#this was my entire trip to Eugene honestly
marcasmccamish · a month ago
It seems to me like Neurodiversity is a bigger conversation in America than in Europe, and though I don't know a lot about it, I think I have some kind of a theory that seems about right.
Basically, my experience in America has been pretty bad. People outright mistreat me whenever I show autistic traits and get super angry about things I don't even understand. Lots of autistics get this, missing social cues makes people angry, and you can't understand why. Even something as simple as eye contact people will flip their lid over.
Anyway, what I noticed after a short trip to the UK not long ago is that I had zero problems with that. I mean, generally, I'm decent at expressing myself in a way neurotypicals understand, but I am pretty certain I looked absolutely zero people in the eye for more than about an eighth of a second, stimmed in public constantly, and didn't smile unless I was actually happy.
So, essentially, my theory is that although Neurodiverse people are marginalized everywhere (sometimes people practice eugenics against them) the reason it's a big conversation in America is because neurodiverse people are more obvious. And why are they more obvious? Because American culture hammers down the nails that stick out. American culture is really awful and super hostile to people who don't act the way they want them to (or have sexual attractions they want them to, or have the skin color they want them to, the cultural or religious beliefs, etc.) So America needs the conversation, quite urgently (like it needs several other very pressing human rights conversations) because it is a much bigger problem how people treat each other in America.
Europe needs to have the conversation, all of human society does, but, honestly, it really wasn't terribly urgent to me because they just weren't hostile toward me at all for being and behaving autistic. All they had to do was be polite, and if they had any rash judgments about any of my mannerisms, they kept it to themselves, and I felt comfortable wherever I went. I felt comfortable in an entirely different country with nothing familiar about it, more than I ever did in my own hometown or any place I've ever lived in America. Makes me feel really depressed that obtaining citizenship in a first world country is so difficult.
(oh and the roads are designed for people so tack cars on the awful things about American culture)
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correctdangerousfellows · a year ago
Hiii! Thank you for keeping this fandom alive! I hope you're feeling better now, get well soon!
I wanted to request hcs about watching horror movie with the boys but the reader is not scared at all, they're just vibing
You don't have to write it if you don't like the request or if you don't feel good enough 💞💞💞
a/n: hi!! you’re so sweet, thank you! i’m sorry for putting off this request for so long, i wanted to recover first, so if you’re still following my blog here it is! thank you so much for your kind words and i hope you enjoy!
- it wasn’t actually planned to watch a horror movie at first, but when you and ethan got to the theatres you realized that the movie that u guys planned to watch had actually just sold out of seats
- and ethan was kind of bummed over it bc he was looking forward to a movie date with u but he got over it quickly, and offered u to choose one instead
- u took a peak at the movie posters nearby and saw one that caught ur eye and you were like. that one.
- he doesn’t really think much of it honestly he’s like “okay! whatever u say” cos let’s be honest he just wants to spend time w u he didn’t come for the movie he don’t care
- so when you guys finally took ur seats and started watching, ethan didn’t know what to expect at all so when the jumpscare came he jolted in his seat and was like WHAT THE FUCK
- he turns to u, expecting u to have the same reaction, but u just kept watching??? not even bothering to look his way LMAOOO
- so ethan’s kind of surprised but he’s proud!! he has a s/o that doesn’t get scared easily what a badass
- after that first jumpscare he relaxes back into his chair and all the scary scenes that happened afterwards he glances at you (and u still had no reaction) n he can’t help but feel at awe at how both invested and nonchalant u were at the movie bc it had ethan lowkey shaking in his seat LOL
- when the movie finished u were talking about just how good the movie was while u guys walked home, and ethan was like ,,,hey that didn’t scare you at all? and you replied “ofc not, i don’t get scared by horror movies!” while beaming at him
- and u look good as fuck smiling so ethan feels his face grow warm n ykw he’s happy he learned something new about u
- also he’s lowkey impressed so W. he now has an additional excuse to bring u on more dates
- horror movies don’t scare this boy but he isn’t the biggest fan of them either
- so when you guys were crashing at harry’s house, u decided to watch a movie and harry’s fine with it bc he’s with u :D
- and there was a new movie trending in the program he uses to watch movies n it interested u so u asked if he could watch it with u
- harry’s whipped so obviously he says to go ahead
- like ethan, he doesn’t know what to expect at first but harry quickly realized it was a horror movie about 1/3 into the story
- he nudges u and tells u that it was going to be a horror movie (he wasn’t sure if u were into that sort of stuff) he’s surprised when u reassure him that it’s fine
- like said before he’s not a huge fan of horror movies even tho he could handle them as well u can, so he huddles next to u and wraps a large blanket around the two of u with a bowl of snacks
- u guys just relax the entire time bc no matter how terrifying the movie got harry’s warmth was such an overwhelming, comfortable presence so it didn’t matter at all
- after the movie ended, u guys got way too comfortable and u both really didn’t want to move, so it ended up as a horror movie binge night with you sitting on his lap, arms wrapped around ur waist with the blanket wrapped around harry’s head as u two continued to invest urselves in the movie
- drifted off to sleep at around 5 am fucked up sleep schedule gang wya
- horror movies would usually induce nightmares or sleepless nights, but u guys slept peacefully with a good dream that night (or morning, since the sun was basically rising by the times u guys slept lol)
- sneaky lil shit
- zion thinks he’s slick because u know the basic “watch a horror movie with ur s/o, it’s so cute when they burrow into your arms so they feel like they’re protected!!!”
- and he thinks he’s a genius so he invites u over to his place to watch one of the more scarier movies
- he’s a “gentleman” somewhat so he chooses a more tame movie, like one with just one or two jumpscares
- you both were huddled in front of the television screen and zion kept touching shoulders with u and making snarky remarks like “huh y/n u scared yet? i bet ur scared >:)”
- however, he underestimated the horror movie’s scary level so when the first jumpscare came around he’s caught off guard
- expected u to hug his waist or something in reaction but he’s genuinely surprised when u just kept watching on like it was nothing
- after the movie ends, you said “damn that was it?? zion i expected more i thought u were going to show me a scary movie!!”
- tbh all zion hears is more time with u so he’s like BET and chooses the next few horror movies that were on and doesn’t even bother to watch them, he’s just staring at u intensely to see if u have any reaction
- there wasn’t
- he was pretty sad that his plan to get u into his arms failed but he takes pride in having a s/o that can watch scary stuff with ease
- also he’s a huge fan of horror themes so now there is a golden opportunity to now have u play scary games with him if ur interested of course
- secretly praising himself for inviting u to watch horror movies bc now he gets to share his hobbies with u!!!
- but zion is extremely easy to read so u already figured out his secret plan all along
- you were actually the one who suggested watching a horror movie with him
- you guys took a trip to the theatres but none of u guys had anything particular in mind which was like mind boggling to eugene cos he was like WAIT,,, I THOUGHT WE CAME HERE BC U KNEW WHAT TO WATCH and u were like NO WAY ME TOO ???
- so obviously there was some improvisation and u did the suggestion
- and eugene’s like “pfffft u think u can handle a scary movie??”
- he’s not easily scared tho, he has the “well it’s just a movie, it can’t hurt me” mindset so he doesn’t mind watching a horror movie at all
- he’s more concerned about you honestly, but yk him he’s not gonna say it out loud >:( tsundere looking ass
- and obv since none of u guys minded u went ahead and seated ourselves in the movies
- eugene’s relaxed and all,,, but he does get quite jumpy whenever an unexpected scene happens
- so when they rolled around he made an audible gasp and glanced at u immediately
- u were already looking at him with an amused face bc ur normally tsundere bf just got jumpscared LOOOL
- eugene doesn’t really care if u were or weren’t scared by the movies
- but eugene was like WOWWWWWW Y/N I SEE HOW IT IS when he saw u laughing at him
- watched the rest of the movie with him sulking but u did hold his hand after tho (begrudgingly LOL)
- was jokingly mad at you but after the movie ends, he presses a kiss to your cheek and asked if u wanted to watch another in the theatres after u guys refilled ur snacks
- honestly, his thought process was the exact same as zion’s
- lawrence enjoys having u in his arms while ur vulnerable bc he likes the idea of being ur protector
- he’s far far more discreet about it and purposefully leads u to watch a movie with him, and chooses a movie with an innocent looking poster so u wouldn’t see what was coming >:D
- he thinks your innocence is adorable so he’s super eager to show u a scary movie
- lawrence already knows what’s going to happen in the movie so he’s super prepared and he’s honestly only staring at you
- but when u were just there relaxing and calmly watching the movie with some people getting bludgeoned or something lawrence was like,, “this isn’t part of the plan HOLD UP”
- kind of disappointed that there wasn’t any reaction but you guys made it up afterwards because when u exited the movie theater with your arm around his, you were excitedly talking about the entire thing and you said something like “lawrence!!! i didn’t know you were into horror movies, you picked such a good one!”
- his disappointment washes off immediately because seeing your face light up was so cute and it was 100% more worth it than some cheap tactic ironic lawrence
- he nuzzles your hair and replies that he’d knew that u’d like it (he did not)
- lawrence comes up with like,,, 294713 more plans to get cuddles from u after
- but you see through it bc he’s cute when he’s needy so let it slide plsplspls and give my favorite psycho some love <3
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tanglednlove · a year ago
Rapunzel's Pink Dress
I want to ramble about Rapunzel's dresses and why I love her final dress so much.
Tumblr media
Rapunzel's pink dress was based off her wedding dress. Practically the exact same except for the color changes and different design on the bodice. At one point, Tangled was to end with the wedding of Rapunzel and Eugene. Luckily, the ending was changed, Rapunzel got this beautiful dress and the cute Tangled Ever After short was made.
Tumblr media
Now to compare to her regular dress or tower dress.
Tumblr media
The fitting of this dress seems a bit incommodious. The top and sleeves appear a bit tight and the overall length short. Rapunzel definitely has no trouble stretching, running, racing, dancing or chasing in it so my observation seems wrong. But, there are little hints that still make it plausible.
During Mother Knows Best, Mother Gothel maliciously sings 'sloppy, underdressed'....gettin' kinda chubby'. Gothel's way of keeping her 'precious flower' safe and sound while endlessly gaslighting poor Rapunzel.
When Gothel sings 'sloppy' the mirror reflects a full length view of Rapunzel. Then she pushes it down towards Rapunzel's exposed feet for the word 'underdressed.' Rapunzel reacts by bending down to cover her feet. Bare feet are definitely not appropriate for the outside world, according to Gothel.
Gothel's choice of words and mirror positioning, seem to indicate that Rapunzel is only allowed one dress until she completely outgrows it.
Honestly, it would not surprise me if Gothel had a one dress per next major growth spurt rule. Especially since she has never even changed her own dress. And, the dress Rapunzel makes for Pascal appears to be from the scraps leftover from making her current dress.
Gothel then goes on to insult Rapunzel's weight by singing 'getin' kinda chubby'. Rapunzel appears healthy with an appropriate weight. What actually seems to be happening is the dress is gettin' kinda too tight. Girls can stop growing in height around age 14. I do not think she has had it since age 14 but age 16 may be more likely. Also, breast development can end by age 18 but could continue until the early twenties. This dress appears a bit tight in that area. (Most likely not intended, but this is like a callback to Grimms' Rapunzel. In one version Rapunzel mentions her dress is tighter, but that was due to being pregnant.)
There are no patches on Rapunzel's dress. Which a few rips or tears may be expected if she has worn it for a while. In Mother Knows Best, Gothel sings Rapunzel is 'clumsy'. But, this is after she pulls the rug out from under her and makes her trip and fall down. I do not think Rapunzel is clumsy at all, hence no rips. Also, she can paint a lot without ever getting a speck of paint on her. In fact, to 'pull the rug out from under someone' means to abruptly withdraw support. There was never any support from Gothel to withdrawal but the saying still fits. Gothel would definitely take everything away from Rapuuzel for disobeying and she does just that in the end when she chains and gags her.
The whole point of Mother Knows Best was to destroy the slightest ray of sunshine in Rapunzel's confidence toward leaving the tower. A cruel yet effective way to do this is to pick out insecurities. Being sloppy, underdressed and kinda chubby would give Gothel great anxiety. Rapunzel is not shown to be vain at all. But, Gothel is trying desperately to keep Rapunzel in the tower and using any manipulating tactics necessary.
Gothel may have asked Rapunzel what colors and fabric she wanted to make this dress. And, Rapunzel most likely did all the sewing so I like to think it does represent some of her own preferences. Maybe the dress does not extend to the floor so she can easily perform her chores, hang from the ceiling, and see her feet so she does not trip on her hair. Maybe she wanted sleeves because the tower gets a little cool in the mornings. She definitely likes shades of purple, even her pink dress has lavender in the color scheme.
Quick side about the color of the tower dress. The dress and Rapunzel's golden hair represent the Corona flag- purple and yellow. But, the true color of the skirt is fandango which is a magenta-pink. Magenta falls in the purple shades as purplish-red. So, the overall color is in the purple category. While it does appear true plain purple in some light, it actually is the fandango color. The inner skirt part does appear to be true purple though.
Now I will gush about the pink dress! I do adore her tower dress, it is very beautiful. But, the pink dress completely wins me over. Best. Dress. Ever!
The one stark difference from the tower dress and her final pink dress is the corset placement. The bodice on her tower dress has the corset in the front. While the pink dress has the corset in the back. To me, this has always been an awesome metaphor. There are no sleeves on the pink dress either but the placement of the corset seems more meaningful.
Tumblr media
As for the sleeves, I think it may just be a matter of aesthetic. Rapunzel's mother, the Queen, does wear sleeves. They look beautiful and seem to complete her look. Both of her beginning and ending dresses have sleeves. Her final dress also appears to be the same one in Tangled Ever After. Rapunzel is the princess and a sleeveless dress is a bit more youthful looking compared to her mother's. Also, the Queen has opaque sleeves while Rapunzel's were sheer. This could extend to the differences in their crowns. The Queen's crown is bigger and more grand. Rapunzel's crown has more jewels and is dainty. Although those three teardrop, or sundrop, diamonds are respectfully big and beautiful.
Tumblr media
Back to corsets. Let me say, dresses with corsets are beautiful. They add a neat structure and design to a dress. Though Tangled is never given an exact time period, some of the concept art had 1800s written on them. So thereabouts, corset dresses were in vogue. And yes, the corset can be positioned front or back. Specifically for Rapunzel though, I find meaning on where it is placed.
Also, if she was only allowed one dress per major growth spurt, then a corset makes sense because of the adjustability.
When Rapunzel turns around at the end of Tangled and the audience can see the back of her dress, I had a moment. Rapunzel being 'tied up' and 'trapped' is now 'behind' her. She no longer has to live in fear and she can finally experience life outside the tower.
Tumblr media
Just look at the wide and spaced ribbon on this corset. Looks comfortable and not pulled tight. In contrast, the strings on her tower dress were pulled tight to a bow at the top with big loops. Typically a tie with big loops means the strings were tied as comfortably tight as possible while there is extra string for some give. Which I still think is to accommodate her growing into a full adult body.
The back of her tower dress had a line of buttons. She was tied and buttoned into that dress. Just like the way Gothel had her locked and prisoned in the tower. No buttons on her pink dress. Just a comfortable corset and a beautiful pattern on the front. Also, appropriate structure all around.
That is it, that is why I love her pink dress so much! It represents her freedom💖 A full length shot of this dress is never shown in the movie. I like to think it either stopped at her ankles or just brushed the tops of her feet. Her wedding dress seemed to just barely brush the floor. Either way, she probably liked her feet showing or least nothing in their way.
Tumblr media
End of rambling, yay...oh wait, then the Series happened.
Tumblr media
When I first saw Rapunzel in her Series dress, I was disappointed. Being tied up is no longer 'in front' of her, she is free! Why put the bindings in the front again? Well, Tangled Before Ever After and the whole first season made it clear she still did not feel completely free. She was not ready to marry Eugene or become a full time princess. She needed adventure and she got it.
This dress also has sleeves which look like they were meant to be opaque. Several of the dresses she wears in the show have sleeves. I do think Rapunzel wearing sleeves as acting queen in the third season was appropriate. As mentioned, sleeves may be a queen aesthetic. Her coronation dress also had sleeves. I think her green island dress, with no sleeves and sitting just off shoulder was the best dress from the show. Especially since many concept art pieces for Tangled show her in a green dress.
Oh, the concept art of all the different green dresses. So beautiful yet neglected.
Tumblr media
So, her standard Series dress gets a pass with one exception. In the very last scene of the entire show she still is wearing it! Maybe it was animation budget and they simply could not add in a new dress design but what a crime that was! She needed to be in her pink dress or either a similar design.
Anyway, I still love her pink dress the best because of what I think it represents. 💖💚
Bonus: This is her picture hanging in the Princess Fairytale Hall at Walt Disney World.
Tumblr media
I would love to see her face character wearing this! It would even look lovely with the flower braid. This dress deserves so much more love, admiration and promotion. Honestly, her tower dress has been lumped in the princess rags or commoner look category before. So, why not put her in this beautiful, lovely pink princess dress? And look! She has her bare foot sticking out!💖
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keanureevesisbae · a year ago
Serendipity Epilogue
Tumblr media
Summary: Two months have passed. How are the two going?
Bucky Barnes x Winnie Monroe (ofc)
Warnings: Mentions of sex, but nothing major.
Wordcount: 1.5k
A/N: Unfortunately, it’s the end for Serendipity. I really had fun writing this and thank you for reading 🥰
Masterlist // Serendipity Masterlist // Previous chapter //
‘Are you actually, one hundred percent, sure you want this?’ I ask Bucky one last time, as I place my hands on his shoulders, looking at him through the mirror.
I’m met with a loving smile as he nods. ‘I am one hundred percent sure about this.’
‘But I really like your long hair,’ I whine, running my fingers through his locks. ‘Please, baby, just keep it like this. Your long hair looks so good on you and is very convenient during certain bedroom activities.’ I wrap my arms around his neck, pressing multiple kisses on his cheek. ‘Please, for me,’ I whisper.
‘While that does sound very tempting,’ he says, ‘I want it short and I want you to cut it. I only trust you with my hair.’
Okay, he knows his way to flatter this idea into my heart. ‘Fine, fine, fine,’ I say, walking towards the bathroom sink to lay out my equipment. ‘I’m just gonna miss your long hair,’ I say one more time. ‘Can you promise me that one day you’re gonna grow it out again?’
‘I promise,’ he smiles, ‘for you, darling. I just need to cut it now, you know?’
I know that and I know that very well He thought about it for so long and I do think it’s good for him.
Before we left Oregon to go back to Brooklyn, I taught my grandfather how to use FaceTime. Ever since we got back, the two of them FaceTime every other day and it’s quite endearing to see, especially because Papa still having some issues (for example placing the giant iPad near his ear, because for a few moments he thought he was calling Bucky).
For the remaining part of our trip, the kids would sleep in the treehouse with us, as we watched a lot of movies. Bucky and papa grew a lot closer and while the family thought they were talking about Bucky’s great uncle, in reality they were reminiscing. I drove back to grandpa’s home, this time with Bucky, and we restored the box, minus the pictures, since papa wanted Bucky to have them.
Everything Bucky ever owned from before and during the war, was gone and this was the last piece of past he had left.
Everyone fell even more in love with Bucky during the trip and I do have to admit: being actually boyfriend and girlfriend together felt so much better and even Brie had to admit that we were meant to be.
Leaving Oregon was just as hard as usual, but unlike other times, I am now looking for hair salons in Oregon for me to work at and florists for Bucky. While I know I am not going to live in Eugene (too many bad memories there, I don’t want to run into people I’ve known my entire life on a daily basis), Portland however seems to have many opportunities for the both of us. It only takes an hour and a half by car to visit my family, which is better than the dreading plane ride, including me selling my vital organs to to pay for it.
When we got back, Bucky sold his apartment and moved into mine and honestly, it was the easiest move I’ve ever experienced. While at first glance, people wouldn’t recommend moving in this early, not having him around my apartment just felt weird. I actually would miss him being useless in my kitchen and eat my pies hot from the oven.
The picture of him and my grandfather in the Second World War is placed in the living room and after he stared at it longer and longer, the more certain he was to leave his found image behind: for a while, he didn’t want to look into the mirror and see his long locks, reminding him of the Winter Soldier days. He wanted to look back on the days where he was truly himself.
And that means a haircut. While I might not like it, I should not come in between him and his path to recovery and acceptance.
It’s just that I really liked his long hair.
But I’m actually very glad he only trusts me with cutting his hair. Imagine the betrayal I would feel if he chose someone else.
After I cut off large pieces of his beautiful locks, I grab a clipper and try to recreate his older look. I circle around him and with a pair of scissors I try to get some pieces right in the front. Normally I would break my back in an uncomfortable stance, but now I plop on Bucky’s lap.
‘I sure hope this is a special treatment only for me,’ he says, as he places his hands on my hips.
I pretend to think about that. ‘No, I have a few other clients. Very handsome men around their forties, who could totally get it.’
‘Not funny,’ Bucky mumbles, before pressing a kiss on my nose.
I can’t help but get a little giggly. We might be dating for two months, sometimes it’s still strange to comprehend that he is my boyfriend. My actual boyfriend.
After I grab some gel, to put certain locks in place, I actually am very satisfied with the result. ‘All done.’ I step off of his lap and brush some hairs from his shirt. ‘You look so handsome.’
‘You like it?’ Bucky asks, standing up and leaning over the bathroom sink, to closely examine himself in the mirror.
‘I love it,’ I say. ‘What do you think? I mean, it’s your hair and it’s on your head.’
‘I adore it,’ he admits, grabbing my hand with his metal one. When we’re out and about, he still wears his glove, no matter how hot it is, but as soon as we’re in the safe space of our place, he quickly takes it off. I like how he slowly but surely is growing more and more comfortable around me. The first two weeks, he was hesitant about showing me his arm, but nowadays he simply walks around the place shirtless and doesn’t mind me tracing my finger over the sport where his arm and skin meet.
‘Thank you, darling,’ he says with a kind smile, one that I adored already, but now can barely live without. ‘How do I thank you?’
‘Usually I would charge around thirty dollars for a haircut like this, but I think you and I can arrange a special deal.’
‘Yeah?’ Bucky says, pulling me closer by my hips. ‘What’s does this special deal entail?’
‘Maybe… Something in the bedroom?’ While I see a very cocky smile appear on his face, I add: ‘Maybe you could help me clean out my closet. I desperately need to get rid of some stuff.’
‘I have a better idea,’ Bucky chuckles, lifting me up with one arm before throwing me over his shoulder.
‘Buck, put me down.’
He drops me on my bed and I let out a slight squeal. ‘What’s your better plan, Bucky Barnes?’ I ask him with a smile.
‘That I’m gonna show you that those certain bedroom activities you mentioned, can still be done with shorter hair.’ He quickly takes off his shirt and crawls on the bed, caging me underneath his strong frame. Right before his lips touch mine, we’re interrupted.
By a high pitched female moan.
‘Really?’ Bucky groans.
‘214 has a date again?’ I ask him, referring to our neighbor who apparently brought someone back to his apartment. ‘I haven’t heard him in forever.’
‘That’s supposed to be a good thing,’ he deadpans.
‘I think it’s someone different this time,’ I mention. I chuckle, as I wrap my arms around his neck. ‘It’s how we met, remember?’
He chuckles. ‘Yeah, I remember.’
‘How about,’ I suggest, ‘we give him a little taste of his own medicine? I mean, what they can do, we can do better, right?’
‘What is it with you and that desperate need to make other people jealous with what we have?’
‘Call it a defect,’ I say. ‘Besides, don’t give me that attitude. You love it too.’
He smiles. ‘Yeah, you’re absolutely right.’ Bucky presses a long kiss on my lips, but when we hear the headboard against the wall, mixed with moans and grunts, he gets off of me. ‘I can’t handle this,’ he grumbles, grabbing his shirt from the floor and pulling it over his head.
I smile, seeing the annoyed glance in his eyes.
He grabs a hoodie and a glove and puts in on. ‘I’ll be back, darling,’ he says.
‘I’ll be right here.’
Bucky can’t help but let out a chuckle. He walks over to the side of the bed and gives me a long kiss. ‘I love you, Winnie.’
Maybe this is still our honeymoon phase, maybe it’s how we really are gonna be. Forever. I waited thirty years to find the man of my dreams. I am not letting this man go.
Also, breaking up with him, would also severely hurt my grandpa and I don’t think I am ready for that.
‘I love you too, Bucky. Forever and ever.’
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readingismyoxygen · a year ago
A liar, bug and bird ch2
ch1 / ch2 / ch3 / ch4 / ch5 / ch6 
The next day was meant for touring Wayne Enterprises. The Wayne boys, at least Dick and Jason, decided to hijack the tour and stand in as the guides to see for themselves how the class acted, and Mari decided to tag along to see any potential drama unfold. She did decide to use Trixx's powers to make sure her class didn't recognize her. The Batfamily knew about the kwamis and had told her about their nightly activities, so the two boys and now ginger haired girl with freckles all over the bridge of her nose just smirked at each other as they exited the car and entered the building. Even from a distance, they could already hear their arguing.
"-and I am very sorry Miss, but you need to wait until the guides are here! Visitors are not allowed to roam the building on their own!" a poor, tired looking receptionist said to Mme. Bustier. 
"Excuse me, but do you know who you're dealing with? My bestie here is the boyfriend of-"
"Jason, Dick, there you are! You are leading this class around today right?" The young woman sounded relieved to see them.
"Hey Jasmine! Yeah we're taking over for Eugene and Tiana. Everything alright?" Dick answered in a slightly worried tone.
"Yeah I'm fine! Good luck with those morons, though." That last part she said quiet enough to not be overheard by the class, but it made the three smirk conspirationally.
"Oh we're gonna have so much fun today, I  can assure you that!" Jason said while having a peculiar expression on his face that made Louise glad she could stay out of whatever they were planning.
"Okay! So, you are the class from Paris, correct?" Dick asked while turning to the group.
"Yes, we are, though we are here for other reasons than educational ones," Mme. Bustier replied a little snobbily.
"Oh, and what might those be?"
"Coming here gives one of our classmates the chance to reconnect with someone dear from their past, that's all people like you need to know," Alya answered instead of the teacher. Honestly, she had no idea who they were. Might be fun to burst that bubble though.
"What exactly do you mean with 'people like us'?" Jason asked her, his voice gaining a dangerous edge and his eyes flashing a bit more green. Alya suddenly became slightly nervous and decided to backtrack.
"N-nothing, let's just start the tour, we've wasted enough time already."
 The tour was pretty normal. Jason and Dick explained different departments as if they did it everyday, so Mari decided to hang back a bit, ending up walking next to Chloé.
"So, what are you doing walking all alone in the back?"
"Me and the class aren't on very good terms right now, so I try to stay out of their way as much as possible."
"Really? Everyone in your class dislikes you? That seems strange to me, from what I've seen this past hour you don't really look like a troublemaker."
"I'm not entirely alone, I have my best friend, but she didn't come with on the trip. She is in Gotham as well though, we saw her at the airport, so maybe I'll bump into her while we're in the city. As far as the class goes, it's really complicated, but you are pretty intuitive if you can deduce all that from such a short time with us."
Marinette smirked. "Either that, or I already knew what was going on, Queenie."
"What the hell? Maribug? That's you? B-but you look so different? Oooh Trixx helped, didn't he?" She freaked out a bit, but managed to keep her voice down to prevent their class from overhearing.
"Yeah he did, I wanted to see how they acted without being recognized."
"They are ridiculous Maribug, utterly ridiculous! I mean, you come in with two of the Wayne boys and they don't even recognize them!"
"Yeah, that was...interesting to see, but honestly not very surprising. How's your trip been so far?"
As they were talking, they reached the R&D department.Jason and Dick turned to look at the group, waiting for everyone to calm down a bit.
"So! We are now at the research and development department! No pictures, reecordings or anything else to procure information are allowed, you all signed an NDA which I need to remind you of as a standard procedure." They entered through the doors and saw different chemical substances, lab stations and a lot of very cool tech all around the room.
"Here we develop our new products, from an antidote for Scarecrows toxins to a remedy for poor Jagged Stone who would love to get a cat but is allergic to them. We at WE try to make everyone's lives better, so that's why there is always a huge variety in our projects. Now on your left you see the prototype for a robot capable of everything a doctor is. Basically, this particular project was started because a lot of our scientists had seen Big Hero 6  one too many times. This  proves that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that's also why our scientists don't really have a very strict schedule, as we understand that they often need a change of space to order their thoughts. Does anyone have any questions? No? Okay then, moving on!"
Marinette was impressed. Dick really sounded like he knew what he was talking about, and considering he thought cereals were an entirely separate food group, this was really fascinating. The class looked a bit stunned, but that only lasted a moment. The tour concluded quickly after, and Mari said goodbye to Chloé before heading home with her pseudo-brothers. This had been really entertaining, but right now she just wanted to cuddle a bit with Damian and work some more on her commissions. She sighed just thinking about the work that still needed to be done. The car ride was relatively silent, except for when they laughed a bit at her class, and soon she practically flew out of the car to her boyfriends room, demanding cuddles and happily leaning back onto his chest as she told him about her day. Gosh, it felt nice to be home.
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thefoghaslifted · a year ago
Only Fools Do What I Do
listen i know i said i wasnt going to make anything for today but i started thinking about this last night right before i fell asleep and i really wanted to make it :) 
word count: 2055
relationship: eugene/rapunzel
description: Right after Eugene "left" Rapunzel, they both need to come to terms with their separation and loss of hope. Rapunzel travels back to her tower, and Eugene is stuck in a prison cell. All they can do is think of each other and reflect on where they went wrong.
@autumn-ravenclaw @gleamful-lanterns for new dream appreciation week day 3- date (he calls the day they met a date so im counting it lol). 
title inspired by FOOLS by Troye Sivan
Rapunzel felt like an idiot.
Mother had told her that the world was cruel, yet she still had the nerve to be surprised. She should have known better. If she had never left her tower in the first place, she wouldn’t be hurting like this right now. It would have been better to just listen to what her Mother told her.
She could have given Eugene his satchel back as soon as she realized that he wasn’t after her hair. She could have even gone back on one of the many instances he tried to convince her to. She was stubborn and didn’t listen to anything but her own naive thoughts about the world.
And look where that got her.
She hadn’t slept all night. She and her Mother were traveling back to the tower after the disaster that was her trip outside. Mother had tried to tell her that he was just using her, but she refused to listen.
She realized she was still gripping tightly onto the small flag of the kingdom Eugene had bought her. She hid it away, making sure Mother wouldn’t see it and take it away from her. She just wanted one small reminder that it was real, that she really did leave her tower.
But was any of it real? Had he really been manipulating her that entire time?
The previous night at the campfire had felt genuine. She thought that they had truly connected. And they had spent the entire day in town together. That had easily been the best day of her life, and she knew she would keep that memory held in her heart forever. She just thought that he had felt the same way. Every time he had smiled at her and she felt her heart flutter, was that really all part of the ruse?
As she ran her thumb over the small piece of cloth she held in her hand, she tried to be angry at Eugene. Of course she should be mad. He had left her behind, and had told those ruffians about her hair. The memory of him sailing away, crown in hand, was burned into her mind. He had made her trust him just to betray that trust.
Mother told her that she shouldn’t have expected anything more from a conman, and maybe she was right. He never really cared about her, and he had sold her out at the first opportunity he got.
It just didn’t add up. He had the crown, she had given it to him. If that was all he was after, why tell the thugs about her hair? Did he really want to add salt to the wound that badly? Eugene wouldn’t do that. Or maybe he would. Apparently he had been lying to her the whole time, so she didn’t even know what he was really like.
Her mind wandered to their moment underneath the glow of the lanterns. 18 years of dreaming culminating into one perfect moment, and she spent it with him. She remembered everything he had said to her, and the way she felt alive, maybe for the first time, sitting near him and looking into his eyes.
She had misread the signals. Mother had told her time and time again that she was too naive to be in the world, and this was why. She had thought Eugene could really care about her, but it had all been a scam.
Just that thought made her eyes well up with tears. She tried to blink them away, but they were already quietly streaming down her face.
He never cared about her. All their time together had been a lie. Their time together at the campfire. Their day in town. Their almost-kiss under the lanterns. It had all been a part of his scheme to get the crown back.
Her Mother had stayed quiet their entire walk home. Rapunzel knew she was disappointed. Not only had she betrayed her Mother’s wishes, she had also forgotten everything Mother had ever told her about the world.
She tried to wipe away the tears that continued to fall down her face, but they wouldn’t stop. Every breath hurt to take. Every step felt like a mile. The grass she had been so excited to walk on now seemed like it was mocking her from under her feet.
The world was just as cruel as Mother had described, and she had fallen into its trap. She was stupid to believe she could be any different than what Mother had always told her she was.
When they finally arrived back at the tower, the sun was starting to peak up in the sky. Mother took a deep breath. “Here we are, safely home again!” she singsonged.
Home. The tower was the only home she had ever known, but it didn’t feel like home anymore. She had felt so at home with Eugene in just the span of a few days. Now that she was back at the tower, it felt distant and foreign. She couldn’t remember a time that she really felt happy inside the tower. At least not as happy as she had felt outside of it.
She took a shaky breath, wishing that she could stop crying. It felt like there was a hold in her chest as she remembered what the past few days had been. She was so happy. But none of it was real.
Her Mother groaned beside her. “Oh, please, Rapunzel, will you stop crying? It’s very unbecoming,” she berated. “Besides, you have no right to be upset. I told you what would happen, why are you surprised?”
Rapunzel sniffed and nodded, trying to brush away her tears yet again. “I’m sorry, Mother.”
Mother hummed in acceptance, then started leading her back towards the tower. “Come, come, My Flower, let’s get that dreadful braid out of your hair.”
Eugene felt like an idiot.
She was in danger right now, and it was all his fault. He should have known that the Stabbingtons wouldn’t be very accepting of his change in heart. If they hurt her, he was the reason why. She would have never gotten caught up in this mess if it weren’t for him.
He could have just thrown the satchel towards the Stabbingtons and left, not bothering to make conversation with them. Hell, he could have thrown the satchel into the water the second she tried to give it to him.
He should have at least told her where he was going. Now not only is she in danger, she thinks that he had given her up. Maybe he didn’t deserve for her to know the truth, though. No matter his intentions, it was his fault that she was at the hands of the Stabbingtons now. She had every right to hate him for that.
He hadn’t slept all night. Distantly, he realized his hand was stinging. He was pretty sure he had punched a wall in frustration earlier, but his mind was racing and everything that had happened since he had woken up tied to the boat was a blur. He had been pacing this tiny cell for hours trying to think of a solution. He couldn’t escape, not for lack of trying. He had wanted to pick the lock to get out and find her, but there were guards on every side of the corridor. He had no chance of getting out unseen.
He had even tried to talk to the guards and try to get them to let him go, but they refused to hear him. He honestly couldn’t blame them though. Saying that he needed to leave because the Stabbingtons had kidnapped a girl for her magic hair sounded a little bit crazy.
She didn’t deserve any of this. She was the best person he had ever met. She could light up the world just by smiling. She had just gotten to experience the world for the first time, and now she was going to be torn away from it. All because of him. 
There was no way for him to know where she was, or if she was okay. He hoped she was able to get away from the Stabbingtons, but he honestly doubted it. The Stabbingtons were not above hurting her to overpower her if she had something they wanted. And clearly, she did have something they wanted.
How did they even know? Were they following him the whole time? Maybe they had been there when she healed his hand and told him about her power. But if that was the case, why would they wait so long to reveal themselves? Surely it would have been easier to take them by surprise at the campsite.
Nothing was adding up, but his thoughts were too clouded to try to piece everything together. The only thing he could think about was the fact that Rapunzel was in danger and there was nothing he could do about it.
He wanted to take a breath, but his body wouldn’t let him. He just continued his nervous pacing back and forth as if that would help him come to a solution. He couldn’t stop imagining her, lost and hurt somewhere and wishing for some way out.
He hoped she was cursing his name right now. He hoped she was angry, wishing that she never met him. He hoped she hated him as much as he hated himself. Because he deserved for her to hate him, and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he thought that she didn’t hate him for everything he has done.
A lump started to build up in his throat. He tried to ignore it or swallow it away, but it was overwhelming all his senses. It had been years since he let himself cry, and he didn’t want to start now. But his face was heating up and the tears were making their way out.
All at once, it was like all the feelings he had kept at bay for all these years were flowing out of him. He cried because he was alone in this cell, he cried because she was in danger wherever she was, he cried because there was nothing he could do anymore. He had fucked up, and there was no turning back.
He tried to quell his sobs to no avail. The universe kept dealing out more blows, and his brain was screaming at him. Every decision he had made led to her getting taken by the Stabbingtons. If he hadn’t even started thieving 15 years ago, she would be safe and okay right now. It wasn’t fair that she was paying for his mistakes.
The tears rolled down his face and hit the dusty cell floor below him. His entire body was shaking, and all he wanted to do was scream and cry and curl up in a ball until everything was okay.
He couldn’t help her. He couldn’t do anything. He had been useless all his life, and the only good thing he had ever done was help her see the world outside that god awful tower, and even then she did most of that on her own. If anything, he had been a hindrance to her.
He furiously tried to rub his eyes to stop the tears that wouldn’t stop coming. Why couldn’t he have been better? Why didn’t he do more to stop the Stabbingtons?
One question had been running through his mind all night, and he had been chastising himself over and over. Why didn’t he kiss her when he got the chance?
That was the least of his worries, but the question was still haunting him. He would likely never get the chance again, and he had the opportunity to right there. It was the most simple mistake he made, and it might not have made a difference, but now he just has to live with the fact that he could have and he didn’t.
He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the door to his cell open. He turned to see the Captain standing in the doorway. “Let’s get this over with, Rider.”
“Where are we going?” he asked, though he was pretty sure he already knew the answer. The Captain’s silence confirmed his suspicions. “Oh.”
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neokonewman · a year ago
Tangled the Series Discourse
I don’t think we as a fandom realize just how obvious the show was at actively trying to write Varian out of the plot in S2. Like there’s “not giving a character screentime,” then there is whatever they did to our alchemy boy.
Just looking at the S2 premiere, we get this recap in all the “important” things that happened in the previous season, and it’s pretty much completely transparent as it can get. Notice how in literally none of the clips chosen does Varian not make a single visual appearance. In fact, his only spoken line in the recap is him briefly touching on what his part of the scroll says, but they use the clip of Rapunzel looking at the scroll. Even with scenes that he’s technically there, it’s always when he is off screen.
Varian’s actions in S1 is the cause that made their entire road trip happen, so for them to almost completely omit him from the recap is not only strange, but it goes against the whole point of a recap in general. A proper recap is supposed to show all the important parts in a neat and comprehensive package to bring the audience back up to speed, but in not showing Varian, who was the main threat and driving force of the current narrative, it fails. So why else would they do this other than attempt to ignore Varian’s importance?
Other occurrences aren’t as blalant as the recap, but they are quite noticeable when put together. Rapunzel talking about how “she wants answers more than anyone” as if Varian didn’t have his life taken away all because he actively trying to solve the black rock problem while we saw no one else try anything until he forced him to act. Rapunzel says this all while holding Varian’s piece of the scroll which I repeat, he is the one that translated it. It’s as if the show is trying to paint Rapunzel as the one who was always active in the black rock problem, when it was not the case in S1.
Then we jump to “Peril on the High Seas” when Eugene comments on how every villain they ever put away is conveniently on the boat. Well guess who’s missing? Varian and Andrew are noticeably absent from the rogue’s gallery, but Varian is the most obvious absent because at that point Andrew was just a oneshot villain, while Varian was the climatic big bad of S1. Of course one would argue that they hopefully wouldn’t ship a teenager off on a prison barge with a bunch of adult harden criminals, but seeing how S3 introduces Varian back into the show, I don’t see that much of a difference. Plus Eugene’s line is still pretty jarring.
Then we have Eugene complaining about how they’re collecting pieces of a scroll they can’t even read. Like, hmm! If only we knew a character who is confirmed to at least be able to translate the scroll!? Making that comment and having the main characters make no effort in reading the scroll just points out the obvious hole left in the story. Not only that, but later they find the Hurt Incantation that just happened to be translated for no in story reason. My, ain’t that just a neat little coincidence.
Then we get another scene that’s just as blalant as the recap when they flashback to Adira being present at the Batlle of Old Corona, and guess who is just off screen during the flashback? I guess Adira, who is technically Varian’s aunt wouldn’t care about her supposed nephew being in the battle against the sundrop. Clearly she would only care about Rapunzel. It’s not like we were never given any context in what was actually happening that caused that scene to be important enough to have a flashback to it or anything.
Also the Dark Kingdom plot would have had more weight if Varian was there or at least mentioned more than once. Before the Dark Prince Eugene reveal, not one of our main cast have any connection to the DK other than a vague idea of destiny. Honestly, because at the beginning of the season, they showed that one flashback of the moonstone and we see Quirin there, we know Varian has a very real connection to the place from the start. Just having Adira as their vague and mysertious guide isn’t enough because she barely even talks about the Dark Kingdom until the finale.
Finally we get the obvious parallel between Cassandra grabbing the moonstone at the end of S2 and Varian taking the Sun Flower in S1. Clearly this was a callback to that moment, but because Varian is literally only in one 5 second illusion sequence and only named drop one throughout the entire season, the parallel has no real impact. Heck, Rapunzel not suspecting any of her friend to turn on her, despite Vigor’s fortune undermines the turmoil she went through with Varian’s “betrayal.”
Personally, it just feels like they wanted to capitalize on Varian’s arc in S1, but wanted to keep Varian as far from our minds as possible. It makes the narrative in S2 seem completely detached from what was established in S1, and when they later add Varian back into S3, outside of a couple episodes and appearances of like two or three characters, almost nothing that is introduced in S2 matters in S3.
Credit to @rachelbethhines for pointing out most of these scenes.
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theangrycomet · a year ago
Comparing KO’s (OK KO) Character Arc to Cassandra’s (TTS)
Tumblr media
Ok THIS^ actually bothers me and I really hope it’s a shit-post. Sorry, @astratic, but you have inadvertently signed up for some Character Analysis.
Let’s establish one critical difference between Cassandra and KO before we really dig into this shall we?
Cassandra is a fully developed, fully functional adult roughly in her early to mid twenties.
KO is a CHILD, who’s age is literally 6-11, though fans typically agree that he acts in the 8-9 range. Additionally, he is commonly head cannoned to be on the Autistic Scale and/or ADHD.
Because of this, their decisions and actions need to be seen through different lenses.
Point 1: work tirelessly to become a hero like [parent] who you idolize
This statement perfectly depicts KO’s goals. KO strives to be a hero in order to help people to the best of his abilities. He hates being useless and powerless to help his friends, so he trains to be a better hero and works through his struggles with their help. He lives to be like his mommy and his father-figure. I mean, look at him when Gar praises KO and tells him how proud he is of him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cassandra’s goals are different. She wants to be a guard at the end of the day for glory. She wants people to see and acknowledge her abilities and strength and admire her for it.
Yes, making her dad proud is a benefit of that, but that is NOT her driving motivation.
Point 2: Become discourage by lack of progress and hindrance by social status
Social status was NEVER KO’s problem. His stalling in progress, as I mentioned in another post, was a mental block. He couldn’t tap into his power He came from lower middle, working class family with a single mom.
Tumblr media
Social Status was her problem, but only up until the 1st season finale where she was placed as Captain of the Guard.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
She had regular progress in getting more time and respect as a royal guard. The fact that She CHOSE to leave that behind in order to follow her crush on some half-baked, unplanned road trip is only the fault of her own. She threw out the chance she had been waiting for for her entire life to follow Rapunzel.
And than was given numerous opportunities through out the trip to leave and pursue other goals. 
Point 3. Be Mentally Ill
Okay, first OP, you could phrased that WAY better. 
Secondly, the mental struggles our characters face are completely different and largely incomparable so to group the two is insulting to both characters.
Disassociative Identity Disorder (or multiple personality disorder) 
Possible Undiagnosed Autism and or ADHD
KO develops Disassociative Identity Disorder, due to his frustration at lack of progress, the manipulation of Shadowy figure, and his bottling up of negative emotions. KO is mostly unaware of what happens when TKO is in charge and vice-versa. It took the two a long time to figure out how to work together and eventually merge back into one personality. 
He also demonstrates some traits typically associated with Autism and ADHD, though some of those could be on account of his age. It is a common head cannon amongst fans that his either and sometimes both. 
Cassandra doesn’t have to deal with any mental illness until the season 3 finale where it can be gleamed that she’s working through depression if you squint at it. 
Yes, there is the Blueberry Ghost, but she was never a result of Cass’ mental state so much as her being host to the Moon Stone. 
Her struggles lie in reigning in her anger and her pride so that she can see problems from unbiased perspectives and apologize for her actions. And that is left still unresolved by the time the finale comes around. 
Point 4. find out long lost parent is actually horrifically villainous and have a whole crisis about it.
Perhaps, we need a little reminder here before I dig into this one:
KO is a child figuring himself out and Cassandra is an adult figuring out what she wants in life.
KO had been struggling with his darker side for quite some time before he asked his Mom about who exactly his dad was. 
This was something the show had demonstrated time after time that bothered KO, not knowing who his dad was.
So he finds out his dad was this big time hero, and gets reassurance from that fact that he comes from great heroes, so he too can be a hero. Only for that to be immediately tossed out the window when it’s revealed that the only person he hates in the entire world, the person he dubs as the truly evil villain, is actually his father. 
His whole world is not only shook to its core, but his self-confidence as well. Laserblast was a great hero who turned villain; what does that mean for a hero-in-training whose already struggling with that darker side. 
Praise Carol for not killing PV on the spot. 
Additionally, PV didn’t actually know KO even existed until a few months before this incident, and wasn’t even sure if KO was his kid (KO does coincidentally share a lot of Physical attributes to Gar) until KO came busting in, wearing Laserblast’s helmet and bragging about how his dad was a great hero.
So when they attempted to have that father-son relationship, it was as awkward and strained as it should have been. (I’ll get to the OK KO Finale in just a minute)
Cass could have cared less as to whom her real parents were. She had her dad. She had her goals. She had her job. Who her parents were and why they dumped her on the Captain was irrelevant to her life. 
She didn’t care until Season 3, and that whole season was OOC for everybody, 
Even then, it wasn’t so much as a crisis so much as an excuse to use to fight Rapunzel. It didn’t matter that Gothel was her mother, it mattered that Gothel picked the Sundrop over her. Which in all honesty was the best thing that could have happened to Cass.
Her “crisis” revolved around a dead woman’s shattered legacy more than her mother. 
Point 5: Fall under the influence of said Villainous parental figure
KO TKO: (again, a CHILD)
TKO was used and manipulated into letting his darker side show by Professor Venomous/ Shadowy Figure, (this is my opinion), in order to actually have something they could relate to eachother on. 
Yes, Shadowy Venomous saw TKO as more of his tool for power, but you can’t deny that he wasn’t motivated to have his son by his side. 
Additionally, KO had at this point literally locked away a part of himself because he didn’t have the tools to deal TKO with this mentally or emotionally. So he responded the best way he could and pushed the problem down so he and others wouldn’t have to keep cleaning up TKO’s messes.  
KO was in desperate need for someone to understand how he was and how to help him.
And guess who was there.
Tumblr media
Cassandra: (again, an ADULT)
Cass was never led on by Gothel, she was led on by Zhan Tiri.
Cass was delusioned that the moonstone was hers by Zhan Tiri just as much as Rapunzel was delusioned into thinking stopping the moonstone was her destiny by Demanitus. 
However, Zhan Tiri really didn’t make Cass do anything, she never pushed her past the breaking point, she never forced her to do anything. 
Baked Ziti only prompted Cass, reminding her what she was angry at. 
Cass was perfectly capable of ignoring her and doing her own thing. 
Point 6: suddenly and dramatically betray everyone you love even as they plead with you to stop. Become convinced they all hate you except for [villainous parental figure] who is actually just manipulating you to gain power.
This point is actually a very good description of what happened to both, given different contexts. Again, remember that KO is a child who is significantly more easily influenced than Cass should have been.
(Note: again, Zhan Tiri’s not her Parental figure and neither was Gothel)
Point 7: ruin everything and destroy your home
Tumblr media
His destructive rampage was motivated by the betrayal of the one person he believed to understand and support him entirely. He was literally grabbed by the shirt, lifted in the air, told he was nothing more than a tool at best, and that the plan to conquest together had been a lie. 
Wonder where I’ve seen THAT BEFORE?
Tumblr media
(Sorry about the low photo Quality, I quickly search and screen shotted so)
(yes it’s this scene that made me think Mad Ben and TKO would get along)
Which betrayal are we talking about? Because both involve trained guards rightfully attacking Cass for injuring the crown royalty and wrecking the castle.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Point 8/9: snap out of it at the last second and be horrified at what you've wrought/ the world is fixed by an incredible magic. Reconcile with your loved ones. Flourish
This is accurate. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But KO didn’t have to lose his power to see how bad he messed up. He was actually at the top of his game. He probably could have taken out the President of the Universe if he really wanted to. Instead he begged for everything to get fixed, and wished that EVERYONE (even Professor Venomous) could live their best lives. 
She was only repentent AFTER she lost her power. Even then, she does not apologize for her actions but rather the circumstances and ONLY to Rapunzel herself. She does not care that she caused a world catastrophe, and still wouldn’t have had she won. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
With how it was executed, Cass did NOT deserve such an easy redemption. She should have had to work at it. She should have at least attempted to apologize to the people whose lives she ruined. To the people she’s hurt. Not just Rapunzel. Rapunzel has no right to forgive her in place of everyone else. 
Eugene should not have to forgive her.
Varian should not have to forgive her.
The Brotherhood honestly deserves to fight her in combat. 
She should not have been able to ride off into the sunset and avoid the consequences of her actions. 
BUT I digress. 
KO and Cass, while they share some similarities, do NOT have the same Character Arc. At all.
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rachelbethhines · a year ago
Tangled Salt Marathon - Destinies Collide Part 2
Tumblr media
Continuing on from part 1 here 
Summary: Eugene debates on the best course of action, destroying the moonstone or letting Rapunzel have it, while she and the others try to find a way into the chamber. But it doesn’t matter when the ghosts of Eugene’s ancestors show up to stop them.  
This "Twist” Is Weaken By the Lack of Set Up
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So the writers are trying to pull a double fake out by making you think Eugene is the ‘traitor’ by having him turn on Rapunzel for noble reasons. It’s not a bad idea in of itself but it’s weakened by a lack of proper foreshadowing. 
The Dark Prince plot suffers the same issues as the Villian Cassandra plot in that it’s barely hinted at outside of “blink and you’ll miss it” background imagery and only two lines of questionable dialogue. It’s such a mind boggling failure in basic setup that it makes me question the experience of the crew.  
How do you get to be employed by the biggest, most well known animation studio in the world and not understand how foreshadowing works? Who’s responsible for such an easily preventable failure in execution? 
Rapunzel and Eugene’s Relationship Isn’t What’s At Stake Here
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I said it last part and I’ll say It again, this is pointless melodrama. There’s no tension here. We know that Eugene and Rapunzel will wind up marrying in the end. The entire series is leading into the wedding short and stated as much in the opening pilot. There’s no point in calling into question their relationship unless its to address actual issues with said relationship. Misunderstandings that go nowhere add nothing to the story. 
I could praise it the episode for keeping such BS short, but that only calls into question of why they bothered in the first place?   
So Why Would Edmund Destroying the MoonStone Be a Bad Thing?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We know that trying to destroy the moonstone last time is what led to the Dark Kingdom’s destruction, but Edmund now has an actual legitimate chance of succeeding and the cast still acts like this a bad thing. With the moonstone gone there’s no more black rocks, no Cass betrayal, no Zhan Tiri, and no potential threat to Rapunzel’s life. Where’s the down side here? 
You need to establish reasons for your conflict to exist otherwise your characters just wind up looking like dopes. What is the external conflict that’s causing this internal conflict? What’s at risk if Edmund goes through with his plan? You need to spell these things out to your audience.    
So If the MoonStone and Its Black Rocks are Sentient, Then Where Does That Agency Go In Season Three?
Tumblr media
Going back to the ‘the moonstone itself was originally evil”, this is dumped in favor of having Cassandra and later Zhan Tiri control the black rocks instead. Yet the moonstone and the rocks have been acting of their own accord since the beginning and this episode makes it evidently clear that it has some sort of primitive mind of its own, even if it’s just instinctual and focused on protecting itself and reuniting with its other half. 
This leads to the question of why would the moonstone suddenly become compliant to Cassandra’s and Zhan Tiri’s wishes? Where does this agency disappear to in season three? 
This Song Is Nice. Shame It’s the Only Time the Dark Prince Plot Is Put to Good Use
This is my favorite song of season two. I would have nominated this for the Emmy instead of Waiting In the Wings if it had been up to me. That said it’s brought down by the fact that the Dark Prince plot goes nowhere. It’s seemingly introduced just to create false conflict for this one episode and then is never mentioned again outside of forcing Eugene to have a relationship with his deadbeat dad. 
So How Did the Lava Get There?
Tumblr media
A sewer implies that the lava wasn’t always there. So when and how did it get there? Did Adria know about it? Is the Dark Kingdom built upon a volcano and it seeped in there centuries ago? Is this part of the destruction that was caused 25 years ago? Was there once advance plumbing to help keep the city going and destroying their water supply is why the kingdom had to be evacuated? Where did the water come from to begin with anyways? Or did it only now just show up with Rapunzel’s arrival and the black rocks reactivating. Cause if so, that’s kind of counterproductive to their goal. 
Yes I’m being nitpicky here, but it’s just yet another instance of the poor worldbuilding in the series. A series that spent an entire season on a road trip exploring said world. There’s no excuse for such laziness. 
Well This Is Awfully Convenient 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The whole point behind deactivating the rocks back in the beginning of the season was to keep Rapunzel from being overpowered, so that tension could exist. Yet here we are pulling out the same deus ex machina all over again for no adequately explained reason and making her over powered once more. 
You can’t have your cake and eat it too series. Either Rapunzel is the underdog here or she’s a demigod. Take your pick. Because all you’ve done so far is  undermine the sole explanation for why you got rid of you’re main external threat. So congrats, you managed to screw the pooch twice. 
Also it’s just lazy writing. 
So Wait, How Exactly Was She Killed and What Exactly Does That Have To Do With What You’re Doing Now?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If trying to destroy the moonstone did indeed kill your mother then why are you trying to destroy it again? This logic doesn’t track. One would think that if you are trying to avoid repeating history with Rapunzel, then why on earth are you trying to repeat history? 
Eugene’s mother dying before the destruction of the Dark Kingdom makes so much more sense. It would serve as a catalyst and reason for Edmund’s actions. It would establish the moonstone as always being a threat that does indeed need to be either destroyed or neutralized. Most importantly though, it would indeed provide a legitimate conflict to place Eugene at odds with Rapunzel over.
I honestly believe that’s what the writers intended here, but the dialogue, exposition, and backstories are so sloppily executed that it winds up just becoming a confusing mess instead. What was so hard in just having Edmund imply that she was impaled upon a black rock and that’s what kick started the series events?
Eugene Still Makes For a Poor Red Herring 
Tumblr media
So that just came and went with little impact didn’t it? He ‘betrayed’ her for all of what ten minutes? Yet we’ve spent over fourty waffling about whether or not Cassandra is trustworthy? 
Once again, this plot point could have worked with better set up and execution. Provide more than one red herring; have either Adria or Varian, be suspect as well as Cassandra. Have the Dark Prince reveal foreshadowed better. Have Eugene’s fake out ‘betrayal’ last longer than half an episode. Let it have actual impact and consequence upon the story. 
And Cassandra Still Isn’t a Master Manipulator 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The biggest problem with how Cassandra’s villain reveal is handled is that the writers can’t decide if it was a spur of the moment decision or a planned course of action that she's had in place for weeks now, may be even months. 
All of Cassandra’s actions here, and even her later motivations would suggest a spur of the moment reaction. She behaves like someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing from one moment to the next and her reasonings are based off her emotions running high. 
Yet Cassandra’s words when the actual twist comes, the Zhan Tiri reveal in the shell house, and even Cassandra trying to get into the chamber here is the writers trying to tell us that this was all pre-planned out. That Cassandra, despite her better judgment, went along with a plan created by someone she had no reason to trust and somehow manage to hide her temper for months on end from her closest friend. Despite her being controlled by said temper constantly.... 
Like none of that adds up. Cass’s behavior, personality, actions, and motivations all contradict one another, and so in order to force the plot, she has to act contrary to her character.  
Cassandra’s not complex; she’s just convoluted. 
So This Is a Lie
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not according to season three and the twist at the end of this episode. Also where are you getting this info Adira? In all of that exposition dump in the last part you couldn’t be bothered to tell us where and how you learned all of this sundrop/moonstone lore? 
Rapunzel Finally Shows Growth and The Narrative Punishes Her For It 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As stated multiple times now, the series biggest failing is that it’s a coming of age story where the main hero learns nothing. The one time Rapunzel is shown to rethink her stance and make amends for her past actions and the narrative punishes her for it by having her trust in someone be broken for the fourth (fifth if you count Eugene’s fake betrayal here) damn time in less than two years. 
I can’t claim that Rapunzel’s reaction to this, to regress and become even more of a control freak, isn’t unrealistic, but it’s not what she and the story needs. Or to put it more accurately, to never have the narrative address this decline and only reward her for her future selfishness while punishing her for daring to care, is not what the audience wants to see. 
It’s not just about the conflict and the drama. There’s also a therapeutic need for a release in tension and that includes a catharsis in having the characters learn from their mistakes and change their behavior. Remember, you’re literally selling this story to an audience. Their continued satisfaction is paramount to you getting paid. 
So Stealing Is Wrong, Except For When Rapunzel Does It
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re not the one in charge here Rapunzel. This isn’t your kingdom and you don’t own jack shit here. Edmund is the one with the authority and the claim to  moonstone. And unlike your daddy dictator, King Fredric, who hoarded medicine from his people for 18 years, Edmund has actual valid reasons for keeping people away from the deadly rock, including yourself. 
It’s a double standard for Varian to be villainized for trying to save his father’s life while Rapunzel get a free pass because she was born special. That’s literally what this all amounts to.   
There Is No Destiny 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not only is destiny used as a lazy shorthand for ‘goals’ and ‘motivations’ with a failure to provide even a basic ass prophecy to fulfill, but like they can’t even be bothered to be consistent about it being a stand in for a goal. 
Eugene wasn’t hunting for his father. There was no prophecy he had to fulfill. There’s no biases in the narrative where both he and Rapunzel could both conceivably be the hero that will save the world from the moonstone (even though there totally should have been). 
Eugene consequently running into his father, who has flimsy evidence for his claims anyways, (more on that later) isn’t ‘destiny’, its narrative convenience.  
The Lance and Adria Subplot Doesn’t Go Anywhere
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve already stated my many, many reasons for disliking Lance and Adira’s dynamic back in my Great Tree review, but regardless of my personal feelings towards the ship that doesn’t excuse how poorly written it is. If you’re going to introduce this plot point then at least follow it to its conclusion. Whether that be as a couple, friends, or Adira firmly and verbally ending things with him. Instead what we get is this one ambiguous line and then her comedically kicking his ass when he tries to say goodbye to her in the next episode. Which contradicts this moment and leaves things open ended, which is aggravating. 
Having ‘Faith’ In Rapunzel Is Actually the Wrong Choice Here, But Don’t Expect the Narrative to Point That Out
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Letting Rapunzel into the chamber is what leads to the mess that is season three. Hector and Edmund were absolutely in the right for trying to stop her. Edmund’s trust is also betrayed by Cassandra stealing the moonstone same as Rapunzel’s. 
But it’s not like the narrative will have either Edmund, Hector, or even Adira remember this fuck up and respond accordingly. Because that would require Rapunzel being actually called out for her bullshit and facing appropriate consequences and Chris just can’t allow that.  
This Is the Only Real Development Lance Gets In the Show
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yup, destroying a statue is the end all and be all of his arc. 
Tumblr media
Ok, let me explain. All throughout season two Lance was pitted as the ‘cowardly lion’ of the group. Getting more skittish than the others over dangers, hanging on to Eugene’s metaphorical coat tails, and bragging to cover his fear and taking credit for things he didn’t do. This is suppose to be Lance stepping up and learning to be brave and take responsibility. Only it doesn’t work for three simple reasons.  
His cowardly lion shtick was inconsistent. He could and would throw down with villains and the like when required, both in season one and at times during season two. When he was scared it was often for real reasons. Plus to make the trope work the writers would have to ignore his background as a world traveler and thief. 
Lance’s actions here don’t require anything special from him and him alone. He’s just doing what he’s always done and what he does could have been achieved by anyone in the group really. So it’s not much of a revelation to the audience. 
It doesn’t have any lasting impact. Lance after this point is just dumbed down even further and made even more irresponsible than he was in his first appearance. 
Too Little, Too Late 
Tumblr media
I’ve touched upon this throughout the episode and the season as a whole but there’s a real pacing issue happening here. We spent a whole season trying to get to this place and now it’s over after only two episodes. This is especially off putting when we spent three episode in most other stops in season two. So what we get feels unbalanced. 
Remember there’s a physiological effect you need to keep in mind when you're writing a story for an audience. People like patterns, repetitions, and most of all endings that fit whatever rhythms they’ve fallen into.  If you have a pace of rotating 3, 1, 1, 1,  3, 1, 1, 1, 3, 1, 1, 1, ect then they expect you to end on a three and not a two. 
Not to mention that there’s too much story here to effectively fit into only a single two parter. That’s partly why the execution is so sloppy. Exposition is is force fed to us rather than having past events shown or the having the characters actually explore this kingdom they’ve been searching for for a year. Things like the Dark Prince plot point is rushed while things like Cassandra’s betrayal is dragged out only to adburtly end. 
In short, we need three episodes spent here, at least. One episode to cover the Dark Prince and Brotherhood plots and a two parters to cover the race to the moonstone and Cassandra’s eventual betrayal. There’s no excuse for why we couldn’t have gotten that give all the filler that could have been cut this season to make room for it. 
How Did Cass Sneak Past Eugene? He Was Right There! 
Tumblr media
The framing of Cassandra’s betrayal is suppose to reflect Varian’s back in season one when he grabbed the flower. It looks cool on a thematic level but it logically doesn’t make sense because Eugene is there standing in front of her.
Cassandra had to push pass him in order to nab the stone from Raps in time and yet we don’t hear or see it and Eugene looks just as shocked as Raps when she grabs it even though it would have been alerted before Rapunzel was. Plus Eugene was the one who suspected Cassandra from the beginning, why would he suddenly forget that?  
Layout is important people. You can’t just do what you want because you think it looks cool. You have to justify it narratively as well. Either you should have forgone the Varian parallels and shown Cass fighting Eugene or had Eugene out of the way to begin with. 
Behold the One and Only Time Cass’s Injured Hand Matters
Tumblr media
So it’s not made very clear within the story itself but the reason why Cass doesn’t get her hand blown off like Edmund did is because of the previous corruption from the hurt incantation. That’s how she can grab it even when originally Rapunzel was suppose to be the only one able to do that. 
There’s multiple problems with this so let’s list them out shall we... 
There’s no reason for why Edmund had to get his arm blown off. Him losing his arm does not clarify that Rapunzel specifically should be the only one able to touch the moonstone because he’s the only one to even try beforehand and he was acting aggressive towards it. 
Furthermore, him only having one arm isn’t focused upon in the story. In fact it’s barely noticeable with his cloak on and he suffers zero setbacks or difficulties from having such a disability. 
Cassandra also isn’t shown to suffer any ill effects from having her hand hurt either and it’s easy to forget that it’s even injured to begin with because she covers it up with armor. For this scene to even read right the audience has to remember that it was her right hand that got hurt and that’s not something most people are going to keep in mind. 
In fact no else comments upon her hurt hand during this second part of the episode at all and fails to mention it in regards to this scene specifically.
Edmund and Cassandra barely share any screen time together and what parallels that exist between them aren’t focused upon by the narrative. 
Cass’s hand is never brought up again after this point. 
I’m Not Sure If Ending the Season On This Particular Cliffhanger Was a Good Thing or Not. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
On the one hand this saves all the really stupid stuff for season three so you can enjoy this episode divorced from all that. It’s also an effective cliffhanger in of itself and ending on such when your ratings are low isn’t a bad idea in theory. It should bring audiences back and it did indeed pique my interest in the series after initially being put off by the show’s bad advertisement spots back during its first season. So this works for what it is. 
The problem comes down to the poor pacing that I was discussing earlier, and this only carries on into season three. Moving Cass’s parts in Rapunzel’s Return back into season two and making this a three parter instead would have save everyone a lot of pain and heartache. If nothing else to give Cassandra’s story breathing room and having Crossing the Line not be cut in half like it was. It’s even possible that they would have given just a better motivation/plan for Cass considering the projection of the story thus far in season two. 
But that also just might be wishful thinking. There’s no guarantee that rearranging things would have resulted in a better a story and it may have only tainted this episode even further, who knows.  
Though one can still argue that Cassandra’s cutting the bridge and leaving like she did in Rapunzel’s Return, could have made just as an effective a cliffhanger as this one. 
So that was the last decent plot episode in the show. It’s not amazing, it doesn’t quite reach season one’s highs, but it’s serviable. I’d rank it right below The Great Tree. Most of its problems stem from season three’s reveals though the issues with pacing and the it’s confused conflicts can’t be denied. 
Next week will be the second season two recap and then after that we’ll finally start in on season three. 
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watching-pictures-move · a year ago
Put On Your Raincoats #13 | The Pink Ladies (Watkins, 1979)
Tumblr media
This review contains mild spoilers.
Roger Watkins first delved into directing pornography with Her Name Was Lisa. It was apparently successful, and is in my humble opinion a very good film, but was perhaps a little too intense for producer Dave Darby, who insisted that Watkins make something a little lighter. The Pink Ladies was the result. For those familiar only with Watkins' most famous film, Last House on Dead End Street, it can be quite a shock to see something this lighthearted. While it doesn't contain any of the better known film's bad vibes and was apparently disliked by Watkins himself, it is not without its qualities. The opening credits show the main characters playing raquetball. They are framed individually, their shared space fractured as if to render their actions abstract, even if the leering gaze of the gym's attendant gives them a vague sense of connection. The hazy cinematography casts over this the feeling of a dream, and what follows does not rest strictly in the realm of reality.
The main characters are a group of friends who vary in the level of cattiness. The cattiest of the bunch is Samantha Fox, who played the lead in Lisa, followed by Robin Byrd, who played one of her abusers in the former movie, then Kandi Barbour, who's taken permanent residence in my head thanks to a certain pool scene in Neon Nights. Least catty is Christine De Shaffer, who is distinguished by her benign stupidity and incompetence at sports, the latter quality immediately making her my favourite character. After the characters finish playing, griping about De Shaffer's performance (she rightfully insists that it's not about winning or losing, solidifying her position in the rankings), they go off to the showers. We get an eyeful, as does the attendant, who starts fantasizing about what can be delicately referred to as a reverse gangbang. "Fanfare for the Common Man" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer plays on the soundtrack, and one could argue that for this man, the fanfare has taken on a more tangible, not unpleasing form. For the non-prurient-minded, it's worth noting that even in the fantasy De Shaffer is terrible at raquetball.
The girls discuss plans for later in the week, which include a trip to the theatre to see Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh ("Oooh, sounds dirty"). They then split up, and we get to spend some time with Robert Kerman, playing one of their husbands. Kerman is a Yankees fan, which you can tell by him wearing a Yankees cap and shirt with his extremely unflattering yellow short shorts and eating stale pizza as a he listens to the game. Even when Kerman drifts off into fantasy, as he does when spying on an eager young couple in the act, he stays in character, ensuring that he doesn't miss the Yankees game as a result. A Humphrey Bogart poster provides some deadpan reaction shots. Unfortunately, he gets distracted by De Shaffer, who insists on chatting him up and singing "Moon River". (Quite badly, I should add, showing a lack of talent in multiple disciplines. Whatever the opposite of a polymath is, she's it.)
Next we move to Robin Byrd, sitting in bed and wolfing down popcorn next to her husband while watching a movie about a carnival, which inspires a fantasy sequence of her own where she's tag teamed by three guys in Aladdin Sane makeup and glitter while "March of the Gladiators" plays on the soundtrack. (Given that I associate this music most closely with the educational video game Math Circus, the effect is a bit jarring.) It's worth noting that one of these men is played by Ron Jeremy, who spends most of the scene sucking his own dick. Of course, when her husband suggests they get it on, she turns him down as she's not in the mood. I guess Ron Jeremy autofellatio will do that to you.
Kandi Barbour's fantasy is a bit more palatable, inspired by the bodice-ripping historical romance novel she leafs through before bed. Christine De Shaffer, treated as a punchline for much of the movie, doesn't even get her own fantasy. Rather, as she's putting on a ludicrous amount of facial cream (not like that, you preverts), her husband sneaks off to the bathroom to jerk off to a BDSM magazine and then imagines being dominated by his wife, who wears silver face paint like an extraneous member of KISS. Apparently the movie was released in a version without this scene as it was considered a bit too extreme, but honestly, without revealing anything about my viewing habits, I didn't think it was too bad. (It was also apparently Watkins' favourite scene in the movie.) Perhaps I've been desensitized by a week long Phil Prince binge, but without cataloguing the exact acts depicted, there's nothing too wild shown. The husband is played by Alan Adrian, who played Mistress Candice's willing slave in one of the more tolerable scenes in Prince's filmography. Adrian was into this kind of thing in his personal life and even suggested nailing his scrotum to the floor, which Darby thankfully shot down. Sometimes the money man is right. (Adrian is interviewed on the Vinegar Syndrome release of the movie and is unclothed without comment the entire time.) Of course, when his character approaches his wife after with the idea of trying this stuff out, she brushes him off.
The next morning, the husbands all wait for the train and see Vanessa Del Rio sitting on the other side of the tracks. Naturally, they start getting all worked up and start amusing themselves with what they'd get up to with her if they had the opportunity. Kerman's involves Del Rio as a schoolgirl, which is about as convincing as Steve Buscemi's "How do you do, fellow kids?" moment. Even Adrian, who claims that he never indulges in fantasies (he claims "they drain the life fluids", a statement that causes the other three men to immediately shift away from him on the bench), entertains the idea, although (depending on your proclivities) it's disappointingly not that distinct from the others in terms of tone or the acts featured. Del Rio's role is mostly silent, but she makes an impact in other ways (*raises eyebrows*).
We then move to a restaurant where the girls are biding their time, with Fox being especially rude to the waiter. It's then revealed that De Shaffer forgot their tickets to the The Iceman Cometh and is coldly made to walk home, which she does by crying and looking at ducks while sad music plays, finding new ways to put the audience on her side. (I too am a fan of ducks.) The rest of the ladies go to the gym to blow off steam, and Fox, angrily cycling away on an exercise bike, pictures her and the gals getting in an orgy with the other patrons of the gym, all of whom are covered in body paint and wearing goggles and swim caps. The same year that Francis Ford Coppola used "Ride of the Valkyries" to lend operatic dimensions to a helicopter siege, Watkins uses it to cheekier effect in a very different context. Lest you think this is all that's left, the final moments have the real heroine getting her revenge in a manner appropriate to the genre. High five, Ms. De Shaffer! Suck it, Mmes Fox, Byrd and Barbour.
Look, this is all very slight and I can understand why Watkins, given how dark his movies can get, didn't care for the end result, but I had a pretty good time. I think when trying to watch these movies as actual movies, lighter fare can be a bit of a challenge as they can lack the tension inherent in darker material (I imagine Her Name Was Lisa and Corruption might play better for most viewers, despite the disturbing content), but I can appreciate that this is executed with a good deal of style. It features a game cast who sink their teeth into their roles, particularly De Shaffer giving a very funny and endearing performance. (Fox and Del Rio don't quite make the same impact they did in Lisa, but are still effective in their less demanding roles.) Watkins' disregard for music rights results in some striking uses of music (he gets in Iggy Pop's "Sister Midnight" in between the aforementioned needle drops). And even between the sex scenes the movie is well visualized, translating the fantasy theme into atmosphere and finding images to match the humour.
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No Touch (Afterword)
Sinulat ko ang Dedz na Dedz AU for fun. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang i-try ‘yung socmed au na nauuso sa mga chikiting. And while it was a fun experience, matrabaho pala siya at hindi kasimbilis ng traditional writing method. Pero I will try it again. ‘Di ko nga lang alam kung seryoso ko siyang gagawin o trip-trip lang ulit.
Warning. Lost post ahead.
I never pegged myself as a “comedy” writer. In fact, wala talaga akong genre na ni-claim as my preferred genre to write. Pero nagkataon lang na nag-eenjoy din akong magbasa ng mga sinusulat kong kalokohan. And looking back, karamihan ng mga sinulat ko ever sa buong buhay ko ng pagiging fanfic writer na pumatok ay talagang crack/humor fics. But really, I just enjoy reading them as much as the audience of these fanfics are concerned.
Maraming factors why I couldn’t finish the au in its original form. Maraming nagbago, lalo na sa panlasa ko sa mismong storyline. I love the idea of it. Nahirapan lang talaga akong ipagpatuloy sa socmed au format dahil nga, matrabaho. But most importantly, there are other personal factors involved. I realized I’m not fit for writing fanfics, not like that; not full-time. I always get reminded of how these are actual people, at nagkakaroon ng disconnect when I try to relate my made-up characters to their real-life inspirations. Kasi, for me, may truth, to some degree, ang fictional characters. They are their own persons, even if it’s just on paper. And in my mind, these two individuals can’t co-exist at the same time. Parang may gustong sabihin ‘yung fictional version nila na, I’m not really like them. And syempre, 'yung real-life people na pinagkuhaan ay patunay dyan.
‘Di ko alam. Siguro ang bottom line lang ay, hindi talaga ako pang-fanfic.
Pero I’d still like to finish DEDZ, just for closure of course. Honestly, enjoyable read talaga siya, at nakakaaliw ‘yung plot. Hindi lang sa nanghihinayang ako, pero gusto ko ring ibahagi ‘yung buong journey na nabuo ko kaka-brainstorm nitong fanfic na ‘to.
And aside from that, gusto ko ring i-share ‘yung mga “Easter egg” references I sprinkled along the entire plot, na in-add ko lang just for funsies dahil random ako. Malamang naman, dun sa mga ilang nagbasa, kahit papaano ay may naka-catch na sa ilan sa mga ito.
Firstly, of course, ang mismong title. “Dedz na Dedz.” Derived siya sa kanta ng Juan Dela Cruz band na “No Touch,” hence the title of this afterword. Syempre, double meaning din ang title. Una, bilang isang multo ang main character; at pangalawa, ay dahil patay na patay ang mc sa isa pang character.
Next, ang pangalan ng bandang “Pepe’s Kite”. Kaya Pepe’s Kite, kasi ang main vocalist ng banda ay si Miggy--na ang full name ay Jose Miguel. Nagka-idea ako sa Jose, dahil pangalan ‘to ni Jose Rizal, na ang nickname ay Pepe. Tapos naalala ko ‘yung kantang Saranggola ni Pepe na may lyrics na, “matayog ang lipad ng saranggola ni Pepe.” Ayun, kaya Pepe’s Kite.
‘Yun namang pangalan ng banda ni Ross, ewan ko kung may naka-gets nito. ‘Yung “Naval Rosary”, handa ka na bang malaman kung saan galing? In-English ko ‘yung pangalan ni Roselle Nava. (Concealed na ba si Miss Ma’am?)
Kahit ‘yung HMLSS ay reference din sa kanta ni April Boy Regino: “honey, my love, so sweet.”
At panghuli, dito pinaka-proud ako. ‘Yung Pangalan ni Echo. Jeremiah Jericho. Usong-uso ‘to nung kabataan ko eh, china-chant ng mga bata. 
“Eugene, Taguro, Jeremiah, Jericho. Lupin the 3rd, minahal si Fujiko. Saludo kami kay Son Goku. Pati na rin kay Tito Piccolo.”
Pangalan siya ng characters sa Ghost Fighter, pero ‘di ko talaga sila kilala. Bata pa ako nun at hindi naman mahilig sa anime, kasi I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, kaya hindi ko alam kung sino si Jeremiah at Jericho, at kung anong iniiyak ng mga bata dyan sa chant na ‘yan. Pero nakaka-LSS siya.
Sa mga nagbasa ng Dedz, maraming salamat sa pagsama sa’kin sa pagkilala kina Faith, Echo, at Miggy, at sa iba pang cast na obvious naman ay mas favorite ng writer kesa sa lead roles. Salamat kina Chris, Kuys Eli, Chiki, Angel (Cheeky Angel?), Galo, at kay Sir JL.
Salamat din sa ate kong binulabog ko pa every time may naiisip akong idea para sa au; na nag-proofread, naging kasama mag-brainstorm, nakinig sa mga reklamo at ideya, namahagi ng kalokohan, at laging unang pinagkukunan ko ng reaksyon sa bawat bahagi ng istoryang ito.
Nawa ay napasaya ka, kahit panandalian lang, ng hatid nitong mga biro. At sana ay kahit papaano, may napulot kang aral. Kasi ako, siguradong oo.
Hanggang sa muli. Paalam!
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Me when someone says I look nice
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