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paintedimagery · 3 days
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dxzyslive · 3 days
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havent thought about this series in ages but some fanart came across my dash and i was in a nostalgiac mood so uh. virgil? virgil.
w/o stitches under the cut because i am not a big fan of how they turned out!!!
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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miguel-manbemel · 2 days
For 10 Million Dollars
Inspired by an incorrect quote by @/claudiialykke2 on Twitter. CW Dukeceit/Demus (platonic)
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howlingday · 13 hours
Jaune: Well, hello! I am the sweet, cheerful, angelic character of this story!
Cinder: What's up, fuckers?! I'm the selfish, demonic hellspawn of a character from the same story!
Ruby: Great! And you two are friends!
Jaune: I'm sorry, what?
Nora: You're friends!
Cinder: That makes literally no sense.
Ruby: You're, like, best friends!
Jaune: None of our ideologies align!
Cinder: There is no universe in existence in which we would be friends! Does that make any sense at all to you two?!
Ruby: Hm, she's right.
Nora: Yeah, we understand 100% now.
Jaune: Great! Thank you.
Ruby: You're lovers!
Nora: Super duper in love!
Cinder: WHAT?!
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tstwitterupdates · 3 hours
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TS tweet december 17, 2022 :
Nobody is more ready for us to start filming the next Sanders Sides than me… I’m so frickin excited…
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diddlebox · 2 days
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Inspired by a friend’s Sanders Sides in-character livestream I watched last night, Blue as Patton 👓💙🐾 (@thatsthat24)
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loganslowdown4 · 16 hours
Janus: Dear Santa, I’ve been so good this year...
Janus: Most of the year...
Janus: Once in a while...
Janus: Nevermind, I’ll buy my own stuff.
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rixitup · 2 days
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Some more asks! Slowly getting through these :)!
If you sent in an ask today don’t worry they all will be answered! (Unless already answered from someone else’s question) I’m just working my way through them in my free time ;0
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@greekmythgal @lovelivingmydreams
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Logan: Alright, what do you wanna eat?
Virgil: The souls of the innocent!!
Roman: A bagel.
Virgil: NO!!!
Roman: Two bagels.
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warnadudenexttime · 12 hours
But I'm not so strong, and they're not gone 🖤
They're still out there to take what's left of mine 💙
Sooo how about that wicked finale :D I’m late as hell to editing it but yk school- SHAJSJ anyways so happy to finally get the chance to edit it
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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drawingwithnara41 · 2 days
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Roman and Remus sketches
I already had an idea of how I wanted them to look like so their design weren't very difficult to create
I'm especially proud of how Roman looks :D
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hyperfixated-homo · 2 days
its almost midnight so you know what that means! random thoughts while i unconsciously panick over how tired i’m going to be tomorrow when i have to wake up at six again :D
today im thinking about love languages. more specifically, unconventional love languages that i hc the sides do! from the same people (complete lie but just roll with it) who brought you remus biting people to show affection, we bring you
virgil likes to pat/slap people. just. pat on the head. slap on the face (gently,,,must hit affectionately)
roman loves all love languages, but only in specific contexts. quality time, as long as he is fully aware of how much the other is enjoying it as well as he is (silent quality time is a big nono). physical touch BUT ONLY SOMETIMES!!! and sometimes, ONLY PHYSICAL TOUCH IF YOU DO NOT HUG HIM RIGHT NOW HE WILL CRY
janus squeezes. squeezy hugs. squeezy hand holding. sometimes its feels like hes trying to literally squeeze the life out of you (hes not, but he doesnt really understand his own strength)
is it possible for someone to be touch adverse but also touch starved. because that is logan and roman. ask them rn if they need a hug. god knows they wont tell you themselves-
patton is so gifts of service its like. stupid. nothing even belongs to him anymore. he has no concept of personal belonging. everything that is his is also everyone elses. must,,, gib everything,,,
janus, remus and virgil also headbutt people. just to check up on them. they dont rlly do like, words of affirmation or quality time. they communicate purely on physical touch and gifts sometimes. sometimes they engage in friendly headbutting battles
remus needs to spend all his time with the people he likes. all of it. just be with them all the time. even if its just pure silence, he needs to know somebody is there or else he will explode
oh also they have specific things for different people!!! like remus spends most of his time w/logan bc he’s the only other one who also needs to be around people a lot!! must of the time logan needs it to be quiet, but he still wants someone in the room
vi nd pat exchange many gifts. it started with the cards and now they make each other a bunch of handmade stuff too!!! like patton whittles figurines for virge and virge sews pat stuffed animals.
similarly, janus and patton exchange food. all types. just. gib meal. ily
honestly patton is the only one who rlly tells ppl that he loves them. nobody else rlly likes to say it out loud. it means so much when they do say it tho
virgil and roman obvs do the opposite of words of affirmation. they tell each other that they hate each other so that they know that they love each other.
the reason that logan and roman argue a lot is bc they don’t share love languages rlly. they have like, opposite cycles for needing/hating touch, which leads to some hurt feelings when one of them gets denied. they remedy this by spending at least one full day a week hanging out and doin things together
remus and virgil fight. so often. they wrestle a lot. it means that they’re having a good day
janus is very smoochy. did i mention that. did i mention that that one college projection au by haysgrove made me obsessed with that hc. yeah he’s a kissy boy. the others never really mind, they know it’s just a thing he does (nd he always asks first!!!)
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Patton: I thought you were a good guy, Janus! Janus: That depends on your point of view. Patton: I am hopelessly confused.
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causeimanartist · 1 month
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Logan and his flash cards deserve to go off the wall, as a treat
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alexcant578 · 1 month
PM Seymour is like Thomas Sanders back in the day if you say their name they’ll just APPEAR with half a burrito in hand like, “Wassup.”
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