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ohoho. now i get to spend the rest of my night designing an oc for a school assignment
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Tumblr media
I'm finE
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i’m emo, can’t believe they did that 😭😭😭😭
espero verte feliz, aunque sea sin mí
#alba reche#natalia lacunza#okay but i need you to understand what this means#this is gonna get a bit long but this performance is a lot#so as you might already know from my posts and stuff#alba reche and natalia lacunza are two spanish singer that started as contestants of ot 2018#they were super mega close during the contest#like it was a delight seeing them together their relationship was so beautiful#and of course people started shipping them#as what happens in these cases#people started to harass them and it was a lot#kinda like the spanish version of larry levels of fanatism#so after a few months#they unfollowed each other on social media and just weren't pictured together for a while#later on it was discovered that they probably ended up dating after the contest but they broke up#but anyways#this remained like this for like a year#until they followed each other back and started commenting on each other photos and all#very minute things but fans were relieved#i don't know how this experience was but for me#i did ship them during the contest but i had enough rationale to understand it shouldn't be pushed on them#and i just wanted them to be friends again cause i had already seen in ot how much they cared for each other#so again baby steps but it was something#and some months ago it was announced that they would sing the same day in a music festival#one after the other#everybody went wild#lots of people went#and it was yesterday#so july 24th 2021#they did what's on the video
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I’m so mad that I got cheated out of learning French when we had to move from Oklahoma to Florida
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Tumblr media
#sneak peek of The Thing™ because i need to tag talk#i might actually line this bit again cause i dont really like how it came out#im almost halfway done tho anyway#the ''would you stay?'' KILLED me. OBLITERATED me on sight.#and the ''please'' just kicked a dead horse at that point 😂#i've been dead and the entire time in the afterlife thinking about this because goddamn#it's too good#and i would show you my paintings but they're not very interesting#it's really just still life from drawing class and most of them are unfinished either way 😂#and dont worry dont worry you'll get to see The Thing™ soon enough#tho i should've been learning for geography and have been instead just drawing that 😂#but i hope i'll get to see the dolls when they arrive? 👀#and about the profile picture oh no 😂😂#i'm so used to just having it as my pfp on everything i forget that i do#i actually have no idea where the picture is from because when i tried to reverse search it all i got was spanish creepypasta#i have no idea where i have it from either#it just sorta always been in my photo folder#..........but let's not think about that for too long 😂#oh and totally unrelated to the thing but are charles and alena married#like was there a wedding the whole shabang#anyway love you stay warm (idk if it's as cold there as it is over here. hope not) stay safe hope you're feeling yeehaw ❤���❤️❤️❤️#❤️💗💖💘💝💕💜💘💙💘💚💖💚💗💛💗🧡#💓💓💞❤️💛🖤💓💖💛💜💗❤️💛❤️��💚💜💚💞💕💚💕#💞🤍🤎💓💞💞💗💝💕💕❣️💖💗🤍💚🧡💖💚🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜#💞💞💗💗💖💖🧡💛💙🧡🧡🤍💗💓💖💖💘💝#AND god i hope you'll still see this how young was blink when he was taken away
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17 free and helpful things, that everyone can take advantage of
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library They send an age appropriate book once a month if you have a child younger than 5.
Project Gutenberg Lots of free classic books.
Library Genesis A great place to look for and download college/university textbooks for free, as well as other books.
Scihub Endless Free college books. (and peer-reviewed scientific publications that are otherwise hidden behind a paywall)
Khan Academy Free knowledge that you can use to clep out of university courses, or to simply invest your time in a worthwhile topic.
Openlearn UK’s Open University - free courses for all levels of study, samples of university materials, study skills and tie-ins to BBC documentaries. Everything under Creative Commons licence so you can use it as you see fit.
Duolingo The Green Owl of Languages. There are a few hundred that it teaches and the mobile app makes it easy to do anywhere while waiting (!warning! only good for Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Esperanto, and English. with anything else it gets very low-quality and short.).
Codecademy An awesome site to learn how to use some programming languages. Doesn't get into the really advanced stuff, but it's good for a start.
Photopea Completely free Photoshop clone that has all the basic features of Photoshop, using basically the same interface.
Gimp Another free version of Photoshop.
Unsplash Stock of free photos of just about anything, provided by the photographers themselves, to do with what you like.
Futureme You can write letters to yourself (or other people) in the future! You can also make notifications and reminders of a +doctors appointments or anything else important.
Heavens Above You can look up all the satellites flying over your house tonight, including the ISS, Hubble Space Telescope, those pesky Starlink satellites, and whatever else your heart desires, complete with star maps and precise timing. And there is an Android app, but unfortunately no iOS one last I checked. (For iOS you can use “Sputnik!” which is free and tells, when ISS and Hubble passes overhead.)
Night Sky Other astronomy app for iOS. If you hold your phone to the sky the app tells you what you're looking at (or point it at the ground for a view from the other side of the planet). Zoom in with two fingers and tons of deep space stuff is revealed.
Freecycle its literally people giving away stuff they don't need/want any more that they can't/don't care enough to sell.
Nexus Mods Has thousands of video game mods (for 1,509 PC games), made by independent content creators, available to download at no cost.
Archive The Archive aka Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and so much more... For example a lot of DOS games (classics like Prince of Persia, Oregon Trail, DOOM, Monkey island, Rayman, Turtles), directly playable through the browser.
My earlier list
More things to do
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feel like throwing up <3
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I showed my friend, who knows almost nothing about f1 and has absolutely no filter, photos of each driver on the 2022 grid and made her name and give me her first impressions on them and 😭. She just said whatever came into her head at the time, none of this was really thought over :). Everything is under the cut since this is such a long post!
Max Verstappen: William Osbourne
italian or spanish vibes
slightly dark and broody vibes
takes racing very seriously
“He is either super nice or an absolute asshole, or maybe he’s both who knows.”
Sergio Perez: Kristopher
A little lost but everyone loves it
100% has compilations on youtube that are like “kristopher being kristopher for 8 minutes and 23 seconds”
Has spent so long in f1 that everyone is telling him to quit
Very enthusiastic and his fans are very loyal
Charles Leclerc: Alexio 
“Damn he’s fine as hell!”
Hot, sexy, and hardworking
Has so many smutty fanfics written about him but he doesn’t know that they exist
Famous for his dimples and general smolder
Carlos Sainz: Akaash
“Oh my god, is he indian? YES DESI REP!” (She was so exited, I felt bad telling her he is spanish)
Could act in a movie as a fuckboy
Nice enough but might break your heart
Hard to approach but well liked by others
Lewis Hamilton: Joseph (but goes by Joe)
“Why are these guys so hot?”
Very wholesome and doing his best
“He looks like a good driver, I’d let him grip my steering wheel” ;)
Probably posts thirst traps after workouts
George Russell: George (she got one!)
Smiles and laughs but is secretly sad inside
“Is he gay? He feels gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I am too and my senses are tingling.”
Solid driver
After seeing him in his williams era: “Awww, look at his hair, what a gem :)”
Fernando Alonso: Alec La Chance
Old man, people are begging him to retire but he stays out of spite
Has a questionable hairstyle
Can come off as rude and scary but he is just blunt
Has probably hazed the new drivers each year
Esteban Ocon: David
Sweet guy, seems very bubbly and fun to be around, has a cute face
Would hype you up if you were feeling down
“He's that one cousin who you see at family gatherings every 4 years that you get along with super well but never talk to outside of those gatherings as neither of you can seem to make the effort to reach out.” (yes, this is her exact wording 😭)
“Is his hair wet or is that just an unholy amout of hair gel?”
Daniel Ricciardo: Arnesto
Very popular among the guys and gals ;)
Very chill and well liked
“He’s so smiley, I love his teeth!”
Looks like he belongs in FIFA
Lando Norris: Theodore
“How old is this guy? I thought you said they had to be 18 to drive or something.”
Has an “I’m not like other boys” mentality
Probably reads those romance webnovels that all have the exact same plot and cries when he finishes them because he wants to be loved
Says “pog” and “sus” unironically
Valterri Bottas: Scott
“He’s giving me australian vibes.”
Has a nice smile, seems chill and relaxed, very reliable
Not a fan of publicity but deals with it only because he has to
Comes off as tough and intense but is actually a total sweetheart, gives off major dad energy
Zhou Guanyu: Andrew
“Ooooh, I like him. He would bump into me on the way to work, spill my drink, and buy me coffee as an apology.”
A solid dude and a good friend
Seems like a good sport
She spent almost ten minutes drooling over his modeling pictures 💀
Kevin Magnussen: Gordon Ramsay
Has strong father vibes but is unhinged
Head empty, only cars
Has questionable morals but everyone loves him
Stoner energy
“He looks like if someone tried to copy Gordon Ramsay but changed it up a bit so it wasn’t obvious.”
Mick Schumacher: Brad
Very charismatic
“What happened to his hair? Why would he cut it like that?” (I showed her before and after photos of that one haircut)
Very sweet but is also a menace to society
Looks like he would enjoy cherry flavored cough medicine
Pierre Gasly: Chadwick
Very cool and suave, flirts a lot, secretly sad inside
Throws parties often
Would have went into finance if f1 didn’t work out
Has a small but devoted fanbase, extremely underrated driver
“I can’t tell if I would trust him or not.”
Yuki Tsunoda: Benjamin
Very nice, another solid guy
“He has the same hair my brother did when he was 12.”
Can drive an f1 car well but gets too nervous to drive on regular streets because he doesn’t trust himself to not start speeding
“He’s cute, I’d date him.”
Sebastian Vettel: Gandalf
Very nice and wise, pleasant to talk to
Wins a lot, has many fans that thirst over him and his scruffy hair
Could have been a footballer but chose to go into f1 instead
“He has fun uncle energy, I want to smoke a joint with him.”
Lance Stroll: Jacob from Twilight
When he got rid of his old hair, his passion for the sport left with it
Sometimes gets intimidated by some of the intense racers
“Someone please tell him to grow his hair back out, it looked so good.”
Alex Albon: Jughead from Archie
Has a good portion of haters for no reason
A bit awkward but very sweet
Pulls off the red hair VERY well
“I want to be his bottle of hairdye.”
Nicholas Latifi: Santander
Is either the best driver currently or very bad
Looks very intuitive and thoughtful
Seems handy and domestically skilled
“I like his hands, do you think he moisturizes?”
I honestly can’t tell which one is my favorite 😭
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: Alexia Putellas x reader
summary: Alexia manages to come watch you at your home race as an f1 driver for mercedes, the two of you decide to go back to yours after the race to catch up as well as putting out some unknown feelings.
warnings: none just pure fluff and a quick make-out sesh
words: 4022
a/n: i used google translate for some words in spanish as i am no bilingual, so i apologise if they are wrong.
woso masterlist part 2
Tumblr media
“Twenty drivers, ten teams and a whole lot of egos.” Martin Brundle said. “Welcome to Formula One.”
It was finally your home race. Silverstone. The home of British motorsport.
There was a lot of media surrounding you and the other British drivers on the grid. Hoping that at least one of you will get to be on the podium.
With you and Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, Lando Norris at McLaren and George Russell at Williams there were four saviours for the British people.
Currently you were sitting behind Lewis in the drivers championship and Mercedes pulling ahead of red bull in the constructors.
Only a couple of points in it. You needed to win to go on top of the drivers standings but also help your team in the process.
Today was sunday. Race day. You had a very successful qualifying yesterday with you and Lewis being on the front row.
Walking around the paddock you see many celebrities taking photos with the cars. One person in particular caught your eye.
“What are you doing here?” You asked, full of shock.
“Thought I’d surprise you.”
Standing in front of you was Alexia, your best friend but also the person who you'd been in love with for the past couple years.
“I can’t believe you're here.” You said as you quickly pulled the Spanish midfielder into a hug. “Don’t you have a game?”
“It got cancelled.” Alexia said, pulling out of the hug but staying in your arms.
“Lo siento.”
“Don’t be. I get to watch you kick everyone's ass instead.”
“I’ll win it for you.” You smiled.
“You better.”
“Are you here by yourself?”
“A couple of the girls came with me but they decided to go out instead.”
“I get you all to myself then.”
“That you do.”
The peaceful moment between you both was soon interrupted as your engineer came rushing over.
“Y/n! We’ve got a problem.” Tom, your engineer, said.
“What's wrong?” You asked, turning your body towards him.
“We’ve got a grid penalty.”
“What for?”
“Red Bull did a check on our car and had a word with the FIA.”
“Nothing is wrong with the car? And did they only check mine or Lewis’ as well?”
“Just yours.”
“Typical.” You muttered as you rubbed your eyes with the palms of your hands. “How many places?”
“Okay, thanks Tom.”
“I’ll see you in a bit.” Your engineer said before walking off to talk to Toto, your team principal.
“Mírame.” Alexia said as she placed her hands gently on the sides of your face. “Look at me.”
Doing as told, you lift your head up slightly so you are now facing the woman in front of you.
“You're still going to win this. I know you are. Being in Tenth or behind hasn't stopped you from winning before so why will it stop you now?”
“It wont.”
“Buena. Go show them who's the best.”
“Thanks for being here for me.” You smiled.
“Of course, I miss watching you race.”
“Let me talk to Toto to see if he will let you stay here, I can put you with Tom so you can hear me over the radio.”
“You don't have too.”
“I want to.”
Toto didn't need much convincing and he allowed Alexia to stay with Tom for the race. Just as you were about to step into your car, Alexia grabbed your arm and pulled you aside.
“Please be safe for me.” The midfielder said with a waver to her voice.
“Of course.”
“I don't fancy having a heart attack.”
“I’ll see you after.” You smiled as you gave the woman a quick hug only for her to place a kiss to your cheek.
“Good luck, speedy.”
You sat in your car and your mindset immediately changed. Your sole focus is only on winning.
The formation lap went by and you were ready in your place. When the lights went out you had already gained three places before the first corner.
The race was going smoothly till the sixteenth lap when you were about to pit. You were currently in fourth behind Perez. Just coming past Copse corner you headed into Maggotts wheel to wheel with the Red Bull.
Just as you were about to come out of Chapel and onto Hangar Straight you were pulling ahead slightly until Perez’s front tire collided with your rear causing you to lose control of the car heading straight for a wall.
Luckily you managed to only clip the wall and safely make your way back onto the track with minimal damage.
Going into the pits you got a new set of tiers as well as a new front wing.
“That was a good stop.” Tom said through your radio. “You’ll come out in sixth.”
“How far is the leader?” You questioned as you pulled in front of Leclerc and into fifth.
“Eight and a half seconds in front. You’ll catch them in a couple of laps, you are currently naught point seven three seconds faster than the leader.”
“What about Perez? He should get a penalty.”
“Yeah, the stewards are looking into it.”
“They better be.” You mumbled.
“Okay, keep your head down for the next couple of laps and I'll update you whenever something comes up.”
Three laps go by and you can see the back of Perez’s Red Bull again. This time you are about to come round Club corner and onto Hamilton Straight. With the home crowd spurring you on, you pass Perez easily already hunting the next car in front.
On the next lap you see the Ferarri of Carlos Sainz, the Spaniard doesn't put up much of a fight, letting you pass as you came through Vale.
You were now into third, you could see Verstappen a couple of seconds in front of you battling with Lewis. Using that to your advantage as they continue to push each other to the limits you creep up behind them both.
Coming up to the DRS detection zone before Village you notice Lewis and Max are driving each other wide, using this as you come through to Aintree, you're quick on the DRS and pass the two other drivers as you use the inside line.
The crowd erupts into cheers as they see that Lewis also passed Verstappen. It was back to it being a Mercedes one-two.
The rest of the race was pretty boring as you and Lewis pulled ahead of everyone else. Hamilton didn’t fight you for your position as you had the faster car.
Coming around the last corner on the last lap you see the Mercedes mechanics cheering on one side and mass amounts of fans on the other.
“God, I need a drink.” You said through the radio.
“What a drive!” Tom shouted. “That was- Wow.”
“Thanks, Tom.” You chuckled.
“Bring the car home safely and go get your trophy.”
“Can I speak to Alexia?” You asked as you drove slowly passed the crowd, waving to as many as you could, also managing to find a union jack flag, waving that around in the air.
“Hola, speedy.” Alexia’s voice was heard through the radio.
“I won.” You smiled, even though she couldn't see it.
“You did, I knew you could.”
“Thank you for being here.”
“I wouldn't miss it for the world.”
Driving side by side with Lewis you made your way back to Parc Ferme. Pulling up in front of the P1 spot you turned off your car and made your way out. Standing on top of the halo you held the union jack behind you as you looked up to the sky.
You ran over to your team and gave them all a massive group hug, each of them patting you on your back or your helmet. Seeing Lewis standing to the side you walk over to him and congratulate him as well as giving him a hug too.
Taking off your helmet and balaclava, you quickly down your bottle of water that was set to the side as you looked out into the crowd for a particular someone.
Quickly spotting her, you ignored the calls for you about the post interview and you ran straight into her arms.
“Estoy tan orgullosa de ti.” Alexia whispered into your ear.
“Gracias, Ale. I won because of you.”
“Go get your trophy. I’ll be down here watching you.”
“Okay.” You smiled as you walked away and to do a quick interview before walking onto the podium.
You were handed your trophy and you held it high up in the sky. Your national anthem began to play and you smiled to yourself, proud of what you had just done.
After the British anthem played and the Austrian anthem played for Toto it was time to celebrate, spraying champagne over Lewis and Tom, who you brought up with you.
After being soaked with alcohol you made your way back to the paddock, where you made your way to Alexia once again.
“Want some?” You questioned with a smile as you held up the champagne in your hand.
“No.” Alexia said as she held her hands up in front of her, trying to push you and the bottle away from her.
“Just a sip?”
“Okay, okay.” You chuckled as you drank some yourself, a little bit falling from your mouth and down your neck.
Alexia didn't want to admit it but she couldn’t take her eyes off you for the right and possibly all the wrong reasons. Snapping herself out of her mini trance she let herself fall deeper for your carefree and childlike behaviour.
“Do you want to come back to mine?” You asked.
“Don’t you want to celebrate?”
“Not really, I haven’t seen you in a while so I want to spend time with you, but if you want to we can go out and celebrate with the team or-”
“Slow down there, speedy. I’d love to spend some time with you.”
“What do you want to do?”
“Yeah, okay.”
Tumblr media
Finishing up all what you needed to do back at the garage, you were finally allowed to go home. You stayed behind longer than others as you liked to help out the mechanics, put things away and also stay and talk to the fans who were allowed onto the track.
You drove Alexia back to your place in your Mercedes-AMG GT, her sitting in the passenger side holding onto your trophy.
Music softly playing in the background. Both windows open as the country roads fly past you.
“This is something else.” Alexia said as she looked at the trophy in her hands.
“Prefer it to a Champions League one?” You joked.
“No chance.” Alexia chuckled.
“But it's gold?”
“That's all?”
“No, it's just a contributing factor.”
“Oh okay. Still not better though.”
“Okay, how about when we get to my house, I'll show you all my trophies and you pick the best one that’ll have a chance to compete with a Champions League trophy.”
“Okay, deal.”
You drove your car into the garage and made your way out. Going over to Alexia’s side and opening the door for her.
“Such a gentlewoman.” Alexia teased.
“Simply the best.” You laughed.
You carefully took the trophy from the midfielders hands and helped her get out of the car. Grabbing your bags you locked the car and began the small walk to your apartment. The two of you were in a comfortable silence on the way up but nothing needed to be said.
Standing in front of your apartment door you struggled to get your keys as you tried to juggle everything you were holding, leading Alexia laughing at you.
“What's so funny?” You asked.
“Nada.” Alexia chuckled.
“What pocket are they in?” The Spaniard questioned as she took a hold of your shoulders and moved you so you were facing her instead of your front door.
“Right pocket.”
Before you could question why she asked that, Alexia had put her hand in your right pocket and took a hold of your keys.
“Which key?”
“That one.” You said as you pointed to your house key.
Alexia opened the front door for the both of you and you finally made your way inside your apartment.
Placing your things on your kitchen counter, you took a hold of your trophy and motioned for Alexia to follow you. You stopped in front of a door at the end of the hallway, you nodded towards the door.
“Open it.” You smiled.
“What's inside?”
“You’ll see.”
Alexia opened the door and you turned on the light, making your way to the left of the room to place your trophy down. The Barcelona captain took in her surroundings, trophies and helmets littering the walls around her, ranging from small to abnormally large.
“After a lot of races in F3, F2 and F1 I've managed to win a couple of times.”
Alexia was still gawking at the silverware around her for her to respond so you just chuckled and led her to your favourite trophy.
“This is my all time favourite.” You said, pointing to the trophy with Sonic the hedgehog.
“That's Sonic, no?”
“Yeah, I didn't even win this.”
“Who did?”
“Ayrton Senna.” You smiled, remembering the time when it was handed to you. “One of the greatest f1 drivers ever to exist.”
“How do you have it?”
“It was given to me by a family member, I don't know why but I guess from that point on I promised myself to be nothing but the best in this sport.”
“You deserve it.”
“Take your pick, what would rival the Champions League trophy?”
“Is that a monkey?”
“Yeah.” You laughed at the French Gp trophy.
“And is that fire?” Alexia asked as she pointed to a one off Canadian trophy.
“No, I think they wanted it to look like maple leaves but it didn't go very well.”
“What's this one?” Alexia asked as she stood in front of the biggest trophy in the room.
“Drivers championship trophy.”
“This looked much smaller on facetime.”
“This your favourite?”
“Better than the Champions League one?”
“I’ll take that as a yes.” You chuckled.
“Why do you have all these helmets?”
“Some are mine, some are other drivers.”
“Which ones are yours?”
“Want to try one on?”
“Can I?”
“Yeah, come with me.” You said as you led Alexia back into the kitchen. “They're all old ones and they stink so you can wear the one I wore today.”
You rummaged around in your bag and pulled your helmet you wore for today's race. The design was different to your normal one as it was your home race so the majority of it was the union jack.
You gently placed the helmet on Alexia's head and lifted up the visor so she could see you.
“Comfy?” You asked.
“It’s lighter than I thought.”
“Look at the back.” You said as you watched Alexia take off the helmet and hold it in her hands.
The Spaniard looked at your helmet and couldn't find anything, looking at you in confusion. You made your way behind the woman so you stood with her back to your chest.
You placed one hand on the underside of the helmet and the other moved Alexia’s right hand off the helmet so she could see what was hidden underneath her hand.
A little spanish flag was spotted with the words ‘speedy’ underneath it, signifying that Alexia was with you every race even if she wasn’t there physically.
“Is that for me?”
“Is it on all your helmets?”
“Yeah, so you're with me at all times.” You said as you scratched the back of your neck and moved away from Alexia. “Sorry, its probably really stupid.”
“No, no, I like it.” Alexia smiled as she placed your helmet on the kitchen side.
“Oh. Okay, good.”
“What movie are we watching?”
“Any one you want.” You said as the two of you made your way to your living room.
“That's a lot of pressure.” Alexia chuckled as you turned the tv on, the two of you sitting on your sofa.
“Nothing you can handle, Captain.”
“Okay, speedy, how about we watch dirty dancing?”
“Alright, one Patrick Swayze movie coming up.” You said as you went onto netflix and searched for the movie. “Do you want to order food as well?”
“We shouldn't, we’re meant to be on strict diets.”
“No one will know.” You smirked as you gave your phone to Alexia. “Order whatever you want.”
“You're a bad influence on me.”
“You love it.”
It didn't take long for Alexia to already choose to order from dominos. Ordering herself a chicken feast and you ordered a hot & spicy.  
“It should be here in around 20 minutes.”
“Sounds good. Do you want a drink or some other snacks before I start the movie?”
“Could I have some water?”
“Coming right up.” You quickly hopped off the sofa and went to the kitchen to get Alexia a glass of water and yourself a diet pepsi.
Walking back into the living room you saw that Alexia had made herself comfortable, surrounding herself in blankets waiting for you to return.
“Your water madam.” You said as you held out the glass for her to take,
“Gracias.” The midfielder said as she took the glass from your hands and took a sip.
Before you sat down you waited for Alexia to finish drinking, she handed the glass back to you and you placed your two drinks on the coffee table in front of you.
You sat next to Alexia and started the movie. You were only a couple of minutes in when Alexia made her way closer to you and draped her blanket over your lap.
It took a moment for alexia to get comfortable but she ultimately did when she moved your arm so it wrapped around her, her head resting against your chest.
“Comfy?” You asked as you took your eyes off the screen to look at the woman practically sitting on top of you.
The movie was about fifteen minutes in when the doorbell rang, signalling that the pizza had arrived.
Reluctantly, Alexia let you get up to collect the pizza and you were quick to return with the food in hand. Placing the boxes on the coffee table you both tucked into your pizzas.
You were quick to finish yours after not having anything since before the race. Sitting back you watched as Alexia kept on eating her pizza with her eyes not moving from the scene playing on the tv.
Once she was finally finished, alexia leaned back into your body and got herself comfortable again.
“Wait.” You said quietly as you sat up, Alexia doing so as well.
“Qué es?”
“You got a little sauce right here.” You said as you pointed to the corner of your mouth.
Alexia wiped her mouth but managed to completely miss the sauce lingering on the side of her mouth.
“Just here.” You whispered as you moved your hand to hold the side of her face, using the pad of your thumb to wipe away the sauce, licking it from your thumb you got yourself comfortable again.
It took Alexia a little while to register what just happened, her mind running on autopilot. Her face was beat red as she leaned back into you, trying to get her brain to focus on the movie instead of you.
Gradually as the movie went on you two occasionally snuck quick glances at each other. Every time you looked at the midfielder leaning against you your heart would speed up.
It was the same for Alexia, every time she looked up at you, she would get a weird feeling in her stomach and her heart would begin to speed up too.
It had finally got to the scene which everyone loves, and at this point the two of you were reciting the lines.
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner." You both muttered at the same time.
"Come on. We're gonna do the dance." You said as you got up and held out your hand for Alexia to take.
"You're joking."
"Nope. I am channelling my inner Johnny to become the greatest dancer ever." You joked. "Come on, please."
"Ok fine but I have one question."
"What is it?"
"Are we doing the lift?"
"Oh one hundred percent."
“Who’s lifting who?”
“I think it's given.”
“Okay but you better not drop me." Alexia mumbled but got up and started dancing with you.
"You ready?" You asked as you moved to one side of the room and Alexia to the other.
"As ready as I can be." She replied.
The both of you got ready for the lift praying that you won't drop Alexia.
Alexia ran and jumped into your arms and you held her above your head just like the movie.
As you were about to put Alexia down, you fell and landed on your back with Alexia on top of you.
"Ow." You muttered as you rubbed your head.
"You idiot! You said you wouldn't drop me." Alexia chuckled.
"Technically I didn't." You smirked. "And I never pictured you as a top but I'm not complaining."
"Oh shut up, idiota." Alexia muttered. "You're literally a child."
"Eh, that's why you love me."
"Mhm, sorry but I don't love you."
"Maybe not yet but you will." You smirked as you rested one hand on the back of your head and the other on Alexia’s waist.
"And how do you know that?"
"I just do."
"You just do? Huh, must be a cool super power." Alexia said as she shifted on top of you a little.
“Your body language is a huge factor.”
“How so?”
“Well, you're still sitting on top of me and made no move to get off.”
“Oh.” Alexia said and she placed her hands on your stomach, about to get up but your hand on her waist tightened, stopping her from going anywhere.
“I didn't say you should.”
Alexia was looking down at you, her eyes trained on the way yours sparkled with mischief, the way the corner of your mouth was tugged into a smirk or how her hands felt on your abs.
You sat up a little so the proximity of the two of you got even closer, Alexia could feel your breath on her lips, she could practically feel your smirk.
You glanced down at Alexia’s lips, watching as she used her tongue to wet them, her breath coming out as laboured, chest rising and falling rapidly.
“What are you doing?” Alexia whispered.
“Can I kiss you?”
"Yes," Alexia answered in a whisper, meeting you in the middle.
You started smiling in the middle of the kiss, not fully believing that what was happening was real. Alexia moved her hands up your arms and over your shoulders so they rested at the back of your neck, her fingers playing with your hair.
You pulled her even closer to you. Your hands ran up and down the sides of her waist and up to her ribs but stopped before they went any further, settling them on her waist.
“Was that okay?" Alexia asked as she pulled away from the kiss.
“More than.” You responded. “I really like you, Ale.”
Alexia smiled as she ran her finger across your features going from your eyebrows, down to your nose then onto your lips.
Her thumb swiped across your bottom lip gently, causing you to break out into a smile.
“Tú también me gustas.” Alexia said, her voice coming out as a hushed whisper.
“A lot.”
"Kiss me again," You instructed her in a whisper, "and don't stop this time."
"I can do that, yeah," Alexia said and nodded.
A second later you were both leaning in again as if the two of you had all the time in the world and you both had no intention of pulling back any time soon.
“Better than a Champions League trophy?” You mumbled between kisses.
“So much better.”
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violetrainbow412-blog · 9 months ago
Photographs and birthdays [P. P]
Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x fem!reader
Word count: 3k
A/N: I just relived my love for Andrew Garfield that I didn't remember having. there will be more from Peter, but for now, I hope you like it!
And I'm sorry if there is something wrong with the pronouns, I'm very tired and can't see well lol
Tumblr media
"Peter!" You called the boy from across the hall. The brunette stopped his skateboard abruptly (despite the countless calls he had received for using it at school) and looked at you in disbelief, pointing to himself "You're Peter Parker, aren't you?" you asked walking towards him "We have the same Spanish class"
"I'm lousy in that class."
"I know" you laughed, making him laugh too "I'm very sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you a question" you exclaimed and he nodded awkwardly, which you thought was the most tender.
"Sure, go ahead"
"Well, I want to ask you if you are free on Saturday" you exclaimed naturally, taking him by surprise. While it was true that you and Peter had seen each other a few times, he didn't expect you to ask him out on a date out of nowhere.
"Huh… yeah, I guess," he said with a slight frown. Although he had barely spoken to you, you were secretly very pretty to him, so he didn't want to miss out on hearing what you were about to say to him.
"Oh, it's perfect" you murmured with a sigh of relief "My parents were going to kill me if I didn't get a photographer," you told him and his smile fell noticeably.
"A photographer?"
"I'll pay you, of course. Money isn’t a problem, I could not ask you just like that” you smiled at him “I just saw your photos in the school magazine and I think you are really good, so I don't want to risk looking for someone else. It's for my little brother's party on Saturday at 4:00 pm. My uncles will come from Europe and we hardly have any family photos, so they asked me to find someone and agh, you know how that is all” you murmured, with an awkward smile, which he replied with a prettier smile “So do you think you can go?”
"Yes, there is no problem" he replied immediately. He wouldn’t dislike money and although it wasn’t exactly a date at least he would be with you for a while, or so he hoped.
"Oh, you're my hero, Peter," you admitted, making him blush just a little. "Do you have where to write my number?" you asked and he nodded, as he took out a pen and held out his palm to you. You took it and a chill ran through you as you tried not to pay attention to his pretty brown eyes watching you write down your cell phone numbers "Send me a message to register and I will send you my address"
"Yes, perfect"
"Thank you very much again, you helped me out of a hurry," you said kindly, returning his pen "See you later in class"
"Bye," he replied with a smile. You waved your hand in goodbye and started walking the other way, as he got on his skateboard again to go to his next class.
Tumblr media
Peter didn't expect you to live in such a big, pretty house, so he thought it would have been a better idea to wear dressier clothes than his army green jacket, a science joke print shirt, blue jeans, and his old tennis shoes. But when he considered swinging over to his house to look for other clothes, you almost ran towards him.
"Peter, thank goodness you're here" you smiled at him. You were wearing a red t-shirt and makeup on your face, but not conventional makeup but something like a mask. Speaking more specifically, a Spiderman masks. "My mother wants a picture of the dessert table before those monsters pounce on it," you joked, grabbing him by the wrist and guiding him inside the house. It was even prettier inside "Most of the guests are on the patio and some people are missing, but for now we have to go with my mother to see what she wants you to photograph first"
As you progressed Peter could see the family photographs you had on the walls, as well as multiple decorations in your home. He didn't know you very much, but he could tell that you had three siblings. A big family.
"Mom," you exclaimed, finally stopping in what appeared to be the kitchen. There were two women there, quite a bit like you “He is Peter. Peter, she's my mom and she's my older sister Emily.” you introduced them to each other. The boy smiled kindly and reached out to your mother, hoping he wasn't being rude.
"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Y/L/N"
“The pleasure is mine, Peter. My daughter has talked a lot about you”
"Yes, she said you were handsome, but I didn't think that much"
"Emily!" you screamed, flushed to your neck with embarrassment. But they just laughed and Peter looked at you trying to hide a smile "Anyway, just tell him where to take the photos and I'll go see if the guests are missing something," you murmured, hoping to escape the uncomfortable situation that your sister had put you through.
"I will accompany you," your sister said almost immediately, approaching him and taking his arm. Oh no, that just meant trouble. Before you could say anything, she dragged the boy away, starting to ask him questions to open up the conversation. When they were halfway down the hall, she turned to you, and without him noticing she raised one of her thumbs in your direction and winked at you. You covered your face with both hands, dying from the shame that you were sure your sister was already putting you through.
It would be a long party.
Tumblr media
Peter's jaw nearly dropped when he saw that the party decorations were all red and blue, plus there was a table full of desserts, food, and Spiderman-shaped balloons. He understood that that was why you were dressed like that and felt a bit blushed to see that your little brother had decided that the theme of what birthday would be… well, about him.
Your sister behaved quite cautiously, contrary to what you expected, and after he photographed the decorations and the slightly more complete panorama of the place, they decided that it was time to take some other photos with the family. Your mother gave him the freedom to take photos of what he thought best because she was a woman who preferred naturalness. You were so busy taking care of the kids at the party that you had barely had time to look for your friend, but when you finally took a breath, he was the one who found you. And when he saw the camera flash you smiled unconsciously.
“No, please, Peter. I must look like crap” you said on a tired sigh. Taking care of children wasn’t an easy task and your brother in the middle was not helping too much, but he was adding to the problem.
"Of course not" he replied trying to cheer you up "Only your Spider-mask was ruined a bit" he smiled and you shook your head, quite exhausted.
"Babysitting is a disaster, that's why I hate them" you admitted and Peter stifled a laugh "I'm very rude, I haven't even asked you if you need anything"
"Oh, your sister offered me drinks and your mother said that I could have the snacks that I wanted" he exclaimed "And I think I met your father, although I'm not really sure"
"He told me that if I was the famous Peter," he told you and once again you blushed "Apparently you have spoken too well to your family about me, it seems that everyone likes me and I feel that I don’t deserve it" he confessed, with a pretty cute smile.
“I only told them about you a couple of times. I mean, not from you, from your work for the magazine and your photographs. Just that” you replied, dead on your nerves. Your family was releasing information that you didn’t want him to know and you were afraid that it would have made him feel uncomfortable "I'm sorry if they are too intense"
"No, they're nice," he said nonchalantly. "I'm not very used to receiving a warm welcome, that's all. But your whole family seems to be just as nice as you” he complimented you and you gave a nervous laugh “Even though I haven't seen your brother yet”
"Oh, that child can't stand people," you said, letting out a sigh "He barely talks to my parents, I doubt that anyone else can see him today" you laughed and he imitated you "But you'll recognize him, he's wearing the Spiderman costume that hasn’t been removed for a week”
"He's a big fan then"
“I'd say the biggest fan” you admitted, with a smile “He has his wall full of newspaper clippings and photos, plus he buys every damn thing he finds on him. It's crazy,” you told him and he laughed.
The kids had already run to the trampoline and that set you completely free, luckily for you, so you were just praying that no incident would interrupt your moment with Peter.
"And what do you think about him?"
"About my brother? He's a bit annoying, but I'm not complaining”
"No, I'm talking about Spiderman" he laughed "What do you think about him?" he asked tilting his head, a little curious. You didn't understand the reason for his question, but still, he didn't bother to answer you.
"I think he's very cool," you said, shrugging "I mean saving people, taking care of the city, rescuing kittens and all of that is very nice of him.”
"Save kittens?" he asked between laughs.
"Well yeah, I guess he does those things, right?" you answered just as funny. You liked to see Peter laugh, see his gleaming teeth and his eyes turn just a few lines on his face "It's too bad you can't hire him for events, Timmy would die"
Silence filled the air for a second, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all. You crossed your arms while you saw your whole family laughing and chatting, looking for your siblings.
"Do you want to eat something? The truth is that I do not think my family needs more photos, surely you took like a thousand” you smiled at him, not knowing what else to say.
"No, I... I have to go, I promised to help my aunt with some things and I’m running late," he murmured, making movements with his hands.
"Oh..." you said, noticeably disappointed. You would have liked him to stay just a little longer "So come with me to the house to pay you and give you some food, my mom won't let you go empty-handed" you joked. You walked inside hoping that no one was there, but unfortunately, almost all the members of your family were there. Only you could those things happen to you.
"Hello, you two," said your sister, with a mischievous smile "Do you need anything?"
“Peter has to go. Dad, can we pay him?” you asked, a little uncomfortable at the gazes of the three people.
“Don't you want to stay for dinner? We can take you home,” your mother exclaimed, but he kindly denied.
“I am very sorry to have to go, Mrs. and Mr. Y/L/N. I promised to help my aunt with one thing and... well, I can't be late”
"Don't worry, boy" replied your father, handing him a few dollars.
“Yes, it's perfect, sir. Thank you very much” he smiled at him. Your mother had already gone ahead and prepared a container with some desserts and food that Peter could take home, which he extended in his direction "You were very nice today, it was nice to meet you" he said with a nervous smile.
“The pleasure was ours. It's good to meet Y/N's friends,” she replied. You thought you had to get him out of there fast before someone said anything else that could embarrass you.
"I'll walk you to the door, Peter" you exclaimed as you pushed him slightly from behind.
"We hope to see you soon, come to dinner one day!" yelled your sister as you walked away and made your way through the front door, with Peter at your side.
Just when you breathed a sigh of relief you heard the boy give a laugh that took you by surprise.
"What's going on?"
"Your family" he replied and you covered your face with one hand.
"They are terrible, I know"
“No, it’s not like that. Don't get me wrong, they're great” he smiled at you and you looked at him through two of your fingers.
"Don't listen to my sister, she loves to embarrass me" you apologized and he denied again "Well I... I no longer entertain you, you must have important things to do" you said playing with a lock of your hair. You thought that by that point your face must be a mess and that only made you feel worse.
"Yeah huh... I guess I'll see you at school"
"Yes, I'll see you there" you replied, with a small smile. You didn't know what else to say, but you didn't want him to leave, either.
Peter waved his hand goodbye and went down a couple of steps, but a second later he came back up to you.
"Were you serious?"
"Be serious about what?"
"About Spiderman," he murmured. He was standing on a step below yours, so your face was exactly in front of his "That your little brother would love to see him"
"Of course I'm serious Peter" you replied, tilting your face a little "What? Are you planning to bring him here? " you joked, but his smile made you think that maybe he was serious "Can you bring him here?" you asked incredulously "Do you know him?"
"You can't tell anyone"
"Are you kidding"
"I'm serious" he admitted, biting his lip lightly "Don't you believe me?"
"Of course I don't believe you,” you said in a whisper.
"I can bring him here," he said seriously and you frowned. Was the boy being serious?
“So, what if it's true? Will you really bring him here?”
"If you want, I can do it" he offered. You couldn't quite believe it. “He prefers to remain anonymous from him. I know him from… the photographs. But I don't think he wants more people to know who he really is. You know, for his safety”
"I get it" you answered nodding your head. You didn't want to admit it, but you were also a little excited to see the superhero up close. “Would you call him then? Would you really do that?”
"Yes" he replied smiling "He will be here in a few minutes, I promise" he exclaimed, looking at you with some enthusiasm "But now I have to go"
"Sure, go" you answered smiling from ear to ear, he went back down the steps and stopped only when he heard your voice say his name.
"Thank you so much. For everything "you told him and he smiled. You saw him walk away down the sidewalk and get lost in the distance, shortly before you walked back to frantically search for your little brother.
Tumblr media
"Parker!" You called the boy, who was crossing the dining room. He looked puzzled to find the voice that had called him when his eyes finally met yours "Sit with me" you suggested with a smile, clearing the space next to you on the table.
"How was it all on Saturday? He…?"
"Yes, he came!" you said excitedly “I thought you were lying, but you weren't! And God, you must have seen my brother's face. He looked like he was going to pass out,” you told him and Peter smiled widely. You started to tell him about the adventure you lived with your family and, although he already knew that story, he listened carefully until the end “Now I am something like the best sister in the world, Timmy doesn’t stop telling everyone that Spiderman went to his birthday party"
"I would have liked to be there"
"Me too" you admitted, looking at him for a moment "That you were there, I mean" you laughed. That day he looked especially handsome, even though he seemed to bring a wound on his eyebrow. Maybe later you would ask him about it “Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again and I wish I could reward you in some way. I'm serious"
“Oh, there is nothing to be thankful for. The guy owed me favors” he replied with a shrug and you laughed “I'm glad to hear that your little brother had a good birthday.”
"The best, I would say" you murmured enthusiastically "He'll talk about this until his next birthday, I swear" you laughed and Peter did the same. Silence again filled the air or at least the little bubble you and the boy were in, until he spoke.
"Did you get pizza in the cafeteria?" he asked with a frown, looking at your tray of food "They gave me this horrible pasta" he complained showing you his plate and that made you laugh.
"We can share. Only if you give me some of the pudding you have there” you pointed out and the boy nodded softly. He looked so pretty that he made you blush.
You started chatting in an entertaining and friendly way, talking about almost anything that crossed your mind, and you realized that Peter was also very smart as well as handsome.
You spoke until the bell rang, announcing the next class and both of you rose from your seats.
"I think we have Spanish" you observed and he smiled.
“Yes, it seems so. You, huh… do you want us to sit together?” he asked shyly and you nodded in his direction.
Well, that question was the beginning of the whole story that you were about to live. A really good story.
TAG LIST: @aleksanderblack @fictionalcharactersworld @falcvns @navs-bhat @myalupinblack @bohologyc @itszero16 @fortheloveofaqueenfan @secretsthathauntus @queenofnightdreamland @siriuslyfearless @darkestbeforethedawn16 @srhxpci @gossamer19 @valliantllamasandwich @scandalous-chaos @bisexualdragongirl @archangelaurii @Monoleil @stilesks
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iconocon · 25 days ago
ice bath | sainz
Tumblr media
summary: tiktok thirst trap gone right?
warnings: slight smut? choking mentioned uh mc def got a praise kink somewhere in there
type: oneshot | wordcount 1.7k | ✦ smut? maybe?
somehow you always found yourself in situations you could never explain like right now how you were currently being asked by one of the ferrari media managers to film the usual tik tok thirst trap for this upcoming grand prix. now, usually, your job consisted of following around charles or carlos as they did their media pen duties like a little puppy recording word for word what was said to bring back to maranello for the lawyers to have "just in case". lately, however, the team has been asking more of you, pulling you in for meetings, and making you work more with one specific driver than the other which if it wasn't the one you have been blushing over since you started working it wouldn't be as big as a problem but as usual luck was never on your side. on the quest to find that certain driver you find yourself searching all areas of the motorhome until you came across the very one you needed standing in the doorway of his driver's room wearing nothing but cherry red swimming trunks.
he looked good. well, he always looked good but right now it was hard to even think straight as your eyes soaked up the shirtless spanish driver's bronzed skin.
“oi princesa i was just about to come for you”
if the nickname alone wasn’t enough to make your face break out into a deep blush then the words after it about seeking you out sure didn’t help this scenario.
“what did you want to film?” the deep chuckle that filled the whole room also didn’t help you in feeling confident in front of the older man instead it made you feel dumber than you already felt gawking at your sorta kinda boss as he clearly wanted to make fun of your stupid question.
“it's hielo time baby”
at that exact cue, almost like it was rehearsed two mechanics in red polos marked with prancing horses and black shorts came carrying huge bags of clumped-up ice cubes. without even a sound coming from your lips you felt them mold into an O shape as you watch the scene around you following behind the trio to the designated closed-off section behind the motorhome where there was nothing but a wall of tyres and one metal looking trough that you were almost sure would not fit you let alone would fit your counterpart carlos. once the ice was quite literally thrown in the already freezing cold water the mechanics left but not without one patting you on the shoulder making you realize how hard you’ve been staring at the fore mentioned driver's back muscles as he stretched out parts you didn’t even realize existed on a human body before right now. obviously, you've seen him shirtless before as it just so happened to be one of the perks of the job in your eyes (one very big one) but it was never just you two alone like this which made it all feel too much at the moment. so, in trying to compose yourself you searched for the designated iPhone in which you would film random clips and then give them to the media team so they could work their magic for the fans. upon finding it on one of the lone tire stacks, which a few seconds later was soon to be the same stack you found yourself leaning against you swipe up on the camera app taking a test photo of him as he was facing away from you so you could fix the lighting and make sure it was all framed to the best of your capabilities.
“born ready princesa” the countdown started and so did the recording as you watched the man before you take a deep breath dragging his leg above the metal edge and stepping in. almost immediately the groan that left his mouth was enough to make any professionalism leave your body making your eyes become glued to the little screen mounted in the phone. once settled to the temperature change the next leg was added and then soon he was waist deep in ice not only groaning but now also throwing his head back eyes closed cursing in his mother tongue words you think you could guess what they were.
was this a cruel joke?
was this a test?
because god you were failing and failing hard.
you didn’t even need the cold on your body to feel the goosebumps erupting over every inch of your skin. your mind was wandering as they followed beads of water concentrating as they dripped off his collarbones falling in line almost perfectly down his hard stomach. drinking in each movement the most beautiful version of a pained expression you have ever seen painted itself on his dark features causing you to fiddle once again with the settings trying to capture it. however, you knew even if you were the best videographer in the world you still wouldn’t be able to capture it, especially from this far away which actually gave you enough courage to push off the stack and move closer to the scene in front of you even the tiny steps still felt too close as you crouched down in front of the bath accidentally kicking the gravel in the process.
the sounds of your journey followed by the small dings created by the small stones suddenly made carlos become aware of you again, remembering that he wasn’t entirely alone and it felt like his dark chocolate brown eyes could literally see through your head to your own fantasy you had playing on repeat in there.
“it feels so good” his deepened voice still managed to catch you off guard even as you saw his lips work against each other to make the syllables of each letter not for a second missing the water droplets following down his neck and gathering around his adams apple.
“wanna feel?”
the wet hand that once had a white knuckle grip on the rounded tub was now encircling your wrist pulling you closer to his until your knees were hitting the edge of the tub.
“sainz” he ignored you as he brought your hand in between the ice and water gathered around where his knees showed above the water not once did it feel like his eyes left your face even as his hand brought yours to rest against the skin on his thigh underneath the water.
sucking in what felt like all the air in the room you felt your own eyes go from your hand on the exposed skin from the pushed up bathing suit trunks to those eyes that were almost daring you to make the next move, the usual playful smirk making an appearance on his very wet pink lips which were getting harder and harder not to stare at.
"i see the way you look at me" you wanted to be embarrassed but how could you be? especially now? you were sure everyone in the paddock knew of your crush on the older spanish driver however you didn’t want him to know but right now it was all inevitable. you were trapped but it was obvious it wasn't against your will from the way your body was reacting.
“i don-“
“don’t lie to me” the tone was almost so demanding that you wanted to deny him but the minute you closed your eyes to catch yourself feeing his heavy cold palm fall flat against your cheek taking up the space from the edge of your jaw to the bottom of your eyelashes. leaning into the wet skin you let out a light groan as the tips of his fingers tensed in your skin sending water droplets to fall down your neck and into your own open-buttoned red polo.
“mírame princesa”
the thumb from your cheek traced itself down the outline of your cheek until it landed on your bottom lip pulling downwards at the sensitive skin until it couldn’t anymore making your eyes finally open meeting his for the first time since the proximity in the room changed along with the tension between the two of you. before you could even realize what was happening next you saw him sit up from a laying position just enough so he could grab your face now with both hands and pull your lips against his own. out of surprise the hand that was once just laying on his leg was now gripping his thigh leaving 5 very real fingernail marks on his once-tanned skin, it shocked you how slow the kiss was. it didn't feel real as his lips nudged yours making a sandwich of your bottom lip between his as he tilted his head to the right it felt almost like he was waiting for you to move first before he opened his mouth creating a seal against yours causing him to now slipping his tongue in right as you moaned his name. his left hand affectionately stroked your cheek as it migrated down to your neck grabbing a little harder than you think even he meant. in getting carried away at the moment it got even tighter as his thumb pressed into exposed veins which all but cause you to gasp for breath making your free hand flying up out of instinct wrapping around his wrist dropping the recording phone onto the ground in a loud crash.
once again the strangled sound of him cursing against your tongue was enough to make you cum right there he didn’t need to go further with it or touch you anywhere else but as your pointer finger reached what felt like the edge of his swim trunks you were met with the blaring sound of an iPhone alarm causing you to jump back from the now melted warm water which also, in turn, surprised him causing him to bite down on your bottom lip so when you pulled away it made bright red blood already rise to the surface of the bruised flesh.
“oh my god, oh NO, oh my god”
finally coming to the realization of what just happened as you laid sprawled out against the broken gravel floor only able to take in the blaring alarm and the look on his face you finally find it in you to gather your wits and are up and running away from the spanish driver before he could even stand up from his position without slipping.
what did you just do and what the fuck would have happened if you didn’t end it first? you were screwed so undeniably fucked.
life has been so fucking insanely crazy lately im so sorry i havent updated in so long but i saw an edit on tiktok of carlos in an ice bath and i just literally couldn't think of anything else so excuse the cobwebs/bad writing. i might even try to put the link to the edit below just so you guys can see it too (tags still aren't working but ive waited 2 days to post this so imma just do it idc
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engie-ivy · a month ago
(Actual microfic this time @wolfstarmicrofic)
Waiter Remus and Restaurant Owner Sirius!
19th: Lemons
When Life Gives You... Cod
Remus is standing at the front desk going over the folder with reservations, tapping his pen on the paper.
“Lupin!” Benjy Fenwick walks up to him holding up two bottles of wine. “So, I’ve got an Italian Pinot Grigio, with a citrusy palate of limes, lemons, pears, white nectarines, and apples, always a nice combination with its faint honeyed notes and floral honeysuckled aromas. But on the other hand, I’ve got a Spanish Albariño, which has a lemon zest, but also a rich stone fruit flavour. Now, both have of course a brilliant acidity and a weighty mid-palate, and many appreciate Pinot Grigio’s bitter almond note, but there’s also much to say for the Albariño’s light aftertaste of green almonds and citrus pith. So, what do you think? The gentleman at table twelve wants to know which one will make the best pairing with his seafood risotto.”
Fenwick tilts his head and looks at Remus expectantly.
Remus blinks. It’s only Fenwick’s first day, and Remus likes to make it at least a week before new staff finds out their maître d’hôtel doesn’t know shite about fancy dining.
But Remus also knows his strengths and weaknesses. He shakes his head. “You should ask Sirius. He knows this stuff better than I do.”
Remus is the kind of person who can taste whether a wine is sweet or dry. Sirius is the kind of person who can taste in what year and in what exact month the grapes were harvested.
Fenwick looks at him questioningly.
“Storage room at the back,” Remus says, pointing over his shoulder. “Long dark hair, bright grey eyes, tall, broad-shouldered... You know what? There’s not gonna be a ton of people in the storage room. You’ll see.”
Remus goes to see the couple just entering to their table, and after the elderly lady has shown him photos of all her grandchildren, he returns to find Fenwick behind the bar pouring a glass of Albariño.
“Sirius managed to help you?”
Fenwick looks up and grins. “Yeah, nice guy. Really knows what he’s talking about. Very good-looking guy too.” His grin becomes more of a suggestive smile. “Say, do you know if he’s single?”
Remus fully turns to him and narrows his eyes. “Look, Fenwick. Since this is only your first day at Patmol & Cornedrue, let me give you some friendly advice, co-worker to co-worker. Do not try to hook up with the co-owner on your first day. It’ll look highly unprofessional, people will talk and before you know it, you’ll have a reputation.”
Fenwick’s cheeks flush, and he adverts his eyes, opening his mouth to reply, but stops when someone steps up behind Remus, placing a hand low on Remus’ lower back.
“Rem,” Sirius’ face is so close, his lips almost brush Remus’ ear. “Could you try to sell people on the cod tonight?”
“The cod? The cod truly isn’t that popular.”
“I know,” Sirius sighs. “But James seems to think cod is the best thing to have ever happened to humankind, and has ordered enough cod to feed the entire city.” He rolls his eyes.
Remus chuckles, leaning into Sirius a bit more. “I’ll see what I can do.”
Sirius presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Thanks, babe. You’re the best.” He gives Remus a playful slap on the butt before taking off again.
Fenwick doesn’t say anything, just looks at Remus with a raised eyebrow.
Remus crosses his arms over his chest. “For your information, I did not hook up with him until at least my second day!”
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onlyhereforthestories · a month ago
Switched Alliances - Part 2 (Leila Ouahabi x Reader)
Tumblr media
It had been just over a week since you had been and watched the Spanish girls play their opening game and much to your disappointment you hadn’t made the second game. After watching the game on tv though, the disappointment you felt quickly turned into a small bit of relief because you weren’t sure you could see their sad faces in person. You had a soft spot for the girls before you had been introduced to them so now you felt a more personal connection, seeing their down faces would not have sat well with you.
Leila had found out who your sister was after she had seen the photo of you in her shirt on one of the stories the girl posted. Leila had made a point to follow all her new teammates at Manchester City so when Lauren Hemps story showed you in the match worn jersey, Leila clearly seen spread across your back, with the caption ‘She has a new favourite City player already 🙄’ she couldn’t help but message the girl asking for a way to contact you.
Lauren had shown you the request and of course you had told her to pass on your own Instagram. You weren’t tagged in Lauren’s for privacy, you weren’t famous you were just a normal human so having your socials followed by loads of people you didn’t know was just not something you were wanting. You were however wanting the Spanish woman’s follow one that came very quickly along with the message asking if you would come to her next game.
That lead you to now. You were sat in the family section of a Spain match once again and you were more nervous than you thought possible. Leila had set you up with these tickets, much to your own shock at being placed amongst the rest of the players families. You were here as her guest and the game was more than important. It was must win to secure, without any doubt, the chance to go through to the knock out stages.
You didn’t really think too much about what would come after this game, in the back of your mind you knew that if Spain won they would most likely face your sister and home country in the next round. Well the country you call home. For now you were sat in a match worn Spain shirt surrounded by other players families, watching a woman you were hoping could be something to you and you were going to enjoy just that.
When the teams came out for warm ups your eyes zeroed in on the dark haired woman who’s name was printed across your back. Leila looked straight in your direction with a slightly apprehensive look that changed into a wide grin the moment she locked eyes with you. She was obviously slightly worried you wouldn’t show up so in a hope to put the woman’s worries more at bay you gave her a small wave and a subtle wink. When she had asked you to come a couple nights ago she had put so many ‘don’t worry if you can’t’ and ‘you probably have better plans’ that you were kind of expecting the apprehension. Apprehension you were hoping to squish out with showing up and being around as much as the woman wanted because you were sure you wanted to be here.
You saw Mapi come up behind her with a smirk on her lips which meant the two of you’s silent interaction had been spotted by the blonde haired defender. You watched on as Leila spin around and chased the defender for whatever she said. If you were closer you would have heard the “Dios mío get married already!” And seen the shade of pink Leila cheeks were even before that remark. Instead you laughed as the two friends messed around in the most care free way for a few minutes before the game mask slipped on and they started warming up.
The game was tense from the start. You could feel the nervous energy coming from both teams playing, which you were not surprised about being as it was a winner takes all match. Spain had the extra breathing room of just needing the draw but you knew they would not be happy with going through like that. Especially as that also relied on Germany winning their game, they wouldn’t want to go through because of that.
Spain had dominated the possession and ball over the first 30 minutes when Leila got pushed off the pitch as she was tracking back. You watched as she picked up the ball and turned towards the referee who was signalling a throw in to Denmark. You could see the annoyance on the older woman’s face and you wouldn’t admit it out loud but when she slammed the ball onto the turf in a display of pure frustration, you were a little too hot for it to just be the outside temperatures cause.
What you weren’t expecting was for the woman to look over at you as she turned to reset herself ready for the throw. When she did and your eyes locked you mouthed ‘Calma’ and gave her the most encouraging smile you could. That seemed to do the trick because the scowl on her face smoothed out and the determined look passed back into her features.
That booking was about the best part of the first half and as the women made there way to the tunnel you were pleasantly surprised to see Leila's eyes seeking you out once again as she walked past. With a soft smile and a nod she happily followed the rest of her teammates down into the changing rooms. God you hoped they scored in the second half, you really wanted to see the silly side of the woman after the game.
When they all came out for the second half you were disappointed to see Leila in the tracksuit not in her kit. You knew the game needed a change up but you thought she was playing really well. And you might be a little biased because you were here to watch her.
You watched the second half go by a lot slower. You weren’t ashamed to admit you felt a little less enthusiastic watching now that the woman you wanted to see wasn’t tearing up the field. Never the less, you still jumped for joy and celebrated when Cordona netted the winner in the 90th minute. You chanced a look at the bench only to be met with those brown eyes staring right back, something that was becoming quite the habit. She gave you a wink before she sat back down and within 3 minutes the game was done.
You stood and clapped with the rest of the family members around you and waited for the team to walk round and sign things for fans. You had looked down to reply to a text from none other than Alexia when you heard your name being called.
“What’s more important than greeting your favourite spaniard y/n?” Leila was leaning over the railing just in front of you, a small teasing smile of her face.
Deciding two could play at this game you shrugged your shoulders and waved your phone around in her face whilst saying “How did you know Alexia just text me? You haven’t got your phone yet so she couldn’t have texted you about texting me.” You exaggerated your joke by placing you finger and thumb under your chin. Pretending you were really thinking about how she could know when all you were actually doing was winding the woman up.
“We all know who’s name is on your back babe. You can’t deny that you have a favourite and it just so happens to be me.” You couldn’t deny the sweet smile gracing the woman’s lips so you instead ducked your head to hide the growing blush on your face. She was so right and you knew she knew it too.
“You played well. I think watching you live might be my new favourite thing.” You we’re trying to take away from your embarrassment but actually ended up only making it worse for yourself. Or so you thought.
Leila's hand grabbed yours and tugged you towards the barrier separating you. Once you were face to face she pulled you in by the shoulders and berried her head in your neck. “I was really trying to impress you. I’m sorry I didn’t get to play for you the whole game. I hope what I did do was enough for you to come back.”
To say you were shocked would be an understatement. The normally confident oozing woman was currently hidden in your neck whispering words so shyly you almost didn’t know if it was your Leila you were hugging. “You were perfect. I loved all the time I got to watch and I want nothing more than to see more games of you doing what you love. If you’ll have me that is?” You weren’t sure what you were fully asking but you did know it was a round about way of asking if you would see the woman again.
“Of course. There’s not many people in this world I want here watching my games more than you.” As she said this Leila pulled away and you both caught each others eyes. “God you are beautiful.” This caused your slightly cooler cheeks to heat straight back up again.
“You aren’t so bad yourself. And if we weren’t in a stadium full of people right now I’d let this conversation continue to see where it leads but we are. You have a team to go celebrate with and cameras to avoid personal interactions from. But for the record, where this was possibly going I would let it if we were alone.” With a wink at the gobsmacked woman you blew her a kiss as you made your way up to the exit of your section.
It was only after you were out of sight that Leila fully snapped out of the haze you had her in. She was in trouble with you and she knew it. Maybe the move to Manchester next season would prove to be the best move she could make for more than just her professional career. Leila really hoped beyond hope that it was, you were special she just felt it.
“She’s got you already hasn’t she amiga?” Leila didn’t bother answering Patri, she turned and walked past her with one thing on her mind. What she wouldn’t give right now to be alone with you and take that conversation exactly where she wanted it to go. With the thoughts of your shy smile and dreams of how soft your lips could be, Leila showered and changed thinking about how and when she could next possibly see you.
There was only one thought other than kissing Leila Ouahabi swirling round your head right as you were walking out the stadium, Spain were through and that only meant one thing. England vs Spain quarter final. Now you really needed to work out where your loyalties lie. Maybe you could just support both and deal with whatever happens after the final whistle.
Internal debate in full swing, you headed for the train station. Maybe Lauren could help you work thorough this, she was the only person in the world that knew you as well as you knew yourself.
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onenicebugperday · 9 months ago
What's your favorite wing pattern on butterflies and moths? They are all so beautiful... but which one is the MOST beautiful in your opinion?
If I had to choose JUST ONE based on pattern alone which is very difficult...maybe the Spanish moon moth, Graellsia isabellae. There are a lot of Lepidopterans that look like works of art but that one really takes the cake for top notch design.
For those who are unfamiliar:
Tumblr media
Photo by paulcools
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il-predestinato · 9 days ago
What's up with santanders? did they say or do something to charles?
Santander = bag of classless cunts who have no qualms about insulting Charles and then turning around to use him as a thirst trap to gain more followers/publicity. Allow me to explain.
To provide some context, Santander is not your average F1 sponsor. They are one of the main sponsors for Ferrari, and a powerhouse Spanish bank/business with something like 1.6 trillion euros of assets as of 2021, and they dominate the financial scenes of Europe and the Americas.
They used to sponsor Ferrari in the late 2000s/early 2010s, then stopped a few years after Alonso left the team. They were once again announced as a sponsor for Ferrari in 2021 after Sainz (another Spanish driver) joined the team.
Here is a very long analysis about Santander, their role and the role of the Spanish press in discrediting Kimi Raikkonen leading up to Kimi's first exit from Ferrari.
Fast forward to 2022. I won't rehash in detail the disaster of the British GP, but to briefly summarize: Ferrari screwed Charles (who should have won the race) by not pitting him before the restart, then Sainz (who was pitted for fresh tires even though he was not the lead Ferrari and was much slower all race) refused team orders to defend and basically shoved Charles off the track after the restart, but Charles then put up a mighty defence against Checo and Lewis in his cold hard tires, and was crucial to handing the win to Sainz.
After being completely ignored by Ferrari on social media, the admin finally decides to acknowledge Charles. Santander deleted their comment so this is the best screenshot I can find right now:
Tumblr media
Yes, that's right. A major sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari straight up MOCKED the team's leading driver - the non-Spanish driver. It was at Charles' expense and due to Charles' goliath defence against RB and Merc that Sainz was able to get his first and only F1 win. It's almost unfathomable that a sponsor could have the sheer AUDACITY to publically - on their main account - disrespect a driver so boldly. Try to imagine ANY OTHER SPONSOR for any other team doing that! You can't. It's sheer madness and really highlights how above reproach Santander believes they are.
Well as you can imagine, that did not go over well with the Tifosi... or anyone outside of the Spanish press. Perhaps to Santander's surprise, Charles is a much loved figure within the Ferrari organization and amongst the fans - much more so than the Spanish driver they hope to prop up. So they have been furiously backtracking ever since, deleting their comment and posting Charles photos and thirst traps. They are also hilariously, shamelessly using Charles to ask for more followers.
I think the only appropriate recourse here is for Charles (and Ferrari) to continue taking Santander's money, and for the rest of us to remind Santander after every Charles win from now until the end of time that of course - "WINNERS WIN!"
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sailorwritesstuff · 9 months ago
Just casual Madrigal Family headcanons because I can. (And I can't stop thinking about this family)
Tumblr media
This might be a part one if I think of more
cool kid camilo >>>> he gets invited to parties all the time.
Antonio always ask his new animals their names before anything else. And sometimes he'll forget that his family members can't also talk to the animals so they don't know their names. And he'll just be like "yeah so Tony told me the other day-" and they're "like who the fuck is Tony???"
Luisa enjoys knitting.
Pepa's comfort food is anything that is insanely spicy.
And she gets a good laugh out of it when Felix and Camilo try her food because they're big cry babies and can't handle the spice
This one is kind of canon?? But Alma talks to her husband's photo whenever something big happens to the family like whenever they find out someone is pregnant.
Bruno is on the asexual spectrum and gay, and when I say gay I mean like has never even thought about a woman that way type gay. This man has never felt the touch of a woman. and I feel like he would have sex with this partner if it's something they wanted to do but he would not specifically seek it out.
Dolores can hear when people are pregnant after a certain amount of time and she always smiles when she hears the little heartbeat for the first time.
Isabela Is a lesbian.
Not in like a weird sexual way but Camilo has thought about what would happen if he turned into a pregnant woman?? It's just something he thought about.
Luisa is unlabeled. Why? Because I don't like how people look at her and saw that she was masculine and said yeah that's a lesbian before the movie even came out. 😐
Dolores really likes sitting by running water
Julieta actually really hates cooking. She enjoyed it a lot as a child and as she grew up but now that she's older making so much food in the heat of the stove and oven drives her crazy.
speaking of Julieta It also drives her crazy when Bruno throws salt in the house. He's done it since they were children and she always has to clean up the mess. "suficiente con la sal, Bruno!!!"
Pepa was really cautious with Bruno holding her babies It made him very depressed. but Julieta let him hold all her babies. Bruno and Mirabel could be found passed out in Isabela's garden very often.
Antonio has bad eczema and sensitive skin (and mirabel was the first one to notice)
Bruno has nicknames for all of the kids.
he calls Isabella honeybee And it drives her crazy because in Spanish its "miel de abeja" And she doesn't think it's a cute nickname.
Dolores is Lolita because that's a common name for women named Dolores.
Luisa used to be called princesa when she was little but now that she's much taller than him Bruno figured she wouldn't like it so he took the calling her kid/niña until one day he slipped up and called her princesa again and she cried because she thought it was nice
Camilo is Camaleón or miel marrón, Because when he was born the first thing Bruno noticed about him was how pretty his brown eyes were
Mirabel is Mariposa
Antonio was just pequeño until he got his gift in which bruno affectionately took to calling him Tarzan
mirabel gets a dog after they rebuild The house she figured he would keep her company and she named him Prophet. (Bruno is terrified to look into Prophets future He doesn't want to see his mariposa sad because her dog died)
The Triplets pass notes to each other at events where they're not allowed to talk. like weddings, church, whenever their mamá is talking. they've done it since they were young and they continue doing it even though they're 50.
Felix and Agustin go on trips together sometimes and now that Bruno is back they take him with.
Felix has a giant baby albums of all three of his children. They're like the size of a Harry Potter novel. 😰
Pepa is one of those wine aunts Because it helps relax her nerves
speaking of Pepa all three of her babies were c-sections because if she was awake during her pregnancy it literally would have caused her hurricane
Camilo can copy the rest of his family's powers when he turns into them. they simply just doesn't tell anybody because it'll mean extra work and she simply not about that 😕
Antonio has a pet opossum and it hates Agustin for some reason
Casita gives the family members random pretty rocks when they're sad. No one really knows where it gets them. But they are shiny so most of the family keeps them.
Camilo uses All pronouns But literally will cry if you call them a girlfriend. No one really understands it not even him They just like it that way.
Bruno named his rats. The main three that are always on him are named Rosita, Mateo, and Pedro (after his father) He thought Rosita thought was a boy for almost a week before he realized it was a girl rat. Her name used to be Alejandro.
after everything that happened the blue Madrigal kid's (Isabella Luisa and Mirabel) set aside at least an hour a week to sit and talk with each other
and the yellow Madrigal kids ( Dolores Camilo and Antonio) will crash in Dolores's room for a sleepover because its sound proof
when Isabela finally gets a girlfriend Camilo is actively just as annoying as when she was getting engaged. "ISABELA YOUR GIRLFRIENDS HERE!"
But it's fine because she got back at him when he started crushing on someone from town.
Pepa and Camilo do yoga as mommy/son bonding.
Alma won't tell you this but her favorite is Antonio.
Bruno really wishes he got the chance to have kids at least one. But now he's 50 and he doesn't think he could do it.
Pedro (Alma's husband) really liked jazz. I don't know why he just has a jazz face.
Felix and Antonio snore.
Dolores used to listen to Bruno's telenovelas and sometimes they made her cry.
Camilo, Mirabel, Antonio, and Isabella have a D&D group and Isabella is DM. All three of them were sworn to secret because she doesn't want people to think she's a nerd.
Alma really likes bread. It's like her own little secret. It's not that she's ashamed about it It's just she doesn't talk about it.
Antonio is really good at braiding hair. scary good. no one knows where he learned it.
Camilo acts out dramas by himself sometimes when he's bored.
final one for now. on Sundays the whole family cooks together to give Julieta a break.
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gvnchhy · 2 months ago
Family Dinner
Author's note: So I'm latina from my mother's side so I am doing an Austin x Latina!Reader, I hope you guys enjoy it!
Austin Butler x Latina!Reader.
Warning: None, Fluff.
Tumblr media
Every Saturday morning Austin woke up to Mexican music blasting throughout the loft we both are sharing this morning was a full dedication to Selena Quintanilla. Usually whenever he heard some sort of hispanic music he knew what day it was. Cleaning day. He sighed, grabbing a pillow and putting it over his face groaning “It’s 7 in the goddamn morning woman..!” Soon enough he got out of bed and freshened up before walking into the kitchen seeing me dance with a broom singing the spanish lyrics i was very fluent in before seeing him and smiling, turning down the speaker “¡Buenos días cariño! I was just about to wake you up to eat breakfast and help clean a bit!” He smiled leaning against the counter before I slapped his hand off of it “No dejes tus malditas huellas dactilares en el mostrador. Lo acabo de limpiar.” He furrowed his brows looking at me “Baby. I have no clue what you're saying.” he gently placed his hands on my shoulders pulling me against his chest as I huffed “I said..Don't get your fucking finger prints on the counter i just cleaned it. 
You really need to learn Spanish baby..” I pouted as he kissed the top of my head while slowly swaying us back and forth until he accidentally stepped on my toe making me scream and accidentally curse at him which made him laugh as I slapped his shoulder “Hey! Watch it” He slapped my bum in return making me squeak a bit as we both ended up kissing each other while he lifted me up on the counter as it was now turned into a heated make out session before pulling away “My mom and dad invited us over for dinner tonight Aus we have to be there by 5 PM sharp” He hummed in response while he started kissing my jawline “Then i’ll make sure we’re in the car by 4:30 hows that princess?” I smiled nodding as I hopped off the counter to start our day.
Hours rolled by fast and me and Austin were all ready to go as we had just finished driving to my parents house. Once we stepped foot near the door my mom jumped out of the house hugging Austin and leaving kisses all over his face making him chuckle “¡Mijo! ¡Te he extrañado mucho! Are you hungry? Have you eaten yet? Y/N are you feeding him properl-” I glared until my father walked out and shook Austin’s hand while pulling me in for a hug “Es bueno verte princesa, me alegro de que estés aquí para cenar.” I smiled hugging him back “Gracias por invitarnos papi yo también te he extrañado!” Austin smiled as my father let us in while he laid his hand against my lower back, even though he had not a clue of what we would be saying he always found it gorgeous the way I spoke in my first language and how it sounded with my voice all together. We were now sitting in the living room as my mom got us ice water and handed my blonde boyfriend a book of old photos “Take a look at these pictures of Y/N/N! There's so many of her as a baby up to her Quinceañera and graduation!” I
shook my head frowning “¡Ay dios mio ay mami no! ¡No quiero que vea las fotos de mi hijo! esos son vergonzosos!” Soon enough my mom glared before pinching my arm before I gave up. “You look so adorable Y/N/N” Austin muttered looking through the pictures until he saw photos of me at my Quinceañera “that’s you!?” I nodded as pink flushed into my cheeks as a small smile crept up on my face “You look stunning princess” I smiled and gave Austin a kiss on the cheek as we continued to look through the photo book until dinner was ready and we all sat down at the table eating our food until my mom asked a sudden question that caught me off guard “Entonces mi chico When are you going to propose to Y/N?” I choked on my food as Austin smiled and patted my back gently until I fully digested it “well I can’t quite tell you now can I? It ruins the whole proposal!” I coughed a bit until she asked another question “That’s fair..when are you going to have babies!” My dad choked on his food as well and looked over at my mother “Mi amor estas son preguntas inapropiadas!” She pouted as Austin chuckled looking at my very shy state while I continued to eat my food.
An hour and a half later we all finished eating and now it was time to go back home “Thank you guys for coming for dinner! We missed you both” My mom smiled, hugging me and Austin before my dad shook his hand and pulled me in for a tighter hug and kissed my head before we walked out the door and went towards our car. “Well that was nice wasn’t it?” Austin looked over at me once we finally got into the vehicle as I nodded “Yeah it was! Besides the fact that my mom asked if we’re going to have babies..” Austin smirked and started driving. “Maybe we will have babies who knows sweetheart.” My eyes shot wide open as I looked over at him which made him chuckle before patting my thigh. As we got home Austin laid me down on the bed in our shared room and took off my heels massaging my feet as I got comfortable. “You tired baby?” I hummed in response as he started undressing me and hanging up my dress and coat before putting me in one of his large T-Shirts “Go to sleep princess you deserve to rest.” I smiled softly as I tugged on his arm “Sleep with me?” He grinned and kicked off his shoes while climbing in bed and held me in his arms while I dozed off. “Sweet dreams baby”
Tag list; @austinbutlerssneakylink
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