney Plus, due to it being disney plus day.
Comment if I missed anything
Update, I've edited this post like a million times, lmao. I'm honoured to be the keeper of events.
Update 2, here's all the polls Reigen has won so far, from a post by @blackberry-s0da
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wa3jetisbestpony 7 months ago
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emgardner 6 months ago
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fjorrd 14 days ago
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iidaonni a year ago
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Alone in the dark
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seniouesbabes 26 days ago
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Lily Maymac 馃尭馃崚馃拫馃尭 Gloomy day 鈽侊笍
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luchitohamilton 4 months ago
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hungarian gp聽鈥22
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helhornart 4 months ago
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zukkaoru 2 months ago
i love sleep. would love to be able to get some one day.
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botanyshitposts 4 months ago
working with plants is unfortunate because the lads do not understand human weekdays and holidays which means through a series of unfortunate events where i did not properly time planting some lettuces i am on my way to work to move them from a fridge to their normal incubators (ending winter for a balmy spring) on a sunday, itll take like 5 minutes at most but i cant help but feel like i have once again fallen victim to my own hubris
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