#this song just hit me again like
doodlerh 3 months
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kaito haters need to go through me first 馃憡馃挜馃挜馃憡馃憡馃憡馃挜馃挜馃憡馃挜馃憡馃挜
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cruellesummer 2 years
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roaring twenties, tossing pennies in the pool
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cobaltfluff 1 year
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current post-endwalker mood
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honeyroastednutcases 2 years
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The real reason Arthur gets upset when he thinks Merlin is at the tavern is cuz hes still emo from when Mary the barmaid flirted with him
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divorcebf 1 year
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long limbs and frozen swims, you'd always go past where our feet could touch.
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I鈥檓 up to date on New Life Begins and I love it so much. It鈥檚 gorgeous, we鈥檙e getting more and more exploration of the different regions in the world, plot is advancing along with the budding romance, and there are so many different female characters/relationships shown on screen. And so many wives + concubines teaming up and making friends with each other, as well as maids and servants being part of the household.
I got Iqiyi VIP for Between Us (and then discovered I needed a VPN as well) but I鈥檓 going to be keeping it for this show.
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cutemeat 4 months
Dennis鈥 s15 arc is VERY easy to understand once u set his scenes to She Wolf by Shakira in yr head
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heliotropion 11 months
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bully // janet fitch, white oleander
why鈥檇 you do it, gary? i thought we were friends!
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sotaaoki 2 months
Okay I am not vibing and I have the mini essay as to why ready to go
#first of all the music sounds cool if you don't listen too hard to it it has a cool background music psychedelic vibe but it all...#...sounds the same to me to the point that some of the songs feel indistinguishable#i had kind of an eh feeling about this album already just from the start because of how it was pitched as midnights from across her life#which is an interesting concept on its own there are just certain aspects of her life that she talks about frequently in her songs that...#...i am personally kind of bored of hearing about#i know that sounds unfair bc i get it. i do. i have also never gotten over anything in my life and i am not even saying she should never...#...ever write about some personal experiences again i am just saying i am personally kind of bored of some things#and a lot here touches on life events and feelings she has before but i honestly feel like she conveyed everything she was bringing up...#...here so much better in older songs that existed before now#i don't hate antihero but i feel like the archer honestly conveyed that feeling better#the other big things here involve how she directly hit on stuff i never vibe with in her music to begin with#idc about revenge songs or things like that. i think they're fun on reputation but beyond that i don't really vibe#i have listened to no body no crime maybe twice in my life and that feel was definitely present a lot here#the other thing that i hardcore despise about taylor's music is the shallow feminism. the man is literally one of the worst songs ever made#and those vibes were here a lot too#nowhere near as bad as the man. but the sharp eyeliner line i just 馃様#so those are all just personal preferences of mine where everything i don't like in taylor's music (which isn't that much at all!? you...#...guys know how special her music is to me) it's just that the little things i don't vibe with all happened to coincide here more than...#...things i like. and i am going to listen to it tomorrow to absorb lyrics better but at the moment i don't really feel like it executed...#...the concept at all. it didn't feel like midnights or any time really and a lot of the songs didn't really have the vibe where they...#...felt like anything at all?? they didn't feel like anything they felt like she was just saying things.#i am going to sleep now but i will listen again tomorrow feeling really eh about it rn. i did about folklore at first too#this is a wayyy different situation and folklore ended up growing on me but like. this is different? different issues.#some i genuinely don't care to listen to again bc i listened to them but like. what was distinctive.#anyways!!! goodnight!!! if you read all of this god bless
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sanstropfremir 1 month
in an alternate universe where they didn't split, what subunits do you think sm would've given tvxq? i wonder if homin / jyj units would've still happened or if they'd do something like suju kry with the main vocals. or maybe they just go "damn here" and give yunjae a duet
sm doesn't seem to like giving actual 'subunits' to their <five member groups, so i don't think jyj would have happened, but we'd probably still have gotten solo careers (eventually) from the four that have them, and probably i think a couple of duets, but they wouldn't have extensive promo periods/albums attached to them. probably yunjae and maybe changmin jaejoong? they might have also done a yunho junsu dance type one as well. but to be honest i do actually think the split was for the best, bc had they all had continued under sm we would not have gotten all that excellent angry music out of 2011-2014, AND we probably would not have gotten any of junsu's iconic songs either.
#junsu SHOULD have been sm's first dance soloist if no split#but i think they would have neutered his solo career if it had happened#personally i do not believe sm would have gone through with tarantellegra in 2012#yea yea taemin sherlock hair was in 2012 BUT he was in a group at the time and when they took him solo they went polar opposite#and they were likely not willing to take the risk on junsu's gender nonconforming nonsense (affectionate)#BUT in western pop born this way had dropped a year before and i would bet that a label would be more open to it#(just to be clear i'm not ascribing anything to junsu but his image from 2011-2015 was very specific#and seeing tarantellegra in 2012 hit like a fucking BOMB. at least to me it did)#(like i think i had just come out like less than a year before?? yea i think the mv dropped in my last semester of gr 11)#yes i've been out for a decade and lemme tell you shit was so different in 2012#n e ways. sm is just bad at managing subunits + soloists across the board so it was a better outcome all around imo#tvxq w#a friend and i were LITERALLY just joking that we have to get yunjae back together again#so they can have another torrid breakup and mitigate whatever midlife crisis jaejoong is having rn sdlkfjsdlkjflsdkjsd#like cmon buddy we didn't ask for whatever nobody like you was we want just another girl 2!!!!!!!!#(i actually think the song is fine but the video is like a horrible fever dream that i never thought i'd have)#y'all ever thought we'd see a butterfly hair clip on kim jaejoong in the big year of 2022? yea me fuckin neither!!!#dig your fucking eyeliner out of the closet jaejoong we don't need this wannabe 4th gen nonsense#text#answers
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astarkey 8 months
I鈥檓 kinda losing my gotdamn mind listening to the FutureNever album.
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heffrondriving 1 year
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You know I鈥檝e got it bad for ya Give up all I had for ya You gon鈥 make me beg for ya Baby, if you wanna live it up, I鈥檓 down 鈥楥ause I鈥檓 never giving you up
#THE KINGS. THE DADS. THE LEGENDS.#big time rush doing nothing but winning all my rights without even trying;;; for this new content they can have it tbh#how is this band even possible they're all too damn beautiful it's prob ripping space-time dimensions apart鈥攖heir power?!#AND THAT SONG TEASER DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!! THEIR HARMONIES!! THE WAY THEIR VOICES MATURED LIKE FINEST WINE!!! BANGERS FOR DAYS#AND IT AIN'T EVEN OUT YET!!!!! THIS NEW BTR ALBUM IS GONNA BE THE CAUSE OF A BIG BANG IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE#AND I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT FUCKING WAIT 馃挄馃挄馃挄#i must've listened to the 30-sec snippet at least 93892174 times tonight alone. it's singlehandedly curing my depresh ;-;#esp the end of the verse uGHHH the way it flows??? serotonin flying off the charts and hitting every brainwave. best shit#i might be just crazy talking here but i think i hear logan's voice the most in it??? that falsetto sounds very much his#and some hints of james' lower register in the verse after the hook?? maybe??? i think i'm hearing kendall there too#it may just be from the delirium buT WHY IS THIS GIVING ME LOWKEY LOVE ME AGAIN DEMO VIBES??? THE HIGH NOTES AND GENERAL BEAT OF IT MAYBE??#THIS IS 24/SEVEN'S TRUEST POTENTIAL FINALLY COME TO LIFE I'LL SWEAR THAT UPON Y'ALL NOW#I STILL ETERNALLY LOVE THAT ALBUM WITH ALL OF MY HEART BUT THIS IS GONNA BE SOME NEXT LEVEL SHIII#but yea i have a face to shut now so here's some giffies since i'm always a sucker btr's red colour scheme (az my fave colour :>)#god works hard but my dumb obsessive hyperfixating ass works harder babes we wildin with some more gif posts later#btr#big time rush#carlos penavega#logan henderson#kendall schmidt#james maslow#band#rusher#music#lyrics#gifs#gifset#edit#mine#stop it forever
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foulserpent 1 year
my favorite part of a road trip is when i mass download new music in preparation for the drive. idk its so fun
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applesaucesims 11 months
fun fact: up until a few years ago i thought teenage dirtbag was sung by a woman, so for the longest time i assumed it was a wlw love story and teenage dirtbag was code for lesbian
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notebookpapers 11 months
I鈥檝e seen a few people saying that they were upset that Isabela didn鈥檛 give Mirabel a more direct apology in Encanto (which is fair), but honestly, as someone with siblings, the saying 鈥渁ctions speak louder than words鈥 is absolutely true. I know it might not be this way for all siblings, but with me and my brother, if we seriously upset each other, we don鈥檛 usually directly come out and say sorry. We show it in our behavior towards each other. Same thing goes with me and my cousins. Even if we do say sorry, we don鈥檛 just say it with words, we say it with actions.
I understand Isabela. She鈥檚 under all this pressure to be perfect, with a gift that only re-enforces her role as the beautiful, ideal picture of what a Madrigal is supposed to be. She鈥檚 the oldest Madrigal grandchild, of course her family wanted her life to be as perfect as possible. So naturally, even though Mirabel doesn鈥檛 have a gift, I think she envies Mirabel a little bit. Mirabel doesn鈥檛 have a gift, but she also doesn鈥檛 have the same expectations pushed on her. That鈥檚 not to say Mirabel doesn鈥檛 have her own problems (because we all know she does), but I think Isabela is jealous of how Mirabel has more freedom than her, in a way. Isabela is expected to be the example, the role model, the one you look up to. She鈥檚 expected to get married, she鈥檚 expected to have the perfect husband, she鈥檚 expected to have children, to bring a new generation of magic. Mirabel is the youngest of her siblings, and the second youngest Madrigal grandchild. She has pressures and expectations of her own, but she鈥檚 not expected to be perfect the way Isabela is. Really, I think they鈥檙e both probably a little jealous of each other.
For me, I see Isabela鈥檚 song as the start of her apology. It鈥檚 her confessing to Mirabel why she acts the way she does. Her hugging Mirabel, to me, feels like her saying 鈥渢hank you. Thank you for accepting me as I am, and thank you for helping me accept myself as I am. You don鈥檛 just ruin my life. You also make it better.鈥 As they rebuild the house, the family rebuilds their relationships with each other, Isabela and Mirabel included. We see them having fun planting cacti and helping Luisa with the build. We see them celebrating together as Mariano and Dolores finally become a couple. They haven鈥檛 always been the best of siblings to each other, but they still love each other, and they want to be friends again! And they get there, in the end!
Again, still totally fair if you think she should鈥檝e given Mirabel a better apology. Honestly, I kind of think so, too. But as a sibling, I get her. I鈥檒l stop rambling now
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