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Normalize running up and down the stairs brandishing a knife, 3 times a day.
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olaf IS cartoonish and campy but he was a very real and consistent threat to the baudelaires and i hate how much he’s sort of downplayed? throughout those books olaf is murdering people and terrorizing the orphans in genuinely scary ways (particularly violet who he and his associates constantly comment on her being pretty and who he was Especially predatory toward) that tends to be glossed over because of his theatrics. it was good he didn’t have a real redemption and that his last act being ‘noble’ is so minor and he makes a point of saying he didn’t apologize and showed no remorse and the baudelaires (and kit) did not forgive him, because at the end of the day, despite the major theme of the book, olaf is unforgivable. 
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Tumblr media
Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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for me personally the scariest of all the lemony snicket a series of unfortunate events books in terms of imagery was book 8, the hostile hospital. hospital / medical horror unnerves me like no other horror can. violet nearly died because count olaf tried to perform open heart surgery on her unconscious body in an anatomical lecture theatre. shivers. i also thought the final book, the 13th one named the end, had a terrifying concept too! because the humans on that island were kind to the baudelaire siblings up until their cult leader told the island folk to shun them. and then they all, including their children, began dying after they got infected by the medusoid mycelium and refused to listen when the siblings tried to show them the cure… the saddest realest best written children’s books truly
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Thank You For Sharing
The first thing that should have tipped Andrew off that something was up with Neil was that he pulled his hand away from Andrew where their pinkies were linked.
Neil needing some space from him wasn’t alarming per se, but it was unusual. There could be any number of reasons he’d pulled away.
It could be for no reason at all.
Andrew didn’t dwell on it.
Or, the foxes get more than they bargained for when they decide to watch a children's movie with Neil. Andrew, ever the protector, guides them all through it.
AO3 version linked here if you’d prefer.
Pairings: Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard | Andrew Minyard & Original Character(s) | The Foxes & The Foxes
Word count: 3139
Rating: General
Warnings: Neil Josten has Dissociative Identity Disorder
Notes: okay so for anyone who is miraculously in all the fandoms i write for and has been following along as i post these: (1) this is the last fandom i am doing this for lmao i swear i won't be jumping from fandom to fandom posting DID AUs once a week for the rest of time, meaning (2) next week will be an update on one of the DID universes i have already established, but (3) unlike the three ficlets i've posted so far which i wrote in three days straight a few weeks ago, i have not pre-written the next fic so wish me luck for that (also, u can send me prompts if you want to see something specific). anyway, enough of that, please enjoy my take on DID!neil.  constructive criticism is welcome (especially if you have DID/OSDD and notice some inaccuracies), and likes, comments and reblogs are encouraged!  no content warnings that i can think of, but let me know if there is anything you think i should warn for
The first thing that should have tipped Andrew off that something was up with Neil was that he pulled his hand away from Andrew where their pinkies were linked.
Neil needing some space from him wasn’t alarming per se, but it was unusual. There could be any number of reasons he’d pulled away. One of which could be the foxes that were around them in the girls’ dorm. Although, the only lighting in the room was coming from the animated movie playing in front of them so he doubted that anyone would be able to see them. So it probably wasn’t that.
It could be for no reason at all.
Andrew didn’t dwell on it.
The second thing that should have tipped Andrew off was when, a few minutes later, Neil climbed off of the couch altogether and sat on the floor, craning his neck forward as if trying to get as close to the action as possible.
That movement did give Andrew pause. Andrew narrowed his eyes at the top of Neil’s head, trying to see if Neil would give him any hints as to what was going on. The fact that Neil couldn’t feel Andrew staring at him and didn’t turn around was another significant clue.
He wondered if he was getting too dependent on Neil. With that thought, he elected to ignore Neil entirely.
Until the third and final sign. Which was less of a subtle sign and more of a blatant siren.
Olaf onscreen was rapidly changing shape as Kristoff shouted out the different objects he was turning into. Until–
“Ooh, Elsa!” Kristoff yelled.
The most delighted squeal of a giggle that Andrew could ever remember hearing pealed out from somewhere in the room.
It took Andrew a second to figure out the source of the sound. He finally stared down at Neil and he could tell he wasn’t the only one who did so, although the others likely had more shock on their faces than Andrew had.
Neil was oblivious to the stares for a few seconds. Then he abruptly became aware of them, and his head swiveled around the room, swiftly taking in all the foxes’ stares in the relative darkness.
“Neil, that was adorable!” Nicky exclaimed.
Neil’s shoulders pushed back as he tried to gain a few inches of height from his position on the floor.
Andrew waited for what was bound to be a scathing retort from Neil. But–
“Um. O– Okay,” Neil stammered.
Andrew could tell the foxes around him were frowning down at Neil and Andrew felt himself mirroring their sentiments.
Neil’s voice sounded off. It was slightly pitched up, and Andrew was certain he’d never heard Neil audibly sound that nervous in the entire time they’d known each other. It almost sounded like some anxious child was doing a Neil impression and failing miserably.
In fact. That was exactly what it sounded like. And that was probably exactly what was happening. Neil had mentioned to Andrew that he’d been front-stuck for a few days now, but it wasn’t like Andrew would forget that his DID existed entirely.
Andrew slid down from the couch and sat in front of Probably-Not-Neil. As soon as Andrew was situated, Probably-Not-Neil ducked their head to stare down at the bit of floor space between them.
Which, if this person were trying to convince everyone to calm down and believe that they were Neil, was the exact opposite thing to do.
“You’re not Neil,” Andrew declared.
Probably-Not-Neil shrunk in on themself and their eyes briefly met Andrew’s face as they peeked up.
“Am too,” Probably-Not-Neil murmured, again in that voice of a child trying to seem older than they were.
This was definitely not Neil then.
Andrew was quiet for a moment, deliberating how he should approach this situation. He heard the movie pause behind him. With how much time he spent one-on-one with Neil, he’d been the first point of external contact for plenty of Neil’s alters, but he’d never met someone as young and unaware as this person seemed.
Andrew was not a fan of meeting new people but, he begrudgingly admitted to himself, he knew that he would do whatever it took to help Neil navigate his DID.
Andrew decided that it was probably best if he started from the beginning.
“Do you know what DID is?”
Definitely-Not-Neil perked up in excitement. Their eagerness at being called on like they were the goody-two-shoes in class seemed to overshadow their insistence on playing the part as Neil.
“O’ course! It’s, um, Dissocive Identy Disorder.” They beamed.
Close enough. If they knew what it was called, they probably already knew something about what it was. “Right. Do you know that you have DID?” Andrew asked next.
“Um.” They shifted in their spot. “Yeah.”
“Good. Do you know who I am?” Perhaps it was presumptuous of Andrew to start with himself, but he was the one who interacted most with the alters, so it seemed like a logical opening.
They nodded nervously. “Andrew, right?”
“That’s right.” Andrew nodded back. If they knew who Andrew was, then maybe they knew to trust him too. “Now, listen carefully. Everyone in this room knows that you are not Neil.” Andrew was glad they spent most of their movie nights without the freshmen. “And that’s okay. You are safe here, with me and with these people. We will not hurt you for being yourself, alright?”
Definitely-Not-Neil finally looked up and made eye contact with Andrew. Naked hope and disbelief shone in their blue stare. Their eyes made a sweeping gaze around the room at the foxes around them and then settled on Andrew’s again.
“Really?” They were barely hiding the childish lilt to their voice anymore.
“Yes,” Andrew replied.
“Okay,” they said, wiggling a little in their spot.
“Okay.” Andrew paused. He wanted to ask them more questions, but he didn’t want to overwhelm them either. Maybe the best approach would be to leave it up to them. “Do you want to tell me about yourself?”
“Yeah, okay!” They beamed. “Um, I’m Johnny. I’m nine.” Nine? Andrew did not let himself hope that Johnny wasn’t a trauma holder. Hope would get him nowhere in a situation like this. “Um… My hair is blond. But not like your blond, like a different blond.” With every sentence Johnny said, they seemed to get more comfortable. “And, um, I’m smaller than this so these legs and arms are too long for me.” Johnny waved the aforementioned arms around as if in demonstration. “Um… Oh! I use he/him pronouns.” He said each syllable meticulously, like he was quoting someone who’d taught him to say it. “Um… I like planes and cats and chocolate.” He ended his incongruous list with another full body wiggle.
When it seemed that nothing more was forthcoming, Andrew nodded. “Thank you for sharing, Johnny.” Andrew searched for something else to ask or add and came up empty for now. “Do you want to keep watching the movie?”
“No,” Johnny replied, indignant. “It’s your turn now.” He blinked at Andrew.
“My… turn?” Andrew said.
“Yeah! Can you tell me about yourself, Andrew?” More blinking.
Andrew heard huffs and coughs around the room that he was aware were just the foxes trying not to laugh at him lest they get a knife to the stomach. With how focused he’d been on Johnny, he’d almost forgotten they were still here. At least they’d kept their mouths shut and their reactions to themselves so far during this interaction.
“Yes,” Andrew decided. It was only fair after all. Andrew wouldn’t be the one to teach a nine-year-old that life wasn’t fair. “I am Andrew. I am twenty. My hair is also blond but apparently a different blond to your blond. I am 5 feet tall. I use he/him pronouns. I like ice cream and cars and knives.” He added the last one to remind the foxes that he was armed and would not take being made fun of for playing along to a child’s wishes lying down.
“Thank you for sharing, Andrew,” Johnny replied sincerely.
Andrew tried to inject the same amount of sincerity into his voice as Johnny had. “You’re welcome.”
“Okay.” He did a full body turn and sat cross legged with his hands in his lap to face the opposite end of the couch. “Your turn,” he said to Kevin brightly.
Kevin’s eyes widened. “My turn?” he said, flabbergasted.
“Uh-huh. Can you tell me about yourself?” Apparently Johnny’s anxiety had worn off as soon as he’d realized he was allowed to be comfortable around them.
Panic swept through the room as the other foxes grasped what fate was likely coming their way.
“Uh, sure, Johnny. Uh, I’m, um, Kevin. I’m twenty-one. I’m 6 foot 2. I use he/him pronouns. I, uh… I like exy and history and, uh, apples.”
“Hair,” Andrew prompted.
Kevin turned to Andrew. “Hair?” He frowned. “My hair?”
Andrew stayed silent.
“Why would I– He can see what my hair looks like,” Kevin muttered.
“Hair, Kevin,” Andrew repeated, accompanying the statement with a glare this time.
Kevin huffed. “And my hair is dark brown,” he added reluctantly.
“Thank you for sharing, Kevin,” Johnny answered, just as sincerely as before.
Kevin nodded awkwardly.
Johnny turned to Nicky, who was seated on the chair next to Kevin. “Your turn,” he encouraged cheerily.
Nicky, as expected, responded with as much gusto as if he’d had days to prepare this bio, even going so far as to list five things he liked instead of three.
Johnny, as was now becoming expected, thanked him for the information, and then moved onto the next person in the circle, which was Dan.
And so around it went, with some people’s answers more animated than others (Aaron gave his bio with the same enthusiasm he would give pulling his own teeth out, but he did participate, which wasn’t an insignificant step), and with people chipping in to remind each other of the prompts or to argue over details like heights (Matt insisted he was 6 foot 4 and a half, but Dan maintained that it was maximum 6 foot 4 and a quarter) and likes (“Alli, just because you wear a lot of green doesn’t mean it’s actually your favorite color,” Nicky asserted).
But eventually, after they all had taken a much longer time than probably anyone expected, Johnny ended off with a sincere, “Thank you for sharing, Renee.”
“You’re welcome, Johnny.” Renee gave her most beatific smile.
“Can we get back to the movie now?” Aaron grumbled.
“Uh-huh!” Johnny turned back to the screen, seemingly unaffected by Aaron’s lack of excitement. “I haven’t seen this one.”
“Have you seen the first Frozen movie?” Dan asked.
“No! There’s another one like this?” Johnny was clearly ecstatic over this news.
“Yeah! There is.” Dan deliberated. “Do you want to see it first?”
Aaron groaned softly. Andrew guessed that it was quiet enough for Johnny not to have heard but he assumed Johnny wouldn’t work out what the huff was for anyway. The foxes had just watched the first Frozen movie a couple of weeks ago, so a repeated viewing so soon wouldn’t be ideal.
“No, um, I like this. It’s funny. We can keep watching.”
“Okay. We’ll do the first one another time then, huh?” Dan promised.
Johnny’s eyes widened and his mouth popped open.
It was perhaps a disproportionate reaction to the casual suggestion Dan had made. But Andrew supposed it was confirmation that they wanted him around. Confirmation that Andrew was telling the truth when he’d said that Johnny could be himself.
Johnny gathered himself after a few seconds and nodded vigorously, moving his entire upper body with the action, flashing a grin.
“That would be awesome!” he exclaimed.
As someone pressed play on the TV, Andrew rearranged himself so that he was sitting next to Johnny in front of the space he’d vacated on the couch. It was a facsimile of the positions he and Neil had been in before, but there was now some distance between their arms where previously their pinkies had interlinked.
Andrew was once again struck with the thought that perhaps he was too dependent on Neil. He tried to dismiss the thought as not worth considering but then some part of him that sounded eerily like Bee advised against it.
So maybe he was dependent on Neil. Was that actually a bad thing? He didn’t know how the situation with Johnny would have panned out without Andrew there, but it probably wouldn’t have ended up going as well as it did. So, he reasoned with himself, maybe Neil and his system were dependent on him. It couldn’t be a bad thing if they weren’t being unhealthy about it. If it was reciprocal.
He decided that he’d thought enough about this. It wasn’t a bad thing, and that was good enough for him.
He tuned back into the movie as Johnny snickered at Kristoff doing the Sven voice to appease Olaf.
That was far from the only reaction Johnny had during the next hour and a half. He laughed at the funny parts and sang at the singing parts and sniffled at the sad parts. Andrew was surprised that there wasn’t a lack of sadness in this children’s movie. Andrew himself didn’t shed a tear, but he could recognize that shedding a tear wasn’t an atypical reaction to the events happening onscreen, as evidenced by the amount of sniffing he could hear from around the room.
Eventually, the credits started rolling, and as the movie ended, Johnny’s near-monologue began. The foxes did their best to participate in what was becoming an almost scene-for-scene recap of the film as Johnny reviewed his favorite parts, but Johnny was barely letting them get a word in edgewise and he seemed content to keep going on his own.
After a few minutes of this, when it was clear Johnny wasn’t letting up any time soon, Aaron got up to leave without saying a word.
Johnny let out a “Goodnight, Aaron” in between two of his thoughts but didn’t leave any time for Aaron to respond or anyone else to echo the farewell before he kept going on about Olaf calling for a ‘Samantha’ who didn’t exist.
Kevin left shortly thereafter and was granted the same sendoff of “Goodnight, Kevin” from Johnny.
The remaining foxes gave Johnny their full attention for as long as they could, but it was clear that they didn’t have Johnny’s youthful energy, and also it was later in the night than any of them had prepared for, after the ‘Can you tell me about yourself’ discursion that they’d had.
Matt was seated on the floor between Dan’s legs, and it was on the third time that Matt shook himself awake after hitting his head on Dan’s knee that Johnny seemed to notice something was up.
He stopped himself mid-word, turned to Andrew and requested, “Can you take me to my bed now?”
Andrew imagined there was an inaudible sigh of unanimous relief in the room.
“Sure,” Andrew acquiesced.
They all staggered to their feet, exhaustion making their motions sluggish. Except for Johnny who bounced up like he was ready to run a marathon. They said their ‘goodnight’s to each other, and Nicky, Andrew and Johnny left the girls and Matt to the dorm, Johnny walking slightly like Bambi in an effort to get used to his aforementioned abnormally long limbs.
As they dropped off Nicky at his dorm on their way to the one Andrew and Neil shared with Kevin, Andrew noticed Johnny start to lose steam. By the time they made it through their door, Johnny was barely paying attention to where he was walking, instead fully focused on blinking repeatedly and rubbing his temples.
“Are you okay?” Andrew prodded.
Johnny glanced at Andrew for a second before going back to focusing on the middle distance. “Yeah. Just– someone’s here.”
“Okay. Do you know who it is?”
Johnny was silent as he presumably asked the alter for their name.
“Oh! It’s Neil,” he said.
“What is he saying?”
“He’s confused. He’s asking me what’s been going on. I’m tellin’ him about the movie.” Johnny grinned.
Andrew wasn’t sure that that was the recap Neil had been hoping for, but if Andrew had had to go through basically watching the movie twice with how thorough Johnny’s retelling was, then it was only fair for Neil to hear it.
Andrew went through his nighttime routine with Johnny as a silent shadow. Andrew wasn’t entirely sure if the silence was because he was so absorbed in the recitation of Frozen II’s best plot points to Neil or if it was because of dissociation, but Johnny was going through the motions nonetheless, which Andrew decided was the important thing.
When they were done, Andrew guided Johnny into Neil’s bunk and started the climb up into his own. As he was halfway there, Johnny whispered a “Goodnight, Andrew” keeping his voice down so as not wake Kevin who was snoring lightly in his bed.
“Goodnight, Johnny,” Andrew replied and completed his ascent.
He got himself under the covers and just breathed. He listened to Johnny’s breathing below him, waiting for it to even out. He didn’t want to fall asleep until he was sure Johnny and Neil were okay, because he knew Neil and his alters sometimes needed help grounding themselves when they felt particularly switch-y.
Andrew was not quite asleep and not quite awake a few minutes later when he heard Johnny get up out of the bottom bunk. Andrew turned his head, and even in the darkness he could see the attentiveness in Neil’s eyes.
“I think Johnny finally went to sleep,” Neil told Andrew quietly, in obvious relief. “Can I come up there?” he asked.
That was Neil, alright. Always asking, never assuming. Andrew could count on one hand the number of times he and Neil hadn’t shared a bed in the past few months and yet here was Neil, still making sure it was okay with Andrew.
“Yes,” Andrew answered, because what else would he have said.
Neil climbed the ladder, and he and Andrew shuffled until they were laying side by side under the sheets. It was a tight fit, made even more so by the bit of distance they left between each other, but they squeezed up against the railings on either side of the mattress to make it work.
Andrew breathed deeply, finally at ease, and felt his muscles relax as his eyes closed.
Just before he drifted off, he felt a light prod at his hand. It went away quickly. It was just a request. No insistence. No pressure.
Andrew linked pinkies with Neil, squeezed once and let sleep take him away.
Notes: this was a tough one for me to write because i don’t know how to write kids and i also don’t know how to write as andrew but i knew i wanted both to be done so here we are. also i know frozen wasn’t out when this would be set let alone frozen ii but l e t m e l i v e.  leave a like, comment or rb if u wanna! love you for reading! xx
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Rereading Ls to BB#5 and My Silence Knot
This is a very curious letter, about which I have written a few times. It's a very beautiful letter, the answer to question nine being really touching, and it shows the depth of Lemony's feelings for Betrice. It's a really big letter, and I want to focus this text on information that is relevant to the general understanding of TBL. First, when was this letter written? In the chronology of Lemony Snicket's life there is a remarkable event in his life, which was the fact that he was unable to marry Beatrice, the woman he loves. However, I believe that Lemony's "non-marriage" to Beatrice should not be viewed as a one-time, isolated event. Through LSTUA we know that Lemony was unable to marry Beatrice in the first place, because Count Olaf would try to kill them during the wedding ceremony. (LSTUA chapter 5). According to LSTUA, Lemony fled abroad instead of marrying Beatrice, and received recommendations from Jacques Snicket not to try to contact Beatrice. (LSTUA chapter 6) Jacques was very specific: he told Lemony not to communicate with Beatrice even by carrier pigeons. Evidently, Lemony disobeyed this specific guideline, as he communicated with Beatrice via carrier pigeons. This indicates that Lemony wrote this letter when he was abroad after being prevented from getting married. The correct question is, why did Beatrice decide to call off her wedding to Lemony outright and not just wait for him? If we want to be simple, we can say that the answer appears in the letter itself: Although there is a message in Sebald code, apparently what the main text says is also true. Lemony wrote in paragraphs 2 and 3 that Beatrice's intentions regarding marriage changed because of the "Co-" and because of the "O." who is Count Oalf. Olaf had just threatened their lives, and she explained in the letter that they weren't getting married because of Count Olaf. This sounds simple to understand, but Beatrice's actions are not simple to understand. Because everything indicates that what Beatrice wrote in that letter definitively canceling the wedding was a lie! What we have here is what I like to call a piscological contradiction. Beatrice wrote the 200-page letter because she was forced to write the letter. How do I know this? First, how would Beatrice know where to send the carrier pigeons? Lemony had contacted her preliminarily after his escape, and had informed Beatrice of her exact location abroad. When Lemony disobeyed Jacques' specific instructions, he set off a tragic sequence of events. One of the most direct consequences that Lemony did to himself was getting Beatrice to send him a letter rejecting the marriage. Evidently, Beatrice was under surveillance when she wrote that letter, and she knew that Lemony's enemies would read that letter in order to verify that she had not passed on information that would alert him to the trap. For the purpose of Lemony's enemies was for that letter to make Lemony return to the country, in order to win back his bride and secure the marriage. Beatrice's letter to Lemony has conceptual similarities to R's letter to Lemony in Chapter 2 of LSTUA. R made an otherwise innocent request to Lemony: "Study these photos carefully," as the true information could be deduced from the photos. Similarly, on page 189 of Beatrice's letter, she discreetly asked Lemony to recall the poem My Silence Knot. In the poem was hidden the real information that Beatrice would like to pass on to Lemony. Something interesting is the number of pages in the letter: there are 200 pages in all. That's an unreasonably large number to explain why Beatrice called off her wedding to Lemony, especially if it can be summed up by Count Olaf's violent intervention. Lemony summed it up this way. We can see that the 200-page letter is full of repeated repetitions and unnecessarily detailed information similar to the content of Ivan's autobiography (Chapter 11 of LSTUA). After many useless pages, but before the end, Beatrice entered the all-important list of questions. She certainly believed that the enemy who was going to check the
letter would give up reading it carefully when he got to that particular page, failing to notice the strategy adopted by Beatrice.
📷 1 May 2019 at 4:08pm Mr. Jeh Ann said: Note this passage in LS to BB # 2: [...] “You and R. are probably learning how to convey coded messages in melodramatic dialogue as I write this.” [...] For Beatrice, the Poem My Silence Knot was very important. She wanted very much that Lemony had understood the meaning of the poem from the first time he watched the play. But Lemony did not understand the importance of the poem, nor the secret message contained in it. The LS to BB # 5 letter contains some responses from Lemony to Beatrice that indicate this. “Question Four: No, I don’t think so. I remember the performance, of course, and I remember your splendid costume, and I remember the hatpin you dropped off the stage, and I remember the argument I had with Eleonora Poe the next morning, when I was more than an hour late in turning in my theatrical review, but I don’t remember anything about the theatrical program. If I held a program I don’t remember opening it. If I opened it I don’t remember seeing a poem. If I saw a poem I don’t remember Reading it, and if I read it I don’t remember rereading it, and if I reread it I don’t remember being puzzle or continuing to be puzzled. In short, I’m puzzled. “ Notice that in the 200-page letter in which Beatrice explained to Lemony why she could not marry him, Beatrice made a point of asking if Lemony remembered the poem My Silence Knot, and everything indicates that Lemony did not remember. Similarly, Beatrice asked Lemony if he remembered the meaning of Baticeer. Question seven: “A man or woman who trains bats”. I am sure that this was not the answer that Beatrice expected to receive. She wanted Lemony to write something like, “Baticeer is the anagram of your name.” That’s because Beatrice, just after asking something like “Do you remember what Baticeer means?” She asked something like “Do you remember what an anagram is ?” Question Eight: “The scrambling of letters in a word, name or phrase in order to make new word or phrase.” She also asked Lemony something like this: “Do you understand what Brae-Man means?” Lemony should have answered something like: “I realized that in the play My Silence Knot the Brae-Man represented me.” However, Lemony replied : Question six: “A man who lives in the hills.” At last Beatrice wanted to point out again that the play and the poem contained a secret message. So Beatrice asked something like, “Do you believe that a letter, a word, a play, or a sonnet can be written in code?” This question was to stimulate Lemony to reason about the poem My Silence Knot, and the play itself and anagrams. If he had thought of these points, Lemony would have realized Beatrice’s true plan. Lemony replied: Question Eleven: Everything. A letter may be coded, and a word may be coded. A theatrical performance may be coded, and a sonnet may be coded, and there are time when it seems the entire world is in code… But the right question is: What is the secret message that is hidden in My Silence Knot? And why did Beatrice want Lemony to remember this poem, even when she was canceling her marriage?
Now that I have stopped quoting myself, I can give my new opinion on the matter: evidently the secret message contained in that poem was now again very relevant. I tried for many years to deduce what the poem's secret message was. I made several absurd deductions. But sometimes, the answers are right in front of us, and we just can't see them. Now I think I did.
My Silence Knot A poem about a story of two people who... Written by the person in the story (in the play in the poem) who… My silence knot is tied up in my hair, As if to keep my love out of my eyes. I can not speak to one for whom I care. A hatpin serves as part of my disguise. In the play, my role is baticeer, A word which here means “person who trains bats.” The audience may fell a prick of fear, The sharp pins are hidden in their hats. "My co-star lives on what we call a brae. His solitude might not just be an act. A piece of mail fails to arrive one day. This poignant melodrama’s based on fact. The curtain falls just as the knot unties, The silence broken by the one who dies.
What was Beatrice's state of mind when she wrote this poem? Well, we know that she wrote this poem specifically for a single performance. She knew Lemony was about to ask her something, and it wasn't hard to deduce that she suspected it would be a proposal. She also knew that their relationship would be fraught with difficulties as it was already fraught with difficulties. As I said, on the day of the proposal, Beatrice handed Lemony a knotted lock of hair. Surely the marriage proposal was made after the performance of that particular play performance in which this particular poem was printed in the play's program. Keeping all this in mind, the most important information of the poem is hidden in the first sentence of the poem: "My silence knot is tied up my hair as if to keep my love out of my eyes." By speaking these words and then handing over a lock of hair, Beatrice was making a declaration of love. I hypothesize that literally on the white ribbon of that knot that ties up Beatrice's lock of hair is a little declaration of love, something like "I want to marry you" or "I will love you forever". And it was all supposed to be a little joke: If Lemony understood the meaning of the poem, he would then receive the lock of hair, untie the knot, and read the message. That would be the answer to the marriage proposal. But unfortunately, Lemony paid no attention to the poem, and did not understand Beatrice's gift. Years later, when Beatrice was forced to write the letter, she asked Lemony to remember this poem. With that, he should finally untie the knot on that lock of hair, and then understand the truth: Beatrice still wanted to marry him. This true motivation of Beatrice is perceptible by the obvious question she asked Lemony, question number 9, something like "Are you going to keep loving me no matter what?" This question in a letter of definitively canceling a marriage is a psychological contradiction. The simplest explanation for this contradiction is that Beatrice wrote the contents of this letter against her will. Oh, and the end of the poem is also explained. It is important to know that Beatrice played a character who dies in the play. After stating that she couldn't talk to the person she cares about in the first stanza, Beatrice wrote: "The curtain falls just as the knot unties, the silence broken by the one who dies." The one who dies is Beatrice. (She died only in the play, and was not predicting her true death.) She broke the silence with her declaration of love for Lemony. And of course, untying the literal knot is what would break the silence, both at the time of the proposal and at the time of the 200-page letter. Because Lemony didn't understand the poem, he didn't fight to marry Beatrice, and simply accepted that she didn't want to marry him anymore. What followed were misunderstandings and false deaths that made communication between them even more difficult. Now that I understand this, I agree with Semblance 's opinion: Beatrice probably believed that Lemony was really dead when she married Betrand, although Lemony mistakenly thinks she knew he was actually alive (at the time he wrote LS to BB#6. No wonder Lemony cried so hard when he found that poem and that lock of hair again. His life could have been totally different if he had understood the meaning of that poem.
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Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword
Back in October my friend @unrepentantauthor and I played a round of @prokopetz's mini-RPG Olaf Hits the Dragon with His Sword. Today I noticed that every post about the game was made by someone playing solo, so (with my friend's permission) I'm posting our game as an example of what it looks like as a back-and-forth between two people.
They played Olaf; I played the Dragon.
OLAF, why have you come?
I am a knight sworn to defend the innocent, and to strike down evil beasts for the wrongs they have committed. The dragon has slaughtered countless people, and must die for it, if not by my sword, then by the hand of some other brave warrior to come. Today, the task falls to me. For I am capable, and I am here.
As for THE DRAGON, what is your nature?
You speak of wrongs committed, little knight, and I do not deny them. I have shed the blood of the innocent and the wicked alike, the blameless man and the murderer; it was my power to do this, for I have taken this land and named it mine, and now all things live under my dominion and fall to their knees at the whisper of my presence. You are not the first knight to come here, seeking glory and heroism, speaking of the grief and pain I have caused; you are not the first knight whose bones will find their resting place in my hoard.
You name me DRAGON, O little knight who comes in iron, who seeks for vengeance and names it justice, but I name myself DEATH, I name myself DESTROYER, I name myself END OF ALL.
OLAF approaches THE DRAGON's lair.
If I must add my bones to your horde, so be it. I have shed blood every month of my life in service of my principles and my quests, and I have lost many precious things already. I have lost wealth to bad fortune. I have lost friends to irreconcilable faith. I have lost the best years of my youth to hard training. And I have lost finger, eye, and foot to past combats. Yet I have still more to give. I do not fear losing my life today.
THE DRAGON responds:
You do not fear death, and you believe you have the capability to vanquish me? What good is that iron shell of armour when the creature inside it has already halfway to death, having abandoned himself so to sorrow and sacrifice? You are weak, you little knight, you little fool, you pitiful thing with nothing to live for.
There is no justice in the iron of your sword; there is only death, yours or mine, and the foolishness of a man who has willingly abandoned so much. Your strength will one day come to an end, and when that day comes you will have nothing remaining to you.
You can never regain what you have lost. Lay down your sword, foolish knight. Melt down your armour and forge of its iron the shovel, the hoe, the plough. Abandon this futile endeavour.
OLAF speaks:
I am confident in my steady hand, my keen eye, and my stalwart heart. I have slain monsters, and the prices I have paid are but costs, not failures. I may slay you today, and I would rather take my chance at doing so than retire to a profession of which I know nothing, to live out a life of vulnerability and humility. I will not expose myself to your predations, O Wyrm. I will do as I have done many times before, and shed your blood in service of my cause. I will be a credit to the name 'knight'.
THE DRAGON responds:
It will be naught but the highest of honours, then, to be slain by such a man. I call it a great flattery, to know you hold my death so high in your esteem! A credit to the name of knight! A beast which slaughters in service of its cause, so accomplished in violence that it can conceive of naught else, who aspires so dearly to end life that it can never dream of creating something new.
How much blood is on your hands, knight? How many lives have you already ended? If I am to die then I go knowing it is at the hands of a dealer in death as great and terrible as I myself was in my prime.
OLAF speaks:
How telling of your nature, that you should compare your slaughter to my vengeance. Do you truly see no difference between wanton and indiscriminate killing of the innocent, and the sanctioned ending of a violent life to prevent further suffering? Do not seek to make me doubt my just cause, when I have seen the ashes of the young and the bones of the meek left in your wake. Do not tell me of my bloodied hands when there is an ocean of blood in your maw. I will not waver. I will not stay my hand.
THE DRAGON responds:
You are not the first to speak these words to me, knight, and I tell you now you shall not be the last. Look now upon my horde, these many suits of armour. See them battle-worn, once gleaming but gone now to rust and ruin, and know that within each of these iron shells lies a rotten sack of meat and bones, a thing which was once a man. I have been visited by more knights than you could ever count, though you may live a thousand years, and each of them came to me with your words in their mouth. They are long since forgotten, their stories untold and their names turned to dust. Yet I remain! I am the DRAGON, red and wrathful, greater than any; I have withstood armies, lain whole kingdoms to waste, outlived even the memories of those who aspired to destroy me. What are you compared to I, little knight, little morsel of meat whom I could end with the merest snap of my jaws.
I weary of this folly. Let us speak no more. Strike me down now, if you dare!
(roll: BLOOD 4, IRON 6 2 1, AMBITION 6 3, SORROW 2, DEATH 3. -1 IRON, -1 AMBITION. roll: BLOOD 1, IRON 5 3, AMBITION 3, SORROW 6, DEATH 5)
SORROW dominates. OLAF is left broken by his trials.
OLAF, speak of your wretchedness.
As I had known, but not allowed myself to fear, this was surely my final combat. I have sustained more wounds this day than any year of my life, and though I may yet survive, I will not live as I have done. My sword hand is lost, forever to remain in the belly of mine enemy. So too have I finally lost the courage that brought me here, poisoned to death by the words the DRAGON spoke to me ere I began our battle. This was my choice, but it is a choice I weep for. I am not only wounded, but old, and I shall be lucky to provide so much as an odd word of combat training to young squires, if I can even bring myself to do so. I am not yet dead, but I am diminished more by my survival than by any death the DRAGON could have given me.
DRAGON, speak of what comfort remains.
Olaf has lost both his sword hand and the unyielding courage which drove him forwards in his quest for justice. He is slower than he was, more hesitant, less certain, damaged in body and mind. He was not slain in battle, but he thinks his life is over all the same.
There is more to life than iron and death. There is grief and there is suffering. Olaf cannot stand to hear the songs written to commemorate his vanquishing of the dragon, and so when they are sung he listens instead to the laughter of children who no longer live in fear. He travels to villages the dragon had razed to the ground, and sees fresh green sprouts growing in what once was blasted wasteland. He wakes each night screaming, shuddering from nightmares, but there are gentle hands to sooth him and to hold him close.
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super-mam-te-moc · 11 months ago
New Frozen comic, part one. Translation under panels
Part two
Tumblr media
A source of strange water
Every year Arendelle citizens prepare a grand celebration for harvest
Anna: I can't, why Elsa is not with us yet? She should be here already.
Kristoff: Easy, she will show herself soon.
K: You did a good job Anna, everybody is impressed with celebrations
A: I hope you don't lie.
Citizen: I am sorry to interrupt your highness, but unfortunately we have a problem...
A: what happened?
C: Water in fjord looks, how to say it, strange
A: How strange?
C: It changes color.
A: I must see it immediately
A few minutes later
A: I must be dreaming! This water is brown!
K: I don't like this. I have never seen it so muddy.
C: Smell it. This smell is also strange.
A: Strange? Rather awful!
Tumblr media
Olaf: Anna, Kristoff, you won't believe this! Water in a fountain changed color. Finally we have some magic, it got boring.
Anna: I am afraid that's not magic.
A woman: Folks, something bad happened!
A boy: it stinks like dirty socks!
Anna: oh no.
A: I feel anxious. This got really dangerous.
K: You are right, it's hard to live without clear water.
Anna had no choice...
A: With a heavy heart I must say that our harvest festival has to be postponed. I promise to solve this water problem as fast as it's possible..
Woman: Your highness, you can count on us, if a help is needed.
Man: Thank you for caring, queen Anna!
Olaf: If it's not magic, then what?
K: The problem is...I don't know.
Woman: Queen! I think that's poison! My sister Helga saw him a few days ago!
Anna: Who? When?
Olaf: Wow
W: I will explain... She works in this new loom at the river. And she is sure that she saw a demon poisoning water in the river.
(demon - an evil spiritfrom Scandinavian legends)
Tumblr media
"She was finishing her work when she saw a scary shadow on the water..."
Helga: Oh
W: Of course she immediately ran away, but since then water changed its color.
Olaf: Brrr! I feel all my hairs stood on end. Even though I don't have hair.
A: Wait, why this demon would poison the water?
W: Maybe they got angry because this new loom was built on their river?
A: That would explain it...
Some time later friends try to find something more in castle's library
K: I got it! In this book I found something about demons. Probably they are distant relatives of forest's spirits.
O: Then let's ask Elsa!
A: i have written to her already. I hope Gale will bring a reply soon.
A: You ask, you get. Here's Gale!
O: You are my fastest friend!
A: It's called an entrance with a bang.
K: What did Elsa write?
A: She wrote that even though demons were fictional, some believed in their existence. Also she thinks that we should go to this loom to check where a pollution leak to a river started.
Elsa: I regret that I can't be with you now, but I believe that you will find a solution to the problem. Because if not you, then who.
Will Anna listen to her sister and go to the loom? Who she will meet there...You will find out a solution to this criminal puzzle soon.
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darkchocolatekitkat · 11 months ago
I like how RWDE posters can say like “I think Team RWBY isn’t perfect, made some mistakes in the last two arcs, and they could’ve been written better,” and people will still comment stuff calling you names or saying you clearly didn’t think it through and wondering if you’re equally hard on other characters.
And then RWDE posters say stuff like “the complete and total comic-book level villainy and full blown terrorism of Ironwood was out of left field and out of character, I don’t mind him making lots of mistakes and I think he did make mistakes in V7 and could’ve done better, but the fact that they literally tried to remove everything good from his character and make him a puppy kicking piece of garbage on par with Count Olaf, Dupliss from Paper Mario, and Ansem Seeker of Darkness from Kingdom Hearts was very frustrating,” and people will still make comments accusing you of excusing every bad thing Ironwood ever did, call you a fascist, send you hate anons, or simply post about how you don’t understand anything that goes on.
The point of this post is that some RWBY fans will go out of their way to excuse anything and everything Team RWBY does and try to ensure that everyone sees it as wholly necessary and actually pretty good, and they’ll see even the slightest and most generous criticism against them to be a wild take or ridiculous to even think. But the same exact people will always see everything James did in the worst possible way and completely inexcusable even if he was in no win situations, and therefore other people showing anything less than hatred towards Ironwood is taken as complete and total devotion and approval of all of his actions. It’s incredibly frustrating.
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themattress · 4 months ago
Repentance, not Redemption
Masterpost of characters who qualify for what I said here...and examples of subversions.
Achieved Repentance, not Redemption:
Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket) - While she came to feel remorse for her monstrous actions and stopped doing them, letting the other Sohma family members go free at last, there isn’t much in the way of good she is able to do other than be a good wife to her husband and good mother to her child. A personal-level redemption, perhaps, but not really one on the whole.
Askeladd Olafson (Vinland Saga) - Gets himself killed as the final stage of his plan to help Thorfinn, Canute, and his homeland of Wales, after having previously victimized all of them. He still did nothing to make amends for his life of evildoing and showed no remorse for it. 
Axel (Kingdom Hearts II) - Recognized and felt remorse for his sins, but ultimately elected to blow himself up to clear the way for Sora to fix the consequences rather than hang in there and do it himself. This does not apply to his human counterpart Lea, who underwent a more proper redemption (not one I find particularly well-written, but that’s besides the point).
Billy Hargrove (Stranger Things) - Felt remorse for all the wrong he had done after being forcibly mind controlled by an evil entity, then broke free of said entity and sacrificed his life to buy time until it could be destroyed. Never fully redeemed, but that’s not really his fault.
Count Olaf (A Series of Unfortunate Event) - He died doing one noble thing, but he felt no remorse for the life of evil he had led, and his fatal wound wasn’t even a result of any heroics.
Darth Vader (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) - Was struggling with remorse for a while, but in spite of this stayed evil right up until his son’s life was in danger, upon which he sacrificed his own life to save him by killing his dark master. This is often called a “redemption”, but it really isn’t; just repentance and validation of Luke’s belief that there was still some good in him.
Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2) - He was made to realize what he did wrong, then sacrificed his life to prevent the disaster he had set in motion. As he put it, “I will not die a monster!” This does not apply to the time variant from Spider-Man: No Way Home, who is redeemed.
Dravus (Disney’s The Quest) - After falling under mind control from Travora, the wicked sorceress he had betrayed his kingdom to join, Dravus is able to resist long enough to throw the Divine Crown to the Heirs of Sanctum, being seemingly vaporized by Travora afterward. This repentant act was not enough to redeem him though, and tellingly he is shown at the end to be outright condemned to the Deep, where he is trapped by the demonic Ferals.
Edelgard (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) - While she is redeemed in the Crimson Flower route and goes to her death unrepentant in the Azure Moon route, both Silver Snow and Verdant Wind routes have her express remorse for all of the bloodshed she’s caused upon her defeat, with her insisting on Byleth slaying her in order to finally put an end to all the fighting.
Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - In all incarnations, we get the remorse and acknowledgement of his sins followed by death. Never is there any actual good deeds.
Godot (Ace Attorney) - Despite feeling remorse for what he did, he refused to consciously acknowledge it or do anything to fix it. Instead, he insisted on a final battle with Phoenix Wright, only repenting upon his defeat. He apparently died in prison shortly afterward.
Honerva (Voltron: Legendary Defender) - After being pushed through the space between life and death in a battle over the multiverse's fate, she is made to see the error of her ways by Princess Allura and remorsefully chooses to give up her life to restore all that she destroyed.
Ingrid the Snow Queen (Once Upon a Time) - She had a “My God, what have I done?” epiphany about her monstrous deeds upon reading a letter from her late younger sister, acknowledged her wrongdoing and sacrificed her life to stop the evil she had put in motion.
Jimmy McGill (Better Call Saul) - He finally had his breakthrough epiphany that allowed him to fully process remorse and guilt for his actions and then take responsibility for them. Unfortunately, this led to life in prison, so he is unable to actually do any good from now on.
King Andrias (Amphibia) - Buried the remorse for his villainy deep and justified his atrocities for a long time until reading a letter from his childhood friend Leif brought it all to the surface. At this point, he chose to stop fighting and accept a lethal blow from Anne Boonchuy which damaged the cybernetics that have kept him alive. After playing a part in defeating the Core, he spent what little time he had left to live doing enforced community service for Amphibia.
Kuja (Final Fantasy IX) - As he lay dying following the last battle with Zidane’s party, he finally came to terms with the meaning of life and how wrongful his actions had been. He did the only thing left in his power by transporting Zidane’s party to safety outside the Iifa Tree. 
Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass) - Upon becoming supreme dictator of the world through all manners of deplorable methods, a remorseful Lelouch sets up his own assassination in order to bring about world peace by ridding the planet of its last great tyrant: himself.
Locke (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog) - Being made to see all that he did wrong in his life, Locke tearfully gives up his own life to free his son from the Master Emerald’s control.
Nephrite (Sailor Moon) - Sacrifices his life to save the girl he came to love and is sorry for the way he'd treated her before. He never actually defected from the Dark Kingdom and even says that his death is the only thing saving Usagi's identity from being revealed to Beryl.
Noah Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - Rather spontaneously feels remorse and then sacrifices his life.
Obake (Big Hero 6 the Series) - He did a noble thing at the end by setting Baymax free and ordering him to go save Hiro rather than save him, as he accepts his fate in his crumbling evil underwater lair. However, this was only after his plan to destroy San Fransokyo was thwarted by Hiro and the others, and he personally felt no remorse for his heinous villainy, only despair that it wasn’t successful and that Hiro never agreed to join him as his scientific apprentice. 
Pryce (Pokemon Adventures) - After his plan failed and all of the repressed remorse for what he’s done emerges from his icy heart, Pryce lets himself fall into the vortex of time in order to ensure Gold makes it back to the other side. While he returns later on, he is made to do good by circumstance rather than by his own free will, so at the moment he is still unredeemed.
Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon a Time) - Twice, Rumple sacrificed his life to kill a greater evil and save his loved ones. However, the first time he only showed remorse for personal wrongs he’d committed rather than all the general wrongs, plus never indicated he’d stop doing bad things if he had survived past this point and sure enough returned to them upon his resurrection. The second time he had already committed to stop doing bad and consistently do good, but remorse for his general wrong-doing was still absent in favor of the personal.
Satou Matsuzaka (Happy Sugar Life) - She realizes the true meaning of love and gives her own life to protect Shio from dying from the same murder-suicide fall that she put her in to start with. Otherwise, she has remarkably few regrets and even as she dies people are burning alive in the apartment complex that she had set ablaze, taking a lot of other people with her, and she's ultimately tainted Shio as much as she's helped her, if not moreso.
The Scarlet Witch (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) - Similar to Honerva, except that it’s another version of herself that makes her see the light, and there is the possibility that she survived and might find redemption in the future. If so, this will become a subversion.
Shadow Weaver (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) - After realizing that she’s not a hero and never will be, Shadow Weaver sacrifices her life to save her two surrogate daughters and remove her malignant influence from their lives and the world in general. “You’re welcome”.
Tarrlok (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) - Full of remorse for his crimes and unable to believe that he and his brother Noatak can find redemption due to what happened with their father, Tarrlok elects to blow up the boat they’re on, ridding the world of Yakone’s bloodline.
Terra (Teen Titans: The Judas Contract DTV) - Upon being betrayed by Deathstroke in this animated adaptation of a comic storyline, Terra felt remorse for having betrayed the Titans and gave up her life to kill Deathstroke and save Beast Boy, whom she had hurt the most.
Walter White (Breaking Bad) - He died making things right for his family and Jesse, and felt remorse for the consequences of his evildoing, but he still felt proud of said evildoing and would do it all again if he could, even as he dies alone without any loved ones at his side.
Wenwu (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) - Despite repressing all of his remorse and conflicted feelings, Wenwu ends up saving his son’s life at the last minute, bequeathing his rings to him just before his soul is sucked out by the very demon he had unleashed.
Yukio Oikawa (Digimon Adventure 02) - On death’s door following being used by Myotismon, Oikawa repents of his crimes and uses the wishing world’s power to convert his soul into a restorative form of energy that revitalizes the Digital World and protects it from future harm.
Cassandra (Tangled the Series) - She appears to follow the repentant, not redeemed outcome to the letter, but then Rapunzel is able to bring her back to life, allowing her to leave Corona and achieve legitimate redemption through good deeds elsewhere in the world.
Doctor Octopus (Marvel’s Spider Man) - Despite his redemption being capped off via his death, Otto Octavius had already gone through the redemption process beforehand: he had recognized his wrongdoing and felt remorse for it, had ceased being a supervillain, and had actively done good deeds solely for altruism’s sake in order to live up to Uncle Ben’s creed.
Esteban Flores (Elena of Avalor) - At first, he seems to achieve the repentance but not redemption by taking a painful killing blow for Elena, apologizing to her for everything before he dies. However, he is very quickly restored to life by Elena, and after making a fuller apology swears to spend the rest of his life doing the work to redeem himself for his crimes.
Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time) - As Dark Hook, Killian had his epiphany followed by sacrificing his life to stop what he had set in motion. But not only were the circumstances behind him being Dark Hook kind of iffy to start with, he also ended up managing to continue and complete his redemption even in death and beyond once he was resurrected by Zeus.
King Arthur (Once Upon a Time) - He actually managed to have a complete redemption process after dying thanks to the nature of the Underworld (alongside Killian Jones, no less).
Kylo Ren (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) - Unlike Darth Vader, Kylo Ren’s turn didn’t happen at the moment of his death. After a long struggle with his repressed remorse and guilt, Kylo Ren finally chose to act upon it and turn to the light side, going on to play a key role in saving the galaxy by using his Force bond with Rey to stop her from giving into Palpatine’s ploy to have her strike him down. It was only after achieving this that he ended up trading his life to revive Rey; the fact stands that he’d committed himself to good beforehand.
Loki (Thor: The Dark World) - He begins to feel some remorse for his evildoing following his mother’s death, leading to him teaming up with Thor and sacrificing his life for him. However, he ends up surviving, and rather than commit to redeeming himself he goes the safer route and returns to his old ways. In the climax of Thor: Ragnarok, he finally makes a turnaround to redemption, but he ends up immediately killed by Thanos afterward, though his redemption is still further progressed by two different time variants of him (TVA Loki and Classic Loki).
Piccolo and Vegeta (Dragon Ball) - Piccolo’s death in the Saiyan Saga and Vegeta’s deaths in the Freeza and Buu Sagas would not have qualified as redemption in of themselves. However, they were brought back to life and were thus able to redeem themselves in earnest.
Ricky Owens (Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated) - After being plagued by remorse for all the evil he’s done and been complicit in, Ricky Owens sacrifices his life saving the Mystery Incorporated gang from the Evil Entity. However, after the Evil Entity’s demise, history is rewritten so that this never happened...in fact, Ricky Owens was never evil to begin with now.
Scarlemagne (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts) - Scarlemagne’s death was the crescendo of his redemption arc rather than some kind of last-minute event. Before his sacrifice, he had already felt remorse, apologized, put in the appropriate work and firmly redeemed himself.
Terra (Teen Titans) - In the animated series, Terra has a remorseful epiphany followed by her sacrificing her life to kill Slade and stop the erupting volcano her powers had triggered. However, she was eventually resurrected and, going by the feelings her repressed memories gave her, committed herself to living a normal life as a good citizen rather than awaken her powers and try to be a superhero, which would risk the same problems happening again.
Yuno Gasai (Future Diary) - She had a remorseful epiphany about what a monster she had become upon being confronted by her alternate younger self, but was still going to go through with her evil plan until Yuki intervened, which pushed her into taking her own life in order for his to be spared. However, said alternate Yuno would end up assimilating her life force and then set out to undergo redemption by getting into an actually healthy relationship with Yuki and working with him to build a better world for everyone, not just for herself and him.
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wroteasongabouther · a year ago
can’t stand to see you lonely: part 3
Tumblr media
a/n: we love a little throwback with this gif, my heart 😭 again, i can’t thank you all enough for the love you’ve shown my writing it’s truly the sweetest thing and i’m happy you guys are liking the story so far! this was is the longest part so far with a lot happening, so happy reading! remember to leave some feedback and reblog cause it’s always appreciated.
and as always, thanks to the lovely jess @arrogantstyles​ and jill @havethetimeofyourstyles​ for beta reading ❤️
word count: 19k
warnings: mentions of a partner cheating (f*** mark), minor mention of drugs (aka weed lol), alcohol consumption (tequila anyone?), and serious! sexual! tense!
fic page // let’s chat // cstsyl playlist
Tumblr media
Y/N didn’t realize she had left Harry’s apartment the other day with his hoodie on until the next morning when she had woken up to the sweet smell of faint lavender and laundry soap. She didn’t return the hoodie, though. In fact, she shamelessly slept in the hoodie for three more nights; it was just really comfortable, she tries to convince herself that’s the only reason she’s wearing it to bed each night. It wasn’t because the smell that calmed her, reminding her of that dimpled smile and dazzling green eyes that would wander into her dreams every night now and then. And it was especially not because she found herself falling for those same pair of eyes, no, not a shred of feelings besides friendship there.
“You’re not fooling anyone,” Sammy deadpans.
“What are you talking about now?” Y/N questions, keeping her eyes on her phone as she texts back Harry.
“You and your little affair,” Sammy quips back. His choice of words causes Y/N’s head to quickly snap up and look at her friend. He’s giving her a bored look, a smug little smile on his face that makes Y/N narrow her eyes.
“I am not having an affair, Sammy, so let’s not start that rumour around the office, please,” Y/N says to him in a hushed voice. “Plus, Mark hasn’t bothered to call or text me in almost a week now. So, I’m pretty sure the next time we do talk it will be to end things officially,” Y/N explains, her voice falling flat as she feels her heart rate pick up just thinking of her and Mark breaking up. Regardless of the fact he’s hurt her feelings, annoyed her and so on - it’s still a break up, and they really freaking suck.
“I sure hope so,” Sammy says. “You know I’m team Harry all the way,” he gives Y/N a wicked smile which she only rolls her eyes at.
There were no teams to be on, she thinks. She was just becoming friends with Harry, and yeah, she found him ridiculously attractive and really sweet too, but she wasn’t dumping Mark for him or anything. If she was dumping Mark it was because of how their relationship turned out, without Harry’s help, and how neither of them are benefitting from being together anymore. Hell, they didn’t even have sex last time he was in the city. It also didn’t have to do with the fact that Y/N would be nervous that Harry could hear them. Nope that thought didn’t cross her mind not even once - Y/N finds herself biting on her bottom lip as she’s deep in thought and trying to convince herself certain things.
Her phone buzzes where she left it on her desk brings her back to reality. She picks it up and swipes up as the face ID recognizes her, opening up the messages, between her and Harry, that she was previously on. Y/N can’t help it as a chuckle leaves her lips. She notices how Sammy leans back in his chair and raises a brow at her, but she chooses to ignore him and instead keeps watching the gif Harry sent on loop over and over again.
It was a cartoon Santa, dabbing. Yes, Harry used a gif that had to do with a trend from the world's youth. Y/N never would have guessed Harry even knew what dabbing was. She holds back another chuckle and looks up a gif to respond to his. She goes for one that’s a cartoon of Rudolph, his nose lighting up like a strobe light as he dances on two legs. It’s silly, but she’s enjoying this back and forth texting of stupid Christmas themed gifs. It’s been going on for about five minutes and she doesn’t even know why or how it started, but she loves it.
How’s work so far today? Harry texts after sending a gif of the Olaf the snowman from Frozen, dancing in the field of flowers. Y/N tilts her head to the side and leans further back in her seat, stretching her legs under her desk. The work that was on her desk was long forgotten when her and Harry began texting earlier.
It’s good, I finally have a few moments of downtime at my desk. We had like four clients in this morning for some fittings for the many Christmas parties going on next week. Y/N sends that off before typing, How’s your day? Write anything good yet?
Glad it’s less busy now, don’t let me distract you with all these amazing Christmas gifs though. And I’ve got a few things written while at the cafe, finally found the right melody for another song I was working on last week. Harry types out to Y/N, biting on the nail of his thumb after hitting send. He’s been leaning on the guitar in his lap for the past twenty minutes. That melody was found, but pushed away after he got into texting Y/N.
Not too distracting, although I think Sammy is jealous no one’s sending him any silly gifs. A second text shows up only seconds later, Harry’s sometimes surprised at how fast Y/N can type. And that’s good though! Will I ever get to hear you play in person besides through the wall our apartments share?
Harry smiles over his thumb at the first text but then is biting at his nail again as he reads over the second bubble a few times. He isn’t too surprised that she can hear him play from her apartment, but he is surprised she’s asking to hear him play. He doesn’t think he’s all that great of a guitar player. It’s kind of hard to think when he’s best mates with one of the best guitar players in the industry; Mitch could outplay him any day. Harry stops biting on his nail and hovers his thumbs over his keyboard. Although he’s usually too nervous to just sit and play for someone, he finds himself imagining playing for Y/N.
Tell Sammy I’ll send him some gifs too if he wants. And as for playing for you, maybe... if you catch me on a good day. Y/N shakes her head at his response, somehow not too shocked that’s what he says. She recalls him not telling her what popular songs he had written, how his cheeks grew a shade of pink at the mere idea of Y/N knowing of his work. So, she’ll take her odds and pray that someday soon she gets Harry on a good day and hears him play something.
“Y/N,” Amanda’s voice calling her name causes Y/N to jump, sitting straight up in her seat and nearly dropping her phone. She shuts off the screen and feels the vibration from her Apple watch, a notification reading that it was time to head into the conference room to interview new interns with Amanda. Y/N looks over her shoulder to see Amanda standing behind her with her eyebrows raised and her lifeline of a notebook in hand. “You alright?” She asks, slight concern in her tone.
“Yeah,” Y/N clears her throat and stands from her desk, wobbling on her heeled boots as she gathers up her laptop and cell phone. “I’m all good, ready to find us some new interns,” she states with a smile.
Amanda gives her a look as if doubting her, but then nods as Y/N steps in front of her and they move into the conference room. It’s not until their third candidate that Y/N thought of her boyfriend. Her watch buzzes, flashing up at text from Mark, then one from Sammy right away. She ignores them and tries to focus on listening to yet another fashion student talk about their love for the industry and the company. She was once just like them, sitting on the other side of this conference table and grinning ear to ear from just being in the building. She still felt excited to come into work every day and she feels very grateful to still feel that way. So, therefore she doesn’t hate sitting there for a few hours and having a handful of first impressions with girls that she once was. But, in the back of her mind she’s wondering what Mark could have texted her. It’s been five days since the phone call she ended up hanging up on him. What could he possibly have to say?
“Thank you for coming in today,” Amanda says with a smile to their last interview of the day. The small blonde stands up as the two of them do, and reaches across the table to shake both of their hands before saying short goodbyes and letting one of the receptionists walk them out.
“I think I liked her the best,” Y/N comments, writing a quick note beside her resume.
“I agree. We’ll email back and forth a bit more about it. I’ve got another phone meeting with a few clients for the new year first,” Amanda explains as she’s reading over her planner before snapping it shut.
“Sounds like fun,” Y/N nods before walking separate ways from Amanda and heading back to her desk. As she gets closer, she can't help but notice the oversized bouquet of flowers on her desk. Her eyebrows pinch together as she slows her steps, taking in the beautiful pinks and oranges in the bouquet before reaching for the card that stuck out of it. Sammy pops up then, right by Y/N’s side almost breathing down her neck.
“Did you not get my text? These showed up like halfway through your interviews,” Sammy states, trying to read the card before Y/N can. She shields it’s away from his eyes and looks at him over her shoulder. “Sorry,” he apologizes and takes a step back.
Y/N reads the printed out note and finds herself sighing as she reads it over again. I’m sorry - Mark. Y/N shakes her head and rolls her lips into her mouth, staring at the bouquet again. That’s it, just sorry? She thinks, but then remembers that he had texted her too. Maybe there’s something more there but Y/N finds herself doubting it.
“Who’s it from?” Sammy questions. Y/N ignores him and pulls out her phone from her back pocket. She unlocks it and taps on her messages app, having to back out of her conversation with Harry in order to open up Mark’s text from earlier.
Did you get the flowers? The company sent me a notification saying someone signed for them. Y/N rolls her eyes at his careless text message; not an ounce of emotion behind any of his words, through text or on the note. She doesn’t find herself smiling at the flowers, thinking how it’s a nice gesture, but instead finding it ridiculous that her boyfriend missed the whole point of the fight and just thinks some random bouquet of flowers will fix everything that she’s feeling. Is he even bothered by the fact they fought and haven’t spoken in five days? She wonders as she shuts off her phone screen without responding.
“Mark sent them,” Y/N finally tells Sammy, turning around to hand him the card. After he grabs it, and Y/N turns back around and places a hand on either side of the vase. She turns on her heels and walks around her desk to the left, moving Sammy’s chair out of the way and placing them on his desk instead. “You can have them, they look better on your desk,” she stays in a flat tone of voice, feeling indifferent about if she should just throw them out or not.
“Are you going to break up with him?” Sammy asks, his voice is quiet and soft - sounding like a caring friend instead of a gossiping coworker.
Y/N bites down on her bottom lip and nods, “yeah, I think I am going to. I just don’t know how, breaking up with someone on the phone feels so shallow and I would hate to be broken up with over the phone.” She explains, turning back around to look at Sammy again. He’s frowning, a look of pity in his eyes.
“But it’s unfair to you both to keep this relationship going on like this, Y/N,” Sammy says, letting out a deep sigh and tosses the card in the garbage bin by Y/N’s desk. “You’ll know what to do, you always do,” Sammy adds on with a smile.
Y/N tries to mirror her friends smile but feels it fall flat on her lips. She’s doubting herself, doubting her choices with Mark these past four months, and she keeps doubting herself all day till she’s walking into her apartment. She closes her door and slips out of her coat. Y/N sighs and pulls out her phone while walking to her bedroom, taking a seat on the end of her bed before pulling up Mark’s contact.
Her fingers hover over the call icon, her heart beating a million miles an hour as she imagines how this phone call is going to go. Should she really break up with him over the phone? She thinks, yet again doubting herself. This was really the only way to do it, seeing as he won’t be in the city for who knows how long. Y/N didn’t want to be in this relationship anymore, especially since it started to feel less like a relationship as the days went on this past month. Y/N inhales deeply just as her phone begins to ring, Mark’s contact picture of him kissing her cheek fills the screen in her hand. Y/N exhales before tapping the green icon on the phone and bringing it to her ear.
“Hi,” Y/N says softly into the phone.
“Hey, you didn’t answer my text earlier,” Mark starts off the conversation with a hard tone of voice as if he’s annoyed. Y/N licks her lips and nods, even though Mark can’t see her.
“Yeah, um, sorry, work got busy,” she lies. She had the time to text him back, she just didn’t know what to say as her thoughts were clouded with how to break up with him.
“Did you get them?” Mark asks.
“The flowers? Yeah, I did,” Y/N sighs. She’s racking her brain on how to do this. How do you break up with someone over a phone call? She shakes her head and brings a hand to her forehead, pushing her fingers through the roots of her hair. “Mark, we need to talk,” she says, feeling that’s the best she can do - the good ol’ classic line.
“Yeah, we do,” Mark agrees with a sigh from him now. Y/N listens as it’s like something shuffles on the other end of the phone, as if Mark switches his phone from one ear to the other. “Look, Y/N, you’re a wonderful girl, truly, you are. But we’re not really benefiting from this, are we?” Mark says, snapping Y/N out of her thoughts as her brows pinch together.
“Are you breaking up with me?” Y/N questions.
“Uh, yeah-”
“No, no, I’m breaking up with you. I have thought long and hard about this for days now, and I don’t think we should be together anymore, Mark,” Y/N blurts out quickly, feeling as though her moment that she’s been talking herself up to all day was being taken away from her. She releases the grip she had on her hair and stares straight ahead at the painting on her wall, waiting for Mark to say something.
He lets out a long breath, “then I guess this is a lot easier for the both of us then, huh?” He says. Y/N shakes her head in disbelief.
“I guess so,” she mumbles.
“I’ll uh, I’ll send my assistant over soon for any of my things I’ve left at your apartment. She’ll bring the few things of yours that are at my place too. Are you available tomorrow?” Mark explains, asking the question so casually too. In fact, he sounds like he’s distracted with something on his end of the call too.
“Have you had this planned for a while now or something?” She asks, her eyebrows only pull together tighter in confusion. How can he act so unbothered only seconds after breaking up with her? She thinks. Sure, it’s a mutual break up, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t bothered by it still.
“Uh, no,” Mark mutters, not sounding convincing at all. Y/N rolls her eyes and shakes her head at herself - how did she even date this guy?
“You know what, whatever,” Y/N breathes out as her eyes close and she runs a hand through her hair, “I’ll be home from work around five in the evening tomorrow for your assistant to come by. Tell her to be on time, please,” she tells Mark.
“Alright,” he says. There’s a couple beats of silence between them, and she doesn’t feel upset over it at all. In fact she feels at peace with this breakup. She supposes that they didn’t date for long, and they never said I love you to each other and really didn’t spend too much time with one another the past two months. Maybe that’s why she’s not bothered by this break up at all.
“Well, it was fun, Mark,” Y/N says, “I wish you the best,” she adds.
“You too, Y/N,” he replies. And with that, Y/N brings the phone from her ear and ends the call. Staring at the screen that was on Mark’s contact info for a few minutes as she lets herself fall into her thoughts.
That was a lot easier than she imagined it to be earlier today. Y/N falls back on her bed, her hair fanning out around her as she holds her phone to her stomach and stares up at the ceiling. Did he have this planned though? She finds herself thinking. She imagines that he sent those flowers earlier to butter her up, maybe, before he called to break her heart only hours later. And having already made plans for his assistant to go through his apartment and bring her things to her. Maybe he already had gathered her things beforehand, meaning over a week ago he would have packed it up - only to come over to her house and fight with her for days on end before making her drive him to the airport. Y/N just shakes her head as her thoughts run wild.
Y/N knows exactly what she needs to do to get out of this overthinking stage that she’s got herself into. She gets up from her bed and opens her closet, her figure skates sitting on the bottom of the closet leaning nicely against each other. She finds an empty tote bag and tosses them inside, then quickly gets dressed into a pair of light blue skinny jeans, a plain white turtleneck long sleeve, and then layering by putting on a dark grey crew neck that has ‘LA’ in white writing across the front.
After making sure she has her wallet, phone and keys, she puts on a black puffer jacket and heads out her front door. Harry’s walking out of the elevator just as Y/N is locking up, he’s got a Starbucks hot drink in hand and a smile on his face.
“Hey,” Harry says, but then his eyebrows pinch together as he realizes the time, “where are you off to?” He wonders. Y/N brushes her hair from her face and lets out a small sigh.
“It’s, like, two weeks till Christmas and I haven’t gone skating yet, so I just got up and grabbed my skates to go out,” she explains, lifting her shoulder that her tote bag was hanging off. Her skates are poking out the top slightly, Harry notices the white figure skates with a pair of matching light pink guards on the bottom.  
“Oh, fun,” Harry nods, meeting her eyes again.
Y/N doesn’t even think twice before she’s asking, “did you want to come with me?”
Harry smiles, causing Y/N to mirror him, before he takes a few moments to nod in response. “I would love to, yeah,” Harry clears his throat, noticing how overly excited he may have sounded. “I should dress a bit warmer, though, it’s supposed to snow tonight,” he tells her, motioning to his apartment door down the hall.
“Good call,” Y/N says, following him to his doorway. Harry holds open his door for her after unlocking it, then letting it close softly behind them as he takes off the lighter jacket he had on. Y/N smiles at the decorations around his apartment, loving how the glow from the lights of his tree filled up the space around them before he can turn on any lights.
“I don’t have my own skates, suppose I’m not a real New Yorker like that,” Harry states as he opens the closet beside his front door and starts ruffling around in order to find where his scarfs were hiding.
“That’s fine,” Y/N says with a soft chuckle, turning around to watch as he sticks his head into the closet and pushes things around. “They have rentals at Bryant Park,” she tells him.
“I’ve never been,” Harry admits. He finally gets a hold of the long burgundy scarf with a brown leaf pattern on it, his mum had gifted it to him a few years back. Harry pushes the doors of his closet closed and puts the scarf down for a moment, hanging it on the door handle before he grabs his long black coat to slip it on. Once he’s got that on, he wraps the scarf around his neck, fixing the collar of his coat and the scarf so it’s comfortable.
“You’ve really never been to Bryant Park?” Y/N asks surprisingly. It wasn’t Central Park by any means, but anyone who lived in the Manhattan area typically had walked through Bryant Park.
“Nope,” Harry says, grabbing for his forgotten Starbucks drink, bringing it to his lips for a quick sip. He looks up at Y/N to find her smiling at him. “What?” Harry questions.
“Nothing, I’m just excited for you to see Bryant Park. It’s beautiful during the Winter,” she states.
“Well then, let’s not waste any time, come on,” Harry nods his head to the door and gives her a smile while holding it open for her. She thanks him, waits for him to lock the doors before they fall into step with one another to the elevator. Harry beats her to hitting the button, literally leaning in front of her in order to push the down button before she can. Y/N shakes her head at him, smiling.
“So how was your time at the cafe earlier?” Y/N asks Harry, waiting for the elevator to arrive.
“It was good,” Harry says, tilting his head to the side so he can look at Y/N, “wrote another song about love,” he adds with a smile. Y/N chuckles and raises her eyebrows.
“Never would have guessed,” she teases him.
Tumblr media
The whole walk to Bryant Park, all Harry can think about is when the hell was the last time he skated? That and how good Y/N looked, which is a thought that’s always going through his head, to be honest. But he’s stressing himself out, hoping and praying that some sort of muscle memory clicks in and he doesn’t embarrass himself in front of Y/N. God, maybe he should have just saved himself the embarrassing situation and declined her invitation. Harry knew the moment he looked into her eyes there was something a bit off with her; how her smile didn’t quite reach its full potential - so the moment she asked if he wanted to come along with her, he didn’t even think twice before saying yes. The girl has her own figure skates, Harry wouldn’t doubt it if she’s about to skate circles around him.
“All black outfit,” Y/N comments as she watches Harry pick out a pair of black skates in his size, “I don’t think I’ve seen you wear all black before,” she adds with a smile.
“I used to only wear all black,” he admits, “back in uni, I really didn’t venture out in fashion and only wore black jeans and black t-shirts basically all year,” he explains to Y/N, letting her lead the way to the area for skaters to sit on the many benches and do up their skates.
“I truthfully can’t even imagine that,” Y/N replies, taking a seat on the bench right by the open door to the ice rink. She looks out at the about forty people on the ice, lit up by the many Christmas lights hanging over it and a few light posts in each corner too, as the sun has fully set now. The city around them is still hustling and bustling as it always is, which makes her smile.
“It was a tragedy, but I got older and realized that fashion can be fun, especially after moving to New York, seeing what people wear out for some innocent ice skating,” he mentions, taking in Y/N’s fashion forward outfit. The style was very trendy these days, he had noticed - online and in the streets.
“I would be an abomination of a former FIT student if I just walked around New York City in leggings and a hoodie,” Y/N states, “if I’m going somewhere, with someone, I always feel the need to look good.”
“And you do, by the way, look good,” Harry says, his words coming out quick and in a bit of a stumble. Y/N can feel the blush creeping onto her cheeks. She says a quiet ‘thank you’ before she begins to lace up her skates.
Y/N has her skates done up before Harry, so she has an extra minute to take out her phone and open her Instagram app. She checks out her newest comments, liking a few, before she finds herself aimlessly scrolling through her feed and liking some posts there. Checking up on Harry, she notices he’s almost done doing up his skates, so she stands up and grabs her tote bag that now holds her skate guards and chunky black boots.
“Did you want to lock anything up?” Y/N asks Harry, motioning to the small lockers to their left.
He shakes his head, “no thank you,” he says before his attention is back on tying his skates. Y/N smiles at how his tongue pokes out just slightly passed his lips before she turns around and walks over to lock up her tote bag, making sure everything but her phone is inside.
Once the small locker door is closed, she walks over to the wall of the ice rink and opens her Instagram again, putting on a quick filter that makes it look like it’s being filmed with an old film camera before she pans her camera around while holding down the button on the screen. As she turns to face where Harry is, she cuts off the video and double checks he’s not in it. With having so many followers, she always makes sure that her friends and family are comfortable with being posted before doing so. Y/N adds a quick caption of ‘first skate this season’ with a white heart emoji before she posts it to her story, then she slips the phone into her back pocket and walks over to where Harry sat waiting for her.
“Ready?” Harry asks, smiling up at her.
“Yup,” she nods, smiling back at him. Harry nods, muttering ‘alright’ under his breath, and then stands up on wobbling legs. Y/N chuckles and reaches for his elbow, helping him stand up straight. “You’ve skated before, right?” She asks, realizing now that she only assumed that he had.
“Uh, it’s been a few years,” Harry admits, flashing another nervous smile her way. All he can think about is her hand on his arm, and how she hasn’t let go of him yet. Harry hadn’t even thought about the potential arm holding, or hand holding maybe, they could get into here. She has a boyfriend, he reminds himself over and over again as he watches her lips tug up as she smiles back at him again.
“Alright, we’ll take it slow then,” she assures him, pulling at his arm gently to get them moving forward on their skates.
Y/N takes the first step onto the shining ice, letting her blades slide over the top slowly before she takes a sharp turn and is in front of Harry in an instant. His eyebrows fly up his forehead as his eyes fall down to her skates again, noticing how worn out they look now, her left foot lifting up as she sticks the toe of her skate blade into the ice - her whole stance made her look like some sort of professional. Harry’s head snaps up and he meets her gaze, lips now smirking at his stunned expression.
“You’ve been skating a lot before then, hm?” Harry gulps, looking back down at his feet as he inches slowly to the ice.
“Since I was a kid,” Y/N reveals. He’ll touch more on it later, but first he wants to get himself onto the ice and get this embarrassment over with. Harry sighs and starts to place his right foot into the ice, letting out a deep breath as he does but just as quickly as he makes the move he’s slipping. Harry sucks in a sharp breath, ready to fall before he even has both feet on the ice. But both of Y/N’s arms fly out and grab a hold of his forearms, causing him to wrap each of his hands around her much smaller forearms.
Harry shakes his head and just decides to get it over with, pushing both skates onto the ice in a quick motion. Y/N is fully prepared for his sudden movement and skates backwards, checking over her shoulder quickly to make sure she doesn’t get in anyone's way. She keeps a tight grip on Harry’s arms and smiles as she looks up at him and sees the stressed out look on his face.
“You’re doing great,” Y/N assures him, her voice causing Harry to look down and meet her soft eyes. “We can move a bit closer to the wall so you can hang onto it for the first bit?” She suggests, motioning to the wall beside them.
“Probably for the best,” Harry agrees, nodding his head and finally taking his eyes off Y/N’s in order to make his way to the wall. The few movements on his part aren’t as hard as he thought they’d be to get over to the wall. He thinks his muscle memory for skating will click in soon, hopefully.
Y/N takes it slow beside Harry, waiting for him to get comfortable enough to only need one hand on the wall before she lets go of his arm. She already misses the warmth from his touch. Not even one day into her and Mark’s break up and she’s already feeling touch deprived. To be fair, her and Mark hadn’t so much as given each other a few quick pecks and barely snuggling on the couch the last couple days they were together. Y/N shakes her head slightly at her thoughts of Mark.
“So how did you get into skating?” Harry asks after a few moments of them finding a slow pace.
“Um,” Y/N pauses as she thinks of how to explain how her parents didn’t want to spend much time with her, so they stuck her into many different hobbies to fill the void. “I was into a lot of the typical little girl hobbies, dancing, gymnastics, art, but figure skating was something that just really stuck with me as I grew up. Probably in connection with my obsession with the holidays, and the winter season,” Y/N explains, noticing already how Harry’s pace on his skates is picking up.
“Are you, like, really good?” Harry questions. Y/N chuckles and looks away from the ice below them to meet his gaze before he’s glancing down at his skates again in order to keep upright.
“Yup,” Y/N nods, rolling her lips into her mouth to hide her grin.
“So humble,” Harry jokes with a chuckle. “You could probably skate circles around me, huh? Do those little twirly things too?”
“I could do a few spins, yes,” Y/N says and nods her head. “I’ll let you get used to the ice first before I throw out any big moves,” she adds, looking down at how Harry’s feet were moving on the ice. Every minute he is getting better, soon enough he’ll let go of that wall and be able to skate in slow laps around the rink with her.
“How very considerate of you,” Harry notes, causing the both of them to chuckle again.
They do another two laps with Harry’s hand just inches away from the wall, hovering over it just in case he made the wrong move. But then soon enough, they’re mixed in with the other skaters and making strong, smooth strides across the ice. Y/N is laughing at something Harry says about how he must look like Bambi on ice, head thrown back and eyes crinkled up, when Harry just about falls. She catches him gasping and opens her eyes quickly before catching his hand in hers.
“You okay?” She asks, clear concern in her voice as she moves in order to meet his eyes. Harry knows this isn’t the first time they’ve sort of held hands, but it still feels like her skin is too warm for his cold touch and butterflies erupt in his stomach as she cards their fingers together so effortlessly. Damn Styles grow some balls and don’t let her make all the first moves, he thinks to himself.
“‘M alright,” Harry mumbles and nods, completely losing focus on the world around them as they float across the ice looking into each other's eyes and holding hands.
Y/N licks her lips, blinking up at Harry in what feels like an innocent way but realizes the moment his gaze drops to her lips that maybe it isn’t. Clearing her throat, she squeezes Harry’s hand and then slowly lets go. Harry can’t help but feel disappointed by how short they’d held hands for, he was hoping it would at least last a whole lap around the rink. Y/N shivers and sticks both of her hands into her coat pockets, playing off letting go of his hand with being cold, but in reality touching Harry’s skin made her feel like she was on fire.
“Tell me what your favourite colour is,” Harry blabs out loud suddenly.
Y/N furrows her brows and looks up at Harry. He’s no longer watching the ice with each stride of his skates, instead his posture is completely at ease almost as he seems much more confident on the ice now. Something tells Y/N that Harry is stupidly good at pretty much anything and if he doesn’t get it right the first time it would only take a few more before he masters it.
“It changes almost every other day,” Y/N admits, biting down on her bottom lip - which causes Harry’s eyes to flicker down to her lips yet again. “Lately it’s been green,” she exclaims, as she speaks Harry’s gaze falls back to her eyes.
“Like my eyes?” Harry teases, batting his eyelashes.
There’s suddenly a group of teenagers in their way, causing their conversation to pause as they have to maneuver around the few bodies. Harry finds that he doesn’t struggle at all with the quick movements he has to make with his skates in order to get around them. He smiles to himself, proud of how fast he’s picked up skating again. Maybe he’ll try the little twirly spin around Y/N to impress her. Too bad she’s much more talented on skates and is picking up speed before making a quick turn and is now skating backwards in front of Harry with her eyes narrowed and a tight smile on her lips.
“Firstly, that was a poor set up to try and get a compliment out of me, I’ll just tell you that your eyes are very pretty,” Y/N states. Harry smiles at her words, those pesky butterflies back in his stomach once again. “And second, my favourite green is more like a dark, rich, forest green,” she explains, quickly looking over her shoulder as they turn the corner of the rink. Harry notices how effortlessly she picks up her skates and crosses them over each other to smoothly take the turn.
“Like a Christmas tree?” Harry wonders.
Y/N smiles and nods, “exactly, like a Christmas tree,” she says, a beat of silence between them before she asks, “what’s your favourite colour?”
“Pink,” Harry answers without missing a beat. It’s been his favourite for years now, since he was just a young lad.
“Like my lips?” Y/N teases, her voice dropping down into a low and soft tone that causes a fire to spark in the pit of Harry’s stomach. His eyes drop to her lips at the mention of them, which Y/N notices and smirks at him before she’s turning on her skates and facing forward again. They both don’t say anything as they skate around the other turn of the rink, avoiding an older couple that has slowed down in front of them. Y/N still has a smug look on her face when Harry glances to his left where she skates beside him. Obviously, yes, exactly like the shade of your lips, Harry thinks and wishes he had the guts to say aloud.
“More like,” Harry pauses and then smiles, “like the Pink Panther,” Harry jokes.
“You know what, fair enough,” Y/N chuckles and shrugs her shoulder.
The two of them continue to ask each other more random favourites, getting the basics down with favourite foods, favourite alcoholic drinks, and favourite word too, of course. In fact, they are just skating at a leisurely pace for quite some time. Y/N notices that the number of people on the rink dwindles down to a mere twenty and she lifts her Apple watch up, so it lights up and shows her the time. Bryant Park should be closing within an hour or two, depending if they’re on holiday hours yet, meaning that Harry and her have spent nearly two hours out on the ice together.
“I think it’s time you bust out some of those fancy figure skating moves,” Harry suddenly says unprovoked. Y/N furrows her brows and shakes her head, watching a young couple, just a few people ahead of them, holding hands, like how she wishes her and Harry could have been this entire time. But it’s too soon, she thinks.
“I don’t know,” Y/N mutters under her breath, her eyes still on the couple as they’re laughing together - much like how her and Harry have been. Did these strangers around them think they were a couple?
“Fine,” Harry huffs and starts to skate a bit faster to be a few strides ahead of Y/N before he comes to a wobbly stop a bit more into the middle of the rink out of everyone's way. Y/N comes to a much smoother stop in front of him. “I’ll give it a shot then, how hard can it be to spin around a few times.”
Famous last words, Y/N thinks as Harry tries to whip his body around to try and attempt to do a spin. She can already see how he’s lifting the toe of his left skate, the small ridges getting caught on the ice while his body is still trying to spin around. Y/N’s eyes widen as she suddenly tries to stop him, her hands just barely getting a hold of his arms before he can fall. But his weight is too much and her skates slip out from under her. A small screech escapes her mouth as the two of them begin their fall to the ice - for surprisingly the first time tonight. Harry turns them both so he gets the worst of the fall, moving Y/N so she falls more on top of him rather than on the ice. Y/N notices and quickly moves her hand to the back of his head to ensure he doesn’t smack it against the hard surface. Her fingers card through his hair, while her other hand is clenching into a fist around the fabric of his coat.
“Shit,” Harry groans as the bodies fall to the ice. Thankfully, he tries to sit up a bit during the fall, so he doesn’t hit his head but instead he feels immediately pain shot up his elbow and backside.
“Oh my god,” Y/N gasps, blinking several times as she takes in what had happened. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She asks Harry in a rush of words.
“I’m okay,” he nods, which causes Y/N to realize her hand is still brushing through his hair. She rubs his scalp a few times with her thumb before removing her hand and quickly lifting her body off of Harry’s. “I’ll probably have a bruised ass, but I guess that’s karma,” he tries to joke.
Y/N frowns and smacks his arm gently, “don’t pull that shit again, oh my god, I thought we were going to end our night in the ER.”
Harry chuckles and sits up, taking in how Y/N has sat up on her knees with both her hands resting on her thighs. Her hair is a bit of a mess and her eyes wide and wild with emotion - but otherwise she looks alright. Thankfully, Harry did good and kept her safe in their fall.
“Just need a few ice packs and maybe a joint before bed to ease the pain,” Harry says, only half joking.
“Wait,” Y/N’s eyebrows pinch together, “do you smoke weed?” She asks. To be honest, she couldn’t imagine Harry as some pothead. Not that there was a true look to a ‘pothead’ these days. Hell, she’s had her fair share of joints and edibles while in college. Even afterwards too, Sammy loved to roll a joint or two towards the end of their wine nights.
Harry shrugs and begins to get up from the ice slowly. “Not really. It makes me a bit sleepy, truthfully,” he tells her.
“I get that,” Y/N nods, “I don’t smoke often, but when I do, I typically fall asleep within the hour after smoking. It annoys the crap out of Sammy.” She tells Harry truthfully. Harry nods as well, only a little bit surprised to learn that Y/N didn’t say no to drugs in her youth. Not that he was judging, far from it really cause he had no room to judge, but he just simply didn’t imagine her consuming anything more than a bottle or two of wine.
The two of them get up off the ice now, finally getting back on their feet. A sigh leaves Y/N lips as she brushes her hands on her jeans. “I think you falling is our cue to get out of here,” she suggests, skating slowly backwards towards the doorway where the benches were.
“You’re probably right,” Harry agrees and begins to follow her, trying not to whine with his movements as a sharp pain stings his bottom with each stride of his skates.
Y/N leaves Harry to sit on the bench they had used before and goes over to unlock her locker and get her tote bag. Harry’s lucky no one stole his shoes he had just left under the bench with no care in the world, she thinks as she walks back over and sits beside him. She unties her skates and is slipping on her boots before Harry can even untie one of his skates. Y/N puts the guards on her skates and places them into her tote bag before turning to look at Harry, noticing the pained look in his face as he bends forward to work on the laces of his other skate.
“Did you need help?” She asks him.
“No,” Harry pauses to hiss in pain, “I’m fine,” he adds, but Y/N just rolls her eyes and scoots over on the bench till she’s nearly pressing right up against Harry’s side, leaning down in order to work on his laces.
Harry watches her nimble fingers untie and loosen the laces, noticing how her hair falls as she bends down further. A faint smell of roses hits him with the movement of her hair as she pushes it back away from her line of sight. Harry looks away, glancing around them to see if anyone’s watching them because from any other view it may look like Y/N is giving him-
“There you go,” Y/N says with a smile and sits up again. Harry looks at his skates to see them completely loosened and ready for him to slip off easily.
“Thanks,” Harry says quietly with a smile.
After Harry has his trusty not-so-white vans on, they walk over to return his rentals and make their way out of the ice rink area of Bryant Park. Harry notices the shops around the park, the painted white frames and clean windows were rather pleasing to look at while the inside glows with soft yellow lights. He wonders what they sell, but notices Y/N hiding a yawn behind her hand and decides it’s probably best they just head home. Also, his ass really did hurt with each step he took.
“Would you like to get a hot cocoa before we walk home?” Harry suggests, pointing to the small shack that was open and looks like it serves hot drinks and a few treats maybe.
“I would love that,” Y/N answers with a bright smile.
Her heart can’t help but burst at the thought that Harry knows her so well already. Not even a month of knowing one another and he already is so much better than Mark ever was. He would never go skating with her or buy her a nice warm drink afterwards either. It’s a good thing he’s not your boyfriend anymore, Y/N finds herself reminding herself, which causes her heart to pitter patter in her chest again. This time thinking about how maybe Harry could maybe be her boyfriend, one day.
Tumblr media
“Hi,” Y/N gives the small brunette at her front door a tight smile.
She’s almost thirty minutes later than Mark said she would be. But to be fair, the subway was later than usual on her way home so Y/N had only just gotten home ten minutes ago. She had texted Mark to let him know and relay the message to his assistant, but he didn’t answer, no surprise there. So, in hindsight it wasn’t the biggest deal that his pretty little assistant was late.
What the big deal was the way she just strolled into Y/N’s apartment and set the box of her things on the couch. Y/N is standing by her door still in disbelief, mouth hanging open and eyes wide at the girls behaviour. When she turns around and gives Y/N a funny look while pointing around at her Christmas decor.
“It looks like Mrs Claus threw up in here,” she says.
“Thanks,” Y/N mutters and walks over to where she stood by the couch. Mark’s assistant steps back, pulling out her phone and tapping away at the screen as she seems bored to be here. “I’ll go get Mark’s things,” Y/N says, but then just as she’s about to walk away her eyes catch something red near the top of the box of her things that Mark had packed up.
She pushes her favourite Eagles shirt out of the way and hooks one finger around the lacy red fabric. The Victoria’s Secret label sticks out of the barely there red thong that’s hanging off her index finger. Y/N doesn’t recognize the underwear, she thinks as her head begins to spin. How the fuck did a pair of woman's underwear get into this box of things Mark packed up? Why would he have a red thong at his apartment that wasn’t Y/N’s? What the actual fuck? Another round of questions are about to spew in Y/N’s head as her heart beats out of her chest but then suddenly Mark’s assistant is reaching for the lacy fabric and taking it out of Y/N’s grasp.
“Oh, those are mine. Must’ve slipped in by accident,” she stammers out the words. Y/N’s head is spinning, her heart is beating out of her chest, as she puts the pieces together.
“Really? A thong just slipped into the box?” Y/N urges, narrowing her eyes at the young brunette standing in her living room. “How long have you been fucking my boyfriend?” Y/N asks and raises her voice, the anger filling her whole body now.
“Ex boyfriend,” the brunette has the guts to utter out.
“Answer the damn question,” Y/N snaps back at her.
Her face is turning red, to match the stupid thong in her hands, “uh, it’s none of your business-”
“Just tell me!” Y/N shouts, feeling like she deserves some truth in this moment. Mark’s assistant visibly gulps, avoiding Y/N’s eyes and looks all around the room.
“Like, a few months,” she mutters under her breath, still not meeting Y/N’s burning gaze.
Her whole body is shaking with the anger coursing through her. She should have known. How could she be such an idiot? She thinks while shaking her head. Of course, Mark was cheating on her during the entirety of their relationship. They were only dating for four months, meaning that for at least half of it, he was busy screwing his fucking assistant - how unbelievably cliche of him, but also how unbelievably naive of her to not guess. Y/N brings a hand to her forehand and rubs at her temple as a headache begins.
“Can I just get Mark’s stuff and go-”
“Get. Out.” Y/N spits out the words, glaring at the brunette who has the audacity to be so nonchalant about being the other woman.
“What about his things?” Mark’s assistant all but winces out the words, her dark eyebrows pulling together.
“Tell Mark to eat a dick,” Y/N sneers, taking a step towards the girl which causes her to step back. She can’t deny the bit of joy she feels at the sight of fear in the girls eyes. “And get out of my apartment, now!” Y/N shouts at the woman.
“Whatever,” she mumbles, turning around and walking to the front door.
Y/N is hot on her heels, making sure to slam to door shut behind her. The moment she’s left to herself, her apartment falling silent around her, she feels the pain settle in. Mark cheated on her with his assistant that he then had the nerve to let come over to her apartment. The realization of how embarrassing this whole situation is hits her, along with the hurt too. Regardless if it was a mutual break up, being cheated on does not feel good. Y/N sniffles, bringing a hand to her mouth as she suddenly is holding back sobs. Tears fall down her cheeks while her brain runs wild thinking of how many times Mark could have fucked his assistant and then just waltzed into her apartment and then they-
Her thoughts are cut short as she’s bolting to her bathroom, throwing the door open and bending down in front of the toilet. She lifts the seat and empties her stomach into the bowl. After a moment she’s coughing, lifting her head out of the toilet and reaching for the lever to flush away any contents that were in her stomach. Y/N grabs the hand towel to her right and brings it to her mouth, wiping away the bit of drool at her lips.
Y/N can feel the vibration from her cell phone after a moment of sitting on the bathroom floor, zoned out on the shower and thinking about how stupid she could have been to trust Mark. She lets out a short sigh and reaches into her back pocket to find her buzzing phone. Her eyes roll on instinct of seeing Mark’s contact photo taking up her screen. A part of her wants to answer, to yell and to scream at him. But a bigger part of her feels sick to her stomach again and just tired, honestly. So, she ignores the call and opens her phone to her contacts and deletes Mark all together. She goes into her photos and does a quick sweep of any photos of them together. It was something she was going to do eventually anyways, but after the news of him being a cheating piece of shit she couldn’t waste another second before getting rid of anything involving Mark.
Mark is a fucking asshole. His precious little assistant came by to drop off my few things and one of her thongs was in the box, so she spilled the beans that she had been sleeping with Mark for months. Meaning that piece of absolute trash was cheating on me like the entire time we were together. Y/N types out the message to Sammy, making sure that he knows the drama first - but also just simply because he’s her best friend.
Sammy is typing back a response as Y/N stands up from her spot by the toilet, flushing it again due to her spitting a few times into the bowl, and then she quickly washes her hands and looks up at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes are red, her hairs a bit frizzy and out of place from the perfect curls she had earlier today, and her makeup is ruined. She decides to wash her face, drying it with a clean towel as her phone vibrates on the counter.
Are you fucking kidding me?! I’m going to kill him. Please tell me we have a murder plan, I know where we can hide the body. Did you want to talk about it? I can come over and bring a big bottle of tequila? Sammy sends each sentence as a separate text, adding a few choice emojis too. The knife is used many times. His enthusiasm makes Y/N chuckle but then she’s frowning again while walking out of the bathroom and to her bedroom.
Honestly, I just want to curl up in bed and cry it out some more while listening to some sad music. But I’ll keep you updated on any murder plans I think up. Y/N sends back her texts before throwing her phone down on her bed.
Letting out another sigh, Y/N strips out of her tight fitting pants and puts on a pair of grey sweatpants. Next, she takes off the collared button up shirt she had worn tucked into her pants today, hanging it back up in her closet to prevent it from getting wrinkled. Her eyes wander around her bedroom, a certain article of clothing was on her mind to put on and snuggle into bed with. Y/N smiles as she sees Harry’s black hoodie on the top of her laundry hamper. To be honest, it needed to be washed, but she needed the comfort of his oversized clothing more. So, she tugs it on, puts her hair into a messy topknot bun, and tugs down the hood before lifting the blanket and getting into bed.
Not even three songs into her ‘depressed? yeah, me too’ playlist of sad songs, there was a knock on Y/N’s front door. At first she thinks of ignoring whoever it is, but then her music is cut off as a phone call comes through. It’s Mark’s number, regardless that she just deleted his contact, she still knew his phone number. Y/N groans and gets out of bed. Her heart is pounding in her chest as she imagines Mark or that little assistant of his having the balls to come to her apartment again and demand for his few things he had left around here. Y/N narrows her eyes and unlocks her door, ready to glare at her sad excuse for an ex boyfriend - but her face instantly softens at the sight of Harry standing there.
“Nice jumper,” Harry comments. A smile on his lips as he takes in how Y/N looks in his clothing, days after he had lent it to her. But that smile vanishes when he notices the redness in her eyes and her pouting lips. “What’s wrong?” Harry asks, his voice full of worry as he fights back reaching for her and bringing her in for a hug.
Y/N sniffles, “um, I thought you were Mark, sorry,” she says in a quiet voice.
“Oh, sorry, is he coming over?” Harry questions. Suppose it made more sense for her boyfriend to comfort her during a bad day, he thinks although it tears him up inside that it can’t be him.
“No, no, he’s in Arizona, or somewhere. I don’t even know,” Y/N sighs, her voice sounding brittle, like it’s about to crack at any second, as she tries to keep herself composed in front of Harry. “I don’t really care actually, we broke up,” she reveals, her gaze down at the floor. Harry’s wearing those dirty white vans again, she wonders if he wears anything else.
They broke up, holy shit don’t freak out Styles, keep it together, Harry’s thoughts are all jumbled up at the news of Y/N and her boyfriends break up, which she is clearly very upset over, judging by her appearance and how she’s sniffling every second - bringing the sleeve of his Columbia jumper to her face to wipe her nose. Harry frowns and adjusts his weight from one foot to the other.
“I’m sorry to hear that, Y/N,” Harry says softly, “break ups can really suck,” he adds - knowing from experience just how terrible break ups can leave a person feeling.
“Yeah,” Y/N breathes out and looks up at Harry now, “but he’s kind of a trash human so it’s for the best, honestly,” she tells him, letting out a breathy chuckle while shaking her head. She shouldn’t be crying so damn much over the guy, she thinks.
“Oh, well then, fuck that guy,” Harry agrees with a nod of his head.
Y/N lets out a genuine chuckle at his words. She brings a hand, that is covered by the cuff of Harry’s hoodie, to her forehead to swipe back any crazy wispy hairs that are in her face. “So, what brought you to knock on my door?” She asks, smiling as Harry realizes he had gotten distracted by her state and forgot why he knocked at all.
“Right,” Harry chuckles, “um, a few friends of mine are in this band, it’s nothing crazy they just play at the pub a few blocks away. And I was wondering if you weren’t busy if you wanted to come with, thought it could be fun. But if you’re not in the mood to leave your home I understand,” Harry explains to her.
“No, I would love to come with,” Y/N insists. She lets out another chuckle and motions to her current appearance. “Just not looking like this, and as long as you promise there will be liquor involved in this Saturday night out.”
“I’ll buy you as many drinks as you need,” Harry promises with a smile.
“Then count me in,” Y/N says, mirroring his big dimpled smile. “Just give me some time to get ready?”
“You’ve got plenty of time, we don’t have to leave for another hour and a half,” he tells her. “I’ll let you get to it,” he adds, throwing a thumb over his shoulder as he takes a step away from her doorway.
“Oh, I’ll wash the sweater and give it to you soon, by the way,” Y/N says, lifting both her arms before letting them fall to her sides. Harry just shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head.
“Keep it as long as you need, it’s no problem, honestly,” Harry tells her while flashing a grin her way, hoping that it makes her feel even a little bit better. And it does, his casual response to her wearing his hoodie and then those dimples - it had her stomach fluttering. She gives Harry a small timid smile, tucking her chin down slightly into the collar of the hoodie as she watches his walk backwards down the hall to his door. “I’ll come knocking again in a bit,” Harry adds before he’s out of her sight and she’s closing her front door shut once again.
Y/N absentmindedly brings her hand to her mouth, biting on her nails as she stares off at her Christmas tree - though the lights are blurry due to her zoning out. You can do this, Y/N thinks and begins to give herself a pep talk of getting out of the sad break up phase and going out with Harry and his friends. Oh my god, Y/N’s eyes widen at her thoughts, what am I going to wear?
Tumblr media
Y/N felt overdressed.
After twenty minutes of ripping apart her closet and tearing items out of her dresser drawers, she was truly tempted to just keep on Harry’s hoodie, pair it with some good jeans and some red heeled boots and call it a day. But that would be weird, showing up to hang out and meet Harry’s friends while dressed in his clothing. She was sure they were already going to assume things with him just bringing her along. Y/N didn’t need them thinking they had sex before too.
The thought had made Y/N blush like crazy as she tore off the stupidly comfortable hoodie and grabbed a silky white top that plunged low in the neckline, tying off just at her belly button, and then had long flowy sleeves. Pairing this with her trusted pair of light blue jeans, and for accessories: some chunky gold hoop earrings and layered gold necklaces to fill up the amount of skin she was showing at her chest. To top it all off, she slipped into her go-to black Balenciaga boots and long brown jacket to keep warm. After heading into the bathroom quickly, she brushed her hair through again and restyled the curls, put on a touch of light makeup, and then made sure to stick her lip gloss in her small black purse just as Harry was knocking on her door again.
Harry was dressed in a grey t-shirt with a large yellow smiley face, brown trousers and a blue and cream plaid jacket that quite literally made chills wash over Y/N’s body when she saw the whole fit - but that jacket, it made her head spin with some rather inappropriate thoughts. She’s a fashion major, can’t blame her for thinking clothing can make someone even more attractive. But even then she should have gotten the vibe of this evening and changed into something more casual.
But she didn’t, so now as she’s walking into a dive bar a few blocks away from the apartment building, she feels very out of place. Everyone’s wearing t-shirts and jeans, it smelt like cheap beer and cigarettes, and was definitely not the place to wear a silky white top that cost about five-hundred-dollars.
“You alright?” Harry's voice is soft and closer, as he steps directly behind Y/N after walking into the bar.
He notices how she crossed her arms at her chest and seemed to tense up almost immediately after walking in. Y/N shivers at the feeling of Harry’s breath falling over her exposed neck, having pushed her hair to lay on her left shoulder while he stood over her right. Y/N is still looking around the bar, trying to put together who may be Harry’s group of friends in this crowded bar.
“Y/N?” Harry tries again, this time placing a delicate hand on the small of her back - barely touching her, that he’s not even sure she’s noticed through her thick jacket. But she does, and she feels dizzy at the sweet gesture.
“Yeah,” she sighs, blinking a few times before looking to her right shoulder at Harry. He’s lips are so close, she thinks while trying her best to keep her eyes on his eyes. “Just feeling a little overdressed,” Y/N admits with a tight smile.
Harry shakes his head, “you look fine, better than fine actually. You look amazing,” Harry watches as Y/N’s eyes flicker to his lips for just a split second. He smiles but clears his throat, finding that they’re both blushing at his comment now. “As any FIT student in New York City should, of course,” he adds on to try and make his compliment a little less obvious.
“Thanks, Harry,” Y/N smiles.
When Harry saw Y/N for the second time that evening, it was like day and night from the hour before when she answered her door in his hoodie. She looked incredible, and was so out of his league. Dressed like she was going to a photoshoot, hair flowing down her back perfectly, and accessories that made him visibly gulp - he was a sucker for some gold jewelry on a girl, it was a weird weakness of his. And now, standing in the dim lighting of this dingy dive bar, she did look a little out of place, but in the best way possible, like she shined too bright to be in just a dark and depressing place.
“This way,” Harry says, leading the way to where he notices his friends are sitting at a table. They thankfully got his texts about him bringing Y/N with him and had two seats open for the both of them.
“Should we stop at the bar and get a drink?” Y/N asks. She’s honestly unsure how the service works at a place like this. To be honest, she hadn’t been in too many dive bars in her years.
Harry stops, looks behind him at her, and shakes his head. “We have a waitress that works basically every night my friends play, so she’ll come by and get our drinks for us,” he explains to Y/N. She nods, giving him a tight smile, and Harry can’t help but notice how she’s still got her arms crossed at her chest. Is she uncomfortable here? Maybe he can make some shit excuse after the first few songs and get her home.
Harry notices as he’s turned towards Y/N just how much attention is on her. He’s not surprised, seeing how he already realized how much she sticks out in a place like this, but he doesn’t quite enjoy seeing every male’s - and a few girls too - eyes in this place on the girl he’s brought with him. So, he makes the quick decision of holding out his hand for Y/N to take. She looks at Harry’s outstretched hand and feels her breath get caught in her throat. Playing it off, she smiles and reaches forward, watching as his much larger hand envelopes hers and tugs gently to get them moving again. Y/N’s stomach is already full of butterflies and her head is spinning at them holding hands for all of ninety seconds it takes to get to his table full of friends - she needs a drink, stat.
Harry lets go of Y/N’s hand as he approaches his friend's usual table and has to bring his arms up in order to hug Adam, who’s throwing himself into Harry at the sight of him. Harry huffs out a laugh, making a comment about how drunk Adam must be already, to which he responds by smacking Harry’s back a few times and laughing with him. Y/N can’t help it as the corners of her lips turn up into a small smile at the sight of Harry engulfed in a hug by a man bigger than him. As she’s watching their interaction, she notices how everyone else is watching her. Y/N’s smile falls right away and she finds herself crossing her arms at her chest again.
“Everyone,” Harry speaks a bit louder in order to get everyone's attention as he turns around and holds his arm out to Y/N, which she takes as her singal to step forward for an introduction and smiles timidly at the group of four others at the table. “This is Y/N, Y/N, this is everyone,” Harry announces, smiling at his friends - catching Mitch’s smug look in return.
“Hi,” Y/N says, her voice that soft and gentle tone that he had grown to like, quite a lot, actually.
“I’m Tom,” he’s the first to speak up, offering a hand to Y/N to shake, which she turns just a bit to her left in order to properly greet Harry’s friend. Tom’s got bleached hair that’s not styled and laying flat on his forehead, his roots are a dark brown that match the mustache and bit of bread he’s got. Y/N notices the few different necklaces around his neck while he’s wearing a simple outfit of a black long sleeve and black jeans.
“Jenny,” the woman sitting to Tom's left reaches over the table in order to shake Y/N’s hand. She’s also got bleached hair, and a dazzling smile too. Y/N notices the equally dazzling ring on her finger and she glances down at Tom’s hands to see a wedding band, assuming they are married due to them sitting so closely.
“Mitch,” a long haired young man speaks up just as Y/N and Jenny drop their hands. Y/N meets his gaze and blinks a few times, feeling slightly intimidated by him. Regardless of how he seems like the scrawniest at the table, his eyes just sort of bring Y/N to a stop, but she recovers swiftly and gives him a smile, returning the wave he gives her as it’s too far of a reach to shake hands. Mitch raises a brow at Harry, to which Harry is quick to return. Catching the interaction, Y/N imagines they are the closest of the group. Suppose he’s just a bit protective of his friend bringing a random girl around, Y/N thinks to herself before her attention is grasped by the last person sitting at the table.
“And I’m Adam, the only name you need to remember, obviously,” says the man who had hugged Harry upon their arrival. He’s smiling so widely there’s crinkles near his eyes, which make Y/N feel all warm inside as she stares into his big brown eyes. He’s got a full bread, like Mitch, and matching brown hair that looks like it may need a bit of a trim but he styles it well. Y/N likes his button up shirt that’s a dark navy with little white stars all around it, paired with some plain black jeans.
“It’s really lovely to meet you all,” Y/N says after shaking Adam’s hand, “thank you for letting me come crash your night,” she adds with another timid smile.
“Nonsense, it’s nothing special,” Jenny assures her, waving her hand too before wrapping it around her half full glass of what Y/N assumed was alcohol - or hoped, because she really didn’t want to be the only one drinking tonight.
“Ouch,” Adam scoffs jokingly, “guess your husbands best mates playing is nothing special then, huh?”
“Yeah, I’m hurt, Jenny,” Mitch nods, bringing his glass up to his lips to take a sip of the dark yellow foaming liquid in his tall glass - beer, okay, sweet, so we’re all drinking, good, Y/N thinks. She also notices that Mitch is the only one with an American accent. She wonders how this group all became friends, being from different parts of the world, where did they all connect?
Harry chuckles and shakes his head at his friends, looking to Y/N to find her smiling at his mates too. He places a hand on her elbow, causing her to look at him. He nods his head to the open seats on the other side of the table for them. Y/N rolls her lips into her mouth and begins to walk around the table, stepping behind Tom and Jenny’s chairs before stopping at the first one on Jenny’s right. Y/N catches Mitch’s stare, now ignoring the conversation at the table to instead watch Harry and her, but she’s quick to look away from his intense gaze and focus on taking her jacket off. Just as she tosses her jacket over the back of her chair, fixing her top in a discreet manner too, a red headed woman steps up in between her and Harry who is also slipping out of his jacket.
“Hey, Harry,” the woman greets him in a sultry tone. If Harry notices the obvious show she puts into her voice, he doesn’t act like it.
“Hey, Amy,” he says quickly, looking at his chair as he pulls it out and takes a seat.
“Running a bit behind your friends tonight, huh? What took you so long?” She asks. Seems she's rather observant of Harry’s presence, Y/N thinks, while she takes her seat and looks anywhere but to her right where the red head - fake red dye too, it was so obvious - back was mere inches away from her.
“I love your top, it’s so stylish,” Jenny comments, causing Y/N to look to her left at Jenny’s dazzling smile again.
“Thank you,” Y/N says, “this may not be the place to wear it, seems more like a casual band tee kind of place,” she notes, narrowing her eyes while looking around at the bar around them. Noticing now just how many neon signs there were in the dark space. The biggest was on the wall behind the small stage, which every table was facing. The bar was at the back of the bar and there were booths lining the wall closest to the door, then a couple of pool tables and gambling machines in the far right of the bar. Y/N had spent too much time in high maintenance bougie bars to find any of this remotely normal - but she didn’t hate it.
“Rubbish, you look hot, definitely got people in here questioning their wardrobe,” Jenny states, gaining Y/N’s attention again, “hell, next time I’m stepping it up to match this energy,” she adds, waving her hands at Y/N’s outfit. 
Y/N chuckles and shakes her head, “well thanks, but you look incredible already! There’s no need.”
“Y/N,” Harry interrupts the girls suddenly.
Y/N lets out a small breath before turning to face what she’s been ignoring. The flirtatious red head and Mitch’s strong stare. Y/N raises her eyebrows at Harry. She completely ignores how the waitress now stood facing both their chairs, but she did notice how her hand was resting on the back of Harry’s.
“What are you drinking tonight?” Harry asks her, lips turning up into a smile. He can’t help himself, he finds himself smiling so much around her he’s sure he has wrinkles already.
“Oh,” Y/N says, finally looking at the waitress now. Her dark makeup made her blue eyes pop, it was a bit smudged but Y/N assumes she’s too busy working to notice. The waitress, Amy - Y/N reads her name tag, pinned on her tight black v neck shirt that has the bar's name on it - is staring at her, clearly forcing a smile while waiting for Y/N’s answer. “I’ll have tequila and soda water, bring a few lime slices on the side too,” Y/N orders, knowing exactly how Upper East Side she sounds, “please,” she adds with a forced smile that she mirrors from Amy.
“Coming right up,” Amy nods before turning away, not without a lingering gaze on Harry though.
Her obvious fake customer voice was rather annoying, Y/N thinks as her eyes follow her walking back to the bar. She takes note of the crowd around the bar, many waving at the one bartender stationed behind the bar. He looks older and is struggling to keep up with the rush of people. When Y/N turns back around, to face the table again, she catches Harry eyes on her. She scrunches up her nose at him and he chuckles before their attention is taken away by Adam’s deep voice.
“So, Y/N, you're this bloke’s neighbour, huh?” He questions, nodding his head to Harry. Y/N smiles and nods, sitting back in her chair while folding her hands between her thighs.
“Yeah, we just met in passing and ended up becoming friends,” she states, catching Harry nodding in the corner of her eye while he rests an arm on the table and faces towards her as he leans slightly into Mitch. To which Mitch responds by pushing his shoulder gently, making Harry’s smile widen at how he manages to bother his friend so easily.
“Give us the tea. How shit of a neighbour is he?” Adam asks, causing everyone at the table to chuckle.
“Hey,” Harry playfully whines at his friends.
“He’s fine, great even,” Y/N tells them, earning another smile from Harry as he watches her.
“Surprising considering he’s a shit roommate,” Mitch comments after taking another long sip of his beer. Harry turns in his chair and glares at Mitch, earning a smirk from him in return.
“I am not,” Harry grumbles.
“When were you two roommates?” Y/N asks, finding herself bringing a hand up to adjust her necklaces. Anything to keep her nervous hands busy. Suppose making new friends wasn’t her biggest strength, it was a rather nerve wracking experience to be honest.
“We just room together when we travel for any work stuff,” Harry answers, meeting her eyes for only a brief second before he’s looking back at Mitch. “Mitch here just likes his beauty sleep, while I have a pretty set morning routine I like to stick to,” Harry explains, looking back at Y/N as he finishes talking.
“Yeah, that starts at like six in the morning like a crazy person,” Mitch huffs jokingly.
“Six is way too early,” Y/N agrees, nodding along with Mitch. “At least give the man till nine,” she adds.
“He’s just being dramatic,” Harry states. Mitch mumbles something under his breath before taking another sip of his beer. Sounded a bit like “say’s the drama queen himself” but Y/N isn’t sure. Regardless, the interaction makes her smile. Just as she’s about to make another comment, Amy returns with hers and Harry’s drinks. Setting his down first with a smile before turning to Y/N and placing the glass of tequila and a small dish of limes too.
“Thank you,” Y/N says. Doesn’t matter if she thought Amy had an attitude problem, Y/N had manners.
“Anything else for the table? Another refill for you boys before you head up on stage?” Amy asks, ignoring Y/N completely and instead turning her back on her and looking at Mitch and Adam. Y/N notices how she leans her body into Harry a bit, her arm resting on the back of his chair again. If Harry notices, he’s oblivious to her motives. It almost makes Y/N laugh at how Harry’s ignoring her. 
“Please,” Mitch nods, lifting his glass to finish off the rest of his beer. Y/N tries to hide her facial expression as she is impressed with how Mitch manages to gulp down the beer so fast, instead bringing her focus to her own drink - which she was looking forward to downing herself honestly.
She picks up a lime wedge and squeezes it over her glass, watching the juices squirt out and into her glass. After she stirs it with her straw, she brings it to her lips and gulps back nearly half of it. Y/N suddenly feels her phone buzzing in her jean pocket. She sits up slightly in order to slide it out of her pocket and looks at the screen. It’s Mark’s number again. Rolling her lips into her mouth, she declines the call and sets her phone screen down on the table before grabbing ahold of her drink again and having another sip. He sure has some nerve to continue to call numerous times, Y/N thinks as she zones out from whatever Harry and his friends were talking about.
“Y/N grew up in the city, actually,” Harry states. Y/N raises her eyebrows and looks around the table to see everyone’s looking at her now. She’s missed what they were talking about prior so she just spit balls it here and smiles.
“Um, yeah, born and raised,” she nods, “I noticed you all have quite a jumble of accents, where are you all from?” Y/N asks, looking towards Tom and Jenny as they begin to explain where they were separately from before meeting in London.
Harry watches Y/N while his friends speak, mostly because he already knows everything there is about their lives, but also because he likes watching Y/N. Taking in her small mannerisms like how she talks with her hands quite a lot, and how she rubs her ankles together under the table as she listens to Adam talk about his wife and kids back home. They all chat amongst themselves, making jokes and laughing too, for nearly thirty minute before Mitch and Adam are whisked away to the stage. Harry feels his chest bursting as he sits back and watches Y/N interact with his friends as if they are her own. He smiles when she looks his way, her cheeks howling as she sucks on the straw of her second drink - nearly finishing it while staring at him. Harry has to break the gaze as his thoughts run a different less innocent route, causing him to readjust how he’s sitting and clearing his throat just as the lead singer of the band introduces them.
“So, why aren’t you in the band?” Y/N asks as the beginning chords of their opening song play out. She’s leaning her elbow on the table, resting her head in the palm of her hand while turning her head to Harry - shutting out Jenny and Tom completely but they’re too busy watching the band to care.
“Bold of you to assume I have enough talent to be in a band,” Harry says with a smirk. Y/N rolls her eyes and reaches for her glass, bringing the straw between her lips and finishing off the tequila and soda water with three squeezed lime slices in it - Harry watched her prepare her drink both times, finding himself intrigued by her drink of choice.
“You are definitely talented enough,” Y/N says, “from the bit I’ve heard through the walls, you’re great with a guitar and I’m assuming I’m right considering that your job revolves around music.”
“Well, they already have a guitar player,” Harry notes, nodding his head towards Mitch who’s strumming away on his guitar. “And he’s one of the best in the business so if I did have any talent, he wipes me out without a question,” Harry insists.
Y/N is about to respond but then the band is starting to really get into the song. She turns her head, sitting up straight again, and watches the band perform. They’re really good, she thinks and starts to bob her head along to the song. Harry tries to not be obvious, but he stares at her for a few moments before facing the stage to watch his mates as well. He smiles as he watches her get into the music, nodding along with the bass line and tapping her foot to the drums. They’re performing one of Harry’s songs. He had written it a couple years back when he had finally settled into New York, hence the title ‘Ever Since New York’. He didn’t sell the song to any big artist, instead he kept it within his personal folder and when Mitch asked if his and Adam’s band could borrow it Harry said yes. It was one of the few personal songs he would let his friends borrow, others were too much of him to let someone else sing.
Y/N is seriously enjoying herself. The tequila has hit her, settling into her body with a constant buzz, and this band was so good. She’s shamelessly swaying her body in her chair and nodding her head back and forth with the beat. To be fair, so was everyone else at the table. Jenny matched her energy perfectly, even throwing an arm around her shoulders as the course of their third song picked up - Jenny knew the lyrics and sang along, causing the two of them to erupt into laughter afterwards. After Jenny turns her attention back to her husband, Y/N looks at Harry and notices him lightly singing along while bobbing his head too. She smiles and ends up watching him instead of the band for maybe a little too long. He turns his head and catches her stare, raising a brow but she just shakes her head and leans closer to him to ensure he can hear her before speaking.
“They’re really good,” she compliments, “like a lot better than some of the mainstream artists I’ve seen recently,” she adds on just as the band finishes up another song.
“Yeah, they are,” Harry nods in agreement, “but the bands really just a hobby for all of them since they are all involved within the industry already.”
“Oh, that’s sick though,” Y/N says, “not everyone’s hobby includes filling up a dive bar in New York City every weekend with people singing along to your songs,” she exclaims. She had looked around the room earlier during the last song to see it wasn’t just the bandmates' friends that knew the words to their songs. Majority of the people in the bar were singing too, clearly being regulars to their sets.
Amy arrives at their table again, setting down everyone's refills in a rush, thankfully being too busy to stop and flirt with Harry. Is that jealousy, Y/N? She questions herself in her head. She ignores her thoughts and brings her new drink to her lips, not even bothering with the lime slices this time as she’s feeling a bit drunk now and honestly could care less. As the band opens their next song with some strong drums and an incredible electric guitar melody, the crowd goes a bit crazy. Y/N furrows her brows and looks at the people at her table, Tom and Jenny are also hollering at the band while Harry is chuckling. He meets her eyes before echoing the crowd and cheering on his friends. Y/N’s eyes widen and she huffs out a laugh before she grabs her phone quickly and opens her Instagram.
Just in time, she opens her Instagram stories as the song picks up and the small crowd that had formed overtime at the front of the stage starts to dance around. Everyone is cheering and singing along, causing Y/N’s jaw to drop in pure amazement. She holds down the button to record and gets a quick ten second video of the band rocking out while the bar sings and goes nuts as the bass line played by Adam kicks in and their drummer flings his body around to play one of the most addicting beats they’ve played so far. Y/N shakes her head and swipes a filter on before tapping on the screen, turning to face Harry - who’s already watching her, of course.
“Does the band have an Instagram?” She asks. To which Harry just shrugs in response, because he really isn’t too sure - he’s not hugely into social media himself.
“They do!” Jenny says with excitement, Y/N turns in her seat and grins at Jenny as she spells out the bands Instagram handle. “I keep trying to get them to stay active on it but they barely do,” she states.
Y/N slips her drink that she holds in one hand and taps ‘post to story’ on her phone that in her other hand. “Well, they might get, like, a few notifications flood in since I tagged them in my story,” Y/N tells her.
“Oh yeah?” Jenny questions. “Are you big on Insta?”
“It’s kind of grown over the years, I just hit half a million last week actually,” Y/N states. Her words cause both Jenny and Tom’s jaws to drop. Suppose it’s quite a big number, Y/N thinks.
“That’s insane, oh my god,” Jenny says, “is social media like your job then?” She asks. Y/N notices how both Tom and Harry are more interested in hearing about her Instagram than the band’s next song, to be fair it is a slower tune, but still it shocks her a bit.
“Um, not really,” Y/N licks her lips, “I have a career at a fashion studio in the city, we style the city’s elite and some celebrities, do their personal shopping and all that. But the social media thing is really just a little add on, I guess,” Y/N explains, pausing a few times as she feels a bit nervous telling them about her following. Some people saw it as a clout thing, asking for shoutouts and tags so her followers would get their follower count up. While others thought it was childish and weird that she was kind of like an influencer in a way.
“Wow,” Harry says, his voice gets Y/N’s attention as she looks towards him now, “how didn’t I know this?” He questions with a chuckle.
“I don’t know,” Y/N shrugs, “it’s really just like a hobby, barely even that.”
“Like how the band is for Mitch and Adam,” Harry nods.
Y/N smiles and nods with him, “exactly.”
“You’re definitely the coolest girl Harry knows, by the way,” Jenny states, bringing Y/N’s attention back to her left where she sat. Y/N laughs and brushes her hair back over her shoulders.
“I don’t know about that,” Y/N disagrees and shakes her head, reaching for her drink again to take a few sips.
“No, you definitely are,” Harry corrects her, having a sip of his own drink as well. Y/N puts down her glass and smiles, shrugging her shoulders and leaning back into her seat.
“I mean, if you say so,” she says in a joking tone. Jenny, Tom and Harry all chuckle, which makes Y/N laugh along with them. The band is talking to the crowd now, mentioning that their weekly gig will not be happening next week due to the holidays. Then they’re explaining something about their next and final song, thanking the crowd before the song starts up.
“This was their first song as a band,” Tom tells Y/N. She smiles and nods, appreciating the insight from him.
The song is catchy, still fitting the bands vibe but definitely isn’t as good as some of the other songs they had played already. Y/N decides to take a final snap of the band on stage on her Instagram story. Mitch’s head is down, his hair falling forward that she can barely tell that it’s him, while Adam is grinning at the crowd which makes Y/N smile as she swipes on a filter to lighten the picture some and types out ‘new fave band alert’ as her caption, finding a red siren gif quickly before posting it to her story. As the song comes to an end the bar erupts into a roar of cheers. Y/N brings her hands to her mouth and hollers along with the bar, grinning as she watches the four boys of the band come together and bow. As they bend down Harry whistles, having both his hands at his mouth, to show his support to his friends.
Y/N widens her eyes and turns quickly to look at Harry, surprised by the loud whistle that came from him. He matches her look, widening his eyes and playing dumb as he slowly lowers his hands from his face. Y/N laughs, slapping a hand on his arm and leaning back, immensely entertained by his actions. Harry laughs along with Y/N till they both calm down and shake their heads. Just as Y/N is about to say something her phone starts to buzz on the table from an incoming call. She looks down at the screen and sees it’s Mark - again.
“Ugh,” Y/N groans and hits decline, unlocking her phone to go to her phone app. “How the hell do you block a phone number?” She asks aloud to no one in particular.
“Is it Mark?” Harry questions in a low voice, leaning towards Y/N to keep his words between them. Y/N frowns but nods her head once. The tequila in her system starts to mess with her, her screen becoming fuzzy as she thinks about all the crap she learnt about Mark earlier today. And now he was ruining her fun out with Harry and his friends.
“Where’s the bathroom?” Y/N asks, turning to Jenny since she would know the location of the women's bathroom over Harry.
“Down the hall in the back corner over there,” she points in that direction and before anyone else can say something Y/N is on her feet with her phone in hand and heading to the bathroom.
Harry looks over his shoulder as he monitors Y/N’s move across the bar. He’s worried about her, obviously, but he’s also watching to make sure no douche bag makes a grab for her. Although he is sure that she could handle it herself. As he turns back to the table he sees both Tom and Jenny staring at him. Harry furrows his brows and brings his drink to his lips, having the final sip of his third drink tonight. Jenny just shakes her head and looks down at her phone, he’s pretty sure she’s looking up Y/N’s Instagram. Tom’s still staring at Harry though.
“What?” Harry finally asks, setting his glass down with the few other empty ones at the centre of the table.
“So,” Tom pauses, “what’s going on here?” He questions, being annoyingly vague.
“What do you mean?” Harry asks, trying his hardest to not roll his eyes.
“Well you just show up with this bombshell of a woman, who is beyond anything you could’ve described her as by the way, and we’re all just supposed to forget she’s in a relationship?” Tom questions, tilting his head just slightly to the side as he stares down Harry.
“Firstly, I’m insulted you don’t think we could just be friends,” Harry says, he’s about to continue but Mitch and Adam join the table again. They get a round of ‘good job’ from everyone before Mitch is turning to Harry and furrowing his brows.
“What were you saying before?” He asks.
“That it is just possible for Y/N and I to be friends, but also not that it’s any of your guys business cause it’s not even mine, but her and her boyfriend broke up, like, recently,” Harry informs his friends, dragging his fingertip along the condensation of his empty glass in front of him. He feels silly, having to explain himself for simply bringing along a friend to hangout tonight. But he can’t deny it feels good to know that she is single now. Only to feel bad a second later as he knows that Y/N must be hurting, judging by her drowning herself in tequila drinks and getting upset over Mark calling her.
“Well, shit,” Mitch breathes out. Harry lifts his gaze to find his best mate with his usual smug look on his face. “What are you waiting for then, loverboy, make a move,” Mitch coaxes him.
“Did you not hear me when I said they broke up recently? As in maybe I should just let that settle for a while before I try and make any sort of move,” Harry says.
“Well if you don’t eventually and you let this one go, then you’re a bloody idiot,” Adam resorts, “Y/N is a prize, one evening knowing her and I understand your little crush, H,” he adds with a smile.
“Trust me,” Harry huffs out a breath and shakes his head a bit, “I’m well aware. But seriously guys, I’m just going to let it play out and not force anything. I’m happy to just be her friend, honestly,” he explains. Everyone nods, seeming to understand where Harry is at now with Y/N. Perfect timing, Amy shows up with refills for everyone to get the attention of the group off Harry.
“So, Harry,” Amy says after setting down everyone glasses, turning her body away from Jenny and the empty chair for Y/N to completely face him - her boobs practically in his face. He gives her a polite smile, leaning back in his chair in order to get some distance from her. “Who’s this new girl you brought with you? A cousin or something?” She asks, her body seeming to lean even further towards him as she speaks.
Harry opens his mouth, ready to let Amy know her ridiculous assumptions were wrong. When he hears Y/N’s voice from behind where Amy stood. “Classy,” she mutters under her breath.
Amy rolls her eyes rather dramatically before she turns away from Harry and looks at Y/N as she’s pulling out her chair and returning to her seat. “What did you say?” Amy asks, her voice rather snarky in Y/N’s opinion.
“I said, wow you’re hair colour, it’s like, so classy, I love it,” Y/N resorts, putting on a smile just as fake as her words.
Amy’s lips part, her eyes narrowing at Y/N’s bored stare. Whatever bitchy response she has lined up for Y/N is cut short as Amy’s name is being yelled by the bartender. Her gaze falls behind Y/N, looking at who had called for her, before she meets Y/N’s eyes again. She glares again, huffs out a short breath, and then is nearly stomping away from the table like a child who didn’t get the Barbie doll she wanted to play with - or rather the Ken doll. Y/N’s lips turn up slightly into a smug smile as a feeling of pride flushes over her.
“Yup, it’s official,” Jenny says, bringing Y/N back to reality as she looks away to her left. Jenny is grinning as she brings an arm around Y/N’s shoulder, pulling her into her side. “You’re one hundred percent the coolest girl Harry knows,” she states, earning a round of laughter from the group.
“You handled Amy like a pro,” Adam notes, then jutting his chin towards Harry, “H is always too nice to let her know how annoying she’s being.”
Y/N smiles and looks at Harry in the corner of her eye, noticing the slight tint of pink upon his cheeks. She flips her hair over her shoulder and shrugs, “I grew up dealing with the snobby Upper East Side kids, Amy is harmless, believe me,” Y/N ensures the group before grabbing for her drink and sucking back a few good gulps.
The group around the table begins to talk about the performance, compliments and praises to Mitch and Adam all around of course. Even a few strangers come up to give them a pat on the back and ask for a picture. They’re like royalty in this dingy little bar.
Y/N is enjoying sitting back and simply being around people, letting herself push away any thoughts of Mark. She had blocked his number while she waited in line for the washroom, then responded to Sammy’s million texts asking where she was and with who - when she told him she was with Harry he just replied with ‘#TeamHarry for the win’, which she rolled her eyes at but ended up smiling down at her phone and texting him a thumbs up back.
When Y/N finished with her business in the rather dirty washroom - the sink barely even worked, it was not ideal - and she saw Amy at the table beside Harry again, Y/N let her jealousy fly. Then when Amy started leaning so far into Harry that her boobs nearly touched his chest, Y/N just couldn’t help it. It was like her vision turned red suddenly, her chest swelling up as she tried to bite down on her tongue. But she couldn’t, she was too annoyed by Amy’s less than classy actions towards her customer.
“Hey,” Harry’s low voice snaps Y/N out of her own world. She blinks and focuses on him, feeling herself melt at the sight of his smile. “Are you okay?” He asks, more than likely referring to her quick departure to the bathroom after Mark called.
“Yeah,” she assures him with a smile and a nod. “I blocked his number, I don’t want to hear his excuses. I could really care less,” she explains to Harry. He nods in response and is about to say something else, about how Mark is a real idiot for whatever he did to hurt her. But Y/N sits up, places a hand on his arm that was resting on the table between then, and gives him another smile. “But enough about him, seriously, I’m feeling a little drunk and having way too much fun here with you to be bothered anymore,” Y/N tells him.
“Alright,” Harry smiles, peering at Y/N as his heart beats wildly in his chest. He’s pretty sure his skin’s tingling from where her hand rests. But it doesn’t last long before she moves, reaching for her glass - that she then raises into the air.
“I would like to make a toast,” Y/N announces to the table, gaining everyone’s attention and smiles, “to Mitch and Adam’s absolutely amazing performance, new friends, and to having a lovely holiday season,” Y/N beams as Harry and his friends cheer in agreement and everyone lifts their glasses into the air.
The group ends up buying shots after, then another round of drinks, and then more shots. Y/N is laughing so much her stomach hurts. She hasn’t been this happy while enjoying others' company in far too long, outside of work of course. Harry makes another joke, teasing Adam, but Adam dishes it back right away. Y/N finds herself letting her hand slip to Harry’s thigh as she throws her head back with laughter at Adam’s absurd comment. Everyone else is too focused on the banter to notice, but Harry does of course. He’s breath hitches in his throat as he feels her delicate fingers spread over his thigh. He gulps, unsure if he wants to break whatever drunken trance that Y/N may be in. Does she realize that she’s put her hand on his thigh? He wonders. But his thoughts are quickly answered as she caresses her thumb along his pants before lifting her hand slowly off of him altogether.
Y/N’s leaning on her elbow again, her chin propped up in the palm of her hand as she looks at Harry. He’s so hot, her drunk self thinks as she watches his Adam's apple bob up and down for a second time since she had placed her hand on his thigh. It happened by accident to be honest, but she wasn’t sorry about it. God, she was just itching to touch Harry. His thigh, his arm, maybe rub gentle circles on the back of his neck as he talked amongst his friends, but she wanted to touch his lips more than anything. She couldn’t stop looking at his pretty pink lips as he replies to whatever whoever said to him.
Harry catches Y/N’s glossy eyes staring at him in the corner of his eye. He rolls his lips into his mouth to stop himself from smiling. He likes how she can’t seem to keep her eyes off of him, because he does the same thing maybe a little too often. Harry turns his head and meets her gaze, giving her a smirk as she playfully narrows her eyes at him. Her cheeks are rosy from the amount of liquor she’s consumed, while her eyes truly are a bit glossed over from her being more than tipsy. She’s so hot, he thinks, as his eyes shamelessly roam over her appearance. Even hours later at this shitty bar and she still looks breathtaking. Harry’s gaze lingers a little too long on her chest, admiring the way the top fit her breasts; was she wearing a bra? Oh how he wishes he could find out.
Y/N adjusts her position in her chair, letting her left arm fall into her lap while she lays her right arm beside Harry’s. She is liking this game they seem to be playing with their eyes. She sits up straight, knowingly sticking out her chest just a bit as she watches Harry’s eyes fall to her breasts. But she keeps it classy, of course, unlike some people. Y/N lets out a breathy sigh as she looks at Harry’s hand mere inches away from her right hand. Those rings, she thinks, they could do some real damage. Her thighs clench involuntarily, her mind falling into a fog as she imagines them leaving red marks on her bare bottom or how cool they would feel against her throat.
“I really like your rings, have I told you that before?” Y/N’s voice is hoarse, but she doesn’t care as her pinky reaches over to touch the large gold ‘S’ that rests on his pinky. The metal is cool to her touch, just as she imagines. Feeling brave - thanks to her good friend, tequila - she lifts her hand slightly in order to comfortably drag her fingertip over the ‘S’ shape a couple times.
“No, you-” Harry clears his throat, feeling it become dry at the sight of her doe eyes staring at his fingers. His mind goes somewhere dirty, thinking of somewhere else his fingers could go. Tangled in her hair, wrapped around her throat, inside of her. Harry licks his lips before he speaks again, “you haven’t, but thank you.”
“Which is your favourite?” Y/N questions, her finger still lazily tracing the ring on his pinky finger.
“Quite like the inicals,” Harry answers, smirking as she glances up to peer at him through her lashes. She mirrors his smug look easily.
“A very narcissistic answer,” Y/N hums, teasing him. Harry playfully narrows his eyes at her, which she returns but ends up giggling after a moment as he sticks out his tongue at her. These inappropriate thoughts have got to just slide away for a moment, Y/N thinks with a deep breath.
“We’re going to head out,” Tom announces to the table suddenly, helping Jenny out of her chair. Jenny’s beautiful dazzling smile is on her husband as he helps her into her coat. They’ve both had quite a bit to drink too and Harry notes how Jenny latches onto Tom’s side after they’re in their coats.
“I’m still shocked you two both came out tonight,” Harry says.
“We paid big bucks for this babysitter, so they better keep it together for at least another four hours,” Tom exclaims with a wink. Jenny gasps and smacks her husband on the chest as she realizes what Tom is insinuating.
“Don’t go acting like you last longer than ten minutes, bud,” Mitch taunts jokingly to his friend. Everyone laughs as Tom glares at Mitch across the table. Y/N covers her mouth with her hands, finally bringing her finger away from where it laid on Harry’s ‘S’ ring, in order to cover her chuckles.
“It was so lovely to meet you, Y/N,” Jenny gushes, letting go of Tom in order to put her arms around Y/N and hugging her tightly.
Y/N smiles into her bleached hair, squeezing her back just as tightly, “you too, Jenny,” she says.
“Don’t let H keep hiding you away now,” she says, pointing a stern finger at the two of them. Harry laughs and shakes his head at his friend.
“Wouldn’t dream of it, Jenny,” he tells her.
Then they’re all saying goodbye to the couple as they walk out of the half empty bar. Y/N glances around the place, noticing how it feels less scary now. Maybe it was the tequila that helped, or how comfortable she felt around Harry and his friends. A yawn suddenly makes it’s way past Y/N’s lips, she brings the back of her hand to cover it but ends up squinting her eyes closed as her whole body feels drained. She meets Harry eyes after the yawning stops, he shows her a small soft smile that makes her return it right back.
“Ready to go home?” He asks. She contemplates it for a moment, because she truthfully doesn’t want the night to end. But she decides to not fight it and nods to Harry.
Harry does practically the same thing as Tom just had. He announces his and Y/N’s departure, helps her into her coat, and lets her say her goodbyes as Adam opens his arms up for a big warm hug. Mitch only nods, waving to them both before Harry leads the way out of the bar. The cold night air blasts Y/N’s hair back, the sharp wind taking her by surprise as she blinks back tears from the cold. She puts both her hands into her coat pockets and zips it up all the way, snuggling into the warmth it will provide her on their walk home.
“I feel like Mitch doesn’t like me much,” Y/N admits after a few minutes of comfortable silence between her and Harry.
“What?” Harry shakes his head, eyebrows pinched together. “No, that’s just how he is. He’s quiet and looks all moody. Give him some time, he’ll warm up, promise.”
“I think he’s just protective of you,” Y/N says, looking up at Harry after they cross the road, “thinks I’m a threat or something.”
Harry chuckles and shakes his head again,“well, it’s definitely not like that with Mitch and I, plus he’s seeing someone. Her name’s Sarah, she plays drums on a lot of tracks we write.”
“If you say so,” Y/N sighs. She looks around at the sights before them. A few other mildly drunk people wander the streets, and she notices a few homeless people too, that tore Y/N’s heart apart, as they were bunkering down in the alleyways. Harry keeps pace with Y/N the whole walk home, letting her control the speed they walked and what they talked about. She would jump from subject to subject the entire time, but Harry thought it was kinda cute that she was so drunk she didn’t even realize how quickly she changed the topic.
And all too soon, they’re in the elevator in their apartment building. Harry presses the number six button and joins Y/N on the back wall. They both lean into the railing, comfortable silence falling between them once again. But it was obviously their thoughts were anything but silent. The elevator doors open on their floor, and Harry lets her walk out first as always.
“Well this is me,” Y/N says dramatically as she approaches her apartment door. Harry chuckles under his breath, shaking his head slightly and letting his eyes fall to the floor for a second before meeting Y/N’s stare again. “I really did have a great time tonight, Harry,” she tells him.
“I’m glad, I did too,” he agrees.
Y/N wants to kiss him. She really really really does. But they’re both a little drunk, and she literally just broke up with Mark yesterday - or maybe technically two days ago now since it’s past midnight. But it didn’t matter, she didn’t want to be that girl. Plus she wanted to really get to know Harry and take this slow and see where it went. That didn’t stop her gaze from falling to his pretty pink lips though. Harry’s thoughts are running laps too. He wants to kiss her. But he knows she’s more than likely still hasn’t recovered fully emotionally from her break up Mark, hell not even ten hours ago she was crying because of her shitty ex boyfriend. Didn’t mean he couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her though, especially when her gaze falls to his lips.
Just as quickly as they seemed to fall into some dream like state as thoughts of kissing each other float around them, they snap back to reality. Y/N blinks a few times and takes a step back, bumping into her front door. Harry clears his throat and steps back as well, towards his own front door.
“Polar Express,” Y/N says suddenly, earning a look of confusion from Harry. “We’re watching the Polar Express tomorrow, and you’re going to play me something on that guitar of yours.”
Harry lets out a chuckle and gives Y/N a smirk, “yeah, we’ll see about that.”
“You will,” she singsongs as she focuses on unlocking her door. It takes a few extra tries to get the key in but once she does she unlocks it and opens the door.
“Goodnight, Y/N,” Harry smiles.
“Goodnight, H,” Y/N says softly, smiling as well, as she leans against her door to look back at him. Harry’s smile deepens at her using his nickname. She must’ve picked it up from his friends using it earlier during their time at the bar.
She gives him one last look over, knowing very well that she’s going to dream about him in that cream and blue plaid jacket - and maybe only wearing that jacket - before she shuts her door and presses her back against it as it closes. Today was a lot. But she’s beyond grateful that Harry invited her out, introducing her to his wildly unique group of wonderful friends, and letting her get a little bit drunk too. Her chest flares up as she remembers their close moment at the bar, her touching his rings, placing her hand on his thigh-
“Oh god,” Y/N all but moans out as her thoughts go right back to the place they were at before.
She shakes her head and heads to her bedroom. Harry wouldn’t be able to hear a vibration from the other side of the wall, would he? Y/N shrugs and opens her bedside table drawer to grab her vibrator, knowing just how much she needed it tonight as she imagined Harry’s hand between her thighs. Fuck, she’s so screwed, she thinks, biting her lip as she realizes, she really really really likes Harry.
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Elsa powers appreciation (part 1 of 3) - Creating things from ice/snow
Happy 7th Anniversary, Frozen (1)! 
I’ve wanted to do this post for a long time. This post is entirely original, I have not read posts like this or browsed the Frozen wiki (I am assuming there’s an entry there on Elsa’s powers)
I’ve written down every single occurrence of Elsa’s powers in the 2 movies and 2 shorts and analyzed that long list in order to create this post. I won’t bore you with that list unless you want to see it.
I believe that we can categorize Elsa’s powers into 3 main groups: 1. Creating things from ice/snow; 2. Freezing (and the opposite, melting) and 3. Movement/kinetic energy (and the opposite, not moving in situations where movement is expected) I will post 3 separate posts so as to keep each post to a readable length.
Creating things from ice/snow
- with 2 exceptions, the first being light (as in, glowing, bright light). The second is her dresses which start as ice, but become cloth permanently. Let’s get started!
1. Small objects
Tumblr media
From L to R: small snowball, ice bowtie for Olaf, ice table, snow teddy bear
2. Small but very intricate objects
Tumblr media
The first 3 are cake toppers from Frozen Fever for Anna’s birthday. Notably, Elsa makes each of them in milliseconds, she is that fast! Note the beautiful detail. I have always wanted to own a figurine of #2. In the rightmost pic, is the ice sextant that she made for the little girl. Some in the fandom believe that this is a fully functional sextant with moving parts, signifying that our Queen has mechanical knowledge of the workings and tiny parts of a nautical sextant! I believe so!
3. HUGE structures
Tumblr media
1st row: the beautiful ice staircase that she makes. She was testing out her powers for the first time to make something so big and beautiful, and the staircase starts as snow and as she steps on it, re-forms into beautiful chiseled ice. Amazingly she does this as she is running, her powers are just so fast! Next to the stairs are 2 images of the ice castle, which needs no explanation - it is HUGE, has multiple stories, inner chandeliers and fountains, stairs, doors etc
2nd row: the ice “ramp” she makes to try to run over the crashing waves of the Dark Sea. Next to it: the humongous ice wall she (and Nokk) made to stop the tsunami tidal wave from destroying the castle. This could arguably be larger than the ice castle? Again, the speed with which she creates the “ramp” and the wall is breathtaking. She also demonstrates that she can dissolve and remove what she has created when she does that to the ice wall.
4. Light
Tumblr media
Elsa’s magic is always accompanied by bright light, but sometimes her icy creations stay lit up. On the leftmost, is the icy trail she left as the royal family galloped to the Trolls. This trail led to Kristoff finding the trolls! Fate. 
Secondly, we have the trail “markings” that she made to guide everybody back home after finding Olaf in OFA. In OFA we also have the giant ice Christmas tree, which glows from its own core. This tree also sends a burst of light into the surrounding trees and they glow with tiny crystals of light, which some have said is a foreshadowing of Frozen 2′s ice crystals. 
In the last screencap, we have the scene in the forest where the girls discover and acknowledge their Northuldran roots. (Director Chris Buck said that the glowing light comes from Elsa in the ITU documentary - I used to think it was Gale but if Buck said it, it’s canon)
5. Living creations
One of Elsa’s most amazing, if not THE most amazing of her powers, is her ability to create sentient life! Think about it! Arendelle has no need for an army since she can make an army of Marshmallows! On a more thought provoking note, since she brought Olaf back to life because “water has memory”, can she create facsimiles of humans based on the same principle? Can she make copies of herself to do menial tasks?
a. Olaf
I have no screencaps for Olaf, because, who needs them? Haha. What can Olaf do? Let’s see - he has a personality, a sense of humour, intelligence, a soul, musical ability, the ability to separate and control his parts independently and re-form his parts together, his wooden arms can move (how does THAT work?) and he has a “digestive” system of sorts! Olaf can also make his ice glow slightly (he does this in his recap of F1 when acting out the part about Anna freezing to death) and he can breathe out an icy breath (in the same scene).
b. Marshmallow
Tumblr media
As an entity independent from Elsa, I’m amazed that Marshmallow can control his own form, in a “Hulk”-like way. When he is angered or threatened, he is able to grow 1) spikes from his knees (compare 1st and 2nd screencaps) and 2) sharp teeth and spikes from his back! The last screencap shows that he can retract the teeth and spikes at will too! 
I didn’t have a screencap for it, but he can also roar a powerful icy breath (which he does at Kristoff and Anna)
c. Snowgies
Tumblr media
The snowgies are amazingly able to work as a team. Look on the left - they have formed a “dome” and a number of them have “shot” themselves outwards like fireworks. And before this, they had been teaming up to oppose Kristoff and try to steal the cake. On the right, they are amazingly able to SPELL. Think about it! Even Olaf can’t spell at this point and these snowgies are like 5 seconds old!
6. Dress transformations
Tumblr media
If we break it down, during Let It Go, Elsa is able to transform existing cloth (her coronation gown) into a different color and fabric entirely. Next, she forms a cape out of ice - but as I alluded to earlier, the icy cape turns into cloth. This is pretty mind boggling. We’re still not done with the cape - she makes snowflakes fly onto the cape and become incorporated into the cape. 
In Frozen Fever - Elsa transforms her blue gown into a green gown. She then does something PRETTY amazing - she takes Stargazer lilies from the vase and incorporates them into her cape! She has just turned an organic flower into fabric! (Some have wondered if she could do this to her enemies!! Turn them into “paintings”!!) 
For Anna’s dress - she changes the color of the sunflowers on Anna’s skirt and bolero from a dull yellow to a bright golden. She also causes 1 sunflower from the vase to fly and attach itself to Anna’s donut hair. (Elsa herself has affixed 1 lily to the right side of her hair) Note also that she is exhibiting her “kinetic” powers (telekinesis) here by making the flowers fly.
I’m not counting the Ahtohallan dress transformation here as I think that one is purely Ahtohallan magic.
7. Extracting memories from water
Tumblr media
This power was introduced in Frozen 2 and some believe it is the 5th spirit’s power. From left to right: memories from Gale’s tornado that move and emit sound; stationary ice statues, also extracted from Gale’s tornado; the horrifying image of the parents at the point of their death - extracted from water in the ship and lastly, an enormous number of memories from Ahtohallan, which move and talk.
8. Special mention - the horse “bridle” and “reins” she uses to tame the Nokk
Tumblr media
I have separated this from the rest because I find it amazing. Prior to this, she has never made something out of ice that is so flexible and strong. The bridle magically affixes itself to the Nokk despite his thrashing about; the reins are flexible and yet strong enough to bear her whole weight. (Arguably - she is also using some of her kinetic powers here to move her body - wait for post #3) 
I like to think that she’s almost like Peter Parker AKA Spider-man! She can shoot out flexible, sticky “string” and can swing from it!
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littlestsnicket · 11 months ago
so i'm kinda confused
if aunt josephine and monty were both part of VFD during/before the series happened, why did they not recognize Olaf's disguises immediately? Didn't most parts of VFD deal with and know about espionage and whatnot?
keep in mind its been a while since i've read the books and i never read the precursor series
you’re remembering correctly, aunt josephine and uncle monty’s reaction to count olaf is very difficult to parse in a satisfying way when you factor in their potential involvement in vfd.
so, let’s start with that question; are they involved in vfd, and if so, how much? although i don’t want to factor it into my analysis, i think it is useful to note that, from a doylist perspective, at the time ASOUE was written, aunt josephine and uncle monty aren’t really involved in vfd. there’s an interview somewhere where mr handler discussed that he was only initially contracted to write five books, and, while he always planned that vfd would exist, he deliberately didn’t put much in the first four books when he didn’t know if he would be able to deliver on the setup. so in the internal logic of those initial books, there’s limited reason for either of them to recognize count olaf.
but looking at what is in the series as a whole, i think it’s debatable how involved uncle monty was in vfd. we know he was closely tied to other vfd members, most notably gustav, so i think it’s a valid assumption to say he is involved in some capacity, but there is a quote in tua questioning if he ever learned the sebald code to decode the message in the dialogue of zombies in the snow. it’s a reasonable take on the text that monty wasn’t involved in vfd until he was an adult and that he never met count olaf and received an incomplete, at best, briefing on vfd and the schism.
aunt josephine, however, is closely tied to the antwhistle aquatics research and rhetorical advice center, and is shown to explicitly be involved in vfd as a young person during all the wrong questions. she must have met olaf. it seems unavoidable. so why didn’t she recognize him? one one hand, there isn’t a satisfying answer.
on the other hand, i think an important part of aunt josephine, and her thematic purpose in the series, is that she has good intentions but that isn’t enough. She wants to help the baudelaires, but she lets them down because she is too frightened to help them. olaf is just another piece of this. and is all the more tragic if she really ought to have known olaf from personal past experience. but i don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that someone who won’t pick up a phone without wearing an oven mitt, could be so desperately scared and miserable to achieve a level of willful ignorance that would prevent her from seeing an old childhood “friend” when they were standing right in front of her.
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personinthepalace · 2 months ago
What do you think about some of my favorite (non-finale) episodes:
training day
disorder in the court
o vs the ballcano
flawed squad
cherry on top inator
odd in 60 seconds
16 and a half blocks
box trot
why did the chicken cross the dimension
Here we go! Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions :)
Training Day: slight confession, I didn't care much about this episode when I first watched it when it first aired haha. But my opinion on it definitely changed upon multiple rewatches. This episode changed the game! We finally understand Olive's PTSD and got an amazing introduction to OS best villain, Odd Todd! This episode had a big change in tone compared to the previous episodes, indicating that this show is more than just a fun kid's show- it can get serious and explore complex topics. So while it might not be one of my top favorite episodes, I think it is a GREAT episode that is very well written and acted and is a must watch for everyone!
Disorder In the Court: once again, another must watch episode since it is important to the story arc of season 1! One of the reasons I really love this episode is the focus on Olive's and Otto's partnership. Their friendship and trust is tested, but they come out strong in the end. Otto says one of my favorite quotes in the show, "Olive we're not just partners; we're friends. Nothing will ever change that." My favorite OS episodes are the ones that focus on the partners (in fact, my top favorite S1 episode is one that just focus on them during their plot). Also we get the return of Odd Todd which is always fun. And this is a court room episode, and they way they went about it is so fun. Between the two court room episodes in this show, this one was definitely the better one. Overall, I really enjoy this episode and can consider it as a favorite (I seriously need to make a list of my favorite S1 episodes someday haha)
O vs the Ballcano: I actually don't remember much about this episode, but Headquarters being flooded with the balls from the ballpit was such a fun thing to see! It must have been a fun day on set haha. Two things I really remember from this episode are Olaf losing his potato and O'Donahue shouting "Noooooo" during a flashback. I remember enjoying this episode though I don't know if I can count it as a top favorite
Flawed Squad: slight confession, when I first watched it, I thought it was one of the weaker episodes of the first batch that came out of season 2. But once again, upon rewatches, I find it much more enjoyable than I initally thought! I honestly didn't figure out the pattern at first, so that was fun to see Olympia and Ocean figure out. We got an Ocean and Olympia team up which was fun, and Owen being a cook was a nice touch! And if I remember correctly, this was the episode where Oona was trying to teach them to use the stairs, and then Olympia taught Ocean - I just find that hilarious haha. I guess the things I didn't care much about in this episode was the creature itself and the fake Big O/real Big O stuff. But overall while it isn't one of my top favorites, it is definitely an enjoyable episode with lots of gems I didn't notice at first
Edit 07/12/2022: okay I somehow convinced myself that the plot of Creature Whisperer was the plot of Flawed Squad??? Oops 😅 Anyway my thoughts on the actual episode: the first of the villain break-ins!! Anytime there’s a villain ensemble it is so much fun to watch and this was no exception. I found the ending a bit anti-climatic but then again these villains aren’t the brightest haha. Overall an enjoyable and very good episode that I liked but wouldn’t consider as one of my top faves simply bc there are so many great episodes in this season haha
Cherry-on-top-inator: now this is definitely one of my all time favorite episodes in S2! And maybe one of my top faves of the whole show haha. We get unhinged Oona who is completely fed up with her co-workers and just wants to destroy the gadget but they keep on interrupting. Crazy Oona is my favorite haha. All of the different forms of storytelling were so much fun!! My favorite is definitely the musical number with Olympia and Otis- it is also one of my favorite songs of the show (Odd Squad release the season 2 soundtrack PLEASE). But I love all the others as well especially Ohlm's film noir haha. Whenever it pops up on the PBS Kids player, you can bet I am going to watch it haha. So yeah one of my all time favorite episodes, and one I try to get everyone to watch haha
Odd in 60 Seconds: okay so I will confess that I am not a big fan of the Mobile Unit episodes. As a result, I haven't really rewatch these episodes and thus don't remember much about them. So this will affect my opinion of the upcoming episodes that you've mentioned. That being said, this episode is actually one of the ones that I remember really liking in Season 3. Now I don't actually remember much about this episode but the concept of villains coming in and trying to prove that they broke into the vault(?) was a lot of fun. I remember thinking that this was the best episode of s3 so I guess I'll stick with that haha
16 And A Half Blocks: I honestly don't remember anything about this episode. And even after reading the synopsis, I still don't remember much about it- Evil Sculptor coming to them for help sounds familiar but I still don't remember what happened. It is part 1 of the finale, and I remember thinking that the finale was okay overall? Like not the best (s1 still holds that title haha) but it was fine? But still I don't remember anything. So I honestly can't say what I think about this episode until I rewatch it haha
Box Trot: once again had to look up the synoposis bc I don't remember anything. I did find Seren's reaction video to it, and I fastforwarded through it just to get the gist of it. It seems like it's an episode with a villain ensemble which is always fun (honestly I think those are the better Mobile Unit episodes- when the episode focuses on a group of villains haha). Ahh and this also has orange Shapeshifter? Once again, vague memories haha. So once again, I can't really say what my opinion is of it, but since it has a villain ensemble I'm gonna say that I think it's one of the enjoyable Mobile Unit episodes?
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Dimension: okay so this came out as part of the batch of last OS episodes on the PBS Kids player last week. I initially watched it back in January (thanks VPN), but I was trying to rewatch these episodes since they are the final ones. I've watched the first two(?) episodes, and they are definitely a lot more fun than I initially remembered haha. But I still haven't rewatched this episode. From what I do remember though, the lesson was topography and it was kinda boring for me? But it also had the return of Logan so that was fun. Once again, I need to rewatch this episode to give an honest opinion bc I really don't remember much about it
And wow this turned out a lot longer than I expected haha. Hope that you enjoy my ramblings! And once again, these are just my opinions and a rewatch is definitely necessary for me to give an honest opinion haha. Thanks for the ask, and I would love to know why you love these episodes!! And feel free to ask my opinion on other episodes :)
Ask me anything about Odd Squad!
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mad-elia · 7 months ago
The Box of Poems
Tumblr media
February Prompt #8: Poems
Isadora Quagmire x Fem!Baudelaire!Reader
Word Count: 1,332
Warnings: kinda angsty but not really? mostly just sad; mentions of their mom's death
Summary: All you have left of your mother is a small jewelry box she gave you before she died, and all you have left of your girlfriend are the poems she wrote you before she was kidnapped, which you keep inside said jewelry box. Your whole world shatters when the box disappears.
A/N: Set during Ersatz Elevator but I changed some minor plot stuff
Isadora Quagmire’s love language was poetry. While other people might prefer physical touch, or words of affirmation, or gifts, Isadora expressed her feelings by writing them down in a poem. You had thousands of poems she’d written you, most of them couplets, all of them kept in the little jewelry box your mother had given you before she died. It was the last thing you had of her, and the poems were the last thing you had of Isadora, and if anything happened to the box you thought it might kill you.
But the most unfortunate things seemed to happen to you and your siblings, so of course something happened to the box. Count Olaf was set on getting your fortune, or anything valuable you happened to have, really, so naturally, he stole the jewelry box first chance he got.
You were halfway under your bed, rummaging and rummaging to no avail - your mother’s jewelry box of Isadora’s poetry was gone. “No,” you gasped. “No, no, no!” You ran out of the room and found your sister Violet. “Violet!” You grabbed her arm, looking at her desperately.
“What?” She turned to you, her eyes filled with worry. “What, (Y/N), what is it? Are you okay?”
“Mother’s jewelry box!” Tears gathered in your eyes. “It’s- it’s- “ You shook your head, unable to get the words out.
“Oh, no…” Violet pulled you into a hug, somehow knowing exactly what you were trying to say. “Oh, (Y/N/N), I’m so sorry; I know what that box meant to you.”
“We have to find it.” You looked at your sister in despair.
“(Y/N), I really want to help you, but we have to rescue the Quagmires.” She gave you a sympathetic look. “Don’t you want to see Isadora again?”
“Of course I do,” you whispered. “But that box is all I - all we - have left of Mother, and what’s inside- “ You shook your head. “I need to find it. Please.”
Violet sighed. “Okay. You and Sunny can find the box and Klaus and I will help Isadora and Duncan.”
“Thank you so much, Violet,” you said, overwhelmed with relief.
“Of course.” She smiled at you before going off to find Klaus.
You went in the opposite direction to grab your baby sister. You explained the situation to her. “I think we both know who’s behind this,” you said.
Sunny nodded, and said some gibberish that meant “Count Olaf”.
“Precisely. Do you know where ‘Gunther’’s room is?” Sunny shook her head and you bit your lip. “Well, I guess we’re just gonna have to start looking.”
Looking was easier said than done. The penthouse was huge, with at least 40 bedrooms, around 20 bathrooms, and more rooms you hadn’t even been in. Even with your search being narrowed down to bedrooms, that was still 40 rooms to look through, and you weren’t sure how long it would take before Olaf did something horrible with the jewelry box. Eventually, after so much time searching you couldn’t even count how many minutes had passed, you found his room. Unfortunately, you were able to determine it was his because he was standing in it.
“Hello, hello, hello, Baudelaires,” said Count Olaf in a manner that was so cliche you would’ve laughed if you hadn’t been so terrified. “Looking for something?” He held the jewelry box up with a smirk on his face. You lunged for it and he held it just out of your reach. “Ah, ah, ah, (Y/N). I’m not finished with it yet. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that sharing is caring? You know, before she burned to a crisp?”
You clenched your fists, your vision burning red with anger, but managed to keep your cool.
Sunny shouted some angry gibberish that meant “That box belonged to our mother!”
“And the contents are just as important, Sunny,” you told her worriedly.
“Ah, so this box does contain something valuable.” Olaf’s diabolical grin grew.
“No, its value is purely sentimental, please - “
The evil man ignored you, prying the box open with a hungry look on his face. The expression quickly turned to annoyed disappointment. “What? These are just slips of paper!” He pulled one out. “This is a love poem!” He looked at you. “Probably written by your little girlfriend, the annoying poet twin.”
“Triplet,” you corrected through clenched teeth. “Now give me those back. They mean nothing to you.”
“Sure thing.” He dumped the box out the window.
“No!” you screamed, running over and watching them fall in anguish.
“Oh, but I’m keeping the box.” Olaf tucked it into a drawer and locked it. “That could be of some value.”
You sunk to the floor and Sunny toddled over to you, placing a tiny comforting hand on your back. She said some soft gibberish which meant “Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go help Violet and Klaus.” You nodded, wiping your tears from your face, and glared at Olaf as you ran out of the room. You and Sunny went straight to the elevator.
“Violet? Klaus?” You swallowed. “Isadora?”
“(Y/N)?” Your girlfriend’s melodic voice floated up, echoing in the emptiness of the elevator.
“Isa!” You leaned as far over the edge as you could without falling in, searching for her face in the dark. “Isadora, love, are you okay? Sunny and I are coming down there right now.”
“(Y/N), no!” Klaus’s voice. “We need you and Sunny to help us get out. Violet’s invention got us down here, but it didn’t work as well as expected when we were trying to get back up.”
You bit your lip. “O- okay. Yeah, I can figure something out. Sunny and I will figure something out. We’ll be right back, just hold o- “ You leaned too far over the edge and fell into the darkness of the elevator. You screamed. Falling felt simultaneously like time was moving a mile a minute and a minute a mile. You squeezed your eyes shut and held your breath, preparing to splat on the stone floor, but Isadora caught you just in time.
“Isa,” you breathed, elated at seeing your girlfriend again.
“(Y/N),” Isadora said back, a soft smile on her face.
Klaus cleared his throat and the two of you focused quickly, red dusting both of your faces. “I’m so sorry,” you said miserably.
“It’s okay,” Violet said, then called up to Sunny, “It’s up to you now, Sunny! Do you think you can do this?”
Sunny shouted gibberish back, which was a yes. Her round toddler face disappeared from the edge of the opening. The five of you waited for her return anxiously, growing more and more worried by the second. You trusted Sunny to get you out, but Count Olaf’s diabolical schemes always found a way to ruin everything. Luckily, Sunny made it, throwing down a rope made of handkerchiefs for you to climb up. Violet and Klaus went first, and you were just about to climb up after them when something shook the rope, knocking you off and causing you to stumble into Isadora.
“(Y/N)!” She wrapped her arms around you and looked up at the opening. “Sunny, are you okay!? What happened!?”
“I happened,” a shrill British voice called out. Esme Squalor was holding poor Sunny by her dress, a smile just as diabolical as Count Olaf’s signature grins on her face.
You looked at the Quagmires in terror.
“Say goodbye to your friends, Baudelaires!” Esme sung. “Oh, and your sister’s down there, too! How lovely.”
“(Y/N)!” Violet screamed in horror. “Duncan! Isadora! No!”
“Oh, yes.” Esme chuckled, and then she and your siblings were gone.
You slumped down on the ground and Isadora gathered you in her arms as you cried. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N/N),” she whispered.
“It’s okay,” you whispered back. “Well, I mean, it’s not; I’m stuck in an elevator shaft and have been separated from my siblings, but at least we’re together again.”
Isadora smiled. “Yeah. At least we’re together.”
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btxtreads · a year ago
do you want to build a snowman? | yeonjun
Tumblr media
➳ He lost you on a winter’s day. He wanted you back on a winter’s day.
Tumblr media
↳ Pairing: Choi Yeonjun x Reader
↳ word count: 2.6k
↳ genre: fluff, angst, exes to lovers
↳prompt: You invite me over to babysit your baby brother/sister because I was the only one who managed to calm her down
↳event: This fic is written for Arcadia Winter Fair 2020 @txtarcadianet​ 
↳a/n: honestly have no clue what this is but it’s 3am, I just ordered a venti and I’m having an intense Yeonjun phase again. The title really has no correlation to the story tbh it’s just honestly a big mess,,,, dO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAAAAAAAN
Tumblr media
Yeonjun was having a normal day, his body lying haphazardly on the sofa and his eyes mindlessly watching some random movie he found on the Netflix. He didn’t want to admit it, but his mind was far from the hallmark film playing on the screen. Instead, he thought about the heavy sheet of white that was slowly starting to cover the entirety of the city. Then, he thought about her.
He thought about the first day he met her. It was also a winter’s day. He remembered her clutching a cup of coffee, sitting inside a crowded cafe and watching people pass by. He came over, asking to sit with her as he waited for his own coffee—the shop was full. She said yes. He asked her name, she said she was Y/N. He asked to meet her again at the same time and place the very next day. She said yes.
He remembered the first time he kissed her, around a year afterwards. It was a random thing—asking her to go with him to walk around the snowy park. He didn’t really plan on kissing her—he didn’t plan on anything, but the way she looked so beautiful as the two of them ran around the snowy park—making snowmen and throwing snowballs at one another. He often found her looking up at the sky, catching the snowflakes in her hands as her eyes sparkled. He was so drawn to her—he couldn’t help himself. He asked if he can kiss her—and she said yes. Him leaning down, lips locking on hers as she giggled against his, was the fondest memory he held.
Then, he remembered that one day one month ago. She asked him why he won’t tell her anything anymore, then he told her he didn’t feel the same anymore. He held her hand under the setting sun, whispering apologies to her hair as she pounded on his chest. He felt his heart pang as tears flowed out of her eyes, then he felt it break the moment she stepped into a cab and left him alone in the middle of the park where they first kissed.
Days after that, he realized the truth—he lied to himself. He still loved her, but he couldn’t bring himself to go back—not when he broke her first. He couldn’t find it in himself to call her, or go to her and ask for her back. Not when he promised himself he would never be the guy to make her cry, but he was the one that broke her heart in broad daylight. Maybe that’s why it was a surprise when his phone rang, her face flashing on the screen.
“Y/N?” Yeonjun asked confused as he brought the phone to his ears. “Why are you calling?”
Instead of an answer, all he got back was a loud sob. Yeonjun found himself springing up, bolting over to his shoe rack and grabbing the first pair of sneakers he could find.
“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
“Y-Yeonjun,” Y/N sobbed. “Jisu has been crying for an hour now, and I’ve been trying everything.”
“Okay, breathe.” Yeonjun soothed, his voice soft and gentle as he grabbed his car keys. “Just try your best to calm her down. I’m on my way.”
Jisu, Y/N’s little sister, was the light of her life. The child was born just over a year ago—a few months after they started dating—with her parents often giving the little girl to her for emergency babysitting when duty calls or when work has been overbearing, which was good—except Y/N has never been good with children.
Yeonjun, however, was. It helped that Yeonjun was over almost everyday, he loved Jisu and Jisu loved him a lot. What usually happened was that Yeonjun often entertained the girl—played with her, soothed her, held her as Y/N busied herself with making the girl’s food, cleaning her up and everything else. It was a dynamic they easily fell into.
Perhaps that’s why Y/N is so distraught now. The thought of her teary eyes and shking voice when she called him reminded Yeonjun of the day she left, and he didn’t like that. So, when Yeonjun arrived at her apartment complex, he didn’t hesitate to sprint over to the stairs—ignoring the elevator completely as he climbed over three steps at a time to get to her faster.
“Y/N, it’s Jun!” He said, knocking on the door fast.
The door sprang open and he was met with the sight of her for the first time in one whole month. Her eyes were red from all the crying. Her hair was messy from all the times she ran her hands through it in frustration, her figure swallowed by a loose hoodie that Yeonjun knew he left in the small section of her closet reserved just for him. He cracked a small smile at her choice of clothing before reaching out to grab her hand gently.
“Hey, calm down. I’m here.” Yeonjun whispered as fresh tears sprung up in Y/N’s eyes. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”
She didn’t know if it was just because it was the first time she saw him again after he broke her heart, or the fact that her sister has been crying for an hour straight with no way of being consoled, or the fact that this is the first time she’s ever been asked if she was alright after losing Yeonjun—but she couldn’t help herself as she wrapped her arms around his torso, burying her face into his chest as she cried.
“I-I don’t know why she won’t stop. I tried everything and she just shoving her plushie in my face.” Y/N cried. “Please help me.”
Yeonjun’s hand brushed through her hair, a sigh of satisfaction as he wrapped his free arm around her waist. He placed a soft kiss on the crown of her head as he shushed her gently.
“It’s alright, where is she?”
“My room.”
Yeonjun pulled away, intertwining their hands as he locked the door behind them and gently led the girl over to her bedroom. The boy’s eyes fell on the young girl sobbing on the bed—hands clutching the Olaf plushie he gave her when she turned one a few months ago.
“Junie!” The small girl cheered, immediately stopping her sobs as she clambered off the bed and onto him. “Up!”
Yeonjun furrowed his eyebrows as the girl raised her hands, gathering her tiny form in his hands and raised her up.
“Hi, Jisu.” Yeonjun cooed, tucking a lock of the little child’s hair behind her ear. “Why were you crying?”
“Junie where?” the girl responded, pointing outside the window. “Junie, promise!”
Yeonjun turned over to Y/N in confusion, who leaned by the doorframe with a shocked expression.
“You… were waiting for Yeonjun?” Y/N asked as she walked closer, dumbfounded at the little girl’s sharp nod. “Jisu, we can’t call him anymore, okay?”
“What do you mean?” Yeonjun asked, frowning as the girl blinked over at him. “Yes, you can.”
“We’re not dating anymore, Yeonjun.” Y/N responded softly, eyes downcast as Jisu climbed out of Yeonjun’s arms. “She has to get used to you not being here.”
“About that, I wanted to talk to you, Y/N—“
“Anyway, what did she mean by promise?” Y/N asked, turning her back to him and changing the subject. “Maybe if you give it to her, she’ll stop looking for you.”
“Hm?” Y/N asked, turning over to him. “What about it?”
“Junie! Olaf! Promise!” Jisu replied, coming back and offering a carrot to the two adults. “Olaf! Junie!”
Yeonjun crouched down, taking the carrot out of her hands.
“You remember?”
“Remember what?”
“I promised her a few months ago that I would bring her to the park the next time she comes over and its snowing—she wanted to make a snowman.” Yeonjun sighed, picking the girl up. “We were watching Frozen, remember?”
Y/N’s eyes fell onto the Olaf plushie left on the bed, mouth opening.
“Olaf.” She gasped in realization. “She wants to play outside.”
“Can we?”
“It’s 6PM.”
“No, not yet.” Yeonjun replied, mischief in his eyes as he pointed at the digital clock by the door. “It’s 5:53.”
Y/N sighed, wringing her hands as she bit her lip. Yeonjun promised to take Jisu to the park—the dreaded park where he he first kissed her, then told her he didn’t love her anymore a year later. She didn’t think she was ready to go back there—much more with him clutching onto her little sister looking he was a whole-ass father and her following behind them with a diaper bag like some kind of overbearing mother. Still, she couldn’t help but crack into bits as he shot her pleading eyes and a pout.
Yeonjun cheered, a grin on his lips as he crouched down and took Jisu’s hand in his—voice hushed as he leaned close to the little with a smirk, whispering conspiratorially.
“Hey Jisu,” he giggled. “Do you want to build a snowman?”
Tumblr media
The Olaf he and Jisu made was, to be honest, looked more like a blob than a snowman—but the little girl didn’t know that, so it was fine. Yeonjun didn’t mind it—not when Y/N sat on a nearby bench, almost relieved at Jisu’s loud laughter. As he stuck the carrot on the snowman’s face, Yeonjun found the little girl gone from his side. Instead, she stood a few feet away—helping another child and their guardian build his own snowman.
“Soobin?” Yeonjun asked in surprise as his blue-haired best friend popped up from behind the snowman, shooting a grin at him.
“Oh, hi, hyung.” Soobin giggled, waving his hand as he pointed to the little girl patting the snowman next to him. “This kid yours?”
“Y/N’s sister.” Yeonjun nodded, eyes falling onto the girl watching him. “This is your nephew, right?”
“Yeah. My sister had a business meeting and asked me to come along and distract him. He was antsy so I just brought him here.” Soobin shared, pointing over to a cafe down the street. “I thought you said Y/N wouldn’t talk to you.“
“Well, she wasn’t—but here we are.” Yeonjun sighed.
“Back together?”
“Not yet,” Yeonjun frowned, hands falling onto Jisu’s hair with a skeptical look as he glanced back at the girl on the bench. “Hey, Bin, do you mind—“
“Watching the kid for a bit while you try and get Y/N back?” Soobin asked, lips tilting into a teasing smile as he giggled. “Of course not, go.”
“Thanks, man.” Yeonjun chuckled, not even attempting to deny Soobin’s words as he turned over to the little girl. “Hey Jisu, this is my best friend Soobin. I’m gonna talk to sissy for a bit while you play with them, okay?”
“Okay!” The little girl replied, not even sparing him a glance as she kept on adding layers and layers of snow onto the snowman.
“Go,” Soobin urged him, pushing him away.
Yeonjun shot the boy a grateful look before wandering back over to Y/N—sitting next to her. He watched as she stuck her hand out, lips pursed as she caught snowflakes on her palm.
“You know,” Yeonjun spoke up. “the first time I told you I loved you, you were catching snowflakes in your hands too.”
Y/N didn’t answer, eyes still fixed on the melting flakes of snow in her hands. Yeonjun sighed as he grabbed her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers.
“Hey, remember how we used to date?” Yeonjun asked, making the girl turn to him.
“Yes, until you decided to stop.” Y/N replied curtly, eyes turning back to her sister a few feet away. “Look, Yeonjun—thank you for helping me with Jisu, but please stop with—“
“With what?”
“This.” Y/N sighed, pulling her hands away as she gazed back at him. “I’m gonna be honest with you—I’m still not over you, and this really isn’t helping.”
“I’m sorry for what I did, but—“
“No buts,” Y/N closed her eyes. “I really don’t wanna hear the reason why you don’t love me anymore.”
“But I do.”
“Stop lying to me,” Y/N pleaded, turning back to him. “Stop making me believe this screwed-up fantasy about still having you—“
“but you do still have me—“
“Why did you even come?” Y/N asked, scooting away. “I mean, I called you at the spur of the moment, really. You could have said no.”
“You were crying—I hate it when you cry.”
“Is that why you left me?” Y/N wondered. “Is it because I looked ugly when I cried?”
“I think you look beautiful when you cry, Y/N.” Yeonjun replied. “You look beautiful all the time.”
“Then why?”
Yeonjun sighed, turning back to the little girl in the snow.
“Because I loved you too much, and you don’t deserve someone as crappy as I am.” Yeonjun replied. “So I convinced myself to believe I didn’t love you anymore, maybe it would hurt less when you leave.”
“Did it?”
“It was the worst mistake I’ve ever done.” Yeonjun sighed, turning back over to Y/N. “I still love you, Y/N.”
This time, her head was thrown back on the bench—eyes fixed at the cloudy sky. Her hands were outstretched once more, catching snowflakes in her hands. There were a few moments of silence before she sighed once more.
“I love winter.” She spoke. “I met you during winter, and you told me you loved me during winter.”
“I left you on winter too.”
Y/N turned over to him, a sad smile on her face.
“Maybe, and it hurt. That’s how I know that I loved you so much.” she said, free hand falling over his on the bench. “Besides, you’re coming back to me on a winter’s day too.”
Yeonjun slowly turned over to her, a grin on his lips as he leaned his forehead on hers.
“Can I kiss you?”
Her lips tilted to a smile, a soft giggle falling off her lips as he asked her the same question as the day he told her he loved her for the very first time.
Yeonjun sighed in relief before crashing his lips against hers, hands delicately clutching her face as he savored the first taste of her in months. He pulled away softly, eyes closed.
“That was the worst month of my life.” Yeonjun said. “Don’t—I can’t lose you again.”
“Then don’t leave me again.” Y/N quipped back, hand slamming on his arm.
“I love you.” He giggled back, leaning down to place another kiss on her lips.
“I love you, too.”  Y/N smiled against his lips, uttering the words like it was her lifeline.
A snowball fell onto their laps, making Yeonjun flinch and almost bite Y/N’s lip as he pulled away. The couple looked over as Soobin stood up, hand still held out after throwing the ball.
“Save it for tonight, there are children here!” Soobin declared before plopping back down on the snowy ground next to the children.
Yeonjun rolled his eyes, sighing as Y/N giggled—face buried against his neck as she wrapped her arms around his arm. Yeonjun chuckled back, pressing a soft kiss against her temple before glancing back at the large blob of snow he created with Jisu. With a grin, he squeezed her hand and whispered in her ear.
“Do you want to build a snowman?”
Y/N smiled, looking back up at him and pressing a soft kiss against his lips before shaking her head with a chuckle.
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adorasgayass · a year ago
No Strangers To Love: Never Gonna Give You Up
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4
After an unbearable time apart, bitter exes, Lilith and Hooty, are forced to spend time together as they plan their rebellion against Emperor Belos. Will they get back together? Or will they be strangers to love once more? Will they run around and desert each other? Or will they never give each other up?
Read on AO3 | Co-written with @lumiity​
Notes: Exclusive art on AO3
Hooty watches the beautiful witch holding him in her arms as she begins to cry. Hooty itches to do something as she turns away from him, covering her eyes with her arm as her sobs begin to shake her whole body.
“Hoot hoot,” Hooty moves closer to her, “Why are you crying? Is something wrong, beautiful emo witch?”
“You really-” her voice hitches as she wipes away her tears, “You really don’t remember me, Hootcifer?”
“I-” Hooty scans her face, something tugging at his memories at the back of his head. But before he can think about it too long, a sharp knock comes at the door.
The rest of the people in the room scatter in all different directions, save for the beautiful woman, a human child, a small dog-like thing, and a grey-haired witch in a bright red dress. The grey-haired witch opens the door and Hooty can just barely see two people in guard uniforms.
“Are you,” one of them looks at a paper, then backs up, “Eda the owl lady? We were told that you were behind the attack on Emperor Belos’ castle.”
“I’m not Eda,” the witch says, crossing her arms. “Now if you’ll excuse me-”
“Hey, wait,” the other guard squints at Hooty, then at the beautiful witch holding him. “I know you two. You guys are the happy couple who got engaged today! What a coincidence!”
“What?” Hooty struggles to remember. “I don’t hoot-”
The beautiful witch covers his beak with her hand and says, “We sure are! This is our engagement party.”
Hooty moves his face from her hand then licks his beak, “Yum, yum, yum.”
The grey-haired witch glares at him, “What the actual fuck, Hooty?”
“You taste,” Hooty moves his tongue around his mouth, “familiar somehow.”
“For Titan’s sake!” the grey-haired witch yells. “There are children here!”
Hooty glances at the human and dog thing, who both look moderately horrified. But the beautiful witch touches a hand to Hooty’s face and all thoughts of emotionally scarring children leaves Hooty’s mind. He turns to face her and is captivated by her wide teal and grey eyes.
“Please try, Hootcifer,” her voice is soft and pleading, “Try to remember me. I love you, Hootficer. You are the Romeo to my Juliet.”
“I know that story, hoot,” Hooty perks up, “I even remember a quote! ‘See how she eats that rat. Oh, that I were a rat that I might be in her mouth, hoot hoot.’”
"That's not the line," the grey-haired witch grumbles.
"Do you know what's happening, Michelle?" He hears one of the guards whisper from behind him.
"I think it's foreplay?" The other answers. "Maybe we shouldn't be here, El."
But Hooty is not paying attention to any of them as the beautiful witch leans closer, "You are the hottest owl tube that was spawned in hell by a long furby and a tapeworm that I have ever met."
The words are familiar and suddenly, everything clicks into place. Hooty's eyes begin to tear up as he looks at Lilith, "Lulu?"
"Do you remember me?" Lilith flings her arms around his tube body, "Oh, Hootcifer!"
"Oh, come on," Eda groans as Lilith brings her mouth to Hooty's beak, "No one wants to see that."
"I swear if that horse says another word, I will cut his tongue out of his fucking mouth and shove it down his throat."
But Hooty is too busy paying attention to a different tongue being shoved down his throat to pay anyone else any mind.
When they finally pull apart, Lilith places a cool hand on Hooty’s cheek, which he leans into.
“I really thought I lost you, Hootcifer,” tears are streaming down Lilith’s pale face, “I do not know what I would do without you. I do not know if I would be able to live.”
“Oh, my dearest Lulu,” Hooty licks away a tear from her face, savouring the saltiness. “You are my everything, hoot hoot. I am so sorry that we argued. It’s just-”
Hooty lets himself trail off, too embarrassed to continue.
“Just what, sweetheart?” she asks him, “Please, tell me, honey bear.”
“I just-” Hooty takes a breath, “Hoot, I just never felt good enough for you. Especially compared to your exes.”
“My exes?” Lilith’s delicate blue eyebrows scrunch together, “How come?”
“You’ve dated such intimidating people, hoot hoot,” he turns away from her, “Emperor Belos, Count Olaf, Madame Carp, Mother Gothel, Levana Blackburn, Evander Wade. They are all so fucking hot and I’m just another owl tube that was made by a tapeworm and a long furby procreating in the deep, fiery pits of hell.”
“But you dated Evander Wade too,” Lilith points out.
“Yeah, hoot hoot,” Hooty shrugs, even though he does not have shoulders, “but I know that Evandy always liked you better.”
“Oh, Hootcifer,” Lilith gives a small smile, “It doesn’t matter who he liked more. Don’t you get it? I love you . I always have. So please, just this once, stay.”
“Why does that sound so familiar,” Hooty hears Swift Wind say from a few feet away but he is not listening.
“Oh, Lulu,” Hooty breathes, “Of course I will stay, hoot hoot. I will never leave you again, my beautiful emo witch.”
Lilith wipes a tear from the corner of her eye between leaning closer to Hooty, “I’m never gonna give you up, my dearest Hootcifer.”
“And I’m never gonna let you down, my sexy Lulu, hoot hoot.”
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lelitachay · a year ago
Frozen fanfiction: Søsken
Summary: An accident in the North mountain forces Elsa to spend several weeks in her brother’s apartment under Anna’s care. And during this time, Anna begins to notice there are peculiar things about Elsa’s life she wished she could understand. Everything starts to make sense after a family reunion.
Modern AU. Kristanna - Frohana - Kristoff & Elsa BrOTP. Chapters 1 to 10 - Here   Chapters 11 to 20 - Here Chapter 21 - What to do Chapter 22 - What’s there to lose? Chapter 23 - Seek the truth Chapter 24 - An abrupt end Chapter 25 - A fresh start Chapter 26 - A promising future
Olaf katten
With a tired sigh, Elsa crumbled the piece of paper in her hand and threw it into the bin near the table, where the rest of the paper balls were lying. She had been sitting at her kitchen table for over an hour writing ideas for her business, like Marshall and she had agreed to do; but so far, she had nothing worth sharing.
Sometimes she wondered whether people struggled so much to put their ideas into words, or if it was only her who had trouble with it. She guessed her lack of education could be an obstacle at times. But still, this time she felt there was something else stopping her. She had ideas about her business. Several ideas in fact. But the moment she wrote them down, she began to wonder if they were good enough, or if Marshmallow was going to like them. Her knowledge about businesses was limited and the last thing she wanted was to drag Marshall down with useless suggestions. Part of her suspected he was going to agree with whatever idiotic thing she came up — just for the sake of being nice. And that was the last thing they needed. For that very reason, she was putting extra effort in the way her ideas were worded.
She grabbed a blank piece of paper ready to start again when a knock on her door called her attention. Kristoff and Anna were coming to have dinner that evening, but she was surprised they had arrived so early.
When she opened the door, she was greatly surprised to see her mother standing on the other side. “Mum?” she asked, with a smile. “What are you doing here?”
“Can't a mother simply miss her daughter?” answered Gerda as she stepped into the house. “Why don't you visit me more often?” 
Elsa smiled at her mother’s playful tone. Gerda had always enjoyed making Kristoff and her feel guilty for the silliest things, and they knew exactly when she was just trying to trick them. “You changed me for some boring dinner when I did,” Elsa said with a smirk, trying to guilt-trip her just the same. “Is dad with you?”
“No, he had to work. I took the bus.”
“The bus?” Elsa had lost count how many times Kristoff had asked their mother not to take the bus on her own. It was relatively safe, but the two of them didn’t like the idea of their mother walking the trail to the cottage alone. “You should've called me. I would have waited for you at the bus stop. You know the trail here isn't in the best condition.”
“Are you insinuating I can't walk on my own?” Gerda replied, annoyed.
“No, of course not.” Sadly, it was useless to tell her mother what to do, the more they insisted on taking care of her, the more defensive she’d get. Kai was easier to deal with in that sense.
“I may be getting older, but I'm completely independent, thank you very much.” Gerda handed her daughter the purse she had been carrying and walked to the kitchen, ignoring anything else Elsa had to say about the topic.  
Elsa laughed at her mother’s childish behaviour and followed her. “You don't need to get offended.”
“I’m simply stating facts," she said matter-of-factly.
“Whatever you say…” There was no point in arguing with her. It was easier to let Kristoff deal with those things. It was a good thing her brother was going to show up later that day. “Kristoff's coming with Anna to have dinner, by the way.”
“I know,” said Gerda with a smile. “He told me to come and join you.”
“Then why didn't you travel with him?”
Gerda shrugged. “He said he was coming after work. I was bored at home and I wanted to spend some time with you.” She sat down at the table and looked around, noticing the mess on top of the table for the first time. “What were you doing, sweetheart? I'm not interrupting your studies, am I?”
“Not at all.” She knew Gerda didn’t mind the mess, but she began picking up everything she had lying around nonetheless. “I was writing down some ideas for next winter season.”
“That's wonderful!” she exclaimed with a clap of her hands. “Kristoff told me you'll give your business another chance.”
“Yes!” She loved the way Gerda always encouraged her to keep working on her own business. She had been the one who originally gave Elsa the idea when she moved to the mountain. “Marshall and I will try to work together.”
Gerda raised an eyebrow. “Do you mean your friend Marshall?”
She nodded and explained, “Westergaard kicked him out for no good reason and he had no idea what to do.”  
By Gerda’s expresion, Elsa noticed she wasn’t surprised by what Westergaard had done. More than once Gerda had warned her about not getting involved with Marshall’s boss. She never liked the idea of her asking him for a job.
“That's terrible,” her mother commented as she helped Elsa pick some of her papers. From time to time, Gerda peeked at the ideas written in them. Elsa didn’t really mind; if she was honest, any help her mother — or anyone — was willing to give her was welcomed. What did call Elsa’s attention was the way her mother looked at some of her notes and then smiled at her. “I'd like to meet Marshmallow one day. You seem to really like him.”
“Maybe you already know him,” Elsa said, unaware of her mother’s teasing remark. “He's lived here his whole life. The cottage he lives in belonged to his grandfather.”
“What's his last name, again?”
Elsa was about to answer when a knock on the door interrupted her.
Marshall fidgeted in his place as he waited for the door to open. The box in his hands moved for the third time in the last minute and he let out an exasperated sigh. He was nervous and the little beast inside the box wasn’t helping.
The box moved again and he opened the lid just enough to look inside. “Please, behave,” he said tiredly. A small paw scratched his fingers playfully, running his patience thin. “I said behave. Why won't you listen to me?”
The wooden door in front of him opened suddenly, surprising him, and he put the lid back into place.
Elsa smiled broadly at him from the door and said, “speak of the devil.” She then noticed he was on his own and asked, “were you talking to yourself?”
His cheeks turned red as a beet and he cleared his throat, trying to buy himself some time. The last thing he needed was for Elsa to think he had lost his marbles. “No,” he said. “What was that about the devil?”
“My mother was just telling me she'd like to meet you.”
“Me?” He wasn’t even sure which mother she was talking about, but he thought it was best not to ask. He had already embarrassed himself enough, there was no need to start asking uncomfortable questions.
“Yes. I told her we'll be working together.” Opening the door widely, she invited him into the house. “Come in.”
He gripped the box in his hands tighter and entered the house. He was nervous enough about giving Elsa the gift as it was. Meeting her mother was something he was not ready to do. Something told him the woman was going to read right through him as easily as Anna had done, and that wasn’t good. He wasn’t mentally prepared to explain to Elsa the way he felt. “I was just passing by. I wouldn't like to interrupt–” he tried to excuse himself, but it was too late. Elsa had closed the door behind him.
“Don't be silly,” she said with a lovely smile and then disappeared into the kitchen. “Mum.” He heard her say. “Marshmallow is here.”
To his surprise, the woman who entered the room wasn’t Anna’s mother. So that meant the old woman standing in front of him was part of Elsa's adoptive family. 
The woman seemed happy to see him there, so that helped Marshall relax. As far as he could tell, she looked like a sweet woman, someone he could easily get along with.
He wished he weren't holding the box so he could extend his hand and greet the woman properly, but he was not going to risk the little beast jumping out of the box and causing chaos. So, instead of extending his hand, he nodded his head and smiled at her.
“When I said I'd like to meet him,” said the woman as she turned to look at Elsa. “I didn't mean right this moment, Elsa.” She then laughed and turned to him. “Pleased to meet you, dear.”
Her silly joke helped him relax once again. "Pleased to meet you too, Mrs. Bjorgman.
"Bjorgman is my husband's name. Just call me Gerda."
Marshall nodded. He was pleased to know her mother wasn’t a serious nor structured person. It definitely made things easier for him. He looked at her again and realised her features looked familiar, but he couldn't point out where he knew her from.
“Would you like to join us?” asked Elsa, interrupting his train of thought.
“I said we were about to have some tea. I could make some coffee for you if you'd like.”
The fact Elsa remembered he didn’t like tea made him ridiculously happy. “I– umm… no. It's okay. I just stopped by to–” He looked at the box in his hands and wondered if it was the right moment to give Elsa the gift. He could easily keep it for another day or two. “It doesn't really matter. It can wait.”
“Don't mind me, dear,” said Gerda, interrupting their conversation. “You two talk all you need. I'll be in the kitchen making tea.” Before Elsa or he could answer, she left them alone.
A cold hand touched his arm, and Marshall was drawn back to Elsa once again. “Are you okay?”
“Yes. Of course.” He was a nervous wreck, but he could handle it.
He tried to excuse himself and apologise for interrupting Elsa’s time with her family; but before he had the chance, the little pest inside the box decided to introduce itself. The lid of the box opened, falling to the floor, and the white head of a cat showed up. It meowed once in Marshall’s direction and then it realised Elsa was only a few steps away from them, so it stretched its paw to play with her.
“Whoa! Hey, you,” said Elsa, surprised to see the cat. “I wasn't expecting you.” She stretched her own hand and allowed the cat to grab her finger. “Did you adopt another cat? Won't the Snowgies get jealous?”
“No,” he said, quickly. “I mean yes. But not for me. It's– umm…” He wondered why it was so hard to explain himself. “It’s yours. If you want it, that is.”
She blinked a few times at him. “Mine?”
Marshall avoided Elsa’s confused look and admitted, “that's what I was doing here. You don't have to accept it. I know it's a lot of responsibility…”
Elsa chuckled and said, “hey, it's okay.” She then allowed the cat to smell her hand. “It's just– I don't know what to say. Why?”
“You’re giving me the chance to stay here at the mountain and work with you. I wanted to give you something you'd like as a thank you.” He held the box with one hand and picked the cat with the other. He put the empty box on the floor and held the cat correctly as he explained, “I remembered you saying you'd love a pet of your own. That’s why I adopted him — It's a he, by the way.”
Elsa stopped for a moment before reaching out and petting the cat in his arms. “He's lovely,” she finally said with a smile. 
Her grin was sincere, and Marshall let a nervous sigh escape his lips. At least she seemed to like the gift. “Would you like to hold him?”
“Umm… I'm not sure how to–”
“He's really friendly. Here.” While he waited for her to pick the cat, he thought it was funny how nervous she looked, as if the cat was a fragile object she could break if she held it the wrong way.
“Hi,” said Elsa with a soft voice once the cat was in her arms. “What's your name, little fella?”
“He hasn’t got a name yet,” Marshall explained. “He's been living with me for a week, but I wanted you to name him.”
“He's too cute. I'll need to find a fitting name.”
The cat bit and licked her fingers and then tried to play with her hair, making Elsa laugh. Her smile became impossibly bigger and Marshall beamed back at her. “Do you like him?”
“Yes! Thank you so much, Marshmallow.” All the nervousness he had felt disappeared when he noticed her excitement. 
“I've already taken him to the vet,” Marshall said as he got closer to them and began scratching the cat’s ears. The little pest — as he liked to call him — had caused so much trouble in his house the previous days, he found it strange to see him so calm in Elsa’s arms.
“Are you sure you don't want to stay?” asked Elsa, making him aware of the fact Elsa’s mother was still waiting for them in the kitchen. “We're having dinner later tonight.”
He knew she was trying to convince him to stay. She knew food was his weakness. But he wasn’t ready to share a family meal. Deep down he knew it was ridiculous to be nervous about meeting her family but he couldn't help it. “Maybe some other time. I really need to get going.”
He smiled at Elsa once again before cupping the cat’s face and forcing it to look at him. “Don't be a pest and behave, alright?” he told the cat before he leaned down and gave the animal a kiss on top of its head.
Right at that moment, Gerda came into the room and exclaimed, “oh, would you look at that! Where did he come from?”
Choosing it was best to leave before Gerda started asking questions, Marshall bid his goodbyes. “Okay, I'd better go. Gerda,” he said, turning to the old woman in the room. “It was a pleasure to meet you.”
“You too, dear.”
He walked towards the door, but before he could leave Elsa stopped him.
“Come visit us one of these days,” she said with a tender smile that disarmed him completely.
“You can count on that.” He wasn’t going to admit at loud that he was hoping the cat could be another excuse for him to visit Elsa more often.
After the door closed behind the tall man, Gerda was surprised to see Elsa stay where she was, looking longingly at the wooden door with a smile on her face.
More than once Gerda had heard Kristoff and Anna talk about Elsa and Marshall’s relationship, but never had she imagined Anna’s claims were so close to the truth. She even remembered taking sides with her son once, saying it was improbable Elsa felt something for the mountaineer. But now that she got to see them together, she wasn’t sure she had taken the right side. She had to admit she was curious to know the way her daughter truly felt about the man.
“Will you take care of his cat?” asked Gerda, unsure of what to say without sounding too nosy. 
“No,” Elsa said, as she turned around to look at her mother. “He adopted it for me. Isn't he adorable?”
Gerda couldn’t tell if she was talking about the cat or her friend being adorable, but she thought it was best not to think too much about it. She was more surprised to see her daughter so excited about having a pet. She still remembered how nervous Elsa had been around Sven at the beginning, always fearing she might hurt the dog. “Are you up for it? You used to be apprehensive about pets.”
“I've got to admit I'm quite nervous,” Elsa said sincerely. “But Marshmallow knows I've wanted a cat for a long time. I have no excuse not to accept it now. And look at him, it’s hard to say no.”
Gerda chuckled as she looked at the cat in Elsa’s arms. It truly was hard to say no to a cat like him. Beautiful white fur covered his body, except for his paws and ears where the fur was a dark brown colour. He looked like a really friendly animal and the way he tried to play with everything around him made him even more adorable.
“Sven loves you,” said Gerda as she walked towards her daughter. “I don't see why this little guy wouldn't love you too. You shouldn’t be nervous.”
“Do you think he minds my cold hands?”
It was painful for Gerda to see Elsa so concerned about her powers, even when she had no reason to be. The cat seemed more interested in attacking her sleeve than anything else. “He looks comfortable if you ask me. I wouldn’t say he minds.” 
Luckily, Gerda's answer seemed to help Elsa control her insecurities. She made sure she was holding the cat correctly before asking, “Is tea ready?”
“Mmm?" Still distracted by the cat, Gerda took a moment to understand what Elsa was talking about. "Oh, yes, it is. I came to tell you that… It's a shame your friend couldn’t stay a little bit longer.” 
"Marshmallow's like that. He comes and goes all the time. You'll get to talk to him some other time."
Noticing the cat was getting tired of being held, Elsa picked the box Marshall had brought with him and put a cushion inside to make a bed for the cat. It didn't take long for the animal to find the spot comfortable and fall asleep.
Once the new member of the family was comfortably sleeping in the box, Gerda went into the kitchen to serve their tea. Elsa followed her and finished picking up her things.
"I can't believe he took the trouble to find a cat for me," said Elsa after they had finished their tasks and they were sitting down, enjoying their tea.
Gerda noticed Elsa was still very much distracted by the gift Marshall had given her. And if she was honest, Gerda found the whole situation endearing. 
When Kai and she had adopted Elsa, they knew things were going to be different for her. Her life wasn’t going to be exactly like Kristoff’s. But, even if at the beginning that had proved to be true. Little by little Elsa was developing the social skills she hadn’t had the chance to develop during her childhood.
Every year, Gerda noticed the way Elsa tried to improve and become part of society, as if her powers weren’t there. The young woman still struggled a lot with them, and every mistake she made was a huge step back in her learning process. However, that year Elsa had had the chance to spend her time with people outside the family and that had helped her grow a lot. Anna and Marshall had, in their own special way, helped her overcome her mistakes and learn from them in a way that was completely different. Both of them got her out of her comfort zone, forcing her to face new challenges, and learn how to interact in the real world.
Marshall, in particular, was Elsa’s best and worst companion. He was exactly what Elsa needed to overcome her fears and learn to deal with her powers and a healthy social life. The fact he didn’t know about her powers made it a bigger challenge; but still, she kept trying and learning with him. 
All in all, Gerda was happy Elsa had found a friend outside the family. The only thing she worried about was how he was going to react the day Elsa finally decided to come clean about who she was and what she could do. That made the whole situation worrisome, especially if Elsa was developing feelings for her friend without noticing.
The last thing Gerda wanted was to ask inappropriate questions about her daughter’s life, Elsa was an independent adult after all; but if she could spare her daughter future pain and heartache by doing so, then she was willing to do it.
“May I ask you something, dear…” Gerda said, cautiously. 
Elsa chuckled, surprised Gerda was asking for permission when she usually just said whatever was in her mind. “Sure. Anything.”
“Do you love him?”
Elsa stopped for a moment to think about her answer. “Not right now. But I'm sure I'll love him soon enough. He's perfect, don't you think?”
Gerda gaped at her daughter’s answer. Never, in a million years, she’d have expected Elsa to be so straight forward about her feelings.
“What?” asked Elsa, not understanding her mother’s astonishment. 
“I wasn't expecting such an honest answer.”
“What?” repeated Elsa.
“What are you talking about?” Gerda said, hoping they were talking about the same thing.
“The cat.” Elsa looked at her mother and laughed. “What are you talking about?”
If Elsa hadn’t been her daughter, Gerda was sure she would have thrown something at her. Only Elsa could think she was asking about her feelings for a cat. “I was clearly asking about Marshall.”
“Oh…” exclaimed Elsa when she realised what her mother had been asking. “No! I mean, it's not that I don't– But he's not–” she struggled to explain herself. “Stop asking weird questions.” 
Gerda’s frustration disappeared in an instant when she noticed Elsa's embarrassment. She didn’t want to make fun of her, but she had to laugh at Elsa’s mortified expression. “It's a completely normal question, dear,” Gerda explained in between chuckles.
“Why do you ask?” Elsa asked, trying to avoid the original question.
“You used to call him almost every day when you were living with your brother. You seem genuinely happy whenever he's around. Not to mention you tried to convince Anna and me you weren't even friends, when it is clear you spend a lot of time together…”
“That has nothing to do with-”
“I'm starting to think Anna may have been right all those months ago," Gerda continued with a smirk. "Maybe you don't consider him your friend because you wish for him to be more than that.” Gerda knew she was putting Elsa in an uncomfortable situation, but sometimes that was exactly what she needed to understand things around her.
“You're being ridiculous.” Elsa didn’t look at her mother, showing how embarrassing the conversation was for her. "I do consider him my friend. I wasn’t sure he considered me his at the time, that's all.”
“Are you sure you don’t feel something for him?” Noticing her daughter’s unamused expression, she clarified, “I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable, Elsa. I’m just asking…”
Still not meeting her gaze, Elsa said, “You know I don't date.”
Gerda smiled tenderly at her. “Dating and having feelings for someone are two different things.”
“You and Anna need to stop spending time together,” she murmured.
Gerda tried to cover the smile that drew on her face. "You haven't answered my question, dear.
"There's nothing between Marshall and me."
Maybe she was reading too much into it, but Elsa's avoidance was in itself a confirmation of some sort. Maybe it was too soon for Elsa to realise, but there was something there.
Of course, there existed the possibility Gerda was mistaken and Elsa only felt admiration or respect for her friend, but it was best for her to keep an eye open. Especially if Elsa ever decided to tell her friend about her powers. 
Regardless, Gerda thought it was fun to push the conversation a little bit further. "That wasn't the question."
Elsa let an exasperated sigh out, but before she could answer, a scream coming from the living room stopped her.
One of the things Kristoff loved the most about his girlfriend was her energy. The girl could spend the whole day studying or working, and she still had enough energy left in the evening to do something fun or entertaining. It was something he had always admired. But there were days when he felt Anna's overenthusiasm was too much, even for him. That evening in particular, was one of those days.
"Can you please slow down?" asked Kristoff as he tried to catch up with Anna, who kept walking in front of him at a fast pace.
"I can't," she said, turning around to look at him. "I'm too excited!"
"I know you're excited about the letter and whatever it is your mother sent Elsa." Anna had talked about a special gift on their way to the mountain and he knew she couldn't wait to give it to Elsa; but still, there was no need to walk the trail at such speed. "But we'll get there eventually. Slow down."
"Stop being so dramatic," complained Anna. "You can easily walk faster than me."
"You haven't been moving ice bags all day."
Anna stopped just enough for Kristoff to catch up with her, and then began walking at a fast pace once again. "You're an old man trapped in a young man's body."
"A handsome man's body."
She rolled her eyes at him. "Hurry up!"
When they got to Elsa's cottage, Anna climbed the steps two at a time and went straight to the door, not stopping to knock. Kristoff tried to stop and warn her about entering the house unannounced. "Knock on the door, Anna. The last few times I entered her house without knocking she almost killed me." 
She shrugged, not giving it much thought. "She knows we are coming." 
"Fine. Don't listen to me, but don't–" Before he finished his idea, Anna entered the house ignoring him altogether. "Why do I even bother?" Kristoff wondered out loud.
Kristoff got to the door, but stopped when he noticed Sven smelling the front steps. Something was definitely calling the dog’s attention. Probably a squirrel or something, Kristoff thought to himself as he returned where Sven had stopped. He pulled from his collar to take him into the house. The last thing he needed was for Sven to get lost, trying to chase wild animals in the forest.
Putting up some resistance, Sven didn't obbey Kristoff and tried to continue smelling the front steps and everything around them. 
"Sven, what's gotten into you? Come on."
It took a few tries for Kristoff to finally get Sven to move and get into the house. When he did enter, he thought it was strange to find Anna standing by the door. 
"What are you doing here? I thought you were in a hurry."
Anna didn't answer. Instead, she put her hand on top of his arm to call his attention and pointed towards a box in the living room.
"What?" he asked, not understanding what he was supposed to look at.
"That box just moved."
"Don't be ridic–" he tried to say, but the box Anna was pointing at moved at that exact same time. "What the hell is in there?"
"Do you think it's a rat?" Anna whispered. "Ugh! Do something!"
"It must be…" Kristoff was glad he was still holding Sven. He knew his dog was going to run straight to the rat as soon as he noticed its presence, and that would make catching the rat even more difficult.
He looked around and tried to find something heavy enough he could use to kill the rat, or at least knock it out.
The box moved once again, falling to the floor, startling them both. "Grab the box," he instructed Anna as he walked to the fireplace to grab a log.
"I don't want to!"
"Just do it. We can't let it escape."
Anna walked to the box carefully, trying her best not to startle the animal inside. When she got close enough, she jumped over it and held the box against the ground. She could feel the animal moving inside, and shivers ran down her spine.
"Ew! It's still inside!" she cried in disgust.
"Just held it there!" Kristoff yelled back as he tried to hold Sven back.
At that moment, Elsa and Gerda entered the living room in a hurry.
"What the hell is going on?!" asked Elsa, looking at Kristoff angrily. Kristoff knew he was a dead man for entering the cottage unannounced once again.
"There's a giant rat in there!" He pointed to the box Anna was holding with disgust.
He walked towards Anna and held his weapon high in the air. "I've got a log. Where is it?"
"No!" yelled, Elsa, standing in front of Kristoff. "That's not a rat! Give me that." She took the log from his hand to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. "Are you crazy? It's just a cat!"
Anna sighed, relaxing and letting the box go. "That's a relief."
The cat inside the box saw its opportunity the moment Anna let go of the box and escaped, running towards Elsa and Kristoff. To the animal's bad luck, Sven was in that direction too.
Elsa and Kristoff both realised what could happen if the cat got close to Sven, so they yelled at Sven not to do anything.
Their cries only startled the cat, making it run behind the couch. They had the opposite effect on Sven too, who started barking at the cat and pulling from Kristoff's hold. 
"Kristoff, stop Sven, will you?" said Elsa while she tried to find the cat and put a stop to that chaos.
"I'm on it!"
"Sven, stop," said Anna in a serious tone, calming the dog in an instant.
Brother and sister looked at each other. Not once in all their years taking care of Sven had they been able to do something like that. "How did you do that?" asked Kristoff, baffled.
Anna ignored his question and walked where Elsa was. She had already found the cat and she held it in her arms. "Is the cat okay?"
"He's fine," she answered with a nod. "I think our screams frightened him more than Sven did."
Kristoff kneeled down and scratched Sven's ears while he continued to hold him. He wasn't barking nor trying to attack the cat, but he didn't want to risk it. "When did you adopt a cat?"
"Marshmallow gave it to me."
"He gave you one of his cats?" He couldn't believe Marshall had actually gotten rid of one of the Snowgies. More than once he had explained they were part of his family, and he wasn't planning on letting any of them go.
"He'd never separate the Snowgies," said Elsa. "He adopted this cat for me."
Kristoff looked at her and then at the cat in her arms. He knew Elsa liked cats, even more than dogs – with the exception of Sven, of course. But still, she had always felt insecure about adopting one herself. Marshall showing up with a cat put Elsa in a compromise for sure. "Pets are never a good gift."
"Unless you want one." Anna gave him a warning look that clearly said she wasn't going to let him ruin Elsa's happiness.
Ignoring the couple's silent conversation, Elsa explained why she wasn't surprised he had chosen a cat as a gift. "We've talked about pets before. He knows I love cats."
As if on cue, Sven whined at Elsa and she laughed at the poor animal. "No offense, Sven."
"What are you going to do with it?" Kristoff asked, still curious about the fact his sister was so comfortable with the animal in her arms.
"What do you mean what I'm going to do?" She held the cat closer, proving she didn't want to let him go. "I'm going to keep him."
Getting closer, Anna moved her fingers in the air for the cat to play with. "He's really cute," she said with a smile as she watched him try to catch her fingers. "What's his name?"
"I don't know. Marshmallow gave it to me half an hour ago. I haven't come up with a name yet."
"Maybe you could think of something you like and name him after that," suggested Gerda. It was clear the cat was going to stay, the sooner they found a fitting name, the better.
"You mean like… food?" 
"Not everything needs to be about food, Kristoff." Anna rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. "Oh, oh!" she exclaimed, calling everyone's attention. "I've got the perfect name for him right here."
Elsa gave Kristoff a curious look, but this time he couldn't help her. He was as confused as she was.
"Ta-da!" Anna announced as she took a book out of her backpack.
From where Kristoff was standing he couldn't see the cover, but Elsa's incredulous expression told him it was something she recognised perfectly well. No matter how much he wanted to ask what the book was about, Elsa's watery eyes stopped him.
He watched his sister sit down on the couch, with the cat still in her arms, and look at Anna in disbelief. "Is that? How- Where did you get that?"
Anna showed her sister a huge smile and handed her the book. "A family friend owns a bookshop. She helped mum find it." She waited for Elsa to let the cat go and grab the book before she asked, "is this the book you loved so much as a kid?"
"Once upon a snowman…" Elsa said as she read the title of the book out loud. "I can't believe it."
Finally understanding which book it was, Kristoff looked where his mother was standing. Gerda seemed as surprised as he was, but she was a lot more confused as to why Anna was giving Elsa the book in the first place. That's when he realised she didn't know Elsa and her biological parents were writing to each other.
"So?" Anna asked, still waiting for the confirmation her mother had found the right book.
"Yes," answered Elsa, still not believing she was holding her favourite book once again. "This is it. This is the book. Anna this is– I don't know what to say." Finally taking her eyes away from the book, Elsa looked at Anna with the biggest smile Kristoff had ever seen and opened her arms to give Anna a hug.
Anna said as she sat by Elsa's side and accepted her hug.
"Thank you. This means a lot to me. More than you can imagine."
"You should be thanking mum and dad," said Anna, still hugging her sister. "He came up with the idea, and mum spent a long time in Helga's deposit looking for it…” She let go and looked inside her bag for a second time until she found two letters. “They send these letters too."
Kristoff smiled while he looked at Anna and Elsa talking about the book. It was nice to see his sister so happy. Yet, he couldn't help but feel bad for Gerda. He knew how many hours she had spent looking for that book. How many times she had asked him about it and what he remembered, so they could try to find it. Sadly, she'd never been able to find it.
Once again he looked where his mother was standing, hoping to meet her gaze, but to his consternation, she wasn’t in the room anymore. Deep down he knew there was a reason behind his mother’s sudden disappearance, and he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.
“Elsa,” he said, calling his sister’s attention. “Can you take care of Sven for a moment? Maybe introduce him to your cat so they can be in the same room together?”
Surprised by the sudden request, Elsa handed Anna the book and walked to where he was standing to hold Sven by his collar. “Sure. I have to do it sooner or later,” Elsa agreed. “Would you help me Anna?”
“Of course!”
Kristoff nodded at his girlfriend and left the dog in Elsa’s hands. He knew Sven was going to listen to both of them.
It took a while for Anna and Elsa to get Sven and the cat to meet each other. Either the cat kept moving, trying to get away from the dog; or Sven tried to bite the cat’s tail.
Elsa had to keep a tight hold on Sven’s collar whenever Anna got close to them with the cat in her arms; but after several tries, both animals understood they had to trust the girls and stop resisting. They looked and sniffed at each other for some time, until the cat understood there was no real risk and decided to start playing with Sven’s tail.
Elsa was apprehensive about letting Sven go at first, but after a few minutes, she understood it was no longer in Sven’s plans to hurt the cat.
Cat and dog began to play, finally allowing the sisters to sit on the couch once again. As soon as Elsa was sitting, she picked up the book, a smile drawing on her face as soon as she did.
“You really are happy about the gift, aren’t you?” asked Anna.
She traced the cover with her finger, copying the shape of the snowman drawn on it. “I drew this snowman more times than I can count.”
“Have you still got the copy that you made?” She seemed eager to see Elsa’s work.
“Weselton took it from me.” Elsa looked down at the book in her hands, thinking about that day. He had entered her room and just ripped the old paper sheets off her hands. “I guess he must have thrown it away.”
Disgusted by what she was hearing, Anna asked, “Why would he do that?”
Elsa didn’t feel like sharing too much about it. That copy had been the only thing remotely similar to a toy she had had back then. “He didn't want me doing anything except using my powers whenever he told me to. Playing with a piece of paper reminded him too much of the fact I was a kid, I guess.”
Anna tightened her fist until it turned white. “That bastard.”
Elsa looked at Anna and offered a sad smile. The last thing she wanted was for Anna to make a fuss about something that had happened over twelve years before. “There’s no point in getting mad about it now.”
Anna found her gaze and opened her mouth to offer some comforting words, but Elsa stopped her. “Tell Agdar and Idunn I really like the gift.”
“I will…”
Elsa knew Anna was still worried about what she had shared with her, so she tried to change the topic of conversation. “You said you had the perfect name for the cat… What did you mean by that?”
“Oh, yeah! I almost forgot,” she answered, taking the book from Elsa’s hands. “Look, the name of the main character of the book is Olaf. Don’t you think it’s a fitting name?”
“Olaf?” said Elsa as she looked at the cat playing with Sven.
Anna opened the book and pointed to a picture in particular where the snowman from the story could be seen. “He kinda looks like him.” 
“The cat?”
“Yes!” She got up and picked the cat with one arm as she showed the book with the other. “He's white and he's got brown paws. They look like Olaf’s arms, see?”
“I see what you mean…” said Elsa, looking at the cat and the picture from the book at the same time. 
“Besides, he looks like he likes warm hugs too, don’t you Olaf?” Anna hugged the cat close to her face and he rubbed his head against hers.
“Olaf…” Elsa tried the name at loud. “I like it.”
“Wait,” said Anna, all of a sudden, giving Elsa the cat. “I've got an idea. I'm sure I had it here somewhere…” The girl rummaged in her backpack once again until she found a bright orange handkerchief. “I never use this. I’m sure it’ll suit him.”
She got close to Elsa and Olaf, and tied the piece of cloth around his neck. “See? It's perfect.”
The orange piece of cloth fit perfectly around his neck and it was a great contrast with his fur. “What do you think, Sven?” Elsa asked when she noticed the dog was getting jealous of all the attention Olaf was getting.
The dog barked a few times and tried to jump on Elsa, making her regret asking. “Okay, easy! Careful, Sven.”
A new chapter! And I didn’t take three months to update this time. Yay, me! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter even though nothing extraordinary happens. Well, Elsa gets a cat, which for her is a big deal. But you know what I mean… I had Olaf’s appearance planned for a really long time, but I kept postponing it for one reason or the other. I hope you like the role I gave Olaf in this story.
Anyway, let me know what you think of this chapter and the characters' interactions. I think it’s pretty obvious by now how crazy Marshall is about Elsa, but well, Elsa keeps living in another dimension and she doesn’t notice. Only time will tell if she realises or not. She’s got other things in her mind right now, we can’t blame her.
As always, I’m really grateful for all your amazing reviews and all the love this story gets. I read every single review and treasure them a lot. I’ll get back to all of you who took the time to leave a review, I promise. And those who leave reviews as guests, I’m sorry I can’t reply, but you rest assured I love your reviews too!
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