#this was inspired by me making a tiny house in the sims and thinking about how their bedrooms on the same floor as the kitchen
violentdevotion · 6 days
finding out most americans houses are bungalows was crazyyy to me. they're depriving american children the right to stomp on the stairs when they're angry. when will the UN intervene
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plumbtales · 16 days
Hello! Your buildings are so beautiful, It's incredible how you can make so much with "just" the game items and no CC. I build without CC, too! Could you please recommend some other blogs that build without CC? Thank you so much
Hi! Thank you very much! <3 I run the @ts2lotmakeoverdb so I mostly scour the internet for lot makeovers (both cc & cc-free). In the cc-free lot makeover departmant I recommend @katatty, @frottana-sims & @tvickiesims.
There's also a tumblr blog dedicated to cc-free lots. Even though it hasn't been updated for 2 years it still has a good collection of lots. It's called @ccfreelots.
Through that blog I stumbled upon @moocha-muses houses and I love the architecture! Most of them are cc-free. I do remember actually having the Swamp Bar in my game at some point. It's so cute!
@lavender-noire's lots are really good as well. This scrapyard has a special place in my heart.
I also love SpringSims' ts2 houses on youtube. There's often a download link to the houses he builds in the descriptions. I really like the house he built for Dirk Dreamer, Ripp Grunt's house and the Rundown Motel. The motel video made me more concious of using the terrain paints more.
I also like @naday-sims cc-free houses as well as @deedee-sims cute houses.
Then there's of course VanDionysus, also on youtube, who does crazy good builds using no cc. This build of a "street" with several house apartments inspired me to do my own streets in Suncreek.
@andrevasims is another super talanted builder! They have a lot of cool cc-free builds. I also recommend their Hobbies hood remake, if you use that secret maxis hood.
@executables-sims also has a whole bunch of beautiful, cc-free lots.
And last but not least, @thesimofmanu is a genius when it comes to making the most of the maxis objects. Just look at the use of maxis wallpapers to make a huge clock, brilliant stuff.
There's probably a million others that I can't think of right now but here's some examples to start with :)
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notpikaman · 2 days
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fordarkisthesuede · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I got tagged by @fractualized - and I had to think about this for a while. Sorry for the delay, frac'! I pretty much felt like this all week (lol):
Tumblr media
GIF by lostwithoutmyboswell
Ok, so we're gonna start from #5, because I decided to rate these like a loon:
Birth. Starting off on the disk horse topic of HP fanfic. Listen, regardless of how I feel about the series now (which is messy, to say the least), there's one thing I still can't help but love about it...and it's not only tiny, but half of the reasoning behind it is of my own making. It's Peeves the Poltergeist. I LOVE Peeves. He's my favorite character type - short, temperamental, powerful, 90% humor and fun, inhuman, and neither a Good nor Bad guy. I rarely used to read HP fic back in the day, but I noticed that for such a big fandom, he never had much to his name. (And what I did find was...disappointing for me.) I reread the series in 2015 for the first time in a while and did some Deep Thinking about him. What his limits are. How he's presented. Where he even came from. The bare scraps of canon and Word of God (distasteful) material pushed my buzzing brain to write about him, and eventually churned out this little origin story. I wrote several one-shots surrounding him, but this is my favorite of the bunch. In my eyes, it's simple, short, and effective in storytelling. So I like it. (^_^)
The Whole Nine Yards. Yes, my current WIP is on the favorite list. It started off as a sex-romp list, because I had too many positions and kinks I wanted John and Bruce to try. It first grew into showing Bruce/John as a couple at home, because my main fics in the Perseverance Project series don't get to show them being all lovey-dovey as much as I'd like. Then I added a few dashes of angst for character building. Then it evolved into including what AtBoM skipped over (for various reasons) - visits at Arkham showing their [growing] love and trust rebuild post-S2, and showing different sides to them.
So what we have now is: "Two guys in love met in an asylum 2.5 years ago, and less than one year after they first met, one keeps coming to visit the other. The visits' subjects are then related to current day, where they finally live together like a real couple, with all it's ups and downs, and sexy results". It's a mouthful, I know. ;D But I think it works!
It's great to explore all these things and essentially back-track a bit versus rewrite any part of AtBoM. Plus, I get to mumble about something that always interests me in this 'verse: Bruce's relationship with his parents. To go from loving them and putting them and their deaths on a pedestal to look to for inspiration to keep going on being Batman, to learning they were the biggest criminals in the city and a key reason while he's even having to be Batman... That's gotta affect how he looks at things. Like, I mentioned Bruce's dislike of his house in AtBoM and TToJ, but here it's full-force. It was a mausoleum for their memory and now it's just a means to an end. He doesn't consider it home, or even rightfully his. But John living there with him makes it a home. Their home. :')
Also, I feel like I'm playing a decorating game and a dress up game with it! Kind of like The Sims, I guess. xD John's room and summer wardrobe are fun to craft as I go. (Don't worry, you'll get to see John's classic outfit at the end. For...reasons.) Plus, soon* you'll see Bruce's bedroom revamped!
A Ghost Too Far. Disk Horse, part two. Peeves is the one thing I still wistfully sigh over and go "ah, what could have been"...all while knowing that I took the bones of my blorbo and crafted him a full body myself. It's been 7 years since I started writing this particular story, and it clocks in over 230K words. As things are now, I have no idea if I'll ever actually finish it, for a myriad of reasons. So to make a long story short (HA!):
Out of the hundreds of thousands of HP fanfics, and the handful that had Peeves as a character, I found Peeves had no proper big epic romance story of his own and decided to make him one, combining it with one big exploratory setting of How He Is, all set in 2003/2004. His destined romantic partner is an American witch (queue eyeroll), acting as a one-year-only DatDA teacher (queue harder eyeroll), who I can describe in modern** terms as a gender-non-conforming adult punk who is absolutely fascinated with ghosts. She makes it a point to study the castle ghosts, especially Peeves, as poltergeists are super rare and physical ones are apparently unheard of outside of him. She makes a deal with Peeves that he can break just about anything she owns and annoy her all he wants, in exchange for information on how he works. Which I worked out via the aforementioned HP reread and lots of Deep Thinking as literally by feeding off of (aka absorbing) magic from humans, like his "relatives" the Dementor and Boggart. Unlike them, he primarily eats high energy feelings of "anger" "sadness" and "excitement", because he was created in a castle with children who can have powerful feelings of all three very easily. Is this theory of mine presented in canon? Who fucking cares anymore, the author's dead in all senses but literal.
It might not be finished, and it might never be, but writing out this monstrosity of a theory while getting a guy like Peeves to fall in and explore love for the first time holds a special place in my heart. Because not only does Peeves reside permanently in my brain (I'm pretty sure he's the Writing Gremlin who suggests those "this is what goes painfully wrong" scenarios), but so does Dandrane, who I hand-crafted to be Peevesy's romantic partner. I love her. I owe her. Her favorite color is hot pink; because of her, I have gotten over my old feud with the color pink. I wrote her to be 30 while I was then 24; after a while, nearing/turning 30 no longer bothered me. I wrote her to be cool, confident, and a little horrible. Because we all have that bitchy little voice in our head sometimes... The desire to break something without consequences... The need to have our anger recognized rather than ignored or attempted to be placated... Dandrane is a wonderful vessel for these feelings, even after all this time.
She's my cool girl. My tall bean. My silly little flamingo. I want to put her in an enriched enclosure and watch her with a set of binoculars.
At the Brink of Midnight. My most popular fic is second-place in my heart, at this current hour. (Ha!) For reasons I'm sure you long-time readers already guessed, that I have mentioned time and again in it's author notes: this fic was FUN to make!!!
The Halloween setting! The fresh takes on Scarecrow and Poison Ivy! John recreating Joker! Bruce rescuing John! Bruce finally hugging John! THE CONFESSION SCENE! A rave scene in a graveyard!!! Batman and Joker teaming up to kick ass!!!!!
It's! So! Great!!! It's not too long, but still a big novel-length! Easy to read and get lost in! It presents an original character who carries the possibility of redemption! It hits all those story beats I craved to see for a Season 3! Hell, even now I'd be hard pressed not to expect to see Dr. Crane in any potential sequel we'd get IRL!
Are there things I'd change? Sure. But nothing major. I'm still happy with it, even 4 years later. Maybe part of my love for it is also a desire to be able to pump out 110K words within a few months again...
The Tolls of Justice!
Is it my most popular fic? Nah, it's #2. But it's my #1. The king of my heart. It took 2-and-a-half years to finish, in no small part because 2020 was a bitch. And despite the frustration at writer's block, despite the silly errors that I still need to go back and fix, and despite the time it took...God, I LOVE it.
Whenever I reread part of it, I get sucked in and read more than I meant to. I know the majority of the little notes I made, but whenever I read one of the tarot hints I can't help but go ehe he he. I read John's breakdown in Arkham, and his transformation into what is his final form of vigilante!Joker, and I still tear up. I see the theme of a writer playing God, of having a defined inescapable ending but proving that choices still matter, and just sit with it in utter delight.
I have many favorite moments: Tiffany and John's day out, the entirety of the Wayne Gala, John and Iman's investigation at the theater, Batman's descent into the Court of Owls' secret lair with Robin... But I have a favorite bit. It's the kind of thing I giggle over while kicking my legs in my seat.
So in Chapter 12, Batman and Joker are having a few moments together before the Big Battle in the high tier of seats above the main floor/"stage area", able to watch the Court of Owls' mock-trial below. In theaters, the highest tier is sometimes known as "the gods" seats.
As my version of the CoO has their whole thing built on "our God wrote down our destiny exactly and the Evil God keeps causing chaos to interfere", and considering the DC multiverses and that Batman and Joker are constantly in them, and as Bats and Jokes are generally simplified as "Order and Chaos"... They're figuratively 'gods' in "the gods" seats watching the show below. ౧(*മ് ധമ്)੭ु⁾⁾
As for WIPs, I only have 2 at the moment. I use OneNote to write all my ideas for it (when I'm actually writing them down):
Tumblr media
As you can see, I have sections for The Whole Nine Yards (abbreviated "W9Y" in notes only) and the untitled "BtTTS S5" below. (The "After Hours" is just IRL work notes, when I had to use my personal PC for work in 2020, and "Noir "is literally a list of film noir movies I'm keen to watch. I've been really into them lately!)
Right now S5's notepad only has 2 sections - the Thinkbox and "J Tech". The Thinkbox pages are pretty much the brainstorm dumping ground...but TWNY's is actually laid out rather nicely, like this. I'd post a screenshot, but then this post would...uh, turn nsfw... (; ' o' )
Right now, the only WIP word docs are here, in my "BtTTS - The Perseverance Project" folder:
Tumblr media
As for tagging...hm. Um... Since it was frac' who tagged me... I choose @distort-opia, if they're so inclined! (And anyone else who wants to!) Edit: I am a fool who does not reread properly. 😭 Sorry hun, you already did it! So field's wide open!!!
*at the time of this posting, TWNY Chapter 7 is still in progress. It's 2/3rds of the way done! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
**at the time of writing the story in question, the term "gender non-conforming" was not known about as widely as it is now; basically, I knew what it was without knowing what it was called.
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voiceless-terror · 2 years
In which Martin and Gerry help Jon acquire a cat, among other things. 
“Martin, look!”
A phone is shoved in his face; on the screen is a tiny black kitten sprawled on a carpet with the headline “Free to a Good Home!!” Martin knows where this is going.
“Finally time to bite the bullet, eh?”
“We could surprise him!” Gerry’s voice is animated as he waves his phone in the air. Martin loves when he gets like this, unguarded and sweet. “You know how stressed he’s been. Honestly, I’m shocked we haven’t gotten one already.”
“Well, he’s certainly been hinting at it.” Martin gestures broadly at the walls of the bookstore, decorated with various cozy knick knacks and art they’ve picked up at charity shops. There’s no less than three oddly majestic cat paintings along with a shelf of tiny porcelain felines, not to mention the gaudy clock that has cat breeds instead of numbers. Jon has...particular taste. “Not very subtle, is he?”
“Should I message them, then?” Gerry squints at the screen. “We met them at trivia a few months ago - Mara, the one with the-”
“Green hair, yeah.” Martin remembers the night rather fondly. Gerry usually spent most trivia nights scowling in the corner and making snarky commentary with Jon, but on that particular occasion he had a few drinks and was considerably more relaxed. He managed to charm half of the bar with his stories and wit while Jon stared on, adoration clear on his face.  “But you know Jon would kill us if we didn’t let him have a say. You know how he gets, he needs to prepare-”
“-buy ninety toys-”
“-think up a ridiculous name.” They both laugh at that- Jon’s got a penchant for renaming their friend’s pets when he doesn’t think their moniker “suits them.” He’s gotten into more than one fight about it. “Text him so he doesn’t stay late, though. I’m not staying up until midnight again.”
“On it.”
They hear Jon before they see him. 
The door creaks open, alerting them to his presence as Jon lets out his usual long-suffering sigh (Gerry fondly calls this mood ‘The Bouchard Blues.’) His clothes are wrinkled and his eyes are barely open; from the slight indent on his face, Martin reckons he fell asleep at his desk again. Gerry meets him at the door, grabbing his bag and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Rough day, love?”
Another sigh, this one a bit more huffy. “Elias came in at half past four with a box of ninety random documents and wanted them all organized by tomorrow. Impossible, of course, unless I stay the night-”
“But you came home!” Gerry says it with a sort of wonder in his voice; Jon very rarely stands up to his boss, no matter how ridiculous the ask. 
“W-Well, you said it was important,” Jon looks between them with large, worried eyes. Always assuming the worst. “It’s nothing bad, is it?”
“Jon, I thought the twelve reassuring texts and afternoon phone call put that to rest,” Gerry replies as he steers them towards the couch. “Suppose I should’ve just told you. I wanted it to be a surprise.” He unlocks his phone and scrolls until he finds the ad, handing it over to Jon.
His eyes immediately light up, alert and awake. “Cat!”
“Cat,” Martin agrees, settling down beside them. “We were thinking of getting one for the bookstore-”
“Of course,” Jon’s smiling that rare, bright grin and Martin melts just a little. “It’s only logical. And I do like black cats-”
“Damn it!” Gerry groans, startling them both. He throws his phone down on the couch, crossing his arms in a sulk. “Someone just claimed her. I knew I should’ve said something-”
But Jon’s already fishing his phone out, his smile not dimming in the slightest. “There’s a shelter not too far from here- I’ll see if we have to make an appointment. Martin, can you call Georgie? She’s got an excellent carrier for the Admiral, and she can probably recommend other necessities-”
They end up going to bed at midnight anyway.
“I still don’t see why we had to order so much,” Martin complains after another confirmation email lights up his phone. The credit card bill’s going to be astronomical this month. “Surely we’re overpreparing. We don’t have room for the deluxe cat tower in the shop, and we certainly don’t need one for the flat as well.”
“I assure you these are all necessities, Martin.” Gerry and Martin are both fairly tall, but even they have trouble keeping up with Jon’s brisk pace, sharing a fond look over his head. Jon managed to find them a Saturday appointment with a rather impressive combination of wheedling and charm. When it came to cats, Jon didn’t pull his punches. They made it to the shelter in record time and Jon burst through the doors, his next words full of self-importance. “We’re expected. Jonathan Sims.”
They’re led back to a large room by an amused assistant, Jon at the front of their little line. Martin watches as his eyes light up upon seeing the many cages that lined the wall; even Gerry seems a bit excited, though he tries to hide it by hanging back. Gerry’s never been much of an animal person; he shares Jon’s distaste of loud and jumpy dogs too unpredictable in their behavior. He only just started getting used to the Admiral, and that was through much prodding on Jon’s part. Jon’s love is surprisingly infectious. 
Jon peers into each cage intently, answering every inquisitive noise with a prim “Pleased to meet you.” One of the first cages contains a fluffy brown cat with curious eyes and Martin stops to poke a finger through the door. “Walnut” (as provided by a helpful nameplate) does not respond, though she seems interested. 
Jon’s already halfway down the row before he stops in his tracks, eyes trained on a large, grumpy ball of gray fur sitting right at the bars of the cage. He’s missing an eye, and he begins to growl as soon as Jon nears him.
“This one.” He declares, staring as if entranced. He hasn’t even touched it or attempted to pet it- they’re locked in some sort of silent standoff. Martin’s reminded of those romantic comedies Jon and Gerry hate, where couples lock eyes across the room and it's love at first sight. He surreptitiously takes a picture. Adorable. 
“Jimmy?” The assistant inquires. Jon scoffs at the plainness of the name. “He’s been here awhile. Not very friendly, I’m afraid.”
“No, not Jimmy.” Jon offers up a hand, and the cat comes closer, sniffing at it with suspicion. After a few moments, he butts his head against Jon’s hand, earning a smile. “Lance Corporal.”
Jon swivels around, eyes narrowing at Gerry’s words. It’s the first time he’s spoken and he’s got one eyebrow quirked up in amusement. It’s a good look on him. Jon, however, is having none of it and he puts a hand to his hip. “And why not?”
“It’s such a mouthful.” Martin has to agree; it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. “I’m not going to call him that. What about Lance?”
Jon wrinkles his nose. “Ew.”
Martin sighs; Gerry and Jon get along like a house on fire but when they bicker, they bicker. He eyes the cat that’s now rubbing against Jon’s hand and purring; he hopes the its sudden geniality will extend to Martin and Gerry. Jon would pick a cat that’s just as prickly as he can be.
Martin gives it a good look, coming up beside Jon at ‘Jimmy’s’ cage. The cat immediately stops its gravely purr, it’s eye now trained on Martin. It’s unnerving, Martin never thought a cat could radiate authority but this one surely managed to. If any animal deserves a title, it’s this one.  “What about the Captain?” he asks in a fit of inspiration.
They both turn to look at him; Gerry amused, Jon thoughtful. “Go on.”
“It’s a title, you always liked the naval ones.” Jon nods in agreement, the beginnings of a smile on his face. “He looks like an old sailor, very distinguished. I dunno, I think it’s cute.”
“The Captain,” Jon whispers in awe as the cat resumes rubbing against his hand. “Martin, that’s perfect. Inspired, even.”
He can’t help preening a bit. “Thank you.” Gerry rolls his eyes.
And then there’s the moment of truth- the assistant opens the cage door and Jon steps forward with all the solemnity of a man about to be knighted. He reaches out his arms and the cat lets itself be picked up, going limp as Jon brings it to his chest. He sighs in contentment, giving himself one more moment of bliss before he perks up and opens his eyes.
��Now pick yours.”
Three. They’ve got three fucking cats.
Martin and Gerry immediately began to refuse, but Jon was insistent. “The Captain is obviously very partial to me, and I think you should have some say in who we adopt. If we each get one it eliminates any favoritism. It’s only logical.”
There was nothing logical about it. Three cats and three people in their tiny flat, or worse, destroying their bookstore. They didn’t have the space, the cats might not get along, it would be too expensive. But Jon wouldn’t hear of it, countering every point in a calmness that was borderline unnerving. Martin shot Gerry a pleading look; he’d gone silent after the initial refusal, content to let Martin do most of the arguing, but he just shook his head in amusement- he knew how this would end, and Martin did too. As the final nail in the coffin, Jon deployed the eyes and that’s how he found himself in the front of a taxi with a lapful of Walnut. She’s a friendly thing, instantly purring on contact and meowing whenever he turned away. Martin hadn’t the heart to turn it away.
Gerry took more time. He slunk around the cages and the cats seemed to sense his reluctance. But soon he came upon a small, sleek black cat, not unlike the one from the Facebook post. It was a tentative thing, barely coming to the edge of its cage to sniff at his fingers, but Gerry was determined, patiently waiting the fifteen minutes it took to get him to warm up. Martin didn’t point out the similarities between it and a certain goth, though he shared a knowing look with Jon.
“I’ve got it - the Unfathomable Void.”
“Dear God,” Martin muttered, rolling his eyes. So dramatic, the both of them.
Jon snorted. “That’s a bit much.”
“Okay, Lance Corporal.”
“Excuse me-!”
“Settle down, boys,” Martin put a hand on Jon’s shoulder, he looked liable to pounce. “If that’s what you want, go for it. But we’ll call him Void for short.” Gerry nodded, seemingly satisfied. Jon continued to scowl, though without any heat.
The cabbie was definitely not pleased at having to cart around three men and three cats. He muttered the entire drive while Jon bounced in the backseat, cooing at his companion. Gerry sat much more stoically, though Martin didn’t miss the tiny smile as the cat nipped at his fingers. Jon’s insistence on multiple supplies was starting to make sense now. He definitely planned this from the beginning, sneaky thing.
“Oh no,” Jon suddenly said upon entering their flat, struggling with the carrier in his hand.  Martin’s starting to think he shouldn’t have picked such a massive cat. “I forgot this was for the bookstore!” 
“Well, yeah.” Gerry sat his cage on the ground, kneeling down beside it. “I figured mine or Martin’s would do. The Captain’s not very friendly, Jon.”
“But what if they get lonely? We can’t split them up.” Jon’s eyes dart around the room, growing more conflicted by the second. “Perhaps we should keep them all at home.”
“There’s no room, Jon! And no one’s here during the day.” Martin surveys the room- the three carriers already seem to take up an enormous amount of space, not to mention the living creatures inside of them.  And all of those packages, that damn tower…
“You can take them back and forth. Commute.”
“Christ, we did not think this through.” Gerry’s smiling even as he says it, watching as the Unfathomable Void slowly makes his way out, sniffing tentatively at the air. Walnut’s content to stay in her cage, and Martin tucks her in a corner away from the other two. Jon’s already got the Captain out, holding him in his arms and refusing to let him go.
“You’re right, we didn’t.” Jon agrees, tucking his face in the Captain’s fur. “We should’ve gotten four-”
“Fuck’s sake, Jon!”
“Let’s talk about this later, alright?” Gerry takes Martin’s place as the voice of reason, a rare occurrence. “We’ll keep them at home, let them get used to us, and then we’ll figure out the bookstore situation. No sense getting worked up about it now.” Jon sighs, cradling the mass of fur to his chest and plopping down on the couch. Martin’s sure they’ll be at it again tomorrow; Jon sniping as Martin tries and fails to put together a massive cat tower, Gerry groaning about whatever surprises the cats left for them in the morning. The next few weeks were going to be stressful, to say the least.
For now, though, he sits with his partners once again until midnight, watching their new additions roam about the flat and ignore each other. Jon frets, Gerry sighs, and Martin unsuccessfully attempts to steer the conversation towards anything but cats. By the end of the night, only Void manages to feel at home, curling up in Martin’s favorite armchair (much to his chagrin). Could’ve gone worse, Martin cheers himself with. They’ll get used to the flat. And the bookstore. Probably.
Later that night, once their partner’s asleep and snoring softly between the two of them, Martin turns to Gerry, borrowing Jon’s patented sigh. 
“We’re gonna get a fourth cat, aren’t we?”
Gerry’s voice is just as resigned. “Yeah, reckon so.”
Others in the JGM series:
What We’re Given and What We Make
At the End of the Day
ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28945809
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Alright, this combination spoke to me. I personally am struggling to pick between Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, and Diavolo as my favorite, I love all of them. So Poly with the four, but with the angst prompt of "I don't know how much longer I can endure this." in response to the tortures of not being able to choose. Up to interpretation, but this resonated with me.
I may have gotten a teensy tiny bit carried away with this one. But I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy it too!
Diavolo / Lucifer / Satan / Beel x poly gn!MC
Words - 5330
Content warnings - some angst, lots of comfort and fluff, polyamorous relationship w/MC (no demon x demon relationships)
Prompt/Inspiration - anon request, “I don’t know how much longer I can endure this.”
Summary - You had managed to fall in love with not one, not two, but FOUR demons - and now you had to figure out what came next.
There really wasn’t another way to describe the current state of your life.
Beel was the first one to really take an interest in you. A genuine interest. You fell in love hard and fast. Perhaps it was the guilt over not being able to reveal what you knew about Belphegor’s situation, but you didn’t feel comfortable making your feelings for him known. It just seemed like something that would burden him, and you really didn’t want to risk losing the one friend you felt the most safe with while you were all alone in this new realm.
As your year progressed, the situation with Belphegor was finally resolved. But still, you hesitated to say anything. You knew how close he was to Belphie, and you convinced yourself that it would be best if you didn’t do anything that would come between them. It was obvious even to your own heart that you were just making excuses for yourself, too scared to take a step forward.
It was then you started growing closer to Lucifer. Your initial relationship with him had been...strained...to say the least. But after he realized the lengths you were willing to go to in order to help his brothers, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you. You had an inner strength that he honestly admired, though he would probably never admit that to you. And he enjoyed your company immensely, even if it was just having you nearby while he worked. Everything just seemed easier with you around, even Mammon’s shenanigans didn’t stress him out quite like they used to anymore. And you enjoyed his company as well - he was a source of stability for you in the chaos of the House of Lamentation. You would often take refuge in his study with him to recharge after a day of playing referee for the other overgrown children you had as housemates.
You had also managed to catch Satan’s eye, particularly after the whole dating sim fiasco with Levi. He liked the fact that you saw him as an individual - you never compared him to Lucifer, nor did you ever try to force the issue about them getting along. You just let Satan be...Satan. And he loved spending time with you reading together. It was like the two of you had your own private book club; he was always ready with a book recommendation for you.
It was Satan that had actually approached you first about the possibility of being in a relationship. You were surprised to hear that he had had such a strong interest in you, since he was always so reserved most of the time. Your initial reaction was of course to want to say yes, but the fact that Beel, and Lucifer especially, still held pieces of your heart made you feel incredibly guilty. You didn’t even have to ask to know that Lucifer was the absolute last person he’d ever be ok with sharing your affections with, even if you could get him to consider a polyamorous relationship.
So, you instead asked Satan for time. And he agreed to give you some space to think things over. You knew it was unfair to him to expect him to wait...but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him “no”. You didn’t want to tell him “no”, after all. It was just the only option you felt was available to you.
Hoping to avoid Satan, and delay the inevitable, you started spending more time with Barbatos at the Demon Lord’s Castle. He taught you all about Devildom teas, and showed you how to bake some of Diavolo’s favorite treats. And Diavolo was more than happy to sample everything you tried your hand at preparing.
At some point, you had just started dropping by even when Barbatos was busy, just to chat with Diavolo and he was always glad to see you. He’d ask you about your life in the human realm, and you’d ask him about life in the Devildom. You probably learned more about Devildom history and lore from these conversations than you ever did in class at RAD; and you eagerly soaked it all up, hanging on Diavolo’s every word, absolutely enchanted with his storytelling ability and his life experiences that spanned several millennia.
Unlike with Beel, or even Lucifer, you didn’t realize when you had started falling for Diavolo, or Dia as he asked you to call him now. One day you had just tried to stop by, only to learn that he was still stuck at RAD, working with Lucifer. And you were absolutely devastated. It shocked you honestly at just how upset you had gotten over the loss of one simple visit. But as soon as you felt that familiar ache in your heart you knew exactly what was going on.
It was the same thing that you had been trying to avoid dealing with with Lucifer and his brothers. And you had somehow managed to get tangled up in again. Only this time things were far more complicated than family relationships between brothers. There was just no way you’d be allowed to enter into a relationship with Lord Diavolo, crown prince of the Devildom. That is if he was even interested in you in that way, which you highly doubted. Why would he be? You were just a simple human. You didn’t have any great experience or insight to offer, your education wasn’t even that exemplary. There was nothing about you that you felt entitled you to ever expect to be more than just friends with the Prince, and you were lucky he even humored your attempts at friendship.
You weren’t sure how, but you did manage to make it home that afternoon and crawled into bed. The tears just started on their own, and you were powerless to stop them. You had fought them off for far too long at this point, your body simply decided it had enough repressing those emotions and they all came pouring out. How much longer would you be able to endure this? You honestly didn’t think there was much more your heart could take, and you had no one to blame but yourself.
When Beel dropped by to remind you of dinner, you pretended to sleep and choked back your sobs until he went away. When Lucifer stopped by to check on you, you told him you were busy with schoolwork. And when Satan asked if you would like to come over to his room to read, you said you weren’t feeling well.
You thought you had managed to throw everyone off the scent. But when Diavolo popped in to apologize for not being there when you had tried to visit him earlier, everything quickly started to unravel.
You opened your bedroom door, completely shocked to see Dia and Lucifer on the other side. He had never come by before just to see you. Maybe a few times to check on Lucifer, but he usually would send Barbatos to run any important errands or to issue any invitations. Seeing him before you now, you immediately became aware of how awful you must have looked. Your eyes still red, your hair a mess, your uniform all disheveled since you hadn’t bothered to change when you got home.
As you stood there, opening and closing your mouth, struggling to string together a single coherent thought, the unthinkable happened - Beel walked by on his way to the kitchen, Satan not far behind him, and they both turned to look your way as they walked past your door. Your eyes flicked from Beel to Satan to Lucifer to Dia and you instinctively tried to slam your door shut to escape, but Lucifer caught it before you could.
“Is there something the matter?” he asked.
And of course, once again, your body decided it had just had enough of containing your repressed emotions and let your tears flow freely. This was it, you thought. You were going to be forced to face what you had been trying to avoid and that would just be the end of it all. Since you had refused to make a choice on your own, your choice was about to be made for you and you were going to end up with absolutely nothing as a result.
It took awhile for you to calm down. Beel was sitting next to you on the edge of your bed with his arm wrapped protectively around your shoulders. Satan was standing nearby, holding a glass of water for you. You thanked him quietly for his thoughtfulness, and slowly sipped the chilled water, trying to buy yourself some time before you would start being forced to answer questions. And Lucifer and Dia were sitting across from you in two plush, wingback chairs that they had dragged away from the wall.
Everyone silently waiting for you.
“I’m...sorry…” you finally mumbled out. Beel gave you a reassuring squeeze, and Satan sat down beside you, taking your free hand. What you wouldn’t have given to be able to freeze time and just continue living in that perfect little moment surrounded by your favorite demons. But this was reality. And it was about time you faced that.
“It’s ok, but what are you apologizing for?” Satan asked.
“I umm…” your lip started trembling and you took a deep breath to try to calm yourself. There wasn’t any way to run from this, not this time.
“Take your time,” Beel reassured you, rubbing your arm.
“I’m sorry for avoiding you guys, especially you Satan. I know that wasn’t fair.” You felt him tense up beside you, no doubt expecting the reason for your avoidance to have been due to the fact you were planning on rejecting him. But he didn’t let go of your hand either, which only made you feel more guilty.
“It’s just...I can’t...I can’t choose…” you started to fidget nervously in your seat.
Lucifer seemed to have caught on quicker than the rest, “You mean to say you have feelings for more than one of us?” You meekly nodded, keeping your head down and your eyes glued to the floor. You had absolutely no desire to see the expressions on everyone’s faces as they exchanged looks with one another.
By this point Dia was getting a bit uncomfortable. This didn’t seem like the sort of conversation he should be part of - it was between Lucifer and his brothers after all. Even though he treasured you greatly, he had never made those feelings known to you nor had you ever expressed more than friendly interest in him, so it didn’t even occur to him that he might also be involved.
“I think I’ll go ahead and head out so…”
“No..!” you called out, looking Dia right in the eye, desperate for him to stay. You were surprised at your own reaction, but you couldn’t let him leave without knowing how you felt. The only thing that would hurt worse than him knowing your feelings and rejecting you, was if he thought you didn’t care for him at all and preferred someone else to him. And you couldn’t let that happen. You at least wanted a chance to keep him as your friend.
“I...ummm…you’re part of...this…” you mumbled out as your eyes fell to the ground again.
Diavolo was caught completely off guard with your confession, a deep blush spreading across his cheeks. As was Lucifer, who for the most part had been unaware that you had been spending enough time with the Prince to have any sort of relationship.
The silence that followed was killing you. It felt so oppressive. All you could do was wait for someone else to decide to speak. You couldn’t understand why Beel was still holding you so gently, or why Satan hadn’t moved from his spot next to you, your hand still wrapped in his. It was only a matter of time, you thought, before they’d all leave one by one and you’d find yourself alone. Part of you wanted them to hurry up and go so you could wallow in your own self pity, because the other part of you wanted them all to stay and tell you how much they all loved you, and you knew that was never going to happen.
“Can I speak with them? Alone?”
“Lord Diavolo…” Lucifer had started to object, but quickly stopped himself. He could use this time to talk to Satan and Beel, and it seemed they had a lot to talk about, “Alright, we will be in my study. Let us know when you’re finished.”
Satan, who had been staring at you this whole time, glared at Lucifer for assuming he’d just go along with his suggestion. But even he could see the tender look in his eyes as he gazed at you. There was no doubt Lucifer cared for you immensely, and seeing as this was for your benefit, Satan decided to comply, giving your hand one final squeeze before making his way out of your room.
Beel was having a more difficult time letting you go. He could practically feel how upset you were, and didn’t want to leave you alone. But after looking at Lucifer and Lord Diavolo, he finally accepted that it would be alright to leave you be for just a few moments. So, giving you one last hug and a kiss to the top of your head, he followed after Satan, with Lucifer not far behind.
Now alone with you, Dia dragged his chair closer to your bed so that he was sitting right in front of you, knees nearly touching. He took the now empty glass from you and set it down on the bedside table before taking both of your hands in his own.
“This has been bothering you for some time, hasn’t it?”
“Is this why you started spending so much time at the castle?”
“Sorta. I asked Barbatos to help me learn more about Devildom baking so I could avoid everyone else,” you gave a self deprecating laugh, “But then I started spending time with you….and...well then that started to be the reason I came…”
“So you really enjoyed our time together?”
“Of course!” you replied, raising your head to meet Diavolo’s gaze. He was much closer than you were expecting, and you flushed in embarrassment. He chuckled at your reaction. You were just so cute when you got flustered, he had a hard time resisting the urge to tease you, but he’d have to save that for later.
“Then why were you so upset?”
“Because...I...realized it didn’t matter.”
“Didn’t matter? Why would you think that?”
“Because...I’m...I'm just me. A simple human. And you’re you. And I should just be happy you even put up with me or talk to me at all. And even if I told you how I felt, it wouldn’t change how I feel about them and it just didn’t seem fair to have to choose, not after Satan already confessed to me. And I know Lucifer hasn’t said anything yet, but I can tell the way he looks at me. And there is no way Satan would ever be ok with me having any sort of relationship with Lucifer. And Beel is like my best friend and I’m sure if I say anything it would just upset Belphie and I don’t want to hurt him or make Beel think he has to choose…”
You snapped your mouth shut, realizing what you had just done. You had just unloaded everything, all the secrets and worries that had plagued your heart for the past several months, you had shared it all. To say you were mortified right now would be an understatement. You truly wished the ground would just swallow you up. You’d wish for death if you thought it would make a difference, but with your luck you’d just end up right back in the Devildom.
“So what I’m hearing is you’re too busy worrying about how everyone else feels to worry about yourself?”
You nodded your head, averting your eyes.
“What do you want then?”
“...it’s selfish…”
“Then be selfish. We’re demons after all.”
“Wha…?” you looked up at Dia again and he was gazing at you softly, a small smile on his lips as he encouraged you. Was it really ok for you to just ask for that ? Would they really not hate you if you did? It didn’t seem possible for you to get everything you’d want, how could you be that lucky? Surely if you said anything, then you’d lose everything, right?
At least that’s what your human conscience was telling you.
But here sat Lord Diavolo, future king of the Devildom, telling you that it was ok to ask for whatever you wanted, in a way that suggested you just might be granted it. And you wanted so badly to believe that that would be true.
“Go on, love, tell me what you want to do.”
Lucifer took a seat at his desk, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms in front of himself. Finding out that you had a close relationship with Diavolo had come as a huge surprise. He had suspected that Satan had taken a liking to you, and he wasn’t at all surprised to discover that Beel was fond of you as well. But Diavolo? He wasn’t sure what to make of that.
“I assume you wanted to talk to us. So what is it?” asked Satan. He was agitated. He didn’t like the idea of leaving you alone with Lord Diavolo, especially not after it seemed that you may actually reciprocate his own feelings. But since, it appeared, he wasn’t the only one in your heart, he had to put your best interest first. And in this case that included letting you speak with Lord Diavolo while he discussed things with his brothers.
“First, I want to hear what your thoughts are on this matter. It’s clear that Satan has feelings for them, but what about you Beel? You’ve been quiet this whole time.”
Satan and Lucifer both turned to look at Beel who was seated in one of the large chairs near the fireplace. He raised his head to look at his brothers, before sighing and sitting back in his seat. He knew how much they cared for you. He had even started to realize when Lord Diavolo had begun to take an interest in you as even his casual interactions became more friendly. And he had decided that he was going to keep his own feelings to himself, not wanting to interfere in his brothers’ happiness. Never once had it occurred to him that he may have been causing you to suffer as a result.
“I love them,” he replied, a soft blush spreading across his cheeks. Of course he loved you. How could he not? You were just so bright in his eyes, and you brought so much hope with you. When you had told him that you wanted to help Lucifer and Belphie makeup when you had first arrived, he didn’t doubt you for a second. Even though he barely knew you at the time, he just had this feeling you’d make it happen. And the closer the two of you grew, the more deeply he trusted you, the stronger his love for you became, the more he wanted to protect you and your happiness.
“Then I suppose that makes three of us,” Lucifer said, clearing his throat.
“So? What are you suggesting we do?” asked Satan.
“That depends on them, of course. But it seems the primary reason for their struggle is because they feel unable to choose between us.”
“I already confessed directly, have you?” Satan asked, staring Lucifer down.
“I have not, and I don’t believe Beel has either,” Beel shook his head in agreement, “I think that’s irrelevant though based on the conversation we just had in their bedroom.”
Satan scoffed, walking to the other end of the room to put some distance between himself and Lucifer. Of course his brother was right. It didn’t really matter who said what first, or even who you fell in love with first. All that mattered was what you wanted. And right now, he wasn’t sure what you wanted at all.
He had to admit it did sting a little when he realized you weren’t interested in him alone. Particularly since Lucifer was one of the other parties involved. The idea of being in any sort of romantic relationship which also involved Lucifer just made his skin crawl. But despite that, the idea of losing you entirely was even more painful.
“I believe we need to decide what we would like to do if they express an interest in maintaining a relationship with all three...four...of us. Would either of you have any objections to that?”
Beel immediately shook his head. He didn’t have any issues with a polyamorous relationship, not if that’s what you wanted. He just wanted to see you happy, and he knew it would make him feel better if you were with someone else who loved you just as much as he did when he couldn’t be there. The only other concern that crossed his mind was how Belphie would react, but he knew that Belphie adored you too in his own way, and you enjoyed his company as well. So there really wasn’t any reason for Beel to say “no”.
“No objections, so long as we get private time with them too.”
“Then it seems we are all agreed. We will wait to see what they decide.”
You wrapped your arms around Dia’s neck as he lifted you up effortlessly and spun you around, the both of you laughing. He was so glad to hear what you desired, and more than happy to do what he could to make that wish come true. You hardly asked for anything for yourself, something he found absolutely charming, but now that you confessed to him that you wanted to be his? He’d give you the whole Devildom if you asked for it. Maybe even if you didn’t.
You hid your face in his neck as you hugged him close. You were pretty sure you must be dreaming at this point, but you didn’t care. You were going to make the most of this dream for as long as it lasted. You still had the other 3 of your beloved demons to talk to, but having Dia on your side made that not seem nearly as scary now. He had given you permission to be yourself, and he didn’t shame you for it, or guilt you into changing your mind. He just listened, and accepted you with open arms.
“I want to suggest we make a break for it, and run off together, but I think Lucifer and his brothers are waiting for us.”
You pulled back to look Dia in the eyes, and smiled at him. He was even more handsome up close, and you couldn’t help but run your fingers through his hair before resting your forehead against his. You wanted to savor this moment for just a little while longer. After you left your room, there was going to be a whole host of things to discuss and negotiate. It might honestly be awhile before you’d get to have some alone time like this with him again, but you knew he was worth it. They all were. You’d figure things out one way or another, of that you were certain.
“Alright, I guess I’ve put this off long enough.”
“I probably shouldn’t carry you into Lucifer’s study, should I?”
“Probably not,” you laughed.
Diavolo set you down gently, only releasing you from his arms when he was sure you were steady on your feet. He pressed a tender kiss to your forehead before offering you his hand, and entwining his fingers with yours. He beamed at you, when he caught you staring at your joined hands, lifting them up to kiss the back of the one he was holding. You blushed at the gesture, but couldn’t help but smile when your eyes met his.
“Shall we?” he asked, leading you to your bedroom door.
You peered sheepishly around the corner of Lucifer’s study door before entering the room, Diavolo slightly behind you, with one hand gently resting on your lower back to encourage you. As your eyes scanned the room, Lucifer, Satan, and Beel all turned to face you, various expressions of anxiety and excitement written on their faces. You turned back to look at Dia, and he just smiled and nodded at you, guiding you inside.
“Hey…” was all you managed to squeak out.
Not wasting a moment, Beel rose to his feet and wrapped his arms about your shoulders, pulling you to his chest. He kissed the top of your head, before resting his cheek against you.
“I love you,” he whispered, “and I’m fine with whatever you want to do.” You clutched at his shirt in return, relief washing over you. He didn’t ask you any questions, he didn’t pressure you to make a choice. He just supported you like he always did, the same support you gave him. You took a deep breath, breathing in his scent, before slowly pulling away so you could see his face. He smiled at you softly, and you just felt your heart melt. How could a demon possibly be this cute? you wondered.
“I love you too,” you replied, making his smile broaden. You hadn’t said it to him yet, and hearing those words in your voice made him want to jump for joy. Caught up in the moment, you briefly forgot about the others in the room with you, until Lucifer cleared his throat. You blushed heavily when you realized you were being watched, and you could hear Dia chuckling behind you.
Beel let you go, but immediately grabbed your hand and brought you to the chair he had been sitting in earlier. You took your seat, starting to feel a bit nervous again when he stepped back, even if it only was so Lucifer and Satan could have a chance to speak with you.
They were probably the two you were most anxious about speaking with. Their relationship was complicated enough as it was, you weren’t even sure they’d want to stick you in the middle of it.
“We’ll be outside if you need us,” Dia said, more to you than anyone else, as he offered you a smile. Beel nodded to you as well, before slipping out after Diavolo to give you some privacy with Lucifer and Satan.
Lucifer nudged the coffee table over so that it was positioned in such a way that both he and Satan could sit side by side in front of you. Even after he took a seat though, Satan remained a little ways away, silent and watching. Part of Lucifer wanted to chastise him for being stubborn and troublesome, but then he remembered that Satan was the only one to openly confess to you, and as such, probably had a lot more to discuss with you, preferably in private.
“I’ll keep this brief for now,” Lucifer began, returning his attention to you and holding the hand nearest him, “But I too, love you, deeply. And I hope you will accept me. I’m willing to do whatever is needed to insure your happiness.”
You had not been expecting such an open and forward declaration of love from Lucifer, of all demons, but you could see the unbridled passion in his eyes as he looked at you and waited for your reply. All you could do was nod your head, which made Lucifer smirk, pleased that he had rendered you speechless. He leaned forward, kissing you tenderly on the lips. It was only the briefest of touches, but it contained a promise of more that made your heart race.
“We will talk more later,” he said, as he gave you one final kiss to your forehead, turning to look at Satan before he left the room.
Satan kept his eyes trained on the door to Lucifer’s study until he heard the tell-tale “click” signifying it had been locked. He then sighed, his shoulders relaxing, as he turned to face you. His mask, the carefully crafted one he often hid behind in his attempt to control his emotions, crumbled away and you could see just how exhausted he appeared. Your heart ached knowing that you were to blame for that. He had been waiting for your response to his confession for several weeks now, and you had always managed to avoid answering him.
You knew you needed to apologize to him, before anything else, so you stood up and hesitantly moved to stand before him. Fortunately for Satan, even with as close as you were, you were unable to hear the way his heart thudded rapidly against his chest. Or if you did, you didn’t mention it. Instead, you simply reached out for his hands and held them tightly, rubbing your thumbs along his knuckles.
“I’m sorry, Satan. I was...I was scared. And I acted childishly and selfishly. I should have spoken to you…”
Your apology was cut short when you suddenly felt his lips crash into yours. Taking advantage of your surprise, he wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you close, and with the other he gently cradled your head, holding you in place. It took a moment for your brain to catch up with what was happening, but once you finally realized you quickly looped your arms around Satan’s neck and deepened the kiss. You could feel him smiling against your lips when you did so, happy tears starting to spill from your eyes.
“I love you,” you whispered, when you finally broke away for air, “I’m sorry for not talking to you.”
Satan rested his forehead against yours, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on the back of your neck, “I guess you’ll have to make it up to me,” he teased.
“I guess so,” you laughed, before pulling back to look him in the eyes, “Are you sure you’re ok with this? With Lucifer and everyone I mean.”
“I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t prefer to have you all to myself. But,” he paused, tucking a few stray hairs behind your ear, “but I’m willing to work with you, to try to find a compromise we can all be happy with.”
“Really?” you could feel your tears threatening to spill again as your heart started to overflow with joy.
“Really. Will you promise me something though?”
“Of course, anything,” you said, wiping at your eyes, trying to fight off your tears.
“That you will talk with me if things change. And that we will be able to spend time together, just the two of us.”
Your vision blurred with tears, unable to hold them back any longer, “I promise. I’ll talk to you. About everything.”
“Good,” he whispered, gently kissing away your tears as they slid down your cheeks. You couldn’t stop smiling now if you even were to try. You threw your arms around his neck and hugged him as tight as you could manage, hoping to convey even a fraction of your happiness to him. When you felt him hug you back tightly, arms wrapped around your waist, you knew you had been successful.
Against all odds, and despite your fumbling attempts at dealing with your own emotions, you had managed to get everything you had wanted. Never in your wildest dreams could you have imagined things working out this way. Your arrival in the Devildom had been a lonely one. But you weren’t alone anymore. Not now, not ever.
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simtofu · 2 years
💜 Underdogs of Kpop Idol Challenge 💜
I love BTS and I got inspired to create a challenge based on how they got started! The BTS aspects are optional so that ARMYs can do them if they want, and others who just want to play a general kpop/idol challenge can skip them and still have fun. This challenge has many rules and guidelines, but they’re very flexible!
Here's a glimpse of the story:
You recently left your old company to start your own record label. In your early years, you were near bankruptcy. Now, you’re looking for some fresh faces to restart your company and keep your business afloat.
**Optional aspects marked with an asterisk* and bolded text.
**Requires Get Famous and City Living. Get Together would make it easier but it’s not necessary.
**I suggest reading through the challenge once before playing so you get a good idea of what’s expected of the challenge and you won’t be surprised by new aspects as they come up.
**Disclaimer: I use he/him pronouns when referring to the trainees because I’m thinking of the BTS members as I write this. However, there are no gender or life state requirements for this challenge!
If you decide to play, please tag me! I would love to see your gameplay :)
Also let me know if there’s anything I should add or change!
Have fun! 💜
You recently left your old company to start your own record label. In your early years, you were near bankruptcy. Now, you’re looking for some fresh faces to restart your company and keep your business afloat.
To start the challenge, you will be playing as the CEO of your own entertainment company.
Purchase a lot no bigger than 30x20. You are starting off small, but you will need to have room for your studio and a place for your 7 trainees* to live and practice.
(You can have between 4-7 trainees, depending on how difficult you want it to be, and if you are playing a BTS based challenge. You can also use mods to increase your household size, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it will be hard to juggle more than 7, plus your CEO).
*BTS lived in dorms near their studio, so you could build a dorm on the same lot but separate from the main building. But you can do this however you want as long as their on the same lot.*
You may start off with as much money as you need to buy yourself the following items AND NOTHING MORE:
Mix Master Music Station
More Views Video Station
A drone (begin with the cheapest one and you may upgrade later)
Start with one of each, you may add more later.
Practice room big enough to fit all 8 sims
A studio for music production and practice
A small dorm with 2 bedrooms that MUST be able to fit all 7 trainees, kitchen, bathroom, etc. using the mediocre furniture and appliances. Think “tiny house for 8 sims challenge” lol.
You can upgrade appliances and furniture as you accumulate money, but try not to make major renovations to the building or dorms yet. Trainees can buy personal items like games, books, etc.
Your own living space - Remember when building, you're on the verge of bankruptcy!
After you’re done building, cheat your money down to 1,000. You are a brand spanking new CEO coming from humble beginnings, so you won’t have much money to begin with.
Next, you will need to recruit your first trainee:
*an underground rapper who although had a bright academic future, decided to pursue his passion in music. You invited this trainee to audition after hearing about him from your friend.
In order to recruit this trainee:
*LOGIC SKILL needs to be at least level 3
MEDIA PRODUCTION SKILL needs to be at least level 2
Get to know him! So you can add him to your household after completing the skill requirements. You may want to develop the CHARISMA skill to help with this
*TRAINEE 1 traits: genius, gloomy, music lover
TRAINEE 1 aspiration: world famous celebrity
He finally agreed to join your company!
Every time you recruit a new trainee, you should do this:
Take pictures of them to post on Simstagram and sell to publishers.
Idols as trainees are generally not allowed to have social media, so you will have to be in charge until they are prepared to manage their own online presence (after all 7 trainees are recruited).
Make sure to become good enough friends with each of your trainees to be able to add them to your household.
If you have Get Together, have him form a group and name it your group’s name (for example: BTS, BlackPink, etc.) He will have to invite each trainee to this group since you are not in the group. It’s a good idea to start gatherings as often as possible while skill building so you can have enough points to add more members.
While you only have this one trainee:
Produce 1 song and 1 “music video” for him.
To make a music video, just use a drone to record the trainee dancing or doing anything you want your music video to be about. You need some money, so don’t forget to edit and release them!
Also take this time to have him practice producing his own music. One day he will be an incredible producer and rapper, so make sure to hone his skills!
Before recruiting the next trainee, make sure he is at least level 2 of the MEDIA PRODUCTION skill.
It’s important to note at this point that each of your trainees should be exercising and eating healthily to prepare for their long days and nights of practicing, so you should work on your cooking skill and possibly your own fitness skill so you can provide them balanced meals and train them properly.
You may change their appearances during training if you want to, but remember they are coming from humble beginnings and won’t have much money to buy fancy clothes.
Also, no relationships until after debut! Trainees have to focus on making a strong debut and securing a loyal fanbase!
You will now hold your very first audition to recruit more trainees. To prepare for this:
Level up your MEDIA PRODUCTION SKILL to at least 3
CHARISMA SKILL to at least 4
While you’re at it, pick up any instrument you want and start working on those skills. You will need to be able to write songs for your trainees eventually.
To hold auditions, travel around your world, looking for sims you want to come to your audition. Make sure you have a high enough relationship with them so you can invite them to hang out with you. For rappers and singers, use the karaoke machines. For dancers, try having a dance battle or have sims dance to music.
You will hold an audition looking for another rapper. Choose the best auditionee.
*He was also an underground rapper who struggled to make his mark known. Thanks to you, he will have that opportunity!
*TRAINEE 2 traits: perfectionist, loner, music lover
TRAINEE 2 aspiration: world famous celebrity
Produce TWO SONGS and TWO MUSIC VIDEOS for each trainee
Make sure to keep honing their skills!
Both trainees:
Pick up an instrument each to be able to write songs and lyrics
*The second trainee should pick up the piano skill.
DANCING level 2
It’s audition time again! This time, you’re looking for a dancer.
If you have Get Together, find a way to get the auditionees to show you their moves. The sim with the best dance moves will be your next trainee! (If you don’t have Get Together, you can decide who your next trainee from the audition will be in any way you want).
*TRAINEE 3 traits: dance machine, cheerful, music lover
TRAINEE 3 aspiration: world famous celebrity
Produce TWO SONGS and TWO MUSIC VIDEOS for each of them.
Keep them honing those skills! Before recruiting new members:
Trainees 1&2:
DANCING level 2
Trainee 3:
DANCING level 3
Auditions season has passed, but you’re still short 4 members for your group!
Travel around your world and see if you can find any sims with that star potential.
Find someone that has star-worthy looks and convince him to join your company.
Before he can join your company:
CHARISMA level 6
*You may also want to work on your COMEDY skill along the way, but this is not required.
Make sure your INSTRUMENT SKILL is high enough to write music, and why don’t you get started on your SINGING SKILL too? You’ll need to be able to write lyrics for your singers!
He trusts you enough and has decided to join your company!
He had no skills prior to joining, however, so you will have to work with him on his singing and dancing skills a little more closely. *He’s also extremely handsome. But this is neither here nor there :)
Before moving on to the next round of auditions:
Trainee 4:
SINGING level 3
DANCING level 3.
*TRAINEE 4 traits: foodie, goofball, music lover
TRAINEE 4 aspiration: world famous celebrity
Remember to keep up their fitness skill and healthy diet!
This is where things start to get a little interesting:
Trainees 1-3:
Produce two songs each and release them
Trainee 3:
DANCING maxed out
As for you:
Produce TWO SONGS for each of your trainees
Produce TWO MUSIC VIDEOS TOTAL before you recruit more trainees.
While watching TV, you spot a young boy with so much potential that you just had to have him in your group. Go travel around your world and find him to be your next main vocalist.
Before recruiting him:
SINGING level 6
CHARISMA level 8
Continue working on your instrument skill! A CEO should be good at every aspect if he wants to succeed.
Your 5th trainee has finally joined your company!
This trainee will be your Center, the Face of your group, your big money maker, if you will.
*This trainee and all trainees moving forward will still be teenagers and will need to go to school. Trainee 5 is the youngest member. You can implement this or not, up to you.
If you choose to implement this, make sure all the teenagers have an A grade in school before debut.
Before moving on to the next round of auditions
Trainee 5:
SINGING level 3
DANCING level 3
*TRAINEE 5 traits: dance machine, good (musical genius when he ages up)
TRAINEE 5 aspiration: world famous celebrity
Before the next audition:
Trainees 1-3:
Produce THREE SONGS each and release them.
All trainees:
Continue practicing DANCING and SINGING.
As for you:
Produce TWO SONGS for each of your trainees
Write TWO SONGS total on your instrument.
SINGING level 8
This is the second to last audition of the year! Hold auditions for another vocalist. The sim that sounds the best to you will be your next trainee!
Trainee 6:
SINGING level 3
DANCING level 3
*TRAINEE 6 traits: clumsy, music lover, (cheerful after aging up)
TRAINEE 6 aspiration: world famous celebrity
Trainees 1-3:
Produce 3 songs each and release them
If their INSTRUMENT skill is high enough, they can WRITE ONE SONG each; if not, continue having them practice until they can before the last audition.
If their SINGING skill is high enough, have them WRITE LYRICS on their instrument. If not, continue having them practice until they can before the last audition.
MEDIA PRODUCTION maxed out before the last audition
Trainee 3
DANCING maxed out before the last audition
All trainees
SINGING level 5 before the last audition
As for you:
Produce TWO SONGS for each of your trainees
Write TWO MORE SONGS on your instrument.
SINGING level 9, or you can max it out at this point if you wish. You yourself are not a singer, but you will be expected to write and compose songs for your trainees, so it’s important!
The time has come for the LAST SimHit audition of the year! Your goal is to find the last trainee for your rookie group; the last piece of the puzzle.
Have each auditionee sing and dance for you. The best sim will be your next and final trainee!
Make sure this trainee gets along well with the other trainees. In fact, make sure they all get along well. They’ll be working and living together every single day!
*TRAINEE 7 traits: dance machine, perfectionist, (music lover after aging up)
TRAINEE 7 aspiration: world famous celebrity
For the final phase of training:
Trainees 1-3:
Produce TWO SONGS each
Write TWO SONGS each
Write lyrics once each
All trainees except trainee 3:
DANCING level 4 (trainee 3 should be maxed out by this point)
Trainees 1-3 except trainee 2:
Trainee 2 should be maxed out in *piano at this point
Trainees 4-7:
Write ONE SONG each on the computer or their instrument
Write lyrics once each
All trainees:
SINGING level 8
As for you:
Produce ONE SONG for each trainee
MEDIA PRODUCTION, INSTRUMENT, and SINGING maxed out if not already
FINALLY! You finally have all your trainees ready to debut as a rookie group! Your trainees are ready to become established idols now. All there’s left to do is produce some pre-debut content...
Go busking 4 times, once at the beginning of each season. Take pictures to post!
You may buy busking equipment if you wish but I don’t think it’s necessary.
Take updated pictures of each member individually to sell and post to Simstagram.
At this point, your trainees can post to Simstagram and dive into their social media presence.
No sponsorships, no brand deals, no merchandise, etc. until after debut.
Try to take a group picture of all 7 members together to sell and post.
If not possible:
First 3 trainees together
Last 4 trainees together
Produce 3 songs, write 3 songs, and produce 3 music videos, one for each of these sub-units:
*Trainees 1, 2, and 4
*Trainees 3, 5, and 7
*Trainees 3, 5, 6, and 7
All trainees - SINGING and DANCING maxed out
Before the fan meeting, make sure your trainees are at least level 7 in the CHARISMA skill.
Host a fan meeting to announce your debut! Make a good impression on your fans, they’ll be with you guys through thick and thin.
This can be done by having one of the members hold a meet and greet but have all members attend.
Use fan meetings to increase your reputation; idols should always be good influences for their fans, and your idols are the best around!
At this point, you can update their looks in CAS to prepare them for their debut. Your trainees have been preparing for hours and hours, working on their singing, dancing, and music making so they can have a strong debut. They’re no longer your doe-eyed trainees. Now they will be the monster rookies that all the other idol groups are jealous of.
You may also renovate your building and the dorms with the money you have accumulated at this point.
You could have also done renovations as you accumulated money if you prefer it that way, but for the sake of the “underdog” storyline, renovate all at once at this point!
For the debut:
Have your idols busk from 12-8 and produce 2 music videos with all of them in it.
You should produce TWO SONGS.
Trainees 1-3 produce ONE SONG EACH
Hold a fan meet and greet (this will be the debut showcase).
Merch, sponsorships, brand deals, etc. can begin after the debut showcase.
Congratulations! You’ve created an idol group that will exceed everyone’s expectations!
*You can end this challenge after their debut, or you can choose to keep playing. The final end to this challenge will be when all your idols reach level 5 fame and the highest good reputation possible.
Should you choose to continue, you should follow this schedule for future comebacks and promotions:
Each season is a new comeback season. You need to schedule 4 things to do at the start of every season:
Have the whole group go busking from 12-8 in their home world (ex. if your lot is in Willowcreek, busk somewhere there).
Have the whole group travel (or vacation) in a different world and busk from 12-8 (ex. vacation in Mt. Komorebi and busk somewhere there). Give them a day or two to have fun and explore if possible!
For these, 5 new songs must be prepared and 2 music videos must be produced.
You may produce one for them if you want to, but trainees 1-3 should produce the rest.
Being an idol is definitely rewarding, but it is definitely not easy. Sims are lucky that they only need to do this once a week.
Host a meet and greet some time during the year, every year. This will be like the fan meetings.
Attend the Starlight Accolades whenever they come up, despite being nominated or not.
After doing 2-3 years with this schedule, you may renovate your building and dorms again. Or you can renovate as you go, like before.
After a few more years, you can move your idols into their own homes. Add yourself to the group to be able to start club gatherings everyday on your lot.
For those of you who are ARMYs, you can continue the challenge even after reaching the highest level of fame and reputation. You already know what each of their passions and interests are so you can change their traits and aspirations as you see fit (Namjoon would love the outdoors, Taehyung would be interested in art, etc.) and continue playing their story.
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notpikaman · 2 days
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thesims4blogger · 2 years
The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: Developer Blog (Part 1)
SimGuruConnor has released part 1 of the Sims 4 Paranormal Developer Blog series.
Tumblr media
Hello Simmers! Welcome to a small 2-part Dev Blog about our newest Stuff Pack, Paranormal Stuff! This pack has been an absolute blast to work on, and I’m excited to share what this pack is all about!
Tumblr media
I’ll try not to reveal too many spoilers for the pack either, so I’ll keep things somewhat brief. Our topics for today are the new Scared Mood and the Haunted House Lot Type, plus an interview with our Audio Artist too!
Get Scared
Sims can now relish in the mortal dread of the Scared Mood! The Scared Mood affects Sims in a variety of ways, with my personal favorite, the new Scream Incoherently interaction, where a Scared Sim runs up to another Sim to scream their lungs out. This can result in the other Sim calming down the Scared Sim, or resulting in both Sims becoming Scared. This can create a Scared Mood wildfire if you’re not careful!
Tumblr media
Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's okay!
Sims afflicted with the Scared Mood also have trouble communicating with others, the urge to panic-run everywhere, and are slightly more prone to accidents. If no other Sims are around to help calm down a Scared Sim, they might just have to Hide Under The Covers for a while.
But if being Scared just isn’t your Sims style, consider purchasing the new Brave Trait. This Satisfaction Reward Store Trait will rapidly reduce the incoming fear a Sim feels and help Sims regain their composure faster. While no Sim is totally fearless, this trait should help mitigate some of those creepy feelings.
The Scared Mood and the Brave Reward Trait are all base game features coming with the Paranormal Stuff patch on January 21st. Tons of previous Uncomfortable Buffs are now becoming Scared Buffs, such as the “Startled By Ghost” Buff or the “Thalassophobia” Buff from Island Living.
While being Scared might not be a common occurrence in your everyday Sims life, living in a Haunted House is a whole different story…
Happy Haunts
Introducing the Haunted House Lot Type!
Tumblr media
The Duplantier Dwelling, created by Doctor Ashley! This “canon” Haunted House will be available in the gallery!
They’re like regular houses, only haunted! Although unassuming during the day, at night, these places get super weird. Your Sims may notice things like flickering lights, pipes rattling, or even creepy dolls staring at them in the corner. All are totally normal occurrences in a Haunted House, but it may take some time for your Sims to adjust to their new surroundings.
Sims living in a Haunted House will also be introduced to floating apparitions known as Specters. They’re cute little critters, but their motives aren’t entirely clear. You can try talking to them, or even offer them presents in hopes of establishing a good rapport. If they like you, they’ll drop special loot for you and your family. If they don’t like you, well, you’ve been warned.
Tumblr media
o o o (> ‘ u ‘ )>
Learning to get along with your new ghostly inhabitants is crucial in a Haunted House. Things like botching seances, neglecting Specters, or letting accursed objects invade your house will have a negative impact on its spiritual serenity. There is a delicate art to co-existing with the entities of the house, and thankfully you’ll have an expert on the matter to assist you!
Meet Guidry
Claude René Duplantier Guidry was a seasoned Paranormal Investigator in his previous life, but now he exists to help anyone brave enough to live in a Haunted House! You’ll probably run into him eventually living in a Haunted House, but don’t worry, he’s a nice ghost!
Guidry will gladly offer his wisdom to those who seek it. If you’re confused, alarmed, or slightly uncomfortable by your new haunted surroundings, give Guidry a holler and he might be able to help. He can also offer valuable objects to help your Sims, too; all you need is to reach out!
Tumblr media
Still got it.
All Guidry wants in return is to crash at your place for the time being. Sounds like a fair deal, right? But if you’d prefer to fly it solo, you can always disable his nightly visits—he won’t be too upset, maybe.
As mentioned before, Guidry was a Paranormal Investigator before his untimely demise. If he sees potential in you, he can certify you with a Paranormal Investigation License, granting access to the Paranormal Investigation Freelancer Gigs. Only those who are qualified enough can join the ranks of Paranormal Investigators, but more on that next time!
Be Brave!
Living in a Haunted House adds a layer of risk and reward for your Sims, and each successful night yields Reward Store Satisfaction Points for everyone in the Household. Specters can also drop treasure that can also be collected, consumed, or sold to an Oddity Collector. So although your Sims might go through a bit of peril, they’ll thankfully be compensated.
One of my favorite pieces of haunted treasure is the new Sacred Candle. Not only do they look cool, but they also help protect Sims from paranormal influences. Place them around your house to make sure Sims are properly shielded!
Tumblr media
A properly protected Sim.
Things like Sacred Candles and performing ceremonies at the Séance Table are integral to keeping your Sims happy in a Haunted House. Without using these paranormal tools, the entities of the house might get a little bossy.
And while it might be in your Sims’ best interest to keep the spirits of the house in check, watching things go horribly wrong in a Haunted House can be just as fun too. So whatever works for you!
Tumblr media
Like Tiny Homes, this Lot Type can be toggled on or off at any time. So whether you’re a casual thrillseeker who wants to spend a couple of nights in a Haunted House, or a seasoned Paranormal Expert who wants to take on a new challenge, this Lot Type should offer something for you!
Crosspack Stuff!
Pets get to share the fun too! They especially love the accursed objects that show up!
Tumblr media
I think they’re gonna get along great.
As mentioned before, a ton of old Buffs from multiple packs are now being converted to the Scared Mood. I think 70 something Moodlets were converted? Honestly, I lost count. Anything that seemed more appropriate for the Scared Mood was transferred over.
Oh, and you might remember an old Lot Trait from City Living called Haunted. For clarity’s sake, it needed a name change, so now it’s the Spooky Lot Trait. It also benefits from being combined with the new Haunted House Lot Type and will have an increased chance of spawning Ghosts at night. So use both for maximum haunted-ness!
Audibly Frightened
Last but not least, I’d love to turn it over to our Audio Artist for this pack, Briana Billups! She did a killer job bringing Haunted Houses to life! Trust me!
Conor: Can you tell us what an Audio Artist does on The Sims 4?
Briana: Big, broad picture: an audio artist decides what everything in The Sims 4 sounds like. We record, create, and edit sounds to the art and animation of the game. Little, very detailed picture: creating the actual sounds is usually one of the smaller aspects of our job. We are meeting with other departments, like design, animation, and VFX, to understand the overall vision of new game features and how we can fit in sonically. We are meeting with each other to make sure all our new content still keeps the very fun and quirky vibe of the Sims. We come up with new tools and implementation where necessary.
Conor: What sort of things go into the creative process for creating audio?
Briana: Every audio artist/sound designer has their own creative process, but I like to make a “sonic mood board” of sorts. I typically like to have a good idea of what I want something to sound like in my head before I record or edit it, so it’s nice to have sound effects or music to refer to that represents my original inspiration or ideas. When I was in college, I would make Spotify playlists for whatever I was working on. I would listen to them once a day, adding and editing as necessary, so when I actually got to work, I was in the right headspace. Now I’m usually less formal about this sort of stuff, but for this pack, I would refer back to things like Vincent Price’s demonic laugh from Thriller or Casper the Friendly Ghost Cartoons and the looping soundtrack from the queue of a horror ride at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Ghost Blasters)
Conor: What were you most excited to work on for this pack?
Briana: Definitely all the haunted house sounds! Good sound design is the crux of so many horror movies and video games, so even if we were keeping things more “Casper” and less “Poltergeist,” I still wanted to give a good scare here and there. I actually scared myself one day while playtesting another feature in the game!
Conor: If you had to choose, what is your favorite audio clip you’ve ever added to The Sims 4?
Briana: I would say my favorite SFX were the sports arena loops in EP08: Discover University. When you visit the arena for the soccer/esports match or graduation, you can actually listen to the whole game or ceremony. It was great to craft a whole story from start to finish using just sound. I also snuck in a lot of developer names when writing the scripts for our voice actors.
Thanks, Briana!
More To Come!
That about covers this first foray into the Paranormal Stuff Pack! This pack has been a ton of fun to work on, and watching my Sims flee in terror has been more enjoyable than I’d like to admit.
Next blog, we’ll focus on the Séance Table and developing your Medium skill, as well as the new active freelance career Paranormal Investigator.
Big thanks to the Stuff Pack team for helping this pack come to life, and thank you, Doctor Ashley, for building our featured Haunted House!
Until next time, SimGuruConor
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imreszekeres · 1 year
How long have you had Pierce? Was he an oc for something specific? What's he like?
I made Pierce as a BTD-inspired murderboi OC back in ~2017. He's a strange lad! He rarely eats, and when he does it's never a full meal. He doesn't necessarily have an ED, he just... Think Johnny the Homicidal Maniac; some human body functions are deemed unnecessary/gross to him. Most he'll eat is a bread roll and some butter. Some goes with drinking, he'll let himself get so dehydrated that his piss turns orange. XD That's his main weakness, he's not in great physical shape. He's stick-thin with massive, dark, permanent eyebags, and his stamina is only available in big yet short bursts. Overall not great for a murderer.
That being said, his looks are... not traditionally attractive? I personally think he's hot but thats because Im sick in the head. XD He's obviously got a skinny face, and his skin is tan (He's Hispanic and white mixed.) yet somehow pasty at the same time because this boy does not eat. He's 5'10", has a little muscle mass from work, and has a cute (but not thicc) butt XD His nose is rounded not pointy, and it's more wide than long. His nails are always coated in chipped black polish and he wears atrocious e-boy clothes because... I like it. X_X He would absolutely have a Tiktok following if he wasnt afraid of large social platforms.
As for his personality, he doesnt think about himself much (obviously), so he kinda does the bare minimum for survival. He inherited a house from his grandma because they were extremely close and his parents didnt need it. This house is quite small, but it has two stories (one main, one loft bedroom. I'll be glad to draw a diagram if anyone needs it.) and a basement. Think one of those tiny homes in the Sims but with a Strade basement. XD He also has the world's shittiest (yet somehow reliable?) little Toyota. To maintain the house, himself, and his serial dating habits, he works at a local Starbucks. :V full time ofc. He spends his free time on dating apps hoping to find 1) validation 2) a partner 3) a new victim 4) ALL OF THE ABOVE <3?!
I consider him a yandere. He uses a scythe, hunting knives, and if you're really bad, he'll throw stuff at you. Anything he can find. Bricks, knives, rocks, planks of wood, anything within reach as he blows up at you can and will be hurled at your tied up body. He's obsessed with love and wants a perfect partner. Someone who doesnt object, loves him unconditionally, etc... Basically a doll with stockholm syndrome X__X. He also has a raging case of unmedicated BPD (I have it too dont @ me.) so expect SERIOUS mood swings and irrational splitting.
If you were somehow "good" to him, you could absolutely have a good life. He'll work hard to make you happy, cook for you (he's ok at it. not perfect.), bring you home experimental drinks, etc. Hes a romantic at heart so if youre a flowers and candy kinda person, you have the right guy. XD He genuinely does love you in his own fucked up way. One big difference between him and traditional murderbois is that he can be "fixed" in regards to his... habits, but it's more difficult than you'd think and would involve years of trust building.
Please ask me more if you want! I am an open book about my OCs and love answering qs about them!! theyre my life! <3
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oatberrytea · 1 year
Hello, little baby! How have you been? I’m perfectly fine, if you ask! I wonder if you build your houses from scratch or do you use empty houses as templates and decorate them? I find it hard to build a home because I get many weird bugs!🤦🏽‍♀️ Also, I tend to build tiny houses because I think they feel more lively and cute, but then I hardly find any more space to add more things later xD I wonder what are your opinions about big homes(talking about the house itself, not the whole lot) and building a home from scratch! Hope you have a wonderful day! ☀️
Hello, dear one! I've been very well thank you for asking, I'm happy you've been as well ☺️ As for building, I've done both, I've built from scratch and I've used shells as well, it depends on my motivation in the moment and what I'm wanting to make. I like to peruse the gallery so I often find lots that I absolutely love and want to use or am inspired by. If I ever I do use a gallery lot I always Oakwood-ify it to fit with the rest of my lots.
As for small or large homes it depends on your needs I think. I currently have four sims and one raccoon so I need a lot of space for them to move about, though not too big because I do like a cozy, cushy home. I like a big kitchen and living area but the rest of the house can be on the smaller side. What is really very important to me as well however, is the landscaping and area around the house, which is why I tend to go for the larger lot sizes. I need enough space for a few big trees and a good sized garden space at the very least!
I hope that answered your question and helped in some way! 🦆
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acrisisofbeholding · 2 years
All the Many Shades of Gerry - Chapter 7
Chapters: 7/19
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Martin Blackwood/Gerard Keay/Jonathan “Jon” Sims | The Archivist, Martin Blackwood/Gerard Keay, Martin Blackwood/Jonathan “Jon” Sims | The Archivist, Gerard Keay/Jonathan “Jon” Sims | The Archivist
Characters: Martin Blackwood, Jonathan “Jon” Sims | The Archivist, Gerard Keay, Tim Stoker (The Magnus Archives), Sasha James, Gertrude Robinson, Elias Bouchard
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Library AU, Librarian Jon, Artist Gerry, Trans Male Character, Trans Martin Blackwood, Canon Asexual Character, Asexual Jonathan “Jon” Sims | The Archivist, Ace Subtype - Sex Positive, Polyamory, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Romantic Fluff, Falling In Love, Boys in Skirts, Kissing, Demisexual Gerard Keay, Minor Character Death, Past Character Death, Canon-Typical Child Neglect, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Flirting, Minor Jonathan “Jon” Sims | The Archivist/Tim Stoker, Adventures in Hair Dying, Happy Ending, Banter, Gerry has a lot of sass, Gerard Keay is Morticia Adams, Jon is a very grumpy Librarian, Martin adores them anyway.
Summary: In which Gerry is a kaleidoscope and Jon and Martin can’t help falling in love with him.
He happens to love them back.
Find it on Ao3
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
They are absolutely trashing Martin's bathroom, but he can't bring himself to mind. Not even if it costs him the security deposit on his ridiculous, tiny flat.
Gerry is sitting in the empty bathtub, stripped to his briefs, laughing so hard that tears roll down his checks, tracking black eyeliner with them, and Jon is sitting on the edge of the tub and trying to keep track of which pieces of hair have been dyed while Gerry refuses to keep his head still. Martin is sitting on the floor next to them and holding the bowls of varying shades of purple dye.
The dye itself is flying everywhere, between four hands attempting to apply it and Gerry's apparent inability to keep stationary and stop laughing for even one second.
"Gerry! Keep still," Jon yells in his best teacher voice. His imperious tone is demanding, but the grin on his face rather undercuts it.
"Can't," Gerry insists, pulling his head down (with dye covered hands) to press their lips together. The kiss is sweet, but Jon doesn't appreciate all the new places it covers him in hair dye.
"Gerry, it might all go more smoothly if you just let Jon and I do it for you." Martin advises him.
Gerry pouts, "Letting the men in my life just do things without my participation wouldn't be a very 'strong independent woman' move on my part."
"You're not a woman," Jon points out drolly, "Besides, what does that say about me, with the way you two are always arranging to pay for everything we do and everywhere we go?"
"It says you have two incredibly attractive men who like to do nice things for you." Martin tells him firmly, as he always does when the topic arises. They all hear Jon's eyes roll.
"Gerry," Martin starts in the voice he knows gets just the right response from him. "Stop being a brat and. Sit. Still."
Gerry sits still. Martin kisses him to inspire continued good behavior, and Gerry's teal eyes practically glow in a way that fills Martin with supreme satisfaction.
With their target stationary, Martin and Jon make quick work of Gerry's remaining hair.
He is ordered to stay put in the bathtub while it sits, and Martin starts cleaning up the bathroom. Jon heads into the shower to avoid being dyed in a plethora of bizarre places.
Martin goes to return the dye to Gerry's hair product box, and pauses with his hand in it.
Gerry, sensing Martin's distraction, jumps up to go over and stand behind him. Martin settles back into the warmth of his chest, and Gerry's arms snake around him.
"You would look very fetching in that colour," Gerry whispers enticingly in Martin's ear.
"You think?" Martin murmurs back, eyebrows rising in consideration.
"Yes," he replies, leaning forward to bite Martin's ear lightly. "Please."
"Whatever might you two be consorting about over there," Jon demands cheerily, emerging from the shower wrapped in his towel.
"Martin was just about to agree to become the next hair dying victim." Gerry informs him confidently, snaking an arm around Jon's shoulders and bringing him in close so he too can see the bottle sitting in Martin's hand.
"Oh." Jon says in a reverent sort of voice. "Yes, I think that's a very good idea indeed."
Martin sits still much better than Gerry did, and Gerry does his hair himself, Jon having already rid himself of persistent stains and wandered off to make something for lunch.
Gerry pushes Martin in front of a mirror (not Martin’s favourite pastime, but for Gerry, he suffers it) and they both look at him. Gerry grins. “It’ll look better in the end obviously, but what do you think, love?”
“I like it, actually.” Martin whispers, like a confession.
“Actually? I expect more self-confidence than that from my masterpieces, babe.” They laugh and sway together in front of the mirror.
“I love it, thank you.” Martin turns in Gerry’s arms and they kiss slowly and thoroughly.
Martin presses his hands along Gerry’s bare sides and up along his spine, where he knows a line of eyes is inked along each vertebrae.
Gerry keeps his hands on Martin’s chest, in an effort to keep their respective hair dye where it belongs, although his hands cling to Martin's shoulders and push and pull in response to their movements.
“Really you two? I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you’re both half naked and making out?” Jon interrupts them from the doorway, his words soft and appreciative.
“We could be even more naked, if you're interested in that?” Gerry offers, winking at him.
“Could we?” Martin asks, apparently just wondering out loud.
Gerry raises a suggestive eyebrow at him. “We definitely could be.” Gerry smirks, "You are familiar with how nudity works, yes?" He illustrates his point by pulling at the waistband of Martin's briefs and letting them snap back into his hip.
"Yes, I am familiar." Martin growls into his mouth, biting his lip for good measure. "Care to join, Jon?"
"Maybe when there's less hair dye on the table, so to speak. Ger, your timer went off, you'd better jump into the shower and wash off."
"Yes, sir." Gerry pecks Martin one last time, salutes Jon and strips off to hop into the shower.
Martin flushes at his casual nudity, and a heavy look passes between him and Jon.
Taken with Martin's pink laden head, Jon can't resist going over and pressing just one kiss to Martin's soft lips.
Later, when the bathroom is clean and everyone has washed, dry hair, they all pile around Martin's sitting room, a documentary playing softly in the background. Martin's new soft pink hair looks even better dry and Jon had whispered to Gerry conspiratorially that it reminded him of Martin's sweet early morning blush.
Martin is braiding Gerry's now wildly purple hair, and Gerry has convinced a reluctant Jon to let him paint his nails.
"We really shouldn't." Jon protests, even as Gerry paints on the base coat. His own nails are painted black, of course. His artist's eye appreciates Jon's neat, smooth nails, and he considers what kind of tiny designs he might be able to sneak onto them at some point.
"Why not? I used to paint your nails all the time when we were younger. That's where I got most of my early practice."
"I'm not a teenager anymore, Gerard. I have a professional job!" Jon complains, but Gerry knows these are only nerves, not lack of desire.
"Oooh, Gerard!" Martin coos, before tumbling into a laugh. "There's nothing in the dress code that says you can't have painted nails, Jon. And we all know you like having them done."
"That's meant for women, and you know it, Martin." Jon protests.
Gerry and Martin both stop their tasks abruptly to stare at him. "Jon, babe," Gerry can barely contain himself. "You are wearing a skirt. Martin has pink hair. I'm getting my absurdly long hair braided - into pigtails. I don't think any of us are exactly paragons of toxic masculine stereotypes."
"Besides," Martin adds, when he can speak calmly without tumbling into hysterical laughter, "there's no gender specific dress code at the library. All it says is 'If nails are painted, they must be neat and unchipped.'"
Jon looks askance at both of them, crossing his skirt clad legs primly.
"Come on," Gerry encourages gently, "It's just this one time. If you don't like it, we can take it off before you go to work on Monday morning. Or while you're at work on Monday. Or in an hour. Or anytime at all. It's just one small adventure."
"I know it's been a while, love." Martin pitches in, "But, don't worry, Gerry will be gentle."
Jon ends up with green nails, which he likes very much. Gerry is enamored with his braids, and begs Martin to teach him to do it himself. Martin is simply delighted to have a house full of laughter and colour for the first time in his life.
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thessalian · 2 years
Thess vs Video Game Romance
Random Googling to identify a place name in Horizon Zero Dawn that I’d tripped over but couldn’t pinpoint to a location ended with me tripping over something that I really didn’t expect. I mean, I probably should have expected the thing, but I did not expect the thing.
Basically, for some reason, asking where “the Cut” is in HZD will get related queries about romances in this game, and more to the point, complaints about there not being any. I also found a top ten list of games that people wish had romances in them, HZD being one of them. Other items on that list included “remaster Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Fallout 3 to let us have romances”, Final Fantasy XIV, Monster Hunter World (”Because we’re allowed to have a house; why not a spouse?” was the theory) ... and fucking Dark Souls - something about, “Why not a tiny bit of light to shine in the darkness of the world?”
How about because “that’s not the point”?
Now, I like a good video game romance as much as the next person. This is a lot of why I play Bioware games. But let’s be fair here: the romance - not just a particular romance, but the entire concept of romance - needs to fit into the game’s structure from both the narrative and gameplay perspectives, or it’s just going to feel shoehorned in and distract from the game’s themes. Some games just aren’t built to have a romance in them. Does that leave the option for fanfic romance later? Yes. Yes, it does. Like, @galleywinter has an entire fic series sort of thing that covers exactly that, in an AU sort of way. That’s pretty awesome, as it goes - means that the NPC is developed enough to want to have an IC relationship with and that there’s scope within the game to make a character with thoughts and feelings rather than just an avatar to hit things and get loot. But trying to shoehorn an in-game romance like that into the structure of a MMO like World of Warcraft? Nope. The only MMO I’ve seen that’s successfully done in-game NPC romance is, again, Bioware - with Star Wars: The Old Republic. And even that’s kind of kept off to the side somewhat, and is a lot to do with Bioware’s attempt at keeping the single-player experience and the multiplayer experience very separate. TOR has you there for your character’s story, whichever one you happen to be playing at the time (at least until the Makeb thing and beyond broke off from the “each class gets its own story” thing the game had going on). That works ... moderately.
By ‘the structure of the game’, what I mean is ... well, companions. Bioware games have you taking at least one companion around. TOR gives you one. Mass Effect gives you two. Dragon Age? Three. Thus it’s pretty easy to have your NPC love interest tagging along with you, which is what you want when you’re in love, right? Skyrim and Fallout 4 also have that, with Skyrim having the added advantage of “You have a house and if your spouse isn’t the adventuring type, they can stay home and you can come back to them to tell stories of what you’ve been up to and just Be With Your Partner”. That works fine. The thing is, the game’s mechanics and world set-up allow for that. A lot of the other games ... not so much.
Horizon Zero Dawn, for instance. Aloy is a Seeker. She hasn’t considered herself to have a permanent home since the Hero’s Journey thing kicked off in usual Dead Mentor style with the mess at the Proving. She’s been nominally alone for most of her life and she’s pretty clearly still not sure whether to trust people being nice to her. Flirtation is not something she necessarily recognises and it’s clear from when Erend does it that she’s just like, “What the fuck?” and it takes awhile to get past that. That’s character stuff, but there’s also logistical issues. Without a permanent living space, she doesn’t have anyplace for a spouse to just ... stay. And having an AI companion following her around would get really problematic for some of the stealth stuff that people enjoy in this game because either the companion’s AI would have to be incredibly good (which ... we just aren’t there yet) or the enemies’ AI would have to be programmed not to notice your companion, like in TLOU1. So it’s theoretically possible, but awkward and would distract from that feeling of quiet discovery that makes this game what it is. (Plus if you went for Varl, you’d have issues where you’re going into ancient ruins all the time and he’d be exiled for that.)
Do I support writing fanfic of Aloy figuring out romance with whichever NPC a player chooses? Hell yes. Do I support it being crammed into the actual game? Hell no.
Final Fantasy XIV ... it’s a MMO. I’ve already discussed why that kind of thing doesn’t normally work in MMOs. Plus there are too many NPCs, no voiced PC dialogue, and too much else to do without having to stop mid-quest to head wherever in the world your NPC crush is. If they’re not doing something rash, getting possessed and/or getting themselves killed, anyway. Again, I totally get it and at least one of my Warriors of Light had quite the crush on Thancred (largely while he was still being voiced by Taliesin Jaffe). But I can write that quite happily, if I want to, without actually having it acted out for me by little computer avatars.
Dark Souls ... I mean, come on, don’t even start. There’s hardly any human beings in that game. And one female-presenting ... being ... deciding to not kill you does not a romance make. Unless someone’s seriously suggesting shoehorning in a love interest from ... like, where? You’re an undead deciding the fate of the world; where the hell does getting smoochy with someone come in? “Let’s have a bit of light in the darkness of that world” my arse; I don’t even play Dark Souls and I know that’s not the point. Same situation as Horizon Zero Dawn, really - why do we need romance when there’s so much else to do and explore? When are we going to find time for it in between hunts? Is it supposed to happen during the hunting and exploration and awe-inspiring discoveries? Isn’t that going to break the ‘contemplative solitude’ mood that adds to this game’s richness and depth?
There’s an issue, I think, where the line between “a game should be accessible to everyone” and “a game needs to appeal to everyone” has been either erased or is so mobile that it becomes just a lump of, “a game should be accessible to me personally, all the time, and cater to my every whim”. I would personally love to play Dark Souls for the whole “the world tells the story” bit but I know that the mechanics would piss me off and the lack of a story mode is a deal-breaker for me from a health perspective as much as anything else. It’s FromSoftware’s prerogative to refuse to add a story mode. I may complain, but that’s on a sheer accessibility level.
The other place I may complain - and even then only a little - is when a game that does allow romances doesn’t allow the romance I would personally like. That’s only a minor annoyance, though, because romance is part of the structure of the narrative and the gameplay, and there’s this character that matches up perfectly with my own and the game says I can’t romance them. But again, that’s what fanfic’s for, and the only reason I sulk a little is that feeling of, “I can romance someone else but it’s just not the same”.
What I won’t do is demand that the structure and narrative mood of a game be substantially altered to shoehorn in a romance that I can create far, far better in fanfic. Not everything needs to happen on the screen. Video games are supposed to fire the imagination, not take its place. If you want your character to have any romance, with any NPC in any video game ever? That is exactly what fanfic’s for. And no writer, no matter how good a writer they are, will ever tailor romantic dialogue so exactly to your tastes as you will. So instead of demanding they try ... do so yourself. Or play a game whose structure allows romance.
Basically there’s a difference between demanding concessions for the disabled and demanding unnecessary shoehorned narrative elements because of personal preference. Honestly, things like that fall under the “Be careful what you wish for” category for me - I understand why they’re asking, to a point, but I think what they’d get if their dreams of romances in these games came true would probably be far less satisfying than they think for those specific games that weren’t designed to fit romance into their themes, plot and mechanics. It’s fair if all they want is a dating sim, but there are some perfectly good dating sims with combat! That’s kind of what Bioware does now (sorry, guys, but it’s true).
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shrimppebbles · 2 years
Through the Generations
Tumblr media
there’s probably another challenge named this, but I am not good at names, so I’m keeping it
*this challenge is currently unfinished as I am play testing it and fell into a rut, but feel free to start from this point*
this challenge is a free forming challenge meant for me to hopefully enjoy the sims more and have structured legacy that I like without anything that seems to hard. this legacy can be bended however you want and the gens played in whatever order you want (each gen however has a backstory and will not work if you switch them around, so create your own backstory if you switch generations around) there are a lot of pack requirements I didn’t intend to make, but you can skip those or modify them to your will.
Also, feel free to play with siblings and such to make fun family trees, just make sure to have “auto-age current household only” on!
we’ll get into all the rules below the cut to make it neat, but incase I ever delete my tumblr or it gets deactivated, HERE is a google doc of the rules too 
@sims4challenges​ @ts4-challengenet​
Some Basics before we get into the Generations
Heirs are whoever you choose unless specified 
You can give the next generation however much of the family funds of the current generation as you choose
Piggy-backing off of that, unless specified you can use however many funds you want to build/buy new lots
You can create sims to be your spouse and add them into the world unless specified
Any lifespan length is fine, although regular is recommended
Start each gen at young adult unless specified 
You can have pets in any generation unless otherwise specified
You can have same-sex or hetero couples per each generation (your choice). In same-sex couples, you may adopt or use a mod that will allow try for baby and pregnancy between them
and lastly...have fun and please tag me if you play or use the tag #ThrGen, I’d love to see it!
Generation one: A Big Happy Family 
family oriented, [your choice], [your choice]
any family aspiration
You grew into young adulthood with absolutely no-one, no siblings or parents, it’s not something you would wish onto your worst enemies, let alone your own family. You vow to make a large, happy family for your own children and never want to lead a boring life for your kids
Marry one of the first sims your spouse meets
Have 10 children (you can use mods if you wish, but just replacing them as they move out is fine)
You can live in whichever world you want, just pick the biggest lot of that respective world
Paint, write, or any other work from home job (your spouse may hold a part-time job or do the same)
Max the parenting, cooking, and charisma skills
Grow a nice little veggie garden
Have good relationship with all children
Most of your children should have the happy toddler trait and at least one positive character trait
Generation two: Work, Work, Work
 [your choice], [your choice], [your choice]
fabulously wealthy aspiration
You didn’t hate growing up in a full, loud house, but you saw how much your parents sacrificed of their own freedom and ambitions for you and you never want your family to come in between your dreams and you like that. So you move to the city to build up a career for yourself completely kid free.
Move to San Myshuno, working from a small apartment up to a penthouse
Reach level ten in either the Business or Politician careers (you can pick which branch)
Take any career opportunities the game offers you
Only after you reach the top of your career can you look for a serious relationship (you can have one night hook ups here and there if you wish, just nothing serious)
The only way you can intentionally boost fun is by listening to the radio or watching the television
Have a child with your spouse once you complete your aspiration (this should be into adulthood, the older you are the better)
Only have one child building a strong relationship with them and spoiling them rotten
If you or your spouse dies of old age, the respective partner should also die in some manner shortly after (to set up for the next gen)
Generation three: All on my Own?
snobby, [your choice] , [your choice]
start with whatever aspiration you think fits, but change it to and complete the Friend of The Animals aspiration
With the sudden passing of both your parents, you have no idea what do with yourself and how to live on your own. In a rash decision, you sell the penthouse and all it’s belongings. You blow through all this money quite quickly on drinks and gambling until you have barely enough money to move out to a small house on the coast (you will probably need to cheat this, just cheat it down to 20,000). There you try to find yourself and make a life for your new normal. After job after job, you notice the amount of strays in the area, which inspires you to open a small family clinic
Do as the description above says, only starting once both of your parents are dead
Move to Brindleton Bay
“Try” (you can just work at them for a couple days) three different jobs before deciding to open a small vet clinic
adopt at least five animals over the course of your life
You can meet your spouse wherever (perhaps the clinic) and have 2 children with them
Take your children on trips to different parks, museums, etc., every week
Max the pet training and veterinary skills
Generation four: The Nuclear Family
athletic, paranoid, [your choice]
strangerville mystery aspiration and successful lineage aspiration 
Your parents always encouraged you to pursue what you wanted, but also encouraged economic conscious and independence. Not sure what you want to do, you enlist in the army and move to StrangerVille, trying to figure out what you want, but as your there, you get enveloped into what’s going on
As a teen, have a part time job
move into the trailer park in StrangerVille
Enlist in the Military
Complete the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration
After finally taking down The Mother, you are finally able to decipher what you wanted, a Writer. You leave your position in the military and pick up a job at the local paper (the writer career), where you tell your stories of your adventures and other strange happenings in Strangerville. At the paper, you meet your spouse and settle down to have a few children with them. But still feeling unsatisfied, you find solace in a stranger at a bar and do things very questionable as a married sim.
Move to the Suburbs of StrangerVille
Become a writer and choose the Journalism path
Meet your spouse at work
Have 3 children (preferably at least one boy and one girl)
Cheat on your spouse with someone you meet at the bar (this can be a one time thing or a continuous theme)
Complete the Successful Lineage Aspiration
Max the Writing Skill
Generation five:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
green fiend, perfectionist, [your choice]
Eco Innovator Aspiration 
Sensing something was always off in your parents marriage, you wanted everything else in life to be perfectly in your control to balance it out. One of the biggest problems that seemed to be out of your control however, was the environment and the negative impacts of it, until you learned about a little town on the coast, Evergreen Harbor. There people of your similar mind lived and coexisted, working on creating a community of a better environment. So, soon after your eighteenth birthday, you pack your bags and move. 
Move to Evergreen Harbor
Always live in a tiny home, the smaller, the better
Grow a garden of at least ten different plants
Go into the Civil Designer Career, specifically the Green Technician Branch (you can also choose the conservationist career, just cheat the aspiration go
Concerned about their environmental impacts, have only one child, you can either by adopt or a have a one night stand resulting in a child ( you can be in contact and be in a relationship with the child’s parent, but they should not live with you) 
Have at least fifteen renewable energy sources
Make your neighborhood (and maybe others!) the cleanest it can be
Generation six:  Paintings of Cityscapes
creative, loves the outdoors, [your choice]
 pick painter extraordinaire aspiration, but also complete “friend of the world” along the way
Growing up with a single parent, your life was a little interesting, but never dim or unloved. Growing up in Evergreen Harbor gave you access to many interesting and cool people who shaped your view of the world and it’s beauty (Rory and Lorelai Gilmore type vibe ig?). Interested in broadening your world view, you move yourself all the way to the big city to pursue a career in arts. There you meet all sorts of people 
Move to San Myshuno, try moving into the smallest apartment possible, make it into a studio/loft and live there for as long as possible
Meet all your friends at art galleries and karaoke bars
go to as many festivals as possible, trying to paint and photograph them as much as possible
Max the Charisma and Painting skills
Never to boggled to settle down, have at least two children to at least two different people, preferably “casual” friends
Never live in an apartment bigger than what you need in the name of being unique (basically no mega big apartments and penthouses)
Marry as a elder to your highest romantic partner
Take your kids on trips to art galleries and such every week
You should have an extra stock pile of money, don’t spend it on stuff you don’t need
Generation seven:  A Higher Degree
genius, [your choice], [your choice]
Academic aspiration and then whichever aspiration you think fits
Living with your eccentric parent in a tiny apartment with your siblings, at times, felt quite odd and claustrophobic, but your parent always introduced you to new people and new places that widened the lens of what you could do in your life. With the help of your parent, who put away any extra dollar they could so that you and your siblings could to go to college and pursue your passion, you apply for university and move into the dorms. 
Go to University and get a degree in Psychology, History, or Literature and Language
Join at least one student organization
Meet your spouse while in university (they can be attending or you just meet them somewhere on campus)
Have a big graduation party with all your friends and classmates
Marry your partner soon after graduation
Pursue a career related to your major
Max your Logic and Research & Debate skills
I will add  more to this as I get here 
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blue-eyed-bloodstains · 5 months
Christmas is coming. Who are you buying gifts for? I never have money so Zach buys the gifts and I have no fuckin clue for this year yet... When somebody intimidates you, how do you usually act around them? awkward as fuck and caught off guard Is your favorite singer in a band or does he or she ride solo?  both actually...so Alexz Johnson and JoJo are my favorite female solo singers, and band wise? Chester in Linkin Park but he’s dead so...David from Disturbed is a big one I guess for band Did your parents ever hang your old artwork up on the walls? not that I remember but I know my mom kept all my projects and drawings and stuff throughout kindergarten and elementary school in boxes before a hurricane destroyed them in a flood Should guys always kiss the girl on a first date? depends...I usually was that girl and figures, when I decided to not do that anymore happened to be when I had my first date with my now fiance cause sparks were flying like a motherfucker and I just couldn’t stop myself from going for it and neither could he lol Which band has the corniest music videos? Corniest lyrics? I’d have to say Tenacious D but they’re also so creative and unique that I think “corny” isn’t the word for them cause they’re so clever Have any songs ever inspired you to play an instrument?  umm I’m not sure I mean I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar, piano, and drums regardless...but as far as songs? more like I’m inspired to wanna be able to play covers of a bunch of my fave songs instrumentally once I learn how to play them, let alone make tunes for my own songs I’ve written over the years too What is the weirdest animal you’ve ever seen as a pet?  our landlord owns the biggest raccoon I’ve ever seen in my life...his name is Ziggy and yeah they have him in a giant ass cage but 1) I’ve never seen anyone own a raccoon as a pet, or known if that’s even legal and 2) THE SIZE OF THIS FUCKER! SERIOUSLY! I didn’t know they got that big! What was your favorite computer game as a kid?  computer? ohhh The Sims, hands down lol I rarely ever even played it the right way with a person/family...I mostly just made the houses and decorated and stuff :P Have you ever tried on your mom’s wedding ring?  she never had one so no... What is your opinion on fruitcake?  I don’t think I’ve ever tried one so idk, depending on the cake and how it’s made I’m sure I’d like it Do you know anyone who has a pet bunny?  my dad and stepmom have two actually lol one’s a male called Franklin, he’s gray and HUUUUUGE, and the other is white and a girl named Maka (pronounced MUH-KYE) and she’s itty bitty tiny and they’re both soooo cute How do you feel about wolves?  they’re beautiful and I always think of Balto lol “I’d be lost without you...” Does the song you’re listening to/last heard evoke any emotion for you? yeah I recently discovered a slower and higher pitched vocal of it on TikTok, the song is Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith Do you use Pinterest?  no Do you have a favorite poem?  there’s a few, plus I’ve written a few myself so... What is your OTP? Your NoTP? Harry/Hermione, Draco/Hermione from Harry Potter...Jude/Tommy from Instant Star...Klaus/Dave from The Umbrella Academy Do you like beef jerky? hell yes eat it all the time! Do you prefer ruffly or regular potato chips? both Favorite fictional world?  Hogwarts If applicable, who was the first person you “came out” to?  I’m not bi or gay so no one What’s one thing you’d like to do more?  drink.... Do you own a camera tripod?  no Have you ever picked out a song to listen to on a juke box?  in an old school diner as a kid probably, yeah Has a Jehovah’s Witness ever showed up on your doorstep?  yep several times, never listened just politely declined and closed the door Can you make yourself cry on purpose?  yeah cause I got enough trauma to make it happen.... Do you have a retainer glued to the back of your teeth? no Please, tell me, you’ve played any kind of Mario game.  of course! 90′s baby! Do you like Nickelback? hell fucking yes! always have since day one, always will and fuck all the haters! What would you do if your first love asked you back out? ......I know better now so I’d say no, especially since I’m engaged to my real true love right now Which parent do you respect the most? next subject... Who do you want with you when you’re scared?  definitely Zach (fiance), that is if he’s even home long enough for it... Have you ever seen someone struggle with an addiction?  yes, many including myself...it’s fucking hell on both sides, outside looking in and inside struggling yourself and having no control to stop it.. Do you play any zombie-killing video games?  no but I’m a gamer, I’d love to just never had the money and never happened to own one that’s all lol Do you have a pet fish? no but as a kid I did try and own a goldfish, didn’t last long :P Have you tried the Beyond or Impossible Burger? Thoughts?  I’ve had the Impossible Whopper several times and omfg was it so delicious like you literally couldn’t taste the difference! if anything it tasted way better than the “meat” patty! Have you ever had an aquarium in your house? no but I mean..wouldn’t mind having one except having to clean it lol Are you missing any teeth?  yep was literally just talking about this with mom so get out of my head! What was/will be your first tattoo?  my first and only tatt (SO FAR!!! NEEEEEEED MORE!) is on my wrist and it’s Harry Potter related. it’s a fan drawn version of the Deathly Hallows symbol, the word ‘always’ (Snape’s answer about Lily for you fans who know ;) ) in cursive underneath the triangle, and above the triangle three stars which are at the top corners in all the books  Do you have any tattoos dedicated to someone special? not really look above, only have one so far and it’s nerdy not sentimental to this extent What is the next piercing you want to get?  ooooh, umm I guess more for my ears since I have the generic first/one piercing in each ear so I’d like to punch in a few more going up my ears for more earring options  Do you like ghost stories? hell yeah I love all of them! some may scare the shit outta me and traumarize the fuck out of me but still worth it  Do you like to give people jump-scares? I hate them myself so even if I wanted to I’d never be able to think of one to do tot someone else lol Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?  ha...yeah I grew up experiencing them so history repeats itself and I’ve followed the pattern sometimes... What website could you not live without? hmm years ago I’d say this but now I’d have to say Youtube Have you ever slept nude? I never did growing up but once I met Zach, he got me to try it...I don’t it regularly but every now and then I will and he made me feel confident enough to do it so it’s nice once in awhile but normally I have at least something on  Do you have any distinctive birthmarks?  I was born with one but it was a basal cell (cancerous tumor) on my forehead that I got removed at around 10 years old and got the huge scar across my forehead to show for it but regular birthmark? no Who is a famous person you could see yourself reading an autobiography about? Eminem for sure, and Alexz Johnson for reasons... What is the best horror movie, in your opinion?  oh lord I’m a horror movie freak so it’s impossible to narrow down the list of faves Describe yourself with 3 fictional characters. Hermione Granger, Jude Harrison, and Grace from the show Saving Grace (Holly Hunter plays Grace) When was the last time you saw a photo of your ex?  oh lord ummm idk...I guess just me going back through pics on FB of him What colour is your front door?  off white Have you ever had a white hot chocolate? What did you think?  yeah way too sweet and very filling  Do you enjoy corn on the cob?  hell yes! I fuckin love it!  Have you ever bought alcohol or cigarettes for someone underage? no and I would never do that If you use Snapchat, have you ever had a screenshot taken of you? yep... Do you own an Xbox?  no but I wish I did Has anyone done anything nice for you today? it’s 9:21pm and not really....I mean phone calls I guess from mom and texting Zach, my fiance who I live with but other than that nope
The last time you hung out with your sibling(s), what did you do? step sis and Christmas, she kept raving about how good I looked and was being sober for the first time in years for a holiday and kept hugging me...I loved it :D Have you ever been so lonely, you cried?  all the time... If you were to have sex right now, would you use a condom? of course we can’t handle a baby right now for multiple reasons it wouldn’t be fair to the baby.... What would you do if you found out your last ex is engaged?  I already have...and I surprisingly was finally okay with it.years ago I wouldn’t be Do you get along with your significant other’s family?  omg of course! I love his folks so much and vise versa! they’re so supportive and so amazing I love them to dearh man! . How would you feel if a girl asked your boyfriend out for a drink?  fiance and hell no...given my past experience/history of being cheated on, no way in hell. I trust him to death, don’t get me wrong so I know he’d never do this in my heart, but at the same time I know everyone has their limits so I still worry regardless... Who’s the last person you talked to about sex?  wtf lol umm I guess mom? over the phone it was brought up with a joke so How long did it take you to get over your last ex?  ....let’s not go here right now...
Who is the best female rocker? Why?  musically? oh god so many lol Amy Lee from Evanescence, Hayley from Paramore, Taylor from The Pretty Reckless, etc Can you even taste a difference between Cheez-Its and Cheez Nips?  actually yeah you can lol What color of roses do you find the prettiest?  my personal fave are white roses so..white is a color even in crayons Have you ever seen an unwrapped mummy in person?  no thank god
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sea-lilli · 8 months
Things to talk about in therapy:
1. IFS Therapy: my inner 7 year old being better, but still lots of progress to be made, but coming up with parts of me that are like my parents’ voices (triggered by therapist saying “it sounds like you just want her to sit down and shut up.”
2. My new idea with anger. A lot has been coming up with my mom especially. I am tired of holding it in. All of my life, when I’m angry, I immediately think of how it could hurt others. This was a trauma response, bc I have seen how anger unmanaged can damage with [blank]. But it hurts me to hold it in. And anger comes from a part of you that loves yourself. I want to release it.
I will discuss when I commented on my sister’s post and said that both parents were shitty.
3. I want to discuss work, and how I’ve been calling out a lot. I want to discuss if this is normal for the beginning of this type of career path, and if I should get accommodations or how to handle it. I mostly call out because of work stress, and I feel like it’s too much to handle, but I feel like I am not able to just say it so will make up excuses instead. This damages my work relationships as they are built on lies.
4. I want to discuss Jane, and how much I’ve grown in a short period of time. I want to discuss good scenarios I’ve had with her and what made them effective, as I am finding I need less breaks with her.
Today I’m doing ok. I noticed that I am getting more and more serious about Jax. I talked to him today about our dream house, which is an idea I’ve been twirling around in my head as I’ve been playing sims a lot.
The dream house has three bedrooms (one for each of us), three bathrooms (ours would be master suites and Jane would share hers with guests), and a pool and hot tub. It will have a coffee bar in the kitchen, and a medium-big sized kitchen, and it will have enough space outside to park my tiny house. Jax wants a ranch-style home, and I wanted two stories. I considered a loft and have the top floor be just mine, but Jax brought up that I could benefit from a “two story” house in my tiny house, as it has lofts. I kinda agree, but I’m mulling it over still. The pool and hot tub are priorities for me, plus I am getting older and the stairs might become harder to manage.
I started thinking about weddings. It just hit me that I can imagine Jax in a wedding with me. I could put it together, and it could ~actually~ happen. It’s exciting. A little scary still, and I find myself thinking sometimes that if I allow myself to dream it up, if he leaves, I will be completely devastated. I’m afraid of how I reacted in my divorce. It was terrifying, and it changed my whole life and personality, though things did even out after a while. I don’t want to go through it again. But I also am in a space where I know that I could handle it, and also… I have so much relationship security, I just don’t think it will happen.
I never did this with other guys. I would picture the marriage, not the wedding. The wedding is something I’ve always wanted tho. It’s like with Jax I get to be fulfilled. With others, it was just practical. I can’t believe, too, that I dated that one guy for almost two years, and yet, in 8 months, we’re so much farther emotionally (and physically?) in our relationship than if I had stayed in that relationship for YEARS. It’s crazy too bc I had achieved security in that relationship. I knew he would stay. I just wasn’t happy and it wasn’t healthy. But this relationship is healthy.
I worry a little that my talk of buying a house together, and completely changing my mind (when we first started dating, I told him ABSOLUTELY NOT, I would not be committing for 20+ years to a house) would inspire him to think about me changing my mind about having kids. I’m not. I just don’t want to, and I don’t want to deal with more trauma. It’s not a strong enough pull for me, though I will say that if I did have them with anyone, it would be him. But just, no. My commitment is to be the best step mom I can be, though. Eventually we’ll likely do fostering. Idk tho.
It used to freak me out a lot, him thinking about kids. It still does a bit. But he is really respectful of my boundaries with it, and he doesn’t push me. It also helps that he’s older, so he doesn’t have the energy to run after more kids. Sometimes I can tell he is working through his feelings on it tho. I can tell, because he’ll bring up certain things in conversation, and it won’t be him pressuring me, but just like testing to see if I have changed feelings I guess?
For example, I have a thing with contained body fluids. The water was turned off the other day. I had to pee and leave it for him to see. It was truly awful. Anyway, his pee was in there too mixed with mine and I almost threw up. I was gagging. And he tells me to try to get over it and says “Imagine how it would be changing a diaper.” I’m just like, are you insulting me based on parenting qualities on a kid we don’t have and won’t have? I was just like, “it’s not gonna happen.” It doesn’t really matter if I’d be good at changing diapers or not because I’m not having a kid. 🤷🏼‍♀️
He’ll also just randomly make comments like, how I would be if I were pregnant. About my sleep schedule, and how I’d basically be “sleepy lilli” all the time, and he is scared of her lol. I just let it happen. Im glad he feels comfortable enough with me to express his feelings. It’s important that he doesn’t have to suppress that type of stuff. It’s also equally important that my boundaries are respected, and that I’m not pushed into anything. I’m good with it. I do this too with him. I say what I want, even if I know he won’t say yes, but it’s important to share the feelings so you don’t build resentment.
Anyway that’s what’s going on in my life atm. Therapy is Wednesday.
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