#this isn't specific to olives by the way
slytherinsnekxvii 3 months ago
is there a name for that feeling where you want to eat an olive but you know you don't like olives but you still want to eat one anyway
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retvenkos 11 months ago
we truly dig our own graves.
#olive rambles#i'm doing a group project and we were assigning roles just now right?#and there was this One Specific Job i really didn't want to do but i got the vibe that these two girls were going to try to pawn it off to m#*me#i was trying to worm my way into the role of like..... the organizer or something. like the one who takes minutes and keeps track of dates.#but then in the discussion the one girl whose been doing A Lot of the leg work was like......#'i know i've kinda been the leader in getting everyone's numbers and offering ideas but........#i'd rather be a researcher for that One Specific聽Job (the one i didn't want to do.) '#so of course i was like yes!!!!! do that job!!!!!! it's okay someone else can pick up the slack#but in the process... i picked up the slack; i kinda sorta made myself the group leader#馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭馃檭#i made this bed and now i must lie in it#(i mean i'm kinda overreacting. leader isn't /that/ bad. i'm just.... very awkward and don't understand how to use discord.)#(but on the bright side - every leader i've ever had in group projects just rides on the coattails of others..... so maybe i'm living?)#did i choose right? did i dig a grave? am i laying in it? am i standing above it triumphant?#who knows? i certainly don't.#anyway group projects are hell and truly if you enter a class and see you have to do group projects... then decide to sTAY -#you've truly dug your own grave
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timerifts-and-timelines 4 months ago
oh, your writing is absolutely splendid! i am so glad i stumbled across your blog; i'm definitely going to keep an eye on your wonderful posts~ since you write for both CROB and CRK, i was hoping to request general hcs for clotted cream cookie x reader; i'm aware that it's not a very specific request, but i would love to see your take on him! thank you very much! o/
陹瓣挵 鉁 :: General Yan. Headcanons || Clotted Cream cookie
銉烩亐鉃 藮藲鈧娾爛Character : Clotted Cream cookie
銉烩亐鉃 藮藲鈧娾爛Warnings : Yandere, Manipulation, Possessiveness, Forced marriage, Kidnapping
[鈾 Shall I be completely honest here, I don't have Clotted Cream cookie nor have I seen much of the his story (aka Cookie Odyssey) as of yet, so I apologize in advance if anything is wrong here. Still, do enjoy my interpretation of him to the fullest
~ Director
Tumblr media
鈥 He's charming and charismatic, conniving even. Manipulation is his game and is he totally winning it. May he sway you with overly gestures and trinkets galore, no cookie would see past his facade. Shall no cookie look past those olive green eyes and see through his sweet smiles, he will win this game. For he is Clotted Cream cookie, the elected Consul of the Cr猫me Republic
鈥 S/O is doomed from the start if his eyes are set on them. There is no going back or changing his mind. Once he decides to pursue the hand of S/O, may the gods bless their soul for they are now all on their own. But not to worry!- Clotted Cream is loyal to a fault. The moment he reaches his goal, he plans on sticking by S/O's side till the day death does them part. His suffocating presence, the sweet glaze that his voice holds as he speaks makes Earthbread seem so terribly unholy. They just can't win. He won't leave
鈥 Yet if S/O seems to reject his advances and time decides to split, Clotted Cream will do everything in his power to ensure S/O is his. May he use his status as the youngest elected consul to win over their heart, showing off every achievement and prized possessions in attempts to sway them off their feet鈥 every attempt has the coin flip of failing or working
鈥 No matter where they turn, he is always there. If S/O goes somewhere, Clotted Cream follows. He will fill the one-sided uncomfortable silence with talks that only fall upon deaf ears. His talks usually consist of compliments, the history of the Cr猫me Republic, or just about his day. His arm is wrapped around S/O's arms, intertwined in old-fashioned love in fancy manner. Shall he accompany them on walks, the rest of the Council watches
鈥 No suitor could ever beat Clotted Cream. Do they have the same riches as he does? The same ambition, brilliance, grace, eloquence? Of course not. Even the other nine members of the Council may pressure poor S/O into accepting Clotted Cream's advances. What can they do anyways? They are just another cookie upon Earthbread that had happened to pique the interest of the only youngest consul
鈥 Now shall the "faithful" come where the two cookies are together, as said briefly before, it's such a sad marriage. One who is in love with one who isn't. Two forces clashing together in a poor excuse to make things work. Well ... if you can calling making things work as Clotted Cream using everything to his name to have S/O accept his love while they can't even bare his presence for more than five minutes. But that only brings more entertainment!
鈥 With gifts never being returned, other cookies almost never see S/O outside the Counsil room, almost always in Clotted Cream's quarters. Now now, this has nothing to do with the young consul isolating his dear darling. Why must one think that so quickly, I wonder?~ Poor S/O only isolates themselves. Over time, they lost the will to leave the sickly sweet room, only leaving when instructed to, or when they go on walks that shall always be accompanied with Clotted Cream
鈥 Yet!- That is only one of many ways for it to end. Shall it take a turn for the worst, and S/O only continues to reject his presence and so called "love", he will only smile鈥 oh that conniving smile, that ill-intentioned smile, that- He only smiles, anger stirring up inside. Choosing to run is a pitiful option, as he is only moving three steps ahead, taking S/O away from their home. No one bats an eye to it. Choosing to hide will only end in capture. Nothing more to say, as Clotted Cream will always win. That's all he can do. He is always on the winning side
鈥 In the end, no matter where the situation splits time into many outcomes, Clotted Cream shall win. He has fallen down the rabbit hole, only wanting S/O to return his love. Does it matter whether they like it or not? To him, absolutely not. For he is the young consul, and nothing will stand in his path to make them his
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jackles-coded 5 months ago
5x15 - FOMO - The Setup for Eddie's Coming Out
I just have to start out with this: this is purely speculation and I could be completely wrong but the way this episode played out immediately had my Eddie bells going off. I know that the episode was FOMO-themed and it applied to all of the characters but where it applies to Eddie...there is so much gold. Also, I hope I don't offend anyone with this post, that's never my intention.
So first, we have the conversation between Eddie and May in the beginning of the episode, about the influencer Selene aka Rebecca. Where Eddie mentions 鈥淎 high price to pay for living a fake life.鈥 I found this particular line interesting because technically, in a way, he's been doing just that. Not that he's fake but he's been suppressing the trauma and his emotions/dealing with it for so long that in a way, yes he is faking a smile and moving forward, always for Christopher's sake and because he doesn't know anything different thanks to Ramon's teachings (though he is definitely learning, the fact that he mentions he's in therapy to May this episode is phenomenal progression he has made; can you imagine s3 Eddie admitting this to someone who isn't Bobby or Buck?). The conversation continues about how Rebecca's regular life wasn't enough and then boom, Eddie says the kicker once May mentions FOMO and explains it: "You make it sound like some kind of sickness."
Tumblr media
Immediately my head snapped up from my notes and I did a double take, then jumped for the remote to rewind it to make sure I heard him right.
When I heard this line one more time, my instincts kicked into high gear and I was like, 'oh!'
Tumblr media
They're literally playing on the word "FOMO" for something else, in his case, holy shit! So I rewatched the scene again with this in mind, and sure enough it made total sense.
So I continued watching the episode (which was really good btw!) and several other things popped out at me:
1) Reality Show Emergency: When this happens, the guy passes out at the altar and sure enough, the 118 show up. (I would also like to point out that this is the SECOND time we've seen Buck happily soaking up the attention and Bobby shooting him down to remain professional, while this is on point for Buck's character and funny as hell, Oliver is hysterical, there is a reason for this, especially since Lucy was filling into Eddie's role more this episode, this emergency relates to Eddie, and so did the quinceanera emergency a few episodes back, the one of the guy not landing on his feet properly & getting hurt) So then Hen takes front and center (more on that in a bit) and she finds out that the heartbeat is muffled (interesting) and that pressure is keeping his heart from beating fully, and the organs in his body are on the wrong side. The writers couldn't have laid this out any more perfectly if they tried. We already know one of this season's themes is heart, especially when it comes to Eddie. But here we have yet another heart not possibly working right or being prevented from operating as the norm (i.e. Eddie thinking he's having a heart attack when really it's a panic attack, the felon's heart needing to be pumped even though he shot himself so it can be kept alive for the transplant).
So we have a performative marriage for a reality show, where the bride was worried that she wouldn't get married before reaching a certain age and she doesn鈥檛 want to be alone, and the groom passes out because of a heart issue where it's not working at 100%. Hmmm 馃
Then Buck confirms to Lucy that the show is a sociological experiment, based on compatibility. Oh-kay... Then the groom gets disqualified from the show due to his 鈥渦ndisclosed medical condition鈥 even though his "heart was in the right place, well maybe not yours specifically" and the bride gets married to someone else. Who else do we know who always has his heart in the right place when making decisions for Christopher for example? Exactly. -> This emergency was meant to show us that something is off and meant to start subtly suggesting (though again I'm not sure they're really being all that subtle at this point) that this is in relation to Eddie (and when I say off, I don't mean who Eddie is as a person or his sexuality, I meant they are trying to hint at that Eddie is being performative when it comes to women/the idea of marriage, that's all I meant)
2) Social Influencer Emergency Ending: At the end of the episode, we have 100%Rebecca saying she was afraid of who she really was, that it鈥檚 always better to be yourself, that family is important. 鈥淚 guess it took a near death experience for her to actually appreciate her life鈥 (4x13 shooting anyone? while Eddie may not be as traumatized by that particular event, I don't think it's any coincidence that what made him explode a couple of episodes ago was the knowledge that everyone in his unit that he saved is now dead). Then Eddie and May have this closing conversation: she's wondering if she鈥檚 living her life for herself (Eddie; that age old question of when he will follow his own heart), her choosing to look out for Athena after Athena almost died (Eddie; wanting to resume marriage with Shannon for Christopher's sake, always making decisions for Christopher but not for himself like Ana, etc).
Eddie: 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing wrong with wanting to protect your family鈥 -> 'There's nothing wrong with me making decisions that I think are best for Christopher and for me to try to keep giving him the life I think is best for him and want for him'
May: 鈥淏ut before all that I wanted to be someone, a very specific someone, and I think I鈥檓 losing that person鈥
Tumblr media
Eddie: 鈥淭rauma often causes us to turn inward鈥
Tumblr media
May's reaction here:
Tumblr media
Because that wasn't what she was saying at all. While Eddie is right and this is a profound way of looking at it, this isn't exactly what May was saying. Yes, she was traumatized by Athena's attack and took the job in order to make sure it didn't happen again, possibly a trauma response (I'm not a mental health professional or trauma expert so I don't want to say that too definitively) but what May did wouldn't really be considered 'turning inward'. (not the context Eddie is putting it in) She is speaking along the lines of the theme of the episode: FOMO. She made a decision based on her family and wanting to protect them, a decision that set her on one path, away from what she originally planned for herself. But because this episode relates to Eddie so strongly as well, this particular piece of the conversation makes it more than evident to me that this word FOMO (and the feeling that comes with it) actually represents something different for him.
And sure enough:
Eddie: 鈥淕uess therapy鈥檚 rubbing off on me." (he laughs it off after seeing May's reaction and because he does, so does she) Then: "You hid in a place you knew, where you could feel safe and keep your family safe, I understand the motivation.鈥 May: 鈥淒oes that make me a coward?鈥 -> interesting phrasing here, again this is definitely about Eddie, on the surface it's about May and her story line, deeper than that it's about Eddie and his internal conflicts this season, exactly why they had this Eddie and May interaction happening not only here but also in the beginning of the episode
Eddie: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think cowards usually ask that question.鈥 -> while this is a great line (and he's right) it also pertains to Eddie; if he's doing what he needs to do to keep Christopher safe, to make him happy, can he really be considered being a coward for doing that? And for someone to question the status quo, that's incredibly brave and he knows it, but he's not ready yet himself
May: 鈥淪o how do I get back to that person I wanted to be?鈥 Eddie: 鈥淚鈥檒l let you know when I figure that one out鈥 (he smiles and gets up) -> this is Eddie's whole arc this season, trying to figure himself out and who that person is
And the writing of this is so brilliant that it's also done in a way that it also relates to one of Eddie's surface issues: choosing what he thought was best for Christopher by leaving the 118 but he desperately misses his 118 family, his job as a firefighter, and wants to get back to it but isn't able to yet. I was so glad they didn't have Josh there this episode (after that whole exchange with Eddie, I also liked how the contrast was set up here with May, showing that she was accepting of Eddie assistance in an emergency) but I think they did that because it would have been too on the nose had Eddie and Josh had this conversation instead, and the show is trying to build up to this big reveal about Eddie.
3) Hen and Karen: Going back to Hen and Karen, I don't think it's any coincidence that Karen took front and center this episode along with Hen. Especially considering we haven't seen too much of Karen (or their relationship; btw where is Denny???) this season before this. Or that Karen was the one who was experiencing FOMO and "feeling old". And I especially don't think it's a coinkydink that Hen was the one who took center stage with the reality wedding emergency (while Chim was almost subdued and to the side) or that Hen and Karen were watching that show at one point in the episode.
And what kills me even more is that during that viewing scene you have Karen stating the couple will never last and Hen mentioning their compatibility is off the charts (a la Buck at the emergency scene). And after this, we see on the tv that the bride hits the groom and storms off with the groom looking after her, seeming surprised and worried slightly. Then when Karen suggests they watch the finale to find out who is right, Hen shuts the tv off and turns over saying she wants to sleep.
Because when you peel back the layers, in actuality, this is about the idea of not only Eddie but also slightly Buck and Eddie. I know that people have noticed the parallels between Buck and Karen before but if I had to take a guess with this episode, I would say Karen represents Eddie here (the FOMO feeling) and Hen is Buck (not only in similar dialogue and of course Buck looking to fix things for Eddie, Hen wanting to fix this for Karen). Not to mention that Karen refers to her job and her co-workers being younger than her (when Eddie is missing the 118 and is bonding with May at his new job who is younger than him & who is feeling FOMO herself that he's talking to her about). "You know what I was like at that age. It was work hard, work harder." (Eddie to a T)
And while we don't see resolution for Eddie here (because it's a major plot point this season that requires this big build-up/reveal), we do see resolution for Karen. While Hen didn't "fix it" for her, Karen finds a happy middle ground and the last time we see them, Karen and Hen are happily dancing at a club after catching the credit card thief.
4) Chim's quote (as well as Maddie's FOMO about Jee-Yun's firsts moment): "There鈥檚 no such thing as making up for missed time" -> This is true and such a contrast to what he told Maddie about her catching up on Jee-Yun's moments with his photos and videos. But he's saying it after Hen has spoken to the 118 about Karen's FOMO & it's an unfortunate truth that all of the characters experiencing it have to realize. Yet we also see Maddie's FOMO resolved by her being there for another first for Jee-Yun and telling Chim not to record it, to just enjoy the moment. (something that Eddie will also have to come to realization with for himself, because once he has his moment of self-realization his FOMO is going to be incredibly strong)
5) Alleged upcoming interaction with Ramon and Eddie going back to Texas (his original home) to do it: It makes absolute sense that the show is sending Eddie back to where it all began for him: Texas. And it makes even more sense that Eddie is going to try to "resolve" things with Ramon, the man who taught him to keep moving forward no matter how hard it was, basically to suppress his emotions/traumas, etc. The guy who was more focused on the medal Eddie got for his service and showing it off than on how it affected Eddie himself or how he got that very medal. Personally, I am very anti Diaz parents (because they're greedy manipulative fucks for parents) but I do sincerely hope that Eddie is able to resolve whatever he is going there to resolve, and if that makes things better with his parents then I am all for it.
That being said, I have a sneaking suspicion (and I could be wrong but this is just my opinion) that either Eddie is going to have his self-realization in this episode while he's dealing with Ramon in Texas or he's going to have self-acceptance (meaning he's already aware of who he is and how he feels but has been fighting it). "Inward" -> internalized. I just hope for his sake that his parents somehow become better people and love and accept him for who he is. (but I know this is more of a naive hope sadly, based on their characterizations set up already in the story)
Going back to Buck in those emergencies:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's what I think: this isn't Buck being performative or attention-seeking. The attention is on him and he's enjoying it but not because he craves it or expects it. To me, while these are both hilarious, are indicative of Buck's character in a couple of different ways. One, this is Buck, genuine Buck. Two, he is not shying away or being grumpy or ignoring the limelight. If we go with the theme of this meta, then I would venture to say that since both emergencies feature Eddie in some way (without him actually being there), this shows two things: 1) Buck is not going to think differently of Eddie once Eddie has his self-realization or treat him any differently (which I personally think Eddie somewhat fears, he doesn't want to lose Buck or his close friendship/family with him), he will be full on accepting and won't even bat an eyelash & 2) Buck is very confident in who he is...on some level. Meaning that while Buck has his own issues and background, as we've seen in Buck Begins and with his relationships, there is something Buck is very confident in and doesn't shy away from or have any doubts about. And it doesn't bother him if any attention comes to that something about him.
I also think it's interesting that both times Bobby had to be the one to get Buck to knock it off and leave, get back to work basically. Not that Bobby would have an issue at all if Eddie and/or Buck were gay, bisexual, or any other sexual identity, but it does make me wonder at the work aspect of it:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And I also think it's very interesting that this is the first time that we've seen Buck be a bit more open and comfortable around Lucy, the very first episode that we see her definitely stepping into Eddie's role in their work partnership, being a (temporary) replacement for him. While things may be okay with Taylor right now, I doubt that is why we see this friendly demeanor all of a sudden spark up. Especially in that moment above where both Bobby and Lucy tell Buck no (as Eddie would have done had he been there) before Buck says it himself and leaves. Especially with them showing us in framing just how comfortable Buck has gotten with Lucy (with the seating in the firetruck) and even Lucy's response to Buck's when discussing the Karen situation with Hen and the rest of the 118.
I also think once Eddie has this self-realization moment (or self-acceptance) this is what will help him eventually come back to the 118. (I don't think it's going to magically happen the very next episode, but the show is certainly building up to this and keeping him separated from the 118, minus Buck and Bobby, for a reason)
So basically tl;dr: Eddie Diaz is coming out this season y'all. And this will be yet another benchmark on the path to long range Buddie. Buck realizing things about Eddie (and possibly himself) will be next, mark my words.
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nsb-rkive 4 months ago
饾懟饾拤饾拪饾拸饾拡饾挃 饾挄饾拤饾拞饾挌 饾挊饾拹饾挅饾拲饾拝 饾拝饾拹 饾拠饾拹饾挀 饾挌饾拹饾挅馃尫
PAIRING(S):: nsb x reader
GENRE(S):: reaction, soft/fluff
W.C:: 686
WARNING(S):: cursing, none
!!not checked twice
AUTHOR鈥橲 NOTE:: this is my first time doing this, sorry if it sucks馃槶馃槶 enjoy!!
Tumblr media
蕷 饾棦饾椆饾椂饾槂饾棽饾椏 蔀聽
As we all know, Oliver is a teddy bear, so he would do anything to make you happy is existence is already enough i cant馃槶 Among all the things he does, he loves singing for you: he would do it when you are sad, to make you fall asleep, even randomly. He would always sing love songs and he would also change the lyrics a little bit to make them specifically for you IM CRYING
蕷 饾棗饾棶饾椏饾椏饾棽饾椈 蔀聽
Darren fought so hard to get a partner 馃拃 that now he doesn't want to ruin anything (you are basically stuck with him LMAO HELP-馃ぁ馃ぁ). He knows too damn well you love the food he cooks, so he would cook for you almost every day give me a Darren pls. He'd cook for special occasions (such as birthday, mensiversary, graduation or/and meeting your parents) or even randomly, you know, just because he loves you so much. Speaking of parents, after eating Darren's food they'd probably tell you to marry him asap馃槶馃槶馃槶 no but fr they'd be speechless who wouldn't bruh
蕷 饾棪饾棽饾棷饾棶饾榾饾榿饾椂饾棶饾椈 蔀聽
As we could see, Seb is tall asf, so if you are shorter than him he would help you by taking things that are on high furniture. He finds it so cute when he sees you struggle while trying to reach the damn thing but failing miserably馃槶 But this doesn't stop him from making fun of you馃ぁ in fact you'll find out that most of the time, Sebastian puts the things you need higher just to see his pretty s/o trying to reach it without his help. Sometimes he would also pick you up and let you take it, then he'd let you sit on the kitchen counter and tell you how much he loves you and how cute you are in a jokingly but significant and caring way.
蕷 饾棩饾棽饾棿饾椂饾棽 蔀聽
You and Regie would do late car rides almost every single night. I guess he would do this if you are studying/working too much and you are stressing yourself: he would take you to McDonald's and buy you a milkshake, then keep driving around while listening to the playlist he made for this occasions. The lights of the city lighting up your face, the wind meeting your eyes as you close them, the music hugging you and making you feel like there's only you and Regie, and last but not least, your boyfriend driving silently and looking at you sometimes to check if you are sleeping and doing good I FUCKING WANT THIS RIGHT NOW
蕷 饾棡饾棶饾椈饾棽 蔀聽
Kane is a cutie pie, no wonder he would do something cute for you, for example, he would buy matching things for the two of you. Whenever you two hang out he wants to buy something for you sobbing rn. He already bought matching bracelets, matching hoodies and t-shirts, and necklaces. He would also buy them as a surprise/gift for you!! He'd go to you and be like "Babe I have a thing for you" while smiling as he always does im melting istg. He is the cutest.
蕷 饾棩饾槅饾棶饾椈 蔀聽help not my loml
Most people think Ryan isn't a big fan of skinship and hates it, but honestly he likes it a lot, especially kisses. In my opinion, he would kiss you, or at least try to, everywhere. His favorite places to kiss are probably your lips and your hands I WANT THIS MAN RIGHT NOW UFF He would kiss your hands when you are in public or around the members so they don't feel uncomfortable (bad that you two don't know they simp for you everytime and that they love you as a couple rip), while kisses on the lips mostly in private. You guys kiss on the lips in public too, but most of the times things get hotter and you end up making out I AM SIMPING
蕷 饾棟饾槀饾榾饾榿饾椂饾椈 蔀
And last but not least, we have Justin. Our precious JP is such a lovely and kind boy, but also funny! That's why he would always propose to do something fun!! His favorite thing is Just Dance: man doesnt even care if you cant dance, he just wants to spend time with you and have fun tearing hard fr. He would also propose karaoke! You'd try to sing as better as possible, but ending up doing voices and acting like you are having a whole concert in front a huge crowd. He loves seeing you happy, so he'll do anything possible to make you smile or laugh at least once (spoiler: you'd end up smiling all the time)
Tumblr media
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profesionalpartyguest 25 days ago
Random Wants.package discoveries
Tumblr media
in the wants.package file there's specific wants for each premade sim, this is just for romeo monty. These are the wants that pop-up when the household is first loaded (E.I how olive wants to retire, How Nina wants to move out, Juliet wanting to go steady). There's ways to edit it in the neighborhood's SWAF, but EA probably couldn't bother redoing it each time the household was loaded they just coded it here.
Tumblr media
This is in the "become a plantsim" want. Plantman sounds like a slur also. Curious if this is how plantsims were meant to be called and they changed it or it's a developer nickname.
Tumblr media
WOW A LONG LOST broke family member. I headcanon him as Susie's Broke's child. Now these following findings were made by my friend @veronaviile
Tumblr media
First before you get your hopes up no this isn't waterside or whatever, it's for the nightlife E3 demo (I've never heard of that ever) Don't know who these are, probably test characters during the demo with specific wants so that they could show off nightlife's features and new wants.
Tumblr media
NOW THIS IS INTERESTING. There's cut Beta Fears, which are 100% gone besides their names. Never Learning to walk/talk is interesting because they would make up "growing up badly" much more easy. Also the wants for other sims, like for sims skipping school or never getting married would've been fun.
Tumblr media
THIS IS MUCH MORE INTERESTING. These are a bunch of sims, most of them share names with sims from Waterside (the Baxters, Virginia Thompson) but there's also outlier Denise, who has the label (EP4 Demo). Turns out their scripted wants's instance numbers were reused for wants in the later eps.
Tumblr media
to end it more cut fears, i am now beginning to realise that never went to school maybe meant college (which was intended for the bg, that's why sims 2 university was the first ep). Also interested if Never received an A+ report card was meant for kids or just like.. knowledge teens. Lamare pointed out that they could also be triggers that stir wants into a certain direction, which is probably more correct tbh. End of post, credits: me @veronaviile for the last 4 images that are MUCH more intersting than mine.
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power-kick a month ago
max omg, yk the nickname situation regarding katsuki and izuku as toddlers, well?? forgot that katsuki also literally only cared that izuku couldn't read as well as he could ("you mean you can't?" directed at izuku, glancing back at izuku, really tightening his izuku goggles as much as damn possible). and that even if in that situation katsuki was just looking for attention from his peers and to tease izuku, that means he was specifically enthralled by izuku's attention and also implies that he subconsciously thought izuku was worthy of attention from him and wanted a reaction out of him. and THEN katsuki then proceeds to continue using the nickname for izuku whilst hiding under the flimsy false pretense that he thinks izuku's dumb and useless which we both know is him being full of shit. i'm not even exaggerating when i say my boy is and always has been obsessed. i'm. having so much brainrot rn
edit: FOR CONTEXT for what i will say below READ @justawhoresblog 's post here first
in some way he does want izuku to admire him, because he wants to show that hes better than him *at stuff* and only him.
like "can you do that izuku? lol u cant"
its not just "hah u suck" but also "hah izuku im better than you, seE"
to connect with the recent chapters;
Man, his feelings for him really run deep and complex
He wants izuku to think that he's better than him, because he wants Izuku to look up to him and think he's great. Which means he wants Izuku's attention, subconsciously even since he was a kid.
Hes afraid of izuku surpassing him, because hes afraid of being left behind by izuku. He's afraid of that because he wants to be with Izuku. But he's also scared of Izuku which is why he wanted to push him away,, but that's exactly why he's afraid of izuku surpassing him. So he also wanted Izuku to back down and be afraid of him instead, but it also gets complicated because he also wants Izuku's attention.
Maybe its because deep down he really thinks he isn't good enough. No matter how arrogant he looks he really has a twisted sense of self worth. Deep down he really seeks Izuku's approval, which ties into (his almost final moments-)
He wants to be perfect as how everyone expected him to be, but its more important to him that
He also kept comparing himself Izuku, but that makes sense because you want to make someone you deem awesome admire you, and since they're awesome to you you want to be better than them too, especially with all the societal pressure in MHA.
in the words of Lil Nas X, "I wanna fuck with those I envy. I envyy-"/j im sorry
Fuck being better than deku
in SHORT WOW bakugo has had bakudeku angst longer than deku???
Since Deku's admiration to Bkg and All might both foil and parallel one another
Bkg's admiration to Deku and All might also both foil and parallel one another (the desire to surpass them...but deep down actually really looks up to the other? i mean it was obvious in the case of All Might but he DID keep it suppressed and hidden) but idk thats a topic for another dayyy OR for someone else to cover since I'm too shy to write actual metas
AND THIS may BACK UP THE CASE FOR DEKU NOT BEING MEANT AS MALICIOUS AT FIRST! And the other scenes and in the "de-izuku" moments because he subconsciously refered to him as such in times he didnt have bad feelings towards him anymore. It might have just started as a way for Bkg to get attention from him.
For (younger) Bkg, everyone else was already, by default extras compared to him. It is by default that he's better than everyone else. It is only Deku (and kind of All Might and other adults but they arent peers so it doesnt count) that he ACTIVELY TRIES TO PROVE he's better than him. And thats because he sees something in him. (which is obvious now in hindsight now that he explicitly said how he feels but man was i dense THE SIGNS WERE THERE ALL ALONG)
Also man rewatching some parts of the Bkg vs Uraraka fight
the reason why he was so passionate about defeating her is partially because of deku right
"Don't underestimate me" he told her. But iirc he kinda had no reason to besides *looks at deku*
how he thought Deku was looking down on him. man i didnt even cover that yet
one's thoughts abt how someone they like feels about them gets warped by their insecurities
an added oof the balance of all of BKG's complicated feelings. Its precisely that he thought that someone he wanted to like him ACTUALLY looked down on him made him so upset at deku right?????
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sugaredoleander 2 months ago
looking for very specific friends
a list of media ranging from being incredibly niche to not incredibly niche but that i'm deeply obsessed with and would like to talk to someone about
the search for signs of intelligent life
subnormality (webcomic)
people watching (webseries)
legends of tomorrow
smoke gets in your eyes, from here to eternity, will my cat eat my eyeballs, the death positive movement in general, even just caitlin doughty's youtube channel
alice isn't dead
the magnus archives
i'm thinking of ending things (book & movie)
tuca and bertie
the mad ones (the musical)
compatibility is based off specifity, so i will now list some of my favourite things that haven't already been listed
everything everywhere all at once
mamma mia!
promising young woman
the handmaiden
fear street
the half of it
saving face
but i'm a cheerleader
tv shows
killing eve
the haunting of hill house
the haunting of bly manor
midnight mass
russian doll
crazy ex-girlfriend
wynonna earp
a series of unfortunate events (also grew up with the books, which is Very evident in my writing)
derry girls
one day at a time
the secret history
this is how you lose the time war
war of the foxes
the mountain goats
indigo girls
some of my all-time most played songs on spotify
i guess - mitski
ghost - indigo girls
working for the knife - mitski
JUDAS - the reverent marigold
this is a life - son lux
putting the dog to sleep - the antlers
amy aka spent gladiator 1 - the mountain goats
a better son/daughter - rilo kiley
interior design & architecture
country & folk music but especially specifically lesbian country & folk music
hannah gadsby
mary oliver
dark academia
stabat mater by vivaldi but specifically the version on the talented mr. ripley soundtrack
tove jansson
dykes to watch out for
queer horror & narrative podcasts
oh. the very concept of hobbies. the artistic, the culinary, the physical, if you bounce from interest to interest & have an incessant curiosity for the world
add ten points if you are a
live in italy bc i'm (hopefully, assuming i do well enough on the IMAT*) moving there this fall & don't have any local friends *if you're also studying for the IMAT, add 20 points, i need a study buddy
do NOT reach out if you
are under 18
don't support lgbtq rights, terfs do not interact
don't support BLM
are anti-choice
in any way do not support the liberation of marginalised people
if you went through this whole list, add ten points because i talk a lot & type very fast so expect a lot of reading. and if, going through the list, you found yourself thinking, hey, i do that! repeatedly, the inbox is open, come chat!
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screamsinsilver 7 months ago
a summary of nortrell/mandinha over the first two months of 2022
(a followup from this)
they go to dubai and spend a month there, with friends (oliver, connor, tom, jakob, savannah, jennie, andrea, etc.)
they celebrate new years together (i am not linking everyone's celebration tiktoks)
lando goes public with luisa, max is one of the first to like the post
they do a lot of golfing in dubai, at various courses, with various combinations of people
max, lando, tom, jakob, etc. go karting at the dubai autodrome with the ln karts. luisa spends the day shopping with sav and jennie
max does his first stream of the year. it's golf, and it's luisa's twitch 'debut'. lando's pissed because there are weirdos in chat and the game isn't going his way. the two of them bicker over clothes
lando posts an instagram story, known to the community as the breakfast for three incident (fun fact! i had literally just woken up, logged into tumblr and experienced my dash in shambles that day it was 'fun')
the incident confirms that the three of them shared a hotel suite in dubai
tom confirms on stream that lando, max and luisa were the only ones from the group to stay in dubai
max does his second stream, another golf one, but this time with lando and aiden (the kid he coached in f4). lando is pissed because the game isn't going his way. (the stream is also conveniently timed so that younger fans (derogatory) miss it because they are in school)
(ok, i didn't document most of dubai) other activites participated in over the trip included padel, minigolf, dune buggying, beach days, jetskiing, ukno, typical dubai holiday activities, and also the dubai 24 hours
they all leave dubai to return to their respective countries
a few days into living in monaco, lando's in the uk for mclaren work
they play some golf
max sets up his pc in his room, and the two of them spend time playing halo (lando from the mtc)
max confirms a stream via social media for the next day.
max also hops on lando's flight that evening to monaco, with the intent to stream from lando's pc
he streams from monaco, but it's from a laptop instead - lando decided he wanted to play halo 5 minutes before max was supposed to go live. he streams from a laptop and his setup is... bad (i am a gamer/computer... person and i hated it), when the technical issues subside, he talks ideas for lando's gaming room with ria, scrolls the qdrnt subreddit and tells lando off for not playing halo (and also occasionaly talking to luisa too)
the three of them go golfing in monaco
lando skips the autosport awards to stay in monaco drinking caprisun with max and luisa
they fly back to the uk together so lando and luisa can attend the brits
lando goes on this morning again, and he's officialy adopted by phil and holly
max streams quite a bit over the week, watching car launches, playing five nights at freddy's and geoguessr, and scrolling twitter and reddit
him and lando go for more golfing before lando leaves for monaco again
lando and luisa spend valentines physically together, max and lando spend valentines virtually together (they have a halo multiplayer date)
(lando's back in the uk the next day anyway)
qdrnt do filming for elgato featuring simulators (or at least lando, aarav, steve and ria do, max is just there)
[actual quote] max: i'm here just for emotional support everyone
max streams when him are en route for a merch photoshoot in leeds. it's him and lando squished together in the back seat of a seven seater
[actual quote] lando: are you going to fist me?
the photoshoot is them standing on a plane..?
the next day max is back on his stream grind, playing fnaf and halo, dicussing furniture for his new setup (crafting an incredibly elaborate plan to get a very specific chair which is made in partnership with logitech so theoretically would be easy access to lando, etc. etc.), and also introducing his grandma to chat
[actual quote] theo: oh pity innit, you went to see your boyfriend lando the next day anyway
lando also streams: he does one playing roblox (i know, right) and another on halo with max
they both stream again the next day, max watching planes and lando playing halo with ria
lando leaves for mclaren's test day in barcelona starting him and max's longest stint apart yet not entirely sure when exactly, but luisa leaves for a shoot in barbados
max streams twitter and tarkov. during the twitter part, he's looking at sunglasses, prompting connor/tom/jakob/lando to comment about a 'misses'
max goes to monaco to set up the gaming room with ria and aarav. he's staying in a hotel but would have otherwise stayed in the apartment
he also has... an exchange with the team l4ndo and qdrnt admins. aarav refers to him as lando's housekeeper
he goes back to the uk for a day before jetting off to barcelona to catch the final day of testing
they both fly to portugal after testing finishes
they spend time with luisa and her friends, and the three of them watch bohemian rhapsody together.
lando and max return to the uk together, max being 20 minutes late for a qdrnt squad stream with aarav and niran. lando's on his bed watching tiktoks instagram reels before disappearing downstairs to stream his hair getting cut. they both yell at each other up and down the stairs. max's mum also appears to change max's bedsheets, but max pulls the streaming card
max is also learning portugese ffrom luisa. the one word he and lando both know definitely is the one for 'kisses'
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decommercializedfebreeze 6 months ago
Encanto Headcanons Pt. 2!
Pepa's Family Themed
Pepa used to get really into pranking her sibling when she was a kid
Because who's gonna do it back to her? Risk her getting mad? I don't think so
She passed down the skills to Camilo
When Felix put his spoon to his soup, he didn't expect to have a bowl of jello and vegetables instead
He blamed Camilo
Pepa sat in her chair next to him smirking
Gremlin Pepa
Pepa and Felix teach dancing lessons to their kids and other kids in town who want to learn
Dolores and Camilo used to play hide and seek competetively
Camilo would shapeshift into Abuela
Dolores could hear him and tried to guess who he had shifted into
They could go for hours
Camilo says ur mom jokes in 2022
Dolores thinks they're funny
Felix taught Antonio how to walk
Camilo taught him how to talk
Abuela has to deal with Pepa Family Pun Nights during Brunos' telenovela commercial breaks
or just at all times
Camilo is the best at Twister
Dolores can play Go Fish like a motherfucker
Antonio cheats at Jenga
Felix cheats at Poker with Abuela
Pepa soemhow finds a way to hoard all the houses, hotels, and money in Monopoly almost everytime
any other time it's camilo or felix
Pepa learned how to cook from Julieta, but like I previously said, she will burn down the kitchen if given free reign of it
Antonio will dominate even Mirabel at Hungry Hungry Hippos and that is fact
Antonio still sleeps in the nursery with Mirabel sometimes
When Antonio was younger he was afraid of birds
Camilo is very clumsy
He manages to trip on air at least twice a day
Camilo loves really old newspaper comics
agustin probably used to collect them
Camilo has an army of stuffed animals that Pepa tries to make him give to Antonio
He never will
He is lactose-intolerent
Dolores probably ate a whole bunch of coins when she was a kid
"17 isn't a kid" you might be thinking
You are correct
She likes to help Tia Julieta make bread
She loves when they make those big tall loaves of bread together
She has a pet rat that she got from Bruno when she was young
he keeps replacing it so that she doesn't know it died
She talks to it constantly
It's like her replacement for a diary
Pepa likes to eat olives
When she was a kid, Pepa ate some of the stuffing from her stuffed toy
Pepa introduced Agustin to Julieta
Pepa and Agustin were and still are best friends
they are also both hazards in the kitchen
He was Felix's best friend when they started dating
Julieta and Pepa used to put Bruno in a dress and tiara, dress up as a king and a knight respectively, and put on a play for their Mam脿 when they were little
Felix has his and Pepas' bed absolutely covered with pillows
He started out as Pepas' best friend who pulled pranks with her
He was especially talented at calming her down as kids
He's best friends with Luisa
He has a collection of colorful and themed socks
He's the type of person to get those oddly specific t-shirts off of facebook ads
Even if they don't apply to him
"Don't mess with a forklift manufacturer who was born in January"
"Felix you don't drive a forklift"
"But, Pepa the only thing stopping me is the law!"
Lemme know if you want some of Julietas side next!
Here is my previous Encanto hc list
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millard-nullings-shoulders 2 months ago
I can't sleep, so here's some headcanons for fun!
Jacob Portman
-While he claims to have never done any "teenager things" (sneak out, drink, etc), he actually has. Him and Ricky once drank cheap beer on the dock at night. It wasn't all that great, so he didn't wanna do it much again.
-He's the type to cuddle in his sleep, and he is like a space heater! This isn't even just limited to romantic partners.
-Have I said his special interest as a kid was his grandfathers stories? Well guess what his other one was! Pokemon. And he had everyone memorized, and told his grandpa about all of them.
Emma Bloom
-Can't sing to save her life. It's almost sad to watch her try.
-Has told Bronwyn every single detail about her romantic issues. Be it complaining about Abe not writing enough, or Jacob being...strange at times.
-Once punched a guy trying to hit on her at the pub. It was amazing.
Hugh Apiston
-We all know he's in a relationship with Fiona, but did you know he's also in a relationship with Millard? They keep it low key in front of others, but it's not hard to pick up on. Especially with how much the two touch and hang off of each other as friends.
-He avoids his chores that are inside, specifically so he can be outside with Fiona while she does her choirs. He's clingy to her, but she finds it cute.
-He has three freckles on his forehead that just so happen to look like the three eyes a bee has on the top of their heads.
Fiona Frauenfeld
-She is quiet, but she's not shy in any way. She's playful and funny, actually. Especially with Hugh. Actually, of the two of them, she's the more dominant in the relationship, calling the shots and planning the dates.
-She hates brushing her hair, that's why it's so wild. Later, she gets it fixed, but Hugh has to be the one to force her to sit down so HE can brush her hair. She pouts about it.
-More than anything, she wants to have a big family with Hugh. Ever since they met, before the loop, she wanted to marry him and have a ridiculous amount of kids. Hugh however, has a hard limit of three at the most. She'll convince him otherwise someday.
Enoch O'Conner
-He's an AMAZING artist. He spends his whole day carving figures and drawing. He's very talented.
-He was jealous of Jacob coming to the loop, not because of any crush on Emma or anything like that. He was jealous because Jacob showed up and was automatically liked. Enoch gets kind of singled out at times. He's at an awkward age between being one of the little ones and one of the older boys. He doesn't fit in, and seeing someone do that so easy kind of hurt his feelings.
-Once called Miss Peregrine mum and has not lived it down sense. He'll randomly remember while he's trying to sleep and just cringe to himself for hours.
Horace Somnusson
-Is the best singer out of all the boys. Though, that's not too surprising there.
-Anytime anyone rips their clothes or pokes a hole in them, he'll fix it. He won't even wait to be asked, he WILL find out and he WILL fix it. Fiona is the most inconvenienced by this.
-He's also in an awkward stage of being between the little ones and the older ones. This just makes him frustrated since he wants to be grouped in with all the older boys.
Claire Densmore
-By far the most spoiled acting out of everyone in the entire loop. Not for any particular reason, she just does. She's a princess and she knows it.
-She can get kind of bratty when she's playing with Olive, but nothing too bad. Just a lot of wanting to do things her way. Mostly changing game rules randomly to benefit her.
-She hates eating her vegetables. She'll pout about it the whole time before she gives in and eats them.
Olive Elephanta
-This little girl is a firecracker. She's loud. She's rowdy. She'll scrape her knee and think nothing of it. Just a ball of pure sunshine.
-One time she forgot to fully belt herself to her bed, and got woken up when she bonked her head on the ceiling. She managed to laugh it off though.
-She is the master of cheering people up when they're sad. Enoch is grumpy about something? She gets a chuckle out of him. Fiona is having a bad PTSD day? She's helping her in the garden. Jacob is anxious again? She's telling him really bad jokes.
Bronwyn Bruntley
-In a modern setting, you cannot explain memes to her. You can try all you want, but she just won't get it. She tries, but it just won't click.
-We stan an aroace icon. She does not get it when Emma and Fiona talk about their relationships. She especially didn't understand when her brother would talk about his crushes to her.
-Every week or so, she likes to take a relaxing bath in very hot water. Her muscles tend to get tense, and it helps her relax them. When she discovers lush stores in modern day, she nearly cried with joy.
Victor Bruntley
-This boy is as gay as you could possibly be. He's listened to the boys talk about finding women attractive, he was in the closet at the time, he tried to play along. He convinced no one at all.
-He breaks things way too often. Half the time it isn't even from his strength, he just can't keep his shit together. Though, he does break Enochs jars on accident a lot when he's helping opening them up. A lot of cuts from that.
-He speaks Welsh to his sister often and because no one else in the loop understands? They kind of gossip to each other about things.
And last but not least, my lovely boyfriend UwU
Millard Nullings
-He's got some great shoulders He's a lot stronger than most people expect him to be. Sure he's the nerdy one of the group, but that doesn't mean he's weak in any way.
-He and Hugh tend to get a bit rough when they play football together. Usually ending in a few kicked shins, mild bruising, and grass stained clothes.
-He actually likes wearing his clothes, he just doesn't like being stuck up in the house all the time. He likes to go out, but he can never dress up for it.
-Did I mention he has some great shoulders?
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04dummy 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sweater weather.
pairing iwaizumi x reader
timestamp 21:45
notes can you tell i still haven't had my first kiss yet? hopefully not 馃槶 anyways i hope y'all enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed the last one!! love youuuu <333 also if there are spelling errors, please point em out to me if you can!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"hoooooly shit." matsukawa's jaw is almost touching the floor at the sight of you... and the boy beside you. hanamaki chokes on his drink before nudging the black haired boy, shoving his drink into his hand that isn't occupied by his own drink.
鈥測ou guys won't believe who got caught arguing underneath the mistletoe!鈥 hanamaki cups both hands around his mouth and shouts out to the large crowd in his living room causing so many pairs of eyes to be on you.
you groan and attempt to hide your face in your hands, wanting to race home and never come to another party ever again. you hear the boy in front of you scoff and from a small crevice in between your fingers, you can see him shove his hands into his jacket pockets.
鈥渢here's no way-鈥
"aw, c'mon, haji! don't be a buzzkill, it's tradition!" matsukawa complains.
鈥渋 don't give a fu-鈥
鈥渨ait! wait, i can not miss this!鈥 a voice screeches from down the hallway and there you see racing down is oikawa tooru, iwaizumi's best friend. when he's finally standing right beside his other two best friends, he leans down and places his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.
鈥渏esus christ.鈥 iwaizumi's voice is muffled as he groans this out, having pulled his hands from his pockets and covered his face with them.
鈥渋wa, i have to get this on camera, oh my gosh!鈥
鈥渋'll kill you-鈥
鈥測ou guys鈥 oh my gosh, i have been waiting so long for this鈥 you guys have hated each other since first grade and i've had to witness all the childish ass fights but now it's all coming to an end! you expect me to not be excited?鈥 oikawa is shuffling while yelling dramatically and pulling his phone out. hanamaki is snickering and matsukawa has an expectant look on his face.
鈥渢here's no way we're doing this-鈥
鈥渋 am not kissing him-鈥
鈥渨hat's so bad about kissing me-鈥
鈥測ou're the one who doesn't want to kiss me-鈥
鈥渋 never said that!鈥
鈥渨ell, then kiss me, you coward-鈥 iwaizumi reaches out and grasps your forearm, softly pulling you into his chest. without even giving you a chance to breathe, he connects your lips with his and you just about feel your heart explode out of your chest. your hand reaches up to rest on the nape of his neck as you carefully guide your fingers through his small hairs.
your kiss carried on for a few moments and when the two of you finally pull apart, you can't bring yourself to open your eyes yet but your lips are swollen and your heart is still beating rapidly. everything just changed and you know he knows it, too.
before you can even think of a conversation starter, you hear oikawa shriek to the side of you.
鈥渇inally!鈥 your eyes shoot open to meet olive green ones.
鈥漣 am going to kill you.鈥 iwaizumi releases your arm and he turns to stomp over to the brunette. oikawa quickly shoves his phone back into his back pocket while backing away.
鈥渄on't you have something more important to discuss? specifically with name, i mean like your relationship status- i'm sorry!鈥 he takes off and iwaizumi is right behind him. your gaze turns to meet the other two boys' gazes.
鈥渟o... you and hajime?鈥 matsukawa grins while hanamaki smirks and you just blink at them before nodding.
鈥渕e... and hajime.鈥 their jaws drop.
鈥渘o fucking way.鈥
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lovely-oh-so-lovelyyui 3 months ago
Nah because I know you didn't drop those bomb ass Reiji headcanons then you leave us to starve again. I'll pull an Oliver Twist and ask for more.
( not nsfw tho since you're uncomfy with it )
AHH!! I MISSED YOU BRO <3 hahaha yeah nsfw is something that always makes me feel surreal writing it but I gotta feed the homies ya know and like occasional self indulgence.
But of course!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
When the second prince is born the nurse maid, feels a strange wariness spread in her bones as an eerie calmness surrounds the child.
He's beautiful in the way the old king's lineage is, with inky tufts and pale ivory skin that would look pasty if not for the rosiness that made him glow with eyes that burned like embers and addicted those around like wine.
Growing up, the identical palette of his mother and brother were obvious but the closer you looked he was obviously his mother's son. They had the same straight nose and thin downturned lips in contrast to his brother and father pointed aristocratic nose and their hidden dimples. Their eyebrows quirked up the same way, and they always spin rings on their fingers thrice, and crack their necks left first.
He is very specific with what clothes he wears, his colour palette tends to lean on the cooler side aside from his eyes, so he dresses in indigos, navy's, and scarlets, with a black, white and silver lining. Gold tends to wash him out.
He didn't want anyone to find out but when the triplets got their piercings he was curious to how it felt, so he had a belly button piercing, it fell out though. He still has the silver piercing with the prettiest ruby hanging off it tucked away in a drawer.
Regardless, of how much his brothers make fun of him, his intellect is not something you should ever downplay. Yes, he isn't a mastermind like his father, or sly like laito but he is genuinely intelligent. Bluntly put, he reads something it will remain in his memory for as long as he'd like because he priorities, he remembers lengthy war plans, he remembers the names of countless nobles from different house and empires. Remembers which Duke/ Duchess is key and who's support is essential to the crown, which bastard child is from what baron. He remembers all that is necessary to take three precautionary steps against his opponents at all time. It鈥檚 deadly.
His darkest secret is probably if shu wasn鈥檛 involved he never would鈥檝e had anything against Edgar, probably even got along to a degree with the young boy; he distinctly remembers setting the fire in his garden after all, it was an admirable garden for a human.
He has a dry wit sense of humour, it鈥檚 actually very ironic, because an old bride made this god awful pun when he was biting her that he started giggling that eventually rose into a laughter pulled out of his chest (he definitely has the ugliest snort). He still denies it to himself with the possibility he was probably just depraved of sustenance at the time. His internal monologue is his sense of humour, if he was a a playwright no one could out do him in punchlines during a narration. As someone who grew up as a wall flower and an observer of his brothers antics, he鈥檒l quietly watch following their actions with this snarky, sardonic drawl in the back of his mind. Unfortunately, he took his mother鈥檚 monotone when he says this commentary out loud but once you notice the lilt in his voice, he is unironically the funniest person you will ever meet.
Reiji does not have a physical manifestation nor any idea of how he perceives himself, he looks in the mirror but physically doesn鈥檛 feel any attachment to his body. Sometimes he sees a man with great shoulders and and wild red eyes that resembles Dionysus before he drove masses wild, sometimes it's a boy trapped behind a window with confusion painting his face, and sometimes he looks like a blurry Van goph painting with all the shades and colours that mesh together to form this figure that he can't discern. However the thin pressed like of his lips do not change as he gazed into the mirror, angular and frigid.
One of the many things aside from academia that he prides himself on his is fencing skills, he has this proper posture and firm shoulders. With fluid movements as he targets one weakness at a time on his opponent studying and observing. He looks beautiful as he does it.
One of reiji's nannies was a blood slave due to employment issues for a couple of months but she was the sweetest ladies alive, he had long hair as a boy and she would towel him down after bath time and delicately comb through it. Sometimes he would doze off, she was an old human she died soon enough and he cut his hair soon after. Hasn't grown it out since.
Reiji is a firm believer in being a dutiful s/o but god he hates valentine's day something about too much sweet stuff literally causes him to gag. But every year he compromises and makes this adorable gingerbread cheesecake, staying up making sure absolutely nothing goes wrong. Plans a date , co ordinated outfits (matching ones embarrass him to no end), he'll buy flowers himself and trim them into a bouquet because of perfectionism and always ends it every year with a slice of cheesecake that isn't too sweet but just right.
He also is big on aftercare, especially if he cares about you. He's aware he's demanding as an s/o especially sexually he craves that attention solely on him. So he's soft afterwards, clingy as he cleans you up, lets you hold him and acts like a kitten seeking petting, leaves the softest kisses where there are marks even though he's preening on the inside after marking you.
Well I'm sorry it took so long exam season took a lot out of me, this is actually the first thing I started writing so hopefully I'll be back on track.
Thank you for reading!
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prettyflow3rs 3 months ago
Hi! Extremely sorry if this is kinda long and specific,this is my first proper ask:D :(Reader is also a vampire)
Maybe one where the lost boys start hanging out more with someone(Star preferably because it would make more sense)and slowly kinda become more blunt,uncaring for reader feelings and kinda rude,kinda forgetting the reader in he dust(Poor reader is lonely).
So the reader becomes a mix of the songs 'Little girls' from Annie and 'Life goes on' by Oliver tree and is easily aggravated by the boys and star now,because reader is a tough lil vampire like the boyzzz (But for real,reader can throw a punch)she feels that they are ungrateful, bratty(tho 'bratty' mostly refers to Paul and Marko) and don't care at all(Understandable,reader is kinda dead inside) Angst with a happy ending?
I don't know if you are doing requests or not soooo(I hope this isn't too long) but I hope I ain't being a bother :) (no presure :D) Obviously ignore this if u don't wanna
Poly!Lost boys x Vampire! Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): Angst, allusions to cheating, insecurities, not proof read ^^;;
Tumblr media
You had been with the boys for a bit. When they first met you they were entranced, and quickly started a relationship with you, which led to them quickly turning you. You were their sweet partner, and they loved that about you. Things were going great, until they weren鈥檛.
The boys would often brush you off and leave you alone for someone who seemed to have caught their attention. You weren鈥檛 really sure who, all you knew was that they went either by the name Nicole or Natalie, honestly you weren鈥檛 too sure. They were constantly talking about them, or were seen hanging out with them. You honestly didn鈥檛 know how to feel about it. You tried really hard to hangout with them, and spend time with them - but they kept brushing you off. This went on for weeks until you simply stopped trying to get their attention and just moved on. You made some friends, and began hanging out with them more and more. It kinda got to the point where you weren鈥檛 really ever in the cave anymore. You would only show up right before sunrise and sleep in your nest in the cave away from the boys.
It sadly took the boys a bit to notice your absence, but once they noticed they wouldn鈥檛 leave you alone. The constantly tried to hangout with you, sleep in your nest with you, try to have dinner with you 1 but you never seemed to pay them any mind. You always scooted away from the group, or made excuses as to why you couldn鈥檛 hangout.
Tonight started off like any other. You got dressed, washed your face, grabbed your bag, and began to head out. It was your routine for the past couple of weeks, after the boys became more and more distant. It was 9pm and you were just about to head out when a voice made you stop in your tracks. 鈥淲here are you headed off too, kitten?鈥 David spoke up from his chair. You turned to the blonde who had his whole posse around him. 鈥淭o the boardwalk, i鈥檓 meeting a couple of friends.鈥 You said nonchalantly. This caused David to raise his eyebrows. 鈥淲ell, we were thinking about having a night in, we could-鈥 Paul cut in. 鈥淲e could watch movies, order takeout, make out, have sex, do-鈥 David cut him off. 鈥淧aul! Enough.鈥 David turned back to you, trying to see your reaction. You looked away awkwardly before speaking. 鈥淪orry, i already made plans.鈥 Paul and Marko looked like kicked puppies and pouted, while Dwayne seemed to cross his arms in a pissed off manner. 鈥淥h. We鈥檒l have fun.鈥 David said through gritted teeth. 鈥淵eah, thanks.鈥 You said before making your way out of the cave and to the boardwalk.
It was silent for a moment before it was broken by Paul. 鈥淲hat was that?! They didn鈥檛 even say 鈥淚 love you鈥 before they left!!鈥 Paul said while pacing around the cave. 鈥淚t鈥檚 odd.鈥 Dwayne said while picking the skin around his fingers. Marko鈥檚 leg was bouncing up and down rapidly and David was smoking a cigarette with his brows furrowed.
Paul continued to rant out loud, before Marko cut him off. 鈥淒o you think we did something to piss them off?鈥 He said while looking at David. The faux blonde took a deep breath before looking back at Marko. 鈥淚鈥檓 not too sure.鈥 The group went quiet for a bit, before Dwayne spoke up. 鈥淲ell, we鈥檝e all been kinda busy recently. Spending less time with them, Spending more time with Nicole. Maybe they got fed up.鈥 Dwayne said softly. They all stood in shock before David let out a quiet 鈥淔uck.鈥 Paul and Marko instantly rushed to their bikes to try and talk to you, but we鈥檙e pulled back by David. 鈥淲ait boys, give them space. We鈥檒l talk to them when they get back.鈥 Paul and Marko we鈥檙e about to protest before David and Dwayne have them a look that had then shutting up.
While the boys were down in the dumps you were having the time of your life. Your friends were awesome and so funny. You ate junk food, rode on all the rides, got stuffed animals. It was a perfect night. However, all good things must come to an end - and at 1:00am your friends decided to hit the hay and head home. You all said your goodbyes and soon headed back to the cave. When you walked in it was eerily quiet. It was too early for them to sleep, so why was it so quiet? As you ventured further into the cave you saw Paul and Marko high out of their minds quietly talking to each other, while Dwayne was reading your favorite book, and David was simply lost in thought. As you got closer they all turned to look at you, You awkwardly smiled and waved and began making your way to your side of the cave when David called you over. You hesitantly turned around and began making your way to the group standing by the couches with your arms crossed. 鈥淪it down.鈥 David instructed softly. You looked and saw that every seat was taken up, so you shook your head. 鈥淣o it鈥檚 fine, I can stand.鈥 David scoffed before patting his lap. 鈥淐ome on Kitten, we need to talk about what鈥檚 going on in that pretty little head of yours, and i don鈥檛 want you standing the whole time.鈥 You slowly walked over and began to say on his lap before he adjusted you so you both were in comfortable positions. 鈥淒o you wanna bring it up or should i?鈥 David said while stroking your waist. You were silent for a moment before you shrugged. David sighed at your behavior, He and the boys hated when you became closed off. 鈥淲ell it looks like we haven鈥檛 been treating you that well, so you鈥檝e been avoiding us sweetheart.鈥 You looked down before speaking. 鈥淚 haven鈥檛 been avoiding you, i鈥檝e just been busy.鈥 David gave your waist a squeeze which was pretty much a warning to stop lying to them. 鈥淏usy? With your new friends? You鈥檝e barely spoken to us, and when we try to go to you, you push us away!鈥 Paul said defensively. Your head shoots up and your eyebrows furrow at this. 鈥淚 have been pushing you away because you guys have been doing that to me! It鈥檚 like we aren鈥檛 even together half of the time because you are always spending time with that girl! Nicole, Natalie, I don鈥檛 care! You guys have been seriously acting like brats! So i鈥檓 sorry that i didn鈥檛 wanna loath in my bed all night while you guys have fun with your new toy!鈥 You said while standing up from David鈥檚 lap and beginning to walk away. This caused the boys to panic, thinking you were leaving them for good. 鈥淲ait! Where are you going babe?鈥 Marko said while catching up to you. 鈥淥utside. I need a breather.鈥 You said while walking out of the cave and walking down towards the beach.
The boys turned to Paul before Marko spoke up. 鈥淣ice going man, now they鈥檙e even more pissed at us.鈥 Marko said while punching Paul鈥檚 arm. Paul winced and began pouting. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry! I don鈥檛 even know why i said that to them. I鈥檓 such an idiot.鈥 Paul said while rubbing his hands down his face. 鈥淵eah, You are.鈥 Marko retorted, which caused the blonde to pout even more. 鈥淵ou aren鈥檛 supposed to agree!鈥
You were walking away from the cave and sat on the sand by the cliff. Taking deep breaths you tried really hard to calm down. You hated arguments, especially with the boys, you just wanted everything to be okay between you guys. Sighing you began closing your eyes and enjoying the quiet. Your little moment of peace was interrupted by the sound of boots hitting the sand. Sighing you opened your eyes and looked up at the boys from your place on the sand. Paul walked up from the group and closer to you with his head held low. 鈥淚鈥檓 really sorry babe, I don鈥檛 know why I acted like that. I鈥檝e just been so upset because i really miss you. I shouldn鈥檛 have lashed out at you, that was a messed up thing for me to do.鈥 You got up and held you arms out for the boy who instantly rushed into them and hugged you like you would vanish if he let go. 鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, i think we鈥檝e all been kinda upset recently.鈥 You said while putting your head in the crook of his neck. You and Paul were silent for a bit, basking in the comfort of each other. Before you looked up at the rest of the boys and nudged your head to let them know it was out to join. Which they all did instantly. You stayed there for a sec in your group hug before you all let go. Even when you pulled away Paul still had a death grip on your hand. Due to how distant you all have been, the boy got needy and was in desperate need of your attention.
You all soon began making your way back to the cave. It was silent, but it wasn鈥檛 bad - it was more like a comfortable silence between the group. Paul led you to your nest, and soon you and your boys were in a cuddle pile. Arms and legs sprawled all over, and the feeling of being pressed against your boys was enough to lull you to sleep. Your breathing was heavy and you looked like an angel to your boys. They regretted making you upset, so that night they all decided that they wouldn鈥檛 ever allow tonight鈥檚 events to repeat, because they were truly and utterly yours.
Tumblr media
A/N: guys this took me so long to make because i鈥檝e been so out of it these past couple of weeks, but it鈥檚 now summer so i should get to writing more !!
Tumblr media
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vivacissimx 6 months ago
Saw one of several posts I've seen about Daenerys Targaryen and the economic situation in Meereen, pinning the blame on her 'ignorance' for the bulk of them. Those analyses generally fall into the pit of the supposed economic justifications for slavery, which are harmful and also untrue. Of course slavery is horrific in and of itself, the moral perspective alone ends the argument, but if we are looking at the economic arguments:
Meereen's greatest export is enslaved people. There's no indication that the labor force usage of slavery constituted the majority use to the Meereenese slaveowning class, nor that Meereen's non-slavery industry leans on the structure of slavery in order to exist. It's textiles and minimal agriculture (in particular olives, which are only really labor intensive during the harvest period). There is no way to maintain the structure of an economy like Meereen's while ending the slave trade. The slave trade is the economy. There are no two ways about this.
Slave labor isn't free labor. It's actually incredibly expensive. Under plantation structures, the American South's greatest production was in pigs and corn, yet their greatest export was cotton. Why? Because maintaining a massive population of enslaved people requires an immense amount of resources that never enter the formal market. No profit can be had from those resources because those enslaved do not participate in the formal economy in their own right. If only a limited percentage of a population can participate in a economy, of course that will depress demand and profit.
Due to the limitations of slavery, Meereen's economy relies heavily on export without a thriving local market. Even prior to the abolitionist movement, this is a dangerous balance. What happens if, say, Volantis and Lys go to war with each other? Those are the largest slave markets in Essos. If demand suddenly drops, what happens? What if the currency inflates/deflates for any number of outside reasons? The Meereenese Masters will be fine due to their hoarded wealth but the average person in Meereen will suffer, and the average enslaved person will suffer worse.
...and trade depressions are an inevitability, not merely a risk. Prices fluctuate every day for a whole host of unforeseeable reasons. Total economic collapse happens to nation-states. Overreliance on one specific export/industry makes it happen faster.
Which leads me to a larger point: Slavery depresses progress and innovation. In addition to removing a whole host of people from the formal economy, slavery requires a middle class of "enforcers" who perform the violence necessary to maintain slavery and produce the resources used to feed/house/etc. enslaved people. This is a loss in productive value of not only the enslaved population but a significant portion of the free working class. As a result, Meereen's economy is highly contained, unable to grow wealth. The economies that historically remain successful over time are the ones that do not rely on one specific industry and are able to innovate themselves straight into the future. In fact, Daenerys runs into this very issue (stagnancy from those who benefitted from slavery in the most nominal sense) while herself focusing on future innovation (economically speaking the most correct position to take) by instituting irrigation ditches, opening the guilds to new artisans, and paying her soldiers who then stimulate the local economy with said wages, among other reforms.
Meereen is not in the situation it is merely because Daenerys stopped slavery. There's no 1:1 there. It's suffering because the olive groves were burned by the Masters, depriving the people of their profitable fruit and oil. It's suffering because it's under attack, inside and outside. It's suffering because there's a pandemic raging. Daenerys is attempting to regrow the olive trees, discourage a war, and send resources to the afflicted including through her own bodily services. She understands the position she's in.
That, and in fact Daenerys does take steps to rebuild Meereen's economy in a manner that neither relies on slavery nor allows it to continue under another name. This gifset does a great job of laying it out (in addition to so much meta that slips my mind rn but makes this post redundant), but mainly I hate to see economic arguments against the immediate and complete abolition of slavery in any context. Because those shouldn't exist.
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olderthannetfic 3 months ago
Thank you for your explanation for the skin-color-as-food-description thing! (also I apologize to all olives for assuming them mostly green ;) ) Are there any good resources/tips on writing a diverse cast without falling into the old stereotypes/food-descriptors/more-yikes-words-that-are-yikes? I guess there are probably a lot more pitfalls to this I really want to avoid in the future.
I accept your groveling, olive besmircher! ;P
There are guides...
As a white American, I have found it useful to at least peruse them to familiarize myself with things I might not have realized are cliches and red flags. And the reason I have found them useful is that I am a white American, the typical target audience of such guides.
Writingwithcolor, on tumblr, is a classic example of guides produced by fandom.
The thing is, a lot of fans who are from outside of a US context find these guides really... err... misguided. They feel they center the experiences of diaspora in a few countries (like the US, UK, and Canada) over the experiences of people in the home country. They feel they're too One Right Way or too obviously aimed at white people. Many people find them too enmeshed in a US-centric POC framework for dividing identities into categories as opposed to how identity would be seen in even Europe or Australia or New Zealand, never mind various parts of Asia or Africa.
So I'm not saying don't read them. Absolutely. If you want a guide, go read all of the many posts on writingwithcolor. Go find other guides.
But you're not going to find a magic bullet that fixes this.
I would personally focus more on not being an asshat in your own context than on pleasing the nitpicking Americans who might find your fanfic and find it problematique for stupid reasons. What ethnic minorities exist where you are? What do they think about writing cliches? And not just the loudest bloggers: what do people you run into in your actual life think? What do writers from your location think?
There's really no substitute for having a varied friend group and talking to them, but life experience and reading widely are helpful too.
There's no substitute for specificity either. Are you writing Sam Wilson or are you writing BTS? Are you writing something completely original? Is it set in the real world or is it fantasy?
If you want to write African Americans or some specific group not near you, go explore the rich history of literature from this group. Maybe for some groups, there isn't much to find, but black people in the US have produced a fuckton of art about their own experiences, and so have many other groups. Go consume it if you're interested.
Recognize that a very specific niche of highly online people who share the same politics isn't going to give you a robust view of an entire group. Sam Wilson is probably considerably more conservative and traditional than a lot of black bloggers in fandom and considerably less concerned with minutia of word choice given that he's a military guy who has made it through a whole career of other military guys. That doesn't mean he agrees with white US conservatives though or even that he's what we might call conservative overall. Ditto Nile Freeman from The Old Guard. Meanwhile, Peter Grant from Rivers of London is likely going to have far more leftist economic views, less of a connection to Christianity, and certainly a far stronger connection to an immigrant experience.
It's more important to learn enough to write something you know isn't offensive drivel than it is to listen to each and every hater you encounter. Those queer teenagers wailing about "the q slur" have equivalents in any demographic. Beware giving too much weight to this sort of person's views.
But that said, I don't think you need to wallow in research until the end of time. It is far more important to try in good faith than to fear getting something wrong.
Someone might yell at you, and that sucks, but if you're more afraid of that than of making boring art about only one kind of character, you're focused on the wrong thing. If you have basic confidence in your own intentions and general knowledge, you can shrug off the most mean-spirited or petty critiques and are better able to listen to the more relevant ones.
If you just want a list of words that are slurs, that's relatively easy. Writing something that sensitively and properly represents any group is harder, even if you're a group member yourself, and a lot of it comes down to writing skill.
There is no magic bullet.
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poisonouswritings a month ago
Do you still do Last Legacy asks? And if so I would love some headcanons ( or short story ) of the gang at a ball of some kind, and MC comes though the door wearing on hot dress and everyone is fawning over them.
While Sage is having a heart attack in the corner processing it all while deciding if he should just make out with you right then and there, or beat up the perverts eyeing MC.
[light-hearted] I GO LIKE THREE DAYS WITHOUT ANSWERING AN LL ASK AND THE FANDOM PROMPTLY POKES ME WITH A STICK TO CHECK IF I'M DEAD 馃槶馃槶馃槶 But to answer your question yes I do still do Last Legacy!! And I will continue to do Last Legacy for the foreseeable future because my brainworms are fucking unkillable!!! I've just been in a bit of a writing funk lately so I haven't been able to put out as much content as I'd like to.
To anyone who has sent me an ask I haven't answered yet, I'm sorry!! I promise I am not ignoring them and I haven't forgotten them!! I just need a little bit of a break sometimes so my brain can juice itself back up. Please bare with me.
Anyways I'll link these two ball-centered posts I've done because I'm proud of them and want more attention damnit they're relevant
M3 + Rime At A Masquerade
Sway With Me (Sage)
GN!Reader, mentions of alcohol, a little short just because I've covered similar prompts before
The only reason you guys came separately is because of Felix.
Specifically, Scylla said she had something important to discuss with him that required him coming early. And there was no chance in the seven hells that Felix was going alone, so he convinced Sage to go with by promising the bar would be much less crowded than it would be later on.
So. The plan was you would show up later with Anisa. But then Anisa had to show up for her knightly duties anyways and basically Sage could have taken a nap or fooled around with you before coming to this thing.
But fine. Whatever. What's done is done, and he's getting free drinks out of it so he can't complain that much.
Oh, and that super important think Scylla needed to discuss with him? Signing their papa's birthday card. For his birthday. That's next month.
Yeah. Felix was not happy about being tricked like that. He's currently sitting next to Sage at the bar eating some olives. He's not all that fond of these things either. Being an essentially disgraced member of a house of nobility comes with plenty of whispers and dirty looks. It doesn't bother him persay, but there's a whole stack of books and handful of experiments he would much rather be spending his time on, thank you very much.
Anisa, meanwhile, is halfway networking and halfway being talked over. At least she's getting some decent gossip out of it. Plus it's an excuse to dress up. Her Sunstone uniform is so stuffy and boring. A change is good every now and then.
A sort of hush falls over the party, starting at the door and rippling outwards. Anisa is the first one to understand why - whispers of a gorgeous newcomer who must be some sort of royalty filter rapidly through the grapevine.
Sage is the first one to see why, though, because this beautiful person is making their way down this ornate staircase and he happens to be zoning out while looking in that direction.
I was gonna give you an example but... Like... Just go watch any 'commoner becomes royalty' type movie and you'll get what I mean.
Felix is the first one to register that Holy Shit That Is You!! He Knows You!!! Hells Bells You Clean Up Nicely.
It isn't until Anisa comes sprinting over, grabbing both Felix and Sage by the shoulder and whispering "Isn't that MC?" that Sage finally connects the dots.
You've got no shortage of admirers, that much is obvious.
Felix takes it upon himself to go get you, using his 'status' as Escell's son to interrupt the low-level noble who immediately tried to seize your hand. Felix offers you his arm and ooooh the sharp pant of jealousy Sage gets over it
He used to think dressing fancy was a waste of time but... Holy shit. Suddenly it doesn't seem that bad.
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